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tv   Breaking the Set  RT  September 6, 2013 6:29am-7:01am EDT

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my printer. what's up guys i am abby martin the suspect in this little surprise here the serial war drums are still beating loudly in the halls of congress and the main man drumming that beat is none other than secretary of state john kerry has gone above and beyond this week's security is where are the cell that syria war that's hard to
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believe that this rhetoric is coming from the same man who once saw a very different tune. we wish that a merciful god could wipe away our own memories of that service as easily as this administration has wiped their memories of us. but all but i have done and all that they can do by this denial is to make more clear than ever our own determination to undertake one last mission to search out and destroy the mosque a vestige of this barbaric war to pacify our own hearts to conquer the hate and fear that have driven this country these last ten years and more wow that was vietnam that john kerry in one nine hundred seventy one giving an impassioned appeal to congress for wanting to bring an end about war fast forward forty years and he's done a complete one hundred eighty now pushing for a war of the same kind of chemical weapons attack that the u.s.
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inflicted on the vietnamese with the spraying of agent orange so you go from being a fervent antiwar activists who worked side by side with john lennon to now one of the biggest war hawks on the hill well done mr kerry you have specially sold your selves out before even selling syria. it's. very hard to take. that back with that right there. please. please. please. please
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please please. please. please. the california senate just made history after unanimously voted to reject the n.b.a.'s indefinite detention clause a new measure says that the state will quote refuse to provide material support for or to participate in any way with the implementation of any federal law that purports to authorize indefinite detention of a person within california now the initiative only awaits a signature by california governor jerry brown but action isn't only being taken at the state level this week the main plaintiffs in the n.b.a. a lawsuit announced that they will challenge indefinite detention provision at a federal level yet again by appealing to the supreme court the main plaintiff in the case joined me earlier to talk about these updates and something else has been very vocal about syria i first asked him if the federal government would have the
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power to supersede california law against indefinite detention and here's what he had to say. essentially the federal government has empowered military to section. ten twenty one of the n.d.a. are national defense authorization act to see. the categories covered persons anyone who is who substantially supports that's not a legal term of some cheerio support substantially supports a kind of the taliban or something called associated forces again another nebulous term hold them in military facilities strip them due process and keep them there indefinitely that was our reading of the law that was judge catherine for us reading of the law in the southern district court of new york when she declared it unconstitutional when went to the appellate court. and you should be clear that they don't rule on the law itself they ruled on the standing of the plaintiffs they
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said that we as linus didn't have credibility to bring the case to the court so they sort of ducked the issue of actually dealing with the section ten twenty one of the n d a which i think by any reading news of agree just violation of our most basic constitutional rights to due process did the appellate court say that because no one had been threatened with arrest that the plaintiffs on the case had no credible fear brain is not the hypothetical nature of the possibility of indefinite detention the whole point of the last in the first place. it's actually a hope on a lawsuit is that they're not going to give you a warning with where they come take you once they take you it's all done secret you have no possibility for legal redress and that's the issue and they base the appellant court based their decision on. amnesty international versus clapper cases or i was also kind of in that case where they said that we. couldn't show evidence
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that we were in fact being monitored and surveilled but we now know from the leaks that were provided to the guardian by the courts and were all being monitored and surveilled and all of our information is being stored in perpetuity and supercomputers of places like utah so. you know we're hopeful we've all we will file in a couple weeks and asked the supreme court to take the case to the supreme court does not take them the law will stand the only way it will be changed that point is if our elected legislators decide to change it and they've shown no interest in doing right while you kind of dance around africa and how likely is it that this will be brought to the supreme court i mean i guess it's just anyone's guess at this point even if it is by the same supreme court do you have faith in the court as the end all be all judiciary. well the judiciary and especially the supreme court is
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a wholly owned subsidiary of the corporate state and decision after decision i think has shown that to be true. i think for us you know we understand the odds here we understand the difficulties and yet we just don't want to take this lying down this obliteration of the right to due process and centrally overturning one hundred fifty years of domestic law which have prohibited the military from carrying out acts of domestic policing now we're seeing the military being empowered to do that and. you know in essence carry out acts of extraordinary rendition of american citizens on their own streets and at the very least we have to stand up and to cry and use every american is we have to fight back because history has shown that when governments cruder themselves this kind of power of
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eventually they use it right in the freedoms that that cost hundreds of thousands of lives took hundreds of years to achieve once i relinquished i mean it's not really given back that easily chris chris you've also been very vocal about the imminent syria war i mean i don't know about you but i feel like cheney is still president right now i mean i never expected obama to pursue unilateral military action against syria are you as surprised as i am. no because there's complete continuity between the bush administration and the obama administration in terms of our imperial adventures overseas if anything you know the obama administration has not only curate out a more agreed just assault on civil liberties than bush but it is also expanded the war of the draw or the kill lists. so i mean this is a machine that whoever is in the executive branch serves and if they don't serve it they don't end up in the executive branch so no i wasn't surprised at all why are
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chemical weapons the arbitrary red line in the sand to act. well it's a fallacy because when the iraqis dropped chemical weapons on the kurds we not only not acted didn't act we were a tacit ally. giving agricultural credits and all sorts of other aid to saddam hussein when saddam hussein during the iran iraq war dropped chemical weapons on iranian troops we provided the satellite photos which show them where those troops were when the israelis dropped two hundred why phosphorus rockets on gaza i've seen white phosphorus of workers were corresponded burns right through your body we said nothing when the israelis dropped a cluster bombs all over southern lebanon we said nothing when we dropped her and used agent orange oh all over viet nam. chemical. we were you know essentially carrying out the kind of policy it were condemning so
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it's selective enforcement and force it when we feel it's in our strategic interest and we nora when it was you know to our course is not lost on anyone at all it's right anyone is paying attention obviously since their rhetoric if we've learned anything in the last twelve years. you talk about strategic interests i mean a serious situation causing so many global power dynamics to ship that around and. from the cold war why serious such a linchpin now for the world superpowers. i think it's a backdoor into iran certainly the israeli lobby is pushing hard for strikes against syria because it sees syria has. an enemy and of course a conduit. for arms and weapons to hezbollah militia groups in southern lebanon. so you know what we have is a kind of neo con cobble both in true sloman and washington and
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let's not forget the arms manufacturers always make a lot of money when this stuff starts flying through the air who are pushing for this kind of strike. you know i don't have a problem intervening to stop an active campaign of genocide i think that we should have intervened in rwanda should have intervened in cambodia i was in sarajevo during the bosnian war and i supported the intervention. with the siege of sarajevo jeff of the safe areas which were being overrun by the vikings serbs. but. the attack is over and so by launching cruise missiles what you're doing is essentially playing the configurations or balance of power on the ground and you never know what that will unleash so the argument that there is genocide is a valid argument one that genocide is ongoing when it's over. then your attack
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becomes something else and you're going to kind of pandora's box you never know what the consequences are going to be how is this going to play out is certainly going to ripple out beyond the borders of syria. in ways that none of us can predict and ways that could be extremely frightening so you know it's a deeply misguided policy one which the majority of the american public. by the way just us or why do you think that the us is choosing to support radical islamic factions on the ground when we've seen the repercussions of doing the exact same thing in the past namely afghanistan. because they don't know what they're doing to the people driving the policy don't understand the us when a war largely remember the pentagon is very reticent about this deeply. and they don't understand the region that understand. you know just as marking around in iraq change forever the balance of power in the middle east making iran ascendant
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destroying iraq as you know foreign country these are people who unfortunately the ones who are determining what's going to happen just lack any kind of experience in the region. and frankly in terms of the effects of military force i speak as someone who covered wars around the globe for twenty years and spent seven years in the middle east and i'm an arabic speaker so just the shortsightedness of kind of the. justify the means sort of things even in the short run it seems like every time there's a new crisis they reckon people of chronic amnesia are also our leaders apparently the past repercussions of the battlefield now that syria is going on in this war is imminent do you think that people are just going to forget the fact that the n.s.a. is unconstitutionally spying on everyone with zero accountability well the polls or the people don't support the war unlike iraq where everybody was out waving the flag and i think that sort of interest they're very war weary and very weary of the
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rhetoric let's be clear that you know the psychosis of permanent war is the engine of corporate challenge to keep people in a constant kind of state of alert you're always searching out new enemies here expanding. all fronts i mean pretty soon it will be a lot easier to list countries in the middle east for not arming the ones that we are it's. utterly insane and i think what's interesting is that obama although he says that he's not bound by any vote has gone to congress because he realizes that. a lot of people are beginning to ask questions about what's happening and i think that you're right that you know that everybody loves a war to divert attention from domestic issues including the n.s.a. wholesale spying gathering and story of all of trying to communications of nearly all americans. but i think that the state is rattled. and let's not forget
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that internally the economy is in very poor shape our infrastructure is crumbling we're closing school after school even people who have employment. can barely survive are listed at living at subsistence level so there are all sorts of issues that are going on here is kind of colder and that's brewing that. is made it harder and harder for the state to pull these kind of tricks yes and even though you know the sequester is in effect and this country's seems to be more broke than ever before according to establishment we never seems to find money for war chris hedges thank you so much for coming are always a pleasure having award winning journalist plaintive and how does the obama. thank you. we're taking a quick break you guys when we come back we'll tell you the wall makers spend their summers give you a hint it's probably very luxurious. as
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a serious supply roll deep those divisions. and recession the rocks the global economy. the power elite gather in st petersburg. the russia g. twenty summit on our. ok. i day of a crack at welcome you to ten dear all of virginia at a little while in the middle of the chesapeake bay on a virginia. county. a rampager all in the chesapeake bay probably one of the best there is an attempt to solve fred. this is an old picture of ten and your island before the channel was cut oh here. a way up there. as go all. right here are some of the headstones from graves it for you this is
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a fruit that's that's what we don't want happen to taint your all and we want to get some protection and make sure that we don't go into the chesapeake bay like uppers did in other communities. one of the new poll shows common to watch n.b.c. news all the face i decided to go. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i roll researcher.
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so congress is starting to filter back into d.c. after taking their august recess while some of them are probably spending time with their families or constituents many of them were out traveling the world i'll tell you about personal vacations i'm talking about all expenses paid trips from lobbyists yes according to watchdog group alleges storm there been over thirty six thousand privately financed trips for lawmakers over the last thirteen years that's what you call swain by swore a new guys now just to give you just an idea of how effective this tactic is jack off the king of all lobbying this of any use to spend millions of dollars making sure lawmakers travel to the luxury i am talking about baldwin bolen g.'s six private jets lavish golf trips to scotland you name it that's what lobbyist do spend millions of dollars to bribe politicians all to get an earmark attached to
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a bill that benefits their firm now interestingly enough congress previously passed the amish leadership and open government act which specifically states no gifts no private jets and no meals from lobbyists but we all know that something like a federal law could never keep lobbyists and politicians away from that for that in flute see this year alone they have already been over thirteen hundred trips on the lobbyist dime and all that globetrotting thus far has cost over three point nine million dollars and in fact apac arguably the biggest and most influential lobbying group on the hill funded two trips in august for sixty lawmakers travel to israel costing ten thousand dollars a person it's no surprise that congress is sold out. when you consider how there's twelve thousand seven hundred one thousand registered lobbyist operating in d.c. not to mention the unregistered special interest groups that's twenty three official lobbyist per member of congress and this by all those arbitrary laws the
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business is booming in fact it's more than doubled over the last ten years look everyone knows that money and politics is ruining the shell of the democracy in which we live that's common sense so today call your congressman and ask who financed their summer vacation because the only way we're going to break free of this rampant corruption is simply to play the game is to stop the cycle and break the mold. guys some of you might recognize the fact the government is facing billions of dollars in spending cuts over the next decade by way of the sequester but instead of a rational discussion over how to fix the economy a majority of congress are more focused on drafting plans for yet another war in the middle east all without
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a peep over how much it's going to cost now i realize that the majority of americans are confused by the logic behind yet another military and angle meant believe me so on my all here to help me break down why a country that can't pay for public schools still has money for bombs i'm joined now by the host of artes kaiser report max kaiser thanks so much for coming on max . pleasure to be here yes so with the sequester taking effect i thought this country was too broke for war how is it that we can suddenly afford to launch tomahawk cruise missiles over syria. well you know we have a lot of bonds that we need people to buy to finance the u.s. government and occasionally what happens is the u.s. government decides that they're going to coerce governments to buy their bonds or to bomb them to buy their debt and this is what we've seen now the federal reserve took on three trillion dollars of fresh step to bail out wall street the banks of america by some estimates between thirty and forty trillion dollars worth of debt
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that they have no way of paying back so in the last resort let's go out there and tell the foreign creditors that are thinking about pulling back from buying u.s. debt like china for example that has pulled back from buying u.s. debt that we're going to bomb them into buying our debt it's basically a mafia model it's like uncle luigi i don't want to cast aspersions toward any ethnic group believe me abby but let's say that somebody is an organized criminal and they want to collect rent from somebody that they are. you know leaning on this is what america is doing to get these bonds paid for it sounds totally logical max and of course i'm sure in those corporate profits keep funneling in the region for the next couple decades speaking of china we all know about obama's asia pivot where he's putting all this military pressure on the region again leverage but if the u.s. is so indebted to china already does not automatically give trying to the upper hand in future. well i think what we're seeing in the region really is saudi arabia
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is really calling the tunes in this kerfuffle going on now because they're very jealous that russia has almost a near monopoly on a pipeline from europe and saudi arabia wants a pipeline into europe too and has to go through syria to get the pipeline established so they get their good friend america and israel to gang together and go bomb syria i mean it's just all very strategic terms of what saudi arabia river saudi arabia threatened to blow up the sochi olympics in russia and less they were allowed to go forward in this program to bomb syria and be a part of this remember that it was saudi arabia prince bandar who in number ten downing street told tony blair that unless he called off the serious fraud office investigation into a b a slush fund and that was with saudi prince bandar and b. a he that he could not guarantee another seven seven bus bombing in london so he threatened a terrorist act to a sitting prime minister tony blair and tony blair just basically threw up his hands and said whatever whatever the good kind of terror is the max and do you hear
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did you read the report saying that the saudi intelligence perhaps old chemical weapons to the rebels i mean it's like we're living in a freaking twilight zone i want to get your opinion on some of these trends that are going on or if there are any i mean the n.s.a. leaks what type of impact do you think they've had on the global economy. well the n.s.a. leaks is about information gathering because i anticipate in the next six to twelve months that the big banks and the governments around the world were orchestrate a bail in or a wealth confiscation from banks you saw this in cyprus we saw it when m.f. global along with j.p. morgan took money out of people's accounts to bail out john corps i'm so now what i support using the n.s.a. data that they've got all the information they need to announce one day in america obama will say we're going to have to take twenty percent out of every american's bank account today to pay for these deficits these wars and another round of bank
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bailouts and we know we can do so because we've got all the data it was given to us from the n.s.a. and we have to go for it be patriotic and allow us to take twenty percent of your money that will call it a beilin but it's basically wealth confiscation and i think that's what the really the heart of all of this snooping that's going on and we're preparing the u.s. for a massive wealth confiscation taking money directly out of people's bank accounts oh my god that's terror. well i was going on what's going on in the in the justice department what's eric holder doing if the f.b.i. is going after j. is going after j.p. morgan's blights masters for rigging the energy markets but what have we seen abby with the justice department to go after these bankers with what i call a marshmallow gun they go after them with the marshmallow gun they say yeah ok cat take that jamie died yeah yeah we got so that'll get him back that's going to punish him and there you see a marshmallow go and does nothing. maggie you know another bizarre thing i can read
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to your part in this is a how to burn after reading guilty for destruction of evidence in the wake of the b.p. oil spill their stocks rose how is it that people are investing rushing to invest in a corporation that basically admitted to a felony here i'm just really confused well albert is of the genocide business remember if if you. goldman sachs were allowed back in the day they would have taken auschwitz public and then every time they incinerator a few more people their stock would go up now that was i.b.m. . oh no i mean they j.p. morgan a place was there during the during the the holocaust as i.b.m. as was coca-cola but albert is in the genocide whole across business so it's time they create some enormous death of a species or enormous health risk of course that's their job that's what they're there to do to wipe out all the the meanest like back in the the rolling over of the plains when the corporations got rid of the. indians at the time as we call
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them the native americans now they're doing it all over again we're going to cover this population to make room for the corp ocracy the kleptocracy the stocker city ruled by the least qualified yeah the corporate all of ours are loving and they're like well we know that you will still be just as valuable in ten years if not astronomically more than you are now is that that's not going to hinder our investment at all max for me you know only about a minute left but i just want to get your opinion on this i've always said that people should use their purchasing power to drive irresponsible corporations into irrelevancy how do you suggest that we can ensure some sort of accountability on the system woud be the purchasing power doesn't work anymore to try to boycott because you have to understand that america is like saudi arabia and one key way is saudi arabia they have all the oil and they don't need the people they have a few princes they do the oil everyone else has no rights really they don't care what they do at all it's just a huge poverty there in america that the federal reserve bank they can print all the money they want for the five thousand princes that run america they don't need people to have jobs they don't need their taxes they don't need the people because
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they've got a printing press so they get a little as people just die and where they're put them in the oven and help stock go higher because they get the contract to burn everybody in america thank you halliburton all the casualties of the market keep the money flowing at max kaiser always also to have you on i'm happier new york thank you. the kaiser report my pleasure abby. that's it for our show today you guys have a great night and we'll see you right back here to break the second mile.
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mission. could you take three. point three. three. three. three. moseley braun live video for your media project free medio don carty dot com. i know c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth of the might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on we're. going to have.
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at our teen years we have a different press. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. looking. at. you guys stick to the jokes will handle the stuff that i've got to. wealthy british soil it's time to. market why not. find out what's really happening to the global
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economy cars report on. al-qaeda linked rebels besiege an ancient christian village in syria with panicked president on able to flee and desperately calling on the army for help. from the syria crisis is being felt at the g. twenty with a war already described as the worst humanitarian disaster in modern history amid deep division at the summit over america's war plan without un for mission. and nationals in security agencies how britain and the u.s. have been waging an undercover war on internet encryption and digital scrambling as fresh leaks show they can't hack into even the most protected systems.


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