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tv   Headline News  RT  September 26, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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three participants in a greenpeace protests are denied bail and will stay in custody for two months as a chord in northwest russia decides the fate of twenty seven others will storm the rig over drilling in the arctic plus. greek police tear gas an angry mob trying to storm the offices of the far right golden dawn party as the ideological rift in the debt ridden country deep woods. and resolution and side over syria as russian and u.s. diplomats put the finishing touches to
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a un security council draft to oversee chemical disarmament. if you're watching are you coming to live from moscow four pm in the russian capital i'm marina joshie welcome to the program accord to in russia sports city of more months kaz remanded three people involved in a greenpeace protest to stay in jail until the end of november almost three dozen others are awaiting their verdict after they scaled an oil platform against drilling in russia's arctic waters well we'll be joined by our correspondent going to get all the very latest for us a little bit later in the program so do stay with us for that. in the meantime a mass and i sashes rally has turned violent in athens after
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a few areas protesters tried to storm they have quarters of far right golden dawn party the anger was sparked by the murder of a left wing rapper last week by a sympathizer of the new nazi party reports say there has been at least three hundred similar fashion is a tax since two thousand and eleven and the number is rising greek police are now requesting permission to check the phone records of two senior golden dawn members following months of speculation within parliament on whether the party should be banned lucic often it has been following the tension. fury on the streets of athens clashes erupted following a protest against the murder of populist business the anti-fascist rapper was stabbed to death last week by an alleged supporter of the far right golden dawn party allegations the group firmly denies. assange yeah still
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a p.c. as a young man was known may not have been the first to die at the hands of the groups but he was the first non migrant golden dawn has also been said to be targeting anarchists and communists renewing political tensions between the extreme left right and the greek government they have acquired the fear of big races they have collaborated with the nazis maybe by they have blood on their hands this is why we say go with this government with the golden dome the group is trying to keep a low profile in the wake of the killing and wouldn't speak to us on camera this man however was keen to talk george says he's one of the group's oldest members and he blames journalists for giving golden dawn a bad rep is the only party that has spent poor people and desperate greeks who are suffering in the crisis we're not extremists and we aren't against anyone yet georges also wanted to make sure i noticed people in the neighborhood he claimed
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this man was an egyptian immigrant who lived on handouts at the expense of greeks like himself as for the nazi symbolism the fascist salutes that the group has been known for all a misunderstanding he says. once wrong with this there's nothing wrong with a salute just a way of saying hello so i do it myself it's a greeting that still terrifies this greek resident he believes that golden dawn was to blame for his recent assault but he also points to another factor behind the growing divisions and the violence is going to be a crisis i didn't used to be afraid but greece has changed everyone is suffering financially and some are looking to blame others immigrants and he's a top. despite the public shows of anger against it golden dawn is greece's third largest party and at least until now its fastest growing political force it gained ground against the backdrop of unrest linked to the economic crisis and a country burdened by debt soaring unemployment and deep cuts to social spending oh
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it's the little bit of a make it's when your life changes totally like ours has in the past few years and when you lose your job and can't provide for your family you grab whatever helping hand you can get and golden dawn has helped is still fight to the end. spiros a shop owner who's had to shut down one of his stores because of the recession blames the influx of immigrants for straining scarce resources and he says golden dawn keeps order in his neighborhood when the government fails. we don't want to use violence but when golden doing kicks out immigrants who are squatting illegally . doing and forces peace and order of course to support them as a government does nothing. the financial crisis has done more than simply cripple greece's economy it's changing society too when asked to describe how local say that the writing is on the wall in this neighborhood it literally is in the red it says out with foreigners signs golden dawn in the black fashion will be our kiss logo it's evidence of
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a growing ideological divide and with the greek economy still in trouble that divide is unlikely to heal anytime soon lucie county r.t. athens. well keep across what's happening in greece by getting the latest news and analysis at r.t. dot com. and we now go as promised our correspondent going to check out all the very latest on the court case around in the greenpeace protesters in the town of mormons well the wait is that we're hearing that the court has remanded three people to stay in jail until the end of november well dana how are russian authorities explaining their moves. well the judge decided that activists should stay behind bars while the investigation is still ongoing russian investigators explained that the activist won't necessarily have to spend exactly two months in jail they could be released earlier it all depends on the pace on the speed of the investigation the judge decided against releasing the individuals on bail citing a concern that they could leave the country before the investigation is over we
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know that the detained activists refused to as are investigators questions invoking the right under the russian constitution to remain silent and not to testify against themselves onboard to greenpeace to share is ship and there were thirty people citizens of the seventeen countries they were all detained for you know while greenpeace is calling the court's actions illegal but what were they expecting well the greenpeace activists were detained last week having ignored russian authorities warnings while trying to climb the platform is the russian oil pot for greenpeace says they actually being peaceful protest against oil drilling in the arctic russian authorities believe whatever their intentions the activist technically broke the law russian authorities maintain that the greenpeace international ship had ignored many warnings including not to enter the restricted northern sea route and that a decision was made to detain the activists when they started climbing that
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platform using ropes and grapples of course having carried out this protest greenpeace has drawn a lot of attention to their cause as you can imagine and some some suggest they probably knew what to expect given multiple warnings but the activist went for the action anyway possibly knowing how much public attention it would generate especially head of the arctic conference this week where the leaders of arctic nations together with experts from oil industry oh we're discussing ways to explore the resources in the arctic over while saying that they're trying to minimize the damage to the environment of course the good degree of his organization believes otherwise they believe despite the massive funding that goes into those project. the still. still is not enough is being done to protect to be environment of course they are against any kind of drilling in the arctic and actually speaking of that conference this week the arctic conference president pointed was asked about the detained activist and he said greenpeace said clearly vida violated international
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law by sending activists from the ship to inflatable even fleet aboard a colt's to try it to try to board. their oil a platform in the pitch or a seat but the russian president also questioned the piracy charges against the activists saying that the activists are not pirates obviously are going to thanks very much indeed for bringing us of this a report on the very latest and of course we'll be keeping our viewers up to speed as we hear more details on this case going to chicken for now thank you. well western diplomats at the u.n. say they're on the verge of an agreement with russia on a security council resolution towards the chemical disarmament of syria by key details of the draft still need to be worked out including a reference to holding damascus to account if the syrian government fails to keep its part of the deal and he's now is in new york with the very latest. well it
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seems like russia and the u.s. are a bit closer to seeing eye to eye on the syria crisis russia's deputy foreign minister says an agreement on the u.n. security council resolution the tax requiring syria to dismantle its chemical weapons stockpiles is in fact likely by the end of this week now the actual text of the resolution will according to him include a reference to chapter seven of the u.n. charter which allows force but it should be stressed that there will be no automatic trigger for chapter seven measures and another resolution in fact would be needed if syria fails to comply the text of the resolution as many resolutions is usually a point of contention between russia and the u.s. russia always has a tend to have any kind of text which allows for military intervention in the u.s. more often pushing for blatant military intervention in an interview with the washington post foreign minister sergey lavrov pointed out u.s. double standards when it comes to dealing with rebel forces and the conflict in
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syria is that we agree that any terrorism is on the ship. who would be playing good double standard when the you know some some of the beaches or because he's over some of the speech it seems the big question is will we see a major step forward in progress on syria stalemate and now it's looking like it could be a real possibility now also new york top american and iranian diplomats will meet later on thursday in the highest level talks between the two countries in thirty four years a landmark summit follows the new iranian president's call to negotiate a quick solution to the dispute over the country's nuclear program some rouhani appealed to the u.n. general assembly for open dialogue and the end of what he called violent western sanctions on iran the president also reiterated to iran's commitment to harnessing the peaceful power of the atom political analyst for sabi believes the iranian
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government is genuinely seeking a diplomatic breakthrough. he did the process whereby he has received you know a popular mandate as a result of the elections as well as the green light from the so free media and so on in order to negotiate on the nuclear standoff and you know he said that lot of the issues are on the table he is willing to negotiate without precondition and so on so i think that you know there's a sense of optimism among the leadership. unique opportunity right now you know that it will cause a breakthrough and a nuclear deadlock now summer's barely over but southern russia is already excited about the winter with such a sort of snow for the olympics had our team reports on the bright white so the slopes.
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three blog video for your media project afridi oh don carty dot com. welcome back this is our t. live from moscow well we have a few months until the olympic flame is lit in sochi for the twenty fourteen winter games but even as of chambre the piece around the black series or are already a winter wonderland to me i would say to the cable car to see what awaits the athletes in february. it's less than six months to go before kickoff starts off for the twenty second winter olympics as well as the paralympics that will be hosted by a source chief here in russia of course we're giving you a taste of what are those winter games will look like and even feel like it's a little bit chilly here in sochi today but no worries we got something to warm you
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up with as we show you a little bit of what these olympic venues are going to hold for you once you here i was standing right now at one of the i was supposed to be the longest bops late in the world we're talking about three slopes that are put together in order to give you the fastest an the longest railing for the bobsleigh as it's also called sankey which also means sledge in russia some of the venues are completed and the rest are waiting the finishing touches the side of the aisle components can be seen in both the architecture and the technology used to make these games the best yet and it's easy to see how this russian resort city can be turned into the outline of the far east of course the cable cars are also working making sure that transpired from the bottom of the mountain cluster to the top of the hills where all the sporting events are all of them including things like snowboarding it included things like skiing we'll be going up here now my ears are getting
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a little bit clustered because we're getting as high as possible it's supposed to be almost a lot minus two degrees today even though it's still the end of september guru thought that once we get to one of the mountain clusters here at sochi this is what we would find a winter wonderland obviously mother nature telling us that the clock is ticking and she's ready for all those but tater's as well as those sports men and women both paralympics as well as the olympics ready here to take part in those games. how the miss world beauty pageant has been bumped on. to bali because of security threats at the original venue. but as we're reporting along that might not help much because radical islamists there are targeting the bikini clad parade to turn the van into a nightmare for the rich and beautiful. and maybe tough for
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supermodels in indonesia but one of their counterparts in russia has been a very different kind of fashion shoot feeling bored she robbed a bank at gunpoint check out a video of that on our you tube channel. ukraine as i join deal with american energy giants in attempts to obtain cheaper gas and aids its dependence on russia by the supposed benefits from the proposal are leaving some in doubt as well as here chef skinner reports so the. courage that some way to introduce oneself not only did the new u.s. ambassador to ukraine congratulate ukrainians on their independence day in their language but he also made his embassy employees sing a traditional song. to bring more sweet music to ukrainian ears mr piet said the country's european integration will be his priority as will ensuring in these it passes for american
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oil and gas giants into its markets exxon mobil and chevron the two companies interested in cooperation with ukraine they will bring american technologies know how money into ukraine it will be good for the country and will help it become energy independent. mr pius certainly knew what strings to pool as the energy issue has been one of the most intensely debated in ukraine which has long been unhappy with the prices of the gas advice from russia ukraine has been fighting for its energy independence since the nine hundred ninety s. and when the first stock of the country using its shale gas reserves came up many breathed a sigh of relief but as the time passes by this optimism seems to be waning while ukraine's energy minister was visibly happy with the shale gas initiatives once it's operational we will strive to fully meet our domestic energy needs and to even become an exporter some raised a sensible question would the country actually win by letting foreign companies
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handle their resources enormously administration of ukraine's western ivanna from course krege and said no to chevron's shale gas operations on their soil leaving the company would simply rob them. under current conditions our region will not receive anything from these gas extraction this display of unease matters little though as energy experts expect gas corporations to lobby a lot to let parliament issue such permissions instead of regional authorities and while ukraine's west is being defiant the east of the country has already given up recently key a finalist a ten billion dollar deal with shell for the exploration and extraction of shale gas a former press officer for ukraine state gas company enough the gas says the issue has been turned into a major political power play here but it's still unclear how much gas is there and whether it'll be possible to extract it yet everyone makes such a big deal of it it's like looking ahead which hasn't been caught not even knowing
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if that had actually exists even the most optimistic forecast suggest that ukraine would not start extracting its shale gas until the year twenty twenty that's if there is any gas at all but until then a question remains pretty much open with this lead to the country's much desired energy independence or simply do a change in who they're dependent on. reporting from kiev ukraine. and i was up more on this was frankfurt based geopolitical researcher and author of full spectrum dominance william and darling thanks so much for joining us here on r.t. so first question here is what would the u.s. and ukraine gain out of this deal. well i think first of all the shale gas option is a. very very overplayed bubble by by wall street the the gas deplete so rapidly if you take the example of shale gas in the united states the same companies now have moved into into shale oil because the costs of extracting
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the gas and drilling ever more wells it's just prohibitive to say nothing of the environmental impact of that on the on the ground water table with the injection of huge millions of gallons of toxic chemicals and also the question of. the water usage so i don't think shale gas is at all and certainly not from exxon show lower or chevron to turn from from russian gas companies for conventional gas to develop a known quantities of shale gas and have it deplete within a matter of less than ten years this is going to be really a dead end for ukraine ok and speaking of you know what's happening in the country and the comic reasons that are sided by a president here on a college who is actively lobbying for a free trade zone between ukraine and the european union saying that you know that cooperation would boost the economy europe's markets should say by seven percent so
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how valid are these forecasts in your opinion. well i think the president on a covert chiz is living in a in a dream world i think this is a huge geo political blunder by him and by his government to go for this free trade area first of all the european union itself is in the throes of a deep deep deep recession it's by no means out of the woods on that front countries like spain portugal. italy. greece of course and other countries are in a deep recession the e.u. has very little to offer ukraine except more unemployment it's kind of a if you will a shock therapy mark to that that would come with the member with the trade agreement conditions as they stand now and. ukraine itself excuse me but it's one of the most corrupt countries by all accounts from ukrainians that i know businessmen and others so so in other words you're right in the west getting
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anything out of this partnership then yes it we can all called mutually beneficial but you see russia no solution in op and i'm not sure if i'm minister they're going to have said that a partnership with you will most likely eliminate ukraine's participation in the customs union so how would that affect key of the if that happens well i think that would be a severe blow to the ukrainian economy i think this is been the comments of the new u.s. ambassador to kiev are indicative this is a washington geo political stratagem it has been since two thousand and three zero four with the orange revolution which was a nato us poised to get a to pull ukraine out of the natural orbit of central central asia russia and bring it into the orbit of nato so that russia is more and more surrounded by by hostile powers on its borders i think this is an extremely.
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foolish thing for ukraine to be doing right now i think they should do. perhaps moscow has made some bloggers and playing too much hardball with ukraine that that i can't judge but ukraine's future is not with the european union the they have illusions if they think i.m.f. loans are going to bail them out of any economic troubles and the western investors are going to come in there and just cherry pick what they want and leave ukraine the poorer for it with higher unemployment it's all right william it's hard to imagine that there are so foolish at this point in time twenty years after the collapse of the soviet union are in this understanding for a while and thanks so much for giving us your insight on the prospective partnership between ukraine and the e.u. and its ties with russia that was william and dog geopolitical researcher and author of full spectrum dominance talking to us live from frankfurt. and i'm more of the world's main news for you right now here in our team
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a series of bombs have ripped through busy markets in baghdad leaving at least twenty three people dead and dozens more injured the deadliest attack was in the capital's northern outskirts were three explosions took the lives of more than fifteen people in mainly sunni districts violence has surged across iraq in the past few months reaching its highest level since two thousand and eight. violent protests in sudan have answered their fourth day as thousands turned out in the capital hard to demonstrate over a cut in fuel subsidies for tacitus burn tires and hurl stones at passing cars while police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas young rastus killed at least twenty nine people and wounded scores of others sudan's economy has been struggling since oil producing south sudan gained independence in two thousand and eleven. you're up to date here in our next song boyko talks to the president of
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oh and welcome to world of party going against the tide and defining the so-called washington consensus is never easy especially if your country's entire financial system and international reputation are they and yet this is precisely what allowed iceland the first country to be hit by the global financial crisis also become one of the first to emerge from the dire straits one of the process and cons of having your own way both in the global economy in global politics well to discuss that i'm now in joined by none other than big president of iceland although for a grim sense mr president it's a no honor for me to have you in the studio thank you very much for that now as i
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just said iceland was the first country to be here the extremely hard by the global financial crisis and five years on who do you thing was to blame for that was a big bang curtis was it the individual governments or perhaps their whole system of runaway capitalism. so much that we were all to blame for it the especially those of us who have been involved for a long. in the business side all for recovery the with the prevailing spirit of the time as you know the theory came out all of america britain and the seventy's of the eighty's so the more you have to regulate to the more you gave to the financial markets the more you privatized everybody will be prosperous everybody will be on this was you all of which was pretty.


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