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freedom of speech. and the freedom to. protest. almost a decade ago with government buildings and hundreds of police. force to take. life will. become disillusioned with bad economics look for money.
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welcome to a monday here. in the russian capital welcome to the program the ukrainian capital is braced for a. main square in defiance of a quarter. of the country's largest protests since the orange revolution violent government buildings stormed and hundreds left most of them police demonstrators are demanding the president's resignation following his snubbing of an e.u. trade integration deal. i was there to witness the latest. it is still pretty tense in the ukrainian capital to this not as many people now as it used to be at the beginning of the protest the protesters have managed to overtake the city administration building and they now describe it as the headquarters of the new revolution and several hours ago in fact the administration of president of ukraine building looked like a battlefield compute kalash rafted between the protesters and the riot police and
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the protesters even used a bulldozer to break the police lines short while ago i went to the administration of president of ukraine building to see everything with my own ice the building of the administration of ukraine's president now under siege with several hundred a riot policemen protecting the building the set of buses so that the protesters cannot reach inside and these few few meters basically maybe twenty meters between them and the protesters we walked here we saw literally maybe several hundred of them over here we see shattered glass you can see probably over here some shattered glass on the ground the rocks which were used to throw a bit to throw at the police several hours ago the protesters that tried to assault a building the even used a bulldozer to try to break the police lines as we can see there fail the police are pretty much in control over here even though we're not even being let inside this perimeter because the policeman appearing that big question in my ear off at
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any minute it's actually quite hard to speak here because of all the tear gas which was used it's still pretty much felt in the air and the situation is still very very tense here. and after losing the battle for the city council building to protesters police set up a barricade in front of the president's palace you can get a fresh updates or by following the chef skiis twitter account you can see it at the. i phone although some opposition figures in ukraine are openly calling for a revolution to overthrow the current government but professor mark almond a historian at oxford university he says the passionate speech is heard in kiev's independence square i do not resonate well with all ukrainians i think we should be careful of attributing what's going on to the majority of people and i suspect that the tragedy of the great majority of people around the passive uncertain world of dissolution about politics when both equation the risk now is that we have a politics of two minorities and it may be that the group on the streets grouped
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with kind of paramilitary nationalist support from the west not just western plane but also from some of the we're pretty new countries they feel they've got the strobes stage of kind of who was seen going on in time of same time and this could change go but it could lead to a very violent situation and it could be a question of the ukraine is viable state some are senior politicians have been blaming russia for what's led into the situation in key have saying it was a kremlin interference that sunk the deal with the e.u. but international relations professor marks the border he says is the role of those politicians in the protests now that must be regarded as blatant interference in ukraine's internal affairs. the fact that they are essentially on the ground in kiev cheer leading the protesters on calling for a revolution in the country this is a tantamount to the regime change that has been called for in german newspapers earlier today this is a most agree just violation of the united nations charter and international law
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violation of sovereignty and the non interference in the domestic affairs of other states and i think russia cannot take that the whole world community cannot take this. act of lightly and i would rather little left in the piggy bank ukraine wanted time to solve the problem of a growing foreign debt and to arrange compensation for a modernization program in fact kiev said this could help safeguard jobs before it entered into any deal with the e.u. robert oulds the chair of the bruges group or u.k. independence or party think tank he says ukraine has to look eastwards to save its faltering economy the way full woodies to look at the cold hard economic facts such as ask the question where does most of the ukraine's exports go to the answer is the vast majority of ukrainian exports go towards washington the c.i.s. states or ukraine should we see that trade deal costumes you need everybody
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on the same you have to go but they have the european union's fault that's one aspect another aspect is if they were to sign a deal with you in union what would be the effect on the economy it would mean adopting european union break elations with very little influence over them what would be the effect of that effect would be to make the economy far more on the edge if it would mean factories closing down it would mean unemployment you've been unit has changed history high levels of unemployment because of its economic policies particularly its excessive regulation just look at the economic facts leave the motion to one side. i didn't answer he's clear that deal between the ukraine and the european union is not in ukraine's interest you know we're keeping a very close eye on the situation in kiev plus you can check out r.t. dot com for the updates as well as the latest videos and photos we've also got
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a detailed timeline of the events there just in case you missed anything. by joining us here on r.t. international a new radical forcing u.k. politics is rolling up its sleeves and getting down to business the left unity party wants to revive the working class ideals of labor who they claim now only pursue the interests of big business. or finds out whether the time is right for change in the two thousand and thirteen british social attitudes survey found that about seventy five percent of people here get the political system is not working for them so they're disenchanted dissolution no looking for another solutions or gavel hear the sound of the office of the left party hoping the question this party will give a voice to those who feel unsafe isn't and by the current government we want the conservatives and their lib dems stooges are launching an all out class war on the
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poorest people in this country and labor's doing nothing about it we really need to have a party that is representing the most vulnerable people in society before the working class britain is different to the rest of europe in that in most of the european countries never project the left. i don't agree with all of them but they have a part of the left we don't have one in britain and this could be the beginning of one how would you apply to some of what the commentators are saying that parties like left unity want to go back to one an affordable form of old fashioned social democracy we can't afford the present. people can't afford it people in dire poverty there are a million children. without good accommodation home homes i think on christmas day will be eighty thousand children homeless. if that's if that's the best they can do with their economy then we can think of a better way to treat their money running the running society. then. so you're
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right here in front of the house of parliament the house of commons the scene of numerous protests from those who are against the bedroom. or the very high cost of living that's simply unsustainable for many in this country has been quoted as saying that what the u.k. independence party had done all the right by creating a party that seriously challenged conservatives they want to do on the left now they acknowledge that change will not call me over night but if anything what movements like this highlight is that increasing threat of citizens reaching a point where they are looking for votes where they wish they feel is simply do not exist within the walls of these institutions. reporting from london. while a rising number disappointed with the government frustration with the rest of europe is also gaining pace online here at the international and we report on the widening gap between the u.k. and the e.u.
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and why people's attitudes towards the union. changing and turning rather hostile. right water is a vital part of our everyday lives but for some it's turning into a luxury off of a short break here on the international we look at how people make it through the day in yemen a country running dry due to a very unusual problem. from countries rich in natural resources are the poorest africa's a colony it's a colony of the big corporation it's a colony of someone's home leaders who are under the thumbs of the big corporations so they have to beg from the world bank development of social programs goes to pay back debt. countries were drowning under the amount of debt that they had and so every year they would borrow money. and they would use that same amount of money to pay back their. money. the wages of
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debt. but. you know that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crusted like oh we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers one still just i'm job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem trucks rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever go ready to join the movement then walk a little bit but. i
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was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. and i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through to her new guinea screaming grenade. go go to the explosion blow them all run his back the rule. and it was all over all. we know that our comrades on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're a team. there who are both getting was a senior in his military trio. he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with
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his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save his friends. the national is coming to you live from the drug addictions are well known for ruining lives but in yemen it's going to hold step the male population's love chewing one particular leaf is leaving the country facing a life threatening water shortage this report. it's midday in sun not like clockwork each afternoon these now only fill up with people buying cut. is the essence of nature if we don't chew we're not.
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banned in many countries but legal in yemen the leaves contain a mild narcotic and almost everyone shoes more than ninety percent of men according to the world health organization at this market countless varieties and plenty of customers. have a second so this is about five dollars worth of thoughts chewing the substance moving around the national past time somebody will say i'm national a dataset without knowing anything about it but the action comes out of the whole one that the country has a whole list of is the home for the paper logically yemen has no shortage of problems but a shortage of water could make some not the first world capital to run dry current is one of the main culprits. yemen is chewing itself to death the country is limited water resources and its population rate has exploded that's a huge factor in the shortage but then ninety three percent of the extract of water goes to agriculture and that's mostly to grow cotton amid the rugged landscape on
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the outskirts of the capital got trees as far as the eye can see they can be harvested all year round and the farmers here say they earn more cash from drugs than food. we used to grow grapes peaches pomegranates another fruits but it simply wasn't as profitable as caught so we routed out the other crops and left only the khat trees. it takes an incredible amount of water to irrigate these got fields the more you pump in the faster these trees grow but even here it's taking its toll of the thirty wells that serve at this village ten have already gone dry and to morrow . are on the verge. by law only the government is allowed to dig and maintain wells in reality it's a free for all pumping water out is dirt cheap thanks to government fuel subsidies which has led to thousands of illegal wells and that's meant farmers can irrigate
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the traditional way completely flooding the field while draining the supply much faster than it can be replenished. in sum no the consequences are already visible those who can afford it buy their water from these trucks the rest struggle to get by however they can there are public taps but the water is often dirty and shortages are common the city's groundwater could be depleted in less than a decade but for the poorest residents it's as good as gone should be talking about some out of water and tennis has actually fallen off the water it's a matter of definition snow. and that's not just some countries that have the most serious what's the problem in the world the dwindling supply has already sparked instability many conflicts in the rural areas are water related and the interior ministry says that water and land disputes killed four thousand people each year that we were when they were notified and we're going to bring order to leave they
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will be able. to do a lot of the relief. it's a race against time and one that yemen is losing but here the evenings belong to khat men gathered together to talk smoke and chew though their chosen escapes for a country that has precious few of them and for now escaping the water crisis will simply have to wait another day. r t sanaa yemen and overall the web site for you right now iran's nuclear program in the crosshairs of the intelligence services of saudi arabia and israel i thought both states like develop a super computer virus to scupper iran's atomic ambitions. also therefore you know in the vision section you can always find stunning pictures including those from greece is fall right of protest in athens check it out.
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good to have you with us here on r.t. international bahrain's most famous human rights defender job looks set to stay behind bars for six more months of already his are in no rush to set him free despite him now eligible for release at our job was jailed in two thousand and twelve for taking part in antigovernment protests or any rule is known for the intolerance of dissent just recently another rights campaigner was detained hussein and john what had gone to a police station to file a defamation complaint against a government run newspaper but he ended up getting arrested instead his wife told us the authorities know her husband's innocence but still won't let him go. i mean the channels they know that quite husband is innocent and he is just
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defending human rights and he is exposing them by donations practiced by the government of bahrain i have tried to company it with a police station with a. notice plant has been there to encourage it mr interviewed by judges and and he is a peaceful and human rights defender he always calls for peaceful movement amnesty international and other organizations as well as e.p.o. which are has been pressuring the bahraini government to relieve him but there is no cooperate from bahrain's site the government to respond at least two or three of these officials letters being sent or calls or join to statements or whatsoever. or into the aussie world of the some other global headlines for you in brief the number of fatalities in the glasgow helicopter crash has now reached nine months after another body was discovered at the scene a police helicopter with three on board crushed down on to the roof of a packed pub on friday night around one hundred twenty people were inside at the
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time of the course of the tragedy remains are unknown. thousands of people have marched on the streets of paris protesting against planned government tax reforms it's the latest in a string of demonstrations all across the country the region of britain has been hit by frequent rallies against the so-called eco trucks which is feared will undermine the competitiveness of local industries the protests are seen as a sign of the growing frustration with the socialist governments economic policies . and more protests this time in mexico city where people have marched against proposed energy reforms on the first anniversary of the president's inauguration and the rally staged by the opposition leader was joined by scores of teachers' union members. of people demonstrating against the sale of the national oil producers to foreign investors a company generates more than a third of the government's budget now low salaries and poor
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prospects that among key reasons young israelis are increasingly leaving their native country and reports on the new generation choosing the bright lights of europe the u.s. and even latin america over that of the promised land. their ancestors may have called it the promise land but more and more young israelis are seeking their fortunes far from its golden shaws a former israeli prime minister yitzhak rabin once branded those who immigrated from israel cowards but these days most of the people who are leaving are young educated smart and successful many don't come back there's a word in hebrew for those israelis who believe your dream which means the same thing until recently it was attributed to misfits lower class and people who couldn't find their place in society but alone a is a straight a pupil she want to scholarship to study at the american university in washington d.c. the fact that that's the only jewish country crazy
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a certain role but it's not something that should limit ourselves that should limit but the debate has reignited after two of this year's nobel prize winners in chemistry were israelis who left for the states and embarrassing reminder of the extent to which local talent has fled very bible has a computer technician who sitting up his own business in the german capital in israel for me at least life was like every day going to war your always fight with your customers you fight with your client i had my own business there and it was always a struggle and here life is more calm you can relax you can sit quiet you can sleep. like there remain is radius land up here the city from which adult hitler once ruled which is why the country's finance minister recently thundered from his facebook page that he's a little impatient with people who are willing to throw the only country the jews have into the trash because burnin is more convenient actually it pissed me off to
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read this comment on why if i stay there it's because it's good for me financially it's good for me socially but bottom line it's still economics for many the most common complaint among those israelis living abroad is that back home salaries are low and prices high. and it's almost impossible to make ends meet it's a clift as well two years ago with his ecuadorian wife after giving israel a try he decided to leave for her country if israel wasn't such a complicated place economically. i wouldn't have left that. tens of thousands of his tape rude to israel's founding fathers it's a sad lament goodbye to the beloved country. television. and all its international is coming to you live from moscow i'm real research i hope to see you in half an hour's time in the meantime sophie co coming up just to my would.
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be music secret laboratory to kirby was able to build the most sophisticated robot which will unfortunately doesn't do it doing about anything tunes mission to teach creation why it should care about humans. this is why you should care only on the r g dot com. you create is in a tough spot right now trying to figure out whether to join the e.u. or the arrangements custom union it would be nice if they would you know maybe allow the populace to vote for their future via referendum but sadly it looks like the politicians will be making a historic decision i can see why some people want to look west and some people want to look east but i don't understand why so-called ukrainian nationalists want
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so desperately to join the e.u. first off any nationalist groups in the e.u. are automatically demonised as right wing extremists and in the politically correct west patriotism is pretty much a dirty word generally nationalist like their culture and the people who are part of it but if you look at migration trends within the e.u. we see that the slavic part of it is flooding western europe looking for work i have many relatives from the slavic part of the e.u. and almost all of them have to work abroad and might so nice to be able to work in europe but the reality is that ukrainians will probably be paid even less than bulgarians rumanians to clean toilets in london ukrainian nationalists don't have to like rush order. join the customs union or join any bloc of countries but advocating a future for themselves the e.u. seems absolutely backwards at least to me but that's just my point. i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just
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knew that everything would be fine for some reason you are so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through her new guinea screaming grenade. or they explode and blow them all run his back. just a little and it was all over all of us. we know that our comrades on our commander leave us no matter how tough it gets we're team. getting was a senior in his military trio. he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends.
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deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand and nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by georgians awesome people for sixty five thousand killings. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a live fake torch relay. on archie archie dot com. right from the scene. first rushed to use a knife gripping pictures. on a reporter's twitter. and instagram.
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to be in the know. on. the pitch for his problem was the most complex and difficult to. come up. i think the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. but if you are a bunch of people in their belief don't know what the problem is they're really us people. reading. this somebody shoots my brother in the leg not intentionally because of it because it was night time or in the morning even the best even the best children. are going to make
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mistakes this is this whole idea of brotherhood and order and camaraderie and this said it was in this context that has absolutely no place. hello and welcome to sophie and co i'm sophie shevardnadze to day where in my native to b.b.c. capital of georgia though small in size this beautiful country has seen some major changes in the last decade and police who has been at its very heart there was an hour slump has raised many hopes for a breakthrough but also fears of unknown today was.


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