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tv   Cross Talk  RT  September 6, 2013 9:29am-10:01am EDT

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we haven't even mentioned your subject and i would like to stress that mr snowden. came to russia by accident but he could not even be able. to go to let in america and he would have done so but for your discover that fellow countrymen i don't know what to say. like to go with you before but. everybody to such an extent that he was marooned in russia there was nothing else look for him to do they landed. your plane. in the president on the beach without a fighter just by closing their airspace and they could have done the same thing to the. edward snowden they wouldn't close their airspace and then what would happen no they had to arrange by. what to do. and we
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were in a tradition agreement they expected us to extradite snowden you know latterly no he has not committed any crimes in our territory but i think this is. going to be in international law. neutral and we have repeatedly suggest that that we should sign an extradition agreement and we do you we have we wanted us to extradite russian. and it's not like they created some of. the. koran by revealing some information and know there are full blown criminals but they refused to sign such an agreement so we did not discuss the subject today. what about. their positions.
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closer initially but well we have our own position of course we have consultations with. different nations. or rather. unexpectedly there was the statement by the prime minister orleans here and said he was categorical each time against military intervention and then the leader of indonesia this is the biggest country in the world the president of brazil also you are very categorical position on this matter. of south african president he said one of the very important thing not just about syria but in general. countries in the world he said recently i feel vulnerable and unprotected. countries. any time they like and he's right up to this is what we see
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which is. kind of a situation how do you convince north korea to give up a theory nuclear program but. if you ask them to surrender their letter was the piece. that we would never agree to that. will ensure. non-proliferation we need to. impeccable implementation of international laws. mr but. i would like to go back to the matter of syria and i didn't get you from i didn't get. i would like to go back to syria please.
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the u.s. launches a strike against syria. and specially in the kind of i think egypt where the new government talks about fighting terrorism and what do you think about the situation in egypt in general. well it's hard for me to say anything pretty obvious we all know how it all started and what it resulted in you started it with the broadest against president. and the muslim brotherhood coming to power in now the muslim brotherhood has to go on to grow to once again so we go back to an emergency situation once again and we are very much concerned about the situation in egypt with. france egypt has been our friend. critically important for the whole world and especially for this region that egypt
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is a crucial country and we arab the middle of the libya is that the credo if we're going to. change or is not just for egypt but for the whole region if. this situation becomes a totally unpredictable and nobody knows what it can come to him you know just recently. you know the military. currently. to fight the terrorist threat which is particularly dangerous in sinai. you know. that. there is more terrorist in sinai and this is very dangerous not just for you but you even for a while because this if your opponents in israel.
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has an opportunity to secure to guarantee their security it's going to be what you come to if you will say we will guarantee our security so there will launch an operation there and we can win a lot of this if this ever happens. this entire week. so we hope. it all becomes will do our best. with that and we will kopper it with. here let's take a question from the back of the room. dear mr percival's i was thinking of. the editor of the newspaper called the society an environment. where i look at. the. present day developing this from the point of view really new for america i can
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tell you that the g twenty summit is a very significant event for the entire world including russia and it's been very well organized at least from the point of view of working with the press. from where we're standing as the press corps and what i would like to ask you a strategic issue because and this summit you're addressing. the economy finance money. but. little is said about the environment it's about social. in about perceptions. you have. the. year two thousand and fourteen to be the year the environment. and it appears to me that at this summit. i would bypass issues of environmental protection which. might look. that this summit is actually addressing issues are. really facing. the global capitalist system of. economic growth.
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will have to stop at some point because. earth is not. perpetually. we don't you think that we need to. dress issues of sustainable development and environmental protection not just the economy and search. your. house to stop at some point i think this is a mistake i think it's wrong because you just said. it's going to help and should stop at some point. but at this point i really hope this will never happen goes on forever. we have to realize and i agree with you on that. environment protection weary serious issue and we not we cannot vironment forward without negative consequences. i
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also don't agree with you on another point i don't think that the world leaders did not pay enough attention to this issue actually every issue we're starting with. and to. stimulation all of that was in one way or another related to environment protection of course maybe we. and marmont up to this morning in the sense that i'm in the protection. of the subject here at this summit but this is not one of the leaders it is our fault as hosts we should have emphasized this issue more and i accept your criticism and will try to do better in the future.
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we left mr peskov with record anything to do because he was to orchestrate the press conference ok we'll get you. i'm sorry just a second please. suggest that we just take two more questions and then we conclude because we have another meeting scheduled after that just briefly questions and i'll give you a brief answer is ok. mr putin i would also like to go back to the. troll this is. that. was discussed behind closed doors in the most part you said it's important that russia will not interfere. in the syrian conflict in any circumstances so here's my question what if military action if for military action should start against syria would russia is sisters in that country and also what can we do do you see possible to have a crisis like this you know one in the future. i don't even want to think about i
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hope nordic countries. victim of a regression whether it will help syria or not we will we help them by supplying weapons so we coppery economically and i hope we'll have a. humanitarian corporation will provide humanitarian aid and we will support civilians people who are in a difficult situation right now there and the final question please. where did you get this cold. you must have been arguing your throat it sounds bad now this is after my trip to the far east mostly because of the a c. system on the plane up to. the final question please. ok two questions ok questions you and you. piece
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in the civic twenty. the decision taken and considering consolidating budgets i would like to ask you whether that will affect russia's fiscal policy with regard to texas break said two companies for the development of offshore oil deposits in the north considering the these kind of investment being risky in also production they're expensive in cost. benefits as it is also there will be additional tax breaks adopted in the third reading about twenty would billion. you know projects or require a lot of investment. and nobody knows what will come out of your project because you need to do some exploration first and then at some. stages and it will follow
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you during the initial stage considering that this will be happening in the orange . groves it will dance technology far from the shore which in. serious depths. of the government has to provide some assistance at least at the end initial stage otherwise the project. then you will look at this problem from another area and we consider it from the viewpoint the environment protection i can assure you of that. you know any project without very harsh environmental study. will not. do on our territory especially in the arctic where in nature are you so vulnerable and the last question. first. rain or.
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mr putin i would like to ask you but international relations bids. relation to. the. case the indictment against bilinear. and the arrest of he's right hand. it is it is surprising that the russian government kept. about it. for so long time without any comment have you spoken to president looking about this issue or. talked to look at. you and the reason we keep silent on this issue is because we want to resolve this question not take it. of course it has to be resolved and very final question. with the brush that. you met with david canterbury. you met
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with david cameron very late ok and b.b.n. minutes worth of russia in london you met with the british prime minister very late last night how would you characterize your relationship with david cameron and are there any problems all obstacles all it's yeah well as you say. well our understanding of the situation in syria is different but this is known to all. but we all sort of the word. russia u.k. relationship is. our trade relations improving our national reading some cream you see. our relationship with the u.k. . in a sense special politically because both the u.k.
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and russia are as a permanent member so the u.n. security council. and we regularly coppery. crucial international platform and we work a lot together to improve. our relation the same way we are grateful to you our british partners for helping us improve our relationship with the. thank you. but. i don't see any serious issues. our relations with the u.k. and we are grateful to our partners for their interest in developing russia yukito us thank you them with the what what is the sign ok go ahead. i hope you are from maine show. the new to me. mr putin may. see why. i would like to meet company.
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having success. it's in their hosted summit i have two questions number one i know that yesterday you met with the chinese leader and you're saying that a number of documents and on the future cooperation both the nation split governments have pronounced themselves willing to expend cooperation i would like to ask you about the formats for this promotion of cooperation between our two countries and secondly we know that. there have been a lot of a vince in russia such is the view for summits you know. shanghai security cooperation. football championship the asia pacific called christian organization. games. question is. your questions you mentioned some advance but what is your question.
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what are russia's initial intentions in sponsoring said share in hosting such events in russia. so your first question was some about russia china relations you're right china. but. for us. and i don't mean. china russia is number one hundred. thirty three are treated to turn old. dollars more than a human being. but if this is not only reason why don't we would russia russian china's really. stepping up.
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we are thinking. you know it's called going to. manufacturing. and building the airliner here there are. parade you know every culture nuclear energy and. chinese. trust. you know that currently. we are working with. and we work with. third and fourth in the navy in the war really have to reduce so this area of cooperation and . operation this is very important and of course. you know that gazprom has a lot of land to supply china liquefied. just
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recently when you invited. chinese you are curious they will work together with our company. which you guys in the philippines are very promising us feel that. our cooperation is being in a. very serious and. very divergent and of course. that we coordinate with. russia and china is going to stand out on the international arena as it surely you know international affairs and as regards your second question about. the purpose of such important events economic events. political dance and so on and so forth if you want to put. our primary attention to certain regions in russia
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people. and i see that area for structure for example speaking about asia recently visited in the us version if you get a russian for. that which we build. the boss stuck. in there were unable to. be. here and we also built a lot of. airports and. the same goes for the. russians in northern countries mostly. like russia. worldclass you sort. of this is what will happen after the olympics not in the. event some other international events. give us. an opportunity to participate in
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all this forums. our position. and events. different but should international issues think a very much bye bye. thank you. all right well here we are at the g. twenty summit in st petersburg i do apologize we're getting a couple of technical issues here i'm sure that was the russian president there wrapping up his address at the g. twenty summit here certainly making a big speech but also perhaps more interesting than what the q. and a the q. and a session that between now the russian president and members all the press that were there as well of course one of the main issues is quite predictable i should
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say that of syria the russian president ultimately so. saying that when it comes to the issue of syria they had a high level late night delegation meetings until one in the morning after that they continued until three in the morning then talking to the u.k. prime minister mr cameron ultimately though of the russian president saying that america saudi arabia and the u.k. they support a strike against syria although of course the u.k. can't do anything about it because cameron lost a parliamentary vote in recent days so the u.k. his hands are tied and bound at this point with any type of strike against syria then the russian president went on to create name a huge list of one country after another after another who opposed any type of strike in syria also a president putin saying the majority of people in the middle east a firmly opposed to some type of external military intervention also reiterating the pope pope francis saying some type of strike will only cause more bloodshed in syria the russian president also touching down the whole central topic of the
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allegations of the usage of chemical weapons allegedly by the assad government and the russian president saying no it wasn't the assad government it was the rebels and it was a setup and a provocation here's what the russian president had to say. use of chemical weapons in syria was a frame up staged by the insurgents who hope to provoke a foreign military operation the second day i would like to remind you that. using military force against a separate nation is only allowed if it is self-defense which it is not for the united states secondly in case. of the u.n. security council as one of the participants or discussions said yesterday those who act differently would at different. themselves. and one of the journalists in the audience there for the g. twenty in this q. and a session with the russian president one of the journalists asking why is it
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that you are just so frosty with the american president. do you guys just not get along at all which point the russian president vladimir putin smiled and said look we had a nice meeting today me and barack obama was a constructive and warm conversation he said that we kept our positions we continue to disagree with each other on several issues particularly syria but that doesn't mean that we were not polite and cordial briefly before i wrap up here from the g twenty one of the one of the reporters asking about edward snowden why did russia protect the former n.s.a. whistleblower president putin simply saying if the u.s. and russia shared an extradition treaty edward snowden would have been back in america in no time at all but we continue our live coverage from the twenty third twenty summit here in the venice of the north of course in petersburg. i will be back with more very soon.
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are you watching our take on the line from the russian capital and do stay with us as we continue to follow what's happening at the g. twenty summit with our team there in pittsburgh and it will bring you other stories as well that we are following for you here today continues at the top of the hour to stay with us. choose your language. actually we can with the infidels still some of the. tunes that the consensus. chooses to get to. choose the stories that if you. choose. to. they were ready to do anything for their country to me is to love the country more
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than yourself if you join the military for any other reason that you're probably not to have a good day they were tools in the hands of the state now they live remembering the past which is impossible to get rid of. the war. but however good people do get hurt. and i've heard good people empty silent. a lot. but would prefer not to be sometimes i feel like. i should have died over there. because. i saw some people who. is cheaper than tariff. on our. right to see. first street. and i think picture.
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a. lot of input in that accuse a syrian rebels of launching a chemical attack to provoke a foreign intervention the russian president spoke on the issue of the g. twenty summit which he also briefly met with the us leader but failed to find common ground on the syrian issue. meanwhile international alarm has raised over a surge of extremism within the opposition forces in syria after o'connell linked rebels besiege an ancient christian village the latest in a wave of attacks on religious minorities. and a fresh insight into britain and america is confidential folder shows nothing can stop government agencies from getting their hands on your personal data even the most heavily encrypted information is now vulnerable.


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