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tv   Headline News  RT  September 6, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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a provocation by syrian rebels to trigger a foreign intervention that's what russia's president putin has called last month's chemical attack the issue that's overshadowed the g. twenty summit amid u.s. calls for airstrikes. meanwhile global alarm is raised over a surge of extremism within the opposition forces in syria after al qaida linked rebels besiege and ancient christian village the latest in a wave of attacks on religious minorities. and the fresh insight into britain and america is confidential folder shows nothing can stop government agencies from getting their hands on your personal data even the most heavily encrypted information is now vulnerable.
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seven pm in moscow you're watching our joshua welcome to the program now u.s. president barack obama is struggling to gather international support for strikes against syria the issue has divided world leaders at the g. twenty summit which is just drawing to a close in st petersburg where we're bringing you full coverage from russia's northern capital here on our teeth. why are these worries are chaison our g. twenty cities in st petersburg for us with all the very latest updates on what's been happening at the summit were a good evening to you so do tell us what's been happening it's been a very busy day today. absolutely to with the g twenty has
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been absolutely packed with action and let's get down to it here for the report on our live coverage here the g. twenty we've heard from both the american president barack obama his russian counterpart vladimir putin both have taken the main stage at the g twenty giving fairly large speeches but perhaps a more interesting lee out of the q. and a the question and answer session with members of the press shortly after that as well when it comes to the issue of syria yes it did take center stage currently at the g. twenty summit a lot of world leaders they want to talk about economics and this that and the other but when it comes down to it syria has been overshadowing the main issues here one of the record cautions that would occur according to the russian president vladimir putin if a strike would happen against syria he says the one thing would be you know of course it would cause further regional instability but it will cause a spike in global oil prices meaning that the world economy will start to stop and falter because of an outside intervention in syria of lot of putin the russian president also saying it's the saudis the qataris and the u.k.
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who are very much wanting an outside intervention a strike against syria hopefully by them led by that of washington d.c. and when it comes to the whole the allegations of the chemical weapons attacks of course washington's be saying it's the assad government who did the chemical weapons from day one however that's in stark contrast to that of the russian president vladimir putin says it was the rebels who did it the chemical attack as an act of provocation here's what a lot of putin had to say justice which is the way but i mean you mentioned before that i view everything that happened with the so-called use of chemical weapons in syria as the publication by the rebels who count on help from abroad from those countries that originally supported them and that's the reason for this provocation i also want to remind you that the use of force against a sovereign state is acceptable only if it's done for self-defense and we know that syria hasn't attacked the u.s. and only if the u.n. security council approves. such action as one of the participants of our discussions on the issue put it yesterday those who do otherwise put themselves
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above the law. you know that you also are one of the other questions of law to me pretty and how to answer at this press conference here at the g. twenty summit was a if indeed an external intervention a strike does play take place on syria and what kind of regional and global implications and repetitions could come from it and here's what i mean to say on that. small countries in the modern world feel increasingly vulnerable and unprotected it seems the bigger and more powerful states can attack them at any time to ensure nonproliferation of weapons of mass destruction and we need to guarantee an impeccable implementation of international law. now of course off of the russian president the next in line was the american president barack obama he took the stage as well although he didn't speak for nearly as long as the russian president and frankly his his speeches seem to be fairly segmented a lot of gaping pauses and what he had to say mr obama saying that he did have
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a thirty minute talk with a lot of the putin that it was sincere and it was constructive barack obama also saying that when it comes to syria the world has a duty and an obligation to react to these so-called chemical weapons attacks that we did say that barack obama saying that i became president to scott was not to start them and also this just in here the g. twenty of the french president francois hollande he's now saying that france does have enough evidence to prove that the assad regime did use chemical weapons but bonds it that this why france will a major saber rattling he's been saying that only the united u.n. security council has the right to take up measures in such cases he also saying france will align that that he will decide what france's role in syria will be after the u.s. congress mates its vote now that if the u.n. mediator to syria is locked out he me he had lunch with russia's foreign minister today sort of laugh it off locked up or he coming out to say regarding syria no country can strike another sovereign nation without clearance from the united
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nations here's what he had to say. we've been asked from time to time what about the use of force by members of the international community and that we don't i think a set is an agenda a lot myself we don't express course of opinion. we say what international law say's and international law says that no country is allowed to take the law into their hands they have to go through the security council. now just a bit earlier in the program here a nazi i spoke to a mary of france and he says that plans to strike in syria and not actually about anything to do with the use of chemical weapons rather that's all about changing the balance of power in the favor of the rebels. what we see clearly is that president obama speaking about wealth opinion etc the g twenty summit showed that this is not the truth he has
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a minority position one of them and i don't only speak about western countries about worldwide it's clear to doubt his position on these willingness to attack syria on this issue there's a minority position and that's also why trying to find an alliance which is going on around united nations security council claim to so other reasons why the u.s. is going off to war it's something that we have to look back to for more than two years that many people say to us now we have to do something because of these chemical weapons use but don't forget that the united states with its allies is involved already for two years and so destabilizing syria on the t.v. going after his g.'s change has been the agenda from the beginning and i think now we push could be giving in favor of the rebels fighting fighting on the ground in attacking syria at this moment but. girl you can never underestimate the united states so it's hard to guess what that he has on that agenda. now there's still
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a lot more to come here from the g. twenty summit in simpy to. see many more reports and analysis and expos to discuss the basically the final day now of the g. twenty summit. pilbeam the host of venture capital a report from hard to come in a very short while hope you can stay with us. and in the meantime in syria government forces are battling al qaeda linked rebels who attacked a christian village earlier this week is home to some of the world's oldest christians and cerys and is one of the few places where western make the language of christ is still spoken rebels have now been forced out but fierce clashes are continuing in the area our correspondent in damascus morgan financial reports. i tried to go to my little village shortly after we heard that the clashes erupted
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there and it's just one hour drive from damascus north of the capital but we were stopped by the army and warned that it could be a one way ticket because first of all the road from damascus to milo is not safe but even if we're lucky enough to get. to the village the clashes still continue there and the rar still snipers who are active on the ground so the situation is very dangerous so it's better not to go there as we were told we're hearing that the fighting is between the army and the militants mostly from. al qaeda affiliated groups fighting here in syria. against the regime of bashar assad but mostly for the radical islamic state and we can see that the tactics were also. very similar to those that terrorists all around the world use we know that. early on wednesday. suicide bomber
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struck a checkpoint at the entrance of my little village and after a car exploded at the checkpoint the militants of the stormed in and we have online media and i hope you can see it right now showing the rebels. the. residents have been telling media that the same day the militants managed to take over a mountain top saffir hotel and they've been firing from that city to poor into what we know is that model of village is a very special place not only speaking. in terms of syrian reality but internationally speaking it is home to and also talks trying for century catholic church and dozens of more scs where residents local residents in the shops and. during their daily life they speak aramaic the language that jesus
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christ believed to speak so course the whole christian community not only here in syria but all over the world was shaken and our team managed to speak to one another on from let's talk here about the situation and about the fears of the christian minority here in syria. and here how can the international community ignore the brutal killing spree in the early on august the fifth and the target that affected five hundred people including children women and all the people in the villages travel as they massacred all the residents and burned down the houses twelve alawite villages were subjected to this horrendous attack it was a true slaughter house people who were mutilated and beheaded there is even a video that shows a girl being dismembered alive with a so. well it's worth to mention that malula has very troubled neighbors another village of broods center of smuggling here in syria just twenty
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minutes drive from my little homes the city known as the percent of the question is one hundred kilometers away from lula this village was the only one not taken not. touched by the rebels. now more news after the break here in our team clipping the latest on the election campaign for moscow mayor just a that's. the main competitor girl on the market is mother nature. may customers struggle with to. fight for each drop from an old turkey supplier. let people think your prices purer water. on our
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teeth. they use it up there and wash their hands. and flush their toilets with the same water. messines is selling and spraying water. speak for language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world talks about six of the c.o.r.p. interviews intriguing story to tell you. troy arabic to find out more visit our big teeth dog called. welcome back here with our team hopefuls in the race to be moscow mayor are holding final rallies ahead of the sunday's vote thousands have gathered in the capital to
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support their candidates despite the weather but only two rival campaigners are expected to put up any real kind of battle this weekend also across life two groups going off his following events for us nor thank you very much for joining us here on ars here to discuss this so tell us how is campaigning for moscow mayor is. it's going so far well in steel last day of campaigning ahead of sunday's elections saturday is going to be the so-called day of silence so friday is the last opportunity for all five candidates to make some more supporters and the largest event on friday has been organized by acting banyan scamping team inside. the stadium that was organize for thirty thousand people a musical concert and they said officially that it's open for everyone willing but courting to reports in the media those who did want to attend that event did need special invitations which they needed to be exchanged for tickets and now the
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second largest rally was organized by the candidate from the opposition and i don't see why any that was authorized for twenty five thousand people and taking place on . the avenue which has already been traditionally a popular place for opposition rallies and indeed despite the cauldron rainy weather thousands of these supporters gathered at that event while other candidates from the communist affair russia and the. d.l. the. party the liberal democrats also held similar events organized several similar events but it's fair to say that being in the next you know any of them managed to gather more supporters than the others or indeed we see a lot of people there in the footage that a lot of moscow to came out to support their candidate but what are the odds of moscow getting
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a mayor from the opposition. well according to several studies conducted by several opinion polls including levada center and so on actually they were published last week and actually it's widely expected that it is very likely to win the upcoming vote in the first round with over fifty percent of forwards and it's also widely expected that alex in a minute will take. will come in second place. with a large gap between them. the opinion polls suggest that he may accumulate around eighteen percent of the opposition does especially alex in the windy who is always been a fierce critic of the kremlin ends of moscow city authorities as well they are saying that they are fearing that there will be serious violations and that the authorities will be able to try to use different tricks to turn the game sort of in
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their favor but what many analysts agree on is that since this is the first election of the moscow mirror end the governor of moscow region in a long time. had been trying to make it as an example for the rest of the country to to make it as transparent as possible and there are several measures have been taken in that direction including the video cameras which have been installed at over thirty six hundred polling stations across the city they'll be feeding live footage in the web eleven thousand observers will be also monitoring the course of the vote so of course we'll have to see how it's going to be held and. of course we'll have to wait for the results as well but many experts do agree also that it is in favor of the authorities to make this transfer election as to conduct the election as transparently yes possible in order to boost their own image among the
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population. so the eighth of september is the day you are thank you so much for bringing us this report and for following the developments in moscow for us here it is going on there. to other stories now here in r.t. well still think you are safe and sound when online doand and new batch of eye opening documents on the joint us british surveillance program has been unveiled the show countries snooping agencies are able to lock pick any digital data you possess using their multibillion dollar budgets he managed to create an army of eavesdropping super computers while lobbying their way to weaken some of the major brands software laura smith has the details. it seems that they're capable of doing practically anything essentially all of the stuff that you do online the emails that you send the banking data that you insert when you transfer money shot paying all those passwords that you've created to protect yourself online even your
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medical records it turns out that the guarantees that you've been given by the internet companies that all that stuff is protected are rendered practically worthless by this they've got these super computers which basically use brute force to break codes and then here's the kicker it turns out that they're collaborating with the internet service providers themselves secretly also inserting back doors into commercial in christian software so again in on the ground floor and it turns out has made significant inroads into breaking into hotmail google yahoo and also facebook where they don't work or don't stretch to of course there are always these these direct taps that they've got on what's called the backbone of the internet these cables that run under the sea transatlantic that carry all the internet traffic and then of course intercepting satellite communications so essentially the message is from these leaks that if the n.s.a. wants to get into your computer it can but there are some things that security
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experts say can make it more difficult for them to do that and ultimately that's what you're aiming to do really so first of all you can use this redirecting software that enables online anonymity but you can also encrypt your communications again not failsafe not foolproof but it will protect you slightly better another thing the security expert in the guardian is suggesting today is to have a computer that has never been connected to the internet also as we've learned don't trust commercial encryption software because that's likely had a backdoor inserted into his already by the n.s.a. or g.c. h.q. this is here's the expert in the guardian sums it up by saying look you know the n.s.a. . amazingly efficient at doing this it seems but ultimately they're not magicians they can't do everything and they're constrained by the same financial and economic constraints that all the rest of us are so basically all you can do is make it as difficult for them as possible and just cross your fingers. chris karats who
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established an encrypted secure server says there's no limits what unscrupulous people could do with the data but it's not only industrial espionage think about the value of you know how many people have access to this huge treasure trove of data there are one point four million people in the u.s. who have top secret clearances are all those people enjoy i don't think so so there you have the issue of who has access to this data and mr snowden was able to get quite a bit of it so you know he's obviously he's not alone there are at least two probably tens of thousands of other people who do it what's valuable for for political blackmail it's hugely valuable if you had all these private conversations from a political opponent think that you could do it when every election this is basically something that's completely worldwide and you know you should assume that it's anywhere if you're anywhere in the world and you're using something electronic that someone is looking and over and. workers at the world's largest retailer
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are lashing out u.s. supermarket giant wal-mart is the planet's biggest private employer with staff saying they need a decent minimum wage somewhere rest and have rallies god their story online. russia will host a wonderful olympics the words of the i.o.c. president has given the such a preparation wholehearted seal of approval on our website outside bennett over the winter games is heating up. now back to our top story the g. twenty summit in st petersburg. and we continue our live coverage here at r.t. from the g twenty in some petersburg it's day two today having kept a very close watch on all of today's action was artie's katie pilbeam the host of
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venture capital our business program just a bit earlier she filed this report. we have had the b. twenty meeting and that includes the biggest business people the business elite if you like the heavyweights i'm talking about heads of the biggest global banks companies c.e.o.'s of the big blue chips and they come together and they said they want some monsters how are we going to get this job creation how are we going to deal with the unemployment two hundred million people still unemployed just over seventy of those are use and there's been talk about the last generation and really no wall short term fixes it's all about long term solutions to the problems that we have the moment we know that tax evasion has featured heavily and it's a topic that everyone pretty much agrees on and uproot insert that it's just the beginning and that small to be done but so far there is cooperation between the twenty eight leaders which makes up ninety percent of the global g.d.p.
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so in terms of tax evasion then we know that there's going to be more monitoring of the multi companies i'm talking about twenty eight of the so-called too big to fail banks and they're going to be monitored for their shadow banking and there's in cars move from countries that do offer low tax rates to now increases the massive tax evasion issue as i say it's just the beginning but there have been some agreements to say the least you mentioned the development bank i wanted to say that this is been a big breakthrough before coming here we didn't know how much money each country was going to be contributing to this and that had caused some disagreements but. each of the bric countries i'm talking about brazil russia india china south africa are different sizes so china is the biggest economy will contribute forty one billion dollars we're going to have russia india brazil with eighteen billion dollars to the font of soft africa with five we still don't know where it's going to be located or who is going to be in charge of the bank on the logistics astutely
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decided on but we know that it is going to happen in the us because this hope i spend a sense of urgency this time around we know that the emerging economies also suffering and us in the light of the volatility are not just their economies but also their current says as well up so as i say we've got tax evasion before the emerging economies as well and as we do at the moment trying to get away from ought official growth is about long term durable growth so that we can really do with the unemployment rates which are really quite saucing particularly in the eurozone so the happen some revelations and business is being done on the head i can tell you from the business globally hey they are quite pleased that us steps are being made as a size a two day summit so we're busy people right here in europe. and that was a building that the host of our business program venture capital on day two of the g. twenty here in st petersburg also used life coverage continues about the next hour
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who can stay with us. now back to the city of moscow and let's take a look at some other stories from around the world pitched battles have broken out in the chilean capital after tens of thousands of students marched to demand universal education access at least three protesters were wounded and more than fifty arrested as police used water cannon to disperse the crowds in santiago students have been holding large rallies for two years calling for chile's expensive education system to be made free. clashes have erupted in the egyptian city of alexandria between police and muslim brotherhood activists thousands of supporters have been rallying across the country demanding the reinstatement of the ousted president mohamed morsi earlier a report of the state run newspaper claimed the interim government planned to
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dissolve the movement but the army backed leadership denies this the pro-war see brotherhood has been the target of a crackdown says the july cool. a us drone strike near a town in pakistan's border with afghanistan has killed at least seven suspected militants pakistan intelligence officials say missiles hit a sprawling compound used as a hideout by terrorists america's drone program has resulted in hundreds of civilian deaths in recent years raising considerable tension with islamic bot. well next in our tea the russian mothers who discover your sons have become terrorists and what they do about in.
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iraq afghanistan the balkans somalia haiti libya yemen and so on and so on the list of engagements and airstrikes by post cold war nato just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious turn a lot of people have written me asking me to predict what is going to happen next which for me is impossible i am not good at predicting the future but i can say is that we are living in a very tense moment in history many argue that the u.s. economy with its unfathomable debt is really propped up by war in the petro dollars so if the us backs down here won't could be the beginning of the end for the world's only hyper power but if they do attack syria there will probably be some sort of reaction from iran russia and china if you haven't noticed nato has been trying to encircled these nations and had russian internet conspiracy land a lot of people are saying that russia is next you see if there is no resistance in syria then one by one all resistance to the un ending hunger of nato will be smashed out one by one the reason syria is so important and so scary is that you
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have one massive military force that could be very motivated to attack for its own self interest while you have a group of massive military forces how they voted to counterattack for their own self interests this is a very tense standoff that could lead to a major moment in history military history but that's just my opinion. oh no thank you i beg you please.


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