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tv   Headline News  RT  September 8, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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your for your media project of free radio down to r t dot com. but i just news in the week's top stories washington fails to get the world on its side for an attack on syria with scant support from the g twenty and the e.u. russia is taking a firm stand again saying the syrian rebels are breaking a foreign intervention. and r.t. sees the brutality of that civil war firsthand as the syrian army tries to clear an ancient christian village of al-qaeda linked rebels. also the battle for moscow is in full swing with acting city chiefs and opposition figurehead alexina valmy facing off is the key contenders in the capital's first marriage lection in nearly a decade. there
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it's good to have you company you're watching a weekly here on our take. it's been a tough week for u.s. secretary of state john kerry he's been trying to convince the european union to get on board with a military strike on syria over the regime's alleged use of chemical weapons but kerry presented no new evidence against the syrian government and very few countries are willing to rush into action without u.n. approval and he now says obama has made no final decision on whether to strike an apparent turnaround from last week so far turkey and france have been first in line to back the united states against syria but president barack obama wasn't able to change the minds of the other world leaders at the g. twenty summit in sim petersburg they agreed that tough action should be taken but didn't endorse military intervention artie's in this in our. i was elected
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to end wars and not start a u.s. military intervention in syria dominated talks that the g twenty but if obama was looking to gather overwhelming support at the summit he didn't get it in st petersburg there is no military solution there is no military service. we will know what bait in military action. aside from france turkey and saudi arabia a few countries expressed outright support for obama's proposal a military strike in a joint statement they condemned the use of chemical weapons blaming the office of government and called for some kind of response but they stopped short of backing a u.s. attack on syria summit hosted president putin accused the rebels of being behind a chemical weapons attack near damascus. that he says was carried out to discredit syrian authorities in the eyes of the west just the way. i view everything that
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happened with the so-called use of chemical weapons in syria and the publication by the rebels of the count on help from abroad from those countries that originally supported them that's the reason for this provocation i also want to remind you that the use of force against a sovereign state is acceptable only if it's done for self-defense and we know that syria hasn't attacked the u.s. and only if the u.n. security council approves such action as one of the participants of our discussions on the issue put it yesterday those who do otherwise put themselves above the law. obama continues to insist also it was behind the attack and he won't wait for the u.s. to respond assad's regime brazen use of chemical weapons isn't just a syrian tragedy it's a threat to global peace and security the u.s. president is due to address the american public on tuesday and try to make his best argument for an attack on syria one that failed to convince global partners at the
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g. twenty this summit could have been a last chance for a political solution to the syria crisis or at least an attempt to push forward with diplomacy but leaders part of st petersburg split solidly on those for or against military intervention in the syrian war what has been called the worst humanitarian crisis in modern history reporting from the g. twenty and he's been that way r.t. . well seriously overshadowed the talks and simply disappeared this week but there were also burning questions about where the global economy is heading overseas venture capital caught up with the head of the international monetary fund christine legarde to get her take on money tree policy and the global economic i'm looking for you can catch the full edition of venture capital at sixteen thirty g.m.t. . the
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u.s. congress is still divided over whether to attack syria or not the senate showdown vote is expected on wednesday the twelfth anniversary of the nine eleven attacks but a reuters poll says fifty six percent of americans don't want their country to use its armed forces against syria and some have been making their voices heard in the capital. those were the chants ringing out in washington d.c. with crowds marching from the white house to capitol hill an n.b.c. poll has found that nearly eighty percent of americans think the president needs congressional approval for any armed response against syria obama however has said he does still have the authority to order a military strike even with lawmakers support. now polls show that over half of americans are against any strike on syria and that figure is even higher in france and the u.k. where sixteen eighty percent respectively are against military action similar
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sentiments are shared in germany and turkey the share of those against intervention is higher when it comes to syria's neighbor political analyst chris bambery believes washington's case against syria is part of its broader regional agenda it's not as the question of syria it is a question of iran it's a question of his war we're kind of painting a new axis of evil if you remember way back in two thousand the year after nine eleven the original axis and we've all know the present you knew axis of evil and the see this is why we have to intervene in syria have the the obama is leaving st petersburg with his tail between his legs was silent it was time says he's going to go all jews need to address what it calls a skeptical nation with an appeal for the public in america to rally behind a military strike but it seems to me that the public in america just as the public in britain is appalled to any strike and it's becoming more and more difficult for
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avaya not just in petersburg not just elsewhere internationally but even the whole know to win support for a case for a military strike on the basis of these allegations of chemical chemical weapons use. that we've been following the latest developments in syria itself as an ongoing army operation in the ancient christian villages moola which was stormed by al qaeda linked rebels a few days ago artists riff and i was able to enter the village with the help of the syrian army brings us this report we entered my lulu through its ancient gates burnt and damaged in recent attacks shortly after the syrian army announces that most of the militants were pushed back signs of the recent battle and destruction a reverie where we were told to move fast and to follow the military's vehicles without stopping or even slowing down there are some parts of the road where we have to speed up offices still fear they could be snipers around we hear them
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shouting go go fast on one turn we suddenly stop. to understand. it's hard to understand exactly what happened we only hear a loud boom and feel the earth shake. we get out of the car to take a look around then outside our little. christian community all over the world now it is a battlefield look at this. and then we realized we have landed in the heart of the special as some live bullets started flying around us we've ended model of village with the army but just just a few minutes later they told us to get back the militants launch an attack fire in and throw in explosives from the safety of high ground so this is what we're doing right now we're coming back to you to the entrance this is where. a car bomb
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exploded on wednesday morning and this is how it all started after a suicide attack militants mostly from just other looser group stormed in and since then the question is have been continued for three days and you can see they are considered now soldiers firing shots back but they can't even see enemy fighters who are cooped up in their hiding places. and. the real militants in that model of the now and in the us i fear hotel this is the mountaintop hotel which was my. brother both up the. road and. also from behind the mountains surrounding the ma lula village and that's is where the danger lies because the wrong many snipers and the
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raw rocket grenades and the rock warms mortar boards was you can see the situation on the ground it's very hard you can see that the army is rick rubin right now but this did. so monday visitation changed dramatically because this is the day when american congress starts debates on syria whether dry this country or not the decision made thousands of kilometers away from these battlefield will affect the set up at this military theater but exactly how it is not easy to predict. asti from in syria. is giving us all the latest updates on her twitter feed at the moment and how the standoff is progressing so do you follow her to get the latest about this because she's in the wrong going at the moment in this story christian mark.
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now officials in afghanistan have accused nato of killing several civilians in a military operation. lines as tonight the claim saying that only militants were killed in what is called a precision strike so let's get the details on this from the side. of journalist who has covered the region extensively firstly mr barry what more details what other details can you give us about this strike in which it does appear that civilians have been killed by a nato strike. it does absolutely i think that the afghan authorities have been pointing out that look at least ten civilians were killed obviously nato are denying this but it's very difficult to tell who's being killed after you decide that a building or a crowded place it's very difficult to identify who's been killed in these nato
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obviously saying that these are militants but i think that the real thing that really points out that civilians have been killed is the fact that the afghan authorities themselves who are allied to nato are objecting to such a stage that the afghan authorities contre main silent any longer it's very sad but this isn't this the unavoidable consequence of trying to fight the taliban. i think that the civilian death toll shows us over the over ten years that look nato is not winning in afghanistan that fighting militants is very very difficult and civilian casualties have been an increase even though nature call these position precision attacks they're not very precise with the afghanistan on the border regions of pakistan civilians are paying the cost of this war but what are the alternatives presumably they do have to fight this war against the taliban. i think
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the alternatives are that they start negotiating and start talking there is no military solution to afghanistan i think that that's been dick active of america's willingness now to start talking to the taliban and also the afghan authorities recognize that look there will not be peace in afghanistan there will not be peace in the border regions of pakistan until you actually have a political dialogue with these people you cannot bomb them from the skies without civilian casualties and as this is an occupation and as you increase in civilian casualties the resistance will only gain more support and from your experience how has it fueled the taliban campaign. i think that since the occupation started the taliban have seen an increase in support there it's almost that the movement has been revived civilians normal people are looking for someone to resist against the occupation and i think that as you see increase of civilian
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casualties if people's brothers sisters fathers homes are destroyed people are murdered family members killed they will turn to those people and say look we can free you of this oppression and when the nato troops are withdrawn in twenty fourteen do you think that will make the situation better or worse. it's hard to tell i think that afghan government and the afghan authorities and the afghan amid a military will struggle without nato support they will struggle i think that what we will see is a resurgence of the taliban taking the main cities or even challenging for the main cities already. control large swathes of the countryside and you know the nato and the afghan military usually only control the main cities so i think that after nato leave i think we're going to see a spike in violence and this is a political solution ok thank you we do have to leave it there that's investigative journalist said big thank you for your opinion. thank you coming up after the break
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pretty free. free. free free. free. free. free brought to you for your media. free media party dot com. welcome back now regional elections are underway around rush hour in the key vote is taking place in moscow where candidates are battling for the post of city now the incumbent sergei sabean in is facing a strong challenge though from opposition hopeful at lexy no valley it is the first time in nearly
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a decade that muscovites are getting to choose their mess so we can get more now live from our piece can of hugo you've been following the events during the day there still are a couple of hours left i think of voting but what's the story so far has the race gone well last. chose the mayor of the city was back in two thousand and three so obviously there's lots of media attention focused on this vote off in russia and abroad five gators are taking part but it's widely recognized that it's acting in mirrors that he said back in and the candidate from the opposition i've seen the wyly who are the real arrivals in this vote to mr no one is hoping for a second round however according to you or several opinion polls conducted earlier hopefully you will be able to see their results on your screens and now it's more likely that he said to him will be the winner of this election in the first round whatever the outcome would be hugo looks in a while he has already received the green light from the of the audience to stage
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a rally to meet with his supporters on monday in moscow but again these figures from the opinion polls are not eggs. board or not preliminary results and of course will have to wait for the final figures to be announced it is expected that will happen before the end of the d. to see the real picture since everything may change and it may be completely different story altogether now to ensure the transparency of this bought web cameras have been installed at over thirty six hundred stations across the city feeding the wife orange into the web which you our viewers could also check out. and eleven thousand observers are also present there at stations watching that everything is done in everything is in order and so far nor major violations have been reported we'll be monitoring the events as well and we'll be bringing you the latest information as we get it ok thank you very much ego that's. the latest in
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the voting for the next mayor of moscow. so of course we'll bring you the details on the vote as it's happening in the capital as and when we get it back on air and online that starts in here's a taste of what our web scene has for you today if you're a smartphone owner be it an i phone android or blackberry your security settings are no match for the n.s.a. which is fully capable of accessing your data just go to r.t. dot com for the details. and cheese have been echoing across tokyo as the city was awarded the twenty twenty summer olympics leaving rival east behind the full footage of the celebrations here and the reaction of other countries can be found on the website of artie's new video agency ruptly dot tv.
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the news making headlines around the world at the moment independence day celebrations spiraled into chaos in brazil protesters gathered in cities across the cunt. three against rampant corruption as well as overpriced and ineffectual public services in rio de janeiro police dispersed the crowd with tear gas and stun guns to stop them from interrupting the military parade demonstrations started back in june over the mass mismanagement of public funds. protesters and police clashing greece's second largest city after another round of anti will stare at the rallies fighting broke out after the prime minister delivered a speech promising that economic recovery was on its way is government is back to mr ridge the measures in a relentless push to get a third bailout from international lenders those steps include tax hikes along with labor market and pension reforms. one man with the megaphone has an opinion on well just about everything from snooping and spying to overprice clothing and
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he's sharing it with passes by westminster artie's party boy came met the man who's been making a bit of a stir. johnny shines got an unusual addiction the father of three likes to take his mega fame to central london and talk to pass' by about things like why way here on the perils of consumerism actually i'm. sorry. i'm good. i'm. sorry i've. actually got my i like to call it stream of consciousness and definitely call it verbal violence yeah it's a spoken word form of earlier this year westminster council confiscated danny's megaphone and summoned him to court. well what do you looking for an outline of your right also can you post on your thinking if you let me think about. let you
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know this is go up they go up they know it is illegal. to push every form of. danny's being prosecuted for breaking a by law banning anyone from making any noise which is so loud or so continuous over peterhead as to give reasonable cause for annoyance to all the persons we have as it was not something that i mean just the way his message was. presenting this is more than just about public speaking it's about his human rights freedom of expression to me who should really shut up now doesn't that threaten freedom of speech in a country that is the current that is the problem i think it's good for the passive consumers as you and i to our free our minds from the perpetual consumption of consumerism but i saw you complaining about the decibels a little earlier the most concern really is my subconscious self coming out of my
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mind it's like you're in a demon i mean i'm here to make a pretty penny mug and is like raining on my parade meaning i'm afraid for some fans there danny's a ray of sunshine. i mean you're beautiful like you know but i need to but you know i don't really know you but then i heard about you have a crush on him you know like i have a crush on him and just like he's beautiful what he's doing with like a bad boy he really has about danny's doing cool way he set to argue that the westminster council a prosecuting him and he infringes his human rights. groups have a first chorus are very different i have actually broken products for years the furthest a church i didn't have the right where are the benefits of a private corporation. i think i think it's completely wrong because if they do manage to porn in one way it's not going to stop i mean we're all just going to be surprised into not talking not speaking you know i just think that's going to be a bad thing so faint grow don't need to danny to keep the flag flowing from freedom
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and while westminster city councils have told us that that conflict with danny is merely a question of decibels down the shine is planning to get even louder so i had the resources one day i'd be quite be quite nice to go with it like a really good p.a. system and they're in a really nice but you know a bit of a reaver maybe ten people in transition are saying. yeah that's right you know it's right now i'm back in about half an hour's time with more news that next those of us on a boy can she say shortly probing america's campaign for a military strike on syria well it's about.
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the future with economic up and downs in the final months they belong to the old saying i and the rest because i was doing me a seat. everything on the loop. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refused to notice. faces change the world lights never. told pictures of today's events long long distance from around the globe the globe to. the.
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hello and welcome to worlds apart saving lives has long been a convenient pretext for fighting wars and it is invoked yet again as the united states considers a punitive strike against syria and while u.s. politicians seem to be taking all of our bybee yes we can and track the rest of the world is more on the side of do no harm we each of the two is in service of human rights while to discuss that i'm now joined by can draw for executive director of human rights watch mr roth i really appreciate you being here if our viewers go to human rights watch website now and check some of the news releases that were issued over the last few weeks they can find all the usual suspects russia and china as in bob way leave there even israel but what they wouldn't be able to find is any criticism of the proposed serious strikes against syria doesn't mean that human
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rights watch is in favor of these proposed attack but we've actually put out two statements on this subject and so i mean i do refer people to our website h r w dot org the we are explicitly not taking a position for or against particular airstrikes our main focus as you can find in the statements that was we've issued is that our concern is with protecting civilian lives and obviously you know the issue on the table at the moment are the approximately fourteen hundred civilians who died as a result of the chemical weapons attacks in the damascus suburbs but obviously we're concerned about the tens of thousands if not hundred thousand civilians who have died during the conflict mostly at the hands. of conventional weapons and our concern is that while there is heightened attention to this problem of syria now we
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hope that the answer is going to address the plight of civilians across the board of the many who have died already the many more who might still die the two million refugees there's a lot to be concerned about some lives there you just mentioned that you try not to take sides and the latest statement that i saw your issuing on the syrian issue was in late august when the organization put out a statement in which is sad that not gassing children in their sleep is a basic humanitarian norm in obviously everybody would agree with you on that but the major disagreement in their wallet is who actually was gassing children in their sleep and it seems to me that despite positioning itself as an international organization standing up for universal human rights human rights watch seem to be taking the position of the american government in assuming that it was the assad regime who actually perpetrated that chemical weapon attack i wonder why is that if you are indeed an international organization why not wait for the united nations
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which is the main international body to conclude in its investigation and then decide and what the course of action should be well i should say that you know human rights watch does not represent any government we represent the truth and i would love it if the u.n. inspectors were going to tell us who they think was the author of this horrible chemical weapon attack but unfortunately that's not their mandate they're going to come back and tell us the obvious which was that chemical weapon was used we all know that we've seen the videos we've seen the pictures their mandate is not to tell us who initiated it now human rights watch has done our own investigation looking at the facts looking at the delivery mechanisms looking at who had those delivery mechanisms we've also reviewed the evidence put forth by a number of governments we've looked at you know the summary denials put out by russia or syria which you know frankly are fairly unconvincing.


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