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tv   Sport  RT  September 16, 2013 1:29pm-2:01pm EDT

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to israel in the world cup qualifier in some petersburg after a slow start at the just the stadium the home side came out for the second half with all guns blazing is silly but is that ski breaking the deadlock soon after the restart. alex on back or in doubles their lead just a couple of minutes later the twenty two year old posting his third go into matches . then with sixty minutes to go handball so russia awarded a penalty the man should all copy hits the woodwork it's denise shook off still got the job done well a last gasp header by ed and the harvey proved just a consolation for israel as russia rolled up three one winners. and that result puts russia top of group at one point clear of christiane are now those portugal with too much has to go with russia travelling to minnows luxembourg and azerbaijan next month while swear the netherlands qualified for the world cup finals as winners of group d. with a two no win in under four minutes after the break following
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a quiet first half robin van persie a pinpoint strike in off the far post. and four minutes later the striker made it to nil taking his own tally in qualifying to eight goals and remain bottom and yet to two point. one england remain one point clear at the top of group h. and following a goalless draw with second place ukraine in kiev has striker romance isn't it kind of penalty in the first minute it was a corner it was awarded then two minutes later and repeat off denied theo walcott nil nil it finished in just a top but just three points separate the top four. while france kept up the pressure on group i lead to spain after twice coming back to beat rock bottom batteries four two in goal no half an hour in yeah go for the bank up at the host one nil up but to me it's after the break france were level when front rebury earned and converted a penalty. ten minutes later to five bellerose back in front the front again
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quickly equalized rebury finishing off at the far post to two there were twenty minutes to go somewhere nothing blasted the french in front for the first time and paul pogba added a swift fourth to wrap up a fourteen victory. while group c. leaders germany travel to the faroe islands knowing victory would put them one win away from the finals and that meant to sack out scored from a corner read a way through the first half of the homes then go held back their visitors until the seventy third minute when thomas merely gained eight dubious penalty after no apparent contact at least i guess and he was shown a straight red and austin viewpoint mesut ozil finished on the spot then added a late third to make it three mil germany stay five points clear the pharaoh's bottom and we've come to a point. and argentina did qualify for the world cup following
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a five two win over power in a cincy on the you know messi opened after twelve minutes with his first of two penalties the house leveled five minutes later threw out the alone yes but half an hour in turkey zero zero where i was scored the goal of the game to put the visitors back in front hundred five minutes after the interval and felt good about it made it three one messi then earned and converted argentina's full though with q some to cruise with a goal back to the home side. but substitute not see it every gets sorted in a fifth in the ninetieth minute and five two it's finished. i. oh meanwhile russia's under twenty one's also claimed two straight wins to go top of korea two and stay on course for the twenty fifteen european championships in the czech republic wasn't a bad apple for points. russia had made a winning start to the european competing in march triumphing three new interim dora and come september and you like the sort of steam and to follow up that
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victory with a successful double header on home turf at the hume karina first up was slovenia and the need heavy rain that soaked that beach russia dominated possession in the goal was first half but it was the visitors who took the lead up to fifty six minutes through their skipper newcastle united midfielder. but the russian bounce back within three minutes as constantin was a look made a dream deb you first had dived low to head his side level and four minutes from time the twenty year old was unmarked in the books and grabbed the winner while the visitors were reduced to ten men with a minute to go. i didn't wish them from my point of view i mean from between the sticks it seemed like we had that better shrug the game and should have scored in the first health but the quality of the pitch affected our game immensely. that victory put russia's second in group two airborne behind bulgaria whom the hosts faced in their second match and the home side were handed an advantage after
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eighteen minutes when i. was sent off for folding just inside the area and why didn't all have kept his cool to open from the sport however to man bulgaria levelled deep into first half stoppage time thanks to alexander the corner the russians came out fired up in the second half and regained the lead within three minutes gap to normal hove netting his third of the can be then just after an hour brazil luke made sure of the points three one also scoring his third to ensure russia went top of their qualifying group. there's a long way to go we've played only three games i think defeat of where we're finished top will be decided in the last two fixtures we can sit in the last second of the first half so we were a bit nervous about that but we knew there was forty five minutes to go and had it all in our hands. russia kept their one hundred percent were occurred as they is to we want to win against them and they think you to go top of group two and now will
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travel to the merkel and so with a fifteen for their next encounter. r.t. moscow. now matches for generating measure g.p. champion jorge lorenzo i won his second straight race at the sun marino grand prix to narrow the gap to standings leader mark mark if their enzo started second on the grid but yamaha ride over took market at the first corner and never looked back held a honda teammate dani pedrosa to finish as runner up the trio made it a spanish one two three for the fourth time in a row as local legend valentino rossi came fourth their end zone and protests at trial markets by thirty four points with five races next to go. while the format f one champion kimi reichen is set to rejoin the two. he won the title with in two thousand and seven as a thirty three year old lotus driver has agreed a two year deal with ferrari the flying finn will partner twice champion fernando
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alonso with philippe massa set to leave at the end of the season. now russia is set to host its first ever for me the next jim and richard vanpool fee caught up with exxon across a chunk of one of the leading women in russian f one who's predicting a bright future for the sport in the country. much sport in russia has had a checkered history two grown prisons in petersburg before the first world war were followed by almost a century of inactivity the drive of autonomy patrol for merged as well as tracks of a moscow raceway and so on she for the country will host its first ever formula one race next year but petrov's former agent because such things more needs to be done from the top when you have the governmental support you can develop for the country in the school much faster there are lots of examples why it's a way that india would join formula one three years ago and they already have more than a hundred tries this graded to try not formula one but international of course and international events in russia unfortunately the government doesn't concede the
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want to support as a very important priority sport by the summer then so now when they believe it will come and we really help it so should grow we will help us and we will foster russian motors all received a high profile boost with the troughs on the deal to drive the revenue in two thousand and ten the twenty nine year old later moved to cage to rim and so far managed only one podium finish in fifty eight races because of who went on to become cajuns commercial director but he's a russian's rival boost his country's interest in the sport i think that it's not his entrance to form that was one of the toughest question from free will the second sort and the young drivers fighting for their one malice in this era and venue yet they were they will bring their investment in the development of the interest of the most recent in all countries russia could have another native driver by the time for such a grand prix gets underway in october two thousand and fourteen eighteen year old
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surrogates are old kids trying to salvage this year initially as a test drive but there are plans to put the muscovites behind the wheel next season this would further help promote the sport's image in russia but has little sponsorship and as yet it's a pledging interest among the public such people they just don't know how to use moves forward as a problem. seem to. believe seems to for some time when they frame into this formula one management and russia signed we're living in a transition period we have to see with our own eyes in the form i want can't sleep or out to the country that was what for i want kinky to business for me one can give to the media and is to take this risk very important for us so we are expecting. in the interest of formula one in a more just for generally will increase of the first five weeks such. this is a boom time for russian sports after hosting the first ever world after a six championships in the summer the country's nonsense to host the winter
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olympics and expand beery as well as before the world cup in two forms nineteen formula one is determined not to be left behind and we're trying to create its own legacy of one hundred year wait richard i'm told me tante. and history was also made on the streets of the capital this weekend as thousands of runners fall through the rain to take part in the first official moscow marathon and michael christian kid was there. the first of a marathon held in moscow took place in one thousand nine hundred one on the back of russia's first ever summer olympic games the capital seized on the new found in susie essman for sport to create the international moscow marathon for peace and the forty two kilometer insurance events was held annually until last year when the organizers decided to reinvent it. this is the first marathon of this guy and here in moscow which is based on major marathons like the ones in london or paris the capital recently successfully hosted the world athletics championships and now it's
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staging this fantastic new marathon moscow has over two point eight million athletes that's a huge army of people and we're very proud of that. over ten thousand runners took part in the revamped marathon on a new track that snaked through the heart of moscow by iconic buildings such as the kremlin the walls of red square and christ the savior cathedral finally ending where it all began in the historic luzhniki stadium. and it's been great it was my first marriage form and i am pleased with my result and the way the whole event has been run despite the rainy conditions like something with the troop of ukraine clocked just over two hours and nineteen minutes to win the men's race while the first winner of the women's inaugural event was even a small nick of kazakstan in two hours and forty five minutes. old denies us have done a great job really and the new track is fantastic i mean it's in the center of moscow
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for someone like me visiting the capital is quite unbelievable only streets were blocked off for us i can imagine how difficult it must have been to organize this what with moscow's and terrorist traffic but really it's an amazing feat russia's sporting authorities are keen to see the moscow marathon achieve international recognition as well as now turning their attention to hosting future global tournament's. and one of the event of moscow's annual marvel has been a result of the success of over the last panda made just for you that is being held at the looted the stadium with russia's largest sporting venue set for state of the heart revamped ahead of russia's first ever world cup in twenty years you might object go party moscow. amounts of about one but don't go away as part two certainly packs a punch stacey. i
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have been negotiating. and over all these have never seen a moment a moment a moment when trade tensions were not there. to the. science technology innovation believes developments from around russia we've. covered. syria and the neighborhood as washington stumbles its way through the syrian crisis there are those who see this horrific conflict as a perfect opportunity to topple assad then move on to turn around at the same time iran in the us are said to engage in direct talks so what's ahead more conflict or the start of pragmatism compromise. please speak your language. programs and documentaries in arabic it's all here on. reporting from the world
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talks about the v.o.i.p. interviews intriguing story for you. then try. to find out more visit. it was a. very hard to get. to hear. that back with that you're right there. was.
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a bit of a. welcome back to the sport show and let's resume with boxing because floyd mayweather jr once again avoided talk of a possible fight against manny pacquiao in the near future the such a six year old american spoke off the at pointing soul of ottis in las vegas as the welterweight stock change the w.b.c. belt retained his w b a title and extended his perfect record to forty five wins you know everybody has been hurt in floyd mayweather by trying to get a lottery ticket for floyd mayweather you know as of right now i don't know in five minutes i want to go home and take a vacation over to mixed martial arts as most go we'll soon see one of the sport's
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all time greats medico filippovich once again face russia's alexander in a fight label to the rematch of the decade roberts fought on yan has the build up. not for the money or whether they but full price one of the first and biggest mixed martial arts stages that pitted together the sport's elite back in the early two thousand. believe of age and the externality media and both established their names there in japan and board among the view of a generation or still in acquiring business in two thousand and four equations special forces officer know the russian. nine years on they're set to meet again here in moscow just above what all of us are and it's getting more difficult for me to find the motivation to fight man especially against average fighters but the upcoming fight is a whole different story i will come forward to facing alexander once again it gives
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me the drive train hard when you. move up i think i have better motivation the miracle now i've changed my attitude towards this ball and life in general a lot i'm very focused now. has always been one of the most feared strikers of the hay weight division and even in the age of thirty eight was kinda wingate boxing's most prestigious title the two thousand and thirteen gay one grand prix nevertheless krakow has lost three of his last four m.m.a. belts. i thought i'd say i'm very close to being in my best shape right now of course when we met for the first time i was nine years younger then since i left pride i've had seven operations it was tough to recover well get back to training and regain my form but i did it this sport is my life i still train seven days a week and i believe i can still fight and beat most of those in the business while you me and a six years younger with six wins from his last seven match ups and cleans is yet
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to reach his pinnacle in the sport. when i lost america i knew why it happened. to gain more experience and get myself prepared for fights against the m.m.a. delete it will be different this time around and i'm very grateful for the opportunity the legend tournament promoters have given us. the rematch is scheduled for november the eighth when diligent tournament will hit the russian capital for the second time with these two topping the bill and whatever the outcome it's a safe bet many fans will be thinking of another great rematch against the other human being which looks like a dream that's unlikely to ever come true. of a national national. field or is widely considered to be an all time great and are afraid has been recognized as one of the greatest m.m.a. battles in the history of the sport so he's retired but if by any chance he's back
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i'd love to have a rematch against him. robert byrd an r.t. . now moving on to golf where american jim furyk equalled the p.g.a. tour record by carving a super but second round of fifty nine at the b.m.w. championship in illinois the forty three year old started the day on the back nine and batted for his opening five holes before shooting an eagle on the fifteenth a crack of a shot hundred fifty yards oh his only blip came on the fifth hole which by the gate but he also carded eleven birdies overall to become only the sixth man to break sixty with a twelve under par round of fifty nine and he's the only golfer to do it with a bogey on his score caught. staying with golf as england simon brown won the russian seedier open by two strokes at a rainy moscow country club president but apple has more. twenty thirteen has
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become a significant year for gulf infuses in russia the european tour returned to the country after a five year absence along with the senior tour which was hosted at the moscow country club russia's the first eighteen hole golf course ian woosnam who captained europe to write a cup glory in two thousand and six won the first russian stage five years ago and was glad to be back it's a big part of you know how it so on out it was up to cape russia he have a great tournament and looked after us very well there's plenty of parties and you now are saying as you know it sometimes we like to party a little bit and only want to go to bed early as well however unlike the welshman woosnam or the legendary colin montgomerie were among the standout the former's with almost constant rain throughout the final round simon brown who went into the law as the leading by a single shot kept his nerve surviving and double bogey on the fourteenth to bounce back with two birdies and finished the last hole in style almost holding these
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fantastic approach and sealed his maiden win with the easiest of tappings two shots ahead of my car with and carl mason fifty year old grown only received he scored polluter in january and was happy to claim victory in moscow this is a really great golf course but a great week this week. i came on they did it for seventeen years ago and finished well so right now the good times despite heavy rain overnight leader brown was in total control in the final day getting a round of seventy to win by two strokes into becoming russia's first european senior to a winner in five years on same by the r.t.e. moscow region. now let's turn to winter sports and in the kontinental hockey league champions damo moscow maintained their early lead with a two no victory that she has just outside the capital check defender philip novak less than three minutes in with a powerful wrist shot from the blue line. appeared to have equalized in the second
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period to get the home crowd on their feet replay showed that puck didn't cross the line and sealed the deal for dinner early in the third as the garden cup holders extended their perfect start to the season after winning all five matches and their first on the road. while the earliest spot at moscow came from behind to beat cross city rivals tesco three two one home ice alexander the love open for the visitors midway through the first period. goals in the second i just laugh because love and vocal spa tack in the driver's seat before american defenseman fired a cracker from the blue line to put the hosts into a comfortable three one lead with thirteen minutes to go alec somebody can pull them back in the dying minutes but it was too little too late spotlight claiming the capital's bragging rights. now is less than five months to go before russia's maiden winter olympics in sochi ice hockey superstar alexander ovechkin says it's a huge honor for him to carry the torch in greece later this month even though the
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washington capitals forward is busy preparing for the new n.h.l. season. it's your life or our approach to. carry the torch you know. represented by so they said everybody said. that before you were going to do the same we poor we had were an invitation that you know i just have to work for. plays i have to work with the. russian federation to figure out how i can and i can do it that you know i was going to work there was no real way to do it. well ovechkin was named as one of the torchbearers façade as the organizers also revealed the plane will travel to russia's extreme peaks on what they say is the longest relay ever europe's highest mountain el bruce the bottom of lake baikal and even the north pole will all named on the ridge associate organizing committee president dmitri china shank it how did i do that the torch is to some of the future parents. while newly elected international olympic committee president
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thomas back says those such a games are his top priority after the fifty nine year old german won the ballots in argentina to form a fence that is the ninth i.o.c. boss and also the first olympic champion to head the organization. sure when i go to lowe's on the next it used to be. there when president is going over to me the files of. the top five will be will be sochi and i will be very happy. to try to work there for it with salty you know to make it a great success and finally with the winter sports season about to get underway the russian snowboarding team are making their final preparations and hoping that american born star vic wild can help lead his adopted country to gold in such a. snowboarding has only been one big discipline since then the gamma
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games in one thousand nine hundred eight russia's first medal came twelve years later in vancouver where. took silver in the women's parallel giant slalom and this helped kick start a new wave of snowboarders across the country not least attracting american star vic wilde i didn't have any good thought david had states that i wasn't going to reach the goals that i wanted and thus it was an opportunity to get the balls. to be able to do what i wanted to do the twenty seven year old had originally competed for his native country but applied for russian citizenship in twenty eleven after marrying snowboard world champion young as a first in the world then claim bronze stores adopted country at this year's world championships in quebec and says he's now used to representing russia so it's been like this for a while now so it's not too too new for me. if you're good you know we had a great offseason now it's starting to get into the winter dancer. it's nice to be
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back on so. meanwhile that arsenal will be targeting olympic gold in sochi i'm a twenty four year old says she'll be trying to avoid any distractions in the build up something a husband has been teaching or to me she brought a new attitude because he has a way he's way more aggressive than i am he made me a little more aggressive more like a more more of a boss if you're if you will and. he made me engage in whatever i'm doing in life do it one hundred percent. following russia's initial success in cuba wilds grauman's in the parallel giant slalom at the twenty thirty will championships was topped by cutting up the big issue of who took gold in the parallels flour all of which bodes well for russia's medal chances at the olympics but while it says plenty still needs to be done overall the results probiotics good as they should be in my opinion i mean rowers want to win more world cups work you know to win the
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overall and stuff like that so that as a survey we have a lot of work to do yet despite wild scorching the country snowboarding authorities think the results have been coming at just the right time but if you're sort of modern sportsmen aspirating our athletes are progressing well with the addition of vic wilde there is now real competition amongst the men and this is really important last year i hoped he'd be more successful for the team rather than pushing him for individual glory like you could see in most of the guests of a has done recently but they all know just how important sochi is by now so we'll see. that with a team including two world champions one american stock and the support of the nation behind them russia's backing their snowboarders from maiden glory come february the seventh month with a chunk of aussie moscow region. and that's it from sport i think.
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war is probably the most complex of human activity. but. that's. not. i think a phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. to kill a bunch of people who don't know what they're up their families there are a us people. reading. this some of them shoots my brother in the leg not intentionally because of it because it was night times four in the morning even the best even the belch shoulders. are going to make mistakes this is this whole idea of brotherhood and author. and camaraderie in this
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sense it was in this context it has absolutely no place. unexplored antarctica what is it in this icy expanse that attracts the people who come here. now i only go to the duchess. and enter into. a new generation of polar explorers is coming. we have a new group of specialists here now all of them are young how are they going to get along with each other and i don't know. who. i used to be a bureaucrat. seriously. what adventures await in this mysterious land where do they live what do they eat and what are they actually. doing in antarctica .
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one of the new little strawman allies should be making news all the face you know lone. pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today. more news today violence is once again flared up. and these are the images the world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day.
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at least seven people have been shot dead and ten injured in a shooting at a navy yard in washington d.c. three gunmen are believed to have carried out the attack with two of them still at large. a u.n. report says there's no doubt that chemical weapons were used in syria adding that warheads the siren loaded rockets could have been improvised devices this is russia's foreign minister says the syrian opposition should be made to sit down for peace talks with the government. and under fire r.t. continues its series of reports from the heart of the syrian war this time our correspondent joins syrian troops dodging sniper fire in a damascus suburb.


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