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tv   Headline News  RT  July 2, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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edward snowden rejects russia's asylum condition that he's still working against washington. but every country in a bid to calm the outrage over america's blatant snooping on its european allies. into nowhere russian rocket loaded with navigation satellites crashes a minute after takeoff accident toxic gases and sparking fears of an environmental disaster. and live pictures from. square where the situation is far reaching boiling point. for the president to address the calls of millions of protesters moved close with. the military is now proposing to
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scrap the constitution and dissolve parliament. international news and comment screen twenty four hours a day this is. edward snowden has withdrawn his request for asylum in russia it follows a statement by the russian president the fugitive whistleblower is welcome to stay only if he stops harming washington details now from. there are a lot of conflicting reports over whether or not snowden had asked russia for political asylum and it turns out that late on sunday he passed an animal up with a written request to a representative of the russian foreign ministry through their legal expert from was accompanying him on this trip at airports but then took the
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request back after hearing what russia's president putin had to say on this and he was this condition saying that moscow is not planning to actually read him but he could stay but only if he stopped working against washington heard from the president's press secretary. who added that russia considered snowden human rights activists and asking him over to the u.s. where he is still actively used is impossible the envelopes passed over to the russian diplomat also contained applications to twenty other countries for political asylum and ten of them have already officially rejected including brazil and india eight e.u. member states i've also given the red light so far including germany and spain we see that on the very rules all applicants for political asylum have to be on their territory now venezuela and believe you are the countries which seem to be ready to provide political asylum to mr snowden and earlier spanish managed to speak
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exclusively to the presidents of both countries yes why not of course the situation is far from ideal his case is constantly discussed on an international level. bolivia is ready to give political asylum to the people who are exposed to these so to speak. this young man must be protected in terms of international and humanitarian law because he's being pursued by the u.s. plays a president vice president well we're going to interrupt that report because we cannot tell you that the venezuelan president nicolas maduro who is one of edward snowden's last line. lines for asylum. he's about to leave the country after a short visit here he's speaking exclusively to r.t. and we understand he is now going to be talking about edward snowden let's have a listen to see what he has to say. and. the influence they try to
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from my army. political asylum terrorists who exploded in venice. for instance. in a truck now living in miami. i see that as a big. of international politics we have to resolve. well you mentioned political asylum. and this new relationship between the. between. the united states let's speak about edward snowden he requested asylum from twenty one countries you mentioned.
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any. political from. any change in this situation i have no official confirmation for that. i'm flying. and then. fly. on the third. and. really. to confirm if there has been a request from this young man. i have this confirmation. and will make my decision. young man.
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the international community. he. the information. on the world even on the. look on how the. european. state.
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and syria. young man. can really change the world. opinion. what kind of.
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trying to improve the relationship with the united.
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states. community. official the. president. information. international community. to think the. problem.
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the. heart. of the united.
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for. then if i am up. here. someplace. here somewhere. do you think. did you have any contacts. or. the.
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information. provided. information. security council and. the security council and region all of. the information on. the world. south america controlling north america we have. information. this information. very. very important for the development of.
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american. it would. be. bringing. in your presidential airplane. well we should. think about how. this young provided much more important. to think about.
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however. this is not so important. very interesting. it is very similar to. what happened. the question. at this moment. anything. to you maintain your.
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providing political. yes i maintain my. i also have to say. provided. some things. young man. provided. they were. science fiction. now we have to think what other things. fact. we have to think.
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about to provide most. world. we have to. really think secret. john kerry or. this. secret. morally and ethically is in a decline. maybe now. i'm not so sure. just try to imagine. his situation. i just think how many. young man has been thinking. doing what he's done.
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i can imagine. reaching. what. father family living. made a huge. in his life his life now is complete and will always be he revealed. very information about the world. he. felt. under enormous pressure. thinking. different
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world than. the world was. still. and i think. something for him. leave the decision to the people. we believe. or. close to do. for him. really believe. we are not afraid of any kind of. i don't know how many people can hear me.
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but i want to say. this is. trying to ask another question. don't you think. this is a hot topic. today but. no one. there will be for sure. huge movements the youth in europe for instance around the world. move
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reaction and. war. unfairness. and did is just. the world reaction. so we. could also be any car any person for in europe. after the crisis. it was. for sure there will be a reaction. and. from what he did.
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for sure. because respectful to the world. of questions for. america. they mention it. because. i do think the. threat to. this is a very touchy issue and i would. comment on the right. so that the president nicolas maduro talking live at the moment to. moscow as we look at the airport before he heads off to the roots after a short visit here in moscow and during that exclusive interview with r.t.
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he of course talked about edward snowden confirming that no official request for asylum had been asked by snowden and so he was saying that caracas is in no way giving any indication to talk whether they will accept a request from him because they're still waiting for that request from the blow but he did offer many words of support for edward snowden let's now talk to no but getting he's the chairman of german. the party of reason and he's joining us live here on r.t. not know but we heard that the president of venezuela president said look it's more important to talk about really what snowden's done rather than about his current predicament and that of course what he has done is reveal the massive spy program that the u.s. has been carrying out on e.u. countries and in particular germany now we understand of course that the german people are outraged but surely their government has been watching them so what's
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the difference yes good evening oh well there really is no difference i mean this whole affair just shuttle what happens when government spins out of control whenever you give government power or too much power government will use that hour and turn it around and use it against their own or and use it against their their allies that's the reason why the reason the p.t.e. was founded where the only part of germany who is fighting this permanent growth of government who is trying to roll back the power of government and who is trying to focus the government on its constitutional are limits why do you think germany was more of a target than other e.u. countries. well you would have to ask the u.s. i mean the question is not why was germany or why was this or the other country a target it's just shoals that whenever a government has the possibility to do something it will use that possibility what
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government while the government can do what the government will eventually do and once again sholto point it is to fight and to to go against this use of power some say this is more about industrial espionage but of course the not exactly riding on to an economic wave a success at the moment but what are they trying to spy on if that is the case is more about economy and industry and business and finance because clearly. perhaps not known him how not to do things bearing in mind the predicament of the e.u. well at the moment we don't have any kind of oversight we don't have any kind of accountability if this is mere speculation. once again the u.s. government using the technology and i think that once the e.u. governments once americal and the other european leaders will have access to that technology they'll be more than happy to use that technology to do just the same as
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us are doing right now so they are not better are or not worse than us government they are just governments and governments always use their power that's why p.t. is fighting back that's why the people he is going against and that's why we want to offer the voters in the upcoming national elections an alternative to this permanent growth of government and to this history of abuse i just briefly know but of course this is going to affect relations between germany and the u.s. but what about britain that of course was caught red handed implicated in these espionage games as it were could this affect relations within the e.u. especially in light of growing euro skepticism in both countries. well there will definitely i think there will definitely be a fallout from this affair what the fallout will be we don't know yet but we we will make sure that we bring this affair to the ballot in the upcoming national
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elections in germany we will hold the german government and other governments accountable for what they have done and once again the british government is just a government like the other governments are and i'm sure america would do the same i mean germany as a matter of fact is already preparing the same kind of espionage program the us had implemented i think it's just a question of having the knowledge you already and just following the lead so we need to focus once again on the on the problem at hand the problem is government power and the use of power and that's why the peace fight and that that's why the people we make sure that we will bring this to the ballot in september we want to make this. the upcoming elections a referendum on this kind of government policy no but thanks a lot for your thoughts on this noble gang chairman of the party of reason there live in germany thank you well that brings up a date for them and i'll be back with the news team as the news continues in just
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a bohol for now from now in the meantime it is abby martin and breaking the set. good laboratory. to build a new. mission to teach. only. blind to what is happening in their country. the american dream is disappearing. the houses with. the streets are full of angry crowds fighting against. heist.
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in greece. mission. couldn't take three months for charges three arrangements three. three stooges free. download free blog loaded videos for your media projects a free media oh don carty dot com. you live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck. i mean. i know that i'm sitting in the same thing really messed up. in the all original personally the. worst you're going through the white house or the. radio guy and politico minestrone probably want you to watch what we're about to
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give you never seen anything like this i'm told. it was up guys i'm having martin and this is breaking the set over the weekend tensions and huge egypt sneaked with military sources saying that yesterday's demonstration was the biggest in the country's history so far there have been reports of sixteen deaths and seven hundred injuries as millions of protesters have taken to the streets to demand that president mohamed morsi step down june thirtieth mark one years since morsi took office and since then he's been accused of hijacking the revolution and pushing aside the moderate voices in his cabinet protesters claim that his policies are the reason that their economy is struggling and there's a breakdown in law and order in fact already four of morse's cabinet ministers have resigned joining the protesters call for the president's resignation and now the massive demonstrations have resulted in the military given an ultimatum to morsi
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saying that quote the armed forces for. their call for the people's demand to be met and gives everyone forty eight hours as a final chance to shoulder the burden of a historic moment in our country which will not forgive any party and will be negligent in bearing their responsibility forty eight hours for morsi to either step down or concede to the all the people this is a historic moment indeed for what could be the defining phase of egypt's revolution so as we watch the changes that unfold let's go and let's break the set. since nine eleven this country's desire for safety and security has given the u.s. government precedented an unchecked amount of power you see a crackdown on dissent that's unparalleled in recent history including an outright assault on whistleblowers obama alone is already charged people with espionage
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under a log drafted during world war one that was designated for foreign spies the latest to be charge of course is edward snowden an american citizen who has revealed the extent of the n.s.a. is spying apparatus and although snowden story continues to make international headlines other less well known lesser known whistleblowers over the years have also exposed the stirring aspects of the security state one of which is susan lindauer ex cia asset and author of the book extreme prejudice the terrifying story of the patriot act and the cover ups in the nine eleven and iraq she's joining us now to talk about her experience whistleblowing about iraq and nine eleven and also just the greater war on whistleblowers here she is susan thank you so much for coming on thank you it's great to be with you so you claim that you were indicted not charged indicted under the patriot act can you break down the most simple of terms of the audience what happened to you my story is a cautionary tale in this age of edward snowden and julian assange both of those
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maneuver. very right to be afraid of the u.s. courts and there are special considerations that russian ecuador need to take into account when considering whether to grant asylum requests or whether to return them to the united states and my case illustrates that i was the chief cia asset covering iraq and libya at the united nations for from one nine hundred ninety five to two thousand and three i gave advance warning about nine eleven and there was a peace option on the table with iraq that the united states wanted to suppress thirty days after i requested to testify on capitol hill i went to congress had requested to testify through proper channels i woke to hear the f.b.i. pounding on my door with an arrest warrant on the patriot act. and you were accused of accepting unsolicited bribes from iran basically
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a spy for iraqi intelligence and that's incorrect that was incorrect but. that is that was incorrect information there was no evidence to support it so after the united states made the accusations they invoked the patriot act to deprive me of the right to a trial they refused even to grant my request for a hearing i was hit with secret charges secret evidence secret grand jury testimony i was never allowed to know who had accused me of what crime the government had no obligation to prove provide any evidence that the crime ever occurred but i was then. in the court of public opinion i was already convicted or there was a war is that we're seeing today so let's talk about the warnings that you are trying to get about nine eleven and you said in april of two thousand and one you
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were actually told by a by someone higher up in the administration that about an imminent attack i mean. specific details here world trade center hijacking of airplanes what are you working on that you needed to know that information when you said i was the back channel that i was a covert back channel to the iraqi embassy and my cia handler dr richard fuz instructed me to pass a message in april of two thousand and one to iraqi diplomats and the iraqi ambassador that the united states was seeking in any fragment of intelligence regarding airplane hijackings and a known strike on the world trade center and the threat that the united states was threatening war with iraq in from the highest levels of government quote and when you're back channel it's very precise quote above the secretary of state and above the cia director now that's only three people the president of the united states the vice president and the secretary of defense and that meant that all three of
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those individuals already knew about nine eleven in april of two thousand and one and we know now that there were i mean dozens of warning that it went well beyond the august six p.t.b. that everyone talks about i mean we're talking about the light blinking red for months and months yes susan what my question i guess if people knew specifics i mean we're talking about specifics not just warning bin laden you know. why didn't more people call it the government's total plea of incompetence after the senate well what the government did was the government made an example of those of us who knew the truth and they said if you if you cross the line now i want to emphasize i requested to testify through proper channels i was a whistleblower but i did it through congress i tried to do it through congress and and a lot of whistleblowers are citing my case as evidence that going through the proper channels is not going to work and is not going to protect the public or the
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whistleblower it makes no difference if the government feels threatened. they will attack you even if you're doing everything right so why not make sure that the public has the information so you're see if you'd known about the iraqi peace option the whole world could have stopped the iraq war of course so you were trying to broker peace between iraq as this liaison for the government and so are you saying that the government purposely allowed the nine eleven to happen made nine eleven happened yes and that they were not interested in avoiding a war with iraq they had already decided they were that if the nine eleven conspiracy we maximize damage on the towers that there would be a perfect pretext for war and they were overriding iraq's response to that was to invite the f.b.i. to send a task force on terrorism into baghdad with authorization to conduct a pre nine eleven investigation iraq said if you think that there is evidence here come get it we want to help you because we want to preserve the peace option what's
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weird is why didn't they tell you to go try to broker between saudi arabia or afghanistan i mean they knew that then lot and i mean bin laden was involved in the and the briefings why rock it seems so non sequitur exactly there was no and saddam hussein was one of our best sources on terrorism intelligence throughout the ninety's iraq was very afraid of the islamic jihad these who might destabilize the secular regime and take advantage of the poverty caused by sanctions to try to bring about some islamic revolution so saddam was very eager to help identify terrorist conspiracies and he was these saw that as a strong point of his administration that he could reach across the table and keep a line open to washington and that's what i had to do because even under sanctions we still had to protect national international security from terrorist threat in light of the recent as a revolution susan i mean you yourself were really harsh crackdown on the government i mean even the author of the patriot act those that he said that he
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never intended it to be used in the way that it is now. now i mean what do you think when you're looking at everything that's happened over the last decade did you foresee it ever getting to where it's gone and how pervasive it's because i was the second arab american ever indicted on the patriot act and the patriot act has criminalized dissension it says that sedition is the act of opposing the government through nonviolent means has become such a threat that free speech itself is now criminalized by the patriot act and i think we're going to see the patriot act applied to many more people many and many more situations that were never intended but once the government gives itself power it does not revoke its power and we're seeing now the espionage act now eight people charged in the espionage act the great was daniel ellsberg so that's no tinsley was the most important one in american history do you agree with. do you think that
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there's a lot more that we're not being well edward snowden is a to appears to be a tipping point and i consider that to be very valuable a lot of what edward snowden has revealed is already known to those of us inside the intelligence community but it's not known by the wider public and he has forced this issue into the public domain where ordinary americans are now confronting the extreme surveillance that's going on but i can tell you that for several years. within a ten mile radius of every home in the united states in the most isolated rural areas there is someone listening to your phone calls and reading your e-mails and we've known this for a long time and to wrap it up we're about thirty seconds left but given the enormous punishment that we are seeing on whistleblowers why are you not treated the same as kerry aku mannings no no how were you able to hear him dr i i was held in prison on cars will air force base for a year i was held under indictment for five years with no trial i was forced to go
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into court with no attorney present to fight bail revocations that had no just. cation i said if you have evidence convict me you think you have evidence i why did man just be present i demand that you present it to a jury of my peers they said no way if they didn't have any evidence there was nothing right i never took money from the iraqis all thank you for coming on sharing your story definitely a really crazy time whistle blowers and i'm glad they are speaking out for shit thank you very much. all president obama isn't making the rounds in africa speaking at various events and addressing a multitude of issues and in almost every speech he's given he's taken the time to praise nelson mandela the former anti-apartheid revolutionary who eventually became south africa's first black president and surprisingly the corporate media has
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jumped on the rhetoric she said you know where president obama has made a point of honoring nelson mandela's legacy at every point on his trip today he called it an honor and a privilege to tour robben island where mandela was imprisoned for so many years the president is expected to highlight mandela's legacy and point to him as an example of bringing about change is once thought impossible i expect him to talk about the impact that nelson mandela has had on his life that's right apparently obama has always considered mandela a personal hero like i wanted to say about him during his most recent speech in south africa. as i may be aware of this but i actually took my first step in the political life. because of south africa. and i knew that while brave people were imprisoned just off the shores on robben island. my own government and the united states was not standing on their site. and that's why i got involved.
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what was known as the divestment. in the united states. it was the first time i ever attached myself to a cause you heard that right folks young barack obama cared so much about justice in south africa that it actually drove him to get into politics we're moving tribute too bad i'm buying it see if obama's empty words actually held water he would be standing on the right side of history the side that nelson mandela has always stood on as a young south african living under full apartheid mandela became involved in and to clone a politics that worked to dismantle the oppressive system of institutionalized racism in one nine hundred sixty two mandela was convicted of sabotage and conspiracy and sentenced to life in prison as a political dissident this was a man who fought against corruption and oppression even if it meant letting him in jail for the rest of his life and then there is obama a man who's presided over
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a system of oppression one that criminalizes dissent under obama those who expose corruption are silenced labeled as traitors or terrorists and in fact for decades nelson mandela was officially labeled a terrorist in this country he was on the terror watch list all the way up until two thousand and eight and you know it's quite interesting that obama went to prison in robben island where mandela spent eighteen years of his life for pensive reflection where he called the jail a symbol of injustice i wonder if during that time in the empty cell obama considered the inhumane imprisonment of the one hundred sixty six men who are currently in prison at guantanamo bay he tortured forced that all held without trial and with no end in sight but obama's hypocritical rhetoric about looking up to a man who represents everything he's not doesn't come without a sense of irony is the perhaps the most offensive part of obama's. and it was
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south african apartheid which inspired him to become a politician is this obama currently supports apartheid a system that gives racial discrimination legitimacy is alive and well in a little country called israel and every year three billion dollars of taxpayer money is used to sponsor israel's apartheid state and oppression against the palestinians so obama save your preaching for the blind because the only similarity that you share with nelson mandela is your african descent because when it comes to everything that's right you couldn't be more wrong. still to come tonight the supreme court ruled to overturn part of the voting rights act so how will this affect americans the next time they go to the polls greg palast brought up the break. we're all talking about language as well but i will only react to situations i have
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read the reports from. the pollution and no i will leave them to the state department to comment on your latter point. to carry out a car is on the job here no. thank you no more weasel. when you made a direct question be prepared for a change when you when you should be ready for a. freedom of speech and. the freedom to.
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choose your language. call it a killer though if. someone. chooses the it's the consensus here to. choose the opinions that invigorating. quote choose the stories that entire book might choose to access to often. i look at it when i. never seen anything like that.
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just in the last week the supreme court has made a number of high profile rulings on major issues affecting american citizens one of these decisions struck down the defense of marriage act is unconstitutional giving same sex marriages the same federal rights as their heterosexual counterparts and although this victory was celebrated as a giant leap forward for l.g.b. t.v. rights it overshadowed another major ruling that may have set the country back decades the court overturned section four of the one nine hundred sixty five voting rights act which dictates that any changes made to say to election laws be subject to approval by the federal government many say that that decision was far reaching implications on everything from redistricting to voter i.d. laws and will usher in a new wave of discrimination that will impact millions of minority voters so how exactly does this ruling disenfranchise so many people on vested journalist and author of the book billionaires and ballot bandits how to steal an election in one easy steps greg palast joins me now from new york to break it all down what is
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going on greg. god be with you abby what's what's happening here it's it was the klu klux corn they did everything but you know i think that they had to stop thomas from wearing his white good. it's funny but it's also a great tragedy because what the court said is that the racial practices of fifty years ago and which caused the one nine hundred sixty five voting rights act to be passed at the plea of martin luther king that those practices are eradicated will no jim crow is not gone in fact he's quite alive in cyberspace and that's the problem we actually have a greater distance franchised and problem of black voters hispanic voters and by the way one group is really affected is american natives voters we're talking about maybe six million voters to nine million voters are going to lose their right to
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vote i want to repeat that six to nine million voters are going to lose their right to vote because of the supreme court's action section four pre-clearance what that's all about and it's a fancy term preclears what that means is if you're going to jack around with the voter rules if you're going to move and close down voting stations in black neighborhoods so that you have lines that are seven and eight hours long i saw this myself in the last election if you're going to run have these racist tactics then you're going to have to ask the justice department first if you can do this pull this stunt now no one will have to clear anything what that means is that you've got a complaint buddy you've been waiting in line for eight hours you show up and they say hey you're a felon and you've never gotten a traffic ticket these are real cases and i add i want to drive and i mean that we hear the argument all the time that you know go to the voting booth present an id what's wrong with that i mean really is there any evidence at all that voter fraud is happening voter fraud not election. ok you know yeah the great fraudulent voters
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where are they you know that the well let's put it this way in one of the states it's going to be let off the hook on pre-clearance as florida the governor said that there were one hundred eighty thousand illegal aliens on the voter rolls and that somehow over one hundred thousand people swam from mexico showed up in florida and registered to vote they're giving their name and address so they're ready to be deported just to vote so the section four stop them stop the state of florida from removing one hundred eighty thousand voters almost all of them hispanic and african-american voters and they stopped them this time and they said you have to prove that there actually are similar legal alien voters and they found two they found one a republican from austria and the other was a an american soldier in iraq he hadn't received the citizenship papers yet come on get you out of a reminder well we need to start changing laws to really so these two people can't
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vote anymore i mean let's talk about the lobbying forces because really i know that there are some supreme court justices who have some sketchy connections some collusion with alec what are the main lobbying forces pushing through these laws there are two main lobbying forces first maybe you've heard of the koch brothers they have a group called americans for prosperity the real danger is not and of course it's their prosperity that they that they're pushing america towards the main thing is that they've spent about one hundred million dollars on a database called themis it's you know it's like something out of dr strangelove or dr no you know they the themis machine this is how they come up with names of people who are who are supposedly illegal aliens who are supposedly felons it's tricks that katherine harris pulled in one thousand nine hundred eighty to steal the election for the bush's it has and it's not only not change they've spread out the katherine harris act to fifty states so the koch brothers have a themis machine karl rove and
2:52 pm
a bunch of other billionaire. by the way the third koch brothers named bill bill koch has given a million dollars to create what ultimately became the hundred million dollar data trust database again these are private databases that know whether you've downloaded porn in the last two hours abbi so the they if you think the n.s.a. spying scandal something what about the koch brothers spying scandal they're allowed to do this where is it prohibited to our government to survey those lists to clean the lists and you know you probably i want to address something else really under that you said that this is a foundation for republican takeover in coming years however the democratic party as it stands is so pro-business so pro-war it's hard for me to believe that this takeover has been engineered solely by republicans do you really think there's that much of a difference in the two parties. in both fifty yes remember the first of all jim crow used to be a democratic trick it was democrats stopping black people from voting fifty years ago and now it's republicans and it's not because they dislike the color of black
2:53 pm
people skin their brown people or red people they don't like the color of their votes blue now is it only republicans who are stealing vote not a chance the fact that is why that is why the republicans are getting away with it because their people use these voter suppression tactics all over there was a state senator in illinois for example named barack obama whose career began when he challenged the right to vote the the signatures of black people in one of the poorest districts on the south side of chicago had his opponent removed so that there was he ran unopposed because not because not because he was elected but because he used a really smelly racial trick to remove his opponent from the ballot so you know so look that's how the machines work both parties do it right now the big machines and the big threats are coming from the republicans but i saw democrats do it too because it's not really about republicans or democrats it's about those who. own
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the nation and those who are who are simply there you know the it's about the landlords and the people who are just living here at their grace and millions of people votes being thrown under the bus on the guise of really social change and social movements i mean great you've written extensively about election fraud which is happening or and more it's cost this country two elections so far which you have read extensively about two thousand two thousand and four so great why is that we hear so much about voter fraud but barely anything about election fraud is that a more serious issue. well yeah i mean in fact i should tell you that that the elections assistance commission did a study and found out that in an average year there are six six out of one hundred million voters six voters who commit voter fraud that is vote using someone else's name or or vote a dead person or are an illegal alien six out of one hundred million voters then we have laws that have knocked out six to nine million voters and each election and
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again while it happens to be mostly democratic voters that are affected mostly voters of color the real issue when i've done the statistical analysis is that it's poor voters for example in new mexico you had or white voters and you had native american voters whose ballots were thrown out by democrats because democrats were trying to push through a new you raney a mine on native land so they could let the natives vote on that what they did was they give them something called provisional ballots they said oh your name's on the voter rolls or you're not really a citizen they tell this to native americans who've been citizens before there was america you're not a citizen you need a provisional ballot and then they threw out all their ballots because they said they didn't put them in the right on the lips because they gave them the wrong on floats and that was done by democratic party officials so the game is bipartisan and it's always them against us it's those who have those versus those who would
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like to vote and make this a democracy fortunately and we need to take back our electoral system great if we ever want to truly have true representation and thank you for writing about everyone check out your book millionaires and ballot and it's you get some tips about how we can take the system back always amazing to have you on greg palast thanks so much thanks jim. well if you're wondering what i'm doing when i'm not on air check me out on twitter abby martin you see you can follow me there you'll find all my tweets linking to segments from the show as well as i have throughout the day and also please help us get. can affect one mean on twitter you can never think about ok help out the mash tags bring it trending on the twitter sphere but only with your help so i had a twitter check me out at abby martin and that's it for our show today guys i'll see you right back i'm out of break to start all over again.
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real damage and complexity of this oil spill was not something you can grasp just by looking at dirty birds we have between four to five million people in this directly affected area of the coast and it's pretty clear why it's not being reported because b.p. can't afford to have a reported all along the gulf coast are clean they are safe and they're open for business if b.p. is the single largest oil contributor to the pentagon the u.s. war machine is heavily reliant upon b.p. and their oil this is a huge step backwards for democracy it's a step forward for the oligarchy carex it is toxic is a look a lot like spraying in vietnam it was it was not a picture that either the government or b.p. really wanted to have out there i don't want dispersants to be the agent on.
2:58 pm
this bill is. the civilized world produces more food than it needs. while people die of hunger in other countries. millions of victims every year. where remedial is the most value treasure. was. is flood or droughts to blame. bad year without a train. we couldn't see anything. at all but there was great hunger. is it that help comes too late and with good intentions. diplomacy and business to. a.
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real. live. t.v. that's the. misleading good. better at least.
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it would snowden rejects russia's asylum condition that he stops working against washington as he begins to run. the venezuelan president. on the fact he's not scared of prussia the usa of a possible asylum to snowden. says every country spies in the bid to. america's snooping on its european allies. and launch into nowhere an unmanned russian rocket loaded with navigation satellites crashes a minute after takeoff from the accident site in clouds of toxic gases and sparking fears of an environmental disaster. live pictures from the.


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