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tv   Sport  RT  September 30, 2013 1:29pm-2:01pm EDT

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pleasure to have you with us here on our team today i'm sure. thank you for joining me for the r t sports show. coming up this hall for an hour of top sporting deeds and words from russia and around the globe and here's a taste. scar tissue packs a punch as the scars from petersburg side triumph six two reigning champions deny moscow to stay top of the k h l. while all smiles
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a fellow on ice hockey star alexander ovechkin becomes the first russian to carry the olympic torch to kickstart a record long relay for the salt two winter games. and fast track russia's hottest to win the one prospect's against iraq to test the sochi circuit ahead of russia's first ever f one race next year. but let's start with football because it's been a bad week for the world's top player in all messi as the barcelona forward picked up a thigh injury in the two know when it all maria after also appearing in court for the charges of tax fraud messy netted the opener in the wind to post his eight goal in six legal matches so far this campaign bossa have now won seven active seven club record start to the season messi is ruled out for up to three weeks but before that the twenty six year old argentinian and his father for haye were questioned by a spanish judge after allegedly evading taxes of more than five million dollars an
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accusation most men deny. it was a losing home debut for world record signing gareth by a laugh to rail madrid lost to city rivals atletico one nil of the birth of diego costa struck after eleven minutes a second half substitute bale failed to make an impact and is yet to enjoy a league win with last blanco's and as you guys seventh straight victory ends their twenty three game winless run against ray al and puts them in joint top with barcelona five points ahead of carla to sign. while in germany brazil dog will remain unbeaten and extended their goal difference lead at the top after a five nil home drubbing of ten month struggles freiburg marco roy's opened after thirty five minutes and made it to no on the stroke of half time d'anna were sent off for pushing robert levy. royce converted the penalty that kind of skis a fine finish made it three no on the hour the polish guy get then added a fourth round and patrick yacob completed the scoreline with ten minutes to go.
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while defending champions by a munich stayed second for goals behind dortmund after a tepid one know when atlanta vosburgh thomas reload turning in front three brees cross after sixty minutes for pep guardiola side. and by a later christmas day third of the two know when a tender fourth place how that simon office opened after twenty three minutes in sydney sound quickly added a second group sammy who piers meant a point of top spot after seven matches. thanks moving on to i saki west star studded scots in petersburg thrashed defending champions to come oh moscow six two here in the capital to remain top of the k h l vote on yan has all the details. one of the cake chills powerhouses and currently there are sky led by the league's brightest star in the cube against two time champions and holders in a more skilled would have build up and sides were quick to get down to business
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with the same peed on him an opening scoring early in the first period. of living here for the visitors. did not push hard to level but it was scott who kept on scoring might seem to do no firing in the great one timer to make it to nil nevertheless the champions pressure had to pay off sooner or later and just four minutes before the first intermission little camero finished off a beautiful commission to bring the house back into the game two one and then of second he was once again tomorrow oh god the job done to all yet if not in terms of possession but in scoring the final period was old scots who are unanswered goals by the i'm a man turning a tide battle into the heavens defeat the champions have faced so far this season six to. be scored almost every place we go to us and
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visit us where i think. i don't think it was a big failure we lost a couple of important face offs but the game was tight and they're all very strong individually so you shouldn't give them any good goal scoring chances as they hardly ever waste them and we did the game was decided within the first minutes of the final period when they scored three goals in a row although it was a very tight game no points for scar star skipper in this match just some bad blood between him and deny must come out off. on the way to his best form with six goals in eight games so far and he's team topping the league for a bit but only on r.t.e. moscow. well meanwhile washington capitals skipper alexander ovechkin was the first russian to carry the olympic torch after it was late in the traditional greek century of a little pia on sunday the twenty eight year old n.h.l.
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start made a whirlwind trip before returning to washington on the same day to prepare for the captors the season at chicago on monday you know it's because. you know i'm proud to be russian the. russian person. you know. it's. it's about it's an it's a lot for my country and for me for my people and you know i'm very happy to be there. and here we have some facts and figures about those upcoming sochi olympics the torch will make an eight day trip from the games traditional birthplace in a limpia to the russian capital before a host of torchbearers that imbolc on a record breaking relay to sochi via planes trains and automobiles along with a helicopter and even the help of a few reindeer before arriving in time to light up the twenty second winter olympics after a journey of over sixty five thousand kilometers and lasting hundred twenty three
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days as the games begin on the seventh of february. while heavy rain and flooding didn't spoil the international olympic committee's final visit to solitary ahead of next year's tournament as the inspectors praised the eleven brand new venues as one of the infrastructure in the black sea resort dubbed the biggest construction site in the world thought she was hit by the elements last week but the i.o.c. says it wouldn't affect the city's preparations for its first global event in february so much rain in such a short period of time. no damages nowhere whatsoever which is a compliment to the quality of everything that has been built here and as you know there is here and there very very technical bridges tunnels. buildings it was a trying task teac test saying we're going to spoil where russia has won only
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one olympic alpine skiing medal since the breakup of the soviet union though the team is aiming to double that haul it saw tree and reach example caught up with the men's court during some rigorous pre-season training. russia's alpine skiers have certainly been racking up the air miles the team spend their summer training in new zealand and will soon head off to continue their preparations in austria yet there was still plenty of fine tuning to do in moscow in the gym to get ready for the upcoming world cup season and russia's maiden winter olympics in sochi is very interesting sport because i mean in other sports you do just sports and then decide to have this but in our sports we have like winter free for mass and in this six mass the care for the preparation we were to occur a lot on the difference filled of a physical preparation not just strength of. spirit the different kinds of staying different kinds of spirit and jurors coordination and so every think you have to
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put together to do to be actually then the good skier some of for line coach just need to slovenian skiing team from one thousand nine hundred four until the vancouver olympics in two thousand and ten when he joined russia two years ago the majority of the squad weren't even in the world's top hundred however the likes of alexander how she live and said a game attack of have seen shot up the rankings success at saatchi's for main goal of a fifty one year old former also stresses the importance of the season leading up to the games we have to build up our positions a little bit in the world cup so if you have a good starting position it's much easier to go to the meadows so we will try to improve during the season and with a good starting position of course it's possible the leader of the russian men's team is what a shell of a twenty nine year olds best result of buying was twenty first in the super combined and is ranked in the world's top thirty in both the slalom amber super
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combined put a sheet of target is now to break into the top ten ger in the world cup season and then cause a shock when the sorts of games get underway the olympics are unpredictable and the season's lee. as don't always come out on top the formal can be turned upside down and often it's those who are in peak form on the day who go home with a medal push eleven his team mates will have a big advantage at the olympics as very nervous or cheapies the threat of an over say anyone given the strength of the austrians persuasive and americans it's a long shot that russia might make the podium but what better way to mark twenty years since her daughter gladys silver in the super g. . and to claim a second outlined skiing medal for russia and at home bridge of dotty moscow. well those winter games are not the only first for russia and such a next year is the city is also due to host its maiden formula one race next october and we caught up with the country's top drivers because he put it off and
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said guys that aren't can who tested parts of the future track because the child has more. preparations for russia's first drone pre-n. a century and first ever in formula one have been overshadowed by the upcoming winter olympics but for this teenager is all about living in the fast lane as f one hopeful signature rocking made his first public appearance behind the wheel. or should be out like a mother it's a great team i didn't expect it to be so good everyone's been really nice to me you can tell at once how professional everyone is i'm really happy to be here. aged just eighteen throughout can is set to become the youngest ever driver to start a formula one race next season with three steam sal but planning to give the muscovite a full time seat after he have to change his super license this winter forget of the clothes and get me to that my preparations have only just begun i've now driven the car for the first time up next to tests engineers and simulators there's so
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much work to be done but when it's all over we should be up and ready for the new season. gerakan is currently driving into formula renault three point five serious but contrary to step up to the sport's top echelon and after getting his first taste of a formula one circuit in sochi says she likes what he's seen so far because i like about. well it's hard to tell right now what the tracks going to be like i've only driven down to stretches in the ten between them so it's still not finished but judging by what they've built around the track it's going to be up to the mark will say. this such a crowd could have two home heroes to root for a teammate in the race russia's first f one driver vitaly petrov is hoping to return after a season out of the current season as the twenty nine year old is looking for new sponsors. in the moment i have a few contacts on my table from my. three four teams different and look at them so
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they're waiting for my answer and also i need just not often you just supported and maybe today or even tomorrow now i can take the flight to go to the team and take the signed a contract for it to be here is that i have a full two thousand. and twenty four team could be a breakthrough year all around for the trough and zero skin for motor sports in russia and for the sponsor of the central sochi which will host the olympics and i've won before getting ready for the football world cup hill got chose our team. moving across to to wales and mom has inched closer to claiming the moto g.p. title in his rookie season after winning the ara getting ahead of defending champion jorge lorenzo the twenty year old started from pole but the runs are surged ahead early on the market was engaged in a battle for second before clipping the bike of his honda teammate dani pedrosa
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a spectacular crash followed sporting and the unfortunate choices race market never looked back on to overtake the renzo with ten laps to go not leave the championship by thirty nine points from the end zone with a maximum of one hundred available in the four remaining races. and that brings us to end of part one but stay tuned for part two they will have more football of the soka american kind of go away. science technology innovation all the developments around russia we've got a huge area covered. sympathize with the city and the uprising but we do not train and we do not smuggle
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weapons or send a sniper. we do not do any old these things. dramas that can't be ignored to. stories others refuse to notice. the faces change the world lights never. on full picture of today's news no longer from around the globe. local. t.v. . over to go digital the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. role. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crafts difficult we've been a hydrogen lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once it's all just my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing or not define him or go ready to join the movement then walk away from the big picture. welcome back to that part two of the sports show and let's resume with some timeless words from manager also inventor who celebrated seventeen years in charge of all snow by leading the gunness to a two one when it's one zero to go top of the english premier league and hopes to
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spend eternity at the emirates on the street i would love to be here forever because that would mean i would be a mortar but. i'm not naive enough to believe that so i just do what i would like to do as long as long as i'm here to do to give the best for this club because i love this club of course so the gun is a top of the table but champions manchester united are in the bottom half after being stung two one by west brom at old trafford while tottenham a third after a one one dobby draw time to london rivals chelsea and spurs manager andre the ash boss predicts a close battle for the championship. there's not any of the teams on maximum points so that means that you know this year there will be. they will be very very tight at the top. you know we have men like struggling for four points but on the other hand i've played all of the top teams. since the beginning of the season and and we
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have you know i think we've probably what could become the tightest. premier league in in years and meanwhile star striker is latin abraham a bitch says he wants to end his career at barry sandra after signing a one year contract extension to stay with the wealthy french champions and to least twenty sixteen even though the swede who turns thirty two on thursday is struggling to speak the same language as his coach laurel. i'm running france is not so easy because i know already four or five languages but i'm taking lessons and is coming i'm a little bit shy to speak their friends but. as long as i bring results on the field. the people around me have patience with my friends. well sweat australian skipper jimmy spithill was on cloud nine after his oracle team usa completed a stunning comeback rallying from a one down to try and nine eight and retain the america's cup the crew faced
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everett's team new zealand in a winner takes all race nineteen san francisco bay where the usa finished forty four seconds ahead to win the eight race in a row and an unlikely overall victory after starting the tournament two points behind for illegally modifying their votes. man it's the ultimate to come back home and the greatest comeback in sports history says a lot about a time thought about the character of the heart of the lord their god saw them man it was worth every single part of it. i mean one of the berlin marathon four time when a highly got recent aussie fired the starting gun for a race in which he twice set the world record but this time that mark went to kenyon wilson kipsang the thirty one year old smashed the previous time by fifteen seconds to win in two hours three minutes and twenty three seconds it was the eighth world record set in berlin in fifteen years strengthening its reputation as the world's fastest course. i think what i talked about the time was our little bit
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becoming slow so i had really decided i was getting stronger so i decided to talk to to push it because i know that men are going to beat us it was another good up problem for me. superstar kobe bryant is targeting a six the n.b.a. crown as his club the l.a. lakers prepare for the start of the new season next month thirty five year old held a coach including the kids in dubai but the shooting guard is racing against time to get fit after tearing his achilles tendon in april. i mean every year you step into believing your goal is to win the championship you know that's the thing is get to the top of that mountain and if i'm fortunate enough to to want to six where they could be just. do you dream come true. walpole of a basketball great shaquille o'neal has vive to turn the sacramento kings into a wild one run off to the retired four time n.b.a. champion bought a stake in the club he once called the sacramento queens but now the to me to sixteen legend wants them to back his night. before to break the sacramento back to
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where it used to be like to say the sacks and mark for this great up which will be the first volley and surely for the hotel shut down the no four hour except now are saying that the new name of the town will be called shock or mental capital of california. well as they would be able to assess the almost. seventy six points to sixty five to win the preseason game will speak up for the fourth time in a row and michael kraft was courtside. cisco made the final of the fourteen preseason told him and created back in two thousand and nine in on all of the legendary seven basketball coach alexander go. after convincingly dispatching greek side panic not just seventy two to forty nine. who buy in from across the dark beat israeli side mcabee haifa seventy one to sixty one to secure the other spot in the final in the first quarter the new looks ace cost side took control of the game
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with ease with stop man sonny weems leading the line. and new players kyle hines and jeremy pago finding their rhythm to take an eighteen to sixteen lead his dominance extended into the second quarter however the army men struggled to contain a resurgent combine in the third with the cross and us side managing to tie the game at forty piece at one point but home advantage and a noisy crowd ensured that says ran out seventy six to sixty five winners and with it securing their fourth consecutive alex and the woman ski cup title i miss on a play for this time you know to represent the legal mess and it's great that you know cesc when a term like is because you know he started this and you know it was a i mean we played great team defense norgate spent the night both but today i think we got a little complacent we relax a little bit and plus we still knew we had a couple new players and we still try to learn each other off as a man on beef is there but you know i love our aggressiveness on the defensive and
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like we're real aggressive on between hopefully we can keep that up you know and everything will click whatever they click i think you know if you want to beseen your head scout ben as mckay teaches reiterated when sentiments about playing in owner of the olympic gold silver and bronze medal winner. as coach for the soviet union it's a great sentiment you know you have high quality teams as it's a good good preparation for your league and it's always it's always it's always an honor to play an under his name so specially with that when you have good opponents and you can prepare for the season so where were every every year. we're happy to be a part and participate with it with the best teams in europe in the game for third place mcabee hi-fi shook off a poor first quarter to leave the ny caused by six points at half time however the greeks produced a stunning twenty six nine third quarter which proved too much from a could be headed by former russian national team coach david glass and by the late push by the israeli side kind of the americas claim third place with an eighty to
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seventy four final score in the end tesco made light work of retaining that exam the bonus he got for the full success again before they get their domestic and european campaigns on the way they'll be off to the us for the euro league americans will well there be up against n.b.a. teams minnesota timberwolves and us and only use first from the age of october michael vick go on t.v. must go. and finally the appropriately named must go black storm defied the elements to reach the final of the russian american football championship after edging the moscow patriots twenty thirteen yet all the pretty much talk was about n.f.l. quarterback tim tebow which upon portrayed explains all. trying to gain a foothold in the russian sports market isn't easy football ice hockey and biathlon rule the roost leaving little room for minority sports such as american football however one club has raised the profile of the game of the past fortnight by making a more dangerous attempt to sign n.f.l.
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star tim thibeault after taking their cue from a ploy in english soccer back in one thousand nine hundred one attends one small clubs to sign high profile players nothing new such as a city's attempted nine hundred eighty one to sign the legendary does try to johan croy if the storm suddenly gotten the acts they wanted to bring tim thibeault to the russian capital budget offering before the denver broncos quarterback one million dollars just to play two games for them unfortunately for russian n.f.l. fans t.-bo was a no show despite the twenty six year old currently being without a team not even the too much free of one million dollars to persuade the twenty six year old former heisman trophy winner to swap the state for russia however for black storm chairman mchale's ultimate said they did everything they could to get t.-bo in moscow can pay their million dollars for the games they will go he said all right deposit money this ojt and then the sudden to something. about insurance
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you want these and then finally be told everything is it all right in the view that listen we can't be true for that much but then we took we did everything and they had the say yes and they just and we couldn't go to boy american football is on the rise in russia with a fledgling league growing from four to nineteen teams in just three years well this season professional players from the u.s. have been brought here to raise the standard and boost interest call israel who played collegiate football for the u.s. c.f. knights was drafted in last minute to replace t.-bo and he jumped at the chance to play in russia. he's missing now he's. listen now because when i after i played here in august i said the biggest thing was this is the most fun i played at division one level in the usa the plate is very high level this is the most fun i've ever had playing football is over here so a million dollars for two weeks i don't know how it passes that up but i'm glad he did israel and he flew into moscow of
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a day before the game and the conditions couldn't have been more different to his native florida the quarterback just like everyone else on the field had real trouble in the first off with a poll like a bar of soap but it's very nice to the standard improved with israel for the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter and the black storm hung on to see the twenty points the big sharee first i gotta get a lot of credit to the patriots they're great team a great organization and have had a lot of success for a long time here the field conditions are not exactly what we would have wanted to play and it was pretty sloppy i had a couple of passes that flew up in the air but the support from the crowd being cold and rainy that was really nice to see over two thousand fans braved the elements even though the game was broadcast live on russian state television american football will probably remain a minority sport of the seeable future but it's tearing marketing ploy of t.-bone in moscow might well be the hail mary that starts
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a new russian sporting trend richard humble three topsy. and that's all from the post game. this point being an expensive car saloon. clueless a new fashion show. also designer bags and shoes in the best shop windows. but. luxury is a school. is a lost cause. constantly on our cheap.
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it was a. very hard take a. long flight that back with that hurt me nuts.
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please. israel's prime minister bring. to washington as he praises president obama for the sanctions which. economic despair. may pull out of the european convention of human rights saying. the deportation of radical islamists. activists say they were. part of the government to break the. top stories.


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