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this is r t moscow tonight the olympic flame is lit in the game's historic birthplace in greece before setting off an epic four months really across russia leading up to sochi twenty forty. three attacks in two days leave seventy dead in nigeria as islamist insurgents target universities churches and civilian infrastructure in retaliation for a government offensive. british government's health care cuts drive tens of thousands on to the streets of manchester just as the leading party prepares for its annual get together there. and the un general assembly wraps up with a return to hope and diplomacy world powers agree on a syria resolution and there could finally be light at the end of the tunnel over iran's nuclear crisis.
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hello there my name is kevin our industry stuffed at nine pm sunday evening here in moscow you're watching r.t. international in our weekly the roundup of the top stories of the last seven days first the olympic flame for the twenty fourteen winter games has been lit in the limpia the birthplace of the legendary event it's from there that the torch will then travel thousands of kilometers to next year's host city here in russia. spoke to our teams andrew fowler of the ceremony itself in greece and also tell them what to say in sochi. lympics flame for sorcery twenty fourteen has been leaked will probably be able to see it just behind my left shoulder there and it also we will see here at olympia the birthplace of the games the longest torch relay in the olympic history just a few moments ago the lighting of the flame ceremony took place it was basically
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a step back in time winding back the clock perhaps two and a half thousand g.'s is so not as a high priestess light the flame using the powers of the sun and a parabolic mirror which is basically what happened in seven hundred b.c. that flame is them brought here to the ancient stadium which is where i am standing and it is now being used or just was used to light the torch the very first torch bearer he runs off to my right by tradition he's always a great guy and on this occasion he was an eighteen year old ski called yanis antonio who hopes to compete for his country in sochi next year and he will hand this torch the first russian torch bearer alexander ovechkin the ice hockey star he himself has only been released by his club the washington capitals for forty eight hours to carry out this honor he flies back to the states this evening but he says this event today was one of the highlights of his career while the torch will go on
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a tour of greece for the next seven days and that will end in athens next weekend before it flies to moscow for the russian leg that's the longest in torch relay history but it also has started here as we've been on there in the limpia the birthplace of the olympics now what's crossing to bangor today is in sochi the host city for twenty eight fourteen olympics so tomorrow power the storage will get to start well it's definitely going to be an olympic torch relay that's going to break a many records and here's why it's going to take around one hundred days for all of that torch to go through russia it's going to take sixty five thousand kilometers and ford. a thousand torch bearers to bring it right here to the holy city now it's going to date through nine at times earnings in russia eighty three regions of two thousand and nine hundred and cities and settlements across russia it also visit at the north pole also it will go to the top of the europe's
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a highest mountain in the russia's and north caucuses it will then make a trip outside of eartha to the i.r.s. says away cosmonauts they will take it on a space walk now this has never happened before in the history of the olympics now in terms of traveling of the torch around russia it's going to have a conventional ways such as you know the train a plane as well as on foot or through personalities but it's also going to go through unconventional ways or through reindeer sleighs and hot air balloons of course a russia wanted to highlight some of its culture its the history and of course this emerging new younger russia that we're seeing being developed here at the host city in a sort she. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred towns and cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings.
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in a record setting trip by land air sea and others pays. a living torch relay special coverage monarchy. change of pace and islamist militants in nigeria reportedly went room to room at night executing students as they slept in an attack on a university killing up to fifty people in total upwards of seventy have died over the weekend and three attacks they believe to be the work of boko haram which is increasingly targeting vulnerable civilian infrastructure. the founder of the viewpoint africa website says the cells ultimately directed by al qaida. the un all these groups are all joined together but i'll shut babin somalia or the wider m.l.a. in in mali or in the. across west africa these jihadist cells are all only
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blueprints on the organizational under very very strict. their focus is the same the agilent is the same and the they also want to do the spectacular in terms of the sort of attacks on they can do and they always keen on grabbing the headlines and they're very strict sometimes you drive away due to you know of the religious divide in specially christians and muslims and in countries like nigeria which is very already splits on ethnic and religious grounds it is that much easier for muslims to be pushed to the edge muslims many of them who are don't have anything to do with to be marginalized. themselves become. elements for these groups because they are already on the fringes of the society let's look at some of the history of this the nigerian army is waging a counterinsurgency campaign against boko haram pushing its fighters into hiding across borders but that's not stop the militants let's take a look at it in the news who are just some of the tax code over back around the
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sheer for saw in march suicide bombers detonated a car bomb at a bus station that time sixty five were killed mostly christians then two months later parker morgan has a complex raid on an army base in jail that time here fifty five were killed more than one hundred prisoners were freed in july militants attacked a boarding school slaughtering forty two students and teachers more bodies were found they were so charred they could be properly identified and there in august as well an attack on a tear in troops left thirty five people dead including soldiers and militants again these are just some of the attacks but they showed the reach and the willingness maybe of baccarat to kill. in bahrain the oppositions found the speaking out means getting locked up as the main force behind the anti-government protest movement jailed with members of one opposition group behind bars for supposedly with militants we talk about that just.
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but next no one expected it just two weeks ago but this year's u.n. general assembly has proven that there is enough space for consensus between world powers it's being seen we witnessed that historic phone call which raised hopes that a deadlock can be brokered in iran's nuclear crisis but of course the show of unity peaked when the u.n. security council unanimously voted on the syrian resolution something that seemed to be so elusive more than two years ago artie's nissen reports now from new york hoped for diplomacy progress on two fronts at the united nations a new tone in policy towards iran and a security council resolution on chemical weapons in syria. we've been hearing increasingly often the argument that the threat or use of force which is directly precipitated by the un charter might be the most efficient way to solve international problems the united states of america is prepared to use all elements
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or power including military force to secure. our core interests of the rich but rare consensus at the u.n. emerged after years of deadlock over how to deal with the syrian crisis the un security council unanimously passed a resolution to secure and eliminate syria's stockpiles of chemical weapons according to the geneva agreement put forward by russia and the u.s. the mandate outlines a legally binding compliance but no threat of automatic sanctions or military action i think it shows there were turning towards a diplomatic solution least on the issue of chemical weapons but the other issue that is still remained outstanding is what will happen outside of the issue of chemical weapons will the promise to be pursued by the united states or will they continue to find as they have the opposition an arm the opposition of the silicate that happening and trying to deepen the conflict over there was out in another way it's a u.s. policy that iran's new president says has no place in the region his debut at the
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u.n. this week star hassan rouhani reach out but also defend tehran from political attacks iran is an anchor of stability in unstable region the iranian threat is imaginary and is used as an excuse for the misdeeds of others iran poses absolutely no threat to the world or the region ronnie made it clear that iran does not want nuclear weapons and that it wants peace but also to be treated as an equal rainy and u.s. officials praised high level meetings that took place on the sidelines of the general assembly and the country's president spoke over the phone for the first time in over three decades what would it take for a would be photo op to become a new u.s. approach towards iran but as has our very tied there his hands are tied that there are people and lobby groups in the united states that do not want to see the united states and iran after thirty four years of demonizing the country to have relations
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the u.s. is in a tough spot it has to keep from north. the relation of the middle east and now the nation of the arab muslims in general gave the earth is the most feared group to the commitment double standard the us shows. obama said to meet with israeli prime minister netanyahu on monday in washington now is the real test will the u.s. be able to move forward with diplomacy in the middle east both with iran and syria the first week at the u.n. general assembly has opened the door to rethink a failed policy the question is will the obama administration shut it the first chance they get reporting from new york and use anally r.t. . spector's returned to syria this last week to probe several more cases of alleged chemical weapons use they'd face sharp criticism of their earlier investigation of the oldest twenty first gas poisoning their damascus it was the summer enough
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according to moscow now a former commander of the british military skeptical defense regiment told me he's all optimistic about the new mission either. daryn is nor is this nation and it doesn't last very long it can remain in saudi oil and other samples for some time but you know i would be surprised if they find sarin or degradation elements of sarin and bases like ours you know three months after the event hopefully what they will find is circumstantial evidence to try and lead us to to work out exactly what happened in those places and i think more importantly to discover if. and into terrorist groups that are going to have an impact far why didn't the region itself and apart from destroying syrian chemical weapons that the russian federation and the united states that a group plan on which we must push ahead most importantly for the rest of us in the world is to ensure that political regime of any of those chemical weapons doesn't
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happen. also this last week the opposition in iran's once again showed the president rouhani faces a very rocky road if he continues to steer the country towards diplomacy with the united states and angry mob pelted romney's car with eggs and shoes as he returned from the u.n. general assembly new york protesters were particularly outraged by this story a phone call with barack obama which marked the first direct talks between the country's leader in three decades we spoke to norman solomon from the institute of public accuracy he thinks it's crucial hardline is a kept at bay for diplomacy diplomacy to succeed here the u.s. government is under great pressure from the hawks in washington many of whom why the united states to either attack or wink and nod towards israel launching an attack on iran within the next year or so the role of the us i think is now to see what's possible diplomatically and i think it's a combination you know it takes two to dance that was not possible under our dinner
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job it would not be possible under president romney or president mccain for instance i think that is the very important factor the combination and it's a matter of timing. but it will be very important for the grassroots leaders as well as the powerful in both iran and the united states to keep this on the word so that the hardliners in the country don't gain the upper hand at two autoconf are much more analysis of the signs of thaw in iran u.s. relations as well as predictions of future nuclear talks to. one of britain's biggest cities to see its largest ever protests as health cut stalled tens of thousands of the streets it's time to catch members of the governing conservative party who are descending on manchester for their annual conference he'll give some is a labor party councilor nearby sheffield he told us the only people benefiting from
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the government's policies are the tory friends in big business. the national service in this country belongs to the people and always causing a setup by the people we play for it with an awesome show it's contribution all of our wages that pays for the national service it belongs to the people and it should be kept in the public not privatized the government should be cashing in on people's ill health. the money in the health service should be spent on improving the service training the stocks not handing out profit to shareholders and munching contracts private sector doesn't put money into the n.h.s. private sector draws money other than it says it takes a process that takes money odd percent of the pockets of private shareholders it doesn't invest money back into the into the national health service not so you need more money invested in it and it needs to be in the truck and the public sector nobody wants is the government wants it not seein it wants it the nurses don't want the doctors don't want to the people of the of britain don't want it. and here a party is getting a large slice of the vote so paul in austria is elections were reporting tonight
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that the polls suggest the centrist coalition will make it back into power by the narrowest of margins live report on that coming up public after this break. to show. technologies the name and aviation is the game which is lately stealth fighter takes the release of the monks the noble power source brings innovations new heights and down the ground breaking night shaped loss of consciousness as you are dangerous year on a. cleveland shirt. looks .
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cross-talk rules and if they got into you can jump in anytime you want. but again a bar any court sentenced fifty shiites took to fifteen years behind bars for organizing a clandestine opposition group linked to anti government militias the february fourteenth coalition was formed in twenty eleven and was the major driving force behind the nationwide pro-reform uprising let's go live now to judd feruz he's a former m.p. and member of bahrain's largest opposition party with facts are they going to bring
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to you so the first time is it that bahrain's jailed its most problem opponents yet the activists continue the opposition continues none the less will it be the same this start. as usual as you said because there is no clear vision or within the government authorities to how to solve this crisis still they want to use the iran fair to crack down all uprising and detain all the activists and put such harsher sentences within the within that this is unfair and an unfair trial total today for examples around eight hundred eighty years old been sentenced for ninety five activist among them many. human rights activists and. it was so clear that it is not a fair trial nor a justice it is just
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a political message to their first of all to the opposition that the government will continue with their hard line action against the opposition the same done to the international community because as everyone knows that before two weeks there was a cleave condemn nation of violations he want rights in bahrain after forty seven countries including allies of the bahraini government of his right the state and i really can't issue that statement so in short their government is continuing their hard line against the opposition ok job so no surprise to you i guess what can you do to help you represent your position outside of bar right how can you help the people inside the country definitely we are taking the momentum whatever our there's action in bahrain and the people in bahrain started to continue their struggle as everyone knows the last week. i mean last friday we
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sold this huge gap. dozens of people are armed almost half of the city's in there were marching in the street demanding the shift to democracy and we try to divert this clear message to the international community to our lines of your bahraini given her especially britain and rated states that their stability of the persian gulf the stability of bahrain and more harmonic between the all communities in bar it will be just just will be solved by. shifting toward democracy the current regime will be more troubling to the interests of the west and it will lead to the understood reality within the region so at the end we can say it will be in the interest of everyone bahrain is people regional countries international communities if we can guarantee is that going to be
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a gradual shift toward democracy in bahrain joyed for a smaller fact manifestation party in bahrain thank you thank you the centrist coalition government appears to have scraped back into power in austria's parliamentary elections but the right wing freedom parties put in a strong showing it seems to have scooped up almost twenty two percent of the vote it's going to cross this no go live to vienna peter all of his their fully either paid or yes they seem to scrape ten don't they these are only exit polls so far what's the latest. well what we've seen from this election is a rise in the amounts of people here in austria who have been voting for a year zero on t. european state ability mechanism parties as well as some right wing parties not to talk a little bit more about swine austrians have become one of the the most anti euro euro skeptic countries in the union i'm joined by barbara colin the director of the austrian economy. the director of the is you the austrian economics sorry about
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that so. why is this an austrian voters showing this animosity towards the euro in the e.s.m. well the voters have seen that no solutions have been there in europe we have been polling in the problems for ever and ever more of the same it's as simple as that and has voted with it speed and says no thanks and it's enough what does this mean for the future of the euro how important is this vote because austria is one of those countries that is to century underwrites euro bailouts eurozone balan's exactly that's right however you know. the consequences for this election is that people hopefully will start thinking i mean this was a strong majority fought off people who think what this is done in brussels is not right that finally politicians need to reconsider their solutions and they know that they haven't left to anything if you look in greece no structural reforms have
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been put into a program spain is working a little bit italy is still a mass and france will be a disaster so this is what the people understand and they want a solution or they want solutions and alternatives they have not been provided to alternatives by our current politics so has this been a real message to the eurozone these people are increasingly unhappy you think this could spread beyond the borders of austria well depends where the next national elections are but definitely people should starts. thinking it should set them thinking definitely and if you look at what happened in germany there was a strong urge also after the part you said we don't want those bailouts anymore probably provide alternatives barbara coleman the director of the austrian a commie censor there thank you very much it does seem that the current grand coalition between the social democrats on the people's party will be returned here in austria but we've seen huge gains made by those parties that want changes to the
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eurozone and they want an end to the european stability mechanism peter all over there in austria thanks for the update much appreciated hope you can stay with us we appreciate your company to coming up after the break we look at the latest state of the art science breakthroughs in the ever changing world of high tech yes this month technology update will be on the air. i bet anyone who lives in the united states knows a few people or just dismal geography a certain small percentage of the country just can't get it that canada is above us but how important is knowing geography anyways well one author on the washington post blogs recently wrote that knowing geography really doesn't matter that much he was writing in response to the game where is damascus which challenges people to find syria's capital on a blank map he said that whether americans can find syrian
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a map doesn't affect the wisdom of a punitive strike meant to uphold international norms against the use of chemical weapons and often disasters draw our attention to places we've never heard of before like pearl harbor or columbine or syria but let's look at this way i don't exactly know where persons kidneys are or how exactly they work so by all normal logic that means i'm not qualified to have an opinion about whether we should remove john doe's kidneys my opinion doesn't count because i am kidney ignorant so if you know so little about syria that you can't even find it on a map then you are more likely to believe from a guy in a suit on t.v. that there must be an intervention to save the people there you have no idea who they are or why they are suffering or how to save them but gosh darn it that intervention sounds nice knowing at least where a country is on the map is the first step in building informed opinion but that's just my opinion.
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hello and welcome to this month's special edition of technology updates where we look to the skies to see the peak of russian innovation on today's show we captured glimpses of bush's latest stealth fighter. we find out that a cross between a battery and a combustion engine isn't just a load of. up and down the ground we learned about the mysterious night. but first let's take a look at some of the highlights of this month's show. the international aviation space show is the highlights of the calendar not just for aviation enthusiasts but for anyone who enjoys a good day out show started off in one thousand nine hundred ninety three when the focus was mainly on entertainment since then it's evolved into an important
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business event given the high flyers of the aviation industry a chance to sell their wares this year marks smashed its own attendance record with over one hundred fifty thousand people braving the elements to visit the event in just one day business also proved with companies signing agreements and contracts with twenty one point two billion dollars which is significantly more than last time believing this has wider implications than just the aviation industry. the aircraft manufacturing industry always drives innovation throughout the world because to be competitive in this industry you have to excel in a number of different areas that's why this industry receives so much investment some people say that for every ruble invested in new technologies for aircraft man . fact that you get a return of seven rubles because of the positive effect this provides for all the other industries. i'm sure that return on investment was the last thing on people's
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mind when the flight program started. the demonstrations give money fighters the opportunity to show off exactly what they can do this is especially important for kraft and mike says the perfect place for defense organizations to cooperate with. the most efficient. machine operations. is testament to the. difficult condition. isn't just for selling military hardware. builds on the legacy piece. and is about thirty percent cheaper than anything else in the market under peaceful international cooperation doesn't company russian helicopters presented the first
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prototype of his luxurious k. sixty two passenger helicopter the helicopter is fitted with french engines for marking the first time the company has teamed up with a european partner is still undergoing. coleus order received a number of orders. would be complete without a display from the study she. had been showing off their precise flying skills together for over ten years only ones with some slick moves the grace and agility of passenger jets as they performed a seemingly impossible need. to cure anyone of their fear of flying you'd find many people willing to take. you'd be forgiven for thinking that all the action was taking place outside as well as providing shelter from the inclement weather the pavilions also gave visits is of all ages and insights into the high technology that keeps the aircraft in the skies.


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