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there is just too much rat is a society. that. larry king the reigning queen of a lot of pop gloria estefan on staying in the spotlight but out of the tabloids we speak very loudly still of anybody just looked at as you might think were arguing but you know the cubans were very passionate sounding all the little on politics it's great that our country has built in protections so you can't just come in and change everything but at the same time oh my lord it's so hard to get anything passed plus he was on the phone with his brother miami was reading the front page of the herald that said during emilio estefan have the world in their hands and as he's saying these words boom explosion all next on larry king now.
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welcome to larry king our special guest is gloria estefan the grammy award winning singer songwriter also an actress entrepreneur the most successful crossover performer with an estimated one hundred million records sold worldwide and her new album is the standards it's out now why standards why not standards and on the research is all what took you so long well i was waiting for the right musical idea because it's been done by the greats so if i'm going to do something like that i wanted it to be my own and it came two years ago sitting at the piano with shelley byrd the dean of the for all school of music the my alma mater un and we were at a trustee dinner and he had me sit and said come on girded sing a song and i asked him do you know good morning heartache which i had sung on carson in one nine hundred eighty six when we did go into the ask for a second tune but not original so that he was you know something no the people would know it will have a good morning heartache and i sang it with my piano player and when i said there
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was shelley what he played just took me to another place and i knew he was the guy that i want. to do this record songs include oh my gosh so many let's see good morning heartache opens the record i interviewed all the greats sinatra was a great friend oh my god other groups that anyone influenced you well sinatra was a huge influence my mom played all these amazing records you know the crooners sinatra dean martin i love to watch a show on television andy williams necking cole johnny mathis this is what i grew up listening to and playing on my guitar from leverage that you really understood great lyrics great lyrics oh what a difference a day makes was a first sign saying with miami latin boys october twenty five one nine hundred seventy five my first professional gig but we did it in disco because viola wills had done an amazing version here i wanted to stay true to the original i picked things that were really close to my heart and very personal like i've grown accustomed to his face to me is my husband every lyric yes from my fair lady although what's great about standards is that you can reinterpret them in your life
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and for me that's my husband he whistles night and noon whether he's happy or upset and i can tell right away which one it is embrace of all you was all about my daughter she was in the studio she's an amazing musician and was so excited to be with us with these amazing these guys that played by the way played with sinatra ella fitzgerald count basie was a great sammy tone was a dear friend he said a breeze would you which he did not like this one was the best love song over with it's gorgeous and i said to my daughter which shows you how it can be it takes a different twist to don't be a naughty baby come to mama because for me it was about her and i used to sing into her as a baby all the time greeted you irreplaceable you know exactly that's the only one of the very few people in the world that i can sing that line to so honestly. i do live in miami i know we love you larry. it's all for the yes owners of the dolphins
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yes back three years ago for larry king barrett much so happy about that you know it's a grid. about sports every year it changes you've always got a shot and if you stay close to the situation in cuba as close as every cuban or open travel there's more open travel they're letting the dissidents travel but that's because they don't care because the one within cuba knows what the dissidents are saying they don't have internet they don't really have access and they can't afford it they'll charge you six dollars for half an hour when they make eighteen dollars a month cubans and that way you know the government makes it seem like they're being more open but really you know they just want to mount and i was one of the speedo i never went to cuba three years ago four years ago but some people but not the more they give you a script you know that when barbara walters they do they give you exactly what you can and cannot ask so what's the point i mean it's like why bother but have that as a beautiful city and yes it was getting very destroyed though i mean they don't
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have materials to keep it up and to keep up the old historic places but it really is a city you get back and we were back in seventy nine and we were trying to get a brother out and the minute he announced he was leaving to get him a visa through coast because they took away his ration cards they couldn't eat they were beating up the boy his son in school and we could when jimmy carter opened up to what they call local money that people with american passports could go and buy in these stores at the cubans didn't even know existed diplo stores they called them and you could go in of course they'd charge you an arm and a leg and when we took my niece inside that store in her own hometown that she didn't know existed and they couldn't buy food and there's this place full of food in the bottom enough for them to go into hiding for a couple months you know go up to you know population america will soon be the majority i know by two thousand and twenty five will be over twenty five percent it's like. marco rubio i think is a real yes you married
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a couple over here in there would there's a mario do that sort of being related. let me tell you i think he's a smart guy i think he's got a future in politics definitely i mean he's he's a cuban so cuban american really because he was going to form all the immigration we do we do i mean but you know you know how it is larry i mean to get anything passed since said it is a miracle we struggle bobbin thread everybody tries to she's a big supporter but then things happen you know emergencies happen and you know you've got the economy the country we have to deal with the major issues that are affecting every american and immigration doesn't affect every american it affects the immigrants so we we always try to keep it front and center and keep the pressure up but it's just so hard it's great that our country has built in protections so you can't just come in and change everything but at the same time oh my lord it's so hard to get anything passed you know. i don't think i'm an activist i think person that probably appreciates the freedoms of this country more than the
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people that have enjoyed it for so many decades i don't take it for granted and i do have opinions and if there are things for example i took literature of the holocaust when i was in college and i left that class crying every day and my main lesson from that was you know the teacher was in auschwitz survivor she had ted to . see liberated when she was fifteen and my main thing there was that silence is a very dangerous animal when you get it with the top glances i did with sea life like you he was exactly what you see what i love i'm hearing wonderful things out of his mouth that we need to hear he didn't change now that he became pope he's been living that life and those ideals forever and was. exactly which is a way to please people up he's very warm and he loves children and we've got to be as private mass that he gives in the same place he's living it in movement of the people quarters he's happy where he is and all the children he just gravitate
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towards i guess this gloria estefan she was with the same miami's machine. that's where you're going to be all right well yeah i joined his band they were called miami latin boys at the time and they changed the name because hello is earl who you know he was the band leader is that he put it together yeah they still a lot of those guys still play with me it was his band i mean your started the band with his accordion he played for tips in restaurants and italian restaurants in miami and since he worked for the book harvey family they said bring your accordion bring a couple more musicians and by the time i joined the band here he had like nine musicians to do for love right away well i thought he was very cute larry but he had an older girlfriend he was twenty two she was thirty six and i did they could be interested he was my boss and i was seventeen years old that no experience and so what. the inevitable you know we he was my boss for like a year and then he was always a big flirt but he didn't want to mess up the professional thing it was going so well and you know he knew my dad was ill and that i had a very tough time and he didn't want to break my heart either but we fell in love
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it was very natural and now that's thirty five years thirty five years married thirty seven years ago we got together how do you explain. the ability to lead us this long it's been very fast i swear to you it feels like a blink of an item in the children we have to we have a son thirty three and a grand baby now that our son has given us and his wife sasha is his name very musical and my daughter emily who just went off to college she's eighteen that you kept the career through all this i did i was able to bring my family with me on the road and bring them to work not too many women get that shot so it was great and i mean i always together we were like a bubble on the road family you know his ribs latino you know many fights you have a week never we don't fight we don't fight anymore no really and we rarely differ on business or music or priorities or values now we speak very loudly so if anybody just looked at as you might think we're arguing but you know cubans were very
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passionate about it but you had. i broke my back in a tour bus had. yeah the only thing bigger than us on the road we got sandwiched between two fully loaded eighteen wheelers on a freak snowstorm in the poconos you know i was doing the call we were in the bus the two of us yes he got knocked out of his tennis shoes he was on the phone with his brother in miami was reading the front page of the herald that said glory and emilio estefan have the world in their hands and there's a picture of us with this crystal globe that we had gotten for twenty five million in sales and as he's saying these words boom explosion and then he broke your back i broke my back i generalize it broadened i was young i was paralyzed i couldn't get the i couldn't walk i couldn't get up off the floor that bus me back together alone to do it. well it took a good four to six months before i thought i could even walk again they told me you know medicine always gives you the bad news from my doctor was great and he said
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look it's up to you i've seen a lot of miracles happen and it depends on how you decide this is going to go and i really threw myself into the rehab i was in rehab six seven hours a day in the pool first because i couldn't walk so floating and then i realized at first i just wanted to walk again i didn't care about the career or anything my dad was in a wheelchair so i knew how tough that is and i wanted to fight for my family but it all turned out great thank the lord and people's prayers i felt them around me i really used them and meditated letterman what was your first appearance but it was on in january on the american music awards with dick clark the emmy he flew to miami to talk me into doing this because i was petrified of you know not singing again so much but i knew there was going to be very emotional and i am very stoic i don't like these you know dramatic moments and i was getting ready to go on tour and i really you know i didn't know if i could handle it and sure enough when the curtains open and i look out and these are industry people i saw my husband and my
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son in talking that's all and everybody's crying and i have to say no i had to and then i could. walk my knees were knocking i go they're going to become still paralyzed coming out of the dark the one that i wrote in an thank you to everyone that sent so many prayers and beautiful thoughts my way baldwin musical tell me about you there is we're working on it hopefully the book will be done by january alex dana lars who wrote the bodyguard in london based on the on the movie that whitney did when he was ten he's writing the book and we've been working together for a while now figuring out the story the art what we're going to use going to be and it's no no it's going to look for a young well maybe once in a while sneak in as my mother for fall in jersey boys well you're a lot exactly and it's a little different that we're really trying to have the songs fit the story like like the musical not just then they did this then it's not in that way we're doing a very different kind of take it's autobiographical but we're we really want to
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broaden it you children on using well my daughter's the best musician of all those she's an amazing she is a drummer and i tell her you don't play like a girl she is powerful amazing with the drums i don't know of any female drummer there are not a lot there are some but and they're great but ever since she was two three years old she would make up her own drum kits out of garbage cans and cushions and things and at age nine she said mommy she took piano lessons mommy i just really want a drum set and we got her one as a surprise and within a week she was playing amazingly with the son my son andy rooms and swings the groove you know i love that it doesn't bother me at all because no it doesn't remember i'm a musician but i mean i would sit there he loves music and he has actually done some music with a friend that's on the gravity trailer he does all these like weird effects and sounds and but he loves the film he's working on a documentary based on
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a magician that he grew up with because he loved magic. thoughts about today's new . young artist that's. the problem it was terrible they come up very hard to make other plans again a little longer there's a plug log cabin that had sex with that her risk their lives let's play. a. little. bit let's listen. to. this little. little players.
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play. live. we're not psyched to an octave camps have on a mode where patients are forced by the outer amount of their strike never turned the world's attention to the police and then some job gulaga marks my. mom in a one. dollar face i can see. yes .
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you are. pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher the sun. but the great gloria estefan her new album is the stand as you said that fame is in the driving force behind your career what was music it really we fell into the career part by doing music which we loved it started as a hobby i joined his band for fun and then we realized that he asked me to write some stuff we started recording but it was all about just doing more music and we had to make a decision for me to quit his day job and book already and i had studied psychology and i said let's go for it because if it doesn't have a we have a backup plan or you think about this now like. miley and robin think lady gaga will have talent but also do stunts i like to tell them is marketing well think
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back to alice cooper and everybody that used performance art as part of their you know thing they do doing stunts oh my stunt was getting on stage it took me a good ten years get to. i used to be in the from and larry because i don't like being the center of attention it's not my nature i'm really low key and i love music and it was my catharsis but it it took me a good ten years to get used to being the front person do you not like what these young people do when they get attention to themselves care what the music i don't care what they do i think as long as the or if they're honest about it and it's something that they really want to do because if it is just for a gimmick they're going to be sorry in the long run because gimmicks come and go but if it's how you want to present yourself i think you should be free to to present your art in your music or you like or you think i use champion a lot and i was on a ricky martin is of the mind with jennifer lopez you know chicks there shakira yes shakira are there more coming along there always are i mean there's amazing
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musicians and artists and i'm i'm shocked at the age of some of these kids that can sing beautifully they have to come from another place because quite honestly listen to them saying and and it's mind blowing so we hope there's more and more from different countries because we have a lot to offer the latin music community is very close as well i mean it is it is so latin i mean what latin has so many colors if you're talking about argentina it's a different flavor mexico different flavor dominican republic caribbean it's a totally different vibe so we have a lot of different music among the latin music but cubans and music. and compile remember that i spent two days in havana i mean the most impoverished you heard music music is everywhere are the building we dance in the kitchen i dance with my dogs we mean any cuban party there's going to be music there's going to be dancing whether there's two feet square to do it on it's part of our life we love it all but the changes the digital who it's taken the business out of the business
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of music but i tell everybody go look at it it's a totally different ballgame it gives young people more options but everything is fragmented you can't get to the number of years arise that you could before because there's. just too many options and have a backup plan even more so because to make a living at it is getting tougher and tougher and also have a following i feel bad for young artists that maybe they get a big hit and they may not be around two or three albums from now even albums are you know short of engines a little to do you tour well at the last tour it was two thousand and four worldwide because it's really gruelling i mean we were lucky enough to have a worldwide audience but that made it sixteen months touring and i don't want to be away from home that much anymore but i still i am lucky enough now that i can pick luxuriously what i want to do and when i want to do it. well i haven't done and internship in vegas because quite honestly it's a desert it's very hard to sing in a desert and i've gone in and out and i love to do that that's great but right now
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on with the standards of me to be at royal albert hall in october which is been a dream of mine what a great place and this this record is perfect for that i'm in switzerland we're going to do a night of the proms these sixty seven piece orchestra in different parts of europe and i'd love to come back to the states next year and maybe do a hollywood bowl were inducted into the hollywood bowl hall of fame along with harry connick it was wonderful so i would love to do that kind of thing with an orchestra. i think i actually have much more control and i've kept evolving i still you know i try to new voice coach about a year ago because i knew i was going to do this record and i recorded it live like like this genre was done like sinatra did for days in the studio four songs a day with these amazing guys the rhythm section and i together which there was an exchange you know you it affects what i sing i affected when they played and i wanted to capture that rawness that really the emotion that you know that these crooners really gave because the sinatra recorded live his whole life with the band it gives you a different feeling. that yes you know your voice is blue it was
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a bit of was it to be on well well maybe he got up very late but yeah it takes a while for your voice to come up you know he was amazing what did you do. a night where you bombed where i bombed you know what i'm really getting you don't put sinners the good thing is that once you have that career body that there is your fan it's a lesser playing big well that's a different thing because vegas is a vegas crowd so other people come in no i can't say that that's a great thing that's never happened and he has told me once when he's not it is best in himself he gets the biggest applause it happens and we're very strict on ourselves and sometimes you're not at your best are you kidding me there's been no it's when either my baby girl was sick and she was backstage with a fever and i'm concentrating on that and there was literally a night where i was feeling so bad that i didn't think i could make it on the stage and it ended up being one of my best shows because i think you have to rally so
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much to get out there and then the audience gives you all this energy and the it's healing you know i felt like really like horrible and gotten on stage and it's to do for the moment told me once and also sing above a cold yes you can this you can you just have to know how to do it you know you get it you have to have your chops in place and technically know where to put your voice and it will actually clear your head if you do vocal exercises the right way it will clear your sinuses you avoid following the accident depression well i can say that i avoided it immediately you have to go through it and it wasn't until i went home and i realized that i couldn't do anything by myself i needed to be walked bathed i couldn't sit up they had to lay me down and my husband didn't leave my side for three months and there got a good span there when i would just cry for no reason and then i let myself grieve because i studied psychology so now you have to go through this the difference the steps of grieving you grieve for your body for your last you know independence for
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the new person that you have to be and then i said ok enough that pull myself up by my bootstraps move forward now we have some social media questions a new album is the standards though i'm seventy six as is their song you. i wish you had written. i think man in the mirror i tell say to garrett all the time when i meet her i go has one of those songs that i wish i would have written and anyone on this standard record because that time was just magical for songwriters it was beautiful starlight speed tweets what was the last book you read last book zero limits it's by this hawaiian kind this guy that followed this hawaiian guru that has a way of healing things a little all those kind of self-help just seemed once to know what's the craziest thing you've ever done in your life the craziest can't really talk about that on t.v. so. following my son full blast down a ski hill because he had taken off without me and i had no clue what i was doing
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and but it was the kid so i followed him all the way to skiing in aspen or he did crazy stuff all diversity as what was the most embarrassing moment of your life and would you do the same thing again despite knowing the outcome. well it depends on the the thing that he's talking about the most embarrassing thing was i was wearing a tube top on a live show in mexico and you know a little swollen and dancing around the conga i showed a little more there was supposed to be you did was like the original nip slip and then my sister called me and go hello lady godiva it was live there was no taking them back so obviously i would not do that if. we play a little game if you only do you know right now the first boy you kissed and yes i do was his name his name was one carlos nardo and he was. we were thirteen yeah it was very sweet you know he was my next door neighbor it was my grandmother's house or the g.'s is what is like no where was it it was
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a it was at his house we were playing a game and he leaned over and just smacked me on the lip service with no no no little known talent is there a talent you have we don't know about i am a an amazing eyebrow plucker i everybody comes over to my house so that i do their eyebrows i am excellent at it and make great pancakes too by the way yes i do your i mean as a corollary it was what people would be most surprised to find out about you i'm surprised to find out ok i brought this either you go ok i can i kept in my own vessel i've taken three courses in seamanship piloting in navigation and know how to plot a chart i know how to do all that business because i'm a boater i love it and i want to make sure if i got my kids on that boat that i knew what i was doing know not sail power boat and it doesn't really care about that so i love the first song you remember singing. that would be really saying your from the whole silly though he was i was had such a crush on him he was
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a big star from spain he was a child star that had beautiful voice and i learned his song i was like three years old a guilty pleasure you have. cosmo's that i make delicious that i've honed to perfection cosmo is kind of like a martini that mixed with cranberry but i've been making my own of adjustments and i make the best cosmos hands down to these things of aspersion on my boat person you most want to meet who i've met so many people and i can't imagine someone that i want to meet was the secret to a long marriage no secret we love each other we fell in love with each other not any fame or craziness and we're very different and it makes me laugh a lot artists you like to tell i worked with i've collaborated again with do you do sinatra and tony bennett and the three tenors and i just like to change it up and try because new challenges with new people something no one knows about you i don't
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know about the eyebrows there's the that you know that that i can only move my toes these two and these the region gether i can't move they go together like a very move my toes i move these two and then those three. nobody knows. your strange guy. so i don't know i mean what what if you don't know what word to send what would you be either a psychologist or a diplomat because that's what i i had decided pretty much that i had gotten in of self-help when i studied psychology so i was i was going to go to the sorbonne in france and be a diplomat and study international law i love that i think i would have made a good diplomat i did you would involve with the dolphins. well i mean you really was the one that was instrumental in that and we were looking to bring the community together the hispanics also. more to the games because we love sports and i know that emilio and steve ross once again are yes mr ross many of my miami latin
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friends football fans this is not a football's not a sport in latin america well they're football so it's soccer but they love it football has really taken off everywhere in europe it's a it's a fun sport we thank you so much cheered all every oh well them is the standard stance to my guest gloria estefan and you can find me on twitter address them. the problem if it was terrible they come up very hard to make other plans against along here a plug hat never had sex with her risked their lives let's
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play. lists lists lists lists lists lists legislative. lists. lists. of the. when you take three. four charges three. three. three. three. three blood
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video for your media project st medio gondar t.v. dot com. hello there i marinate and this is bust here are some of the stories we're tracking for you today. score another one for the wall street a week you thought foreclosures were bad right well leave it to black stone to turn lemons into well lemons they're the largest player in the burgeoning poor closer upon the rental market and thousands of new tenants are irate their new landlords slum lords and the feds just stumbled on twenty eight million dollars worth of bitcoins the stash belonged to the owner of silk road the so-called even a of drugs and i sit down a little bit with fixed point foundations director of public affairs to talk all things that point as well as new frontiers and currencies and finally with the.


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