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tv   Headline News  RT  September 7, 2013 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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beer is cheaper than therapy. washington's efforts to drum up support for an attack on syria. international resistance russia saying rebels used chemical weapons to provoke a foreign intervention. australia's conservative opposition switched to power tony abbott said take the reins for in the general election of wiki leaks founder julian a son she is one of those hoping for a senate seat. on thousands protest in berlin four in the latest revelations on america's efforts to break open encrypted online data concerns voiced the german government's reaction.
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live from moscow twenty four seven you're watching r t i'm kerry johnston. u.s. secretary of state john kerry has set off on a european tour in an attempt to gather support from the american strike against syria while the east foreign policy chief has agreed that some form of action should be taken to specify that any decision should be made with the u.n. agreement of president obama hasn't had much success in enlisting backers for an armed intervention in the past two days he failed to get full scale support of the g twenty summit in st petersburg well however he did manage to get eleven nations supporting a call for tough action against syria but the statement stopped short of explicitly approving that military intervention which is what the u.s. is demanding international opinion polls also show strong opposition to any armed assault in the u.s.
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fifty six percent said no to any form of military action in syria and more than sixty percent of french people are against a vast majority of those surveyed in the u.k. said any move must have the green light from the u.n. a similar sentiment shared in germany and turkey for the g. twenty nations that were against the agreement to account for some three billion people and it seems that many in the rest of the world also don't want to see the u.s. progress with its plan meanwhile protests have been held in several countries against an assault on syria and though we have some pictures from around the world now about this well the anti war sentiment is being felt in washington with the crowd outside the white house sending a message to congress but also similar rallies in new york and on the other side of the atlantic in london and paris tens of thousands of people gathered that sent peter's square in the vatican for a peace vigil making it one of the largest rallies against the proposed u.s. military strike on syria even celebrities have been speaking out handwritten note
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from a donor here expressing her opposition to american involvement artie's alexy are has been instant petersburg one of the meetings of the g. twenty leaders. everyone is speculating who won the standoff or a bomb on the syria issue i went to the press this morning and the majority have been saying that initial plan was to disrupt. the military intervention into syria then indeed putin has prevailed in that we do know of course a lot of discord between the g twenty countries on whether a military strike against syria is needed and clearly the biggest concern was whether we'll have a meeting at all because officially they have no meeting scheduled something unprecedented for the president of the united states and russia but eventually according to. themselves they met for a twenty thirty minute friendly conversation during which of course they discussed
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syria indeed. the summit coming here he was hoping that he could persuade the countries of the need to attack syria that he would provide the substantial evidence of bashar al assad using chemical weapons against the rebels but clearly judging by what the russian president said on that matter it seems that obama failed on that sense. i view everything that happened with the so-called use of chemical weapons in syria as a provocation by the rebels who count on help from abroad from those countries that originally supported them that's the reason for this provocation i also want to remind you that the use of force against a sovereign state is acceptable only if it's done for self-defense and we know that syria hasn't attacked the u.s. and only if the u.n. security council approves such action as one of the participants of our discussions on the issue put it those who do otherwise put themselves above the law still david cameron barack obama and. the french president they still try to play hardball
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saying that the u.n. security council decision may be overruled if they believe that again syria is needed russian president said that this may join. rate a great feeling of here among the smaller countries obviously suggesting that bigger states may actually do whatever they want overruling the mandate of the united nations in the us obviously now that the g twenty summit is done will enforce some several very interesting weeks just see how the future of syria will be resolved so distinct lack of support for us not initiative on attacking syria will even damage belton based journalist who has been closely following developments in the country he says that the nations are wary of empowering radical elements in the syrian opposition if they decide to support an american operation. witnessing a remarkable moments in remarkable days. in international politics it's on the scene for a british polman to oppose the united states in
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a very crucial matter talking syria or not we see other countries saying oh we can only do something militarily when the united nations a great many people see the united states is siding with geologists who are creating problems in europe small problem compared to the middle east whether we're creating a ready problems with terror attacks and so on german trains the attempt of the united states to install islamists so everywhere in the middle east in egypt in tunisia iraq and syria. it's contradictory to what europe should want. well meanwhile the ancient christian village of mana and the northwest of syria continues to be caught in a crossfire as government forces attempt to squeeze out how kind and rebels artie's where if
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a national ventured that to find out how the army operation is progressing. christian pilgrims from all over the world used to take this road to travel to one of their most significant trying and one of the most holy places in syria its residents to speak aramaic the language christ is believed to have spoken we are driving to mali but for another reason on wednesday the central syrian village which had been among the few in syria the didn't see any violence since the crisis here started in two thousand and eleven was attacked by rebel forces most of them recruited to members of death had to nuestra their war came here. after a car bomb exploded at a checkpoint the militants of a radical islamist group considered terrorists by the un and us stormed in. the iman tells us that this is the closest point and we cannot go any further we can see my liver problem here but the thing is that the militants who are still inside
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that we can see us as well there are snipers inside the goods so it is really dangerous to go there the soldiers say that they militants mostly from don't have the luther who took over the mountain top sufi the hotel and from time to time their firing from this so to take place and there are also militants behind this mountain saying the soldiers say up to fifteen hundred people what is the situation right now. the militants around three hundred people are hiding in sofia hotel there are ancient caves there under the village they use them as well they're watching us and we're watching them but if we start moving they'll attack us. the soldiers show me the militants position islamists who are behind a number of violent killings and are believed to be the most aggressive force
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confronting president assad almost surrounded the christian village. where these people came from. they came from the city of homs in the north and from the city of grain food in the south this village is like an island in a storming ocean they tell us little i guess the army you know we visited my lunar last spring in a christian island in a mostly muesli ocean the village was indeed unique and aside from the other we used to live in peace muslims and christians of course where free people from outside the city and the concrete may come and destroy this unity and it seems the residents worst fears became a reality but why do you think the militants attack this village. they know that american missiles will not strike a unicycle site and the army will not dare hit it either it's a safe haven for them while we talk reinforcements arrive the syrian army trained
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an operation to clear malula from death had the initial rebels they have been rumors that they have left the village but the army say the militants are still there and even if they leave they can hide in nearby and return how do you think the situation will change in case of american strike will their rivals the mentors from the last three use this opportunity to advance further of course they will america is supporting terrorism in this country we've been fighting with the u.s. in fact for these two and a half years and now we can face them directly but we are ready for that we will not give up if america strikes series major military facilities will be targeted and destroyed no one can say what the war on the ground will look like but certainly things place will no longer look the same. to reporting from syria. it's artie's breath not reporting from out of the village there were clashes are
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continuing in this ancient and spiritual place calling to her latest tweet to follow her on twitter and stay up to date with the syrian army mention the latest news from the country. on. australia's prime minister kevin rudd has conceded defeat for his labor party in the nation's general election results indicate a sweeping victory for the conservative coalition there's form the opposition for the last six years its leader tony abbott had campaigned on an anti asylum seeker an anti green tax platform we could expand during the sounds you also wrote in the election isn't likely to secure a seat in the senate early in my colleague andrew farmer spoke to r.t. as lindsay france about a sundries bid for office. he's got the power to pull votes away from other australian anti establishment parties such as family first's the pirate party and
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the sex party you heard that right those three opposition parties he has the power to to to get get attention away from them just with his name alone and also with his campaign because it's been very colorful hasn't yes it has absolutely his campaign for a seat in the senate as you mentioned has consisted mostly of social media blitz is in virtual town hall meetings along with a mullet wig music video where the candidates recorded his own version of oz icon john farnham activism and i'm sure the voice of that you. didn't please the president of ecuador too much that this was shot in the ecuadorian embassy but that's another story altogether but i have been making some serious points to the haven't they that we can expand seen a manifest they can you outline what they've been saying and absolutely now it was disestablished last month and it wants to bring transparency accountability and justice to australia's parliament by way of pushing for public oversight of government practices fighting corruption and providing people with a range of what it calls twenty first century freedoms and that includes the free
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flow of information internet liberty protection for whistleblowers national sovereignty and integrity in the global community which is as you can imagine a very tall order for any political party but also a very tall order if you does win if there's no chance and he does win you have to get back to stray wax and how is that going to be possible well if there's a lot of twists and turns that could take he's got plenty of federal agents after him but he's got to get to australia of course too to fill that seat if he were to make it and now we spoke with his running mate benoit kemp mark who told us that the responsibility for granting safe passage for him back to australia should fall on the shoulders of the australian government doesn't feel very good certainly it would be australian government to allow political so you do this to. street electors or look at history and allow him to sit. in church. and it will be a public relations or not that's the straining government would have to take very carefully if elected he's got ten months to make it back to australia before casual
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vacancy that would be created by his lack of attendance in this case the running mate we spoke with would then take his seat so if the tories voters do swing join us on his way though and he does try to make a dash to get home without help he will either end up in the senate or in the slammer or come out later in the program on law and privacy takes another hit. rate of the day to strip the nation about america's internet snooping. could protect your personal data on the n.s.a. you know it's all the details in just a few minutes. sigrid laboratory. was to build the most sophisticated robot which on fortunately doesn't give a darn about anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about
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humans. this is why you should care only. this is a media leader so we leave the people. of the sea oceans secure. your party there's a good. news that no one is with the gas that you deserve answers from. did you know the prize is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across the cynical we've been hydrogen lying handful of friends
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dash all corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one school class i'm tom hartman and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem try to fix rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america have on camera go ready to join the movement then walk a bit. hunted down as terrorists they hide in the woods and prepare to become suicide bombers only their mothers still believe these young men can be saved. no you've gotten so thin. the mothers won't sleep at night they'll follow their sons into the woods find them and return them to a peaceful life where they killed almost everybody. had been able to take him away
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from there maybe that was by chance. how does it feel to be a terrorist mother on his i did you have even the slightest chance come home. my son makes terrorist on o.t. . well. it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we've got the future covered. that now thousands have protested in birth then following the latest revelations by edward snowden about the scale of america's online surveillance has been revealed that the n.s.a. has poured billions of dollars into successfully cracking internet encryption
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technologies leaving swathes of personal data open for snooping well ahead of the upcoming election german protesters were also outraged by the government's bond reaction to the scandal multi-speed all of the has the details now. another saturday had another demonstration employee against the n.s.a. spying on europe europeans have been outraged at the amount of their personal details that is not only being claimed to be spying scandal but also be just handed over by certain companies that stroll in hundreds of people out on the streets here in the german capital to campaign against that they say that they're unhappy at the u.s. looking into their personal lives explain to types or trumps any intelligence service act must be subject to the law there are committees for that in the bundestag and they should be making sure that the german intelligence service operates in the interest of our citizens and doesn't cooperate with foreign services to spy on the
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dock and the ship side mostly duffy is going to dot it all the data should be protected and who should have access to information so we know what's going on at this moment everything is strictly confidential so have no one to define ourselves from surveillance and today we would like to show them that we will not accept this answer best listen to makati. all the western democracies after september the eleventh almost started an arms race like in the cold war but this time those arms are used against their own citizens this makes me extremely angry so today i'm wearing a wedding dress to symbolize his love for democracy to which i say yes and i will love till death do us part i did this level of outrage which is prompted the european commission to say that well edward snowden's leaks have been a wake up call and that they need to put forward some kind of legislation that will come but companies they give forward information about the source and stop them
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from doing nothing at a hunting over the private information of european citizens to the united states. well not only on air but also online we have plenty more stories for you on our website including people's lazy lifestyles fast food is threatening productivity dot com we have a story in house or an obesity rates of way down economic growth. understood the way we have a story on how to boost global growth head to our website to learn more about simple three step plan proposed by one of russia's leading economists. it's been over three months since president obama pledged to close the notorious guantanamo bay prison the men are mostly yemeni nationals have been cleared for release from the u.s. military facility in cuba several years ago. martin investigates the issue in the latest breaking the set program at three am g.m.t. but here's a preview. the u.s.
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government's trusting in yemeni government to carry out drone strikes weekly it seems but they cannot trust the government to take prisoners from the get no because they say oh there they're going to be terrorists we can't trust to release them however many people have been released from guantanamo bay in the past and they are just living out normal lives they just want the chance to have a free life and not be detained indefinitely there are no countries that are currently wanting to host these these prisoners because there's so much red tape associated with that here in the united states the united states promised the yemeni people that there would be facilities infrastructure there to help former guantanamo inmates re assimilate into into society that infrastructure is yet to exist it's not there we have covered this on the show in the past we've had activists we've had journalists that have traveled to yemen that have explained to us what it's like for people that are around these drone bombings and all these horrible things that are happening in yemen and on top of that. there's there's all
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there is the guantanamo aspect that these men will never return and will never see their families and that's it's heartbreaking. protecting a city in russia's far east has given way of the more than a month of severe flooding forcing hundreds of people to abandon their homes rescue crews are hoping families to get to dry land with buses taking away from the flood water levels in. now rising by up to twenty centimeters each day several helicopters on standby ready for a brawl evacuation going going flooding in russia's far east where severe enough and in twenty years it's affected at least fifty thousand people. and some other international news in brief for you this hour the egyptian military has killed at least nine militants in a major operation against is mists in northern summer according to eyewitness reports troops raided suspected extremists on either outs by helicopters and tanks
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bloodshed in the rest of region intensified the ousting of president mohamed morsi . so few dozen protesters have clashed with police in the greek city of saloniki prime minister antonis samaras was delivering his annual speech on the economy violence erupted after demonstrators began throwing bottles and stones at officers responded with tear gas or thousand police were drafted into the city ahead of union rallies. and there is variations marking independence day in brazil have turned violent all the people gathered in the streets to protest corruption and excessive spending in the capital brasilia police fired rubber bullets and made several arrests disperse a crowd were running up on a military parade took place there's also a spike in processing june undergrads protesting against the government's spending on the next two years before world cup. clashes have
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erupted at a rally of the far right defense league the group attended a march to an east london mosque despite being banned from the area right in. broke out with anti fascist protesters two rioters were arrested as police attempted to contain the violence. the international olympic committee has announced that tokyo will host the twenty twenty olympics this presentation the head of the both the japanese delegation stressed safety concerns and for the leak of radioactive water from the crippled fukushima nuclear plant would not be an issue tokyo which has hosted the games before back in ninety six to beat madrid istanbul in the boat . looking ahead a bit later the number of american the business executives in the case the food and soda over the past two decades according to a recent study and how far from the actual guru max keiser on the case.
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yeah. i've explained this many times before a board of directors of any s. and p. five hundred company america today wants to see implicated in some crime committing malfeasance committing fraud subpoenaed or in jail because the shows initiative they want to push the ads they want to go that extra mile they want to break the law and then they want to throw it to the justice department to say that eric holder can't catches oh oh and then if they do get caught they change the law they modify the law they rewrite the law and that's what it's all about breaking the law for law and order bring back the death penalty bring it back. up. yes the customer forces next day with this.
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drama is the truth be ignored. stories others who refuse to notice. food since changing the world writes now. to pictures of today's. from around the globe. go to the. with the plentiful supply it was a terrible mistake and led very hard to take out a letter to get along here is a plot that never had sex with the target their lives let
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alone a. list of the american let's. listen. to the. styles are this of the kaiser. all right susan herbert what do we got
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bang bang you might say this is the theme of the show max because lots of banging going on in the markets here and of course led by the c.e.o.'s and bankers right behind us in the city of new york highest paid u.s. c.e.o.'s are often fired or fined study about forty percent of the highest paid c.e.o.'s in the united states over the past twenty years eventually ended up being fired paying fraud related fines or settlements or accepting government bailout money according to a study released on wednesday the report was by the institute for policy studies max and it appears that a lot of c.e.o.'s the top paid ones you get paid to defraud explain this by a times before a board of directors of any s. and p. five hundred company america today wants to see implicated in some crime committing malfeasance committing fraud subpoenaed or in jail because it shows initiative they want to push the edge they want to go that extra mile they want to break the law
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and then they want to throw it to the justice department. eric holder can catches. and then if they do get caught they change the law they modify the law they rewrite the law and that's what it's all about breaking the law are the law and order bring back the. bring it. then the biggest yet you know criminal in the news the biggest bang bang or in the news this past few months and fact has been jamie diamond and he's in the next headline uncle sam comes call and ask jamie dimon for another six billion dollars so the federal housing finance agency f.h.a. and f.a.a. is. asking for six billion dollars from jamie dimon j.p. morgan for defrauding the taxpayer about mortgage backed securities these are put back claims so the f h f a the bank j.p. morgan falsely claim that loans back in thirty three billion dollars of mortgage backed securities.


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