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type of his luxurious k sixty two passenger helicopter the helicopter is fitted with french engines marking the first time the company has teamed up with a european partner is still undergoing ground but the company is already received a number of orders to. be complete without to display from the. teams the two groups have been showing off their precise flying skills together for over ten years the only ones with some slick moves to see the grace. as they perform to seemingly impossible maneuvers because such large aircraft would be enough to cure any one of the fear of flying but i doubt you'd find many people willing to take to the air in this kind of. you'd be forgiven for thinking that all the action was taking place outside as well as providing shelter from the inclement weather the pavilions also gave visits of all ages and insights into the high technology that keeps the aircraft in the skies and. also seized the opportunity to
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show the future of aviation with twenty one to medium range jets he's due to hit the market in two thousand and seventeen it will be built to composition materials and economic engines which make you greener. probably makes it more comfortable for those inside. the first russian civil aircraft to be built around the open architecture principle this means that components and systems can simply be swapped out if they need repairing or grading. the company also demonstrated the simulator for the aircraft the fixed base device emulates the controls and avionics of the twenty one and can also be used to test out. to the plane. it was designed by russia's c k t company and dutch company sim industries and will also be used for a pilot training program. and talking of training pilots thirty is capable of simulating the feel of flying for. in fifth generation jets it is also
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extremely difficult to get into a flat spin but if the rookie pilot somehow manages it could take over and save the day it is even capable of landing on unprepared as trips it's not surprising it was voted the best train at the paris air show this year. max isn't just a place to showcase aircraft and one of the highlights of the show this year was this show prototype by odyssey and. they tell she was part of a next generation space ship that will serve the international space station and possibly even go beyond this space ship will be bigger than the so you ships making it more comfortable for the cosmonauts inside. this is such a complex piece of technology that there are only two countries in the world that are capable of producing it and even they do this only once every fifteen years we do our best to keep all the equipment here as compact as possible to leave more room for the cosmonauts so they can stand here without having to do this in poland
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for example similar vehicles produced in the u.s. don't have enough room to stand up and. this is a multi a purpose they can be used both for taking cosmonauts into orbit and for traveling to the moon and. all of the aircraft on the space for everyone to see up close with the exception of one because the stealthy design of this next jets makes it very hard. the park forty fifty is bush's fifth generation fighter the supersonic jet made its second appearance at the max air show but this was the first time that the media were able to get a slightly closer look the aircraft is radically different from its predecessors as well as being faster more intelligent and maneuverable scientists have worked hard to make it as stealthy as possible the design bureau which is part of the united aircraft corporation works very closely with the various research centers of the russian academy. sciences for example we've been working together on this fifth
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generation fighter jets. and i believe to something that is on a par with the best models in this class worldwide the part. of the fusion between theoretical science and practical application and he's one of only a few fifth generation finds his in the world. we've got competition from china and japan has also announced that it's going to develop its own fifth generation fighter but so far neither china nor japan have presented any working prototypes of their aircraft so the only objects that can be compared to the t fifty is the f. twenty two generally speaking these two planes have a lot in common but only time will show in what way one is better than the other. the park is a stealth aircraft particularly attention has been paid to the leading edge of the wings which has been staggered the weapons which have been concealed the jet turbine blades which have been covered and the air intake which i'm straight and those are just the bits we can see with the naked eye must also be shielded from
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external interference whilst also emitting signals of its own without being detected with military planes being so well protected against electronic interference i bet the pilots don't have to turn off their mobile phones when taking off and landing military complex often as a catalyst for scientific advancement this is especially true of the radar which first proved itself as a viable means of defense at the end of the second world war since then plane developers have been trying to outmaneuver each other to get the upper hand on the battlefield a simpler system is made up of a transmitter receiver the transmitter emits radio waves which bounce off an object such as this aircraft and are picked up by the receiver military radars can be split into two types detection and search and targeting radar detection symmetry dusk and a wide area once every fifteen to thirty seconds and operates on long radio waves they are used for early warning systems and surveillance targets invade. on the
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other hand a much narrower area several times a second and a use for missile guidance systems and targets tracking but it's not all doom and gloom for the actual. number of ways a plane it uses radar profile to bob a small. bird disappear altogether but it's not as easy as you might think a pilot can hold the ground to hide the plane naturally it's the rain this makes fine much more dangerous the shape of the plane can also be discussed on the radio waves in any direction apart from but the receiver this mysterious are two seniors ability and speed however there is another way unforeseen is not so simple as just changing the color of the aircraft because it has to be totally redesigned on a black yellow level but when pay attention a lot here is located in the company not only conducts research into composite materials and nano coatings but also focuses on the real life application in the aviation industry compas that material such as carbon fiber often numerous benefits over those traditionally used in aircraft and that's why the pot farm is full of
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them to make an aircraft of carbon fiber a mold must first be made the company uses milling machines carefully to cook the mold out of water it is then finished by hand before being sent on to the next stage play is a fiberglass and carbon fiber placed on the mold which is then sealed in a vacuum by she was attached to the bag. and infused the mold with resin the seal is constantly check to make sure there are no you perfections in the finished product. about seventy or eighty percent of the fighter jets body is made of compazine material namely carbon fiber we're all working on modifying the composite materials with carbon. which will help further improve the jury ability of the components. at speeds of over one thousand kilometers per hour it's all to do for. a c.e.o. for appeal. as the plane to move is
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a. carbon fiber composite components also significantly decrease the visibility of the plane making it. and russia has been quite successful supplying this technology. as well as manufacturing composite aircraft components the company also specializes in producing multi-functional nano colton's a number of institutes around russia have been developing nano coatings for aircraft was unfortunately they didn't meet the high standards required for the latest jets. any aircraft must protect the pilot from electromagnetic radiation the sun should not contribute to the plane's radar profile and must of course be as transparent as possible. to develop one that meets all of these requirements. and is applied in a special vacuum chamber. coating is made up of tin oxide and gold and is applied
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in a process known as sputtering layers of indian tin oxide and gold are applied in turns using an ionization process to build up a coating just spend nine millimeters thick but i'm afraid that's all we can say the exact makeup of the coasting is a secret. makes the surface forty to sixty percent less detectable by radar. in five to six times more resistant to abrasion which this provides a huge advantage in the field. is also much more transparent which reduces reflection from inside the cockpit enabling the pilot to see the runway lights more clearly. unfortunately we weren't allowed to film how the coatings are applied to the other aircraft components either it isn't dissimilar to painting a large civil airliner. contain federal magnetic nano particles which are known for their radar absorbent property. on just applied evenly all over the plane.
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different radar absorbent coatings are applied to different parts of the plane invariant thicknesses. this attention to microscopic detail can give potentially huge benefits in the flight in stealth characteristics of the aircraft. russian design of the fourth generation fighters using almost fifty generation technology showed up on radar as objects the size of a football but the t fifty shows up on radar as an object the size of a tennis ball so you can see the progress that we've made to the best of the. most the composition components have been produced on a nano coatings applied their radar signature is tested in this on a co-equal echo free chamber at the institute of theoretical and applied electrodynamics here in moscow the chamber is completely covered in very dobs over terril the height of the sponge pyramids corresponds with the frequency of electromagnetic radiation the climate's inside the chamber is controlled and all
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the equipment is built on the same foundation to prevent any vibrations from affecting the regions and this is how it works. the electromagnetic wave transceivers are located on the bottom of the chamber the waves are directed towards the mirror which conversely to plane waves simulation effects long distances haven't played signals the radar behind us knows condit's takes which signals are let through the rest are scattered about the room and some are reflected back to the mirror and pizza by the transceiver which gives an indication of the nose radar profile. it's impossible to make the effect if surface of a plane equals zero or it's invisible what is possible is to minimize the distance at which it is detected and that's the aim of stealth technology you know you've to chamber is so sensitive that you can even measure the radar signature of a ball bearing with a diameter of just one millimeter this is partly thanks to the giants parabolic mirror that has a position of third. the millionth of
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a metre the star shapes reflects and distorted waves hitting the edge of the mirror it's awards the walls to avoid any erroneous reading this. the maiden flight of the . the su twenty seven took place thirty years ago and the old dated versions will still be in service in thirty years time so we such attention to detail and high technology go into the stealthy part i'm sure this isn't the last we'll see of it's either or is it. with supersonic stealth fighter jets and the it may seem like anything on the ground doesn't stand a chance but this next piece of equipment is a must. see even the odds. military engagements are being carried out less and less on the battlefield and more and more on the electromagnetic spectrum. rockets jets and drones can devastate infrastructure troops and fleets from hundreds of miles away because of their radar location systems denying the
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enemy while ensuring unimpeded friendly access to rates can seriously improve defense ship losses can be hogged an aircraft losses can breach you still to six fold this is the role that. the russian word for that deadly night shade plants which has been used throughout history for its poisonous and hallucinogenic properties and is a fitting name for this mobile radar. this is no graded version of the system as use capable of jamming complex radio signals which is something we weren't able to do in the past also it is so effective that one new system can replace three old ones. through its money fight should bike funds which is part of radio electronic technologies it will expire receiving the enemy signal processing it and sending the same but much more powerful signal by its where it came from all in a matter of milliseconds this causes the enemy's radar screen to light so with noise leaving them pony. consulates hoggett the radio frequencies of friendly
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forces can be programmed in as well so they aren't affected. could two also has other advantages over the previous models. are able to get works also massacre if you've noticed it assumes the necessary right away and not just any position of using it. also has a self leveling system the publisher of the properties will then the in tennis starts working on this station is fully functional and ready to detect targets. the system is capable of hiding areas of hundreds of kilometers squared and make it appear as if atomic power stations ports. never even existed it can also use passive radar to triangulate the position of any bogeys without giving away its own position. also has another trick up its sleeve it can make false targets appear on the radar screen which not only confuse the enemy but also priests friendly forces is such an enigmatic sight these planes don't stand
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welcome bach marx may have stolen the show this time let's take a quick look back at this month's all the tech news. bytes ministers from the seven states participating in the east have projects met in france on the sixth of september which is based around the russian invented cycle might be the world's launched experimental fusion facility and has the potential to solve the world's energy problems during the meeting the ministers reaffirmed the importance all on the dedication of the project. the expo fifteen. was held for the fourth time this month international. trains and engineering equipment to potential buyers among the highlights was a model of a next generation metro jointly designed by siemens and washing machines.
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spacious quiet cheaper to run and easy to maintain and those currently in service so hopefully to make my commute in the morning. by predicting the period before the big bang theory is an essential components to understanding the evolution and structure of the universe it explains why the uniform and. significant to radio astronomy. number of different experiments followed including. for which george smoove received the nobel prize. you know if this experiment proved that the universe has irregularities are. in keeping with this month's aviation theme we travel to the quiet town of. to see
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a world where pot is lost up to five times longer and scientists play with planes to make our lives. on top in the long. haul some may already have come to china or go off on the swiss so migrating south but that doesn't mean that the scientists have gone to hibernation. in fact the latest innovation is just about to take off here at the institute of problems of chemical physics from the outside it may look like we're a group of boys with the toys but this was inside this plane that matters this is the first plane in bushes to be powered soley by hydrogen fuel cells could fly for ninety minutes on a lithium polymer battery which may not seem that bad insides have been replaced they can stay in the air for almost eight hours. as well as being able to fly longer hydrogen fuel cells of other benefits over batteries or combustion engines they are quieter cooler cleaner and have a high energy conversion rates compared to botches their lights and have
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a longer operating life hydrogen is an extremely clean fuel as it's only a mission is water and it can even be produced using energy from the sun so having seen what he could do i was keen to find out more. of the research and development that went into creating the fuel cells was true delta in this lab a fuel cell is like a cross between a battery and an engine they generate electricity like a battery but like an engine they require a fuel which in this case is hydrogen to the technology originate. there were fuel cells produced which were used in space similar ones were used in submarines and are still in use to this very day so the initial technology was finalized and completed in its current form. tween the one nine hundred seventy s. and one nine hundred eighty s. if you need to quickly figure. a basic hydrogen fuel cell consists of a proton exchange membrane or electrolyte in the middle a catalyst on either side and i note and cathode and two graphite flow feel plates
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hydrogen flows on one side of the membrane and on the other the catalyst splits the hydrogen molecule into protons and electrons the protons can pass through the membrane but the electrons khans and have to pass through a circuit which generates electricity. on the other side of the membrane the protons and electrons reacts with the allston from the air thanks to the other catalyst which generates water and heat these thin fuel cells can be stacked to produce as much power as necessary. i doubt the plane would get very far to use the graphite plates using hydrogen cars so the institute has managed to miniaturize the technology to such an extent that this block contains over one hundred fuel cells the flow fields that channeled the gas saw etched into thin sheets of carbon in a slab and the finished fuel cells are tested in this machine so why did they decide to stick them in unmanned aircraft but there would be no firstly unmanned
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aircraft. secondly these devices are not very technically. but they require extremely accurate weight and yet i mentioned parameters the weight of this power source is one of its main benefits is to think of. the institute has three different draw models based around the same fuel cell system the design of the aircraft is tailored to the role it must perform one of them can even fly for up to thirty four hours this potato easy has been adapted to take three d. images of buildings interrail the fuel cells are perfectly suited for the long flights required to take the high resolution images and do no damage the environment is can also be used to check for breaks in remote pole lines and is currently monitoring the construction of the wind. olympic facilities in sochi. unmanned aircraft is a flying machine in which you can demonstrate that wing if this technology works it can also be used in large aviation but not directly at all aircraft have no power
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units which is used for ovens to heat the food at the air conditioning and a number of other flight functions for you all the world's leading companies have their own hydrogen fuel cell projects. and our company is working with them on creating these power cells of a slightly different scale. aside from aviation fuel cells offer a greener quiet and more reliable alternative to diesel backup generators as well as being useful for those living in remote areas it is of special interest to telecoms in intensive care units where reliable energy source community difference between life and death a german company is currently looking to localise production of these units in russia which can generate at the too close of energy up to seventy two hours they so we are using western experience in russian and developments in implementing russian developments in western products hopefully what we do here with the russian developed a membrane electronic units will return to the west and as
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a finished product. the only possible drawback of fuel cells is the use of compressed gas cylinders to store the hydrogen. because when you're explains that they only fill the super strong composite gasoline to just hottest racing of six hundred atmospheres i no longer felt the need to run and duck for cover i'm afraid that's it for this month aviation special but whether your frequent flyer or you could to keep your feet firmly planted on the ground enjoy the ride.
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live from moscow at ten pm the yellin pick flames late in the game the story of birthplace in greece before setting off for. leading up to sochi twenty forty. two days leave seventy dead in nigeria as islamist insurgents target universities churches and civilian infrastructure in retaliation for government defense. british government's health care cuts drive tens of thousands on the streets of manchester today just as the leading party prepares for its and you will get together. at the un general assembly wraps up with a return to hope and diplomacy was agreed on a syria resolution and there could finally be light at the end of the tunnel over iran's nuclear cried.


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