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demanded desperation from washington after the latest revelations by adults note and point to rampant u.s. spying on european institutions. pastors an image of grand sadly has quarters of the ruling muslim brotherhood in cairo after millions turned out to demand president morsi renounced power by tuesday. it's time for him to go if he doesn't go i think civil war could happen but. fears of an all out bloody conflict are bad by the muslim brotherhood's vows to react after any see the opposition crossed a red line of violence. and genetically modified diet for you or britain urges the e.u. to ease restrictions on jam products despite concerns now the government is treating people as guinea pigs.
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six pm in moscow watching our josh welcome. now in the fallout from the latest leaks by edward snowden germany has summoned the u.s. ambassador for explanations on the leaks published in the german media the revelation suggesting the ana say spied on internal computer networks has sparked a wave of outrage in berlin newsroom chief of artie's video agency ruptly was a felon reports from the german capital. there has so far been no comment from the us in response to this latest round of revelations that have been published over the weekend by spiegel which revealed that. half a billion communications including phone calls text messages and e-mails monitored under the n.s.a. program each month and as in germany alone now the german justice minister has been
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absolutely livid she has described the tactics of the n.s.a. is similar to the tactics used in the cold war the german chancellor angela merkel has said that she feels alienated which you know is obviously very curious as to why germany has been targeted by the n.s.a. program the n.s.a. have stated that there's very few countries which have been excluded from their program including the united kingdom new zealand australia and canada so questions are being asked the why germany has been specified as a target and some official in germany commented that of course the us is known for costing a wide net you know target whoever they want under the war on terror so our german citizens now also being treated as terrorists under this and i say programs of course it's not just germany that is reeling from these latest revelations there's been outrage across europe so it's not just the u.s. and german relations but indeed the entire trends that line think relationship
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between europe and the united states that is under threat now the sheer scope of american surveillance against europe has branded analysts to look for motives was one intelligence expert saying it's all down to industrial espionage. this is spying for the reasons mainly it is because the legal espionage is the money to national secrets from companies to to destroy jobs and to import jobs to their own countries so what the americans would like to do is to destroy jobs in terms of it's like job you don't like from there to the reality of what we do with the public is just to say it is the chinese to buy for economical reasons it's a russian. radio or whatever it realty of the biggest beyond the united states is the united kingdom so it's
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a lie it's spying against. meanwhile france has joined the combination of washington demanding an immediate stop to spying and threatening to block trade negotiations with the us where the future of the america relations now in jeopardy or asking what you think about the fallout from washington's alleged spying on its european allies online well let's take a look at the numbers that we're getting so far this hour as you can see forty four percent which still a majority believe brussels will never stand up to washington just under a third are saying the situation's unlikely to change since the n.s.a. has some juicy blackmail material while fifteen percent of the spoiler believe this will be the beginning of a cold war between america and the e.u. just about the same number as say the scandal will ruin either u.s. trade relations r.t. dot com is where you can cast your vote and let us know what you think on this issue now and word snowden could finally get out of his asylum limbo with
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venezuela as new president because maduro attending a gas summit of moscow and the leader of the world's most oil rich nation has hinted that if snowden requested he could be given asylum by caracas details now from our t.s.a. workers going off. venezuelan president nicolas maduro is set to spend in the russian capital he's attending this massive gas suppliers summit but apart from that he's also widely expected to get engaged in edward snowden's case since earlier the venezuelan president self said that there's a great chance that snowden could get political asylum in his country if he officially asked for it now in the meantime the former n.s.a. contractor has already asked for political asylum ecuador they're now discussing this request but there's speculation that the question is still very far from every been solved and it's causing lots of debate since ecuador has already granted
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a son with political asylum was wanted by the u.s. and it seems this whole story around edward snowden is creating even more problems for ecuador relations with washington the forty two week you leaks the n.s.a. may have even started intercepting ecuador's government telecommunications so perhaps the country is currently under a lot of pressure from washington right now so actually the chances of snowden getting political asylum in venice a well are much higher than getting it in ecuador and now the former n.s.a. contractor arrived to the transit zone. airport in moscow around a week ago from hong kong and so far it's believed that that's where he's been this entire time he does have an invalid american passport and washington has been asking for his extradition nicolas maduro will be joining the leaders of some of the world's top gas producing nations in moscow on monday looking at ways to keep
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global energy supply stable supply and demand is key this summit at a time when the controversial practice of fracking as upsetting markets and the environment katie pilgrim. we'll have more on that just a little later in the program. chiros to her years square is flooded with a sea of anti-government protesters for a second day in a row it comes after they have quarters of egypt's ruling muslim brotherhood was left in tatters after an onslaught by an angry mob at least sixteen people died on sunday in clashes as millions of outrage citizens turned out across the nation to demand the president morsi step down by tuesday or face a mass rebellion arches bill drew reports from the gyptian capital what we're seeing now in egypt is a deadly political deadlock between various you support the president and those who are against them off the clashes erupted last night following
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a day. rallies against the police could lead to the muslim brotherhood for that said today the opposition forces had crossed the red line of violence off to their headquarters the main headquarters in cairo were attacked by about five hundred groups the headquarters were not guarded by the police late last night this committee forces did try and step in firing tear gas but one able to stop the deadly stupid street battles speaking to protesters yesterday in these huge rallies they told me they've seen no change in the last year of president mohamed morsi that the economy is in freefall that there is a major fuel on board to shortages and a bread crisis on the horizon rights groups are saying that human rights abuses are still rampant that said torture isn't demick in the police force and really we've seen things nothing changed since that hosni mubarak was in power in fact the situation is actually worse meanwhile the muslim brotherhood led government in seeing a significant amount dissent from within the government itself we've just had reports
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that full ministers have resigned supposedly in reaction to the last few days of demonstrations against the president and also finance on a number of episodes of violence across the different governorates the muslim brotherhood for their part are saying this is completely unacceptable the opposition are mainly led by thugs and that the president was democratically elected and therefore the only way for him to leave office is through the ballot box meanwhile protest is already gathering on tahrir square for a second day of mass rallies we expect other people to be at the presidential palace as well this comes off the nationwide protests were called by a grassroots campaign called the model which means rebel they say they collected twenty two million signatures holding for the ouster of the president they issued an ultimatum late last night saying the president must leave office by five pm tuesday otherwise they will launch a series of nationwide civil disobedience at which could cripple the country but
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we're really seeing here now is a divided. but neither side is stepping down with expected violence in the future between the civilian and civilian rival protest groups. well neil clark a journalist focusing on the middle east thinks egyptian is in danger of plunging into civil war if the president continues to turn a blind eye to the overwhelming public discontent you can't stay on it quite clear that the people had moved on and he's been a total disaster the year he speaks about he's broken every single progress that he made when he was elected and it's time for him to go if he doesn't go i think civil war could happen because you know people are extremely angry and they're angry about what happened in twenty eleven because they wanted radical change in twenty seven they didn't just want the government to your place by another us western puppet and that's what's happened there hasn't been any real changes to the economy people are getting poor unemployment's going up and up and up and people want real change they're not going to be content with just another us shooting in cairo the
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outrage at its islamist government being backed by washington comes in the wake of president obama's tour of africa in cross stuff coming up at four pm g.m.t. piro avails gas debate if the focus of the obama administration matches the true needs of the troubled continent. what kind of future that this man bring to the world we don't want his money and we want a world where the model very use that are going to be able to we be able to have a a world which is peaceful we are going to be able to have a world where we can have with children being safe now to morrow obama can come with his checkbook but if he doesn't like one of my friends what you can do is send it don't kill him and kill everybody around him it's been a strategy that hasn't focused on addressing the really serious and tough issues across the region but looking at leaders has a what he calls a young african leadership. is focused has been this
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place. was london looks to ease regulation on g.m. products will work out whether generically modified food as a kid and in world hunger or a just health risk that's after the break. interview .
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technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia. the future covered. welcome back you're watching the u.k. is calling on the e.u. to embrace genetically modified food and the tide regulations on it britain's environment secretary claims that g.m. forum a is actually say for the many of the alternatives and beneficial for
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consumers as well as farmers but health organizations and activists are voicing strong objections while g.m. products and golf a wide range of foods from corn and rice to chocolate me to milk when santo an american multinational corporation owns around ninety percent of the modified seeds causing global conversely over its domination of the market while it's accused of crushing small businesses and farming enterprises even driving some farmers to suicide well that's as anti g.m. activists warn the modified food may be deadly allergies liver and immune system problems these are just a few of the reported side effects are displayed boyko delve deeper into the issue . it's controversial but britain's environment secretary says that the public should embrace genetically modified food is a hard sell their campaign is say it's dangerous to human health whereas the scientific community supports the technology and if it is as safe as they and the government to shore it is and the argument for g.m.
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food is quite compelling it would allow farmers to grow crops in tough conditions and thus help to feed hungry mouths around the world the u.s. and brazil already must it produces of the stuff the british government says the u.k. shouldn't be getting left behind let's talk more about this i'm joined by dr robert he's the founder of the alliance for natural health which campaigns against g.m. foods talks of attack there are a billion hungry miles in the wild and red being told that this technology is safe shouldn't we embrace it in that case well if you look at all the real developments in raising the yields it hasn't actually occurred through g.m. it's because for conventional we practice some of the greatest success stories even in the last five years have been related to traditional propagation techniques we've got to remember that the safety issues divided between both health effects and environmental effects and we know that the european authorities have probably one of the most comprehensive evaluation systems compared with other parts of the
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world but only two crops have actually gone through the net for cultivation over fifty have been approved for consumption but of course the majority of it is given to animals and not to humans what are the risks in this case how is it dangerous to human health people use the fact that there's been a lot of g.m. produced of course a large amount of it going to animals but the u.s. population has been eating a lot of g.m. corner a lot of g.m. soy and they say well we can't see the effect we believe looking at humans as guinea pigs is not a great way of doing it because technically given the fact that we're only looking at really one or two generations of exposure why is the government so keen to develop this technology in that case and who would be bent. saying from it if they did well of course there are about a half a dozen companies that are the key players in this area's of which monsanto is the biggest and they've been putting huge pressure on governments and of course if you look at the concerns that for example the four hundred scientists involved in the big u.n. study i started was released in two thousand and eight that said g.m.
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has no role to play in feeding the poverty in the developing world there are also saying that the biggest problem is concentrating the agricultural resource and particularly seed supply in the hands of a few companies and these companies have a lot of sway with the major governments in the world including the u.k. government many thanks for your comments was one environmental group said the british government's attempt to get g.m. food back on the menu is like flogging a dead horse and despite any of the scientific arguments for it one thing that you can't argue with is that g.m. food just doesn't have a good reputation a survey last month showed that only twenty one percent of the u.k. population supports the technology. artsy london. and here read more about this story on our website where there is plenty more to catch up on including human rights watch says aside from saudi arabia serialisation urges the country to keep
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its hands off the internet after a jailed seven people for inciting protests on facebook. and a new military build up on the korean peninsula as the north is reported to be beefing up its troops on the border more and at r.t. dot com. now the u.s. claims it's been in control of where the arms it could stand to syrian rebels are going to and out reports leaked earlier from the cia suggest that it's about storage finally having weapons to rebel fighters but has gone as to count reports there is concern within the american political elite data extremist groups who would be the ones to benefit. as war torn syria braces for an influx of u.s. arms some u.s. politicians ask whether president obama has carried out background checks on syrian rebels before giving them weapons this is a tweet from senator ted cruz it's a snarky comment given president obama's push for more stringent rules for gun and
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here in the united states as well flooding syria with weapons the administration's standards may be quite different from those applied at home the obama administration claims it's familiar with the backgrounds of those the u.s. is arming in syria there are greater guarantees now that the weapons are being transferred to moderates and to directly the syrian opposition but many ask how do you determine degrees of moderate amid a bloody civil war where the opposition fight is riddled with horrifying executions scenes like the inevitable what happens is that. the more radical elements will have access to these weapons and that's and there's really no foolproof way of insuring against them the fear is that the libyan scenario is being set in motion again this time in syria we as a result both the u.s. and nato intervention in libya the unleashing of
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a massive cache of weapons from libya both weapons that came from the west as well as weapons that were part of kentucky's caches and then made their way across the borders into money to actually create havoc not only in mali put throughout the region u.s. politicians ability to do background checks on those who they backed has been compromised a number of times in the past whether it was with osama bin laden or with syrian kidnappers and criminals in senator mccain's photo album his office later issued a statement saying the senator did not know the rebels by their names when he agreed to take a photo with them it shows the utter confusion and. in the billet to determine who the good guys are who the bad guys are the obama administration claims that it decided to flood syria with more weapons because the us has evidence that the syrian government has used chemical weapons the u.n. in the meantime says it has no proof as to who used chemical weapons in syria there
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are indications that chemical weapons went to turkey and into the hands of the oil ministry where's the united states in terms of looking at that you don't hear you hear people when the u.s. does agree with this one group in syria terrorist organization the rest of the syrian opposition criticize the u.s. for that and then mend it that washington reverse its decision they were thankful for its insistence in fighting on their side and keeping that in mind one should ask are there any guarantees that those getting u.s. weapons in syria now will share america's values in washington i'm going to check out. now let's take a look at some other stories from around the world and hong kong the sounds of taking to the streets to denounce the city's chief executive people voiced their discontent over his unpopular economic measures that have led to why the income gap and soaring property prices demonstrators also called for democratic reform so they
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can choose their own top representative instead of one picked by mostly to mediate the aerial rally comes on the sixteenth anniversary of the handover from britain. and in the u.s. president obama sprays the nine thousand firefighters killed while battling a wildfire that's been raging in the state of arizona the blaze raced through dry brush and grass damaging buildings and forcing hundreds of residents in two towns to flee it's believed to have been started by a lightning strike in a forest spreading quickly in high winds. gratian became the twenty eighth member of the european union sparking massive aberrations and festivities the formerly. war torn state has gone through several years of tough and sometimes and popular economic reforms to become a part of the e.u. though not joining the euro zone of mired in ongoing recession and with rising unemployment there are widespread doubts over whether joining the blog will
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actually bring any benefit. the world's biggest gas producers are gathering in moscow to sift through the challenges facing the industry on the table financial troubles new technology and fracking details now from artie's katie pilgrim it's all about maintaining the dominance of the oil and gas industry as well as really competing with competition namely show gas it has had its boom in recent years and really technology focusing on other ways to compete as well as not looking after the environment and economics of course in these financial times of uncertainty in particular where europe is concerned we've got demands at the moment pretty stagnates a plenty on the agenda so what countries will be attending this gathering well we've got thirteen members in total we've got the likes of cats are run nigeria venice weyler egypt russia is in good company and we've also got the heads of of
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iran of venezuela here in moscow today as you can see the members here in the blue and in the orange we've got the likes of doorway kazakstan to all together these countries accumulate sixty two percent of the world's gas reserves and it's all about maintaining that dominance. as we can see are the countries that participate in the gathering are rich in natural resources but what can we expect to come out of the summit given its busy and serious agenda well right now i'm thinking it's about shale gas and we know that the us has got a surplus of supply at the moment and that means that gas prices a fairly low in the us at the moment and that's why they're on the verge of becoming a big exporter of gas particularly to the likes of europe where you're going to going to pay five times more for your gas what is it all about let's have a look at the process just here so this is how you get it you dig deep underground
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and you find your shale rock and then what happens is you as you can see it's going sideways in this instance just here and then inject water. and chemicals at huge pressure plummeting in just here and you get these fishes come out and in these fishes all the bubbles of gas which make their way up to the surface and that's how it can be extracted but the reason why invent environmentalist are concerned right now is because you just saw the process and you can see that water can get contaminated in the process of producing show gas. now the next french fry wing politician marine le pen talks about her battle against the media and that's and so we go after the break.
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south carolina is playing around with the idea of using shame plates which are license plates that can display special messages the department of motor vehicles would have complete access to all these plates and be able to display text on them like suspended uninsured amber alert or stolen you know i actually don't mind the idea of using shame as a punishment i guess it could be a real deterrent to have drunken loser written over the license plate of someone who drinks and drives in fact drugged driving plates have been in place in some states for a while but the problem is that more often than not shame penalties aren't a v. punishment for a crime but just a bonus one in my native ohio you can go to jail for three to thirty days and have your license suspended for one or three years for driving which is a brutal punishment in a country where everyone drives to work you see people are already punished for drunk driving and in america when you pay your debt to society i.e.
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you get out of jail you're supposed to have a clean slate but the bonus license plate suspension and possible punishment plates make this a triple sentence ignoring the fact that the government will be able to practically display words on your person like a brand on cattle is bad enough but multiple punishments for the same crime seems like a bit of a she think to me but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze and today we're looking at friend's son its new leading figures after we are said the margins of the politics
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matin up then came served in a presidential race last year this woman is definitely gaining a stronger footing with her people and her ideas are quite controversial. marine le pen once a political outsider now breathing down the neck of the establishment challenging patriarchy and politics popularity rising as all sterrett and joblessness that's a europe. multiculturalism graveyard where social unrest is rife could she meet the way she have the strength to save the sinking ship to return from simple pleasure. from conflicts in colonialism culture shock under brussels bankruptcy. to the leading woman in french politics. and the european parliament committee almost unanimously.


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