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tv   Headline News  RT  October 17, 2013 7:00am-7:30am EDT

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the fault of her dad but only just president obama signs the congress billeted and the us government shutdown but it only kicks the debt can down the road to family. the long awaited deal comes just in time for america to catch its breath but leaves the country back on the verge of collapse in just a few months more from washington in just a moment. blaming the messenger britain's prime minister slams the guardian over its revelations on leaks from annecy whistleblower edward snowden and urges an investigation. and a little behind the barbed wire our team gets rare access inside the tour has gone tunnel to is. heard about it like several movies but you don't really see it and
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this is a place that people forget about they don't ever think about it. and we talk to those working and ago in time of detention camp who say they actually love their jobs. this starting coming to life in moscow. the united states has avoided a potentially catastrophic economic default by the skin of its teeth president obama has signed a long awaited deal that puts the government back on track and raises america's burra limit but it's just a temporary fix as and he's now reports from washington d.c. . well just hours before the deadline the so-called eleventh hour really coming down to the wire here the house of representatives passed the senate bill to raise the debt ceiling and restore government funding after
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a sixteen day shutdown barely avoiding a default on their almost seventeen trillion dollars in borrowings after the vote some bloggers joked see you back here in three months now that's referring to the fact that this is really not a long term solution to the budget crisis the u.s. government is now funded through january fifteenth and keyboards are entering until february seventh but really they just kick the can down the wrote something congress couldn't agree on a budget for the last two years which makes it unlikely three months will be enough for a solution not to mention the damage that's already been done by letting it go this far this shutdown didn't save money it cost money according to standard and poor's twenty four billion dollars the world of course watched washington very closely this week as senator harry reid mentioned wednesday but many might disagree overseas that this last minute agreement shows how responsible america is quite the contrary china already announced the need to de americanised the dollar is not the
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currency the world wants to bet on anymore the i.m.f. the world bank the global economy can't afford to come this close to recession due to internal hardison politics in washington now another interesting point is that republican leaders probably could have mustered this support we song shutdown day sixteen back on september thirtieth and the self-inflicted halt on capitol hill would have been avoided altogether. another razor thin escape from the fall let man into the side with a relief at least for some time but during the long journey and the shutdown it's the american people who have suffered the win or lose game between the two political heavyweight parties a recent poll says almost three quarters of americans have been unhappy with a government standstill before the long awaited bill was passed to gauge the reaction from some of those on the other side of capitol hill. it's really frustrating for the american people and for myself to see you know our government
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be so inefficient it was pretty bad. the so was my job for a little bit. don't even want to go into the patheticness of. our government i think it's very sad we are the people this is for the people people are going to remember all this idiocy and food business during the shutdown i believe president obama had a plan that he was going to take and punish the american people but he went a little too far at a bunch of brinkmanship has cost the world's largest economy around twenty four billion dollars as well as the trust of investors around the globe pepe escobar has a roving correspondent for the asia times online says the fiasco clearly shows that the american economic model is malfunctioning. vereker is headed to sixteen trillion dollars and up and up and up their business model is unsustainable united states would have to reveal he's the whole economy financial policy fact
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which is still a single capitalism driven by wall free there was a crisis in two thousand and eight and the next crisis according to the best depended a column it's all over the world maybe could be the west the crisis of two a book with a listen and then we're going to get something completely different there is to a know what it is the most important part of this story is what happened this past week and with that it's all real at this see why news agencies calling for a deal americanized the world of course this is not going to happen to morrow or the next few years it's going to happen by two thousand and twenty two thousand and twenty two which means the decline of the us dollar yes century of the you won a convertible you won all over the world and best currency is the stead of the us dollar is an international reserve currency the chinese have been at it for the past three or four years big time and now we are in fifty years. now in the mean
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time tempers are running high in washington. as lawmakers cast their votes to break the government standstill an extraordinary performance played out in the house of representatives as to not refer began shouting as the house approved the number of votes needed to pass the bill with what witnesses described as a crazed look on a face incident prompted a moment of chaos before the woman was removed from the chamber. everywhere glimpse inside going ton of money now over response been given access to the infamous facility that's caused a decade of fear and fury. flung. the misery for migraines in qatar we hear firsthand what it's like for workers and how human rights groups are intent on kicking the country's controversial world cup and into the long grass roots wall and a couple of minutes. the british prime minister has called for an
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investigation into whether the guardian newspaper broke the law by publishing edward snowden leaks that sent shock waves about american surveillance worldwide a parliamentary committee is now looking into it was more on why david cameron's gunning for the guardian here's our long correspondent laura smith. he launched what can only be described as a rounded attack on the guardian newspaper really he essentially called them hypocrite hypocrites or at least guilty of double standards he says that the guardian on the one hand exposed a scandal that was phone hacking and then on the other hand then themselves went ahead and published secrets themselves which had been stolen in turn from the national security agency he also said that the guardian publishing the leaks that came from edward snowden had damaged national security and what's more that the guardian itself admitted that they had let's hear what he said about that. what has happened has damaged national security and in many ways the guardian themselves
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admitted greed. to politely by my national security adviser to destroy the files they had they went ahead and destroyed those files so they know that what they're dealing with is dangerous for national security i think. they want to examine this issue and make sure the recommendations asked politely by my national security adviser that's my favorite guardian of course we asked them for a statement and they strenuously disagreed of what david cameron said they issued just a statement they said that they agreed to destroy the files because they came under immense pressure from the government they were threatened with the full force of the law with this thing that's called prior restraint which is very very rarely used here in the u.k. and according to them unthinkable in the u.s. well now you get reaction from british investigative journalist tony gasland so i think it's a much for joining us here on r.t. well we know that it's been a while since the guardian started publishing snowden's revelations but why the
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high profile investigation into this now what do you read into the timing. well i think david cameron gets ten out of ten for a brazen cheek he's saying of course that the guardian is by these revelations through snowden and greenwald are a threat to national security but he hasn't cited a single instance of any kind of threat to national security i think what we've got here is a terrible problem of a total lack of oversight intelligence service not just g c h q but m i five and in my six as well few people understand how that works and we've got in this country something called the joint intelligence committee which is actually an unelected bunch of mandarins that actually manage these organizations but they're overseen by the intelligence and security committee and you know how frightening would it be if the intelligence and security committee was overseen by a former conservative defense minister who was also a consultant to a company that was involved in military aerospace in missile systems in satellites
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and electronic warfare well i'm afraid that's the case of malcolm rifkind is a can is working with this company a consulting that does all this kind of work with the military so i think the obvious problem here is nothing to do with the system of oversight it's the people that need to be removed a former tory for example so frances richards who is a former director of g c h q he said it was a bad idea for a former tory defense secretary to be running this organization and i would say doubly if these are also working with the defense industry this is a crazy concept we've also had brown former labor m.p. and defense minister saying suggesting anyway that the laws that were attempting to pass earlier this year and end of last year the snoops so-called snoopers charter all that was doing was it was an attempt to legalize criminal activity by g c h q that sort of criminal activity is in fact you know listening in to and and
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surveillance of privileged lawyer client communications that i can't well tony i think what now is a complete failure. an oversight what do you make of david cameron's accusations i mean he was accusing the guardian of double standards how fair is that i mean when the root of the problem is defending privacy and this is what the guardian was in fact speaking about by publishing snowden's revelations. well i think he's almost declaring war on investigative journalism if that's the case i mean we've seen all sorts of threats legal threats other threats unspecified threats to glenn greenwald and the rest and also we've had a former government minister chris hughes recently come out who's been ejected from the government saying that ministers who are overseeing this actually the cabinet and the national security committee were told nothing about the security programs prism and the rest so what we've got is we've got a rational security state that's completely out of control and camera needs to do is to side with the good guys side with the angels and actually to make sure that
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we've got people who are looking after the public interest who are overseeing these organizations he's attacked on the guardian is absolutely despicable and he should make sure that he's making sure that the british public are being protected by these people and they're not in league with the defense industry because the defense industry makes a lot of money out a war so we've got to make sure that that never happens so that this is over what business is going to be sorted out what we have we have very little time our leverage very briefly if you can what's next then for the investigative journalist after all this in your opinion well of course what this has is a massive chilling effect on investigative journalism by focusing on the guardian and by trying to make you know make them account for what they're doing i think that that would be absolutely no problem for the guardian to do but what it does is it actually reduces the amount of investigative journalism that's going on the coverage and it has a has a sort of self-censorship effect a lot of journalists think well maybe i shouldn't do that story today because there
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may be legal problems there maybe the government leaning on me. that's an appalling state of affairs we've also got government regulation of the press coming along. in britain at the same time as all this so it does seem that the press is being squeezed particularly the left wing press by the government and it's time to get the tories out of the b.b.c. we've got a former tory chris patten running the b.b.c. and out of g.c. h.q. in the security services because it starts to look like these people are actually simply there to do the go right speeding and not to do public thank you very much for sharing this with us tony dawson investigative journalist talking on the u.k. . well the plight of migrant workers in qatar and other olympic boycott call and plenty more stories after this break.
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live. welcome back you're watching r.t. live from moscow the data is set for a long delayed syrian peace conference it's expected to take place in just over a month from now let's get all the very latest from going there to count. and out so it looks like we are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel what more can you tell us that's right we finally have the date for geneva two talks according to syria's deputy prime minister it's the beverage twenty third november twenty fourth russia remember russia the u.s. pledged to bring together the syrian government and the syrian opposition in order for them to map out the political peaceful way out of the crisis well for a while opposition to the syrian opposition would say they would not sit down with
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both those who have a lot of their hands and on the one hand washing to support such an adamant position on the other hand washington pledge that he would not go as bring the opposition to the negotiation table in geneva for such a dubious stands made one doubts that the talks would ever take place there have been many roadblocks on the way to the talks not the least of which was word the bible sponsors states like saudi arabia which showed that they did not favor peace talks but those sure right now are really trying to make geneva succeed should you want to talk succeed say the pandora's box of radical easements already be open to syria and the only chance out of the only chance of closing it would be through an agreement between the syrian government and those groups who call themselves moderates. are going to thanks very much indeed for this and that was going to come bringing us the update. now everyone may know the name of america's most
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notorious prison but if you know what really happens behind the barbed wire add one tunnel argy has been given rare access to the facility that's been indefinitely detaining terrorist suspects without charge for more than a decade. after a few months of people work to get cleared to visit the base the trip to get mobile hop and from the big apple to fort lauderdale in florida and from there are short hour and a half flight one largely kept under wraps with no indications of it on departure boards. the minute we land were greeted by escorts who stay with us every step of our trip the special guantanamo joint task force media team. one of them sergeant rebecca wood far from the stereotypical face you might imagine working at a place like this controversial military base as we soon learned the first of many surprises this is a really big break for me in my career from a military resume the people i work with every day day they share the same idea
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like they're all very proud to be here she joined the u.s. military a decade ago with no money for college a twenty eight one ton a most her second deployment you've heard about it like several movies but you don't really it is just a place that people forget about only they don't ever think about it getting to the main part of the base is a slow pace trip we have to wait for a ferry to take us across the bay and are taken to visit a beach first one of a handful of scenic locations you wouldn't really expect here we're headed to the logic area now it's about a twenty minute area right one side of an area where the airport is. several replies and says but the main part of the people and the detention camp are over their head and given its reputation guantanamo isn't quite what we anticipated as we approach the meeting area it's interesting to note that to be unsuspecting this place looks just like another tropical island with an american flag you would never
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feel that this is the place policy going to united states or us as the lodging area were taken to is like any typical hotel with palm trees and a marine are right out the window first impression this can't be the place that has been casting a long shot. in america's human rights image for over a decade where torture allegations hunger strikes and force feeding have been making headlines i remember when i moved here i thought i would just see like people in orange jumpsuits and fences everywhere but i mean the families all stay on one side and the rest kind of happens on another the other side as where total of seven hundred seventy nine detainees of america's war on terror have been kept since two thousand and two a total of one hundred sixty four now remaining at a whopping eight hundred thousand taxpayer dollars for a detainee per year even though more than half of them have been cleared for release but we are in a remote location that factors into the cost it cost what it cost to do it right we're doing it right means to those running america's most infamous detention
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facility and what lays beyond the picture perfect scenery all the realities of guantanamo in our reports to follow and going to guantanamo bay cuba. we've been keeping a close eye on how this situation is unfolding in and around the going tom of a facility on our website so how to r.t. dot com for the full timeline of events and more updates on the story. trapped and terrified migrants in qatar have been speaking about the desperation they're enduring and there are more than eighty million in the country manny of whom are working flat out again at the procedures world cup of and ready qatar is not the only gulf state where the migrant population is large in proportion to the locals both qatar and the united arab emirates have migrant populations that go beyond eighty percent and awaits the region's other leading oil producers about
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seven out of tan workers are foreigners while in amman and saudi arabia migrants make up almost thirty percent of the population and if we take a glimpse at the whole region the number of migrant workers there is about eighteen million out of a total population of just forty two million tests are still he has more on how the world cup focus is drawing the world's eyes to migrate suffering. the reno to organize. detour trended to fifth vote cop is coming. but the initial celebration and christie should be overshadowed by ford workers claims of maltreatment not getting paid anything that not being allowed to leave the country the international trade union confederation claims that about four thousand migrants could die before a football is kicked in twenty twenty two the work of becomes the property of the employer they are not allowed to leave the country they're not even allowed to
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leave the job and if the employer agrees this means that the workers have no real power no real voice to. fix up very very bad working and living conditions zire balloonists knows this all too well a french football player who arrived in qatar in two thousand and seven he says he hadn't been paid for more than two years he filed a lawsuit to claim unpaid wages and says his club then we fused to give him an exit visa unless he dropped the case. when i went to the tribunals i never imagined that i wouldn't be able to leave the country i didn't think they would block me my wife is depressed and she can't work i thought of going on hunger strike but my lawyers told me not to they already hurt me and a hunger strike would only hurt my wife and kids enough is enough. blueness is high profile story isn't the first either it or doesn't change its ways i have the
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courage to say that in two thousand and twenty two we will have the world cup of shame the world cup of slavery bellew this in the meantime continues to hope his problems will soon be resolved i'll have to stop playing football they ended my career mentally i don't see myself playing and then i'll have to see what to do with my life. r.t. . now the olympic flame is a sporting symbol of unity but not everyone sees it that way a six thousand strong petition in georgia is calling for a boycott of the games it's because one of the torch bearers taking a flame around russia is a pilot involved in the military action that led to south a city is in a panic in two thousand and eight or more in the us now from. well interesting developments there in georgia how it i mean how angry people getting over this do tell us more you know i remember the first time that there was this boy called thing raised in georgia that was two days after he won the right to host the twenty fourteen games so it's been making waves in georgia for some time now as the closer
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we get to the olympic games the more intensity these talks get now we saw that more than six thousand people have signed a petition to the georgian government to boycott the games they also this movement which organizes and we sign the signs the petition they're also organizing protests rock concerts in defense of their idea to boycott the olympics however we understand this this opinion is in the minority in georgia we spoke to the olympic committee of georgia which has an absolutely different opinion they are determined to go to the olympic games in sochi. there are many examples in the world when politics interferes with sports and the results are never good it shouldn't happen in my opinion because these are two absolutely different spheres i do not think georgia would in any way benefit from a boycott of the olympic games. one of the facts which infuriated georgians is not a pilot which took part in the five day military conflict back in two thousand and
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eight which led to some of the city's independence was one of the first torchbearers in russia but we spoke to another torchbearer a very well known georgian singer who has practically the same opinion as authorities back in dili see. just. you know i'm here not because of politics i'm here because of my love for this life for this world politicians should decide themselves what to do and how they don't go into my business and don't tell me what i should sing about neither do i to them sport plus art is a happiness that god has given us and everybody should take part in it these two things bring people closer but some don't want people to connect with each other well be each to their own it's also worth mentioning that the country's prime minister because even if she only was pretty vague about the boycott subject he first said that georgia would not profit from boycotting the olympic games in sochi then he refused to completely rule out the possibility of a boycott but many in georgia agree it's what i've read opinions opinions are the
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opinions that the country sending only for athletes to the games and boycotting the games would hardly a statement in politics and sports shouldn't go hand in hand it should be separated all right alexei thank you so much for sharing this with us there was a lot here have to be keeping an eye on the developments in georgia regarding the olympics and of course we'll be keeping a close eye on reaction to the united states eleven's our dad deal split off default for now next on r t every morning with breaking a sweat. you know as i look more and more into it i find that there were a lot of myths and exaggerations about what happened in russia during the soviet era however one really bad rumor seems to be true if you were an outspoken advocate against the soviet status quo then you could be considered insane and be locked away until the psychiatrist convinced you that khrushchev was brilliant scary stuff
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but sadly famous grammy award winning singer lauryn hill might be living the life of a soviet dissident right now she was convicted of failing to pay five hundred thousand dollars in taxes but strangely according to the international business times she was ordered to undergo psychiatric counseling because she believes in conspiracy theories related to the music industry who wrote in her own tumblr account that the music industry is manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex. this is a strong accusation from hill but is actually irrelevant if it is true or not you see punishments are supposed to fit the crime and the kernel of tax evasion should not have a punishment of mandatory counseling or as more paranoid types like me like to call it reprogramming although they are usually trivial this celebrity case actually sets a dangerous legal precedent but that's just my opinion. what's
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up guys welcome to breaking the sides if you watch the show you know how much of a fan i have him of nestle i kid i kid guys there's finally a victory to declare against a massive bottled water corporation and while it may still be a drop in the bucket it's something to celebrate after decades of wild west of water destruction ontario companies finally being reined in slightly in this canadian province the ministry of environment has granted nestle a permit to extract one point one three million liters of groundwater every day but that access wasn't enough for nestle corp fought tooth and nail to remove a restriction that would permit that would limit their extraction during times of drought because hey why i conserve water during a drought of my right is ridiculous as it sounds the ontario ministry cave it's time and time again never imposing restrictions it wasn't until activists stepped
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in and pressured their government to nestle back down and accepted the drought rule of course now they're clear namely that they're the only corporation in the province was any sort of limit during a dry season well sorry i can't shed a tear for you nestle because even though you can't turn ontario into a desert you can still turn british columbia into a barren wasteland along with any other provinces of your greedy wet little fingers then so quit with the crocodile tears and props to the activists who are. standing up to the water profiteers. the police a pity it was a. very hard to take a. chance to get along here. that you never had sex with that hurt their feelings. or that it was.


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