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tv   Venture Capital  RT  September 1, 2013 4:29pm-4:45pm EDT

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but think how much money he's got that he's appointed and now that he let her. own certainty over western military action against the syrian government this week resulted in turmoil in the financial world with oil spiking to a six month high and investors pulling out of global axes with concerns that an attack on syria will bring about serious consequences and threaten global supply meanwhile safe havens gold and u.s. treasuries as investors proceed with caution so for more on markets reaction to the political rhetoric over syria and joined by mike ingram from b.b.c. partners it has been a tumultuous week for the markets there's been a lot going on can you just start off by telling me the general for the anxiety what is it general feeling in the financial world at the moment in response to what's happening. well i mean i think you know the prospect of the west getting in
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improving waters at this stage of the syrian civil war just added to troubles that the market's been having over the last few weeks and it's coming into the background of very thin some of volume so the reaction is it's probably more dramatic than might otherwise be but if you look at the you know the list of concerns that the market has at the moment you've got a situation where we don't know what kind of form the fed tapering is going to take this year we've got possible succession issues for them but one keypress succeeded probably by larry summers it seems at this point that the fed and we've got you know actually ongoing trouble elsewhere in emerging emerging markets so chen has come out and said that we could say if we do indeed see the situation in syria escalating we could see an oil price of one hundred fifty dollars per barrel can you explain to me one crashes if that was going to happen the prices that would put on the global economy would have a massively detrimental effect on growth pretty much everywhere there are very few
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beneficiaries you can imagine when officials are going to be the oil producing states in the gulf probably nigeria with africa for pretty much everywhere else it's even for russia it's broadly neutral and generally speaking the countries which are going to get hit the hardest are those with large relatively inefficient manufacturing bases top of that list india and china india is already struggling china has got a relatively competitive currency at this point or two it's part of the last thing it needs is an oil price shock and of course that's a knock on effect into a broader base of consumption if you a disposable income is already being squeezed and that's like you have knock on effects on the broader economy rito trade is likely to be deeply dire and. taxation really is going to die out on the back of the budget deficit. so you know there's the second right effect third rate effect i mean the list to see pretty
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much all this year so so yeah it's not good news of the state of that you know as it said before the most impacted things like steel production or many of production is is incredibly energy intensive these are just the sort of things which are going to drive the costs of these these companies engage in these activities sky high i let's talk about gold because it's been an interesting week once again for gold we've seen it surging is it still in these times of uncertainty the investors flock felt tools gold is it still the ultimate safe haven to think that's been proven this week. i don't think gold has been totally rehabilitated i mean gold is now technically back in the bull market it's about fifty percent up from the lows that we saw the idea to but it still down fifty percent from where it started the year is still down twenty five percent from where it peaked last year my view of the recent activity on gold is that it just got to the point it was so
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cheap that people thought well we're going to be adding to positions and i have to say that's a twelve hundred twelve fifty dollars an ounce level you know huge chunk of that fifty percent of global production just gets taken out so there's this big fundamental support there you know that maybe some upside from current levels but you know it doesn't look like it's going to challenge nine hundred dollars an hour anytime soon so the situation in syria again just adding to all of the just behavior on the markets they might enter in from b g c planners thank you so much for your time. the greatly anticipated g twenty summit hosted by russia in st petersburg kicks off this coming thursday with the theme of growth and employment there are great expectations that the summit will result in prescriptions for boosting the health of the global economy so i call that with the head of the russian delegation because i need you to live a good. better idea of the she is a. the mainmast is as follows r.
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while of course global economics who do should know better and many direction than she used to be before even easier however is that our fundamental problem which have not been solved yet this is a problem of economic growth. in different parts of the world are. cyclical problems but also fundamental problems or finding new sources of growth are tracked in the first stimulate investment finding new sources of financing for and must and trucked in private capital of. even those types of from bozeman where more money government the major role given fiscal stability concerns which we all have our. leader that. is also known as
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should your month long charm one medium to our financial and fiscal stability we've done enough. and now moving on to some corporate news that we're going to get started with the max air show it took place this week just outside of moscow now the dills united aircraft signed contract we're told pleading dollars meanwhile will sell fifty planes to russia they were valued at three point four billion dollars and the e.p. leasing. sukhoi superjet a total of two hundred seventeen billion dollars. budget ally world begin operating next year on bell that stuff destination it will fly from go to college or grad. and pieces for the first two years the discount will operate only along the most profitable routes in the european part of russia. pharmacy chain thirty six point eight five attends the sale this week after selling its hurting
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stake in drug or make up their farm to for sixty ninth richest man or man idea for five billion rubles their father itself also find it was the first. one of russia's most powerful richest man the head of potash empire you're right calley was snatched him better oose airport this way by all for it is that mr baumgartner the first hostage in the potash war was detained put in hank also after visiting belarus for a meeting with the country's leader he's accused of abusing his power in the partnership that collapsed between euro cali and the bellary partner but there is cali now before the biggest cartel collapse these two companies made up over a third of the global twenty three billion dollar industry russia's reaction to this scandal is clear with the deputy prime minister describing it as odd inappropriate a not fitting to
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a partnership considering the president of bellary styles himself as europe's lastic tazer the joneses of a scary thing the country could be tricky and if mr byrne is found guilty of abusing his power he faces a ten year imprisonment with a conversation of his property to potentially millions and the next target in the protest wars is solomon kidding of a major shareholder in the russian chemical producer after the russian authorities revealed they now want to arrest him. hello mr schoen thomas you are in house investing here r t you got ten thousand u.s. dollars at your disposal we want to know what you cannot see even during a month we want to how much money you got that first of all before we get into all about the details a little what's her opinion on this cali the bar all that's going on at the moment the scandal of it all so many. it's absolutely crazy we've got corporate price fixing global espionage we have whoever thought there would be
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a fertilizer cartel and even in an rage the president the last dictator of europe self proclaimed by the way it all has the makings of a cinematic through i think that we should get to work on writing that script he said and we need to star in it as well i want to start a revenue that potash can be interesting to me gold and oil i get all the headlines that now at potash wall we're running on guys over that base is meeting gets national television in its hang up or going on it's getting messier and d.c. as we go on so watching that one big time thought we're also watching you and i want if you can't laugh what if even say well you know it's over all i'm down and we'll get to that here in a second but this past week we were focused on oil and airlines specifically araf lot and good kind of great news or oil has gone up i've done really well kind of recoup some of my losses but because oil has done well aeroflot and the airlines
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have not done well so it kind of hindered my progress there because you know airlines they need fuel to get those jets up in the air and so the price of oil going up means that airlines don't do well themselves so if you look at the ten thousand dollars that we initially started at and by the way this is a good reason to show people why they shouldn't follow me because i am not an expert just kind of an armchair investor if you will but we started off with metals i was really excited about metals last two thousand three hundred sixty nine dollars which brought me down to seven thousand six hundred and thirty nine dollars ish not really feeling good about that one then i decided to go into oil that did well it kicked me up about eight thousand eight hundred and twenty five dollars so i'm down to one thousand one hundred seventy five from where i started but basically really glad i got out of the metals. i'm hearing that even gold isn't doing too well so it was the metals that killed me in the beginning stretch that
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was a real beating i remember that one bad first week for years and it's so interesting we talk about oil because obviously i was chatting to mike iran and their side is it sounds they're all some guy you know is in all of this because it has been so. you're one of the game is it not what i got plans for next week that what's up your sleeve well i'm in the mood to get back to where i started at least and maybe make something make some more so i'm going to stick with oil because if you look at what's happening in the news this is where your my information syria syria syria me and is oil prices are going to continue to go up people going to continue to watch that can be and to conserve and save i think that that's the way for me to get my money back and if i do break above that ten thousand mark i promise you you and i can go somewhere on this aeroflot budget line that we were looking at from last week and the tickets are on me if i make the or we could by law that's extremely generous of the splashing out on budget airline tickets from a show and you are thank you very much and i like the fact that your clothes
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dissuade you only because of because you have been losing them nearly where your glasses yeah indeed well they broke my arm without the glasses sounds glasses if you will and i'm waiting to get some of those losses you know erased and make some money before i get them fixed right so you can get nice and we want like a really funky maybe right pair us on the go out with the bundling operate on bullying billing for our in-house investor show and thomas seem to be pulling up thank you very much and good luck next week and sounds like you going to stick with oil in the not so for this edition of time to have till next week i'll be filming from pieces that are the g. twenty summit they never. are.
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going to the obama administration's continued insistence that the syrian regime must be punished for alleged use of chemical weapons has convinced few of washington's traditional allies the americans have said they will strike syria on their own if they have to what does this say about america's standing in the middle east and the future of international long. mission. couldn't take three. three. three. three. free. download free books and video for your media project a free media hearties dot com. science
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technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered. seventeen minutes to the han the russian capital this is the weekly here on r.t. the situation concerning gay rights in russia has been triggering huge debate among activists politicians and even athletes a new law prohibiting gay propaganda to minus a spot cools for a boycott of the upcoming winter olympics in sochi in february when i discuss the issue with a panel of guests earlier this week. we have been accused of covering this topic here on t.v. and just last week a freelance reporter the by the name of james could achieve he brought he certainly into the spotlight did meet with great star one has to say and he says that he made a. choice if you want to do a twitter follower bump for him but to get to the point this by the way is our
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third panel on gay rights in russia but that's beyond the point kurtz that came on to r.t. to let us know what he thinks about our coverage or lack thereof of gay rights in russia and this is what happened you know being here on a kremlin funded propaganda network i'm going to wear my gay pride suspenders and going to speak out what about bradley manning plus time because you know i don't i'm not really interested in talking about bradley manning i've been talking about being a riff environment of homophobia in russia right now and the russian gay people know that they have they have friends and allies all right saying those are just what i was. i only go on that station with the russians so i don't want to waste too much time i critique we did invite him to speak tonight he denied saying that he said in interviews around the world after this event that r.t. is not of the news channel that he just believes it would be supporting putin and his mouthpiece.


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