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tv   Headline News  RT  August 24, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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the u.s. military is reportedly waiting for the green light to intervene and see where it would be a plan to get moving naval forces closer and sending another missile carriage to the region. as the yuan pushes foreign intervention into an alleged mass chemical attack near damascus the european states blaming as son despite a lot of evidence. also spying for cash major tech companies are accused of taking handouts from the u.s. intelligence and exchange for help in its sweeping surveillance worldwide. and about your car is to get some real recognition of the german government decides that some of the money based on easily legal and private means of payment.
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international news and comment live from moscow this is with me here national power thanks for joining us the u.s. is raging for a possible missile strike on syria and reports say preparations are already under way the phones are going to is moving its naval forces closer ensuring president obama has military options available his money action following and alleged chemical attack which is being blamed on syria's government three destroyers are currently deployed in the mediterranean and according to reports a fourth is on its way all of them are carrying up to three hundred cruise missiles which is more than enough to actually rapidly for balance to order a strike and let's not forget about the nature maritime group functioning in the region which is four which is for more ships and if we take a look at the mainland the u.s.
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and its western allies military presence around syria is also significant so it looks like washington is seriously weighing military options despite obama expressing cautious those over an intervention at the same time she's middle east correspondent policies following this creation and the reaching. syrian state television is reporting that syrian soldiers found traces of chemical agents off to entering tunnels used by rebel fighters in a damascus suburb empty shells that they found had markings on their methods that they had been made in saudi arabia just a reminder that saudi arabia is very mentally opposed to the syrian president bashar assad and all these soldiers started suffocating in ambulances had to be sent to the scene to assist them syrian television is also reporting that these soldiers found and that are used to kill the intoxication this comes as it's moved its navy closer to syria we are hearing reports that the u.s.
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navy is making initial preparations should the green light be given for america to launch military action inside syria the american president barack obama certainly is mulling over this the defense department has been tossed with giving him new facts and new information with obama saying that any kind of considerations need to be made with caution and with wariness he's also said that any kind of military operation inside syria would be both costly and difficult this comes off to reports of a huge attack earlier this week that saw the involvement of chemical weaponry we have heard reports that anywhere between dozens and one thousand three hundred people were killed in that new attack there has been lots of unverified footage making the rounds online we've seen soldiers of people sort of being at the mouth people suffocating all of the pointing to the possible use of saturn gets some of these photos online do show empty shells it does seem to point to the fact that this
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latest attack had this weapon we fired from rebel held areas all of this as u.n. inspectors are inside syria they arrived last sunday they carrying out investigations on some thirteen hours of the ports of chemical we're kind of message today the. you in chief of the farm and arrived in the country and the u.n. team has now been tasked with trying to reach the scene of the meat of the report of tad and damascus has indicated that they giving them full support and they will be helping them in whatever way they can but the reasons why the fighting on the go in that area despite no confirmation of reports that the syrian government carried out a chemical attack international pressure on assad is increasing the french foreign minister insists all indications suggest the government was behind the massacre and wants to respond with force if delegations are proven the u.k. foreign secretary william hague also said it was a chemical a tongue by the assad regime and has
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a similar voice from sweden its foreign minister claimed he had a hard time coming to any conclusion other than that deadly chemicals were used by the regime's forces while turkey joined in calling for the necessary response toward its land as the crime against humanity this as a rather cold america and indispensable nation in stabilizing the middle east analyst binoy can't log has written extensively on syria so all the signs are pointing to an intervention. there is a general sentiment towards some form of intervention which might come in the form of a tactical strike on the use of cruise missiles although there is still reservation us to the extent that such an intervention will take at this point it will be probably a minor one with the use of tactical weapons without more the united states still remains rather bruised by involvement in afghanistan and in iraq so if they are restored to being involved and i certainly do not see
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a commitment of ground forces of any. sort what unfortunately i do see happen is the destabilizing of the situation so that the united states does take this route of intervention it's a point to make that. moves are being made to initiate some strike. whether it's going to come in light of the u.n. investigation or whether it's going to come in light of anything else for means to be seen but i think it's fair point to say the united states is putting the pieces into play for a possible strike. two hundred days of hunger and suffering and gone time and about three minutes long this is haitian is like at the notorious u.s. prison after nearly seven months of a hunger strike by the inmate that. the national security agency allegedly paid the bills for google yahoo microsoft and facebook in return for helping and to spy online this information comes. from whistleblower edward
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snowden and is the first reported evidence of financial dealings like this are in a pardon as mine. the so-called pay to play relationship between the u.s. national security agency and the internet companies reportedly began after the foreign intelligence surveillance court here in the us known as rules in october two thousand and eleven that some of the n.s.a.'s activities were surprise unconstitutional and violated the fourth amendment now the judgment which was declassified on wednesday by the obama administration found that the agency was unable to separate purely domestic communications from foreign traffic now while the n.s.a. reportedly began working on a solution to the process that had been ruled illegal tech companies including google yahoo microsoft and facebook allegedly incurred cost certification demands now the fisa court is required to sign annual certifications that provide the legal framework for the n.s.a.
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surveillance operations but in the wake of the court's judgment certifications were only being renewed on a temporary basis the entire process reportedly costed prizm participants millions of dollars to implement each successful extension and those costs according to u.s. documents were covered by an arm of the n.s.a. known as special source operations according to the guardian newspaper n.s.a. whistleblower edward snowden has described special source operations as the crown jewel of the agency that handles all surveillance programs that rely on corporate partnerships with telecoms and internet providers to access communication data this revelation is being considered evidence that a financial relationship between tech companies and the n.s.a. has existed and as the guardian newspaper put it the disclosure that taxpayers' money was used to cover the company's compliance costs reeses new questions surrounding the relationship between silicon valley and the n.s.a.
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now the guardian reached out to the alleged prism participants for a response about receiving financial reimbursements from the u.s. government now yahoo spokesperson admits that the come. has requested reimbursement quote consistent with the law facebook responded by saying it has never received any compensation in connection with responding to government data requests google did not answer any of the specific questions that were asked by the guardian newspaper and microsoft declined to give a response on the record so not only are we now learning that taxpayer dollars may have financed government programs that broke down barriers that protected citizens privacies the companies that are listed as prism participants are still denying any involvement. in the n.s.a. meanwhile admitted some of its employees berger rules on purpose was spying on american citizens and you can read all about the agency coming clean on our website . nearly seven months of refusing to aid being force
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fed and alleged abuse with no end in sight that's been the daily experience for many gone time of the inmates since february third protest has gone on for two hundred days now but president obama is still storming a shutting down the facility at sea world the situation is like right now the u.s. run camp and there are one hundred sixty six inmates that the military such as seven are still refusing food to indefinite detention many of the prisoners haven't even gone to trial and overhaul will cleared for release years ago u.s. taxpayers are picking out the ever increasing top for all of that is the prize timed to for every detainees two point seven million dollars annually of with such times higher than similar costs of the most expensive domestic prison in the u.s. and add it all up and you get nearly hof a billion dollars per year coming out of citizens' pockets u.s.
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public defender carlos warner frequently talks to begone tunnel inmates that he represent and he told my colleague bill daughter what's going on of the company and why it remains. the words that i hear from the camp are just as bad as they've always been suffering to feeding people not getting along no communication with the military so although the military is telling us that the numbers have gone down that's not the story that we're hearing we're hearing that again there's still that this horrible suffering going on and this is the two hundred day of this and we've heard accounts of her referred to to treatment by the prison stuff including allegations of sexual abuse is anybody actually investigating these allegations now sexual abuse i think goes around these searches these growing searches that they began and they did these searches obviously to keep my clients from talking to me in terms of investigation i don't think anybody's investigating that the camp says that we're doing this for security purposes but that's preposterous when you
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consider that the client isn't even seeing a lawyer the client's with soldiers talking on the phone entire time in the present obama hasn't kept his promise to close the prison it cost millions during a time of budget cuts then the states will lose to make sandwiches for relief so what will it take to finally close down guantanamo guantanamo is a political animal it's run by the in a phobia here in the united states and it's just going to take a lot of hard work like people not only like people like me but but some people in washington in order to close it and right now you don't see that the president has the authority to transfer these individuals now that he can do it under the current law with no exceptions and he's choosing not to do so and he's even said that there are several countries that are ready willing able to take these individuals we know there's eighty six of them that are cleared for release the president has done nothing on that yet. but had that natural congressi bitcoin is gaining recognition
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was german accepting it as a legal means of payment details and and if. the lead. drama is the truth be ignored. story others look you in the. face it's changing the world right now. to picture.
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from around the globe. this is aussie coming to live from moscow welcome back the german government has become the fast and the wall to recognize bitcoin as a legal product currency transactions conducted in the about show cash will be subject to sales tax in the country and a big call in mind now the exchange for other cars says within the banking system the owner reports not from the competence of bitcoin ballin. it's a real step towards it becoming a universally accepted legitimate but the option to state issued currencies now it
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is quite popular here in germany particularly here in berlin where if you go to some bars and restaurants you can actually pay for the food and drinks there using coins as well as other online stores that accept them for just about anything else you can you can want to buy now what has actually happened by the german finance ministry they've declared that big calling is now unit of account what that actually means is it's not recognised as a an official currency but it is eligible to be taxed now that means that anybody speculating on because well if they sell them within one year or replying them they could be eligible for capital gains tax however that all sounds great for the tax man it may well be a lot harder than that sounds because of the actual nature of bitcoin it is a appear online currency it would be very hard to track down just who was selling to whom for tax purposes so that might not exactly work out how the state funds use
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it but what it is is official recognition for a currency that is growing in popularity in some countries are accepting big point as this new potential one state backed currency of course it can't be devalued or increased by any state by because there just isn't one that controls it it's all comes from the computers it all comes out of mathematics and it is therefore regulated by any state authorities or some countries jumping on it like here in germany others like thailand well they're just not interested made crime fast and paid into thousand and eight when anonymous create a published a paper laying out his ideas on how the peer to peer electronic cash system should . the digital currency has gained popularity across the world thousands of small online merchants recognize bitcoin as an alternative to major currencies devalue been coins hit a record high this april when it was being traded at over two hundred sixty dollars
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growing concerns over the effects of coin could have on the dollar prompted the u.s. government to investigate it earlier this month and washington claims it could be used in criminal activity and of course we've got everything you need to know about bitcoin at our website dot com and also long for you it's a science like come true. a dutch scientist has found a way to read people's minds at our website to find out how he's always been tension plaques thoughts from your head. and healthy habits are hurting business as russia's banner nighttime brews sales means foreign brewers have to find new ways to ship their beer all this and who is just a click away on our.
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the interview.
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but he sees things that sighted people don't notice. but he hears things most people never to think call him disabled but he's the world's first deaf and blind doctor of science. professor i think other support of . the great life against the odds. welcome back this is art see flood levels in russia's far east are surging and are now seven meters and rising soldiers and civilians are braced for that to get even higher in water already was floods in the region for over two centuries but in
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russia is not the only country suffering and as you can see here right now the movie runs along the border with china which has also been hit by catastrophic weather this is the beginning of the summer already over one hundred are reported dead and another one hundred fifteen missing three of russia's regions have been worse effect the experts say the floods have yet to peak over hoffer million homes and livelihoods are under threat in the far east of a lot of risk and the next twenty four hours are critical our correspondent paul scott is monitoring the situation there. base is a city under threat a city on the edge of the moment water levels are continuing to rise with the peak not expected for another twenty four hours or so now as the hour more river to my right that is causing all the problems it's breached its banks and these are beginning to filter through to the city now work is continuing to reinforce the safety around fifteen kilometers worth of dikes have been built like this one and
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they are being reinforced and raised along with the water levels now despite the perilous situation of say that they are prepared for the worst. organizational issues are worked out there could be some setbacks but the main point is that there are no big tools. or work will work for the good now around two and a half thousand people have been affected by the flood so far in and around the city in the majority of those people have been housed in temporary accommodation centers that provide things such as food drinking water shelter and medicine and basically rest bite from the floods there are around seventy that have been built in and around the city and sports arenas and schools for example and this resident told r.t. she simply doesn't know what to expect when she returns home. everything has been washed away firewood the second poor is already been flooded my flat is on the first floor and there are one and a half metres of water there i'm here now but all my furniture all my clothes are
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there now president vladimir putin is expected in the city and in the region early next week to inspect the damage that these floods of course but at the water levels continue to rise and they show absolutely no sign of receding it could be a while yet before the full extent of the damage is revealed. is the misadventures of ansett president mohamed morsi how scattered round is across egypt and one of them is in brotherhood called the friday of marx's one person has been killed and dozens were wounded in clashes between protesters and security forces meanwhile president obama has signaled her. because the egyptian authorities said that while the u.s. is reevaluating its relationship with cairo stopping how wouldn't affect the actions of the interim government obama insisted that at this point washington needs to look at the long term interests of the egyptian people and the u.s. itself defense consultant mind road says the last only wants to ensure a friendly relationship with. the americans are ensuring that they have
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a friend in power they will always provide aid and this is why they're not canceling aid at all. makes it clear that he's supporting all the u.s. government is supporting the present status of the military being in power to say that they're concerned about what is going on the toppling of morsi and his detention that's just trying to fool the citizens of egypt the old resume normal relations as soon as the civilians. go back home you know or stop protesting what the military and the united states government have had a very causal relationship for for decades so that's that's not going to change. and now some other international news headlines and brave a bomb has killed twenty six and left fifteen people wounded in iraq's capital the
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suicide bomber struck a cafe in a crowded park in northern share district and have a separate assault on a vehicle in the city claimed four lives and there are deadly attacks on and always daily bases as internal strife in iraq spirals. in bahrain thousands gathered to demand democratic reforms the authorized march passed off peacefully as protest was called for an end to king hamad brain the way we were recently criticised by the international community for introducing harsh methods in dealing with unrest just three weeks ago police vinatieri broke up a rally in the capital dispersing protesters with tear gas and a bad shot. at least thirty people have been killed and six injured in a riot in believe it is the largest maximum security prison. almost solar some prisoners were short while others were burned to death in a fight between rival gangs and in many of the crowded latin american jails inmates
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largely control the inside of the facility. rebels have called for a temporary timeout on peace negotiations would be colombian government the group requested time to consider a proposal which would be the way for a long awaited peace agreement this comes after a violent protest by the country's mine is too dense and farmers this week over presidential reform as they say are hurting their revenue. it's coming up next on our state's technology have date that's right after the break. you know people in moscow say they're like whoa websites and facebook groups about
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the childfree lifestyle which i didn't believe until i saw the cover for the aug twelfth copy of time magazine yes child free is no real thing sadly basically these are people who have started a cool trend of not having children and using their time and resources completely for themselves you know if you don't want to have kids that is your business and i really couldn't change your mind even if i wanted to but there are people all over the internet who are just swimming in their own self-satisfaction like pigs in slop because they are part of the no kids trend the sickening part about this trend or should i see mentality is that these people glow in the door themselves for being too selfish to give their time and money to a child oh i'm the center of the universe and i'm proud of it. this is an extremely antisocial and destructive mentality to adore yourself for contributing nothing to anyone else nothing to society and nothing to the future but wait let me put it this way if your life is shopping wearing ironic t.
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shirts starbucks and texting on your i phone about your stupid feelings that maybe is for the greater good the church childfree but that's just my opinion. wealthy british style. time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on. one of the wonderful moment i should be making news all the face time.
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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today. hello and welcome to. on sunday's show. recently called my fifth. design classic still has room for improvements. on how to recycle tires and improve roads in one fell swoop. first we're all familiar with the lengthy security
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procedures. we recently found out that the technology that keeps us all safe. also be used to put a smile on a girl's face. jank diamonds a prize to pull down being physical properties and takes there also it kills best friend also the song. queen of england with her crown jewels or you prefer something more subtle one thing is true the larger the diamond the rarer it is and the more it's worth. produce a. partnership with specializing in explosive detectors neutron technologies is located a two hour drive right outside of moscow in the tranquil town of. the town doesn't look much like a scientific what's appearances can be deceiving we've come to the joint institute for nuclear research institute eight hundred seven labs carrying out pioneering research in parts of.


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