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tv   [untitled]    September 25, 2013 1:00am-1:31am EDT

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president hassan rouhani slams the suspicion surrounding iran's nuclear program claiming there's no place for tomic weapons in his country and his address the u.n. general assembly. greenpeace are accused of piracy after trying to storm a russian oil rig while the country hopes an international force to secure our college in. the u.k. operates its own citizens people of a tiny mid atlantic either and say they're being squeezed back to make room for the u.s. military. good morning nice to have you company with r.t. coming to you live from moscow now addressing the u.n.
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general assembly iran's president hassan rouhani says he's ready for dialogue on the country's nuclear program he's called for a consistent voice from washington on the issue while obama also signaled his willingness to talk on the sidelines of the gathering in new york russia and the u.s. also continued their work on a consensus over syria artes and it's now a reports. at his debut speech at the u.n. iranian president hassan rouhani stressed iran is not a threat but made to be won by other countries to promote interests in the region he said no military solution is acceptable in the region and the syrian crisis is a result of external influence to change regional order now rouhani talked about how people in the world are tired of wars and violence and how moderation is needed he added that iran is ready to cooperate he once again said iran is not seeking nuclear weapons and is ready to help quell concern over its peaceful nuclear
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program battle me out see you on iran's nuclear program and for that matter that of all other countries must pursue exclusively peaceful purposes nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction have no place in iran's security in defense doctrine and contradict their fundamental religious and ethical convictions. as expected he had a much softer tone than his predecessor but the israeli delegation that was not present for rowhani speech in fact in an interview after he did a talk about the holocaust saying that it was a horrible crime against jewish people much different kind of rhetoric than we heard. from. in his speeches at the u.n. the u.s. was present for the speech a lot of hope of course that this week could see a reset of u.s. iran relations no direct exchange between the president but the highest level
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meeting since one thousand nine hundred seventy nine will be held as of now on thursday between foreign ministers iran iran seeks constructive engagement with other countries based on mutual respect and common interest and within the same framework does not seek to increase tensions with the united states now on the sidelines of russia and the u.s. continued their work to try and find consensus on syria sergey lavrov and john kerry confirmed the meeting was constructive lavrov says there is a mutual understanding that the next step is to move forward with the geneva two format but the u.s. is now pushing for a stronger u.n. resolution on syria that would call for the use of force if it doesn't comply with plans to get rid of syrian chemical weapons russia is very wary of any kind of mention of force in resolutions because it believes it counters hampers diplomatic efforts and also wants to push for all chemical weapons on both sides both the
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government and the rebels to be destroyed the u.s. pointed out it will still act to protect its interests in the mideast in fact obama in his u.n. speech said the u.s. is prepared to use all elements of power including military force to secure these core interests in the region and that's not a very good sign for diplomacy. well barack obama also stressed that president. sad staying is head of the syrian state is not an option saying it would create an extremely violent space rick stream is to operate antiwar activists brian becker believes washington is just looking for a pretext to push through a military solution to the conflict but the united states and what france are trying to do at the security council is the bully russia and china in order to get wording into that resolution that would authorize them to carry out military action under the rubric of the united nations but clearly the obama administration says it
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has the authority to act unilaterally but it would like to have some sort of shield or at least a mask for this sort of unilateral operation chemical weapons in this instance are a pretext for an escalating intervention the obama administration's hand it's been stayed because of global opposition including massive domestic opposition in the united states they're trying to come back but they're in a weakened position right now it's a double standard it's hypocrisy the united states is trying to bully the u.n. security council to do what it really wants to do which is to escalate the conflict in syria to overthrow their government remodel rands president hassan rouhani has said expansionist strategies in the region cannot be masked by humanitarian rhetoric he stressed any use of force would only deepen the syrian conflict and that's just one of the many points of contention between america and iran but is there a chance of dialogue between tehran and washington under iran's new president well that's the question peace lavelle's panel of guests in cross talk at seven thirty
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am g.m.t. is a preview. it's both sides need to compromise it's not just washington iran has a whole history of deceiving the international community about its nuclear program it's documented it's on record this isn't information that should be debated i think the us need to come to terms with what is actually real and what is not and there is no there is absolutely not one iota of truth in what you just mentioned iran has always been transparent about this nuclear program but under pressure from the united states the i.a.e.a. start helping iran they've pulled back it's never been secret and this is in accurate.
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and we are closely following all the developments at the general assembly and we've got all the details for you online to listen to all the speeches by the world leaders and more log on to our website at r.t. dot com. greenpeace activists are facing piracy charges in russia after attempting to storm in or platform in the arctic they insist their protest was for the sake of the environment while investigators are calling it a reckless assault miss comes as russia hosts an international arctic forum focusing on eliminating environmental damage in the region r.t. you peace cannot is following events. well the activists themselves say that their actions were peaceful but you have to understand that a floating oil platform is a sophisticated mechanism there's a whole system of traffic for ships moving around and connecting to it to load up fuel and just simply docking to it could cause massive consequences
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including a damage to the environment but the activists didn't only try docking to the platform to them tried climbing onto it one of them even fell down into the waters and according to the investigative committee in russia they say that they didn't only pose a danger to barrow safety but to the environment as well so now all thirty of them from eighteen countries are now in the russian northern city of movements waiting for official charges which could go all the way up to piracy and terrorism but despite the scandal with the greenpeace activists what we're seeing here are truly international efforts to preserve the environment off the arctic russia for the third time is hosting the arctic international forum this time in the city of the only one located exactly on the line of the arctic circle over four hundred experts have gathered here and one of the main issues being discussed is the environment in
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the arctic a truly this region holds vast natural resources the general understanding here is that the temperatures in the arctic have in general warmed up opening up new opportunities for countries to develop these natural resources and a lot of attention is now focused on preserving the environment and. security college take the rivalry rich oil and gas resources up michelle ski from the center of globalization explains that the battle for the north pole is high on the global military agenda. united states is now building an integration with canada under the north american union which constitutes a means for the u.s. to extend its its so-called sovereignty over a count of those arctic territories and so the issue of all territorial rights over
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the arctic well eventually in my opinion will go through deep integration between count of the united states and the so-called north american union and the strategic partnership which eventually will extend its jurisdiction are up to the north pole it's the confrontation between russia and the united states and its partners its nato partners in a new battle for oil and gas. and then we're talking about militarized nations the stablish front of military bases the extension of oil and gas companies going up to the arctic and of course it has devastating environmental implications that coming up later in the program the lympics case and to this world is a cosmic trejo hey this is the international space station and historic mission to carry the games told into a whole base for the first time. choose
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your language. call it a killer though if you're going to. choose the consensus. choose the opinions that immigrate to. choose the stories that impact your. child's access to your office. write the same. first trip. and i think you're.
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on a reformer's twitter. instagram. that i welcome back not washed by the atlantic ascension island is a distant remnant of the british empire is still home to hundreds of people the population has severely reduced over the past decade so let's take a look at this tiny dot is the island which is situated roughly midway between the horn of south america and africa residents and human rights activists accuse the british government of squeezing the life out of the volcanic island operating families that have lived there for almost a century and the reason america wants to expand a military base there were smith investigates. it's
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a tiny island in the mid atlantic made of volcanic rock and covered in pitch and water no but to eight hundred people. but now the story of ascension island has all the hallmarks of being another diego garcia the british owned indian ocean islands whose inhabitants were forced to leave to make way for a u.s. base despite having lived through generations islanders accuse the british government of. operating families who've been there for more than a century ten years ago with all the difference britain was promising democratic institutions for the island a legal right to live and to own property it wanted a viable community but today the population's already decreased by. with communities replaced by contract workers were tired or unemployed people eighteen had to leave and the similarities with diego garcia and the dominant feature on the
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island is you guessed it an american base heavily used during president obama's recent trip to africa there are also satellites and submarine tracking stations and one of the now infamous listening posts run by. the british government now conveniently insists ascension has no indigenous population and many residents believe they intend to evacuate the island completely and abandon it to the americans from the dreams of a permanent home they had a decade ago. to haul in the special relationship. trying to get we've got plenty more stories for you online including naming the dead investigative journalist tackle the secrecies stand drone strikes to find the real death toll of u.s. warfare. and. allegations it may be training members
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of the fall. right organization golden dawn both these stories plus twenty more are dots a dot com. search string. and i think that your. letter. they say education is the best investment but it could prove a costly one for a student some fronts scared away from the job market by record unemployment figures many prefer to stay at university but few can afford it and even for those who can there is still the question of what to do with their skills artie said for syria as this report. the point of view of six million unemployed youth has been
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well documented to date in france it's above twenty six percent and in deprived there isn't the contrary it can go as high as forty percent the chances of getting a job are so slim some have opted to go back to school but even that is proving to be problematic as students fall back to university campuses like this one for another academic year student unions are sounding the alarm over the cost of funding one year of study away from their parental home they say they'll have to shell out between ten thousand five hundred euros and fifteen thousand five hundred each year a very steep price they say in addition to what they see as a bleak future ahead of them. today the students from working classes have less possibility to access university education because of costs the university tuition fees are not very high but the cost of living is very high returning to university
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this year is going to be difficult because all the fixed prices of food health what we call mandatory fees for social security all of it is going up in the month of september for the new school year he says is once again synonymous with sacrifice and financial hardship something that is all too familiar with a working student completing her degree and fitter her story is not uncommon finding herself in a vicious circle of ashley puts it trying to meet someone there to me i'm an optimist but it's so complicated to think about my status and at the same time having to work you have to find a job but even if you find one there is no stable salary without a stable salary you can't rent a room it's not such an extreme idea that one day you'll end up on the streets there are public servant accommodation but never enough to meet demand government funding the number of public housing doubled by twenty twenty but does little to ease the present burden of an already lost general. there's
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a bit of good news though the budget for student scholarships has been increased to one hundred eighteen million euros starting this month which student unions hope with me better university access and experience some of the country's poorest. and for many heading into higher education that extra cash is vital to allow them to make the most of their studies. many students get part time jobs to pay for their education that's less than twelve hours week but any more education suffers from this is experiencing an economic crisis and we need to have more graduates for the future it's the public power acknowledge the problem before it becomes catastrophic assuming one does not get an education it goes back to the question of managing to do something with it getting a job when there any tests are still you are to paris. a quick look at some other international news now a powerful seven point eight magnitude earthquake has hit eastern pakistan the
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death toll has now risen to two hundred eight people according to local authorities the death occurred in the district near the center of the quake where almost a third of the buildings are said to have collapsed tremors have been reported across the region and hundreds of kilometers away in india's capital new delhi. ten years president has announced an end to the rescue operation in nairobi westgate mall the scene of the country's worst terrorist attack in fifteen years five members of the of the al shabaab militant group responsible for the assault were killed during the standoff eleven others are in custody at least sixty seven people died in the hostage crisis with around one hundred seventy injured at least two americans and a british citizen are among the al-qaeda linked insurgents that carried out the assault a u.s. led investigation claims the plot was hatched weeks or months ago in somalia where a team of english speaking foreign fighters were selected there are reports that
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a british woman may have spearheaded the attack. and central china is being hit by torrential rains caused by the typhoon use argue which surely a crash through the southern part of the country to confirm number of dead in the worst hit area has risen to twenty nine with over half a million residents relocated economic losses from the storm have reached almost three billion dollars heavy rains in nearby vietnam and cambodia of course at least thirty six deaths. as the thirty seventh mission to the international space station readies for blastoff on thursday morning one extra special piece of equipment is being stowed on board r.t. support scott explains. russian cosmonauts coach of and scheme along with american astronaut mike hopkins the trio are about to embark on the thirty seventh expedition to the international
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space station but along with carrying out the usual array of hundreds of scientific and medical experiments resound skin culture of have one more unusual task to perform in november now become the first people in history to carry the olympic torch into open space around the deal it's the caress you as a community will make it as beautiful and spectacular as we can we want to make it memorable millions of people around the world will be able to see us at work and see what we do you'll be able to see the outside of the eye assess with earth in the background we aim to make it a visual spectacle but we don't want to give you all the details just yet the torch will follow the crew to the i assess on a specially branded rocket once the russians have taken it on its unprecedented space walk it will head back to earth with returning crewmembers ready to continue its relay across russia. starting in moscow in early october the torch is to travel
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sixty five thousand kilometers around the country and will be carried by fourteen thousand bures two of which will be on the i.s.a.'s although it won't be late when he's on screen culture of got their hands on it the very same toss will be used to light the cauldron during the games opening ceremony in february the crew of expedition thirty seven a relatively inexperienced only commander cult of has been to space before and he's providing a reassuring presence for the newest members of the space community but i'd also like to say i feel very competent and part of that comes from our commander who's obviously very experienced tubes in the spacecraft but as you can see here in the press conference as well always has a calming presence after launch the soyuz spacecraft is set to over the four times before docking with the i s s the entire journey taking just around six hours the crew set to remain on board until mid march michael fossum who returned from the i s s two years ago and one day hopes to go back and explains what they can expect
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i'm very excited for my concern again as they as they look forward to their first flight they have dreamed about this like all of us really from the time of childhood and now they're preparing to live that dream they're a little nervous they're a little excited and they're professionals they're looking forward to doing the job for which they've trained for many years while following the final preparations in the testing center behind me the rocket has now embarked on its journey to the launch pad and although this train track is only five kilometers long the journey has taken around two hours this is done a walking pace as not to damage the technical equipment inside and although all does look set there's plenty more final preparations to be done in the few hours ahead of launch. some of those preparations include cooling the rocket with nitrogen to minus two hundred seventy degrees to stabilize and keep the four hundred tons of fuel cool so that come the early hours of thursday morning this rocket can deliver the i assess its recruits pull scott by colonel.
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and we hope to bring you that rocket launch live on thursday now just coming up the half past nine in the russian capital and back in half an hour with the headlines up next though from prisoners to human rights activists we take a look at the lives changed by guantanamo bay prison that special report is coming . into the future. technologies the name in aviation is the game bush's latest still politics piece of the monks a noble power source brings innovations new heights and don't the ground the night
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shaped lots of things come to be our day here on. the media leave us so we leave the baby. by the sea potion security for your party there's a call. for suze that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are today. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. role. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across a cynical we've been
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a hydrogen lying handful of trans national corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once it's all just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate and a real discussion of critical issues facing up to five different ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. this
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place was a problem there aren't taken place against someone here the club has never had sex with her rick perry plays let's play. lists lists lists lists lists lists about. a. place.
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such people. were cleaning up. flights. story. the first. the president did not keep his promise. two years later one ton of no is still operating. could shutting the door on their detention center really and the trauma of one time. and can the closing of a prison really liberate those it once held captive.
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it's not that i feel lonely if i am lonely for him and who could possibly understand what i've experienced in guantanamo when i talk about it is most. no one is able to imagine maps. and the flag flew over camp delta and guantanamo bay cuba where you know the detainees are housed. to honor all those service members and civilian who have lost their lives during the global war on terrorism and those who continue to fan the ideals of freedom and democracy throughout the world so i really appreciate that because i very much enjoyed serving my country. it's painful and it makes me sad
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that there are those who think my service is not honorable. if anyone googles my name torture will come out because my name was put in books of all types which of course have in its title torture the torture team the road torture the trail. dr in all these kinds of things people think i must be the torture lady. but i mean nine eleven a lot of people were killed that day i want to make sure somebody was held accountable. how dare anyone on this planet. do that. within our borders.


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