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live from moscow at ten pm to be a live picture flames later in the game the story of birthplace in greece before setting off on an epic four months really across russia leading up to sochi twenty forty. two days leave seventy dead in nigeria as islamist insurgents target universities churches and civilian infrastructure in retaliation for government defense. british government's health care cuts drive tens of thousands on the streets of manchester today just as the leading party prepares for its annual get together. and the u.n. general assembly wraps up with a return to hope and diplomacy world powers agree on a syria resolution and there could finally be light at the end of the tunnel over iran's nuclear crisis is to.
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go in here tonight in moscow for a good evening choose to say just after ten pm now this is a weekly a roundup of the top stories the last seven days and first the olympic flame for the twenty fourteen winter games was later earlier in the limpia the birthplace of the legendary event it's from there that the top will travel thousands of kilometers to next year's host city here in russia earlier marina joshie spoke to us andrew farmer at the ceremony in greece would say in sochi. the limpet flame for so she twenty fourteen has been lit you'll probably be able to see it just behind my left shoulder there and it also we will see here at olympia the birthplace of the games the longest torch relay in the olympic history just a few moments ago the lighting of the flame ceremony took place it was basically
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a step back in time winding back the clock perhaps two and a half thousand g.'s you saw a naturist rest as a high priestess light the flame using the powers of the sun and a parabolic mirror which is basically what happened in seven hundred b.c. that flame is then brought here to the ancient stadium which is where i am standing and it is now being used or just was used to light the torch the very first torch bearer he runs off to my right by tradition he's always a great god on this occasion he was an eighteen year old ski called yanis antonio who hopes to compete for his country in sochi next year and he will hand this torch the first russian torch bearer alexander ovechkin the ice hockey star he himself has only been released by his club the washington capitals for forty eight hours to carry out this honor he flies back to the states this evening but he says that this event today was one of the highlights of his career while the torch will go on a tour of greece for the next seven days and that will end in athens next weekend
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before it flies to moscow for the russian leg that's the longest in torch relay history but it also has started here as we've been on there in the limpia the birthplace of the olympics now it's crossed into bangor today is in sochi the host city for twenty eight fourteen olympics so tomorrow power the storage will get to sochi well it's definitely going to be an olympic torch relay that's going to break a many records and here's why it's going to take around one hundred days for all of that torch to go through russia it's going to take sixty five thousand kilometers and ford. a thousand torch bearers to bring it right here to the holy city how it's going to date through nine at times earnings in russia eighty three regions up to two thousand nine hundred and cities and settlements across of russia it also visit the north pole also it will go to the top of the europe's a highest mountain in the rushes the north caucuses it will then make
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a trip outside of earth or to the i.r.s. says the way cosmonauts they will take it on a space walk now this is never happened to before in the history of at the olympics now in terms of traveling the tours around russia it's going to have a conventional ways such as you know the train a plane as well as on foot or through personalities but it's also going to go through unconventional ways or through reindeer sleighs and hot air balloons of course a russia wanted to highlight some of its culture its the history and of course this emerging new younger russia that we're seeing being developed here at the host city in. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to show. one hundred and twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred two cities of russia. really fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand to one.
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in a record setting trip by land air sea another space. a little bit towards. special coverage on or. they will be into a big change of tone next though islam is militants in nigeria reportedly went room to room at night executing students as they slept in an attack on the university that's killed up to fifty people in total upwards of seventy have died over the weekend in three attacks they believe to be the work of boko haram that's increasingly targeting vulnerable civilian infrastructure johnson's founder of the viewpoint africa website and says the cells ultimately directed by al qaida. and all these groups are all joined together. i'll shut bob in somalia or the wider m.l.a. in in mali or the. across west africa these jihadist cells are all
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only blueprints on the organizational al qaeda and they're very very strict and their focus is the same. and the they also want to do the spectacular in terms of the sort of attacks on they can do and they always keen on grabbing the headlines and they're very strict sometimes you drive away due to you know of the religious divide in specially christians and muslims and in countries like nigeria which is very already splits on ethnic and religious grounds it is that much easier for muslims to be pushed to the edge muslims many of them who are don't have anything to do with to be marginalized analysis or even themselves become. elements for these groups because they are already on the fringes of the society or some history of this the nigerian army is waging a counter-insurgency campaign against boko haram pushing his fighters into hiding all across borders is not stop the militants those who just some of the thais koda bux. sit on the news wall there well in march suicide bombers detonated
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a car bomb at a bus station it killed sixty five mostly christians two months later boko haram organize a complex raid on an army base in jail that killed fifty five freed more than one hundred prisoners to at the same time and in july it's militants attacked a boarding school slaughtering forty two students and teachers more bodies were found they were so charred they couldn't be identified in august an attack on nigerian troops left thirty five dead including soldiers and militants again these are just some of the attacks but they show the region in the willingness of bach or hard to kill. in bahrain the opposition's found that speaking means getting locked up as the main force behind the anti-government protest movements jailed there with members of one opposition group behind bars for supposedly links with militants more on that story just ahead . but next no one expected just two
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weeks ago but this year's u.n. general assembly is progun there is enough space for consensus between world powers it's seen in historic phone call which raised hopes that a deadlock can be brokered in iran's nuclear crisis but the real show of unity play when the u.n. security council unanimously voted on that syrian resolution something that seemed to be elusive for more than two years parties and this is now reports from new york hope for diplomacy progress on two fronts at the united nations a new tone in policy towards iran and a security council resolution on chemical weapons in syria the european union we've been hearing increasingly often the argument that the threat or use of force which is directly precipitated by the un charter might be the most efficient way to solve international problems the united states of america is prepared to use all elements or power including military force to secure. our core interests of the rich
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but rare consensus at the u.n. emerged after years of deadlock over how to deal with the syrian crisis the un security council unanimously passed a resolution to secure and eliminate syria's stockpiles of chemical weapons according to the geneva agreement put forward by russia and the u.s. the mandate outlines a legally binding compliance but no threat of automatic sanctions or military action i think it shows there were turning towards a diplomatic solution least on the issue of chemical weapons but the other issue that is still remained outstanding is what will happen outside of the issue of chemical weapons will the conversely be pursued by the united states or will they continue to find as they have the opposition an arm the opposition of silicate that happening and trying to deepen the conflict over there were so in another way it's a u.s. policy that iran's new president says has no place in the region his debut at the u.n. this week star hassan rouhani reach out but also defend tehran from political attacks
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iran is an anchor of stability in unstable region the iranian threat is imaginary and is used as an excuse for the misdeeds of others iran poses absolutely no threat to the world or the region ronnie made it clear that iran does not want nuclear weapons and that it wants peace but also to be treated as an equal rainy and u.s. officials praised high level meetings that took place on the sidelines of the general assembly and the country's president spoke over the phone for the first time in over three decades but what would it take for a would be photo op to become a new u.s. approach towards iran but as has our very tied his hands are tied that there are people and lobby groups in the united states that do not want to see the united states and iran after thirty four years of demonizing the country to have relations the u.s. is in a tough spot it has to keep from north. the relation of the middle east and now the
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only imation of the arabs in general against the earth is mostly due to the commitment of the government standard the us shows. obama said to meet with israeli prime minister netanyahu on monday in washington now is the real test will the u.s. be able to move forward with diplomacy in the middle east both with iran and syria the first week at the u.n. general assembly has opened the door to rethink a failed policy the question is will the obama administration shut it the first chance they get reporting from new york and eastern hour r.t. of course also u.n. inspectors return to syria this past week to probe several more cases of alleged chemical weapon use they'd face sharp criticism for their earlier investigation of the orchestra the first gas poisoning in damascus it wasn't fire enough said moscow now a former commander of the british military chemical defense regiment told me too he's
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not optimistic about the new mission either sarin is nor is this nation and it doesn't last very long it can remain in saudi oil and other samples for some time but you know i would be surprised if they find sarin or degradation elements of sarin and bases like. you know three months after the event hopefully what they will find is circumstantial evidence to try and lead us to work out exactly what happened in those places and i think more importantly to discover if. and into terrorist groups that are going to have an impact far why didn't the region itself and apart from destroying syrian chemical weapons that the russian federation and the united states that a group plan on which we must push ahead most importantly for the rest of us in the world is to ensure that politicization of any of those chemical weapons doesn't happen. the opposition in iran has once again showed the president rouhani faces a very rocky road if he continues to steer the country towards diplomacy with the
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united states and i remold pelted ronnie's car with eggs and shoes as he returned from the un general assembly in new york protests as a particular outraged by that historic phone call with barack obama which marked the first direct talks between the country's leader in three decades norman solomon of the institute of public accuracy told the seethings it's crucial though hardline is a day for diplomacy to succeed and that. the u.s. government is under great pressure from the hawks in washington many of whom want the united states to either attack or wink and nod towards israel launching an attack on iran within the next year or so the role of the us i think is now to see what's possible diplomatically and i think it's a combination you know it takes two to dance that was not possible under our dinner job it would not be possible under president romney or president mccain for
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instance i think that is the very important factor the combination and it's a matter of timing. but it will be very important for the grassroots leaders as well as the powerful in both iran and the united states to keep this on course so that the hardliners in each country don't gain the upper hand. we want you to head towards the dot com a web site for much more analysis on the signs of a fall in iran u.s. relations as well as predictions as well of course for a future nuclear talks a lot of focus on that right now. one of britain's biggest cities has been witnessing its largest ever protests as health cut straw tens of thousands onto the streets earlier today it's time to catch members of the governing conservative party were descending on manchester for their annual conference one of those at the rally was laws k. is also leader of the u.k. pirate party let's talk to him now hi laws even see it's been a busy day for you is it but every left wing rallies that conservative conference is nothing new what makes you think the tories are going to listen this time. well
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we've seen an extraordinary turnout today it's been the biggest ever rally in manchester well over fifty thousand people taking part and i think that is time for the really we'll concentrate the minds what's really clear is people have sent a message out that it's important to protect our national health service here in the united kingdom david cameron came into power saying that he protects the n.h.s. well he is not doing that we're saying it's said to be piecemeal privatizing of our health services and it's also this is been important message to send out today as the tories have descended on our city. much to lose themselves in the group with the biggest protest to ever have to deal with through the government is really going to listen though i put it to you again with less than two years an election
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you think you are going to. well absolutely it's also shown that this government is in fact in real trouble of course it's been very much to do with the national health service today that actually that it's facing twenty billion of cuts by twenty fifteen it's all but it's also shown that crystallized to so many issues and where the government's unpopular for all the way from mass surveillance to threaten action in syria to legal aid the fact that so many people are willing to speak out and stand up for the n.h.s. and stand up for a better britain really puts pressure on this government now we've seen how the austerity the austerity agenda is damaging the country and that it's also clear that a new network a new movement is really beginning to forge itself it's also i think what's going to really put pressure on the tories is the fact that people are talking together it's not like the left wing in one corner but it this is
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a much. a new much bigger movement but now. cameron these are tough times the. huge hole in funding where's the harm in outsourcing some jobs rather than closing services completely. when will absolutely we know that also services are under pressure well that's why it's really problematic that the conservatives and instead of resorting to gesture politics for some reason they seem to have money to spare to offer a kind of a tax rebate for married couples but they seem to have money to spare when it comes to mass surveillance they were prepared to use two billion pounds on a snoopers charter for example so it seems that when it's something that they want to do they can suddenly find the money they can suddenly find the money for example if they're thinking about going to war in the middle east but now it's time to put public money into public services support the public here in the united kingdom
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your message is the conservatives business friends of making money other people's ill health health care is still free for patients there's an element of scare mongering there surely as. you will know we can see the already the cuts are beginning to bite that actual already treatments are being canceled twenty one thousand jobs have been lost in the n.h.s. over the last three months even here even here in manchester we've seen important services like car walk in centers in india and syria closed for example that's why it's actually really galling to see the tories come here because right here in manchester i've known how hard that health is already being hit it's not scaremongering these are the facts on the ground and it's time that we're sending out that message laws those get the message across laws care their health care to a leader of the u.k. pirate party line from manchester thanks. getting
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a large slice of the votes of paul in austria is elections but exit polls suggest the centrist coalition will make it back into the narrow is to live up to that just ahead. they would. argue. somewhat soft to approach towards the taliban if you want to have a political solution must create the conditions for reaching such political solution and. conditions to enable. you to tell about your past a political solution. more
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news today violence is once again flared up. these are the images called world has been seeing from the streets of canada. giant corporations rule the day. well again a bahraini court sentenced fifty sheer i'd stop to fifteen years behind bars for organizing a clandestine an opposition group linked to anti-government militants the february fourteenth coalition was formed in twenty eleven it was a major driving force behind the nationwide pro-reform uprising doctor now the
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judge who chairs the bahrain rehabilitation and antiviolence organizations also spent two months in prison that too says the whole trial is a well known top level tactic of demonization actually it's quite all the propaganda and the whole process all the demonization of the pro-democracy orders and pro-democracy groups is a quite an old fashioned thing that the f.b.i. is the one thing i thought is they'd be using for a while and it's not working anymore i mean at this moment they failed absolutely failed to provide any evidence that these groups are involved in any to terror attacks or any terrorist events take movements two years ago exactly at the same date same judge he convicted doctors almost fifty doctors for sentencing up to fifteen years it's the same thing repeating. now to developing
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story in europe tonight the centrist coalition government appears to have scraped back into power in austria's parliamentary elections preprinted results just right wing parties have done particularly well scooping up more than a quarter of the overall vote peter all of his life for us in vienna. not the official results yet are they what is the latest we know. well these are the preliminary official results that what it shows is that the social democrats and the people's party who went into these elections as the coalition government well it looks likely that they'll come out of these elections as the coalition government they've picked up around fifty percent of the vote there over the coming days we should probably hear that they will continue their coalition what is most interesting about these elections is that over one quarter of austrians have voted for parties that want to do away with bailouts for eurozone countries and see if in see real changes to the structure of the single currency now to talk a bit more about this and what it means i'm joined by barbara cole who's the
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director of the austrian economics center barbara thanks very much for talking to me why have austrians voted in this way and why are they upset with the current eurozone system while their interests the politicians in brussels anymore they don't trust our ostrander decision makers what day do they are they don't believe they find the right solutions i mean after all it's just they're. a redistribution a supranational level it's austrian tax euros that go to other countries and are just washed down the drain now austria is one of the four eurozone economies this century underpins bailouts what would this vote over a quarter as they say people voting for parties that want to change things what does this mean for the future of the single currency well i think it does set a couple of politicians thinking and overlook their past solutions that after all it has only prolong the problems this is definitely what the people see and it has
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not come. any solutions as a matter of fact that grew bigger and bigger and higher the next generations will suffer and this is what those twenty five percent obviously have in mind thank you very much thoughts barbara coleman is the director of the austrian economics and so it seems that we're going to see a return of the grand coalition in austria but the certainly unrest but among people that want to see a change to the way the single currency is handled a bit over in austria thanks for. being with us too it's coming to twenty five minutes past ten at night here in moscow news continues in thirty five minutes that would make having no it next though in worlds apart can afghanistan's elections in twenty four would do anything to quell decades of violence we examine but after this break.
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the mcmillian family in canada has decided to defy time itself and keep their family trapped in one thousand nine hundred six sort of like new age only for one year and not their whole lives so to live in one thousand six the family forbids the use of any technology developed after the mid eighty's they want their children to experience the world they grew up in when you had to read books and if you're outside no one could call you and there were no tablet computers to stupefy children at a moment's notice as a parent i have some sympathy with this idea because i like all of you have seen that technology is dumbing us down a lot i mean how often do you have to memorize a phone number nowadays and we've all seen bad parents just sit their kids in front of the technology and ignore them to chat on facebook about what they saw on netflix but on the other hand for the first time in human history you have the power of knowledge at your fingertips there is an instructional video to do anything you want on you tube and getting basic information on any scientific or historical topic is one click away if you find the idea of the self-made man wrong
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. antic the now is your time because anyone who has the will to learn can learn you know i don't come from money without the internet i would definitely not have this job and i'd probably be worshipping at the feet of rush limbaugh deluded by the mainstream media modern technology can make your mind with information or break it with cat videos and dumb trendiness but that's up to you and this is just my opinion. and although welcome to worlds apart afghanistan is slated to hold presidential elections next year a move that has already been described as the make or break moment for the country and while the international. system gallus than honest in
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a crowded. prison it simply risky to have a battle for power at a time when more afghani people are killed than in many of the previous here as well to discuss that analogy joined by young the special envoy to afghanistan mr commish thank you very much for your time i know that your mission has a very special role in assisting the april abode and i understand that the democratic transition is invalid in the afghanistan's call but constitution even though it has never been attempted before but the question is really whether it is the right time for the elections often don't go smoothly even more peaceful environment in afghanistan we still have a war this is indeed. the only way sure proper democratic transition and indeed although the situation is complicated and
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also from the point of the security. we cannot say that the situation is stable economically the country is struggling also with itself and the trend of. the dividual of the international forces there this is exactly for this reason that we need good quality democratic transition in the country transfer of political power from one group as part of the constitution to another group from one president to another president i think we all agree on the virtues of democracy but your own organization just recently published a report according to its three thousand civilians more than three thousand civilians have been killed in the country in the first five months of this year and that this is twenty five percent more than last year and it looks like violence is still the primary way of settling scores and simply doing politics in afghanistan so in your view how big is the chance that instead of you know how to afghanistan
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move towards a brighter democratic future and those elections will plunge the country into a period of even more bloodshed and chaos it's true the country is still war an insurgency sect. on top of everything this is exactly the year when the insurgency will try to manifest their power and it means that in many places of the country we will see still ongoing conflict tension clashes and to activity but. in general the expectations are that the security environment will be good enough to have the election in april next year as planned but as far as understand security is not the only issue and again according to one of the u.n. agencies the office for drugs and crime the level of corruption in afghanistan has risen sharply and. as far as i.


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