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tv   News Weekly  RT  December 1, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EST

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each. chaos in the ukrainian capital as protesters stormed police lines and capture administrative buildings hundreds of thousands are in the trees demanding the country's leadership resign over the shelling of a trade deal with the. also the top headlines of the week despite general praise for his story the deal on iran's nuclear program president obama is a targeted by hawks in washington this thing has been let off the hook. and the scotland independence movement launches its manifesto to much acclaim but critics say the weighted text is heavy on detail and light on from.
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the latest news on the week's top stories we're watching the weekly here on our c international with me here thanks for joining us and with start this hour with breaking news five policemen have reportedly been injured in the ukrainian congress so processed as are using tear gas and throwing stones in an attempt to break into the presidential administration building hundreds of thousands of demonstrators are on the streets despite a month long bond on ronnie's in the city center. is that for us and he joins us now live from kiev so they say what's going on that way your. well it's safe to say that tension is receding a little bit people are gradually leaving the square but still we're talking about several hundred thousand protesting here in the square and the tension is still pretty high because just a short time ago a group of activists a group of protesters attempted to take over the presidential going to stray should
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building they even used a bulldozer to break the police lines of the building they failed to do so but still they were throwing. iraq's at the policemen at the riot police they were using tear gas and the situation was very very tense over there we also do know that activists of the nationalist party suborder have managed to take over the city administration building and set up what they describe as the headquarters of the new revolution here so it is as i said getting a little more peaceful than it used to be several hours ago but still very very tense and the surprising thing is we're not seeing any right police in the center of the city were practically see no police at all here which is rather surprising given the amount of people here given the the intensity and the a passage of their language we're actually hearing constant calls to forcefully overthrow the president on the government coming from the state from the opposition leaders so you can see for yourself the situation is still very very fragile here
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indeed and alexei earlier we actually spoke to political analyst alexander cinnabon of him believes that the ukrainian president isn't real danger from the protest let's listen in. in current situation this is very unlikely that ukrainian president will say these were in the seat so i believe russia will how to deal with another political leader in the ukraine kerry said that quote can do really well they are only skilled in you know uprisings they're only skilled in right seeing they're only skilled in you know just a lady in the conflict and not peaceful resolution they're not really prepared to you know the power and down to angry the deal see want to fund don't want to see down at the table of negotiation so they do what the county well not single. so
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of course sake say a way see that all these protests have gone to thaw but initially they were over the shelling of a deal with the e.u. please tell us more about that. well that's what it's all started from initially the protest was about the government's refusal to sign a free trade agreement with the european union during the eastern partnership summit in vilnius on thursday and friday then the breaking point was when a peaceful protest that the independence square was several hundred people staying overnight was brutally dispersed by the police something a typical for ukraine and this is the main reason why we see so many people in the streets right now the. focus of the protest essentially shifted from the from the displeasure of most signing the deal to the fact that the government had to use force against peaceful protesters essentially this deal or caused a lot of controversy because many have been saying it's been very and profitable for ukraine but the protesters they cared little about that a little they wanted ukraine to be part of europe and that's what the protest was
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about back then but now of course it's changed and the latest information we're hearing even though it's not been confirmed officially is coming from several agencies in ukraine that if things are going to. late in the current situation that the government will impose an emergency situation in the country but we're waiting for any kind of confirmation coming from the federal sources on that he's an ex a year ship's k x a many thanks indeed where did. more now on this latest escalation with erich krauss an independent asset manager mr erich krauss welcome to all see this is all getting very serious as we see could this situation actually escalate to a coup do you think. the scituate strikes me as grave but not serious. unfortunately . a code that she is a bit of a fool he's misplayed this appalling that first of all he conducted long negotiations with the european union for several years drumming up support for and
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e.u. integration which he never really wanted to because his faction would certainly lose power with and from an economic standpoint this integration is going to be a disaster for ukraine but he sort of thought that he could just stop it at the last minute simply pulled the plug and then turned to the natural partner which is russian of course that did not work then as the protests were rather smaller than expected and were dying down what did they do they when he broke up a fairly peaceful protesters camp just which of course now triggered i don't know what they're going to do with this point it's very difficult to predict but judging by statements from the european union from your pain officials brussels isn't letting up on the idea of joining the trade for why is that so important for the
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this is an attempted coup d'etat this is the largely being driven by the polls in this way means the balsam general who are seeking to overthrow the government of ukraine and to pull ukraine towards europe in an attempt in the longstanding fight they have with russia. in this you create of course is is vital for russia half of the ukrainians are russian speaking they look you see ukraine is two countries the problem is half of them look to bashir the other half of them look to poland and it probably the best solution would be a federal solution whereby it is so that the two nations in one country's long lines of belgium. both are good to them and that is this all about the trade deal also an opportunity for opposition groups to waken they ruling party. here deftly take it slow. and. let's.
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basically remember that it's just guests are. so folks if you can't vote both it's just it's just that at the we're not hearing what's happening in the rest of the country what's just in eastern ukraine which looks towards russia but yes this is not just a trade deal this was an attempt to pull ukraine always from russia and towards europe and the you have european political leaders leading the marches in that this is a clay signal criminal act but it doesn't seems to be too paralyzed to to restore order. right either way this isn't. mr cross unfortunately we have to leave it there and. mr erich krauss alive mr krause thank you very much indeed for that.
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why and here's why the ukrainian government is under pressure now thousands of protesters as well as the opposition in parliament want to move the country towards europe but the government thinks that's premature saying brussels is not offering perks like membership and the privileges most europeans enjoyed there than there's a believe that live closer to europe would be cheaper but the government warns the deal would actually damage the economy for little compensation their positions too and says here should resist pressure from moscow but close economic ties with russia including a free trade zone a shared business landscape and increased exports to pull the states together and it's still a matter of great debate whether ukraine will get more out of the deal with russia with the european union let's not discuss that with robert oulds chair of the bridge group same time mr olds welcome to artie's great to see you today so when
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the europeans protest against the e.u. the police are never shy to move in when ukrainians for tears for the russells urges police to restrain themselves what's going on there then. well the european union is a very undemocratic even anti democratic organization its main government the european commission isn't actually directly elected it's actually the forty two office see it is not really following. people criticizing the european union or voting in n y which is not in touch with its interests there's many cases where there's been referenda that have voted against you have been union integration for only more powers to brussels and these are often then dismissed in the public have to force to force a vote again until they both with the vote why boarding to what the european union wants it really does not tolerate people that disagree. and the situation in
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ukraine is another example ukrainian government has been bullied by the in union it's been threatened and actually had quotas put on its import so exports form ukraine to the european union trying to force it into a deal the ukrainian government has rightly decided that it's of economic interests . and now it's. by. it's up to. the government to try and force it. to put in. the book the poles didn't meet up or ukraine's economy it would remain loyal to you. i would have to apologize to all here for the band sound quality but in the meantime styron that owns channel they were think tank mr all thank you very much indeed for that. the price has seen ukraine have been going on for about
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a week now and what the details of the movement as well as more on the ukrainian he deal that's not to be can always no haunt our website. this is also international stay with us from low blow bubbles up to the break. when the crisis leaves us traces everywhere. empty clothes rooms become the norm. children pay for the mistakes of adults. by working in a tobacco field or in a cafe. they are the ones who come back home blasts.
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so kids games are just in their memories.
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this is the we can all see international let's move on now this week saw diplomatic differences exposed by the historic deal between six world powers and iran over its atomic ambitions amid gentle cautious optimism hawks on capitol hill israeli hardliners and a disgruntled shakes in the gulf states are just some of those who. and moves have the political battles the white house faces to make this agreement stick today that diplomacy opened up a new path toward a world that is more secure and flying in the face of president obama what was cute in geneva. last night in small stores. it's a story still. does not move to a safer place in an environment where israel as well as many u.s. lawmakers don't think that iran should develop nuclear technology at all the obama administration had to engage in diplomatic acrobatics to both acknowledge iran's
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right to peaceful nuclear energy and not acknowledge it at the same time we approach these negotiations with a basic understanding of iran like any nation should be able to access peaceful nuclear energy. but because of its record of violating its obligations iran must accept strict limitations on its nuclear program that make it impossible to develop a nuclear weapon the scope and role of the rooms at richmond as is set forth in the language within this document says that iran's peaceful nuclear program is subject to a negotiation and to mutual agreement despite the official's attempts to appease the hawks punches are flying here and it looks like we've tacitly agreed that they will be enriching for commercial purposes down the road so i think you're going to see on capitol hill again a bipartisan effort to try to make sure that this is not the final agreement
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another senator marco rubio call the deal quote a blow to our allies in the region who are already concerned about america's commitment to their security and i think a lot of people both in the middle east and on capitol hill are very concerned that this interim deal becomes the new norm opponents of the deal in washington and abroad are already working not to let it survive the six month trial the obama administration is walking on eggshells before congress israel and its allies in the coffers it's trying to convey a carefully worded message which is you cannot threaten war all the time in washington i'm going to check out. this kind of pain that assesses benjamin netanyahu accuses iran the benyamin netanyahu awol mongering and believes it could end with israel becoming isolated. iran has made clear they have no desire to develop nuclear weapons whatsoever they have no desire to develop nuclear weapons
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but yet but yet this fear mongering this talk of you know the words coming out of netanyahu they're very frightening and people of the world want peace they want they want cooperation between countries they don't want to hostility and war and if netanyahu continues to be committed to this aggression to this hostility he's going to going to be further isolated around the world because what he wants is diametrically opposed to what the people the world are striving for at this time. it's been a critical week for scotland and. they vote on independence late next year need to alex salmond launched a way to document laying out what had labeled a mission statement for the nations here. the key points put forward by the pro independence movement. should scotland be an independent country it's a six word question that requires a simple yes or no but breaking a three hundred year old doing it could hardly be simple in the scots are not taking it lightly as it stands only about thirty percent of scots say they will
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vote for independence a figure those of the yes camp hope to increase by presenting that much anticipated white paper which a scottish national party says has the answers to all the questions about independence the prime minister david cameron then goes the ball into the cabin says that independence is laden with risks and problems with warnings on just about everything taxes and debt the no camp suggests deeper a steady and higher taxes e.u. membership london says scotland could forget about it the trident nuclear program david cameron claims getting rid of it is a bad idea in case of a north korean nuclear attack and there might even be roaming charges of mobile phones if the split happens and the list goes on it's dubbed a project fear by the yes camp and they accuse the government of scare mongering scots into voting no and they've sist the white paper will prove that independence would bring about a jobs boom and a thriving economy concerns that resonate with voters this white paper answers some six hundred fifty questions and the details here really are key there are two main
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categories here one those that will be negotiated during the transition period and another of those will be made if an independent scottish government is formed they promise indeed a lot of breaking down of all the policies they want to pursue let's listen to a bit of what they said we would call a halt to damaging westminster policies are pushing suman. people into poverty abolish the bedroom tax and ensure that the incomes of the lowest paid keep peace with the course of living the main crux of the matter here is that many critics are pointing out asking if this white paper is going to be presenting the plan b. because a lot of the premises presented requires another party in negotiation what if the party the bag of england or the british government or even new member states in terms of e.u. membership what if they don't agree to what alex salmond has has been proposing but he said that he is confident that everything that's contained in six hundred
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seventy pages will be addressing every single question if everything in this white paper is going to be a springboard for even more the base in the months to come one member of parliament who campaigns for independence has had by criticism that the new white paper is too detail to very accessible document it's in a sort of catalogue style very diffame chapters and of course it's going to be online with easy search facilities people will be able to look and see what particular issues they want to investigate themselves but most of my life scotland has not had the governments such as voted for and you don't think independents people will vote for the representative government will be school wants and it's a boat making choices and positive choices and defining the future as is best for scotland and the people who live and work in scotland very straight forward as far as i'm concerned. let's now take
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a look at some other stories making headlines around the world this hour and passenger train has crashed plane of the tracks in the bronx area of new york killing four people more than sixty others are reported injured with twelve in a critical condition firefighters and emergency workers are still at the scene and the area has been cordoned off. hundreds of people have rioted outside the gates of cairo university smashing up a police car before lighting it on fire they were demonstrating against the death of a student on thursday reportedly killed during clashes with security forces two others from the same engineering faculty were killed last month when a demonstration turned violent. and i day of unrest in thailand where running battles between police and protesters showed no sign of letting up tens of thousands of demonstrators have stormed several state institutions calling for the prime minister's resignation four people died and
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dozens were wounded on saturday when government supporters clashed with protesters demonstrators accuse the pm of being a puppet of her brother the former prime minister convicted of corruption. brushes haven't gulf to bahrain well poor reform. in strength in the capital manana amnesty international has criticized the regime after it refused to free opposition leader. despite him having so most of his staff and being eligible for release the funds are a new watch believes the international community should step up the pressure to trigger a reform process the government will release him different only if there is significant pressure from behind it's meaning the united states or the united kingdom. you know absence of that pressure i think the government was still trying to come in prison in line with their campaign of you know trying to prevent any sort of dissent or
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create any sort of suit space for dissent we saw in dealey videos of nighttime bombardments of villages in behind with tear gas these are areas where there's no protests whatsoever going on the government just comes in and fires massive amounts of tear gas to punish citizens for expressing dissent or protests we've seen the government try to hold the so-called national dialogue with the opposition but you can't really have this dialogue brothers through so many political prisoners and representatives of the opposition major players of the opposition in prison. and breaking news story this hour there are reports of up to one hundred policemen injured in the ukrainian capital protests as to with stones and tear gas have been pushed away from the president's administration building hundreds of thousands are still out on the streets despite a month long ban on rallies in the city center and. is and care for us he joins us now live hi there like say so what's happening there. well just
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a few minutes ago basically that. police had to use force to clear out the protesters from in front of the administration of the president building the building which was previously assaulted by the by the protesters even had to use a bulldozer to break the police lines they failed so they failed to enter the building but still they threw rocks at the police and tear gas was used it was a pretty much a violent street battle we also do know that some of the activist of the nationalist party taken over the city administration building and they describe it now as the temporary headquarters of the new revolution so things are pretty tense here despite the crowd is somewhat diminishing here at the independence square but that is still several hundred thousand people and that is clearly the biggest protests we've seen in ukraine for the last ten years just a short while ago i saw a future crowd of people maybe fifteen twenty thousand walking down the street from
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the administration of the president building and they have now. aligned themselves together with the with the group with the crowd here at the at the independence square obviously the protest has no indication of dying down anytime soon. and she's in exchange have a line from kiev aleksei thank you very much indeed for that update all the talk until later. and stay with us as we take you through the signal child labor markets in europe. i hate to be a downer but i really think the olympics have lost all meaning in the past when there was the cold war it was like a battle between two ideologies taking place in the abstract and the one nine
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hundred thirty six olympics nazi pseudo science their self-proclaimed superiority was put on trial for the whole world to see and it's quite the olympics having the majority of the countries on earth participating there now horribly horribly bland one could argue that they have become a great way for countries to show off their acts used to build up some infrastructure by think this is a big misconception let's look back to the two thousand a lympics in beijing yet china has really developed in the last twenty years but the olympics really teach us anything about this country with a radically different political system or anything about their ancient culture or the way they think or the way they live no nothing at all all we saw were some flags and some pandas that rather unique stadium which was mostly the work of a swiss company yeah i hate to say i think the olympic flame is kind of burnt out over the years although i have to admit that saying the torch in the space was kind of neat i think that when and if the world ever becomes an ideological battle ground again and then the olympics will become worth watching but for now it's just generic sports from generic countries a generic stadiums but that's just my opinion.
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the speaker is used to working with under-age boys he makes no secret of it. c.c.'s yes says it's true that there are so many asking me for work at least ten or twelve a week they say they like the work they say it's a fine professional well it's true that it's a fine job but it's also tough as a psycho freighted doesn't consider himself a true. wild exploiter this boss of a small family business feels that the current crisis leaves him with no choice. i used to have three employees then little by little because of the rise in taxes an increase in fuel prices i ran into difficulties and had to let them all go. of course one of the advantages of having these boys working here is that i save a bit on expenses. but i have to say i'm still the one who ends up working the most
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since my sales are plummeting i'm forced to count on the kids. but i'm telling you if sales increased i'd immediately get a qualified worker who could lighten my load a little. here you are senora have a great day. how many italian small business owners are taking advantage of this cheap labor force. according to recent estimates there are sixty thousand kids working in the naples region today. the state what's the italian government doing about it. this is the headquarters of the labor inspection agency for companion. the director doesn't know the camera is already running he admits straight away but he's powerless. you see my figures on the control of under age workers are pathetic figures should reflect what we're doing about it but they're too weak look here in two thousand and eleven we only did controls on forty eight
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miners so you're going to tell us all about it now. you know i don't want to talk about it. i do want to talk about is the phenomenon of child labor in general in the city. you know about our activity in the region in general but i don't want to give statistic. why. because on the inspection level. you will have to explain to my minister who watch the interview why i've only done forty eight checks on minors. i mean in a city like naples forty eight tracks last year that's hardly any and this year the have only been nineteen. asking which districts there are children working you know where don't you. basically we know them all. also the zone around the one success.


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