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tv   Headline News  RT  September 25, 2013 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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today. this is our team tonight not pirates but offenders president putin says greenpeace activists broke international law and they tried to climb on board an offshore platform to protest against drilling for oil in the arctic. chemical weapons team resumes probe in syria after criticism that its previous findings were one sided and inconclusive. and we report on residents of a british colonial outpost in the atlantic who are saying they're being ousted to make room for a u.s. military base.
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over a good even if you just joined us my name is kevin owen reporting from r.t. h.q. tonight in moscow it's just after ten pm here in our top story the thirty arrested greenpeace activists are in temporary custody after being questioned by russian authorities that campaigners face charges of trying to storm an oil platform to protest against drilling in the arctic this is one of the places where some of being held the russia's northwestern port city of murder mounts a criminal case on suspicion of piracy has no been opened by investigators but no one's been formally charged the activists could get up to fifteen years jail if convicted president putin brought up the instant of the international arctic for amazon can offer paul. the environmental security in the arctic is what this forum is all about and it's widely understood that the arctic itself is quite a fragile system and any misuse any accidents there would lead to major consequences and last week's incident with the group of greenpeace activists who tried to board the floating platform in the north of the russian were deep genes
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was also talked about here and according to the president clearly the activists are not pirates but the. still violate the law and i believe we're going to know which is it would be better if those greenpeace representative said with us together in this school and told us would be think about the problems we're discussing because state their complaints demands and concerns no one is trying to brush them aside would gather for meetings like this specifically to discuss such problems it's obvious there aren't pirates but they try to storm the platforms are security forces and border troops did not know who exactly was trying to seize the platform which under the greenpeace guides it's obvious these people violated international law by coming dangerously close to the platform the third time that russia is organizing this forum and clearly it's taking place in. the only city located exactly on the arctic circle around four hundred experts of gathered here from
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across the world were heard from the presidents of russia finland iceland and a representative of the arctic council all talking about environmental issues and environmental security of the arctic in general like i said it's widely understood that any misuse or accidents will be to severe consequences which to future generations will have to deal with that's why according to president putin only companies with experience working in the arctic and the financial resources to do it properly have to be allowed to develop energy there it's a responsibility i would i would say in a cascade globally we have to work together nations have to work within them their own borders and among others in the border all the way down to those of us who live in our own homes i am of the a billion that i think that we do not have to back up we're going forward there are all kinds of really remarkably new ways of providing energy so that only about current energy projects and future energy projects but also about clean up the
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heritage of the cold war era like abandoned military. bases military hardware tens of thousands of barrels of oil which are still there left not only by the soviet union but by the united states and canada and it's also widely understood here that it's not only the responsibility of one country to clean that up but really the responsibility of the international community. u.n. inspectors back in syria to investigate more cases of alleged chemical weapons use the team concluded that nerve gas had been used on a large scale last month that report though did not assign blame but was still used by western powers to build a case against the syrian government russia called the u.n. findings inconclusive a one sided pulis leah's call the latest. now the team was established by the u.n.
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secretary general ban ki moon and it is been headed by swedish scientists dr kay sells from the convoy of supplied united nations cars arrived at a central hotel in damascus shortly before midday on the wings day we understand that there are at least some eight u.n. investigators participating in this investigation the team was in syria last month and in a report that was handed to the united nations on the sixteenth of september it concluded that it had clear and convincing evidence that sarin gas had been used in an attack on the twenty first of august in the suburbs of damascus in which hundreds of people were killed not up to cells from has said that their support was an initial finding it is an initial document and that their purpose now is to look into other allegations we do expect them to examine some thirteen to fourteen attacks that took place inside syria during this thirteen month conflict the team
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does say that it hopes to position to its final findings addressing all of these accusations possibly by the end of october now there has been criticism as to the fact that the team can or cannot conclude whether or not chemical gas was used but it's not going to be able to say who was behind these chemical attacks and indeed this is not one of the missions of this particular investigation moscow has also pointed out that u.n. inspectors ignored evidence that was handed to them by syria it was handed to them secretly and that this evidence was ignored as a result of russia saying that this initial report was biased and needs reinvestigation the syrian coverage also a key focal point to discussions of the ongoing u.n. general assembly to the president may bring a. call for a peaceful solution. also took a chance to defend his country's nuclear program of course but a report miles got the latest from new york. the iranian president did address the
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world body for the first time on tuesday and his speech was largely absent of any vitriol are anti israel rhetoric instead he offered up a chance to negotiate with the u.s. and its allies over iran's disputed nuclear program standing before a world leaders he declared president hassan rouhani declared that nuclear weapons have no place in iran he said his country is ready to remove all concerns about the peaceful nature of its nuclear program and that iran does not seek to increase tensions with the united states he says he believes this country is an anchor of stability in the stable region where iran is located he said the iranian threat that has been perpetrated for many years is imaginary and he believes that it's being used as an excuse for other misdeeds by certain countries president. said that iran poses absolutely no threat to the world or to the region
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he also said there is no military solution to the conflicts in the in the region and that iran seeks to resolve all issues not create them he once again underscored that iran is ready to willing to be ready and willing to cooperate with the west and believes the best way to manage differences is on equal footing with mutual respect it what he was essentially saying in his speech is that he's trying to are sure in a new chapter with the international community and wants the international community particularly the u.s. and its allies to treat iran with respect and like an equal. across probably new york city there let's get some reaction there from new york post a political science has covered for xabi he was an advisor to rand's nuclear negotiations to be precise was not. you earlier or met the iranian president earlier on today did he have very thing extra to add to the remarks they gave to
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the general assembly. world this is a private meeting with some elite members of the american media most of what he said was off the record but essentially president obama and he elaborated. yeah well you know he was asked repeatedly about his position on holocaust and he called it a crime against humanity. categorically condemned that he thought about syria that iran supports the russia us chemical weapon disarmament because iran is against all weapons of mass destruction in the middle east he also talked about the you know inhuman sanctions that are hurting the average iranians and he questioned the idea of targeted or a smart sanctions and he had you know some discussions with the people who are
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attending the meeting with respect to the prospects for nuclear negotiation and he reinforce the notion that he presented yesterday that the general assembly regarding his free rein in negotiation with the west and the foreign minister was in charge of the nuclear file to proceed tomorrow with. counterpart john kerry so the impression that the people left that drawer was that he is a man who see it to negotiate as a free and and should be taken seriously much anticipation of these talks or as you say but is this substance real substance there do you think from the iranian side. absolutely and i think that you know more through his a speech as well as the. press conferences and the meaning today he did the process whereby he has received you know a popular mandate as
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a result of the elections as well as the green light from the supreme leader and so on in order to negotiate on the nuclear standoff and the you know he said that lot of issues are on the table he is willing to negotiate without precondition and so on so i think that you know there's a sense of optimism and in among the reigning in leadership that. unique opportunity right now in order to cause a breakthrough in the nuclear deadlock and it is a totally free hand he's got you mentioned you said he's got his back total one hundred percent backing absolutely and it's rather and precedented. mr rouhani has been the leaders representative in the national supreme national security council for a long time and so they know each other for some forty years and therefore it is a high degree of confidence and the president by the supreme leader transitions
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people apparently prone to those western sanctions is the u.n. going to listen. i hope so you know that i think that the president is counting on among other things the. hundred and twenty three countries that are member of it and it's being led by iran these days that have thrown their weight behind the iran question and the justness. and now with all these significant gestures and overtures by the. you know nuclear transparency and more cooperation with the eye and so on and so forth it would be very hard for the other side to throw monkey wrench and to torpedo the process around sparking for the syrian regime has not gone very well though in in many western camps how to run justify what it's doing. well you know today president rouhani elaborated that from iran's point of view there is two parallel processes
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or conflicts going on in syria one between the garmin and the syrian opposition and the other one between the guy a man and a terrorist who happen to have the upper hand in in the fight against the government and that represents a threat not only to syria but also to the neighboring countries and the entire region and the army warned about the consequences of this blind western support for these terrorist groups and possibly that is a blowback in the future but you know overall i think that the iranians are very keen on the political process and they want to you know insert themselves in the geneva talk if it ever happens and you know a big supporter of. an influence in the direction of holding free elections and so forth and it would be a big mistake on the part of some governments to try to exclude iran however if i may add president rouhani has stated that in his meeting with his french
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counterpart there's a mole on the board expressed similar points of views concerns about the terrorists in syria as well as the importance of the political process and watches are coming nuclear talks very closely of course over the next coming days thank you for your time figuring on the program curve for xabi the new york based political scientist appreciate it my pleasure. all the way here on out say the syrian rebels opposition to the opposition follows flocking to join al qaida affiliates who want an islamic state in the country we talk about that just a few minutes from now. the . economic down in the final. days of the deal
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and the rest. will be every week.
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thousands of syrian rebel fighters have disavowed the moderate opposition instead they're filling the ranks of the al qaeda linked extremist camp they've joined the growing chorus of armed voices calling for an islamic state in syria around one hundred thousand opposition fighters especially the three main groups united only in their determination to bring down the syrian government but while present assad's forces push back against the militant onslaught those factions are also fighting amongst themselves al-qaeda linked elements the more moderate salafist and the secular free syrian army don't see eye to eye on the country's future as to whether snow a journalist or coleman who's been closely following the developments in syria hi there giving hope you can hear me it's a major setback for syria's the secular opposition this this squabbling now isn't it. well yeah they've been fighting among themselves no for quite a long time i guess this is what we can expect really from these types of groups we're talking about criminal gangs essentially looting and committing massacres and
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blaming those massacres on the syrian government this is been the methodology used by the so-called rebels the very start i don't just like gang land warfare they're essentially fighting among themselves they don't even know what they want their fighting over the spoils they're talking about the islamic sharia law but. well probably something like saudi arabia. the different sources of funding different sources of income this is collapse of the chaos but i think this is pretty much what the west wanted and this is pretty much what was in vision at the very very start was this conflict the thought that maybe this. too is sad because the longer this goes all the more this squabbling happens the more the some of the factions get hard it could end up happening is that really what the west as they continue to back the rebels. i think the strategy of the west is has been a strategy of attrition that is to say send in as many terrorist groups as you can
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create absolute chaos bring the country to its knees try to break the resistance of the syrian people and we have to remember that this is a government that has over seventy percent support from syrian people and we know not even from needle sources so it's not this isn't even in question. has had the support of the syrian people since the very very start these rebels have no popular support that has been the very very progress has been the problem from the very start and so the only way to capture or to conquer to conquer the country is to bring it to its knees through these through sending in these terrorist groups and so chaos has been part of a strategy this is essentially a strategy of chaos the use of destruction are just far as the opposition goes the longer this goes on i guess that it's more likely that they're going to get more hardline more radical yet. absolutely yeah
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but i mean there is a myth circulating about this about you know radical groups look these radical groups of there from the start we're hearing a lot of the western press about groups becoming radical and getting radicalized nonsense these groups are being sent in. by the arab states by the gulf states in particular saudi arabia there's a lot of chechnyans there there were over a hundred countries last count that's going up all the time i think it's going to since. these are radical fanatics and always work so it's not a case of them becoming more radical they've always been radical the west has always supported islamic fundamentalism in countries it's seeks to take over or we saw it we saw this in afghanistan we saw it in libya. we saw it in yugoslavia soldiers we're seeing it now again in syria this is a strategy it's been a destructive. of course it's called human rights as well when we have human rights groups amnesty international human rights watch everything providing propaganda cover for for a very very nasty war of aggression which is the supreme crime the supreme crime
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under international law is to wage a war of aggression and one of the key propaganda instruments of the west is to use human rights groups like amnesty international to cooperate and human rights watch to blame the atrocities committed by these groups understeering government been doing it from the start they've been caught doing it and you would really have to be pretty up to snuff to see it now if you're following this can't be conflict closely examine how it's been probably saw on the program sir to appreciate it we know you have and we really appreciate you being on the program gary coleman the thanks very much from paris you're welcome. greece is once again been hit by mass protests this time it's not about the economy though we've seen so much of the past now it's parties and unions holding nationwide anti fascist demonstrations meantime greek police are continuing to investigate dozens of alleged fascist attacks by members of the country's far right golden dawn party get reaction about this now
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from catalina block who is a new section leader it g e e this one the trade unions that organize the rally we say hi there thanks for being on the program it's nice to have you on our see what are you hoping to achieve from these protests. thank you first of all good evening from athens and thank you for your invitation. we want to stand by and declare that we're against any kind of racism and faces in our country there are the measures of force terry. we really have are some very rough times the greek people but that doesn't mean that everybody should be heard. greek or no so while we hope that we make clear that the greek people is not faces we. suffered after world war two from face man we don't want to see that again in our country but why did this surge in violence know that sadly unfortunately you are
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experiencing. it is me i didn't understand your question here. i understand you don't want to see the violence but sadly your country has be experiencing an upsurge of violence lately why. we experience a lot of violence because of a crisis when there is poverty one people are facing. mother for survivors as we understand it people who get in on their it but the thing is that the solution to our problems is not the violence is not the one phase there are other or that one be against the other will have to be all together to solve our problems because otherwise it. can be done so what's golden door saying that it can do about it. our golden dawn started as a party that wanted to protect. people against it because that's what they said.
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after the murder of bobby spacers last week everybody understood that this is not a simple matter that it's not only against the immigrants it's against all people against against everybody and there if the populace was last week maybe you me or somebody else can be next way so that's why i want to protest and we want to stop. getting even bigger your president your country's president sworn to quote the storm is approaching what does he mean by that. yes. what does he mean by that. when he. as the quote to say the storm is approaching does it mean that there's more violence still to come. and more violence from from mayor from everybody. thank you for being on the
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program though we had a few communication problems tonight we do appreciate your time thank you for being on the international. thank you very much for next tonight a tiny revelent of the british empire in the middle of the atlantic ascension island used to be home to barely a thousand people even led to in numbers are now in jeopardy why this remote island that comes up on the map just there in a second is six hundred kilometers from africa it's twenty two hundred kilometers from brazil this story please but a safe haven for mariners but now it's being dominated by u.s. military base and some residents on the island are crying out for help because of it is laura smith picks up the story. it's a tiny island in the middle atlantic made of volcanic rock and covered in pitch and guano but to eight hundred people. but now the story of ascension island has all the hallmarks of being another diego garcia the british and indian ocean islands
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whose inhabitants were forced to leave to make way for a u.s. base despite having lived through generations islanders accuse the british government of. operating families who have been there for more than a century ten years ago it all so different person was promised a democratic institutions for the islands a legal right to live and to own property it wanted a viable community that but today the population's already decreased by. community is replaced by contract work because we're tired all unemployed people eighteen have to leave and the similarities with diego garcia dates and the dominant feature on the island is you guessed it an american base heavily used during president obama's recent trip to africa there are also satellites and submarine tracking stations and one of the now infamous listening posts run by g c h q the british
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government now conveniently insists ascension has no indigenous population and many residents believe they intend to evacuate the island completely and abandon it to the americans far from the dreams of a permanent home they had a decade ago and it's fair they'll be reduced to hole in the special relationship. in a few minutes we'll look at what guantanamo bay still remains in this capable truck for many years after barack obama ordered to pull the plug in so much progress after this break.
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put it. in a light. polish face time people. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure. there's a media leave us so we leave the media. by the sea motions to cure the play your party visible. wishes that no one is asking with the guests that you
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deserve answers from. politics only on our team. in a blow to the u.s. . prison is it going to move to legally. schools. what we want is an immediate cessation of conditions that are cruel inhuman or degrading or they constitute torture. human rights law in. mind most grueling is now demanding the release of the names so that they can. the government refused to release the names why do you know how many we have you sure. know. not today well it seems like a perfectly reasonable request that gee why don't you just give us all the names it
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may not agree. that is what i asked. i never heard of her knew of her until guantanamo you have the power to extort a moral part or see. that's what i. was like away from. the efforts of my government my colleagues they are. going along with stonewalling and placing these obstacles in the way. of these attorneys who are trying to get that information. nearing the end of my tour there. is going to be a gun that's going to be.


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