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president obama calls the u.s. budget crisis a self-inflicted blow to the economy after signing a deal that ended the government shutdown and averted a default but left deep problems unresolved. as the detainee hunger strike at guantanamo bay prison continues gains rare access to the infamous u.s. detention center. you've heard about it like several. really this is a place that people forget how they don't ever think about it we are supposed to make the facility take what it's really like to work there and do they have any regrets. plus britain's prime minister slams the guardian newspaper over its reporting of. snowden's n.s.a. leaks and calls for an investigation.
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however a good evening if you're just joining us my name is kevin i when this is r t it's just past eight pm no you are moscow our top story president obama's face the nation for the first time since the sixteen day long government shutdown admitting that the standoff has inflicted quote completely unnecessary damage on the u.s. economy and the nation's credibility let's get the details of what is in this now she's in washington. having to admit some rather an easy but realistic i guess truth. well kevin it comes with the job the u.s. president now having to face the fallout from this two week hold on capitol hill the u.s. government is now up and running after a sixteen day shutdown america just barely avoiding default on their almost seventeen trillion dollars in borrowings at the very last minute deal funds the
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government until january fifteenth allowing the u.s. to continue borrowing until february seventh so we now have a new deadline but the same problem obama and other officials seemed confident a more long term solution to the budget crisis can be found by the end of the year the rest of the world not so confident the global economy was bracing for the worst here a chinese rating agency has downgraded the u.s. to maintaining a negative outlook as revenue in g.d.p. failed to keep up with america's massive debts according to some estimates the debt limit would need to be increased another trillion dollars to get through two thousand and fourteen that's on top of the already seventeen trillion dollars in debt i don't know about you but that's hard number for me to even fathom now president obama admitted that the shutdown was a self-inflicted wound to the economy and they have done is what has been steady and confident financial growth but at least the u.s. has probably learned a lesson from this crisis right well when vice president joe biden was asked if
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there's any guarantee there won't be another government shutdown down the road he said there's no guarantee of anything. that washington thinks the recent poll that almost three quarters of americans were unhappy with the politicians handling of the situation the partial shutdown of the government cost the u.s. is staggering twenty four billion dollars before the long awaited build where the it was posed by congress we gauge the mood on the other side of capitol hill. it's really frustrating for the american people and for myself to see you know our government be so inefficient it was pretty bad. have a shutdown was my job for a little bit. don't even want to go into the patheticness of. our government i think it's very sad we are the people this is for the people people are going to remember all this idiocy and foolishness during the shutdown i believe president obama had a plan that he was going to take and punish the american people but he went
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a little too far the debt fiasco is also put the u.s. dollars position as the leading global reserve currency into question but market analyst mike engram says they've made a deal to bring back a far from ideal eva. there's no euphoria here at all there's a feeling that crisis has been averted but it's really. you know again we're going to be revisiting this a few months up the road and heavens knows you know if you're a consumer in the u.s. it is already looking quite fragile and if you're a business looking to invest in the u.s. longer term you've got to wonder where you are whether you should be putting cash on the table right choices for you know treasuries and central banks globally is like trying to identify you know the most attractive horse in the glue factory because you can point to each of the major currency blocks and say there are major problems obviously we're only about twelve months in the eurozone for when we were thinking maybe the euro is going to fall completely japan has a policy effectively of of deliberately weak yen and then you left with
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your left with the u.s. and also some currencies were a lot less less liquid. the emotional pressure from the government shutdown seems to have taken its toll on capitol hill as lawmakers cast their votes to break the deadlock clark in the house of representatives seized microphone and started the show with what witnesses described as a crazed look on of makes me want tensions of a different kind over here t. where our guests have been having their say. america did default it defaulted on its obligations to its own people it defaulted on obligations it had made in law when it set up laws and set up certain programs that needed to be funded seaquest ration actually didn't fund those laws so there was a default the problem for the rest of the world is that we have to create other structures we have to create them we can't look for them we have to train them. that's the problem for today and what do you make of what richard just said america
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did not default it hasn't defaulted and i believe that even if it did not i'm sorry i can't be like that. if you have a sample. because
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it's become a political in the way that it never ever was before. i would be keeping a close eye on all developments on capitol hill of course you can get all the updates long with expert analysis on a website called. still ahead in this program human rights groups raise the alarm of a struggling migrants encounter. workers at the country's world cup just a couple of minutes. painful force feeding in full body cavity searches that's what a handful of detainees are still experiencing of america's notorious military prison a must hunger strike began in february the since subsided to less than two dozen protesters against indefinite detention is now gained rare access to that prison is
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the first in a series of reports by august. but after a few months of people work to get cleared to visit the base the trip to get mobile . from the big apple to fort lauderdale in florida and from there are short on how flight one largely kept under wraps with no indications of it on departure boards. the minute we land were greeted by escorts who stay with us every step of our trip the special guantanamo joint task force media team. one of them sergeant rebecca wood far from the stereotypical face you might imagine working at a place like this controversial military base as we soon learned the first of many surprises this is a really big break for me in my career from my military resume the people i work with every day day they share the same idea like they're all very proud to be here she joined the u.s. military a decade ago with no money for college and twenty eight one time to most her second
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deployment you've heard about it like several but you don't really it's just a place that people forget about like they don't ever think about it getting to the main part of that this is. slow pace trip we have to wait for a ferry to take us across the bay and are taken to visit a beach first one of a handful of scenic locations you wouldn't really expect here we're going to the logic area now it's about a twenty minute mary ride one side of the area one morning that separates the residents of the main part of the evil b. and the detention camp are over there. given its reputation guantanamo isn't quite what we anticipated as we approach the meeting area it's interesting to know that to be unsuspecting this place looks just like another tropical island where america would never think that this is a place policy but a native state for us that's the lodging area were taken to is like any typical
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hotel with palm trees and a marine are right out the window first impression this can't be the place that has been casting a long shadow in america's human rights image for over a decade where torture allegations hunger strikes and force feeding have been making headlines i remember when i moved here i thought i would just see like people in orange jumpsuits and fences everywhere but i mean the families all stay on one side and the rest kind of happens on another the other side as where total of seven hundred seventy nine detainees of america's war on terror have been kept since two thousand and two a total of one hundred sixty four now remaining at a whopping eight hundred thousand taxpayer dollars for a detainee per year even though more than half of them have been cleared for release but we are in a remote location that factors into the cost it cost what it cost to do it right what doing it right means to those running america's most infamous detention facility and what lays beyond the picture perfect scenery all the realities of guantanamo in our reports to follow and r.t.
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guantanamo bay cuba. coming up on the program as thousands of teachers across the u.k. go on strike over long hours and low wages with me the union leader who tells us what needs to change. the problem is that. everyone can only the bottom. as the u.s. decides to commit suicide is like they've strapped on a suicide vest as a globe as an economy that bankers yeah i've been saying that for years your suicide bankers their banking shot they strap on the boat they pull the plug and blow up the world for their ideology of market fundamentalism the terrorists are going to terrorism i think it's real now it's one of the few people understand it people try to say wait a minute we've invested in financial terms to wall street well my point.
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is the media leave us so we leave the people. of the same push to secure the other party is it the. shoes that no one is there still with the guests that deserve answers from. politic. hello again this is our team from moscow prime minister david cameron accused the got a newspaper of damaging britain's national security by publishing materials provided by edward snowden a parliamentary committee is now looking into whether the paper breached the country's law. brings the details. he launched what can only be described as
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a rounded attack on the guardian newspaper really he essentially called them hypocrites hypocrites or at least guilty of double standards he says that the guardian on the one hand exposed a scandal that was phone hacking and then on the other hand then themselves went ahead and published secrets themselves which had been stolen in turn from the national security agency he also said that the guardian publishing the leaks that came from edward snowden damage national security and what's more that the guardian itself admitted that they had let's hear what he said about that. what has happened has damaged national security and in many ways the guardian themselves admitted that greed asked politely by my national security advisor a cabinet secretary to destroy the files they had they went ahead and destroyed those files so they know that what they're dealing with is dangerous for national security i think it is in this house if they want to examine this issue and make
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further recommendation asked politely by my national security adviser that's my favorite that the guardian of course we asked them for a statement and they strenuously disagreed of the what david cameron said they issued us a statement they said that they agreed to destroy the files because they came under immense pressure from the government they were threatened with the full force of the law with this thing that's called prior restraint which is very very rarely used here in the u.k. and according to them unthinkable in the u.s. . or smith a couple of stories online to alert you to edward snowden's father said his son has plenty more secrets to share meantime that after a long awaited family reunion in moscow's parental advice is stay in russia to make sure the true story is told there's more of that online from us r.t. dot com you can learn all snowden's journey to the russian capital last week plus to the u.s. military could soon get an android up to allow to call in airstrikes and pilot
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drones just by touching the screen of a smartphone to our website for more details on this latest innovation they've put together. suicide bombers detonated a truck loaded with explosives in northern iraq has killed at least fifteen people this then is the latest in a spike rest to strike the volatile state according to a survey released earlier this week the u.s. led war in iraq has resulted in almost five hundred thousand deaths over a half of which were violent the two year long study by researches in iraq the us and canada included two thousand randomly. selected iraqi house elves as talk show it to a someone route from the world health organization collaborating center in the u.k. hi there folks to be aware this is a staggering horrific figure when you look at it can it justify in any way the invasion that was promoted as a mission for democracy mission for freedom. of
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course is not justified as you said in the order port. violent to still continue killing is going on today and there are along the reported about one thousand and fifty seven cases of while and their. report which is population plus madison itself is another set of gray which is showing to us the magnitude of the damage to the population of iraq you know five hundred thousand population the. sixty percent of them is actually due to violent. you know this is a heavy toll on the population and thirty million you know. this is all of the consequences of the invasion of two thousand and three. yes we did like the dictatorship another dictator to pursue removed but not in this way
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not with this consequences what about these findings this survey itself or sparked some some controversy some people said even that is not accurate and previous surveys have been said to be not accurate as well one of the difficulties not actually getting the proper numbers. this is the best survey we have about how we will never have a perfect survey the survey managed to address we are grateful to the researchers from united states on iraq managed to address all the faults of the previous surveys of course any figure you will mention will be controversial i mean to me the figures published by. this in actually and that estimate of the magnitude of the. death toll in iraq you know. a strongly believe my team at imperial college all saw believe the figure maybe
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a little bit higher than this but the issue is not about the twenty percent or thirty percent higher or lower they should to us today this research proved to us that the magnitude of the damage to our cause i mentioned earlier is huge you know . this is out the consequences of and the planned invasion of iraq you know the consequences of the poor administration by. night at the state. the poor management of the subsequent governments and indeed the current governments our team at imperial college london is studying the living condition in iraq we did visit various parts of iraq last december and indeed we are going to report on the current this living condition of the many people currently in iraq you know it's not about only the five hundred. thousand lives
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lost there are four million for this one hundred one million widows in all four million people displaced inside iraq four million people actually live the country the damage to the whole. services the housing needs the damage to the infrastructure you know there is no real investment in the infrastructure of no real investment in droves in this three despite the fact that ark is a very very rich country. last year along received more than one hundred ten billion dollars from oil revenue you know yet that's not invested for the benefit of the people of iran these are the points which is truly there to report reflecting and we should take it as. a good excellent finding so far i know it's not perfect it will never be perfect but we have something that we rely
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on one we say to the british and u.s. government look what you have done you know of course but again whole you know two are there is these issues inside iraq and of course that figure likely to increase as well as we see the daily that's the daily bombings the death toll still mounting so we've got to leave it there thank you for your time and thanks for telling us about this latest survey we appreciate it. now a german filmmaker and his cameraman have claimed they were arrested in qatar after filming the working conditions of migrants building venues for the twenty twenty two world cup trade unions have been ringing the alarm indeed over conditions in the region for years but it's this prestigious football event that put the issue firmly into the spotlight both in katter on the united arab emirates eight out of ten workers for a similar picture actually two in kuwait the region's other leading oil producer meantime in a man and saudi arabia migrants make of about a third of the population roughly foras in the gulf region as
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a whole make up almost half of its total population of just forty two million seller reports. do we know to organize. detour trended to fifth vote car is covered. with the initial celebration and christie should be overshadowed by ford workers claims of maltreatment not getting paid and he did that not being allowed to leave the country the international trade union confederation claims that about four thousand migrants could die before a football is kicked in twenty twenty two the worker becomes the property of the employer they are not allowed to leave the country they're not even allowed to leave trying to a job and if the employer agrees this means that the workers have no real power no real voice to. fix up very very bad working and living conditions
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they desire balloonists knows this all too well a french football player who arrived in qatar in two thousand and seven he says he has been paid for more than two years he filed a lawsuit to claim unpaid wages and says his club but then we fused to give him an exit visa unless he dropped the case. when i went to the tribunals i never imagined that i wouldn't be able to leave the country i didn't think they would block me my wife is depressed and she can't work i thought of going on hunger strike but my lawyers told me not to they already hurts me and hunger strike would only hurt my wife and kids enough is enough. blueness is high profile story isn't the first either. doesn't change its ways to say that in two thousand and twenty two we will have the world cup of shame the world cup of slavery chairman of qatar's national human rights committee responded to allegations there is no slavery or forced labor in qatar there have been some problems only to the fact that there are forty four
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thousand businesses in the country but i can assure you that the authorities are constantly making efforts to resolve the problems. bellew this in the meantime he continues to hold his problems will soon be resolved i'll have to stop playing football they ended my career mentally i don't see myself playing it and then i'll have to see what to do with my life desiree cilia r.t. . nobel peace prize recipients are called on blood in a potent to drop the charges against greenpeace activists arrested for storming in all rig and russia's arctic next hour in our program worlds of politics on a boy who goes head to head with the environmental groups executive director of the organizations recent protest is a quick taster. one of the things about greenpeace is that the words green and pisa equally important yes we do take very strong peaceful action but we do not cross the line into. beyond any action that can be better than theirs and i think that's precisely the case in point here i know that you've been arguing all along that
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baby protests was entirely peaceful and yet from the footage that we got there is an intention there is an act of aggression you can see that you can argue whether it was violence or not but there is an intact to push because guards awake well let me tell you that i have seen i'm not seeing your version that you're showing on television i've seen exactly what the coast guard put out i've seen a slow time that version of it because when that allegation was made it took it very seriously because if we did in fact do what you say we did that we can just leave try to ram the coast guard vessel instead of what i'm saying from what i looked at it it was control of the boat that's brought about by by swells. then i would take a very negative view of it. thousands of schools are shut down across england because of a teacher's strike the government pushing for performance related pay in
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a bid to try to raise standards but teachers say that scheme will merely increased workload and damage pensions jeff brenner is a senior vice president of major teachers' union he says an agreement must be reached though to avoid a crisis. we already know that there are thirteen thousand fewer teachers in training this year than the previous year if that continues we're going to have a major crisis in teacher supply they now will be put on a paper point and they may never move from it even if you meet your targets now there's no guarantee that you will actually get the pay that in the past you were promised a better performance we've also had only one percent pay rise in the last three years so we've taken our fair share in fact if you take the pension increases alongside the one percent we're actually worse off now than we were before this government came in and we hope that michael go will see the anger of the twelve thousand teachers that marched here in london today and of the many thousands more that marched in bristol and the northeast and will and he will actually sit down
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with us and have meaningful talks there is some indication that the government may be prepared to do that but i'm not going to hold my breath because michael gove has . a history of ignoring the genuine concerns of teachers. the news continues here in thirty three minutes next though more on the big news of the day the financial consequences of more than a fortnight of u.s. government paralysis that's the topic of late has caused a report on air after this break. you know as i look more and more into it i find that there were a lot of myths and exaggerations about what happened at russia during the soviet
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era however one really bad rumor seems to be true if you were an outspoken advocate against the soviet status quo then you could be considered insane and be locked away until the psychiatrist convinced you that khrushchev was brilliant scary stuff but sadly famous grammy award winning singer lauryn hill might be living the life of a soviet does that right now she was convicted of failing to pay five hundred thousand dollars in taxes but strangely according to the international business times she was ordered to undergo psychiatric counseling because she believes in conspiracy theories related to the music industry hill wrote in her own tumblr account that the music industry is manipulated and controlled by a media protected military industrial complex this is a strong accusation from hill but is actually irrelevant if it is true or not you see punishments are supposed to fit the crime and the crime of tax evasion should not have a punishment of mandatory counseling or is more paranoid types like me like to call it reprogramming oh they are usually trivial this celebrity case actually sets
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a dangerous legal precedent but that's just my opinion. max kaiser this is the kaiser report you know wal-mart and wall street are remarkably similar they have the same sugardaddy all wal-mart relies on cheap goods from china and wall street relies on cheap money from china and they've both been hit by chaos following free lunch glitches to the electronic welfare payments systems at a wal-mart in louisiana a glitch with the electronic food stamp card the e.p.t. cars showed unlimited balances available to holders of the.


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