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tv   Venture Capital  RT  December 1, 2013 6:29pm-6:45pm EST

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but i have to say i'm still the one who ends up working the most since my sales are plummeting i'm forced to count on the kids. but i'm telling you if sales increased i'd immediately get a qualified worker who could lighten my load a little. here you are senora. have a great day. how many italian small business owners are taking advantage of this cheap labor force. according to recent estimates there are sixty thousand kids working in the naples region today. the state what's the italian government doing about it. this is the headquarters of the labor inspection agency for companion. the director doesn't know the camera is already running he admits straight away but he's powerless. you see my figures on the control of under-age workers are pathetic figures should reflect what we're doing about it but they're
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too weak look here in two thousand and eleven we only did controls on forty eight miners so you're going to tell us all about it now. you know i don't want to talk about it i do want to talk about is the phenomenon of child labor in general in this city. you know about our activity in the region in general but i don't want to give statistic. why. because on the inspection level you don't have to explain to my minister who watched the interview why i've only done forty eight checks on minors. i mean in a city like naples forty eight checks last year that hardly any and this year to have only been nineteen. asking which districts there are children working you know where. basically we know them all.
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and there's also the zone around the one six seven roads also piano. so if you know them and it wasn't hard for me to find them what are you waiting for i have only two hundred days a year of inspection per inspector multiplied by a hundred inspectors that's only twenty thousand days of inspections per year bearing that in mind you can see i can't just focus on only one problem twenty thousand days a year in a region with twelve million inhabitants in naples the labor inspection agency doesn't have the means to make the fight against child labor it's priority. at the university of salerno research it has been analyzing the economic policies that have been adopted since the beginning of the crisis according to him the government has let this happen fully aware of the cause. one of the ways in which the italian economy has responded to the crisis. has been to allow illegal work in the black market to increase. and our politicians in recent
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years have maintained this idea that a large part of the economy of the labor market. black market. and you must understand this work is not supply. not an extra labor force. absolutely necessary for the survival of small to mid-sized italian companies. child labor has therefore become indispensable for the survival of crisis stricken italy. but at the other end of europe the crisis is biting too and everyone is doing their best to fight it in their own way. great britain prime minister david cameron has a radical take on social welfare and that's the interaction. the benefits system
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with the choices people make about having a family i already talked about how many people have to think very carefully about whether they can afford to have children and how many they can afford to have since the crisis the british government has had one priority budgetary cuts the order of the day to end the benefits culture everyone back to work on other days when doing nothing was a long option a choice under labor that someone was free to make to ponder whether to work or not to work well from now on the message is clear you must work and if you won't work with us to find that work you will lose your benefit. these british ministers seem convinced that lots of british people don't want to work and yet in the middle of the crisis there are people who don't think of anything else the trouble is sometimes their children.
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a middle sized town in the midlands. michael is fifteen his mother is unemployed so for the past few months he's been doing the milk round with his grandfather the milk deliveries the tradition in england. i do is just going to. get some extra money help around the house and. my mates on weekends i am helping them on the air. field ground symbolize work opportunities for youngsters in england this job is permitted from the age of thirteen yes but with a maximum of seventeen hours a week however michael works eight hours a day three nights a week clearly over the authorized limit. is quite hard. of running and was. and then my. sleep falls
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it's really thai even as well. to keep up michael drinks for energy drinks a night however his salary is low. beams and even tempered. about. twelve euros good my wife. is. no very good morning british there's a lot better than nothing but he never goes on strike. so i wouldn't do him just a threat. doing good won't it it's good experience for a. girl none of my friends what. that parents can afford just to keep giving them money to go if they want to and why. i feel it's pretty in federal. side where you got to do it.
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michael started at nine pm he gets home just before dawn. you go to sleep or votes and no sleep in a school. yeah the time is five o'clock. too i was school. six i was at school now quinoa again and then i will wake up and be able to get sleep. and then. hopeful to sleep at school like i did last time.
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michael's mother levy has had a serious car accident she's been unable to walk without crutches ever since lee never wanted to give up work but she was made redundant last january and she lives off bentley four hundred fifty yards a month in this small house. that. we got finished. last time. michael is in year eleven but at fifteen years of age he risks having to give up everything to take the pressure off his mom a former middle manager in a hospital lee used to make a good living now she's ashamed to send her son now to work especially since she
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knows it's illegal. and now it sets the young there is legislation around obviously are in the david legislation around now where and set around young people away and nice if the undersell that and will probably be in trouble and if it was found their way. and there was alice i'm not the absence of. if the authorities discovered that michael worked so much lea would risk having her benefits cut off and losing custody of her son. i think i've always been dismissive of people not waking and things before the cost. i think people charlie. that perhaps now looking back. that.
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very little kid. to have been there and have to fear nothing and accept him and. possibility. lee and michael live in yorkshire but the heart of traditional england the coal mines then the big chemicals industry used to guarantee the prosperity of local people today one third of the region's taxpayers penniless. bilton its people apparently wealthy. it's expensive houses and for sale signs in this upmarket district on the outskirts of don't cast there's evidence of the crisis every twenty metres.
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this house isn't for sale but it is mortgaged and the shooter family fighting not to be evicted. this is joel father nigel and his partner kelly. a two hundred metre dwelling a big garden which a remnants of the past once upon a time nigel was a successful man. in twenty years he went from nothing to directing a flourishing small company. to crisis cancelled out an entire lifetime's work when the banking crisis hit in two thousand and eight because of my experience at my age. twenty four months keep head down you know. they'll all be over twenty four months you know i'm twenty and no change so you think i'll do another year no change twenty twelve now nearly over no change
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so christmas is comin you know if you just think next year and it's just the daily grind which is. you know if you're looking at five or ten years in austerity i don't mind working out of woods out all my life would do him fry in me and i will get hope every day and would go. when i don't even get a day or a week it's you know it's. the . war it's probably the most complex human activity.
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on. the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. but if you're a bunch of people who don't know someone there on the premises there are a us people. reading. this some of them shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because of it because it was nine times four in the morning even the best given the pouch sold. are going to make mistakes and this is this whole idea of brotherhood an author. and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context that has absolutely no place.
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with the economic ups and downs in the final months thanks to the deal and the rest because i think the case will be if we. see good lovers. sure. to build the most sophisticated robot which fortunately doesn't take. anything turns mission to teach the creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care.
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to nigel's small gotten the sense everyone pitches in. even his son joel. five years ago. when the recession album. to pay for everything. nigel has led three employees go and joel has been working thirty hours a week ever since on top of school. seven pm after closing up the gun center the family is still busy the shooters regularly organize auctions extra work in order to help.


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