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tv   Headline News  RT  May 31, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EDT

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chemical weapons are reported to be found in possession all the syrian militants arrested in turkey as concern agrees the rebel may use a little bit agent to create a pretext for foreign military intervention. crowds of protesters descend on germany's financial hub frankford to block your of central bank which they say is helpless in the crisis and is only causing more debt and misery. the hunger strike a one ton of obaid prisoner shows no sign of ending despite president obama's promise to speed up its closure party talks to the father of the detainees about how his son's condition has deteriorated.
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here watching r t a lot of all from moscow for international news analysis and reports i'm traveling would say let's take a look this hour what we have for you by suspected syrian militants have reportedly been detained in turkey with a cylinder of highly poisonous sarin gas found in their possession those arrested are believed to be members of the al qaida linked al nusra front earlier this month u.n. investigators voice suspicion the nerve agent was being used by opposition fighters is concerned with the use of chemical weapons that could prompt a foreign military intervention in syria artie's middle east correspondent policy here has the details. the group was seized in southern turkey and that is according to local media reports the media are also saying that they carried a two kilogram cylinder with the nerve agent sarin russian the united states and
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france in the past have said that they believe it is a sad however that is using chemical weapons but they haven't been able to produce any kind of evidence to prove this and the other hand we have them here what we're seeing is fighters from the all nusra front allied with the syrian rebels caught with the siren nerve agent guess it is important also to point out and remind our viewers that the united nations in the past enormous and independent investigation and that did conclude that there are signs that the rebels have been using this sarin nerve agent not damascus is supportive of an investigation but not one that will lead to an iraqi type of scenario the use of chemical weapons is bad and under international law and there are concerns that any kind of suggestions or any kind of proof of the use will trigger international intervention reports it was sarin gas found in rebels possession seems to be failing on deaf ears in the west author
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and historian gerald horner told us earlier not even the threat of chemical weapon use can shake its support for the syrian opposition. if the syrian government had been caught with certain gas we would have her work from washington london and paris but of course this should not come as a surprise to anyone been paying attention we know that the internationally respected civil servant carla del ponte say had basically made a similar discovery and revelation on behalf united nations jets weeks ago which then was refuted by the white house we also know that in recent days senator john mccain of arizona entered syria illegally and news reports indicate that he consulted with the white house before answering syria this is a very dangerous turn of events it's clear that there are those in washington who would like to intervene in syria on behalf of the rebels which is quite curious since al nusra front which has been designated as a terrorist organization by washington is at the tip of the spear of the opposition
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against president al assad meanwhile syria's main opposition group the syrian national coalition says it will not participate in the international peace conference but posed by russia and the u.s. the group cited hezbollah and iranian forces fighting alongside the syrian military as the reason for rejecting the meeting this has reports emerged that a u.s. and british citizen have been killed in syria while fighting for the rebels you got a piece going up takes a look now at the syrian opposition and those who might be armed on its behalf. since britain and france blocked attempts to extend the e.u. embargo on supplying on's to the syrian rebels there have been growing fears that the weapons could end up in the wrong hands and this is why the syrian opposition is made up of many divided and often competing factions and clearly there is no force that can represent it as a whole there's the syrian national council the national coalition for syrian revolutionary and opposition forces the supreme military council the free syrian
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army the international coordination committee the. brigade and many more and i'd like to point out that only the n.c.c. says it's open to dialogue with the authorities while all the others have officially proclaimed their goal is to topple the regime the only difference being how extreme their approaches are and here is where these two rebel groups stand out . is officially recognized as a terror organization by the u.s. it's also known for its links to al qaeda and for being among the most highly trained rebel forces currently on the ground in syria and the fire brigade perhaps just as notorious after one of its leading commanders was shown eating the body parts of a dead syrian soldier on video but despite warnings raised by international human rights groups including the international and human rights watch the rebels have been receiving weapons for some time now according to western media reports the
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rebels have received one hundred sixty planeloads of arms shipments from jordan saudi arabia quarter via turkey and then with a cargo smuggled across the border here with syria but no matter which rebel group or the arms may be destined for it's also widely recognized that they usually end up in the hands of the best trained and most radical brigades. we've got more on the developments in and around syria on our web site also the interesting opinion section one of the date is entries compares the waves of a regime changes in the arab world with the plot of an i got a chrissie novel all of that is on our team. it's been more than a week since barack obama promised to speed up closing guantanamo bay prison but the situation at the hunger striking camp is only did to rate it not a single prisoner believe the pledge is enough and to break the months long protest
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against mistreatment and indefinite detention now in addition that the number of hunger strike has who are being force fed has reached a new high with thirty six detainees now subjected to a procedure condemned by the un as torture the number of those in hospital has also increased and now they would dream the lawyer representing more than a dozen guantanamo detainees as a with a lack of concrete action obama's promising speech looks more and more like smoke and mirrors for one thing president obama keeps blaming congress for preventing him from transferring detainees as long as he puts the responsibility on congress it's unlikely that he will make major moves in addition. he set up this new system for releasing yemenis whereby they have to go through yet another were due process which is likely to take a long time if it happens at all so i think that. what he said sounded good
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as usual but once again. it only provides the illusion of movement it's that men face a very weak circumstance and guantanamo in terms of being transferred. r.c. also talked to the father of a gun tunnel prisoner who also hates the kuwaiti detainees in guantanamo committee and describes his son's conditions after almost four months on hunger strike my son been there for eleven years without having justice and he is there. without committing any crime nor charges again it's against him it is very difficult for him to tell me what's going on there because there is violence on the there is the restrictions for all the detainees not to talk about
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the conditions inside the camp but i can tell by the way he looks he was so skinny this is the first time for him to put some glasses on his eyes. looks he looks horrible. he could not concentrate while he's talking to me. i have sometimes to repeat simple sentences to him. two or three times just to bring his attention so he could understand what i am saying he has a lack of nutrition it affected his body his thinking his brain which is really really we are very concerned very concerned about is life meanwhile many are drawing parallels between guantanamo and
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the u.k.'s military detention center in afghanistan up to ninety afghan nationals have been held at a camp a stand there some for up to fourteen months without charge but some insight on this i'm joined by british labor m.p. jeremy tobin that line from london mr tobin ever tried to compare camp of a stand to guantanamo bay prison. well the principles very much the same is that people are collected and rested as enemy combatants held for very long periods and not allowed normal judicial process just as we've gone tell them about it and i think the legacy of two thousand and one of guantanamo come back. and the extraordinary rendition process is something that's going to live for a very long time international law has been seriously undermined by britain and the u.s. in their behavior over afghanistan for the past twelve years i guess not only international
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law abiding human rights violations in these facilities have also been broken and one time when we know that they detainees are starving themselves to be heard do we know anything that what's happening with those at campus. well it's very difficult to find out exactly what is happening there and also what the nationality of some of the prisoners actually is there is no longer any rendition going on from the eyes of the bases in afghanistan to guantanamo bay but the seem to be considerable numbers of people held by those prisons and it's very unclear whether for example the handing over of the bases to the afghan authorities one of the main forces of britain the u.s. saying withdraw next year is actually going to be complete or there will be a security facility retained by the u.s. which will include the prison facilities what we do know is that the preaching of international law by britain and the usa and other seems to me very hypocritical
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when it comes to the question of in the past rendition soldiers or not soldiers or presidents rather to have them open but also the indefinite detention of people in both cases who may well be afghan people or may well be people from neighboring countries. we know the president obama has continually said that he wants to shut down the one ton of of a president but those words have just been met with skepticism now what do we know of the british authorities i mean do they plan they are planning to return to the prisoners or the afghan authorities when they leave afghanistan. well i've had a number of meetings with the british government and we've raised the issue in parliament about british nationals who were held in guantanamo bay all of whom have now been released and british residence these are foreign nationals with the right of residence in britain which probably which is struck around here who is held still are going to have a hunger strike at the present time the official position of british government is
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that going to be closed down all the prisoners should be either put on trial or released is their official position president obama claimed in his first election campaign he was going to to close. he said as much in a second election campaign and here we are five years later it's still up and running he claims of his administration claim that they can't get past the house and senate in the usa and that's the problem i find it quite extraordinary that a major power should flout international law in this way and i think we have to redouble our efforts to. close down on the ruled international law asserted. i mean just the brief you would of these kind of prisoners tell us about this the u.s. led war that britain was also involved in terms of their part in afghanistan and so forth. well it shows contempt for the alleged independence of the afghan government the afghan government is supposed to be in charge of the
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country and those british american and many other soldiers allegedly fighting to protect this government they claim they can't hold prisoners over to this government they'll be tortured but instead they're held illegally in these two bases what we need is transparency is the right of visiting the right of representation the release the prisoners or put them on trial it is simply not right that prisoners should be held indefinitely without charge or trial. when i'm going to have to leave it right there thank you very much jeremy coburn and labor m.p. live from london with us right now. i still have for you in the sa is that wide shots of the u.k. songs assigned them to claim to murder up from kenya despite growing public pressure over homeland security would have more of that after the break.
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he. broke. the news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. showing corporations rule the day. sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize that everything you thought you knew. was
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a big. welcome back you're watching our team angry crowds have all to pipe to the main financial institutions in frankfurt to protest against their handling of the crisis the demonstration is expected to draw thousands throughout the day with people like using the european central bank and others for the painful austerity measures which have caused misery across the continent peter all of our reports from germany's financial hub. we're hearing from organizers of blocky pike twenty thirty nine around three thousand demonstrators are out and about all around the city of frankfurt front foot is europe's major financial hole opened the home to the
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european central bank which is being one of those organizations which the demonstrators taking part here have been voicing their anger against because they are of course part of the troika something that has very much upset a lot of people in. the three main lenders for those countries in severe debt it's made up of the european central bank the european union and the international monetary fund and those protesters who've come here say that well they're punishing the people of europe for mistakes made by bankers and politicians now to talk a little bit more about what's been going on what is going on here in front foot i'm joined by saul troupe of yes he's one of the participants he's from the group indignados so thanks so much why are people coming out of there i'm going here well we are here because we know that european central bank is one of the main institutions together with the international monetary found of the european commission of not only me to manage the european crisis and the economy crisis
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we're facing now but for use in the crisis to implement a long band that had nearly what i den down. private these are private banks and public services weakening labor laws through this so called austerity measures and what form of the protests taking place there going on throughout the city today is a civil disobedience act we have block all the entrances of the european central bank to avoid that they people that this working the e.c.b. will walk today who want to make the point that we know the role of the acb and we don't want to let you know working their way. through will be storming to another thanks very much for talking to me demonstrations continuing throughout friday here in frankfurt says block your pie protesters block entrance to the european central bank to show their anger at what they see as the mismanagement if europe's financial institutions amid the end rests and on top of things financial woes there still countries who are not deterred by the blocks problems like serbia and while
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some e.u. members have been accused of hiding their budget shortfalls when they joined serbian president has admitted in an interview with r.t. that the country's troubles are far worse and you could ever imagine. he is not in the same situation as the you might say that some you countries haven't been honest enough they overspend and send fake budgets reports to their partners many europeans were sponsored by their governments the e.u. exploited the whole world to provide a better life and huge welfare benefits for its citizens but now the reckoning is over jew there's a time to customs and a time to gather them you may enjoy a free ride for a while but one day you'll have to pay and now an employee you citizens are at a loss how come they no longer have an extra seven or eight hundred euros at hand how come there are no more social benefits free of charge accommodation electricity or natural gas the situation in serbia is different it would take a long time before the e.u.
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degenerated into the poverty that we were in at the moment. so many of the famed impeccability of the u.k.'s justice system stands as a shining example but as a country greens the whole soldierly rig being acted to death with a cleaver in broad daylight britain continues to allow a self-confessed murderer to make a home they mocked his point of boy has the details. he says he's murdered up to four hundred people with a machete and his native kenya killed police and taken part in female genital mutilation but of course ruled that twenty seven year old. is free to stay in the u.k. he arrived illegally back in two thousand and three but when the home office tried to deport him he appealed and an immigration tribunals ruled that suffers from schizophrenia and had made up the atrocities he was granted leave to remain in the
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u.k. because he's at risk of committing suicide if he returns to kenya you would think this is not appropriate to bring in. if you look at the european convention of human rights it is possible for him to stay here because criminal of the sort we've seen. he. he's going to be. and that's the problem john is that the fust potentially dangerous individual that the home office of tried and failed to deport jordanian terror suspect abu qatada has avoided extradition for over a decade as the lawyers argue it's against his human rights to return to jordan where he could face torture not all the countries signed up to the european convention on human rights choose to follow it the french and italian governments
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deport dangerous individuals first and then his their appeals i think one of the problems we have this country. is drastically wrong we don't seem to want to find the solution. for the problem. all this problem is bigger. in the sense that the streets. people but it did happen. it was hyped to death in broad daylight by two men. building meat cleavers the murder ship but country the suspects have been known for morrissey's and questions have been asked about whether or not the police could have done more to prevent the murder and yet a week later we learned that a mentally unstable man who claims to have killed hundreds of people gets to stay in the u.k. r t contacted the home office they suggested we drop the story because a judge had ruled the claims of committing murder were false but the ruling once again raises questions about his safety the british immigration judges are
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protecting. r.t. london let's take a look at other stories making headlines around the world at this hour police in turkey have raided a camp in istanbul the demonstrators were protecting one of the city's central ponsonby demolished incident happened during the third consecutive night of protest plans to build a shopping akkad at the spot caused outrage among activists opposition leaders have already voices support for the rally saying they will help stop development day. and wildfires continue to rage in california forcing almost a thousand people to be evacuated from the area the latest blaze a started in the los angeles national forest and quickly spread to cover two point five square kilometers amid high temperatures and gusting wind it now threatens a dozens of homes and power lines reports have surfaced that
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a church or men who was unarmed when he was killed by the f.b.i. in his florida home was being interviewed over his alleged links with the main suspects in the boston bombings early authorities issued conflicting accounts of what happened with the one claiming abraham to target for direct agents with a knife it's one of the however why is the allegations hard to believe. from the photographs that were sent to me it's evident he was shot six times to the body wants to the head the back of the head it looks like a finishing shot of an assassination to me it looks as if they came to his house like bandits and shot him in cold blood from the photos his house looked like it had been robbed he was questioned for eight hours without witnesses or a lawyer no one can tell for sure what happened there until there's an official investigation the agents say my son attacked them but there were several armed and well trained men even if he lost his temper and became violent they could have restrained him or wound him shoot him in the leg or the arm or the shoulder but
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what happened was murder complete with a finishing shot maybe my son knew something the police didn't want to come out and they killed him to keep him silent. the f.b.i. says an internal investigation into the incident would take months to complete it is worrying about my looks at whether there were currently stands on the issue. at the time of the shooting up to half a dozen law enforcement officials including two massachusetts state police troopers and an f.b.i. agent from the agency's boston division were present at the florida condo which was not far from universal studios but the f.b.i. has provided few details after the shooting saying that the matter is being investigated by a specific f.b.i. review team and the f.b.i. may not finish its probe for several months now the f.b.i. meanwhile has been under enormous scrutiny for missing several warnings about
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tomorrow on the biggest warnings coming from a russian intelligence officials years ago indicating that may have links to extremist groups the f.b.i. for whatever reasons did not follow up and probed the matter to the fullest extent and that some would say led to the execution of the boston marathon double bombings and now we have this development unfolding were a man that was shot and killed by f.b.i. agents turns out according to the washington post to have been on the arm so clearly the f.b.i. is going to have a lot of questions to answer in the coming days with these new developments on this story. coming up next every wantons breaking this that and that's it for me.
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distraction is one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one spicy issue of the moment and ignore the rest geale those are definitely worth the media attention but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused and cattle which can and eventually sadly will lead to anti biotics resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected with various hormones which can make their way into our stomachs and speaking of mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any crops and you we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful fertilizers which can affect bodies of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't starve
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i get why pesticides exist and why they start giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where outputting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead as slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's and only won that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff just other bad stuff but the show just my opinion. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous i had lunch i got so many i mean ten pounds i know that i'm sitting seems really messed up. in the old story so personally. it's. the worst you're going to live through the
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white house or the. radio guy and for a minute they could probably. close to did you never seen anything like this i'm told. what is going on guys i'm out in martin and this is breaking the set remember the mysterious story about the f.b.i. killing a young chechen man in florida over a fresher memory in the wake of the boston bombings the f.b.i. began to investigate him but i deem twenty seven year old man who had been in the same social circles as the main suspect tamerlan sign a corner to initial reports the f.b.i. want to question to dodge of about his association with the bomb plot that's when he allegedly went crazy proceeded to put a knife and stab one of the agents f.b.i. then shot and killed him of course claiming it was an act of self-defense the.


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