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just on the ice the possible superballs off to this experience i believe that people who have survived a car crash or a plane crash will look at us and realize that even with an injury like that you can live on if you can set your own goals and achieve. seek out the no parties true region russia. alright sorry talk about child labor forces in an area you just wouldn't think about it a crisis in europe a special documentary coming your way just a moment. we
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speak your language another day in. the music programs and documentaries in spanish matters to you breaking news a little turn it into angles stories. you hear. that try to teach spanish find out more visit eye eye to. i have to get up at seven in the morning school i go to school go out easy do my homework. my work and finish it eight o'clock and then i do the same thing
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the next day. as time goes by and we see the crisis getting worse those who have a job have to hang on to it. because it's not easy to find another. i don't think it's full of people my age of the responsibility of things like this . if i'm going to. like school. i'm not going to do well at school because i'm a bit tight. here in the countryside dreams do not come to
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a very easily so i don't get my hopes up. belgariad endless greenfields people in traditional dress. the region of the day as a natural paradise where time seems to have stood still. people have always worked in the fields. as a family a mother a grandmother and two children. it's midday the sun is scorching more than thirty degrees. apart and it's getting hard little one. seven and his sister ellie nine school today then they did hear. the no one to say whether the situation is normal or not. if these little children the punishing them like this making their work so hard one life are they going to have
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the courage future will they have. near the border with greece during the two thousand this little village experienced an unprecedented period of growth area became the gateway to europe hundred number dreamed of construction tourism and development then the belgariad became a member of the e.u. since then things aren't quite right in the rhythm of a year ok which of you are going to work in the fields after class go on raise your hands. buzz buzz buzz or in this fourth grade class the average age is fourteen. and why do i work because i need to my family needs money otherwise my parents have to do it all on you while i stay home with time to finish six seven in the evening. is it tiring
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now my parents let me take a break. so when do you do your homework if i can get it done in the evening i do it in the morning or at a break time whenever i can. come any of your pupils work in the fields after school ninety percent. are you feeling the impact of the crisis here or what are you talking about there isn't any crisis in reading i tell you you can't live in if you stay here you suffocate. to europe these peoples had been gradually leaving work in the fields but then the crisis came and the children were sent back to work. one pm after school get to start a second day she goes to the fields with her father. is the biggest producer of
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tobacco in europe. growing tobacco has always been a way of earning extra income every family has a field. it's the end of spring and the family have to transplant the seedlings which have been growing for months in the granary. last year i was still living in spain for work everywhere else i'd bring the girl but very my employer insisted that she stays at home because she was under eighteen but because of the crisis spain doesn't want this belgariad workforce anymore so the farmers have come home and families can't afford not to have the children work. we don't have any money here if we did we wouldn't be here nobody has work and your daughter what will she do it her own she'll work in the field oh no. it's hard work they have to get the tobacco seeds to germinate them plant them
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water them endlessly then finally pick them dry then cure the leaves eight months of continual one. thousand euros a year and we work like cattle. here to you know work seven days a week eight to ten hours a day without pay. involved area they used to be a state monopoly on tobacco but since two thousand and two the market has been opened up to competition and that's what has ruined getting as father. is that's a great tasting isn't it to be better because of all the work but it's a fantastic cigarette if we don't produce we die before the collapse of the soviet union we were fine. and eventually there were millions of smokers there they consumed them and we're going to survive my wife and i but the youngsters it's better that they save themselves. they have no future how can they study when
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they're in the fields all day how can they planted support everyone what can they learn here these children. to get in as family the same as for two hundred thousand other families in the region tobacco has become the only source of income. the problem is that this culture doesn't spare the health of its children. so far only one study denounces working conditions for belgariad child workers in the tobacco fields and that dates back to two thousand and one. the authors of this sociologist and this doctor who was sent by the aiello the international labor organization. we have observed numerous cases of carve a share of the spine what's more this children have badly developed logs and the
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the under development of the lungs is linked to the doubled up position of the body the position here is two and growing tobacco it's in the meat since they also work in a dusty environment and this provides the perfect conditions for the development of tuberculosis then finally to wring their tobacco harvest they're exposed to different toxic substances such as star of the fittest and this time we all know how it is undoubtedly cast some of china. is in it and look at that and. get an effect. for them in the master's level in two thousand and one which estimated that the number of children aged five to seventeen who were forced to work was already one meal in a few hundred ninety four thousand. and in your opinion has this figure increased or put it of course it has. never been
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as mother doesn't know about all the risks associated with tobacco cultivation she's too busy sustaining a little family. in the only bedroom in the house getting a relaxes sending messages to friends like any other girl her age. that's nothing i think i have to how my parents career is inadequate to look this really cuz they're not working for anyone else they're doing this for me for this that this is the most so i can have a future so i can make something out of my life then do what they couldn't do is divide up so i feel i'm asked how balance when i can even if it's not a lot less but the mob and their clothes that fuck all i'm not like those spoiled children in the cities who do nothing to help their parents in the south go to the vet to quit all diplomats nice little detail if this is the that's what.
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is seriously suffering the affects of the crisis however it's not only the country where child labor has increased exponentially. even the world's sixth biggest power confiscated. maple's one of the poorest cities in italy. here to the crisis has forced hundreds of families to send their children to work from a very young age. your body is thirteen and has been working as a waiter for over a year. done a good morning coffee. in the back of the bus was. pushed. to defeat yeah it's a tough job but i've got to do it because mum and dad have problems so i have to help them. do you want to do this later on.
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i hope i'll do something else when i grow up. kewl. coffee in this pharmacy nobody is shocked to see a child working. from two pm until nine giovanni paces the streets of his neighborhood tray in hand for him childhood games only a distant memory banks and my friends only think about football or playstation ok that's because their parents they have work. mission and as for me my parents can't find work the tree is heavy the neighborhood is big and giovanni is here seven hours every day. of my research because i have to carry this tray so it hurts. but i'll build up muscle get used to it and then it'll be better.
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can you give me a big glass of water. has just a few minutes break with the way to put the cafe that implies him. is that you are you tired. oh no i'm fine so you've done ok yes because there were customers and the tips over yeah it's ok you know. because people here are kind. giovanni doesn't cost his boss a penny to celery tips from customers. as a day on average he's great this boy he knows his job myself i started working when i was eight years old. here come on boy hurry up with your call face off you go. right jonathan have you been. the. only child
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who's working in this district of naples is. in the corner on the right another boy barely fourteen years old. as to hide. your guy from having entering because i'm a terrorist say this is because if some try to hide it's because charles has long been illegal initially. of a few did do anything to stop it. weeks between thanksgiving and christmas in the united states a conflict roughly twenty percent of annual small topic during that period of time people are much less rational one day when they sell gas certainly in our modern era people are often spending money that they don't have and spending it on things they don't need to accomplish what they have.
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there's a medium leave us so we leave that maybe. by the sea oceans to cure the plague the party there's a goal. for shoes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politic only of our. delivered to our church is on its epic journey to such a. one hundred twenty three days. through to some nine hundred town two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a leg torch relay. m r t v dot com.
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right on the same. first street. and i think you're. on our reporters but i am still my. i. am not. on my. sometimes people asked me what i'm doing here they say it's exploitation of a minor but i'm smarter than i go into bars and if there's a control i pretend i'm buying chewing gum for a coffee that kind of sitting around the street corner giovanni bumps into his dad . i'll serve you. it's ok. vino son works on the
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black he doesn't like it but he's resigned to it every monday to hear some people tell me this is exploitation of a minor and it's wrong. and all or none of them say to me ok use nothing to eat i'll lend you a hand. yeah you do nobody helps you here. so if i sent him to steal old ladies buy eggs that would be more acceptable here the way that it would be if you work on asli and maples it's considered humiliation but people will say oh per kid was different but if i sent him to steal an old lady's handbag in two minutes he could get fifty euros. he doesn't even on that in a week with his tips if he's still on the other hand people would say that he's got balls. gennaro wouldn't be able to take over from his son and he wouldn't be discreet enough for this type of work on the black
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. for giovanni the day isn't done. i got home giovanni's mother monica has agreed to show us around. the well here's our bedroom i sleep here with my husband and they're in the smallest through our other nine year old and here giovanni thirteen. boy is the kitchen. the way we eat. them and we do what we can and. plus here's the bathroom. in total that's twenty five squalid square meters connected by one electric cable coming from the neighbor's house. most are going to have already don't have electricity anymore good if i want to i have nothing in the freezer you see. any waits empty even when i do have electricity.
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and those other things people give me now and then i put them there the family survives thanks to food packages since this year italy has become the top country for emergency food aid inside the european union. not for resale it comes from the church this food parcel this also was given to me by the parish. and in there and there was monica's husband gennaro has been unemployed for three years since the pizzeria way he worked closed down the alley. much three years ago i would never have imagined that things would get so bad. to think that all the sacrifices i made were for nothing. illegal and. still are since i was a child even chopped up. all of it for nothing. for
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being a pizza maker was a respected job done by artisans. you could compare yourself to an architect or nurse used to be someone everything's over now i feel like i'm good for nothing but a baby by the point at one time i decided to end my life in the divine economy while i was trying to drink bleach she said mom what are you doing there you go into abandoned house so not to scare my husband and kids saying no pretend i'm ok a fact i'm at night sometimes you curl up in a ball and cry and you say to yourself what a terrible life what is the point. why are we alive and what will become of us if the lord doesn't give us a better life. giovanni comes home lost every evening he asks his mother the same question. what's for dinner pasta again
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well that's all there is. to. the crisis has plunged into the sort of poverty that takes the city back fifty years to the post war. area. with twelve million people and an unemployment rate verging on thirty five percent naples has become the symbol of a desperate to europe europe to its knees. to out of every five children live under the bread line it's a record. at seven am a giovanni's the family waking up in the only room that's a bedroom. so. giovanni has two sisters four and seven years of age his family lives on less than four hundred
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euros a month. just like every morning the children are getting ready for school and just like every other morning it's the same problem. when they have morning break and they have to have a snag they don't have anything. yes it's true that snack time is hard. because you see all the others eating and we never have anything. to eat. this morning giovanni and his sisters will make do with just a glass of milk. so i know we are living in poverty but. what can you do. on the outskirts of the city is a dormitory town where hundreds of underprivileged families live here the average monthly income never exceed seven hundred fifty euros a month. to understand the extent of the child labor problem just follow giovanni
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to his school and into his classroom. out of twenty five children enrolled only eight present here absenteeism from school is spreading like wildfire the deputy head i was underscore petty comes to show us. mr scuse me good morning whistler another see here we have a third grade class a final here class here is their teacher as you only need to see the number of pupils here right the beginning of the academic year and it's plain to see that we have a lot of chronic absentees yesterday we went and got them from home so they were more but today they'll amazon ever so they've gone back to their normal activities where are they they should be at school. where are they well they're not at home at any rate i don't know they vanished disappeared sour in the local area.
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this is a school with a chronic absenteeism rate over sixty percent in other words out of every hundred children in roles sixty hardly ever come or even don't come at all vanished in italy we're not talking about truancy but chronic absenteeism the desks are empty the children gone elsewhere working when children are absent it's because they're engaged in other activities. so would you say that the number of pupils go no to work has increased since the crisis work is a complicated term here it's not right for the kids to work i'm telling you because the law doesn't allow minors to work legally so we're talking about criminality that's why our school is a gateway school it's our task to rehabilitate those children who have been forced to help their families in here it's a question of necessity you know often in order to be able to eat ten lives have to
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shut their eyes pretend they haven't seen anything don't know anything thing that you know what the deputy head doesn't want to say openly is that here pupils giovanni's age have only two choices to work illegally or join the ranks of the camorra the neapolitan mafia in order to combat this disturbing and chronic absenteeism the region of naples has appointed a special advisor he's a man who's resigned himself to the problem because children working illegally is the lesser of two evils. you know it's true that here we think it's better to work a legally them to be selling drugs on a street corner. situation is very difficult and there's no easy solution and i felt. like anything to fry says is hitting hard businesses are closing down for a kid just out of school we have to admit the chances of finding a job are slim almost nonexistent. still why.
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that's. judging by the adviser's words if you want to get a job in naples it's best to start out young. fifteen years old. the youngest of six he lives in the north of the city. just like every day he's come to say goodbye to his teacher who's known him since childhood. hello burnin jensen you've come to see me yes. comes to tell his teacher something he hasn't had the courage to say until now. so what are you doing this year. study think i'm going to work this year simona you know i don't think i'm going to carry on with school she will i'd like to try but i think it's best for me to go to work on
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a journey up to as time goes by and when there's less and less work basically we've seen so many factories close and it's only two thousand and twelve. even countries like england that are rich or france or countries where they never had any problems for them they're affected by the crisis. if we look ahead to two thousand and sixteen there won't be anything left. so i've been thinking. better to find a job now instead of waiting seven or eight years. yes i know you're supposed to be in school until sixteen. but anyway i'm fifteen. anyway these days no one can force you to go to school and everyone has to figure out for themselves what to do with their lives because often and i'll swap over having to.
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clean the past a machine for me. and then i'll give you the flour and water when you finish ok maybe. for the past three months has been working on the black in this bakery in his neighborhood. already and don't forget to put the salami eggs in the past. ok so i think. maybe i should and i enjoy working. here always moving until you learn how to do things you want to have already worked before him and. then my brother told me there was a place here and i wanted to give him. to try. a little it's also because i want to help my family my mum it really helps. save. so much to earn twenty four years so week. twenty four euros
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a week seventy five cents an hour for ten hours' work a day six days a week. this boy he's my helper oh yes it's true he's just a boy but he's a hard worker and he's got to grow up sometime that's life you know ma. war is probably the most complex human activity. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. kill a bunch of people you know. because their families are already us people.
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reading. this summer shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because of it because it was night times four in the morning even the best given the mesh soldiers. are going to make mistakes does this whole idea of brotherhood and author and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context that has absolutely no place. wealthy british style. market. was really happening to the global economy
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with. headlines. around the headlines this week. protests over the government's decision to pull out of a trade deal with the e.u. . the ukrainian. tough sanctions. action was agreed the nuclear deal with iran is a breakthrough but what made it possible. this agreement as much more dangerous place it will make our partners in the region safer the obama administration is facing pressure from skeptics both at home and abroad. both from washington. to. many people.


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