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tv   [untitled]    October 21, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm EDT

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breaking news this woman believed to be behind a suicide attack on a bus in the russian city of volgograd that killed six and injured dozens was reportedly planning a terror act in moscow. from an explanation from the u.s. after it's revealed the n.s.a. conducted large scale on french citizens claims that paris calls shocking. backlash from all levels up to the highest level here in europe. e.u. law makers are set to vote on new regulations that would outlaw most data transfers to the u.s. a move seen as a first concrete response to edward snowden surveillance revelations.
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live from our studio center here in moscow this is r.t. with you twenty four hours a day and we start with breaking news this hour a suicide bomb attack on a passenger bus in the southern russian city of volgograd has killed six and left dozens injured here's the footage of the explosion captured by a dash cam and a car trailing behind the bus. it was carried out by a thirty year old female suicide bomber from dagestan the wife of the leader of a radical islamist militant group investigators have told r.t. that she'd together with her husband and two other militants planned to carry out a terrorist attack in moscow but after a quarrel decided to target volgograd and he said put the three in a countrywide wanted list. the details of the attack the need exploded at a bus number twenty nine as it was leaving a bus station in the. city of volgograd at about two pm local time at the time
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reported there were forty people on board most of them a students of a nearby university as it stands winter stand that six people have been killed in that explosion twenty eight have been delivered to hospitals in most of them are in severe condition twenty seven of them have suffered very serious wounds and the doctors are battling to save their lives as we speak one of those injured is a twenty month old child doctors also trying to save his life at the moment we also know from the investigators that several explosives were found on the site there was several blocks of t.n.t. and two hand grenades it is unclear what exactly which one of those explosives exactly a cause the explosion which one went off but this will be more clear as the investigation continues but no the authorities are ruling out any other version but a terrorist attack it is confirmed by eyewitnesses and in fact survivors of the
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explosion that a female suicide bomber went into the bus and exploded and set off the explosive device just seconds after it left a bus station the i would the support i've read online reports of a hell breaking loose at the scene nightmare scenes indeed with mutilated bodies and blood everywhere we managed to acquire an interview of one of the eyewitnesses the one who was able to witness the aftermath of the explosion let's have a listen. the rules for i was driving along the bus routes there was a traffic jam and then i sort of close on the ground at first i thought it was just a traffic accident and i didn't see any columns around and about two hundred metres down the road i saw the bus with no windows they were clearly blown out by an explosion but it didn't look quite the explosion triggered a fire of any kind there were many ambulances and police around people getting out of their cars to help they were pulling people out of the bus giving them water sharing their first aid kits. what shocks me is that there was one woman still
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inside the bus satchel covered in blood and i couldn't tell whether she was dead or alive but the bus route starts at the city's heart center and also passes near the university so the bus was full of hot patients and students investigators have also revealed the possible identity of the female suicide bomber this is supposedly. from the druggist on republic a wife of one of the terrorist militants operating in the republic but that of course will be more clear when the investigation brings us results we do know according to several news agencies that blood blood samples from the mother of this reported suicide bomber were already collected by investigators and the d.n.a. the d.n.a. expertise will be completed in the nearest future also meanwhile can tell you that one of our crews is on their way to the city off volgograd and we'll have more news from them as they get to the scene of the horrible explosion. in
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a visiting professor in several u.s. universities i spoke to the attack should be of international concern. i can tell you that you know we're dealing with this kind of a terrorist international channel divide what's happening in america in boston or nickel at home a city in ninety ninety five well we cannot separate it from what has just happened in boulder out all from what happened in they'd all be just several weeks ago we are in the same boat and this is very unfortunate and we need to deal with it this is something that you know about happens on the kind of irregular basis this is not sit first time this is not the last time but once again on the way in the same boat and unlike just several years that you went ahead with school and but you know with expression one person's terrorist is another person's freedom fighter i can see now that no matter what even somebody has added to it to russia and the russian government when they have a terrorist attacks in russia this is
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a terrorist attack not just them against the russian people it's against this is a terrorist attack against everybody as the investigation into the blast continues we'll bring you the latest on the story and you can log on to our twitter feeds for the update stay with ati. right. first. and i think. france has become the latest country caught up in edward snowden snooping revelations paris is demanding an explanation from the u.s. authorities have a claims the n.s.a. has been spying on millions of french citizens and deception f.
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own calls on a sweeping the scale of these tests are silly as the details. france is certainly not happy with the latest revelations from ennis a whistleblower edward snowden's leaks and the interior minister calling all of this shocking and unacceptable especially the extent to which the spying was happening in a report that was a published in the limo newspaper it says that between december tenth two thousand and twelve an eighth of january twenty fifth thirteen the n.s.a. recorded some seventy point three million phone calls in france and what has angered authorities even more is the fact that it's allegedly not just terror suspects remember this is the justification for the practice in the first place but also politicians and businessmen and some government officials and the fact that it's reportedly a systematic recording of targets communications a very similar reaction that you see coming from another country a high level called the nation of the n.s.a.'s actions coming from mexico which alleges that the n.s.a. also had hacked into the e-mail of its of the president felipe calderon in two
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thousand and ten now we know that the u.s. director for national intelligence has been defending the legality of these practices but certainly it has not stopped these diplomatic roles from happening it has also spilled over into a business such as the e.u. u.s. trade talks of france certainly not happy about this having already summoned the u.s. ambassador in paris we've seen a reaction coming from individual entities across europe here and there are other countries that say for example in germany data telecom has been pushing to have all of the data communication just limited to local german servers in order to stop spying from outside specifically the united states and also brazil had planned on having a secure e-mail service also to warn spies but on a broader scale e.u. with set to sign a vote on a new regulation essentially bans any transfer of data from e.u. member states to the united states in reaction to all of this is the first major
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move really after the edward snowden leaks and also it would hope to subject. a large u.s. or foreign corporations as well as social media providers to follow you laws or things have to finds numbering in the billions as has been reported so we are seeing backlash from all levels even up to the highest levels here in europe against the n.s.a.'s activities. there and paul murphy he's knowledge member of the european parliament he told me earlier the new regulations are aimed not only for intelligence agencies but also corporations. spies want to spy spy even though it already is outside of the law and it will make it more difficult because what's happened in terms of the massive spying that's taken place so far that's been facilitated by major multinational corporations like facebook like google in contravention of you know any sense of the right to privacy the right to data protection and so if these regulations go through and i think they likely will
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the transfer of european data to other authorities such as the u.s. authorities terry country authorities will be made illegal i don't believe these spying operations are taking place in my interest in other people's interest in art and or across europe or across the world and i think what's happening is is there's a whipping or a hysteria an attempt to use that hysteria and to undermine the rights of people to privet see the rights of people to have their data protected. the repercussions from edward snowden's revelations are affecting not only governments but also journalists and in today's cross talk peter the palace's guess whether the so-called war on whistle blows has made investigative journalism a thing of the past now here's a taste of what's to come a little later this week. i do think the obama administration is quite hostile to whistleblowers to transparency in government quite the opposite of what candidate
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obama campaigned on and toward independent journalism and freedom of the press is what it counts for obama's change from candidate to being president right now because you know this is the most secret we i don't know every single president since richard nixon this is the most secretive president presidency we've ever had i mean how much more secret can it get i think that obama has been is the most aggressive this administration in terms of whistleblowers and journalists in our history that's for sure control of information when by the words governments historically is what they go at and the first group of people who go there is really squelched in any kind of totalitarian state are the journalists and the information seekers. cross talk a little later this hour before that not to be trusted a recent poll shows how little faith british people have in those running that country details on that and all the stories after the break.
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wealthy british time. spent on. the. market so why not. find out what's really happening to the global economy kinds of reports on our. right to see. first for. and i think.
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news continues here on r.t. europe's top utility companies are warning of an energy crisis if subsidies for green power are not scrapped they believe by financially encouraging the use of renewable sources politicians are compromising europe's overall competitiveness well the firms of back their thoughts with a simple comparison china is among the world's leading energy low cost as well business is pay only seven cents per kilowatt the u.s. is just a few steps behind. and you go france where nuclear power holds down the ever
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growing energy bill but here is your is main power house germany selling energy it rates five times higher than china will public service companies say this is making businesses bear the burden of government's ambitions well professor bjorn lomborg of the copenhagen business school believes the timing for transfer to green energy has been poorly chosen. a lot of people are saying that women solar is getting cheaper and eventually would be cheaper than fossil fuels what we then should do is not buy it now when it's incredibly expensive but make sure it gets cheaper faster as long as it's much more expensive which it is right now it's both hampering europe but it's also hampering us the energy giants pointed out deep can traditional energy providers because solar and wind are desperately dependent on fossil fuels because what do we do when the windows and blow or when the sun doesn't shine we use those possible fuel power plants to make up for the shortfall
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if they can't make their credit limit if they're not actually profitable they won't be there that's what britain is now contending with that are looking very likely to get a blackout this sort of this winter or next winter well to avoid that shortfall the u.k. is planning twenty six billion dollars into building the first european nuclear plant since the fukushima disaster of two thousand and eleven in japan former advisor to the government said david king believes green energy is insufficient to keep the lights on in britain once solar energy solar electricity is cheaper than coal fired electricity we are beginning then to be able to solve the problem without even a carbon price i think one has to be overly. worried about the scaremongering that goes wrong about the near term energy nuclear energy per kilowatt hour of electricity produced is by far the safest energy historically that we have used to
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produce electricity as we of course know the risks associated with nuclear energy but knowing the risks you can then manage them down to a very tiny proportion. on the way to go online for more stories including underground runaway a scare in the moscow metro as a driver falls out of a train to his death leaving a packed carriages hurtling on to the next station with no one at the controls. as in england who've been getting regular financial bonuses for putting patients on death lists to national health service costs we've got a story for it all to. the british public politicians rarely tell the truth and are unlikely to make mistakes a recent poll shows a politician is now the most trusted profession in the u.k. smith hit the streets of london. cash for questions selling access to the prime
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minister and of course m.p.'s abusing their expense accounts the story that just keeps on giving all of these scandals and more have come together to undermine the moral capital of politicians and the amount of trust the able to command with the public a poll done earlier this year said britons think politicians tell the truth less because it's all real estate agents don't to nicholas allen co-author of a new book on ethics and politics says this creeping loss of trust goes right to the heart of the legitimacy of all governments and there is a perception i think that politicians have. become less and less onerous less ethical perhaps in the way they can take politics if people perceive their politicians to be generally immoral and dishonest the politicians are going to lose a certain amount of moral authority politicians governments need a moral authority if they're going to lead the public lead society down quite
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difficult policy parts the times we live in demona difficult policy poets raising the pension age paying taxes to pay off the deficits everything to do with they all require a real moral authority something politicians arguably just don't have as i found out outside their offices over their import house politicians. i mean girls otherwise they wouldn't be there with you for the more i think it's a group of people away from the barman. frostiness the. pain this became something on how would i come across or how i say i suspect in general i know very much the government is trying to do something about it focusing on greater transparency with money how politicians spend and misspent cash but don't surveillance by. for laying on stony ground rather touchingly o.-p.
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pulling the u.k. really wants is to know that when a politician says he or she will do something they'll do it and that could be the hardest thing of all for the political class. thousands of protesters are taking to the streets of the bahraini capital once again this time over the death of an opposition activists protesters claim hussein would be sentenced to fifteen years in prison for speaking out against the ruling monarchy was shot dead by regime forces bahrain has been experiencing unrest since for every two thousand and eleven the authorities responded with a massive crackdown on protesters on the sophie shevardnadze to discuss the situation in the gulf country with prominent bahraini activists alcoa here's a brief preview of that interview. and what's what is anarchy i mean a for looking at the situation right now where we have a crackdown almost on a daily basis where we have people getting arbitrarily arrested from their homes during night raids where we have children being picked off the streets where we
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have people attacked with tear gas inside their homes where torture is frump and is that not in itself a form of anarchy we don't really have a system that is you know governed by a legal system there are no laws basically the police are free to do what they want government officials are free to do what they want in my opinion that is anarchy in itself. with economic uncertainty prevailing in large parts of the western world members of the brics group of emerging economies are turning to each other for stability indian prime minister has met with president putin today in moscow and china will be his next stop on tuesday according to research and discuss this with or to use it in a good discussion. we're talking about the possibility of moving away from this
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so-called auld world order enough of the cold war rhetoric are saying a lot of political analysts out there and as well as leaders of the brics countries what are these countries well let's look at the letters they're essentially standing for brazil russia india china and south africa and these countries are covering more than one quarter of the planet's land coverage and people living in these countries comprise almost half of the world's population it's forty four and a half percent so definitely countries and people to be contended with and to listen to so the members of these countries came together and said hey finally it's about time we stepped away from the germany of the united states and the old europe they have already decided that they should be doing business in local currencies as most people know many certainly that india is a surging economy in the world one of the biggest importers of oil to showing the effect of that economy but when it comes to today's meeting though can you give us a broader scope what's india's role here india's role should not be underestimated
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in fact just recently there has been reported by transparency international which said that out of all brics countries as a matter of fact india has placed at the top as the most open country when it comes to corruption and actually business dealings so that is one thing to keep in mind another thing to keep in mind is china which is also india's neighbor is just centrally issued a very large statement when it comes to de americas of americanization of the world essentially what beijing is saying is that the dollar isn't helping the economy the currency in fact is dragging the world economy down and it's time to step away from it and look for other options as the ministers get together here and those from india and of course there with their russian counterparts here and in the capital economic speech discuss but of course politicking as well absolutely you are there we cannot get around that of course and if you look at the map you look at india and then you see other. countries next and we're talking about of galveston and pakistan so obviously the two issues which are on the table is fighting terrorism
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and of course about lang drug trafficking that is something that moscow and new delhi will put their heads together on and hopefully come up with a huge solutions in that regard as well and in some other world news this shooting at a middle school in the u.s. state of nevada has left two people dead reports say one of the fatalities was the suspected shooter believed to be a student at the school two more people are said to be minors have been transferred to a hospital in a critical condition meanwhile officials have stated that the school and surrounding area a now safe. in rio de janeiro police have broken up a demonstration against the privatization of a huge offshore oil field hundreds of protesters who claim the country selling off its assets swarmed the streets in front of the national petroleum agency head of the auction brazil hopes foreign investment will help exploit the offshore field one of the largest ever discovered in the world. thousands of attend the funeral of
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four people who were killed in an attack on a christian wedding ceremony in egypt on motorcycles opened for the guests as they were leaving the church is and receive increasingly targeted egypt's coptic christians since the overthrow of president morsi accusing them of backing the military coup. the international community has finally agreed on the dates for the long awaited peace conference on syria the talks are scheduled to start on the twenty third of november with the assad government willing to take part meanwhile certain rebel groups are refusing to join the negotiations and are instead stepping up attacks on loyalist forces at least thirty people are being killed in a suicide truck bombing at an army checkpoint outside the syrian city of hama despite an army installation being the target most of the dead were civilians and that is policy reports even journalists are in the crosshairs of the opposition fighters. these pictures were long time coming syria's state t.v.
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headquarters in flames the attack occurred just hours after rebel groups were and they challenged damascus with mortars oh ma you know. i think their main goal is to intimidate people to stop us from hooking and want us to think twice about working for syrian t.v. like other employees of syrian state t.v. this woman is afraid to show her face she is one of the names listed in this web site set up by the rebels and each a name and photograph is the word wanted those with crosses through them are people who have already been killed. the irony is that those who make t.v. are now too afraid to appear on us this video editor was given an ultimatum either come work for us the rebels threatened or we'll kill you he managed to escape but a few weeks ago he came home to the message wherever you are you dog of the regime we will find you painted on his front door this witness i've lost the feeling of
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fear after i saw a man beheaded in front of me and mortar shells falling all around you forget what fear is but the pain and heartbreak remain idea buses brother ali carmel was an editor in chief of the syrian news agency he was killed by four bullets shot at close range after masked gunmen and broke into his home. to rally the strange thing is that we were never afraid for him we were afraid for my other brothers quine the army without our lives a civilian will be safe but they kill him because they don't want anybody to tell the truth even just those appearing on t.v. are being threatened they call a couple of time to adjust to it say that your body will be shot off from the head and they said we know who you are we know the location we cannot kill you we cannot cut your head from the body you are sure to be this is what they
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say exactly the fear for many is that this list is long there were many names on it and scenes like this could well be repeated until every last one of them is deleted policy r.t. damascus syria. will be back with a news team and more free in just over half an hour from now in the meantime as promised it is cross talk with people about after the break. it seems like politicians can get away with anything nowadays but not all of them the former mayor of failed detroit has been sentenced to twenty years in prison after being found guilty of committing record tiering conspiracy fraud extortion and tax crimes while the mayor the prosecutor say he funneled millions of dollars
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to himself and family members all while detroit moved headstrong towards the bankrupt state it is in today this is big news not because some mayor took bribes but because he got punished the judge who could fix him stated why this is such an important case she said at the very least a significant sentence will send a message that this kind of conduct will not be tolerated yes sending a message you see corrupt officials are usually cowards and they do what they do because they feel they can get away with it when you start to put the fear of god into them they start to behave much better so the question is will the mainstream media grab the story and really use the conviction of detroit's former mayor is an example probably not but it would really help the country if they would but that's just my opinion. please.
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follow and welcome to crossfire for all things are considered on peter lavelle is real journalism a thing of the past and much of the western world in the name of security challenging the official media message of the elites is often met with serious threats and reprisals whistleblowers are damned and made to feel severe consequences what we mains is a deafening echo chamber warning all to get in line or else. if you cross out the state of journalism i'm joined by david swanson in charlottesville he is an author and radio host who works for roots action dot org and in san francisco we cross to robert rosenthal he is the executive director of the center for investigative reporting all right gentlemen crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want robert if i can go to you first in san francisco what is the state of investigative journalism in light of all of
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these affairs with whistleblowers and i don't have to name names because we all know who they are. i think actually investigative reporter reporting in the united states is relatively healthy believe it or not even with the decline in the structure really of the business model and what's happened in this country is a lot of independent investigative reporting organizations have started up the center for investigative reporting this is the oldest actually and right now the largest. but there's a lot of interest in how do you sustain this kind of information information and investigative reporting the threats from the government which are real from the federal government have put a chill on not only the journalists but more importantly the whistleblowers but at the same time there are many many ways to get information and tell the stories that are out there but it also takes a lot of hard work and skill investigative reporting if it's going to be done really well and credit have.


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