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tv   Headline News  RT  September 26, 2013 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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iran's new president appeals for a world without nuclear weapons and calls on israel to declare its alleged weapons of mass destruction. a court in russia's north west romance participants in a green peace protest in custody for two months after the group stormed in a well drilling platform in the arctic last week plus. greek police cheer gas an angry mob trying to storm the offices of the far right golden dawn party as the ideological rift in the debt ridden country deepens.
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seven pm in moscow watching r.t. with me marina joshie welcome to the program now a high level conference on world wide nuclear disarmament deaths a proposal from iran's new president at the u.n. has some rouhani also took the chance to call on israel to join the nonproliferation treaty has the latest from new york. the iranian leader said that israel is the only non party to the n.p.t. in the middle east and encouraged israel to join the pact to ensure that the region remains a nuclear weapons free zone he said no nation should possess nuclear weapons and there are no right hands for these wrong weapons the iranian leader went on to say that any use of nuclear weapons is a violation of the un charter and a crime against humanity he said there are only guarantee is total elimination now rouhani was speaking about nuclear weapons he said that this is he also called i'm
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sorry he also called for a conference a high level conference to be taking place on nuclear disarmament within. every five years and what we're seeing here is this new iran iranian leader that has come to new york to engage with the international community really seizing every opportunity he can to try to show that iran is being transparent is trying to be a key player and apparent willingness to resolve international concerns about its own nuclear program program will be put to the test in the coming hours foreign ministers from the five permanent members of the united nations security council and germany will meet with iran's top diplomat divides raef on the sidelines of the u.n. general assembly now the meeting is aimed at paving the way for the first round of substantial negotiations on the nuclear issue surrounding iran the iranian leader said that it is iran is ready to offer unprecedented transparency of its nuclear facilities and may allow the international atomic energy agency to possibly assess
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iran's possible military dimensions to prove that the nuclear program is only for peaceful purposes is not aimed at building a bomb but of course there is a reason that iran is trying so fiercely to engage the international community it is suffering now under crippling sanctions that have been piled on the country year after year from the international community because the. i mean he was not happy with the way iran was dealing with its nuclear program said the country wasn't being transparent enough so at this point iran is trying to engage the u.s. and its western counterparts in hopes that these international sanctions that the iranian citizens have been suffering under for so many years or eventually lifted will stay with r.t. for all the latest from the u.n. general assembly in new york. accords in russia sports city of norman scows remand of participants in last week's are to greenpeace protests and they are to stay in jail until the end of the vampyr for scaly an oil platform
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against drilling in russia's waters are reports brings us the details. the activists who had been upper hinted onboard to their eyes breaker in the arctic sunrise seems like a very getting about most most of them are getting the two months for luminary confinement however the spokesman for the russia for the russian prosecutor general's office has said that that doesn't mean they will actually have to stay the the entire two months in jail all of it depends on the piece of the investigation last week they in the protests against oil drilling or any sort of drilling in the arctic they have a scaled and all rig of russian oil rig in the northern sea russian authorities are saying that they have done so ignoring numerous warnings from. various several officials particularly not to enter the northern sea route and not to scale that was right by the activists from the from greenpeace have done so anyways and
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they had to be apprehended with the russian border patrol who actually have extracted them first from the well the rig and then have the vic's of them from their vessel their action took place on the eve of the arctic conference which was dedicated to the problem of but initial development in the arctic as well as a way to keep the environment safe one of the participants of the conference was russian president wasn't it was him who has said that it is clear that greenpeace activists have indeed broken international law but they are facing charges of piracy and russian president said that it is impossible to call them pirates a cell a lot of people are seen as that as a good sign that perhaps their sentences will not be as harsh as they could be. is since so the sentence for piracy in russia does bear a rather hefty a jail sentence. now a mass anti-fascist rally has turned violent in athens after furious protesters
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tried to storm the had quarters of the far right golden dawn party the anger way. barred by the murder of a left wing rapper last week by a sympathizer of the neo nazi party when reports say there as been at least three hundred similar fascist attacks since twenty eleven and the number is rising greek police are now requesting permission to check the phone records of two senior golden dawn members following months of speculation within parliament on whether the party should be banned are confident has been following the tension. fury on the streets of athens clashes erupted following a protest against the murder of pablo's business the anti-fascist rapper was stabbed to death last week by an alleged supporter of the far right golden dawn party allegations the group firmly denies. assange gotta kill
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a p.c. as a young man was known may not have been the first to die at the hands of reeky a nazi groups but he was the first non migrant golden dawn has also been said to be targeting anarchists and communists renewing political tensions between the extreme left right and the greek government they have acquired the fear if they go here i don't phrase they have collaborated with nazis maybe by us they have blood on their hands this is why we say go with this government with the golden dome the group is trying to keep a low profile in the wake of the killing and wouldn't speak to us on camera this man however was keen to talk george says he's one of the group's oldest members and he blames journalists for giving golden dawn a bad rep is the only party that has spent poor people and disparate greeks who are suffering in the crisis we're not extremists and we aren't against anyone yet georges also wanted to make sure i noticed people in the neighborhood he claimed this man was an egyptian immigrant who lived on handouts at the expense of greeks
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like himself as for the nazi symbolism the fascist salutes that the group has been known for all a misunderstanding he says it's once wrong with this there's nothing wrong with a salute just a way of saying hello so i did myself it's a greeting that still terrifies this greek resident he believes that golden dawn was to blame for his recent assault but he also points to another factor behind the growing divisions and the violence is going to be a process i didn't used to be afraid but greece has changed everyone is suffering financially and some are looking to blame others immigrants an easy target. despite the public shows of anger against it golden dawn it is greece's third largest party and at least until now its fastest growing political force it gained ground against the backdrop of unrest linked to the economic crisis and a country burdened by debt soaring unemployment and deep cuts to social spending.
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it's the. new life changes totally like ours has in the past few years and when you lose your job and can't provide for your family you grab whatever helping hand you can get and golden dawn has helped as we'll fight to the end. spiros a shop owner who's had to shut down one of his stores because of the recession blames the influx of immigrants for straining scarce resources and he says golden dawn keeps order in his neighborhood when the government fails. we don't want to use violence but when golden dawn kicks out immigrants who are squatting illegally . and forces peace and order of course who support them as a government does nothing. the financial crisis has done more than simply cripple greece's economy it's changing society too when asked to describe how local say that the writing is on the wall and in this neighborhood it literally is in the red it says out with foreigners signs golden dawn in the black fascists where the anarchists logo it's evidence of a growing ideological divide and with the greek economy still in trouble that
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divide is unlikely to heal anytime soon lucy confident of r.t. athens and with me now is emma collin a former greek m.p. for possible party and now an international affairs advisor thank you so much of for joining us here on our teeth now what is your take on the situation in greece and how deep do you see the greek society split now. while i do believe that we should than. an ideology of ideology but the problem is the actions so it has to be dealt by all the means that the moco see and just gives us so if somebody better than someone over violence not belabor it to be fun this might be just because i think that's the only way we can handle this situation and i also have to tell you that greek citizens don't have a vote or golden dome because they are violent they're just hopeless and want that
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some people out of the system to do to make the political system realize that the corruption must go and people have they need to find a job that's the main using greek people didn't vote for them but down you know we see we're hearing from people in greece that the golden dawn members are being very very proactive and the are involved in other communities trying to reach out to people so what about the other parties why aren't they doing the saying. well there are a lot of people helping each other in greece let's not try to divert the the society . does that would be a huge danger. though in this trying to use every lead that has to get close to people but this doesn't mean that any action of violence be allowed it's two different things and let's not talk about their ability but let's talk about the specific actions this is something that just to see. if it was organized by
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a political party if that's the situation it would be. that the county. and a lot of people linked the unrest in greece to the astaire really the country is in jury according to you what is the possibility of occurring and now as a dead bird in country or or in fact a sort of spreading over to other country you are. well i do believe that this thirty measures were very strict and the pressure was. unbearable for greek citizens i think that there are very forms have been taken place the recent years and now it's time to be focused on the growth of our economy of the economy of the self and that that would stall other countries still fall into the same steps as you see the recipe in greece didn't work out exactly as the plan so we worked really hard over the something that we have to deal with young people
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live in greece to find jobs and that we have to help themselves to hold on to its dignity and try to find a different plan a plan that would bring europe together and not divide societies and countenance while we're so hearing exam golden dawn m.p.'s are threatening to walk out of parliament because of the ongoing investigations into their possible involvement in extremist activities so how do you think they'll react. i don't know how they will react but the think is that we shouldn't use the same old ways they do. i we should try and work together to find solutions against. violence in greece so that's why i don't want to get involved into a discussion about gold and gold people who voted for gold and gold they didn't both go they don't buy of the old murder anyone even just these groups something like that then we have to have them in the very different way but all that means
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that the democracy gives us all the tools that we have for and that was formed with . international affairs advisor think it's much more of you. think while you get across what's happening in greece by getting the latest news and analysis on our web site r.t. dot com now summer is barely over but southern russia is already excited about the winter sochi sort of still for the olympics ahead are to reports from the bright white on the slopes. this immediately though so we need to be. part of this she pushes through the. party there's a good. shoes that no one is asking with to get that you deserve answers from.
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politics. no small technology is the name and aviation is the game which is late he still might take the money the noble toas source brings innovations and don't look around to night she looks or has come to see our day.
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welcome back this is our team now it sounds out for sochi and the organizers of the twenty fourteen winter olympics from the big bosses and the i.o.c. they have been touring the venue's both in the arena kloster on the black sea coast and the ski slopes of the mountain tops he's been hearing glowing praise from the head of the delegation. that's been for me a wonderful trip the or together it's absolutely incredible. really the first trip here was the was with the president of the i.o.c. it was september of two seven and there was nothing here absolutely nothing except promises and these promises had been kept you tried very very hard you succeeded. almost to the point where we said was this is fantasy while still a few months until the olympic flame is lit in sochi but even in september the
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peaks around the black sea resort are already a winter wonderland pretty strong let's say took a cable car to see what awaits the athletes in february. it's less than six months to go before kickoff starts are for the twenty second winter olympics as well as the paralympics that will be hosted by a source here in russia of course we're giving you a taste of what are those winter games will look like and even feel like it's a little bit chilly here in sochi today but no worries we've got something to warm you up with as we show you a little bit of what these olympic venues are going to hold for you once you here was standing right now at one of the was supposed to be the longest bops late in the world we're talking about three slopes that are put together in order to give you the fastest and the longest railing for those slayers' it's also called psyche which also means sledge in russia some of the venues are completed and the rest are way to the finishing touches the side of the aisle components can be seen in both
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the architecture and the technology used to make these games the best yet and it's easy to see how this russian resort city can be turned into the outline of the far east of course the cable cars are also working making sure they transferred from the bottom of the mountain cluster to the top of the hills where all the sporting events are all of them including things like snowboarding it could be things like skiing we'll be going up here now my ears are getting a little bit clustered because we're getting as high as possible it's supposed to be almost a lot minus two degrees today even though it's still the end of september guru thought that once we get to one of the mountain clusters here at sochi this is what we would find a winter wonderland obviously mother nature telling us that the clock is ticking and she's ready for all those spectators as well as those sports men and women both
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paralympics as well as the olympics ready here to take part in those games. now in this world beauty pageant has been bumped off to bali because of security threats at the original venue in indonesia as would wind up might not help much because radical islam is there are targeting the bikini clad parade all set to turn the event into a nightmare for the rich and beautiful. may be tough for supermodels in indonesia but one of the earth counterparts in russia has been a very different kind of fashion shoot feeling bored she robbed a bank at gunpoint check out the video of that on our youtube channel. right to see. her street. and i think you're. on our reporters.
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welcome back now ukraine is eyeing a joint deal with american energy giants in attempts to obtain cheaper gas and ease its dependence on russia but the supposed benefits from the proposal are leaving some in doubt as well as here chef skinner reports. so then no celestial city ok that's some way to introduce oneself not only did the new u.s. ambassador to ukraine congratulate ukrainians on their independence day in their language but he also made his embassy employees sing a traditional song. to bring more sweet music to ukrainian ears mr piatt said the country's european integration will be his priority as will ensuring an easy passage for american oil
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and gas giants into its market exxon mobil and chevron the two companies interested in cooperation with ukraine they will bring american technologies know how and money into ukraine it will be good for the country and will help it become energy independent mr pie is certainly knew what strings to pull as the energy issue has been one of the most intensely debated in ukraine which has long been unhappy with the prices of the gas advice from russia ukraine has been fighting for its energy independence since the nine hundred ninety s. and when the first stock of the country using its shale gas reserves came up many breathed a sigh of relief but as the time passes by this optimism seems to be waning while ukraine's energy minister was visibly happy with the shale gas initiatives once it's operational we will strive to fully meet our domestic energy needs and to even become an exporter some raised a sensible question would the country actually win by letting foreign companies
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handle their resources enormously administration of ukraine's western event of course krege and said no to chevron's shale gas operations on their soil leaving the company would simply rob them. under current conditions our region will not receive anything from these gas extraction this display of unease matters little though as energy experts expect gas corporations to lobby a lot to let parliament issue such permissions instead of regional authorities and while ukraine's west is being defiant the east of the country has already given up recently key a finalist a ten billion dollar deal with shell for the exploration and extraction of shale gas a former press officer for ukraine state gas company enough the gas says the issue has been turned into a major political power play here but it's still unclear how much gas is there and whether it will be possible to extract it yet everyone makes such a big deal of it it's like looking at which hasn't been caught not even knowing if
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that has actually exists even the most optimistic forecast suggest that ukraine would not start extracting its shale gas until the year twenty twenty that's if there is any gas at all but until then a question remains pretty much open with this lead to the country's much desired energy independence or simply do a change in who they're dependent on. reporting from kiev ukraine the president is actively lobbying for a free trade zone between ukraine and the e.u. claiming it would boost europe's markets by seven percent but frankly based geopolitical researcher well a man doll believes ukraine will lose more than i will gain from the partnership. the european union itself is in the throes of a deep deep deep recession it's by no means out of the woods on that from countries like spain portugal. italy. greece of course and other countries are in a deep recession the e.u. has very little to offer ukraine except more unemployment it's kind of
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a if you will a shock therapy mach two that would come with the member with the trade agreement conditions as they stand now and i think this is an extremely. foolish thing for ukraine to be doing right now i think they should perhaps moscow has made some blunders in playing too much hardball with ukraine that that i can't judge but ukraine's future is not with the european union the they have illusions if they think i.m.f. loans are going to bail them out of any economic troubles and the western investors are going to come in there and just cherry pick what they want and leave ukraine the poorer for it with higher unemployment. well now more of the world's news for you a series of bombs have ripped through busy markets in baghdad meeting at least twenty three people dead and dozens more injured the deadliest attack was in the capital's northern outskirts where three explosions took the lives of more than fifteen
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people in mainly sunni districts violence has surged across iraq in the past few months reaching its highest level since two thousand and eight. violent protest in sudan have entered their fourth day as thousands turned out in the capital hard to to demonstrate over a cut in fuel subsidies for tasker's burned tires and hurled stones at passing cars while police responded with rubber bullets and tear gas the unrest has killed at least twenty nine people and wounded scores of others sudan's economy has been struggling since while producing south sudan again in the pants in two thousand and eleven. well it tells me for now karen allen will bring you more news at the top of the hour before that though abby martin looks into the atrocious conditions which bangladeshi laborers are forced to work and and their fight for a living wage. i
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bet anyone who lives in the united states knows a few people or just dismal geography a certain small percentage of the country just can't get the care of those above us but how porton is doing geography anyways what one author on the washington post blogs recently wrote that knowing geography really doesn't matter that much he was writing a response to the game where is damascus which challenges people to find syria's capital on a blank map he said that whether americans could find here in a map doesn't affect the wisdom of a punitive strike meant to uphold international norms against the use of chemical weapons and often disasters draw our attention to places we'd never heard of before like pearl harbor or columbine or syria but let's look at this where i don't exactly know where persons kidneys are or how exactly they work so by all normal logic that means i'm not qualified to have an opinion about whether we should
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remove john doe's kidneys my opinion doesn't count because i am kidney ignorant so if you know so little about syria that you can't even find it on a map then you are more likely to believe from a guy. in a suit on t.v. that there must be an intervention to save the people there you have no idea who they are or why they are suffering or how to save them but gosh started that intervention sounds nice knowing at least where a country is on the map is the first step in building in informed opinion but that's just my opinion.
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hey guys i'm out here martin and this is breaking the site back in april eight story building collapse in bangladesh coming eleven hundred factory workers the garment workers are fed up with being forced to work in treacherous conditions and are now fighting back growing demonstrations have resulted in a harsh response by police in the tongues of a ball it's in tear gas to subdue the protesters the workers are calling for a living wage of one hundred dollars a month increased benefits and safe working conditions keep in mind currently they're only making thirty eight dollars a month hardly a living wage to feed one person let alone an entire family sounds like a reasonable request considering how the country has one of the largest clothing manufacturers and earns about twenty billion dollars export in items of the rest of the world but it's not just about money it was building collapse was just the latest in a string of incidents like factory fires and other collapses that reveal the abysmal working climate for these employees although some clothing brands have tried to sign safety agreements and pledge money for safety inspectors it's not
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enough these people work tirelessly in sweatshops for slave wages and can't even guarantee that they'll make it home safely to their families at the end of the day as of now hundreds of factories have already been forced to close because of the mountain pressure and unions vow to continue fighting even if it means all forty five hundred factories across the country have to close their doors so let's stand in solidarity with them in this battle and let's keep breaking. said. the person lives terrible a problem very hard to take on a. long flight that never had sex with that hurt their lives let's call it.


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