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also suggest to all see that rebels in syria planning to launch a chemical attack on israel designed to look like it was carried out by assad's government. to norway and i don't even gratian party is said to join the new coalition government two years after former member of the brave it killed dozens and for sayed against a multiculturalism look at europe's a shift to the right. international news and comment live from moscow this is us here with me. to the program syria has formally agreed to hand over its chemical weapons stockpiles to the yuan
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this development has put the american president in a tough spot as he prepares to address the nation barack obama's military plans have been stalled but the white house still wants to keep the pressure on assad that means that he is unlikely to be able to deliver the same call to arms as his predecessors my fellow citizens my fellow americans i want to talk to you today about brutal massacre of iraq. our own forces against writing selected targets of military importance to diffuse a powder keg at the heart of europe to help bring peace to get the food through my god bless your country. and all who defend. so a lot of those and also by u.s. secretary of state john kerry has now turned into an option to resolve the syrian chemical weapons situation without an american at a time russia jumped on the proposal first and was able to get damascus on board with the international community also beginning to get behind the idea france
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school's a resolution on its of the yuan with the organizations cheve biking the idea the u.s. senate will now take a little more time before it votes on whether to go to war. this may be a face saving moment for the obama administration because it's org humans for a military action against syria have been falling apart both in the international community and in the u.s. congress congress jumped on this washing proposal because they're being bombarded every day by their constituents who demand that they vote no to strikes against syria within hours after syria confirmed its willingness to get rid of chemical weapons the senate delayed the ball down strikes that was scheduled for later this week the president knowing that the house of representatives would most likely vote no on attacking syria was very vague about the prospect of the vote he said this i don't anticipate that you you would see a succession of votes this week or. any time. you know
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in the immediate future and so i think there will be time during the course of the debates here in the night of states for the international community the russians and the syrians to work with us to see is there a way to resolve this for the obama administration's rhetoric has been confusing and has raised lots of questions that is as it was building the case for strikes the u.s. wanted the support of the you when but would refuse to take classified evidence that washington supposedly has against the syrian leader to the u.n. security council also to u.s. lawmakers secretary of state john kerry would make arguments like if congress does not support strikes in syria u.s. allies. arabia and carter according to john kerry would certainly fund the more extremist elements of the syrian opposition of course many ask what kind of an argument is that why are they even your allies if you admit that they're willing to fund terrorists we're almost used to this one day president obama says he has made
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his final decision on strikes the next day he says he has not made his final decision at a time when he has confused virtually everybody in the international community and among the american people and nobody knows where he's standing right now the president is still expected to try and sell the strikes against syria to the american people in his tuesday night address. so even though the u.s. has backed off a thread line on chemical weapons o'brien says it's still important to keep pressure on syria the white house argues that any proposals thing looks at right now wouldn't even have made it to the table if it wasn't for the threat of a u.s. strike but america's president is trying to avoid the mistakes of his predecessor attacked iraq without u.n. approval under a false pretext that's according to one of the architects of russia's foreign policy and it's a push call for. there is if not panic definitely tension in washington concerning this decision statements that promote acting on them are
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followed by new statements the u.s. seems to be having major trouble figuring out the policies that will be accepted by the international community america's own our allies and global public opinion as well as that inside the us obama has found himself in a very difficult situation he is desperately trying to not become a copycat of his predecessor george w. bush he campaigned on promises to be bush's are pursued and now he's walking down the very same road bush attacked iraq with the u.n. sanctions and obama isn't likely to get them and he is deeply troubled by that because he campaigned that he would be a president of peace that's why he's desperate to get any legitimize ation for his actions. and over the past few days we've been showing you public opinion polls from the grants which indicates that more than half of those who took part in them
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did not support a military strike in syria and that sentiment is reflected in obama's sliding approval ratings too and right now forty four percent of americans are happy with the job their leader is doing right now while nearly hard aren't and this means that his current ratings much lows hit two years ago and that's almost every vassal from the how things were back in june and you can see more people approve obama's efforts by than and on top of that his foreign policy raising has never been worse it's at forty percent has experienced a steady at slide since the start of the year journalist and broadcaster neil clark says obama's stock trying to cater to a small group of politicians who want war but also to others who don't. position is very incoherent isn't it because we're having different things said that different times of the day yesterday we had john kerry saying that if syria gave up its chemical weapons that could stop the war then syria said they would do that and
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then there was a sort of backtracking saying that no it was a rhetorical argument now we're hearing from president obama that it would make a difference and that plans could be put on the whole of course the washington elite is very divided that's why there is this incoherence because you've got on one hand the more cautious elements in washington of the two are really worried about the consequences of attacking syria and on the other hand you've got these fanatical crazed neo con hawks who are desperate at all costs whatever the cost even of risking world war three to provoke war with syria so a barber you know one one minute he's sort of siding with the hawks the other minute he's siding with a more cautious voices in that and i think the incoherence stems from the fact that the elites are divided in washington as to what to do next really it's been a slow global awakening as to the neocon agenda people have woken up after war after war after war people across the world are finally saying no no more war and the elites in washington got this problem they would love to bring about regime change in damascus they really want that the only thing that could have been better by is war but the public are seventy eighty percent against war so they've got this big problem now the elites across the western world really and we also spoke to
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a former u.s. diplomat who's held a variety of roles and his career thomas pickering served as an ambassador to the united nations around here and israel and long other countries and he told us that his proposal to rid syria of chemical arms is a great opportunity for barack obama. the president faces the quandary that contributing to ongoing fighting is in itself not an answer to the long term problem of syria that's why i believe it's very important to look at the present situation as challenging as it is and as difficult as it is there's perhaps another opportunity or at least an opening to see whether you can push toward the political settlement that i think both russia and the united states have given lip service to . and online for you right now where reporting that many experts have expressed doubt over the around city of images and video is said to show victims of the
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alleged chemical attack in syria the full story is waiting for you on us he. also has plenty happening and around syria and don't go all the updates on our website it's called for our syria timeline for everything you need it's on r.c. dot com. with america blaming they see when regime for chemical or tonks the last national security adviser susan rice expressed concern that israel could also be at risk the use of chemical weapons also directly threatens our closest ally in the region israel where people once again have readied gas masks. and she's also warned chemicals could easily fall into the hands of terrorists he has received information from a number of sources that rebels actually were in syria are planning to launch a chemical attack on israel it will be used as a provocation against the syrian government our correspondent paula sneer has more
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now from tel aviv. i've spoken to both the israeli foreign ministry as well as the army spokes persons units and i was asking them for they reaction to the reports we have that there is an imminent threat being planned by syrian rebels originating in territory in syria that is controlled by the syrian government against israel now the reaction was to quote one of the spokespeople for fit the response was simply a refusal to comment as of yet no reaction in the israeli press it's difficult to say whether or not we expect such a reaction because very often this country is reluctant to comment publicly and certainly the officials don't want to go on record giving any kind. inside syria but the information we are getting and this is from sources that are close to what is happening on the ground in syria is that as i say this attack would have originated in a sad cold controlled territory but it will be carried out by the rebels and the result of this is that the blame will be for me put on the shoulders of the assad
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regime now at the same time and the important point to make is that there has been a report that has just been released by the leading israeli counterterrorist think tank and this report does talk about the possibility of unconventional weapons forming into the hands of terrorist groups inside syria israelis are concerned that chemical stockpiles will for you into quote the wrong hands of course ladies this really is the hands of hezbollah and although israeli officials have not in the posco on record admitting this it's widely understood that israel has carried out at least four strikes inside syria at with and delivery supplies two to be his for the militants into the hizbullah organization of course israel would rather prefer a side stay in power there's no love lost between the two countries but it's almost like that old saying be to the devil you know than the devil you don't know from the israeli side i want to also bring you attention to the information we're
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receiving from a belgian research ship was recently released on a heading being held captive by syrian rebels inside that country and he was held by them for five months and he has saved that he denying that the syrian president was responsible for this new toys gas attack that took place on a village near damascus in which more than a thousand civilians when they took the gas today. dominik i don't have a moral duty to say that it's not the bash on assad government that you sorry nor any other gas in the damascus suburb of ghouta we're certain of that so after a conversation we had the good even though it cost me to say because i've supported the free syrian army passionately and it's fair fight for democracy did. now this belgian national says he has this information because he overheard a conversation between his captors in which they said as much and that is that they were responsible for this attack and of course we'll stay on top of the situation waiting to see if there's any kind of news radio official reaction to these reports
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are a potential strike against this country. israel's government strongly supports the possibility of a u.s. led military strike against damascus however on me or in a senior correspondent and columnist for israel's ha'aretz newspaper believes it would be in his nation's interest to keep president asad in place if one had to choose. seems that israel would prefer the regime even though we can do perhaps without such ties with iran and has to stay in place because the assad regime has a governmental result it wants to remain in power and it has to take care of a state the other groups don't have to be concerned with such matters and this is the same system that we saw in lebanon where hezbollah
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became more establishment tarion and in gaza where hamas once took over started to behave like a government and became more restrained so for israel if one had to put on the scales it would. not very happily people would prefer the assad regime. no way john as you are obscure lurch to the right the country's governing coalition is set to include an on team a great symbolic push extremist months my truck and as brave it was once a member of go back to the break. the main competitor girl on the market is mother nature. may customers struggle with to. fight for each drop from the you dirty supply.
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this is not c. welcome bach a populist and to immigration policy who once boasted of mass murder on does break as a member mc set to play a key role in norway's new parliament and right wing progress policy are likely to be invited to form an alliance with the conservatives there's a kind of enough explains now why no way is joining a steady trend across europe. two years ago norway suffered the worst massacre since world war two a brutal assault unleashed against a summer camp for young people claiming seventy seven lives the perpetrator was extreme rightist anders breivik who claimed to have political motivation for his atrocities at his trial he said he wanted to punish the ruling labor party for its liberal immigration policies and to start a so-called conservative revolution he was a member of the progress party in his youth before he lost faith in it and in
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democracy and adopted the radical and muslim views that underpinned his act of terror the n.t.a. immigration progress party saw support crumble in the aftermath of the attack but as norwegians headed to the polls monday for the first parliamentary election since the tragedy the tables appear to have turned and the progress party is poised to enter government for the first time the party has since softened its radical image and tried to distance itself from braving its campaigned for tougher immigration and asylum policies and wants to reduce the number of immigrants from outside the e.u. in the face of economic uncertainty and voters in some european countries have rallied behind a far right nationalist ideas a few of the parties that have emerged have grown more popular others much less so or not at all well since the financial crisis several e.u. countries including major european economies have seen a substantial rise of populist radical right electoral support let's take a closer look now in one of the biggest economies france after years of electoral
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decline marine le pen led the country's national front to its best ever results in the election of two thousand and twelve now some have claimed that xena phobia is still one of the country's party's trademarks although she has tried to soften the party's image since the more radical program of the one nine hundred ninety s. women onto austria the freedom party of austria has focused on anti immigration anti islam and euro skeptic issues is even called for a withdrawal from the euro zone. and moving on to the true finns in finland they may share populist rhetoric with other nordic parties its supporters to are opposed to the e.u. and to close globalism now the party leader hundred the highest number of personal votes for any candidate in the party has one thousand percent of the seats in parliament well the movement for a better hungry entered parliament for the first time three years ago now the group describes itself as a radically patriotic christian party but it's described in
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a local pressed as neo fascist and in the far right national alliance brings together a coalition of conservatives ethno nationalists and economic liberals with fourteen seats in the legislature it's the country's fourth largest political party now at the same time some of the countries which do have notable far right parties there is a fairly even split between those that have seen an increase in support and those which haven't and as you can see right here support for right wing movements has gone down now in some ways the growth of right wing parties has been cyclical in europe some tend to gain power during economic downturns and fav during periods of growth but with economic stagnation continuing on the continent it remains to be seen what will happen to these political groups who see r t moscow. for more on this we're now joined live by a lot of a good deal dan hayes and i used to marine le pen they had of france's national front party welcome to altie good to have you with us why are we seeing such
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a swing to the right across the whole of the e.u. now. hello and thanks for inviting me well is it really a question of going to the right or is it because we're shifting to a new system where it's not a question of right and left anymore i've listened to the reports previously said on your channel and that we would be immigration or actually we're not anti immigration we want to deal more seriously with massive immigration and we're not entirely we want to deal against. radicalization which is quite different and there are many other subjects of course but your party has been around for years now but looks like you're no closer to power. nowadays the polls indicate that we would be leading in the elections the next european
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parliament elections before the elections we will have local elections as will we will probably make very good. numbers and figures but it's just because i think more and more citizens understand that being label lies or damon ised for a first for decades hasn't done anything to the wealth of the people and that they might be opening their eyes no. compared to the nine hundred ninety s. right wing parties seem less radical how does that reflect the mood of the public that audience. well i think that the understand the people there were in democracy that we belong to this democracy that we've been always respecting its rules that we've been going to elections and that since the one nine hundred ninety s. we are all the eyes of the people by explaining more and probably in a better way what we were actually fighting for and that we had seen what is going
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on today already a long time ago that means been foreseen in things long time ago today for what is happening is given a right. madam was recently stripped so her european parliament immunity for remarks she made three years ago comparing muslims praying in the streets to a nazi occupation but on her views more like. well she didn't used the term. you mentioned she seems like an occupation of the territories it is. a shame to say that it's not normal that the public space should be occupied by radical islamists or that we should deal about this story so the justice will decide and more all the voters i guess on this subject. right. down aides to the head of france's national front marine le pen thank you very much
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indeed thank you. some other new stars and brave the sound of that this has reported footage from a protests in turkey one man has died ahmed shafik hour along with forty others was part of a sit in protest over the deaths of activists during june riots witnesses say he died from a heavy injury caused by one. and while police report who fell from the building turkey is a brutal crackdown on anti-government protests left four dead during the summer. in iran fifty were killed in a fatal collision just outside the capital two buses hate each other and burst into flames the accident is being blamed on a burst style which forced one of the vehicles into oncoming traffic according to unicef over twenty eight thousand a rain ians die every year and road traffic accidents.
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in india have been convicted for the fatal gang rape of a mad student back in december they doubt face the death penalty after brutally assaulting a twenty three year old woman on a bus who later died of her injuries crowds outside the court demanded baby home and he months ago tough new measures were introduced after the crime sparked months on breath. a us federal court has imposed a gag order on jail journalists buried brown is facing all that a hundred years in prison over his work related to exposing online surveillance it's been seen as the latest example of a campaign targeting investigative journalism and whistle blowing by the obama administration have been martin takes a closer look and breaking the sound at fifteen hundred g.m.t. on r.t. . that's a journalist fair brown has been in prison for nearly for shedding light on the dark underbelly of the private intelligence world and now he can't even talk about
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it federal court order just imposed a gag order on brown is the fence team that prevents them from discussing the details of the case with anyone from the media brown faces up to one hundred five years behind bars for a number of charges including posting a link to information already available on the internet and threatening a federal agent in a you tube video well guess who was the only testifying witness of the gag order hearing none other than robert smith the same f.b.i. agent who raided brown's home last year and brown is charged with threatening definitely a guy with an unbiased opinion on the legality of a gag order now quoting the court's decision a gag order is meant to protect brown's right to a fair trial because there's just so much media coverage about the case you know between c.n.n. is miley cyrus twerking updates and amazon receives pounding at the syrian war drums government has been all over their brown look at the obvious why they don't want this case to generate attention but i better stop talking before they impose a gag order on me so let's go break the set.
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they saw. it's just one hundred fifty days before the olympic flame is laid for the first of a winter olympics held in russia as excitement grows the milestone will be celebrated in many cities across the country so with the clock ticking and growing all the volunteers are doing their best to the final touches to the venues before the curtain raises in february twenty fourth the biggest price target in libya history and the black sea resort is the warmest bang you have got to host the games with temperatures in the city expected to be around ten degrees celsius at the time the band. and right after the break we continue on a story in the united state of virginia where the tundra island could be on its way to join atlanta's.
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fans of the shocked your football club and kind of gonda kazakhstan believe that a certain special ritual help them achieve victory against the world famous scottish team celtic this ritual was sacrificing his sheep at the stadium as someone who lived in kazakhstan for two years i know there's a real meat eating country with deeply rooted traditions in live stock racing so this news is unusual but maybe it's not completely bizarre for the culture of course defenders of animal rights who don't seem to realize that the sheep would be turned into people of the next few days anyways demanded that you a full officials punish the shock to a club for the actions of individual fans this is the same logic as if someone wearing a sexy tim kirby t. shirt went around robbing liquor stores i am not responsible for the actions of people like this program and it's not like i'd ever advocate robbing liquor stores
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and i doubt the shocked your management secretly arranged for fans to slaughter the sheep at the stadium when the slaughter of animals is acceptable to you or not well that's one thing but we don't need to regulate the morality of individuals in other countries via soccer especially if that regulation means punishing the football clubs who are responsible for the actions of individuals but that's just my opinion . talking about language is what i react to situation i have read the reports but that was a no i'll leave that to the state department to comment on your latter point. ok. no more weasel words. when you question me prepared for a change when you throw a punch be ready for
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a. freedom of speech. down to fit into question. we speak your language. news programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you. news a little tuna tip angles the stories. you hear. the spanish. visit. ok. population. seven a papal give or take.


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