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tv   Headline News  RT  September 2, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EDT

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as america debates whether to strike syria washington use the time to send reinforcements to the middle east and reveals more unconfirmed evidence by mean assad for using chemical weapons. radiation levels to pan stricken fukushima nuclear plants are now so high they're enough to kill a person exposed for as little as four hours. german chancellor angela merkel goes head to head with her rival in the t.v. debates r t looks at why neither of us wants alexion candidates are in too much of a rush to criticize the other. you're watching r t i'm lindsay friends. the u.s.
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military is sending even more forces to surround syria in anticipation of a first strike order from washington congress will reconvene in a week's time to debate whether to attack damascus but barack obama has made it clear he made he may order an assault even without the agreement of lawmakers american defense officials have confirmed about an aircraft carrier group is now on its way to the region the nuclear powered u.s.s. nimitz carrying dozens of aircraft is accompanied by five smaller warships armed with tomahawk cruise missiles the strike groups expected to team up with several ships already in position in the mediterranean off the syrian coast the combined fleet could pummel damascus from a safe distance dealing massive damage to the country reform has the reaction from the syrian capital. followed obama's message from the white house was that even with the syrians and i had a very good opportunity
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a chance to see their vivid reaction to their to read their faces and to see all the developments of the emotions and feelings that i have to say that if at the beginning of a bomb a speech people were nervous and would tense and of course were frightened obviously what i saw at the end of the message from america was relieved what i saw in people's eyes because the president said that the u.s. should take a minute to response to chemical weapons use in syria and that could happen tomorrow next week or next month he'll see congress' approval for attack in syria and that manned delay for everybody here and many here as lags that strategy they say congress is unlikely to approve military action against syria so this strike they've been waiting for several days and they are the pressure they been leavin. first announced
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a possible strike against syria they can now forget about that at least for some time. meanwhile u.n. experts are analyzing samples collected in syria as part of a probe into the alleged use of deadly chemical weapons last month washington's made it clear it intends to take action regardless of what the u.n. comes up with the white house is building a case for war against syria based on its own findings washington says it has intelligence reports implicating assad but has refused to present any concrete evidence u.s. officials have instead pointed to amateur footage posted online allegedly showing victims of the attack unconfirmed by witness accounts are also being used as solid evidence by america while the latest claims from the state department revolve around samples from the war zone which they say confirm the use of chemical weapons at least according to washington most of america's allies aren't buying the
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arguments was only france agreeing to weigh in with force to support a u.s. attack while the u.n. says it's the only one who can determine whether chemical weapons were actually used the united nations mission is uniquely capable of establishing impartial and credible manner the facts of any use of chemical weapons based directly on evidence collected from the ground ok and if the u.s. share any of this evidence that is described with the u.n. well as we've repeatedly said member states are encouraged to share information information they may have with regards to alleged incidents. the u.s. has been accused of overlooking some facts that undermine its view of how the region should be dealt with artie's and looks at claims that washington rarely lets inconsistency get in the way the use of chemical weapons on august twenty first
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killing hundreds of people with an ongoing you want investigation is now the anchor to weigh a more direct involvement and the option of a military escapade but this is far from the first time chemical weapons have come up in the conflict although incidents which are apparently less convenient for the us to pay attention to one example in may this year a top u.n. investigator said a chemical attack with the use of sarin gas had taken place in march with indications that it was done by the opposition forces we collect. weakness to money. that made to appear that some chemical weapons were used in the. us and what was. what appear on. to our investigation that was used by openings by the rebels and we have no no indication at
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tool that the government. of the city government had used chemical weapons from ignoring the reports of u.n. investigators that would rather kept quiet to turning a blind eye to the feet of kurds the largest ethnic minority in syria at the hands of the opposition leading to the displacement of tens of thousands of people. our people our villages suffer the vicious assault there chased out of their homes they become victims of massacres and ethnic cleansing everything connected to the kurds is being destroyed to episodes of finding theron gas in the homes of syrian militants reportedly to be used for bombs in may this year when russia and turkey called for an investigation but the west did not questionable and uncomfortable factors have been downplayed by the us time after time possible and to the syrian crisis as far away as ever but misinformation and selective reasoning seem to be alive and well and if they see it you're going to r.t.
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moscow anti-war activist richard becker doesn't believe the syrian government would shoot itself in the foot by using w m d's against its own people when it's winning the civil war. first of all it doesn't it defies logic that the assad government would have used chemical weapons at exactly the moment that they were winning and the un inspectors were there but secondly even if the that had happened the united states does not have the authority it's not the pull the cop of the world should be able to go in and attack any country and syria has not threatened and kind of threaten the united states if they launch a war it would not only be reckless it would also be lawless and it would also have unforeseeable consequences as all wars do before they begin. a range of countries have called on the us not to intervene in russia fearing it would trigger enormous bloodshed among them are states who have been pushed toward democracy by america
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before and say they wouldn't wish that experience on anyone else artie's policy or has more. regional leaders are warning the united states not to attack damascus warning that this could lead to massive violence now as you can well imagine the mood on the ground is extremely tense we're hearing from the iraqi prime minister nouri al maliki urging the united states not to carry out any kind of military action this is noteworthy of course because iraq is a country that was invaded under somewhat similar circumstances and that invasion was to establish a so-called democratic government and it's now that government that is urging the united states not to carry out any kind of military action to create the same kind of scenario at the arab league meeting on sunday in cairo the iraqi foreign minister voted against any green light for military action inside syria we've also heard from jordan warning that it will not allow its a space to be used in any kind of military strike on syria with
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a jordanian government spokesperson saying that jordan too will not participate in any kind of strike against damascus so as you can see a lot of consensus in the region against any kind of u.s. intervention in syria coming up on aren t. a thousand days staring at walls that's the fate of wiki leaks editor jill enough large who's still locked up in ecuador and missing in london with little hope of leaving more analysis on that shortly. raid a radiation level at japan's fukushima nuclear plant is eighteen times higher than previously reported scans show that in some areas it could kill a person exposed to it in just four hours independent nuclear consultant sean bernie believes that the situation at the plant crippled by a two thousand and one eleven earthquake and tsunami is only going to deteriorate.
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all to himself he will have that there will be no one as it's the picture so again with a very complex three reactor meltdown and spent fuel in the pools saying they probably don't have enough workers on site their workers and don't be getting since they're not being told about the them selves or putting them in there. and then going forward this is a problem is only going to get worse there is already way we get it into absolute certainty the amount on site to get the same things is there's three times as much caesium it's very dangerous to go back to get your sweet claims as much as was released by the chernobyl accident he's currently sitting in the trenches in the tanks that's a sure sign. well some believe there are hidden dangers not even a hazard so it can protect people from coming courtesy of global global biotech giants later this hour suffolk are shevardnadze talks to jeffrey smith from the
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institute of responsible technology about the hazards of genetically modified foods and the key figure in the g.m.o. market monsanto. they lied about the toxicity of their former products p c b's aged darren's d.d.t. and they have an ugly precedented control around the world and the regulatory bodies this is exemplified by the food and drug administration where the policy of g.m. goes was overseen by monsanto's former attorney michael taylor and the policy falsely claims that the agency wasn't aware of any information showing the g m o's were significantly different therefore the f.d.a. requires no safety studies and no labeling they leave it up to monsanto to determine if their foods are safe and mud sand it does even have to tell the f.d.a. or consumers if it wants to slip a g.m.o. into our food supply.
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it's been a top destination for tourists from around the world first century but the way guests and parents are being welcomed and treated as a race suddenly become a cause for concern for the city's authorities we'll tell you why in a few minutes. wealthy british style. is no time to write let's go. around the. market why not. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune into kinds a report on our. going to the obama administration's continued insistence that the
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syrian regime must be punished for alleged use of chemical weapons has convinced few of washington's traditional allies the americans have said they will strike syria on their own if they have to what does this say about america's standing in the middle east and the future of international law. speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on all t.v. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.r.p. interviews intriguing stories are you. trying. to find out more visit or a big. dog called. some fifteen million germans watched a tepid t.v. duel between chancellor angela merkel and her main rival both working to appear on
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top of issues like the euro tax policy and u.s. spy programs but there were no real clashes between two candidates fully aware that they may be forced into a coalition together after this month's general vote artie's petered out peter all of our reports. this one and only televised debates between the main front runners in the german elections could potentially have a huge impact on who wins and who can try and pick up the few votes now currently as it stands at the moment called into the the latest polls that came out on friday angler merkel was quite far in the lead with forty one percent the s.p. deepish x. party behind them with twenty six percent however personal feeling amongst the german voters could see could be huge in this one of the reasons for that is that the the two parties are quite similar and do agree on a lot of issues has accused merkel in the past of hiding the true cost of bailing
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out greece from the from the german people germany has put in the lion's share of the money to try and help the the financially struggling be fiscally struggling mediterranean nation after this election whoever is chancellor whether it's merkel or whether it is going to have to deal with what seems like the almost inevitable bailout for the mediterranean country now one of the other major issues that in the select in this election is the n.s.a. spying scandal and just what's being done about it and what was done at the time now one of the main questions being pointed at angola merkel is just how much did she know about it and how much did she allowed the n.s.a. the united states to spy on german citizens so greece and the n.s.a. emerging as the the two things that the two main candidates can go head to head on however what we are going to see though is them slam each other too much personally
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it's very likely on the to after the twenty second when the vote is here in germany these two might have to sit down and talk and i in out in bash out a coalition that could lead germany in the coming years. inches away from a rock and roll deaf the passengers of this car in taiwan miraculously escaped unharmed when this giant boulder threatened to crush them and to our to dot com to see the full version of this amazing footage plus column rain or shine and this time it looks like it will be rain the world's top military bands turn out in their finest for rehearsals and a heavy downpour to delight the crowds on red square you can enjoy that video on our website in motion page or purchase it at roughly dot com. monday marks one thousand days of confinement for wiki leaks editor julian assange most of it under house arrest but since june two thousand and twelve the
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whistleblower has been holed up in london's ecuadorian embassy attempting to avoid extradition to sweden where he's wanted on sex crime allegations a song fears should he step out of the embassy he will be arrested and ultimately had it over to the u.s. to face life imprisonment wiki leaks spokesperson told r.t. why they're so worried. it is quite all of us if you read through the transcript of the trial against chelsea manning and see what kind of arguments were raised there and how often we can use wasn't mentioned in the trial that it is so very strong possibility that the next target is through your songs and it might already be an indictment against him and all the others in our organization we see as well the escalating war against to those who commit the act of journalism and this is escalating from month to month the argument is this that bradley manning was the
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first whistle blower and he was history who has been. prosecuted and found guilty on the basis of. journalists will come next it could possibly be we could lose. all the media organizations it's a real possibility and they are all going to all now call the investigation are enduring to me which is going on for. quite a sum of money because it has been cited as one of the biggest criminal investigation in la times in the u.s. so it is a very worrying situation the n.s.a. may be collecting information on citizens at will but some u.s. states are bucking the trend in montana police must now obtain a warrant before they can track someone's mobile phone artes and your blake went to find out if that idea is likely to spread. that piece of technology we consider
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vital to the conduct of our every day perfect on professional life although smartphones happens to be a combination phone listening device location tracker and hidden camera we already know that the government is collecting sensitive information from the e-mails to your mom to the texts and calls to significant other it's not that easy to escape the eyes and ears of the federal government on the local level however some people are looking to change that enter one of the youngest elected lawmakers in america i'm doing is on the government state representative out of montana republican daniel zona cough has made it his mission to keep government intrusion at bay or at least that's his ultimate goal only twenty six he's already proposed a number of initiatives focusing on montana residents right to privacy earlier this year he drafted legislation that requires the police to search warrants and prove probable cause before obtaining a location data from cell phone service providers and even those only caught as
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a newcomer in elected politics he's already making a difference any time your cell phone is on it transmits a signal to a local tower that can coordinate your precise location often within inches throughout most of the u.s. law enforcement doesn't need a warrant to get this info thanks to cough montana was the first state to require probable cause that a bill that basically. force its use a search warrant to get so formal creation information so we're talking about policy and privacy you were the to meet the road that sounds simple enough but before zona cost legislation any entity with the right paperwork could go to a telecom provider like pharazyn eighteen t. or any other cell phone carrier and request location data off and they'd receive it without ever needing to show probable cause once that info was collected it can be used to do a lot more than just pinpoint a location in two thousand and ten a federal appeals court ruled a person who knows all of another's travels can deduce whether he is a weekly church goer a heavy drinker a regular at the gym a unfaithful husband and l.
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. patient receiving medical treatment an associate of particular individuals or political groups and not just one such fact about a person but all such facts as all mccaw found out though that information is relatively easy to collect now that montana has become the first state in the nation mandating that police prove probable cause he hopes his message of privacy spreads and it's important for us the country because that means you get passed everywhere else a route that every state usually doesn't start with new legislation they see someone else do it and copy it the states of maine in new jersey have passed nearly identical pieces of legislation following montana's lead and according to zone a cough there are much bigger issues at stake so we're going to always race you've seen no games in security or is the balance we're going to say we give up all rights we have all the security now we have no right to actually live our lives so what are we just what are we sacrificed for that's the real question and that's the biggest concern that i think we have we cannot just keep giving up rights seeing we don't know what security is in place when we give up our rights there's no transparency that should be the biggest concern of everybody not the safety but
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worse the going how is it being used and could it one day be used incorrectly i'll tell you what intent in government is always great but it tends to always be misled and used the wrong way in recent weeks the fifth circuit court of appeals ruled that federal agents the not apply for search for on the local level that doesn't hold true. question now is will more states continue this trend reporting from washington and replace r t v. in mexico violence has erupted between police and protesters demonstrating against the government's proposed education and energy reforms the clashes were near the congress building in mexico city as protesters tried to disrupt a parliament session students threw stones and petrol bombs at security and police responded with tear gas teachers have been protesting for two weeks against mandatory evaluations of their performance while others accuse the government of trying to sell off the nation's energy assets. protests in all media continued into
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the night on sunday after thousands rallied over the opening of a new mine in transylvania people were angered by reports that a canadian mining company would use cyanide to extract demonstrators condemned the government for backing the plan saying that technique would harm the environment. paresis status as the world's top destination for tourists is a vein of gold for the city's budget but the notoriously grumpy service in the french capital could finally be turning people off tess are silly reports on how visitors are losing affection for the city of love. they're. going to go up are. smiling faces that belie a troubled economy with the number of job seekers rising to three point twenty eight million in july from the twenty seventh month in a row and a budget deficit the government can barely rein in france has been walking on eggshells since europe's economic crisis hit the there is
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a small respite this is the state agency but not paris is the model for simplicity perhaps that's part of the world's top destinations but it won't be three million visitors thirty three million paris alone cannot foresee may not be enough that's the reality is not only it's up to weekly with the city of like known as much for its beauty as its unfriendliness at the extreme end of it a few years ago dozens of japanese tourists were reported to have been struck with the so-called analysts syndrome they were so madly affected by rude encounters that they had to be repatriated back to japan in a state of shock. various is beautiful it's wonderful but the reason siren and they have to change this because they rely on revenue from to raise. the money if you. happen to. be here. i'm shocked at the behavior of some people who are supposed to be tourism professionals i won't get into details but really i'm
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shocked at the attitude we've given me. with tourism making up more than seven percent of the french gross domestic product tourist officials in the country's capital decided to attempt to the naysayers claim is impossible giving those who work in the service industry to be more wasn't. a good thing was launched this summer in paris called do you speak to it's a guide for restaurateurs taxi drivers and shopkeepers on how to behave towards their city's guests giving them contra by country advice on what is expected from them. it is important for everyone involved in pounces economy to treat tourists better regardless of their nationality in order to make them want to come back and to spend. and that's precisely where france legs behind the competition despite being the number one destination the un world tourism
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organization found out that visitors to the u.s. spend twice as much as those who travel to france and that's the spite fewer people making the journey to the states that the loss of revenue is proving twice as costly as europe continues to struggle with a debt crisis that seriously endangering the french economy this paris taxi driver insists though that while the dream you speak truest is a good idea creating a positive experience is not a one way street. and. first of all for us taxi drivers that are passengers who are very excuse me for saying so annoying. something they may simply have to accept with a smile if they want to hold onto one of its economic basis i mean this move losing hands but it's important to remember good manners cos nothing is france's learning bad manners may be very pricey indeed. duster sylvia r.t.e. paris. up next are sophie shevardnadze red knights the g.m.
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debate in the latest edition of her interview show. speak or language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing story so you. can try.
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to find out more visit or a big. dog called. mission free accreditation free in-store judges free. arrangement free. three stooges free. download free blow against quality video for your media projects a free meal dog hearty dot com. welcome to sophie and go on sophie shevardnadze our topic today is tasty but possibly dangerous genetically modified products are invading our supermarkets
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looking good place to find one quick in a field they look like an awesome way to solve what supply issues but what if the real cost of a species is revealed it's already. the god delusion breaking into nature's design the green revolution and genetic engineering tech was sold as the keys to feed the world's hungry but famine still strike the world's most vulnerable have not been saved in the developed world being in sleight of hand blind can see mr. ality for which a compliant corporate media carries ads but few expose is g.m.o. just misrepresented is it just misunderstood or a devil in angels disguise one name resonates where g.m.o. is at stake center. the agra cameco giant that brought you agent orange.


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