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tv   [untitled]    November 25, 2013 2:00pm-2:31pm EST

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this is r.t. tonight more room for further agreement moscow claims the u.s. now is no reason to proceed with its controversial missile defense plans in europe if iran plays by the rules. police and protesters fired tear gas of each other in the ukrainian capital during a second day of unrest over the government pulling back from any deal. between oil industry propaganda and environmental panic it's hard to get a grip on fracking besides yourself later when we hear from those fighting the industry's growth and those forced to abandon their homes because of a controversial fuel extraction take me.
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very good to have a company this my name is kevin owen you're watching r.t. international our top story russia's foreign minister says that reaching a compromise on iran's nuclear program should eliminate any reasons for the u.s. to construct an anti missile defense system in eastern europe the american led plans along a bit of contention between the countries russia sees the shield as a threat to its national security while the u.s. has maintained that it's needed to protect europe from so-called rogue states like iran so could there now be a chance for this dispute to finally be resolved with a deal to bring to ron's atomic program under control with more on that is probably bog. it's a deal that's alluded diplomats for a day. and as the crucial make or break iran letelier talks continued into the night details of how they were going for eluding the journalists camped out in geneva so we waited and waited and waited while diplomats from six
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world powers and iran inched their way closer to an historic breakthrough than after sixteen hours a tweet from the e.u.'s top diplomat a deal had been done. just that the six negotiating powers agreed to recognize iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy business including its right to enrichment under the conditions of this program is placed under strict control by the i.a.e.a. of the issue. as we received word of the agreement we got details to iran had agreed to reduce its uranium enrichment from twenty to a maximum of five percent use fewer centrifuges while halting construction of a new reactor near the town of iraq this throughout this long list of concessions iran's foreign minister still had a smile on his face in return he won for his country a partial easing of sanctions allowing tarantula gain control of billions of
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dollars worth of much needed funds in foreign banks we believe that it is the sanctions that have brought us to this negotiation and ultimately to the more significant negotiation to follow for a car branch of agreement others have stressed that it wasn't the stress of more punitive measures but diplomacy that won the day over the night in the case of these talks the fact that that the iranians have shown time after time that there is no evidence that iran's nuclear program is anything but peaceful is something that has been ignored by the western media and western governments but that this despite all that iran's real civilians has forced these countries takes out. in. which meant and again the russians and the chinese have played a very constructive role and i don't think that sanctions played as much of a role as the recognition by the united states and britain and other
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countries that we need to engage iran because iran is becoming increasingly influential this is a movie every interview and a remit in six months time well its powers and iran are set to return to the negotiating table but after ten years of deal looks big deal signed here in the middle of the night to seek a change you know people like you that seek to be. hauled over the agreements only valid for six months it is a sign of bigger things to come according to professor of international relations and me both parties have made clear part of our pop confidence building process and that is exactly what they're doing the fight that i was going to be there the cameras are monitoring stuff on a daily bases they're reporting back to h.q. in vienna and from there to the security council and so on and all of that is vital to provide to get into that america's allies need that iran is sticking to that script and of course also for the administration in washington to show its all
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series that actually this is a good deal not just for iran and the region in the middle east but also for united states where it looks like the deals made life more difficult for president obama defending the administration's yes to the concessions he knows to come there on israel as well as hawkish lawmakers who didn't miss their chance to criticize the motion. today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure and flying in the face of president obama what was cute in geneva. last night in small is sort of agreement. it's a story in state. it's not new a safer place in an environment where israel as well as many u.s. lawmakers don't think that iran should develop nuclear technology at all the obama administration had to engage in diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge iran's right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time we
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approach these negotiations with a basic understanding of iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy but because of its record of violating its obligations iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon the scope and role of iran's enrichment as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation. and to mutual agreement despite the official's attempts to appease the hawks punches are flying you know it looks like we've tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you're going to see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the final agreement another senator marco rubio call the deal quote
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a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security and i think a lot of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that this interim deal becomes the new norm opponents of the deal in washington and abroad are already working not too late it's survived the six month trial the obama administration is walking on eggshells before congress israel and its allies in the coffers it's trying to convey a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time in washington i'm going to check out israeli national security expert know it all to matilda's that the harsh response from the israeli government towards the deal there's no is reflect the national mood. we've seen over the past twenty four hours or so or an increasing number of analysts and commentators who have come out and said that this deal is something israel could live with and even if it's not
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perfect it's not something that we would have opted for ourselves that it's something that's not as bad as our prime minister has described so there's definitely a spectrum of opinion here on this issue as there is in every issue what we do know is in the week or two leading up to the agreement there was a poll taken about what people felt about the prime minister's rhetoric towards the united states and a plurality supported him and only a very small percentage of the public thought that he was fully on justified but that may be different after the agreements come to come into being we'll have to see. the two men from very different walks of life but the pope putin have more in common than you might think coming out than we report on the first meeting and now they've been brought together by a shed concern over the humanitarian disaster in syria. and yet another leader of bahrain for reform movements fallen victim to a relentless government crackdown in the couple of minutes while we hear from his wife about the campaign to get him out of jail currently. next though
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clashes a broken out for a second day in ukraine this protest has defied police efforts to disperse them nonstop rallies been ongoing since thursday in kiev of the government's decision to suspend the deal which would give it closer ties with the e.u. jet skis in the ukrainian capital for out. protesters appear to have set up town camps at european square suggesting that they may still have more time and it's not always as peaceful as it is here right now we see clashes between them and the police are up to from time to time with both sides the police and the protesters using tear gas against each other the people here they are strongly opposing the decision by the government to sign the trade agreement with europe at the moment there are others of course would believe this was a rather problematic decision but rather just looking at potential damages which a great could have suffered a case of signing this agreement it's easy to see why first of all modernizing the factories in the country would have cost the photo of more than one hundred billion dollars something the country cannot afford at the moment but it's
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a modernized would have led to these factories being closed and tens of thousands finding themselves in the streets not such a good outcome for the country as well as raising the sheriff for electricity heating and gas something the government had to do because to comply with europeans that is also a very big problem for ukraine at the moment not taking all that into consideration and the fact that europe would not offer any kind of financial compensation for what the actual damage is the government decided not to sign especially after the i.m.f. said it would not provide ukraine with another step i say shalom which would have helped the prime minister of the country in fact said that the country doesn't need help like that one its economy is in danger of completely collapsing some politicians in europe have said that russia blackmailed ukraine out of signing this deal russian president hit back saying that it is in fact europe which blackmailed ukraine in the course of negotiations standoff continues very interesting to see where it goes and we have to follow all the details and all the developments. there reporting when leaders of the european commission of the european council of
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released a joint statement saying the proposal to ukraine still stands meantime both again accused moscow of pressuring kiev out of signing on the bruised group political think tank told us that the e.u. simply trying to grab as much influence as possible here. you peon you need to is very keen to expand to spread its regulations to new countries and to make sure that made in brussels of people i not only in the european union but also outside of the european union but that's not done in a calm his best interest is certainly not in the interests of ukraine but the european union is looking to expand its but south towards taking in countries from morocco to turkey and then of course from in the east to to azerbaijan but really is it in the country's best interests to have excessive brake elation could on their industries. well for a while can't go cold feet are the deal we want you to r.t. dot com a website there we point to all the financial hurdles standing in the way of the
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agreement at the top of the list is the price of natural gas may just find a way around the globe by shale drilling this year reporter ukraine sign corp deals with oil giant shell and chevron which could help the country slash domestic fuel costs but the question is do the benefits of this technology balance out the environmental damage we explore but too little later in the program and to u.s. lawmakers swoop into well into sweet top politicians they're troubled by those ongoing spying revelations that song with me kevin are just a few minutes ahead as well. back in the day barack obama was elected because he was deemed to be the very end to this is of george w. bush now instead of seeing differences between the two presidents we were reminded about what both have in common particularly like the poll numbers first on this program we have is obama serving bush's fourth term.
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right the scene. first rate. and i think the curate. wealthy british style. markets why not scandal. find out what's really happening to the global economy because the reports on our t.v. . again
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russian and papal flags are flying tonight together over the vatican where the pontiff is welcome president vladimir putin it's the first ever meeting about in large part because of the crisis in syria not easing of his can office in vatican city for us. francis on one hand i figure it would warm a spiritual influence over one point two billion catholics across the world and there's a president by heavyweight politician also one of the most influential people on the globe to be on the scene team but they definitely have much more in common than some me think for instance syria has been standing strong we firmly against any four years eventually into the situation. for france is a letter to the russian president recently personally thank you for helping the french military action from the west also the vatican and russia have been praying lots of attention to the rights of christians in syria but what's also interesting here is the way italian media has been reporting on the russian president's visit
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wasn't really the situation in syria nor the relations between the vatican and moscow that were in the focus but the former italian prime minister silvio berlusconi's feet clearly looking at having to deal with several convictions including abuse of power and having sex with an underage prostitute and the italian media really has been boiling with speculation over whether or not mr berlusconi will be able to avoid getting punished and the latest in that sense was that president putin was going to make mr berlusconi russia's ambassador to the vatican automatically granting him diplomatic immunity. speaking these rumors have not been confirmed but it does show the amount of attention being paid to visit. his can offer. and also share unusual bond their distaste for the oil and gas extraction technique known as fracking is held in this recently posed with environmental activists and did report links pressing strong concern about us all joined chevron
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exploiting shale gas in south america let's talk about this with a pigheaded a spokesperson for frack free south yorkshire is joining us from sheffield of the u.k. tonight evening to you sir thank you for your time mr kennedy first of all you would all surprise that the pope the head of the catholic church has got involved in this debate in the first place it's not kind of really within his remit is it. no i wouldn't a thought that it's anything to do with the pope i mean that's news to me i have not heard of the pope's involvement in this debate so you must be heartened though i guess. what is it that he said i've heard this announcement he's against fracking pretty much like you guys fucking brilliant right now that's very good news to him and there are plenty of other people that are against fucking as well well it's a lot of pressure the british government that was in there to lower energy bills and shale gas he would be one way of doing that surely well it's being claimed as one way of doing it i mean a few months ago david cameron and george osborne we got me excited about the
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prospects of fracking so i was going to solve our energy needs for the future davy since got involved inside the trucking will only bring down bills by maybe two to four percent so it's not me but these are tough times anything is helpful isn't it i mean he did lower bills and a greener energy grid a fuel for the future just never go together do they in a real world. well they can do a massive investment in renewable energy efficiency would be one way of taking cells out of all current energy problems i mean these issues with blocking the moment we look to other countries such as america and australia having problems at the moment there are some areas in australia where they actually have to pay now more for water than they do for gas because the fucking has damaged their water supplies they no longer have ready access to clean well it's going to how real are these projects that's one example you give in your state but how widespread are
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these problems. well they all widespread and one of the problems is that the british government hasn't actually fully considered all the the problems with fucking when we look at all of the reports that the british government coming out with regards to fracking such as a couple weeks ago there's a report from public health england saying that there were no health risks posed by fracking they are all based on the assumption that we have a very strict regulatory regime now this will go to regime currently doesn't exist fully has never been tested and it has not been proven that we have these health problems in britain ok so how much noise do you have to make before the government looks more seriously at fracking maybe even things do you think feel struggle if you got ahead of you well we don't have to make an awful lot of noise i think i mean currently the conservative government fully behind fucking and they are putting as much money in as much weight behind its exploitation as possible we hopeful that we might be able to break through in the. current lead for south yorks
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and a number of other fucking groups across the country trying to raise this issue for the elections in two thousand and fifteen so we hope that it will be a key fighting point for the elections in two thousand and fifteen. to their spokesperson for free south yorkshire thank you so much. for having me well earlier i spoke to a ninety fracking activist who was forced to abandon her home when the resulting borehole appeared nearby she told me what it's like living near a drilling site. i've learned about this industry the hard way i worked for industry first and then moved out to the country and bought my own place and then i experienced the environmental impacts all around me there's the possibility of water contamination water depletion many many horrible air impacts and the traffic in just a huge disturbance noisy supply it's been a fitting a very few people the industry and
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a few large landowners and it's coming at great expense to the people who live on the land. the bahraini regime is hit at once again and it's an effort to stifle dissent the rest of the chairman of the european bahraini organization for human rights as we've many previously just that to this was saying joe is charged with inciting hatred against the ruling mauna kea we spoke to his wife when she says her husband's being used as a scapegoat here. he was defamed there are no knock it off or should a newspaper if he went to the police station to file a case against that it's a different nation. but he got everest's dead for inciting hatred against the political system in bahrain wristing human rights activists or defenders and behind us is not that is not something new. bahrain her it is our chief our seething. as west him and right activists day after another and
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if you were to have good clear and knock on on this scene in bahrain many human rights defenders are. even either in exile or they are put to end this action or our president or sentence for several years. another bahraini activist meantime opposition leader now bill roggio was arrested last year and eventually got two years in jail over critical comments he made about the ruling family and his twitter feed. thinks his case gives a very clear indication of how the bahraini go move views those who dared to speak . he was defamed. could offer should a newspaper if he went to the police station to file a case against that it's a different nation but he got everest's dead for inciting hatred against the political system in bahrain wristing human rights activists or defenders and behind it is not something new with the iranian authorities are seething as rest of human
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rights activists day after another and if you were to have a kia and knock on on this scene in bahrain many human rights defenders are even either in exile or they are put to end the action or our president or sentence for several years. there's hope in britain but the country's turned a corner and is getting over one of its worst ever financial dramas still early though to start popping the champagne corks just yet in some quarters where critics say endemic decline is set in and will leave some struggling for generations for a smith reports. so the bank of england's forecasts for economic growth is on the up unemployment down it sounds great but beyond those immediate fake is a darker picture that pretty much all the measures by which we track economic progress are in decline people's real incomes falling more and more of it spent on basic essentials uniquely this generation of young people is worse educated than
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their parents and obesity female life expectancy and child mortality among the worst in europe soon leading economics commentator jeremy warner says growth is good but warns it's unsustainable there's not enough exports is not enough business investment in this economy now provided the economy continues to grow the hope is that these things will eventually come true but at the moment it's very little sign of form and you say that these key indicators to living standards education health these are all on the decline talking about that ever since the crisis began living standards have been under a lot of pressure really for the first time again in modern history we are seeing a situation where people leaving the workforce and retiring are better educated than the people joining the workforce and if your standards of education are declining then you all relative income in future relative to the rest of the world
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is going to decline with it what does it all add up to then these underlying economic indicators i mean where are we going when i think. an extreme wakeup call really i mean britain has a lot of things going for it it's still reckon to be one of the most open economies in the world it has the biggest global financial center in the world these underlying trends are very worrying and something needs to be done about them very very urgent warner says the government's doing some of the right things but to gingerly and ultimately and less radical actions taken in those key areas britain's economy is living on borrowed time. two american senators have made a flying visit to europe trying to smooth over the steady drip of spy scandals involving the u.s. and its european allies it follows cause revelations from whistleblower edward snowden to showing an american spy agency's been siphoning off information by
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installing malware on tens of thousands of computer networks european parliament member of millions is daughter spoke to me she's from sweden's pirate party she thinks europe faces some hard questions on how to tackle surveillance now how do we get out of the situation how do we create some kind of positive future vision for how do we get along how do we create a good society together and in order to do this we need better transparency rules for information technologies we need to figure out what is going on what is our purpose with all of these information technologies that we're having a very we can't replace a positive vision for the future with gadgetry that's in that's not good politics and so european leaders need to sit down and think how do we continue our important mission for peace market development economic prosperity and citizen interaction in the scottish government has for the first time made the data will become independent if citizens vote to leave the u.k. next year it's chosen the twenty fourth of march twenty sixth to make the
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prospective split official but the idea is strongly opposed by london which is warning it won't make it easy for scott of the breakaway to sort of see the reports . should scotland be an independent country it's a six word question that requires a simple yes or no but breaking a three hundred year old unit could hardly be simple and the scots are not taking it lightly as it stands only about thirty percent of scots say they will vote for independence a figure those in the yes camp hope to increase by presenting that much anticipated white paper which a scottish national party says has the answers to all the questions about independence the prime minister david cameron and those of the wall into the know cabin system that in the service is laden with risks and problems with warnings on just about everything taxes and debt the no camp suggests deeper stary and higher taxes e.u. membership london says scotland could forget about it the trident nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of a north korean nuclear attack and there might even be roaming charges of mobile
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phones if the split happens at the list goes on it's dubbed project fear by the yes camp and they accuse the government of scare mongering scots into voting no and they'd says the white paper will prove that independence would bring about a jobs bill and a thriving economy service that resonate with voters cameron argued that an independent scotland will have to negotiate in the future for the things that house right now along with the signalling that it won't be making it easy for the crux of the matter goes back to economics a recent poll found out that if independents made the five hundred pounds richer more than half the scots would vote for. reporting from london i'm tess are cilia. the next news bulletin thirty two minutes from now would be kevin i would next though the u.s. president's move into the g q magazine's list of the world's twenty five least influential celebrities makes them out a big show crosstalk while you miss popularity has plummeted.
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one member of st petersburg's legislative assembly is trying to get child beauty pageants banned in russia starting with his hometown you know i couldn't agree more with this gent on this issue these kids beauty pageants not only put a ton of pressure on children to achieve something absolutely pointless but they're also a pedophile's dream come true and are will very very creepy but why are they creepy that's because whether you like it or not human beauty is related to sex so when you try to make children beautiful and wear bathing suits let's just say active poses yet that's called sexualizing children and it's disgusting although adult beauty pageants are also sort of stupid at least the participants are all adults so see it because beauty pageants are obviously related to sexuality should be able to
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participate in them until you reach the age of consent in your country otherwise it is just a pedophile buffet but that's just my opinion. hello and welcome across the world all things are considered on peter lavelle back in the day barack obama was elected because he was deemed to be the very end to this of george w. bush now instead of seeing differences between the two presidents we were reminded about what both have in common particularly liking poll numbers for us on this program we ask is obama serving bush's fourth term.
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to cross off the presidencies of george w. bush and barack obama i'm joined by my guest austin peterson in washington he's the c.e.o. of stone gate an editor of the libertarian republic dot com also in washington we have daniel for achi he is the director of grassroots political consulting and in phoenix we cross to kimberly i'm a dale she is the president of world money watch and author of beyond the great recession aren't cross-talk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want to kimberly you got up early as for this program and i'd like to go to the person i got up earlier so kimberly simple question is obama serving george bush's fourth term not in any way shape or form. the most important difference between george bush and barack obama is and you're going to laugh at this but it's really true bush increased the debt six trillion.


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