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did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution which says that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy. to make you know i'm sorry and on this show we reveal the picture of what's actually going on and we go beyond identifying the truth rational debate real discussion critical issues facing america are you ready to join the movement then welcome to the big three. back to the big picture i'm tom harben coming up in this half hour back in october police in california shot and killed a thirteen year old boy and they mistook his toy gun for an a k forty seven assault rifle children really be carrying around toys that resemble deadly weapons also dogs have long been considered man's best friend but there's never been any real
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scientific evidence to explain what's behind this unbreakable bond until now. how has the m.r.i. of one dog's brain changed the way we think about our pampered pooch and if you thought the housing crisis in the mid two thousand and the financial collapse of two thousand and eight were bad you ain't seen nothing yet. what are the banks tears up to now and will their latest quest for a billion dollar profits cause another great depression. in about to the rest of the news in late october earth thirteen year old andy lopez set to rosa california was shot and killed by two sonoma county police officers lopez's only crime was that he was carrying a toy gun that officers claim resembled an eighty. forty seven assault rifle now in
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the wake of lopez's tragic death democratic lawmakers in california have proposed legislation that would tighten regulations around non-lethal guns like b.b. guns airsoft rifles and pellet guns legislation require that imitation firearms are made to look more like toys and less like real guns california state senator in reno evan one of the lawmakers who introduced the legislation told reporters that this is just common sense a toy should not exceed a toy should look like a toy not like a legal lethal weapon isn't evans right how many more anti lopez is needed because they're harmless toys or being mistaken for deadly weapons let's ask david seeley conservative commentator and pro-business advocate welcome back. thanks for having me thomas always a pleasure thank you nice to see you again i understand david that you think that having guns that look like real guns is just a fine thing why do you hate children. you know i don't hate children but
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come on i think where we're sort of stretching the facts here you know every day in some city or town across the country some kid or adult uses a toy gun in the commission of a real crime so we should not be too quick to blame the police until we have all the facts and this is not even a stronger argument in favor of making toy guns look white noise. what was this young man doing did he point this weapon real or otherwise the police did they genuinely fear for their safety of course they did and did they act accordingly it appears that they did now it's certainly a tragedy but i got to tell you tom i can remember when i was a boy playing with my toy guns with my neighbors it was a lot of fun cops and robbers cowboys and indians catch the crooks why take that away haven't haven't we lost so much over the past i think i think the why. take
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that away day that is because thirty two years of reaganomics is so devastated america it has so exacerbated the inequality in this country that we now have lost much of our social trust we now have people who are committing mass murders this was not happening because we have lost and tumbled over the past five years we've lost our freedom of speech we've lost our freedom to practice our religion we've lost our privacy forget about ronald reagan i'm talking about right now what you know what does any of this have on hold the government accountable these days we're losing so much stuff it's well these children have. now but letting these children have their having their guns is the problem why not simply mandate it's not always guns look like toys why not why not require that they were that they be the case this morning which you know or pink or something like that i have a white bear mr hartman i think you already know the answer where i live here in perdition new york city
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a lot of foreign married do wells take their real guns and they spray paint them bright orange or red anyone in law enforcement will tell you this is the case and they do this you know for reasons that are not entirely certain but excuse me i beg your pardon but are all the same very dangerous for law enforcement so you know i realize this was probably a tragedy i don't know the facts and circumstances i don't know what this young man was actually doing i don't know what time it was only or strongest argument actually david is that is that if we made toy guns look like toys. then people might make real guns look like toys and you know that's a blows up which leads i guess to the larger and perhaps more expects a structural question. should children even have access to toy guns i mean is that it is a time for us to sarah you know we don't we don't have you know kids. playing with you know there's a variety of things basically that we don't have kids play with you know that we don't typically sell. because because guns are things that kill people you don't
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have kids playing or six toys it seems like a lot less destructive than killing for example. a horse of another color you know but you know i don't see anything wrong with young boys playing war and army you know good guys versus the bad guys i mean for an army of the whole growing process in your mind absolutely i think it's the art of it and i think it's an integral part of a social mental illness but i guess we'll have to agree to disagree david thank you dr we don't have a monopoly on that. you're absolutely right thank you david. you know the news today marks the start of that court the first national conference on veterans involved in the criminal justice system because of substance abuse or mental health problems conference specifically focuses on veterans treatment courts
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and how these special courts help save the lives of the men and women who have fought for our nation joining me now for more on that court and the role that veterans' treatment courts play in the judicial system is below sophists actors senior director of justice for vets thanks for joining us again thanks for having me back i'm happy to be here so so tell me what is the first of all what is better court that court can in the first ever national veterans treatment court conference and we have the largest group of veterans court veterans treatment corps professionals assembled ever in the history of our nation for the very for the congress for the conference so what is a veterans treatment court that is a great question a veterans treatment court is a court monitored court mandated treatment for a veteran who has come into contact with the criminal justice system it's now turned to incarceration and the success rate is incredible and we're just very excited about the outcomes there about how it's an ugly one hundred thirty veterans
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treatment courts around the country at the moment and they just started in two thousand and eight this is this raises two questions one is you know presumably many veterans particularly those who've been in combat have experiences that. require a somewhat different kind of treatment whether it's a psychological treatment or a criminal justice system treatment then somebody who's never had that experience but on the other hand are we learning things from these veterans courts that should be applied to the civilian courts and so for some people just growing up in parts of america is as traumatizing as is not necessarily has been in war but you get my point i do get your point and there are a couple good points to be made there and i think for. saval there are specialized courts that are working with the general population there are drug courts there are mental health courts and they have huge success rates mean drug court has been around for approximately twenty five years and it is the most successful criminal justice model in the history of of the country and seventy five percent of drug
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court graduates will never see another pair of handcuffs again in their life and anyone who knows anything about the criminal justice system knows that that's a remarkable statistic and veteran's treatment courts are modeled on drug court and in addition to having an incredible success rate with the actual veterans who go through veteran's treatment courts it's also a huge savings for the taxpayer and that's and exciting thing when the thing that is right and just is also the thing that saves money i think that's something that we really need to pay attention to and spread around the country absolutely although you wonder if the. private for profit to prison industry is close to the site although that's probably a whole other area well that's an area that i haven't dealt with at all so far and what is really exciting is to see how professionals criminal justice professionals judges probation officers are responding to this and really hoping and trying to
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set them up in their own communities and that's what this veteran's court conference is it is veterans treatment court professionals from all over the country many of whom have started veterans treatment courts in their communities and many who want to start we're coming together to learn from each other to share breast best practices to have a tremendous amount of training and then also expand these around the country you mentioned the drug treatment courts and you know these are modeled after what percentage or to what extent are through if it's not quantified is substance abuse an issue for veterans who end up in these it's a very large issue but i really want to make the point that most. most of our veterans are strengthened by their military service they come home and they are leaders in their communities they are civic assets living exemplary lives however many are still struggling one in five returning veterans struck with post-traumatic stress disorder one in six have says substance abuse disorders their traumatic
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brain injury and and other trauma related injuries that are resulting in them interacting with the criminal justice system and veterans treatment court offers and connects these veterans with the benefits and treatment that they have already earned by virtue of their service and. provides the structure and the accountability with the compassion for them to be successful you have a docket that is specifically for veterans which creates a community feeling because let's say on tuesdays in montgomery county a certain judge the same one is going to have veterans treatment court so you've got every veteran who's involved in veterans treatment court showing up on tuesday with the same probation officers the same judges the same coordinators and what we like to call the secret sauce of veterans treatment courts which are the volunteer veteran mentors from the community who show up to support the veterans who are struggling through the court and every week. veteran will stand before that judge
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and say how the week was and what's been so exciting is watch judges say i'm so proud of you you've done such a great job this week i know you can do this so it's worth so it was thank you so much for thank you for what you're doing for being such a such a great advocate for these folks thank you tom great to have you with us. for more information go to justice for that stuff. coming up despite causing millions of americans lose their homes and the economy to collapse bankers are once again guy knew the real estate market to make their millions what it is up to no good another housing crisis or so should be able.
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wealthy british style. time to. market why not. come to find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike's concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to cons a report on. what is the fate of the house of saud its list of complaints against washington is long and getting longer the saudis are furious over western dealings with iran disappointed that obama didn't bomb syria and one of its only real friends in the region is israel given all of this can the house of saud afford what it calls an independent foreign policy.
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i would rather ask questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question for. so sometimes you know it you know and sometimes you know what you don't know and sometimes it is the firesign theater famously says everything you know is wrong.
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you know you think you're wrong if you can hear you right because you're just saying things that you're. really mean you know it's wrong it's no secret dogs are man's best friend it sure is up or down a couple of them are sick even run by our sides who need to get some exercise simply put our canine companions have an undying affection for us but to dogs and humans just click there's something more to our unbreakable bond with fido so if you think that your pooch mean by your side twenty four seven is just a coincidence that everything you know is wrong joining me now is dr gregory berns author of the book dog how dogs love us a neuroscientist and his adopted dog code the canine brain dr burns welcome it's great to be here thanks for joining us what prompted you to study the relationship between man and. i've always been a dog although i spent my entire career studying human brains it was actually one
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of my favorite dogs. passed away several years ago that got me wondering what was going on in his head and whether he loved me in that kind of the same way that i loved him so you did an m.r.i. on one ear dogs why and what did you learn and maybe you want to very quickly explain what an m.r.i. sure an m.r.i. is tool that we use for medical imaging primarily although it research we use it to study brain function basically by looking at changes and blood flow and this is what we've been doing in humans for twenty years. yes so after we kind of hit upon this idea to apply it to dogs big challenge was training dogs to go in an m.r.i. because if we want to study brain function they have to be awake and sedated and unrestrained so that they were anxious. so i actually started with one of my dogs a terrier mix named cali and after we trained her to go in the scanner we started
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by presenting two hand signals to see if this would even work so that the original spirit was very simple basically we did this which means we're going to get a piece of. this which means no hot dog and then we compared what happened in the brain and we found that a key part of her reward system activated to these hand signals meaning that she understood the meaning of the signals and that it registered what we can set or an area system with positive motion. and so we just kind of took off from there and what did you learn in some way. so what we're seeing is that the dog brains are very similar to human brains in this key part of the brain associate with positive emotions and that represents kind of a common evolutionary past and so because of that it responds to things very much like humans do when we see things that we like and even when we see kind of humans that we like we see activity in this region and that's the same thing that we're
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seeing with dogs and we've actually gone forward and presented images of people that they know as well as smells. it all quite the same thing but dogs learn there are humans they bond to them and we can see that in their brains that it's not just true to what extent might that be the genetic consequence of ten thousand or more years of human breeding domesticity into dogs as a i mean it would when you get a very different effect for example here to do this with a wolf yeah great question i'd love to do wells but i just don't see us being able to train a will to do this not safely at least. so i suspect that it's a combination of the genetics and the environment these dogs are raised and because we're already seeing differences in dogs that have intense human contact from a young age so so we're seeing strong responses in service dogs for example do you think that this is essentially a moment
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a million trait. i think there's things that are common across all animals including mammals although i think there's things that are very specific to dogs because they're pretty much the only animal that. that much time in evolution with human culture and they're really adapted to living with humans cats aren't even close cats or even close seriously ok that's a that's very interesting and and. yeah ok dr gregory berns thanks. thanks so much for being with us being here now everything you know about man's best friend is right. it is the good the bad of the very very musa logically good. state repealed
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marijuana is already decriminalized in massachusetts but come two thousand and sixteen it could be completely legal as in recreational pot that's because activist group of a state repealed is working on a campaign to make legalization the question in the twenty sixteen about if the campaign succeeds it would make massachusetts the third state after washington in colorado to legalize marijuana for two thousand and sixteen is still a long way off things are looking good for bay state repeals legalization efforts as it uses voters handily approved decriminalization in two thousand and eight and just last year okayed thirty five medical marijuana dispensary some that stick to manage this all works out the phrase green monster could take on a whole new meaning. without their public a national committee the g.o.p.'s organizing wing finds itself embroiled in controversy today after tweeting out a message sunday honoring the civil rights activist rosa parks the tweet which is
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apparently sent out in good faith said today we were met with remember rosa parks told stand and her role in ending the racism that's right people racism end of the ball that rosa parks refused to go up or a bus seat on december first one hundred fifty four parents she is trying to cover its tracks by saying that it's rosa parks tweet was miss worded but let's be honest most people republican party probably do think racism ended with jim crow i mean how else could mitt romney think it was ok to single out the dogs out in front. black florida voters voters in two thousand and eight. and a very very ugly republican lawmakers if you thought the burger moment was crazy just check out this video put together by climate desk that shows republican senators and congressmen using the bible yes that bible to debunk global warming. it is
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a twenty two that are used in there is what we've the earth remains there would be springtime of our cold in the winter and summer day and night my point is god still up there. the arrogance of people to think that we human beings would be able to change what he is doing in the climate is to me outrageous the second verse comes from matthew twenty four the earth will end only when god declares it's time to be over. me and will not destroy this earth this earth will not be destroyed by a flood i would point out that if you're a believer in the bible. one would have to say the great flood is an example of climate change. that certainly was because man can't get over developed. carbon energy no. laws are not taliban clerics they are your american elected representatives that says me very weird it's very very ugly.
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as the great yogi berra once said it's deja vu all over again right now millions of americans are still struggling to recover from the two thousand and eight financial collapse that collapse was fueled by the housing crisis when wall street banks were running around betting on. risky mortgage backed securities that they could sell to investors and make billions from they were able to do that because the gramm leach wiley act in the commodity futures modernization act it basically blown up rational banking regulations and as a result we saw things like so-called mortgage liar loans bank stores were able to turn billions of dollars in risky mortgages into truly ans hundreds of trillions of dollars in derivatives and then of course everything went to hell fast forward to
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today and because of dodd frank there's no more law liar loans banks just can't run the same old scam if they did during the housing crisis so they found a new way to come up with a real estate backed securities that could be turned into derivatives thus worth billions in profits how they become landlords as marilyn valan points out over time dispatch in the past year and a half banks on wall street hedge funds big banks and private equity firms have purchased hundreds of thousands of mostly foreclosed houses across the country among the firms and big banks buying up america's real estate is the blackstone group the largest private equity firm in the world they have out romney mitt romney the blackstone group alone has bought nearly forty thousand houses across america spending seven and a half a billion dollars in the process blackstone for example bought fourteen hundred homes in atlanta in one day and owns nearly two thousand houses in the charlotte
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north carolina metro area. so why are blackstone or other wall street firms buying up foreclosed houses all across the country it's simple by renting these houses back to americans and then securitizing america's own rental market they can bundle up rental payments the same way they used to bundle up mortgage payments and sell them to investors it sounds familiar doesn't blackstone alone has partnered with several of america's largest. banks to bundle the rental payments of over three thousand homes and they're just getting started last month blackstone released the first ever rated bond completely backed by securitize rental payments and sure enough investors rush to get in on the action when this latest get rich quick scheme by wall street blows up and it will the big banks and financial institutions will be just fine like they were in the aftermath of two thousand and eight because they leverage these things so much and they own the underlying assets
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the houses they have very little skin in the game instead you and i are going to face the consequences of their actions thousands of americans are going to find themselves on the streets looking for a place to call home and our economy will be shattered you could see a housing and financial collapse that makes the great recession look mild. something i discuss in my new book the crash of two thousand and sixteen basic premise of my book is that conservative lawmakers over reacted to the progressive changes in america that took place in the sixty's and seventy's that over reaction which included massive deregulation tax cuts opened the door for predators particularly predatory predatory bank stores to step in and wreak havoc on our economy and as we see with wall street's new efforts to turn rental homes into cash cows that door has not been closed the predators are again up to their old tricks nothing has changed elizabeth warren was right when she said that the system is
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rigged and if we don't raid that system quickly we're going to see another disaster very very soon. and that's the way it is tonight monday december second twenty thirteen don't forget my new book the crash two thousand and sixteen is now available at all on line retailers your local bookstore and on tuesday december third tomorrow i'll be speaking signing books of politics and prose right here in washington d.c. starting at seven pm and don't forget democracy begins with you get out there get active tag your.
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it's technology innovations and all the developments around russia. for the future coverage. crosstalk rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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i know c.n.n. the most n.b.c. and fox news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate oh . that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on we're going to be coming back. at our teen years we have a different approach the go out because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not. ok i've. got a set of jokes i will hand over the stuff that i've got to. i
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know that. i'm a big corporation mind. you and i think that all about money and i think that's like that for a politician quite a lot and. coming out. here just to lead. by.
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larry king their nominee challenge howard thought it meant that i did a great job and that everybody would love me from that point forward and down because from that moment on word anything i did was front page news and you get a script for so what do you look for i never finished the script read up like page thirty and if i'm not intrigued by the care and on the nun in it plus some people became divas and i became a little bit of a diva myself old corps the arrogance is necessary just to remember that this is this is me we're all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king our special guest terrence howard he's.


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