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serina williams wins the u.s. open for a fifth time for legal victory against victoria azarenka. four in a row sebastian vettel on calls for a fourth straight of formula one drivers championship side saw off a six one of the season the italian grand prix. dominates reigning gharyan count champion's. season after the perfect starts with three wins in the first three games. but were kicked out for football where russia cruise to a convincing four one win over luxembourg and their world cup qualifier in design on xander. goals from alexander kids are called for and alexander so i made up for one triumph. record the quickest goal in russia's history the twenty two year old striker scored after just twenty one seconds fabio capello's men looking ahead to
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choose to clash against israel in some petersburg and have a chance to leapfrog portugal return to the top of group after they get all three points. was plenty of other qualifiers going on around europe. when i was scotland in a step closer to qualifying for the two thousand and fourteen world cup smallville much has been headed into the mantua via the influential joe it in the house and captain vincent kompany were missing through injury so even the poor footing with visitors ahead of a goal before a break from outside the box and put in the rawest ramps up to norway in the closing minutes belgium set five points clear of croatia at the top of group a. meanwhile there was no love lost in belgrade as bitter rivals serbia and croatia played out of one one draw the game was sold both sides in the clash with only ten men it was a visitors to bring the dead along to clinch funnyman top of the three minutes but the serbs levelled marx's fifteen minutes later when i examined
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a metre of each headed home equaliser. the home side the minute my teacher was sent off to the second booking and ten minutes to go you'll see one each saw a straight red for a horror tackle remember so your money. ah . all germany remain five points clear a group see things the comfortable free no victory against australia in munich this up close scoring these international goal to forget. the hot toni kroos extending germany's lead six minutes into the second half by me to be made to complain to the fine display itself. of the netherlands fail to heed that perfect record intact as they were held in the studio on robben
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opening the scoring with a trademark strike just two minutes behind the bank with seventeen minutes gone from some team the senior of leveling up and am coming fail to. he's and so is second to much to the lights of the home crowd. but malevolence found an equaliser late on as robin van persie slotted the ball home from the penalty spot secured a point stoppage time. meanwhile one of the longest running transfer sagas of the summer was finally completed as gareth bale joined real madrid from tottenham hotspur for a world record for the spanish giants underlining their status which is on the planet by breaking the transport record for a fifth time in a row one course ending the summer long saga of signing gareth bale four hundred thirty three million dollars and more than twenty thousand fans flocked to the burnable stadium to greet venue player but walsh was unveiled in madrid.
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more premier league club spent almost one billion dollars on players this summer and winter just a few hours before the window shan't to purchase ms that is ill from real madrid for sixty six million dollars to shatter their club record the twenty four year old german signing a five year contract with the gunners to steal the clips is a london side previous record when a russian's under your shirt in a move from senate in petersburg to aston in two thousand and nine for a fee of twenty three million dollars. four years in madrid brazilian returned stories the milan the two thousand and seven world player of the year moved to ryall from the rossoneri for ninety million dollars in two thousand and nine now of italians didn't have to pay anything to get the thirty one year old bank rejoins on a free transfer kaka has signed a two year deal where his trademark number twenty two shirts. well moving on to tennis and serina williams confirmed her status of a dominant force in the women's tennis after beating victoria azarenka to win the
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us open title trophy she is now one for five times in her career when it was always going to be a tight battle between the two dominant forces of women's tennis year it was williams. but also a better start taking the first set seven five and it looked as though the american would have little trouble in wrapping up a straight sets victory in the break up of the second but. back to take the match into a decider by winning that second set on a tie break both players were having trouble with the blustery conditions but it was more composed racing to take the first six one of the seventeen career grand slam title. reigning world champion sebastian vettel beat his title rival ferrari's fernando alonso with a dominant performance at the italian grand prix as he stays on course to claim a fourth straight crown that's all started from pole position and seemed to be in total control of the race along the start to form
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a grid but immediately moved up the field. grade driving skills pass mark webber and felipe massa said. not even he could do anything to try and counter been fending champion vettel clinched a six triumph of the year to extend his lead over a long. fifty three points one hundred seventy five points up for grabs with seven races remaining that was team made beads for henri's philippe must set to complete the podium lineup. and stay with motor sport where russia played host of its first ever twenty four hour go kart race fourteen teams battling it out up just outside of moscow with a mix of local celebrities and a professionals getting their adrenaline fix as michael crabtree go find out. while one race was taking place at the polling booths over the weekend with muscovites deciding cool be the next mayor another was unfolding on the outskirts of the russian capital the country's first ever twenty four hour go kart race.
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or has always wanted to organize such a long race in recent years we've been putting together our own team that participates in twenty four hour cart races across europe and in the middle east and it's great we've not only managed to bring it to russia but also make it such a fun weekend out for anyone and all of them after the success of a twelve hour go karting race back in two thousand and twelve organizers felt it was time to up the stakes to a full day of nonstop racing fourteen teams comprised of professional amateur and celebrity drivers had to complete as many laps as possible during twenty four hours only stopping to refill or change drivers wow such adrenaline and there's so much competition at there it's just like in my profession everybody wants to be the best and this race is no exception. just like it's more or less just relative the famous
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le mans twenty four event was not only a fun weekend out but also a real insurance test even if it was only with nine holes powered engines the race proved to be very tight with the first and second place teams finishing within just twenty five seconds of each other and the eventual winner has managed to complete a whopping two thousand four hundred thirty four laps. it true turned out to be a difficult race by an interesting one at that i was pretty impressed by how many war the opponents were there and that's what you want in any competition even though it's in a fight right until the end and to be able to come out on top after twenty four hours with such pressure testing. with a twelve hour race and twenty twelve and now the twenty four hour race who's to say there won't be a thirty six hour go cart race in the future. well it's still a lot of grandiose as lamont twenty four but it is russia's first ever twenty four
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hour karting race and with the dust now settled for test drive the total of the bus go. well so i was talking now the six kontinental hockey league season got on the way on wednesday the reigning guarin cup holders didn't got their campaign off to the best possible start with three straight victories. as more. train hard when is it that's what the gay child offending champions in a moscow are all about in preseason they may have a little slower and less well drilled than the rivals but as soon as the season got on the way the legs next man showed they're going to be a poor sod to be reckoned with now look at good back to when the to burn cup for the third consecutive time. on wednesday decisions opener so the number of hosts
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truckster in europe either will soon spinal but back out the arena witnessing their idols demolished the siphons robins. there were some early joys for the visitors who opened early in the first period three go to gain whatever it was old enough on their. five announcers bills march to the delight of the home fans. we prepared for this game very well it doesn't really matter how well you look in preseason it's all about finding and fine tuning your game the point is we've done pretty well tonight that's what matters and on friday the blue and white faced another powerhouse from the kitchen else eastern conference middle commuter course co-led by my kid on the nine hundred ninety four stanley cup winning coach with the new york rangers. the pace was fanatic by once again it was the visitors had to lead on a power play thirteen minutes into the game with justin hodgman danding for the
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number of the fans and setting up young polish for the opener the must go as the walkway to level through when a power play team just to miss from the first intermission one zero. the second period the house on a power play gained much sympathy of course and scores two one and in the final period yanni else foreign made it three one. coming from behind again. two chairs. and you could see in both games we were the fresher side going into the third period and this is what made the difference the hard training paid off well from the coach's perspective was a bit more complicated than the demonstration. and does the strictest tallahatchie that i hear or. see a lot of their very competitive. pressure moving
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parts of the net. translate this into which they have very skilful forwards so we needed to play that way sometimes we did well sometimes within close games good it was a hard game for us the second in three days while they just started their season. and later on sunday dinner must go claimed another home big three against he make the habs there do it confidence step on their road to the third get going cup victory. robert burden on r.t.e. most of. all stay chamber pot so you will find out who's won the right for twenty twenty lympics months how much more coming up in just a moment. fans
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of the shocked your football club and kind of gonda kazakhstan believe that a certain special ritual help them achieve victory against the world famous scottish team celtic this ritual was sacrificing a sheep at the stadium as someone who lived in kazakhstan for two years i know there's a real meat eating country with deeply rooted traditions in livestock racing so this news is unusual but maybe it's not completely bizarre for the culture of course defenders of animal rights who don't seem to realize that the sheep would be turned into people of the next few days anyways demanded that you a full officials punish the shock to a club for the actions of individual fans this is the same logic as if someone wearing a sexy tim kirby t. shirt went around robbing liquor stores i am not responsible for the actions of people like this program and it's not like i'd ever advocate robbing liquor stores and i doubt the shocked your management secretly arranged for fans to slaughter the sheep at the stadium when the slaughter of animals is acceptable to you or not well that's one thing but we don't need to regulate the morality of individuals in other countries via soccer especially if that regulation means punishing the football
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clubs who are responsible for the actions of individuals but that's just my opinion . as collation agenda u.s. president barack obama has ordered the pentagon to double be a task force and expand the target list as part of his assumed assault on syria it was spent of international opinion polls at home the us on its own is poised to carry out forced regime change in damascus well at least that's the plan. dramas that can be ignored. stories of those who refuse to nokes. phyllis's changing the world lights now. old pictures of today's is no longer the land from around the globe.
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up to. the. welcome back to the sports show and has won the right to host the twenty twenty summer olympic and paralympic games it's from istanbul madrid of the i.o.c. vote in buenos aires the japanese campus saw the final round of voting gaining sixty votes to istanbul's ferdie six madrid earlier been eliminated in the first rounds in and sprint was met with jubilant scenes in japan as tokyo prepares to host the event for the first time since nine hundred sixty four tokyo promoted its beard as the remarkable choice of the title and economic uncertainty they have been on the defensive in the final days of the campaign. mounted concerns over the leak of radioactive water from the tsunami crippled the sheema nuclear plant.
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and one sport which will be in tokyo's wrestling retained its interests in limbic event despite appearing in every games except one thousand nine hundred it was surprisingly dropped by the i.o.c. in february over the last six months for sport has complained heavily to maintain its status in the lympics been rule changes to make it more spain friendly wrestling gained forty nine over ninety five votes with squash and a joint baseball softball built losing out. for russia is hoping a korean import could help them win the first ever short track speed skating medal at the two thousand and fourteen winter olympics in sochi they to on. as he used to be known as a free time olympic champion and has hopes of adding to that tally in less than six months time michael crabtree as chris reports. at the age of twenty one
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who had just won three gold medals for south korea at the tour in the olympics in two thousand and six but just a few weeks later that future looked to be in limbo after a disagreement and subsequent irrepairable fallout with the korean skating union however russia offered on a new chance and a new home in the hope he could reproduce his medal winning performances. when i came to russia two years ago for the first three months i missed career but then i met other athletes and things became better i like being here i like the food the culture it's all very interesting. after missing out on the vancouver games due to his then ongoing differences with the korean federation the twenty eight year old is determined to make a name of themselves in the upcoming olympics season. last year i started to skate professionally again and with every competition i've participated since then i've been true to fish for this year has also been good for
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me with the russian championships and i had to do well in the upcoming world cup however the russian short track team isn't all about big duran who won two silver medals at this year's world championships in hungary according to french coach sebastian go there are other skaters in the team that are ready to challenge the status quo if we look at the last series through that victory the biggest number of queer though but it was not the only one so sure why did that. then do so too there really as well so i don't see that on the boy side it's of course victor but there is few guys where you. can do good things. and one of those guys is letting me a goody of who won silver in the five thousand meter relay with on at this year's world championships and he's delighted to have a man of armes experience in the russian squad. the whole collective is a very easy going and it's great to get along with both on the ice and all three
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with their absolutely no ill feelings and who are all keen to talk and hang out together and that's great. as host nation russia will have a full quota of places on their roster five spots each for the men and women the qualification process will start of november for those hoping to make the team and while russia seems to be making steady progress in short track speed skating they will still have a battle on their hands to claim a podium spot in sochi when they come up against the sport's powerhouses like south korea china and canada. genco r.t. . moscow region. after picking up just two medals of materials and ten vancouver olympics the pressure is on russia's figure skaters to improve ahead of their games in sochi however hopes are high with a talented generation emerging as our correspondent nikolai charles. hopes were high for a long a little over after an impressive silver medal at last year's world championships
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elite however twenty thirty hasn't been the best of seasons for the twenty two year old she could only manage a disappointing thirteenth place at this year's worlds in london ontario that of course from the start of my training was really intense and was hard but i knew what i'd let myself in for i really needed to concentrate on my skating but i'm happy and have things are going and will be ready for the olympics leona has changed her program ahead of the games and she'll be no skating to the music of comment during her routine the st petersburg native is currently ranked ninety in the world and there is plenty of competition within the russian camp with i believe a certain a cover and they deserve it the took them wish were also in the top ten leon of are really into is the friendly rivalry between the competitors and believes it helps her to improve she has a room for months to prepare for the world championships in taiwan and has been getting ready in the usa which hasn't always been easy for us carol that's about it
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was difficult to get used to living there first but things got easier with time there was a camera miss fear and there were plenty of training sessions so it certainly didn't die of boredom. just like leon over the our stance of the illini and nicky thickets a lot of coach when he kilometers of the pair were trying to perfect a new program and will be darting to swan lake which was written by the legendary russian composer peter what of czerkawski and villany who is just nineteen certainly believes their routine has a lot of potential which of course we really want to do justice to this amazing piece of music and i think this music will help to motivate us and make us better due to the inspiration lou gets from performing tonight we haven't looked to copy all the elements from the ballet on to the ice we have a number of difficult moves that we're trying to master in our from unit program
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but i think it will be really strong and moving. the jewish finished ninth at this year's world championships but it's still in the shadow of fellow russians above prover and dimitri sell a view of who won bronze at the same event with their lympics so close the pair aren't looking to make any major changes to their routine they both understand they will be under a lot of pressure when the games get underway but the young really should be living up to expectations and will look to make a major statement in sochi in four months time. nicolo chose forty moscow. on start move on from fighting talk to talk of fighting our charm of the line live in maybe russia's best combat support of more tie this young aspiring part. russian a bear for kids of his prime in himself and even greater glory as michael crabtree found out despite being only twenty two of is ready to compete with the
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best the russian bear has already been crowned three time world and four time european. champion. and made an instant impression stateside when he defeated louis in a glory nine match up including two blistering blows that wowed the crowd. i suppose i'm a workaholic when i was young i was always told to finish what you started and as a child i always dreamed of winning glory through sport you know becoming a world champion and it's taken a long time and quite a few losses but i never lowered my game and it's got me to where i am now but he does his also emerging from the shadow of russia's most successful fighter live in the to come from the same city in southern siberia and have known each other since they were kids and although twenty six year old live in beat but he dove in a world cup fight back in two thousand and ten the to continue to spar together.
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for a long time and we still train at the same fight club you could say i grew up watching him when i began to fight seriously he was already a world champion so when i began sparring with him it was really tough for me but i think it was all for the best because of what i've achieved since. the heat of status as a recognized fighter was underlined when he became one of a select few to help train a bunch of hopefuls in a russian reality t.v. show something the potential stars of the sport were quick to praise. these aren't just guys who've come of the streets to try and they've gone through fire and brimstone to get where they are now they've long done what we're now doing and have tested it and gained invaluable experience and what they're teaching on is only what's necessary for real flight in real life so not to listen to them would be a sin the russian bear is certainly want to respect especially when you hear his determination
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to be the best in every kind of tournament. was that because i don't like to look too far into the future but i do want to continue fighting in the golden glory fight serious i thought i performed well in my debut fight in new york and right now they're considering my candidacy in the serious of course i'm also focusing on the upcoming russian amateur championships as well as the world combat games in october. with such a calm and focused approach the young bear may well eclipse his lion mentor and rise to the top of the mighty world. r.t. moscow. of the page chan the call to be open air power sharing world cup and second place just outside moscow competitors battle the elements to execute precise landings and i went along to take a look. it may not be everyone's idea of a pass time or immediately consider as a sports police parachutists it's a way of life precision and timing are everything as the competitors try to land in
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an area of two square metres of jumping from a height of over one and a half kilometers. over eighty competitors from nineteen different countries were taking parts each were aligned free jumps using the water to help slow them down before eventually trying to land on the target zone which is easier said than done . her a shooting often has perception of being one of the riskiest extreme sports given the obvious fact that jumpers for themselves out of airplanes relying on want to munster a large piece of fabric on a harness to break their full power of a parachute is nicholai so hard to make of says it's not his death defying is it looks. and i wouldn't say that it's more dangerous than a lot of other sports from my personal experience i would say the legs of rally driving are just as dangerous the most important things to be aware of what's going
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on and remember that i have loved ones waiting for me at home of course it's nice to get a good result but my own wellbeing is certainly more important russian parachute team receives very little private funding and often has to pay to compete which can be expensive this is in contrast to some a union with a parachute team as well supported by the states as it was promoted to help increase civil defense. despite this sports is still seeing an increase in popularity with five to six fires an amateur is turning up to chum this airdrome every year proving that the sky isn't the limits of those who seek their frills in the air. dancy the moscow region. well it's all from the small same hope you enjoyed it's life and i.
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if the main competitor girl on the market is mother nature. may customers struggle with to. fight for each drop from an old turkey supplier. let people think i are prices pure or want to. lie on our teeth. they use it up there and wash their hands. and flush their toilets when the same water messines is selling and spraying water. on your. face i feel.
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a pleasure to have you with us here today i'm sure. secret laboratory kirby was able to build the world's most sophisticated robots which will unfortunately doesn't give a dollar amount anything tunes mission to teach me the creation of life should care about humans in the world this is why you should care only. a little bit. of both. i.
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good speech. we're. going. to. come out of. this is the media leave us so we leave the media. motion superior. play your party visible. is that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from. politics only on our t.v.
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. russia and syria appeal for restraint and caution over responding to the alleged use of chemical weapons which the white house says there's prepared to go to war over. the american lawmakers linda was rebuffed and barack obama's syria strike call as a group of former u.s. intelligence officials claim the president is being misled in his case for intervention. and early results and put moscow's acting their leader as surrogate so beyond and out front in the landmark mayoral election but his main opposition rival puts both of us strong flight.


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