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tv   Headline News  RT  September 6, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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a provocation by syrian rebel said trigger a foreign intervention that's what pollutants called last month's chemical attack outside damascus an issue that so the shadow of the g twenty summit in russia. the wall global alarms raised over a surge of extremism within the opposition forces in syria after al-qaeda linked rebels besiege an ancient christian village the latest in a wave of attacks on religious minorities. and a fresh insight into britain that america's confidential folder shows nothing can stop government agencies from getting their hands on your personal data even the most heavily encrypted information is now vulnerable.
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and is very good evening for me kevin i mean it's eight pm here in moscow it's eight pm in st petersburg to where u.s. president barack obama struggling to gather international support for strikes against syria the issue divided world leaders and date of the g. twenty summit which has just drawn to a close in some petersburg we'll bring you full coverage from russia's northern capital. again signed some papers by with the latest updates on what's been happening at this two day summit rory over to you again sir. kevin thanks very much indeed for that because to you and everybody there at auntie moscow it has been a day two of the g. twenty here is in petersburg as you mentioned kevin winding down now wrapping up here with a still though the leaders of the g. twenty members or the still here in the capital they haven't left quite yet now it
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has been an action packed day here in the venice of the north we saw the big two boys hit the stage today of the russian president vladimir putin is american counterpart barack obama yes syria did take center stage in the discussions so when the president did a q. and a with the press often they did their main speeches from the central stage let's get the details now of course over the aunties and he said now a she's actually in the venue for the g. twenty a very short distance from where i am right now nice or it's rory here i hope you can hear me ok an action packed day for day two of the g. twenty can you can you bring us some of the highlights. it was indeed a very busy day again syria topped and dominated this g. twenty summit leaders parting st petersburg really agreeing to disagree some very different views on how to move forward with syria of course recent developments and just ahead of this summit the developing a developing story of the u.s.
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most likely taking military action in syria of course president obama heading back to the e.u. asked to try to get votes in congress but here in st petersburg he was looking for overwhelming support from his g. twenty counterparts and colleagues he certainly didn't find it i just came from his press briefing he seemed a bit tired and defeated to be honest he did talk about how many of his colleagues do you agree that also was in fact behind the chemical weapons attack when he was asked questions about any kind of irrefutable evidence he sort of. went around speeds beat around the bush a little bit in terms of answering that and came back always to say man. of i said was in fact behind these chemical weapons attack and ten countries or so did issue a joint statement condemning that attack basically coming out blatantly saying that they agree that offset was behind the attack and almost hinting in fact that they
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support barack obama going ahead with out without the ok from the u.n. security council something russia and many of its partners including china and other countries are very much against this now hosts and president putin also of course addressed. the media and he pointed out that he thinks completely be opposite about who was behind this chemical weapons attack. but i mean you mentioned before that i view everything that happened with the so-called use of chemical weapons in syria was the publication by the rebels who count on help from abroad from those countries that originally supported them and that's the reason for this provocation i also want to remind you that the use of force against a sovereign state is acceptable only if it's done for self-defense and we know that syria hasn't attacked the u.s. and only if the u.n. security council approves such action as one of the participants of our discussions on the issue put it yesterday those who do otherwise put themselves above the law.
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to president putin just doesn't buy that the u.s. and its partners have some kind of evidence that we haven't seen that really proves that also it was behind this attack furthermore he doesn't believe that syria is in any way threat to the united states' national security and adding to this this trend that we're seeing of nations talking about bypassing the went to purity council keeping pointed out actually referring to a statement made by a south african counterpart who also was against military action that what happened to the smaller countries how did they do that defend themselves when you. know least the damage. thirty small countries in the modern world are feeling increasingly vulnerable and unprotected they're beginning to get the impression that bigger and more powerful states can attack them at any time in such circumstances i can hardly imagine persuading north korea to give up its nuclear program to ensure non proliferation of weapons of mass destruction we need to
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guarantee the impeccable implementation of international law. now we also over the past few days here in st petersburg have heard some pretty outspoken comments coming from the e.u. is in my view of the rosso who called in fact see this syrian civil war the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history things that you military intervention is not a solution agreeing with him is herman van rompuy of course u.n. secretary general ban ki moon adamantly against any kind of action without backing from the u.n. security council but as these leaders leave st petersburg like i said obama is heading home and it's almost for sure now looking like he is going to bypass the u.n. security council he now waits for some kind of approval from congress and again when pressed on the question of whether or not he would go ahead without congressional approval he went after the past.
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i will and he certainly raises some very good points there indeed regarding the whole issue of the u.n. and that of the u.n. chief ban ki moon he's saying absolutely no country can sideline a bypass the united nations with a strike on syria and locked up and he me the u.n. appointed media deficit for syria also saying exactly the same thing as well aussies and he said mommy there at the convention center here is some petersburg for the g. twenty thank you very much for that indeed we continue our live coverage here from the venice of the north let's delve deeper into the results of the g. twenty so far and we're now joined by low to the news to a former member of the u.n. mission in kosovo from two thousand and five to two thousand and eight also the former deputy speaker of the belgian apollo and mr felos it's really sushi here in some petersburg i hope you can hear me ok let's discuss the g. twenty now the main issue of course that of syria why have we been getting to such different reports from the two biggest players america saying absolutely no
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question assad was behind the chemical attack president putin in iraq. saying absolutely no question the rebels were behind the chemical attack what's your take on that. while what we do now when we produce two positions in front of each other we simplify the mother very much actually it would be brother to say you do you as united states stands alone against public opinion in the rest of the world barring france and saudi arabia and even there in those countries us saudi arabian france we're talking about the government not really the population i mean opinion polls in the u.s. and france show there's a majority against but apart from that there's a legal aspect i mean i could just repeat what i just heard in your report the u.n. charter is very clear that no country can attack another country unless there is an imminent danger to the attacked country this is not the case it's pure and simple
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u.s. cannot attack unilaterally another country. but mr know now we hear from francois hollande the french president saying that frons that france will now wait to hear what the u.s. congress decides before paris makes a decision and what its role will be in syria as you mentioned the u.n. says no action must happen. or he me the u.n. mediated for syria he says no action must happen can america really go it alone when it comes to a strike on syria. well actually this is more a question about power politics can america go along of course they did before and they can they have the means to do it the question is do they have a legal grounds. also the whole issue of proof even when a country has undeniable proof it has to go to the u.n. security council with that proof it does not give them a reason to attack even if the u.s. congress votes that does not give them the legitimacy to attack another country
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that you are the u.s. congress is a policy of the. country and that's. a mistake you know if i can just jump in here briefly i'm running very low on time but quickly to ask you quickly to ask you a fishelson saudi arabia and qatar have offered to bank roll any u.s. strike an intervention in syria why would that be the case how do you read that. well it's a pure and simple the real reasons why the u.s. and saudi arabia and qatar want to attack is because of the power balance in syria has changed today at that time to president assad was gaining ground again had nuru reason to provoke such a thing and there will be that there will be negotiations shortly and of course the assad regime will have a much stronger position and basically whether this is about is to change the power
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balance within syria for for a lot of reasons among the all the saudi arabia who will strengthen their influence in the reason against qatar by the way and the us who want to also buy this way weaken iran there's also the issue of israel has lots of reasons but then none of them have to do with this chemical attack and it happened a few weeks ago. the news to you today our deputy speaker of the belgian parliament joining us live for a continued g twenty coverage and some petersburg thank you very much indeed for joining us on the program today thank you it was a pleasure now our coverage does continue here from russia's northern capital the g. twenty here some petersburg i'm rori sushi and katie pilbeam the host of venture capital oxys the most recent business program she has a report coming our way very shortly here on the program. sir.
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yeah back later to the north predictably that an awful lot of focus on syria at the g twenty the latest from their government forces are battling al qaeda linked rebels who attacked a christian village earlier this week malo is home to some of the world's oldest christian sanctuaries it's in fact one of the few places where western out of may the language of christ is still spoken rebels have now been forced out but fierce clashes are continuing in the area our correspondent in damascus financial reports . i tried to go to my little village shortly after we heard that the clashes erupted there and it's just one hour drive from damascus north of the capital but we were stopped by the army and warned that it could be a one way ticket because first of all the road from damascus to milo is not safe but even if we're lucky enough to get. to the village the clashes still continue there and the raw are still some snipers who are active on the ground so the
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situation is very dangerous so it's better not to go there as we were told we're hearing that the fighting is between the army and the militants mostly from. al qaeda affiliated groups fighting here in syria. against the regime of bashar assad but mostly for the radical islamic state and we can see that the tactics were also. very similar to those that terrorists all around the world use we know that. early on wednesday. suicide bomber struck a checkpoint at the entrance of my little village and after a car exploded at the checkpoint the middletons of the storm and we have online media and i hope you can see it right now showing the rebels. to see to your residence has been telling media that the same day the militants managed to
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take over a mountain top saffir hotel and they've been firing from that strategic point of what we know is that somalia will be a very special place not only speaking. in terms of syrian reality but internationally speaking it is home to and also the strine for century catholic church and dozens of more scs where residents local residents in the shops and. during their daily life they speak aramaic the language that jesus christ believed to speak so course the whole christian community not only here in syria but all over the world was shaken and our t. managed to speak to one and none from latar care about the situation and about the fears of the christian minority here in syria a family that you and your thought how can the international community ignore the brutal killing spree in latakia earlier on august fifth and the tank that affected
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five hundred people including children and women and all the people in the villages travel that they massacred all the residents and burned down their houses twelve alawite villages were subjected to this horrendous attack it was a true slaughter house people who were mutilated and beheaded there is even a video that shows a girl being dismembered alive with assume. well it's worth to mention that malula has very troubled neighbors another village of broad center of smuggling here in syria just twenty minutes drive from my little homes the city known as the percent of the question is one hundred kilometers away from this village was the only one not taken not. touched by the rebels. roof an ocean or across from on the ground there in syria one who says may kevin know enough to break including the latest reelection campaign from moscow.
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the. with the economic downturn the find that they. sang night and the rest because i meet and greet me.
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again how falls in the race to be moscow mayor a holding final rallies ahead of this sunday's vote thousands of gathered in the capital to support their candidates to spot the weather but only two rival campaigners are expected to put up any real kind of a battle this weekend as an across the move to r.t.c. caphis can offer the following events for us to say whether the bucket in denver two days isn't it how is the campaign going that was being said well the election is on sunday is saturday is the day of silence so friday is the last opportunity for the five candidates to campaign in the largest events was organized by acting mayor. inside the stadium of music concert organized for thirty thousand
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people and while the word is that everyone who wanted to attend i did need to get special tickets in advance and the second largest event was organized by the candidate from the opposition arctic sea in the wyly outside and open vailable for everyone willing and that was organized for twenty five thousand people and indeed despite the rainy and cold weather and weather many of now and the supporters gathered their god. and there the other three candidates also organize similar rallies around these but it's fair to say that. before marriage together of more supporters than the others so how do we think this is going to pad out well according to several opinion polls it's widely expected that. it is going to win the upcoming vote in the first round with over fifty percent of all. is expected to come in second place but despite the forecast the opposition claims that the
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authorities are still going to try to use different tricks in order to prevent the second round from happening but it is the first election of moscow's mir in a long time in many analysts do you agree that the authorities are going to try to turn it into an example for the rest of the country that's why video cameras have been installed over thirty six hundred polling stations across the city they'll be feeding a live video footage into the web but eleven thousand observers are going to be also very present at the polling stations monitoring the course of the vote so experts do agree that it's in favor of the of the order used to to conduct this election as transparently as possible to bolster their image and trust among the population your peers can all thanks for that. i still think is safe and sound when online world though it seems a new batch of documents on a joint us pretty surveillance program have been unveiled they show countries
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snooping agencies are able to lock pick any digital data you possess using their multibillion dollar budgets they managed to create an army of eavesdropping super computers were lobbying their way to weaken some of the major brands software at the same time nora smith's got the story. it seems that they're capable of doing practically anything essentially all of the stuff that you do online the emails that you send the banking data that you insert when you transfer money shot paying all those passwords that you've created to protect yourself online even your medical records it turns out that the guarantees that you've been given by the internet companies that all that stuff is protected are rendered practically worthless by this they've got these super computers which basically use brute force to break codes and then here's the kicker it turns out that they're collaborating with the internet service providers themselves secretly also inserting back doors into commercial in christian software so again in on the ground floor and it
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turns out has made significant inroads into breaking into hotmail google yahoo and also facebook where they don't work or don't stretch to of course there are always these these direct taps that they've got on what's called the backbone of the internet these cables that run under the sea transatlantic that carry all the internet traffic and then of course intercepting satellite communications so essentially the message is from these leaks that if the n.s.a. wants to get into your computer it can but there are some things that security experts say can make it more difficult for them to do that and ultimately that's what you're aiming to do really so first of all you can use this redirecting software enables online anonymity and you can also encrypt your communications again not failsafe not foolproof but it will protect you slightly better another thing that security experts in the guardian are suggesting today is to have a computer that has never been connected to the internet also as we've learned
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don't trust commercial encryption software because that's likely had a back door inserted into his already by the n.s.a. or g c h q this is here's the experts in the guardian sums it up by saying look you know the n.s.a. . amazingly efficient at doing this it seems but ultimately they're not magicians they can't do everything and they're constrained by the same financial and economic constraints that all the rest of us are so basically all you can do is make it as difficult for them as possible and just cross your fingers. chris kate suicide mission encrypted secure services there's no limit what unscrupulous people could do with this date but it's not only industrial espionage think about the value of you know how many people have access to this huge treasure trove of data there are one point four million people in the u.s. you have top secret clearances for all those people in jobs i don't think so so there you have the issue of who has access to this data and mr snowden was able to
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get quite a bit of it so you know he's obviously he's not alone there are at least two probably tens of thousands of other people who do it what's valuable for for political blackmail it's hugely valuable if you had all these private conversations from a political opponent think what you can do you win every election this is basically something that's completely worldwide and you know you should assume that it's anywhere if you're anywhere in the world and you're using something electronic that someone is looking over dot com workers of the world's largest retailer a lashing out u.s. supermarket the is the big it is the biggest private employer on the planet in fact the stuff say they needed decent minimum wage some were arrested at rallies we've got this story online. and russia is set to host a quote wonderful olympics and quote there the words of the i.o.c. president is given they get some cheap preparations his wholehearted seal of approval on
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a website how excitement over those winter games is heating up. but to our top story from russia tonight the g. twenty summit in some places. well we continue our live coverage here from the wrapping up of the g. twenty summit here in some petersburg on role research a for odyssey it has been a very busy day here for day two we've seen the big speeches from president obama and putin as well we've seen statements from russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov and the u.n. a syrian a mediator locked up and he made. left off even a u.n. chief ban ki-moon un brahimi all strictly opposed to any type of a military intervention in syria of course the syrian issue absolutely taking center stage here at the g. twenty but enough of god let's get the true details now actually from
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a. host of venture capital katie people who will be much say now joining me here are you had a very very busy day you didn't have to think of it in the venue can you bring us some of the highlights of today so far you know it's pretty much the same i mean today it was all about business particularly in the first part of the day because we had the b. twenty which is when the business community the really the leaders of the biggest banks us ca's of the biggest companies in the wall buy off the questions to the political leaders as to what they want to see it says oh for a while saying we're going to have job creation would have to as a patient that they want to see implemented into that company is and i spent a few the businessmen today and they say they all satisfied with what's been happening hey i think it's a cruel dimitry at he's head of russia's direct investment fund and he was saying that in terms of infrastructure this did about sixty billion watt that needs to be you know i really want to plumb but he says there is progress so it was encouraging and i respect by table one woman though it's very public today in david's of calls
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christine look all the i.m.f. chief i can tell you done this with ac jumping on had chasing off the hogs get out to get the lowdown as to what she thought of the proceedings hey it's a pizza but it cools you go out i go home you go out imo. she was about bond girl tactics i managed to track her down for i must say even though you know i don't think she liked my questions too much i was pushing her going to be the gentlest haven't i but i was saying to her all the stimulus measures are working and here's what she had to say. what would you say that the monetary policy doesn't work because we believe that it does hard to ferry positive effects and certainly seeing the u.s. economy and the japanese economy pick up us as they are at the moment despite the. fiscal. policies that door in place and that we would like to see improved a bit so no i wouldn't say that they have not worked as i would say that they have worked i know it's a question of how they or tapered in such
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a way that it continues to work without producing negative spillovers that could not be addressed. i was a christian the guardian of the i.m.f. somehow artie's katie told the manager. who you were you just shopping other journalists out of the way kicking them in the shins i will help this woman i'm wearing hills on in these hills denuded me but i did say to her you know i said while they working the stimulus measures but she said they are and she used to parent as an example but the problem is one of the themes yes because obviously they've been using stimulus they've been in manipulating their currency to weaken it how right school is out with the yen but the thing is one of the themes here and what people are talking about is this this empty growth it needs to be more sustainable more long term and that's why friends been talking about the federal reserve turning off the tap that's really the economy survive without lee stimulus and of course that was an essential theme but i must say that i'm a woman i work in finance i'm a journalist and she is fairy charming along he should tell me so you know i go
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power i've got a lot of respect for that girl and i plan on her family photos that i really enhance very glamorous the eurozone of the hotel in the business stuff i just want to say i'm almost more important than bloody chilly you know. getting all these are not as bad as yesterday i think they was a little chilly out today's getting but it's very good just indeed i've taken about a thousand thousand for half the salmon you can put on twitter as well. being the host of venture capital would you going to stay with us throughout the evening i hope i am look if you don't get too chilly i will have something to drink but will be joining you soon here hopefully and it's been an absolute pleasure so i thought here is some petersburg nearly wrapping up day two here for the twenty thirteen g. twenty yards he continues to be alive and thank you all for joining us we hope you'll join us next on. larry king would moan about the weather coming up next he's joined by the a figurehead of americans libertarian movement ron paul the top government secrecy
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it's in politics it's all next program from moscow right after the break. iraq afghanistan the balkans somalia haiti libya yemen and so on and so on the list of engagements and airstrikes by post cold war nato just keeps getting longer and now it looks like it's serious turn a lot of people have written me asking me to predict what is going to happen next which for me is a possible i'm not good at predicting the future but i can see is that we are living in a very tense moment in history many argue that the u.s. economy with its unfathomable debt is really propped up by war in the petro dollars so if the u.s. backs down here won't could be the beginning of the end for the world's only hyper power but if they do attack syria there will probably be some sort of reaction from iran.


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