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realistic even by however stand there it's russia and the united states to get so frustrated with a child that that diplomatic communication is caught so bare minimum until one famous actor makes a couple of polls here and there on souths everything in motion of steven seagal played out paul in real life and he joins us now on worlds apart mr siegel thank you very much for your time now one of the first guests on the show was dana rohrabacher senator from california who came to moscow in june he was investigating suspects looking for information about suspects and their boston marathon bombing but he told me back down that that trip would have been possible without your participation how did you become such an unlikely cultural ambassador for the two countries i think the data and i have been friends for a long time and. he knew my relationship with russia for a long long time he knows that i go back in russia a long time in that i have
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a lot of friends here some of whom are very powerful and influential where he also believes that i have insight into the culture the heart of russia and the people who are running the country in some ways that's his opinion anyway. who we were both concerned about not only the boston bombings but anti-terrorism or terrorism in general and yes knew if. i had any opinions on this and i said well i believe that really. the face bad and spirits nuts. are some of the world's leading experts on. on terrorism and i believe that. there's a reason for that. and it's because you know from from before beslan through beslan up until now russia has had to. do with some of those horrific acts of terrorism in
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the history of mankind but what do you think it's really says about the nature of relationship between countries the world's greatest power isthmus some of the largest talks of nuclear weapons why even basic communication wasn't possible without. participation of somebody like you who is not involved in politics you are not part of the government i see. what happened here is dana said to me. the last time i asked the cia to provide me with people in answer is they gave me people in answers that answered my questions the way they wanted it to be answered meaning the cia and the same with the state department dana knew that i knew the right people in russia and he knew that i would get them to tell him the truth and we all feel day in and i feel that russia and america have never fought each other in a war we believe that russia and america should be best friends and we believe that
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many of the people in america love that. we believe that many of the people in america love russia we believe that many of the people in america are not going along with the hocus pocus of certain governmental bodies who want to try to perpetuate the cold war we believe that the cold war is a fantasy and a hoax to perpetuate maybe some sort of financial gain i hear in there for certain individuals and we think that the only way to really create world balance and world power and peace in the world is if america and russia become brothers and best friends and that my mission in life is to get better relationships between russia and america and keep them good now you mention that you have quite a few powerful friends in russia and you also mentioned by the mere pretense name all right it's not a secret that you know each other personally how well do you know each other gosh i
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want to be polite and say that i probably don't know him very well i would like to think that i know him well but. suffice it to say that i know him well enough to know that. he is one of the greatest world leaders if not the greatest world leader alive today he cures more about russia than anybody i know and he's not afraid to stand up and do what needs to get done and just think now the two of you are share an affinity for martial arts he has a black belt in judo you have seventy. i.q. does it mean that you would have a similar life philosophy i mean i'm not really sure whether or not him and i agree on everything i'm sure we don't i know that his studied eastern philosophies the first time i went to his home i walked in and saw a life size statue of. who's the founder of judo so i was immediately you know
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taken in impressed and you know sort of really wanting to get to know this man deeper and deeper. he is a student of asian philosophy results from a student of you know medieval you know great leaders and great tacticians he's he's a smart man who studies those people who've had amazing results in history now i used to cover crime and politics and i remember president puts making a lot of preference is to explain his political chatter gee he's political views and when you look at his very presence in the russian politics it it ended looks like a series of juda matches because he is very patient he has perseverance he studies he's opponents carefully he waits for the right moment what do you think about this political strategy because some people still that it's way to calculate well first of all the main goal in life is to win and it is good to be calculating is good to
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be patient it's good to be able to wait for the right time is timing is everything i was raised in asia i was raised studying tactics. i think that this makes him the great politician he is i think in this recent debacle where you know president of united states you know wanted to bomb syria i think the whole world saw who was the senior statesman more diplomatic more intelligent and more caring about you know. the human dilemma but as commandable as that may be it also sometimes used against your own country especially now when the united states and russia have a somewhat tongue relationship some people at home may call you on perhaps your logic for saying something like that yeah i mean i'm a love america i'm not unpatriotic in any way shape or form there are regimes you know i may have loved reagan i may have loved kennedy i may have loved many of the
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presidents but right now the regime that we have. myself congressman rohrbacher many of the republican party we don't agree with a lot of things that president obama is doing i didn't agree with bombing syria and that's all i'm saying you got a lot of sneering and negative press for your engagements here in russia especially for your public appearances with would anyone though they weren't explicitly political you were just supporting sports and trying to engage young people unwashed ards but why do you think western press is so quick at how it ties between the two of you because you have to understand whether or not it is intelligent or ethical or moral one of the great techniques of even adolph hitler and he talked about his propaganda masters and there's that you know age old adage of tell
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a lie enough times and it becomes the truth one of the things that you know certain people's regime has become very adept at is controlling press the. yes and controlling the media and controlling for example i'll say it right here c.n.n. do i think c.n.n. is you know completely telling it like it is no i think they have an agenda i think . is bought and paid for that's what i think and so you know i'm seeing c.n.n. constantly slamming putin and in some ways the they don't even say not only the facts but they come out and say complete lies and i will stand up to their face and say that and so this isn't about who's telling the truth who's right or who's wrong it's about a smear campaign and who can manipulate. the press i think you took even more heat for. your public appearances for the not russian leader and. a bit of the
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process and he is of course a controversial figure not just in the west but also here in russia what do you see in hand. i have said this over and over and over and over and over again if he gets indicted if somebody makes you know legal in official charges against them i want to know about it right away every single president i know and i know many there are rumors about all of them every single one of them including obama there are criminal you know allegations against him you know criminal that there are many allegations against many of the different presidents i hate is that runs on a war criminal is he really if he is show me something that rises above wild conjecture and speculation. ok show me something that does prove that he really committed war crimes or did anything that you know is criminal when i got
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together with congress in the official congressional delegation we talked about drums and we talked about chechnya and i said guys give me what you have some of the stuff that they said they before they would even tell it to me they said it is wild it is crazy it is and when i heard it it was even wilder and crazy i mean do i believe any of that no did congress believe it no. when he mentioned chechnya average americans they needed to think of war destruction probably human rights abuses and you've been there in chechnya i'm sure your how it's some preconceptions before your visit what struck you about that region of russia i mean the way i looked at it was that there may have been a time where arms son was fighting against russia i'm told there was is that true absolutely you know ok and he was fighting for what he considered to be his country
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and his people but there came a point where the war was over where. that would be uprooted got together and made an agreement my understanding was that that point rahm's on said any terrorists in my country will either leave or be killed and i and my people will be the first to kill them because we do not believe in terrorism we do not believe in anything like that anymore so. keeping that in mind you know we have to understand that life changes in regimes change even in american even in big you know first world you know countries life politics the way people think the way people do things completely change i thought the romans and was a great example of how it should be where at one time somebody somebody is the enemy and they become our friends and they become our allies and if you look at
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grazia which was leveled was it seventy years ago. and you look at it now it is thriving flourishing clean wonderful islamic city where there seems to be complete peace and order that's a good example and that's an example that everyone should look at rather than what did you do ten fifteen years ago you mentioned syria before and it's interesting to compare this to regions because a serious the country that is being led the leadership of syria is being very hostile criticized by the american leadership it is possible to. look at the situation with yes. i think it's absolutely possible to mend anything number one number two i'm not prepared to make a comment on what's happening in syria because in america i don't believe we are being told the whole truth and i don't know if anybody is i don't know even even what the russian people are being told i i feel completely confused by the
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information that i'm getting i mean one minute it seems as though. you have terrorists in the same terrorist and i'm calling terrorists on purpose the same terrorists were in libya then you know those same guys were then in cairo in those same guys are now in syria calling themselves syrian it's a little bit mysterious to me you seem to have very. good at least. maybe that's due to your experience due to your our current gage lutes but. while you seem to be accepting intolerant of cultural differences does it ever common to call flecked with your sense of justice and morality because it's very much in the american sprad the american values around the world and you don't seem to be doing that very explicitly and i don't believe in that at all i don't believe in you know spreading america needs to us anywhere i think that all people should believe in
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their own religious beliefs their own culture their own traditions and they have a right to believe in that and i don't try to impose any of my own feelings or views on anybody for anything now we have to take a short break now but one of we come back he often played the law enforcement officers on the big screen but what made steven seagal give twenty years to police service in real life that's coming up in a few moments on well the park. want to. give up something that is quite simply. no way. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to
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the u.s. and turned over to the u.s. for. the soul that could be buried alive. was saved with great effort. to do it wanted to turn me into a terrorist they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda the taliban that i fought with some. time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there. are people. brave enough to start of. something is going to be done that's going to be done by me it's never short of money but it's going to impact me and be prosecuted but it's going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time a trap. on r.g.p. . we speak your language as i think about the will or not a day in. the music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you
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breaking news a little turn a tip angle keep these stories. here. in spanish find out more visit. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred two cities of russia and. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air and sea another space. olympic torch relay. on r t v dot com.
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welcome back to all the part where we are discussing life and movies with steven seagal mr seagal you know it just the other day i was interviewing another steve steve wozniak a co-founder of apple and he's somebody who became a multimillionaire very quickly but even after that he's secretly top computer science to fill the graders for almost six years and i think you have similar last orders because you want there's that police officer on the bit in louisiana i wonder what. you do that i went to a police academy in los angeles in about one thousand nine hundred two because i wanted to learn the basics of police law i was interested in becoming a police officer on a reserve level which meant that i could go and be a policeman whenever i wanted to be in then when i wanted to go especially to special security operations or a movie or a musical tour or whatever was i could do it so. back then i wasn't doing movies but i wanted to be able to do other things so the main reason i wanted to do this
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was because i saw in life bad guys who thought they were so big and so bad and so tough that they could murder and rape and rob and pillage and get away with it and i wanted to say wait a minute there's another guys out there that are just as tough or tougher than you and just as ugly or uglier than you and i wanted to become a police officer so i could help those people who are being victimized so i could stop people from being murdered raped tortured abused robbed and then that's when i became a police officer but you continue doing that even after you became famous and i think most people around a while they want to do good things in life but with age with money and especially with fame people tend to be to become a bit more arrogant maybe a bit more cynical a bit less motivated what how to escape that i mean i would like to believe that
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i'm becoming more humble as life goes on and more giving and giving more of my life and my time to. the people you know you have this very peacemaking almost pacifist aura around you you're a buddhist and yet both in your acting career and i guess in your work as a police officer you have to do to deal with lots of guns and you do seem to have a liking of sophisticated weaponry you know here in russia. sniper rifle that's the bear as far as i understand your own name what attracts here and dance is the engineering is a sense of power something else maybe i mean i believe in. the sport. shooting in lympics long and shooting. all these things but i also believe that every country has the right to defend their own country every man has the right to defend his own wife and children in the home and i also believe that right should
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try him for over evil and so i don't have anything against guns because guns in of them themselves don't kill people people kill people so gun is just like a plant or a tool you know and you can you can do good with it which is to protect and nurture humanity mankind or destroy and i'm here to nurture and protect people now i think your own country the united states has a very complicated relationship with guns because on one hand it's almost perceived as a symbol of freedom protected by the second amendment but on the other hand it also created. specifically american form of violence mass violence mass shootings in schools and universities so i wonder why do you stand on the issue of gun control in the united first of all i believe in the search of a member of the constitution more than anything in the world and i. adolf hitler for example when he wanted to annihilate the people of germany the first thing he
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did was take away their guns and the rights to bear arms wasn't just to protect the people from foreign invaders it was a protect them against evil governments and anyone that would violate their inherent rights as a human being so i believe in the second amendment and i believe that i hate to say this a lot of these mass murders and all this funny stuff that's going on i believe a lot of this is engine air and yet in the aftermath of the i think it was a small town shooting and you were engaged in that kind that the court's going to teach children and do you think those skills would get how cool if they were faced with somebody who was armed to the well first of all i wasn't teaching children just as in themselves i was teaching what's called the posse which are sworn officers to come in and defend schools. and so these are people that have had training with firearms they have had police training they're just not on my level but they are you know sworn in but you still see. that there's something that has
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to be. within schools and you'll hear more precious gift we have from god is our children why can't we spend money and time to protect our schools and our children to have armed guards at every bank at every jewelry store if you go run. around france in monaco in beverly hills there's all these armed guards everywhere protecting money and jewelry why can't we protect our children that's a good question. i have to ask you this do you think. in particular actually partially responsible for clarification i don't i don't know i think you know the. important thing we need to look at here is mental health because there are mentally insane people in every country and god knows we have our share in america and i think this is the most important thing to learn there look at i think statistically
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it's sort of proven that you know in japan for example where they have the most violent movies on earth they have almost zero crime what does that tell you it's not really the movies as much as it's mental health issues and how these people can get help and it's also parenting you know if you have parents who love the children spend time with their children teach their children right from wrong and they have real parenting you won't see any of this and yet if you look at the. just sixty five ends in the united states and the axes that kids have to. guns the amount of time they spent with that parents and it doesn't look pretty well to be honest with you my opinion is that the economy is so bad in america and the common people are spending every waking moment just trying to survive to the point where many of them feel like they gay really don't even have the luxury to spend time with their
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children it's about survival no now talked about guns but there is one the weapon that you seem to dislike very strongly and as far as i understand this is nuclear weapons i don't know if that's accurate but it's been reported that you are very the world's first private citizen to personally sponsored the destruction of a nuclear weapon well that is true it's true remember they do have a great aversion to nuclear weapons and i would love to do for a nuclear weapons were abolished but it was reported that you did native one hundred thousand dollars of your own money to dismantle some russian the salsa is that accurate or ababa. why why were you moved to do that because i was told that they wanted to dispose of them if they had the money to and so i'm not sure exactly where what country it was it might have been russia but i was just helping dispose of them at the time now given your very active social role and the your experience
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us now international mediator i wonder if you have ever thought about running for office i mean if you have the experience of arnold schwarzenegger becoming the governor of california and then there was several months reagan you mentioned before have you thought about that at all because you certainly have the experience now i mean really to be honest with you whatever i can do to help the world be a better place to help mankind in any way i can i would be very very interested in devoting my love than life and time and any kind of knowledge or wisdom i may have but no other in the political office i mean you know if i thought that i could really help people i would consider it although in general in politics and on something that i think are the best you know kind of avenue for me to get things done but here you seem to be on their republican side right i mean yes. your office there paula would starve by that in some of your interviews you were quite
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critical of the whole of a culture and you sought to distance yourself from the whole of it from real life why is that i mean i don't want to say anything that is critical or bad mouth my quote unquote colleagues even though i don't really look at them as call these. there are two kinds of actors there are actors that are real thespians that come into hollywood because they are artists and they love acting is a considered an art in the science and they work at it that's three out of. three million and then a lot of the people who come to hollywood come to hollywood because they need to be adored and the people who need to be adored it's a kind of a sickness and i called hollywood the cannibal house because most of those people will eat each other to get ahead they will do anything to your head and they don't
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realize that one minute till if they're lucky that you know one in a million or one in ten million they'll be on top of the world in the next minute no matter who they are they're going to fall down because that's the essence of delusion and that's the essence of hollywood so i love movies i love movie making i think it can be one of the most enlightening you know maybe use for. humans to use to help the world be a better place to disseminate spectacular emotions and love and information of course movies can be used for you know the opposite of that so it's a spectacular mill you in an amazing place and there are many great great people in hollywood not just actors directors producers but there's also you know the allure of those folks that came there for the wrong reasons and stay there for the. decibel thank you very much for your time and if you like the show placed on us again same place same time here a while for part. this
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is obviously more for the ladies because it's pink. women wanted to avoid rape they really need to buy guns environ how to use them. this is the one that i want to go with them once again it's the fear of. women definitely the target of the gun lobby the one you don't kill the one that killing money but if somebody would you would piss with her. i'm noticing more and more if that's really scary marketing tactics which implies that women have some sort of moral obligation to tell him guns to protect their family and young girls shoot out here too so we do have
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a paying quality. for kids young kids choke on food than are killed by firearms if being armed made us safer in america we should be the safest nation on earth we're clearly not the safest. police on your arm in a lot of these they face i think you're right. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm sure.
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legal. leg. margy dot com is launching a special project to mark the appalling scale of violence in iraq. we want you to know.
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the three day long geneva talks on iran's nuclear program. as terror on accuses of trying to. be old friends neighbors germany's investigating claims it's been spied on by britain. in the very heart of . meanwhile. the don't share our information about our customers if you don't have a warrant to one of the few champions of online privacy who refuses to cross lines in order to cooperate with the powerful intelligence agency. from outer space. we follow the olympic torch has taken on its first ever space walk of course just ahead of a two.


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