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tv   Headline News  RT  December 4, 2013 12:00am-12:30am EST

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are. european diplomats dashed to kiev to media cranes government and opposition while the u.s. secretary of state reaches out to support the program for testers. we stand with the vast majority of ukrainians who want to see this future for their country meanwhile protests are gathering steam with thousands blocking the presidential administration building. by the fracking police in romania brutally dispersed villagers struggling to resist a u.s. oil company that's exploring for shale gas close to their homes. as the most militias are driven out of the libyan town of dura with crowds calling on the police and army for greater security as a government continues to lose its grip on the country and its oil wealth.
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and a mosque are you watching r t with me joshua welcome to the program now had all of the council of europe is in ukraine to attend meetings with the government and opposition leaders kiev has been gripped by mass demonstrations with tens of thousands blockading administration buildings including the parliament activist led campaigns throughout the night camping out in central kiev meanwhile nato has surged ukraine's government to launch a reform process are reports now on who's been weighing in on the crisis in ukraine . we stand with the vast majority of the ukrainians who want to see this future for their country while kiev is paralyzed by protests politicians are taking quite
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publicly on the twitter sphere. president called which is miscalculating badly as regards the association agreement with the e.u. and towards the people of ukraine. ukrainian leaders are not ready to go further and signed the agreement with the e.u. people of ukraine should be disappointed and the us and european countries stand accused of failing to demonstrate a lack of respect for countries to. see the pattern since the orange revolution. far in three years political process there is a lot of genuine protest sense of. foreign assistance and. focus of who are you the better communications. strategy my primary concern is that for. years there's a very large. ukraine could series separatist movements
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one neighbor in particular seems to be paying especially close attention to events in ukraine poland has always regarded ukraine as its backyard it has i would say neo imperialist designs on ukraine what some powers may be hoping for is a repeat of the events of two thousand and four when the country stood still for months in support of the western backed viktor yuschenko but things have teams to over the years. the orange revolution worked because people didn't know what it was about at the time. nine years later things are a bit more clear all the promises that were made then. have been repeatedly broken the e.u. has run out of money to bribe people obviously it has enough to still pay activists on its payroll otherwise there wouldn't have been these demonstrations that is not to say every one of the hundreds of thousands on the streets of kiev is getting paid by the west people are generally disappointed in jet in their government but that doesn't mean the whole country is willing to descend into revolution. if it
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goes r.t. . the opposition has failed in a bid to topple ukraine's government or the cabinet surviving a parliamentary vote of a. in confidence. and that's led to an outcry from the opposition only one hundred eighty six m.p.'s voted for the motion falling forty votes short of the two hundred twenty six needed for it to pass meanwhile nine people have been arrested on suspicion of inciting undressed in ukraine's capital on sunday then mcadams executive director of the ron paul institute believes authorities are showing and adequate reaction to the violence in kiev. us in the e.u. talk a lot about european values and western values but is it a western value to allow a foreign country to come in an influential electoral process to influence politics on the streets of course it's not you see a pattern here of escalation in provocation we've seen it before in these previous
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revolutions i think really the protesters on the ground they had a very large public provocation a few nights ago they were using chains and tractors and of course the police as police do everywhere reacted with violence the u.s. has counseled nonviolence but what would happen if someone drove a tractor and tried to drive it into the white house lawn you're going to tell me that there wouldn't be violence against the one hundred thousand people trying to break into the white house so everywhere governments would normally protect their buildings and the debate surrounding ukraine's failed there is a focus of today's cross talk but all of our analysts gas discuss explosive reaction it's triggered. voices in the european union and some prominent newspapers as well as some prominent european union officials are saying that the government now in ukraine is illegitimate which is rather strange isn't it because two weeks ago they were negotiations with it lightly really as you say to
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talk about non-legitimate government that's very clear to me and the signal of the ukrainian government was one that was of course likely from the outside but was also based on very very you know. in terms of its own survival and i got it live timeline of events in ukraine our web site r.t. dot com for all the very latest pictures and food from the scene of the protests. fracking a technique designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock is making war anime's many are angered over the dangers posed by the controversial method in romania riot police and crackdown in april and a fracking rally in a remote village in the country's northeast protesters were beaten and numerous arrests made while officials say the police action was justified activists set up
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a camp to block exploration by u.s. energy giant chevron six weeks ago and they also won brussels to review their case and they have launched an online anti fracking campaign. fracking is also causing a stir across the atlantic the u.s. state of texas was rocked by several earthquakes last week with some scientists pointing the finger at dozens of gas drilling wells in the area are she's going to count find out why people are so concerned. we're in a town called them ten in texas guess wells are everywhere here they're hard to me they're two hundred and seventy we gas wells just in this town fracking is responsible for the gas boom in the west but people here fear that they're going to be the ones paying for that. i'm very worried that when they start packing i will have to leave because of the diesel fumes more than anything and i was has already had two heart attacks from it and they tell us it isn't environmental basically
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coming from the actual whales. we do believe it's coming from fracking you know the gas industry holds a lot of weight with the government that is frightening but when you see here your friends and family being polluted you see people getting sick around you you have to keep looking for and you have to keep gathering you have to keep speaking out because you know it's right while energy giants are rubbing their hands you're going to suppression of gigantic profits many here or increasingly fearful about the water that they dreamed about the air that they breathe about the land that their house is standing on and they don't trust the government assessment of the damage from fracking because they say the oil and gas industry will make sure that no conclusive study comes out and they believe the industry will make sure that it doesn't become a basis for effective regulations in denton texas i'm going to shut down or take
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a set of common a program here in our teach ins currency sweeps to success it's replaced the euro as the world's second trade currency coming up we have expert opinion on what this means for the global economy. castors and poor at city of during a have driven as long as militias out of their town on a survey of mass protests crowds of march. through the city calling for the proper enforcement of security by the army and police at the same time a bomb exploded beneath the car of a former city councilor and he was one of the first of challenge leaders to quit and the deteriorating security is situated in the oil rich east of a country which recently unilaterally proclaimed its independence levy as oil exports sinking dramatically the army is calling on protesters and the iraqi patient of the oil fields their foreign investors are looking to exit libya fearing further instability two years since the toppling of colonel gadhafi. now the
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country is not even able to satisfy its domestic needs for oil producing just fifty percent of what's required meantime corruption in libya is getting worse ranked one hundred seventy second and here is index and authorities are losing grip of security with an estimated seven hundred armed groups operating in the country and out of around four hundred arms depos just five percent are controlled by the government so experts say the country's on the verge of disintegration with different groups vying for control of the oil industry a lot of the people in the in the east especially of the country quite happy to sit some wait until they can they set up their own government their own their own country if you like independent of tripoli so they can then restart exports and oil sales themselves because they don't think it's fair that they they have to carry on being dependent on the central government if they do set up a legitimate way of selling oil and if the international community agrees to buy it
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then you know we would actually lead to the breakdown of libya as we know it with libya bouncing on the verge of civil war it's those accused of supporting gadhafi that feel the most insecure people from the town of to work are scattered across the country and facing constant threats from militias artie's policy or visited their camp. this dirt track was once a building site teeming with foreign construction workers now it's home to forgotten victims of the revolution the people of to where two years ago after the revolution rebel groups expelled them from their homes accusing them of supporting president gadhafi two month long siege of misrata to work there is now a ghost town the only living things straight animals and the odd militia men the population scattered across the country in telecom at a refugee camp run by the live eight humanitarian organization is home to one thousand five hundred of them that's around three hundred families the to work in
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say they're constantly under threat. the camp is not protected militias make problems for us they killed people here they arrested people here who did nothing malicious come and say to we are go to we're go and take three or four people how miss into him was the victim of such an attack. over twelve my sons were in the water from his brother came his from a house and took three people i don't know what happened with one of them we're not at risk from mobile attacks people complain they live little better than animals there's a lack of clean water or sanitation most families as many as eight or nine people are crammed in single rooms. we have building a room because the one we have is not enough for the whole family where seven and as you know we have young and old children and we cannot stay in a single room it's allegations from the past that prevent them from attending home
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. misrata does not want us to return until there is a law that compensates them they say that there are women who are raped by two we are go they want to investigate us and apply justice they are asking the libyan government not to allow us back until those guilty go to tribunals and are sentenced the refugees at the camp believe they are being collectively punished for the crimes of a few. we are sure some people did bad things we are not all guilty for that people from to we are good have met with people from misrata to solve the problem we apologize to the families of misrata the medium's were good but there is no answer from their side. for now the displaced to wilkens can only hope and pray that one day they can return to the form of knives. on t.v. . hands coming out and the program a choice a new k eight or hate. temperatures
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drop household bills skyrocket and the british government advises those poor to pay their bills to wear an extra jumper the full story is just ahead.
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there's a media leader so we leave the media. are the same motions to the play your party is it. seems that no one is that stupid with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all politics. are. welcome back this is our team now the chinese who won as overtaken the euro to become the second most used currency and a global marketplace its share in the world's trade finance has reached almost nine percent leaving the euro behind at a little more than six percent and this success marks china's efforts to influence the world economic arena as financial analysts s. and rahmani told us. clearly it's a big victory for china to to get the number two spot this is
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this a big objective obviously of the of the government in beijing to further internationalize the redmen beer the yuan they have been working on this for quite some time so you can look at it to some extent as china seeking its own place in what it believes to be its own rightful place in the global economy whether it's a visa v the united states or whether it's a visa of the japan of the rivalry that it has an asia both in strategic terms but also in economic and financial terms and also because of the europe as well so clearly i think there is a desire for china to to to exert greater influence and to have a larger position in the global dot just the trade markets but in the global financial markets and the world's trade system remains dominated by the u.s.
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dollar though its position as a global reserve currency has been shaken china the world's second largest economy has been promoting its currency to take over from the dollar and we talked to daniel wapner at risk management advisor and he told us the global trade system is set to dance to china's tune. if you consider that the chinese government has only allowed a lot of trade finance with the outside world since two thousand and nine then its status as the number two currency used for global trade finance is meteoric and very significant it's happened in a very short period of time the reason this has happened is that as we know china is the second largest economy that's the second has the largest foreign exchange reserves in the world and certainly is becoming a global power so this is consistent with gives rise to that global power status what i think is likely to happen is that the year long is going to take a more significant chunk of the global payments pie i think most people do realize
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that this is china's century china's economy will soon be the dom and economy in the world and it's a metro link that economies would want to trade and you want. and our team has lined up plenty of stories for you on our website including hiding his light pope francis is rumored to venture out of vatican at night dressed as a priest to meet a homeless in rome had to argue home for more on this. last one of the festive season underway spirits are high in the russian capital an hour in motion section there's a video from the heart of moscow where traditional christmas fare accu dry ice rink opened for the public. cut right from the sea the little search tree limbs and i think the church. played. on our reporters put her. on
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the instrumental. to be in the middle of a mob. led. her . to leave the. economic ups and downs in the fun at. the longer the deal and the rest of the. case it will be every week a month a. police. told reminder to all but i will only react to situations i have read the reports like the ones in the know i will leave them to the state department to comment on your letter play the money to save lives or carry
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a car is on the job here no. job no more weasel words when you have a direct question are you prepared for a change when you run should be ready for a. pretty tough speech and little down the freedom to wash. welcome back britain's amaj suppliers are under fire after the government pledged to cut bills but this comes as little comfort. stuff below the poverty line and still on able to heat their homes even with a promise to help artists as our supply has more. it's that time of year again when temperatures drop and to also sure as the heating commissar i. think. it's. a. good people who are protesting saying that it was out of the down to the choice
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between eating or heating they're angry at the price increases of the energy companies and the government's lack of action to helping those who are most vulnerable not to mention the comment from downing street the producer can't afford to pay the bills they just simply put on an extra job well. this is really the same engine for as you can read the piece in the wing itself isn't the associated with me early keeling and his wife rita keep the heating on for only two hours during the day and five hours at night i do worry the running particularly to me then obviously. freedom will have to meet all the costs on our own it's affecting every family in this country and this is britain two thousand and thirteen. it's terrible depending on the provider the hike set to take effect this winter could be as high as ten percent with excess winter deaths
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in england and wales rising by a third to thirty one thousand compared with the previous year six big utility companies controlling the markets and deciding when to put up prices whether that's above the rate of inflation or not is another question the big six blamed a rise in wholesale costs but industry regulator off jam said costs by less than two percent profits meanwhile have gone up by seventy five percent in the last year alone but if you're going to see if you any go to that's what we're going to see to do to play out. the pressure. and there's a double whammy the national grid bore that energy reserves are dangerously low the risk of blackouts this winter will be higher than it's been for almost a decade but the more pressing problem for many remains simply getting through this winter how many of the. cabinet truly live. money
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that that we get doesn't make any difference to david cameron or i knew what if those tests are cilia r t london. and a very brief look now at some other stories making news around the world a green peace activists have been arrested in geneva after staging a protest and energy conference in polar bear costumes brought snow to the luxury hotel hosting the event before pouring oil on it and some of the activists dressed as waiters mannish and opening a ban and served oil spill cocktails to conference delegates environmentalist are opposed to drilling in the arctic plan by one of the summit sponsors russian oil giant gazprom. a series of targeted attacks has rocked pakistan's biggest city of karachi killing at least eleven people and want to solve armed man on motorcycles killed three clerics and two foreign students at a seminary the city remains tense with manning roads and markets closed.
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french medical experts have stated the former palestinian leader yasser arafat's was not poisoned and could have died of natural causes that contradicts previous reports by swiss lab which sided radioactive polonium to tan as the possible cause of death a longtime leader of the palestinian authority fell ill and passed away two thousand and four palestinians have suspected israel of poisoning him which tel aviv denies . the european court of human rights has heard claims that inmates of so-called cia black side prisons were tortured it's the first time the allegations have been addressed in a partly open session the case was brought by two terrorist suspects who allege that they suffered human rights abuses at a secret facility in poland in two thousand and two and two thousand and three and they are currently being held at america's guantanamo bay detention camp over accusations of carry out terror attacks and having ties to al qaida the hearing up
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next here on r t a trip to an orthodox christian retreat in karelia that's for those watching there to international of course and if you are in the u.k. stay tuned for going on the ground with she returns. but ukraine deeply divided kid sovereign decision to walk away from an association agreement with brussels has resulted in an explosion of street protests and violence some western pundits have even called for the overthrow of ukraine's current political order it would seem those who ultimately lost the orange revolution are bent on giving a second try. deliberate torch is on its epic journey to such. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred time two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killings.
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in a record setting trip by land air sea an outer space. a limp torch relay. on r t r g dot com. choose your language. of choice because with no if. someone. chooses to use the consensus to. choose the opinions that invigorating to. choose the stories that impact your life choose the access to your office.
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on. the windswept journey to below can be an active pennants in itself. doesn't all for excitement or adventure get many come here for months at a time some never leave it all they say that the love saves them. this is one of the holiest sites of the russian orthodox church home to a thriving ministry the lay community that woods with it and groups of volunteers that come and go throughout the year for the face full this is a journey for the soul the pilgrimage. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost
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a thousand of years. people came here twenty some years ago and so stablished the mastic life on this island. they do in that believing that. christ is the only source of true joy and happiness in the life. that understanding penetrated into everything that surrounds us in a monastery and people i suppose feel that feel the love of christ working on. but girls will divide into groups now so we need about. how many people do you need serve and seven people who really choose one two three four five. six seven seven people good the rest will split into two one
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hostel go to the farm the other to the op a girl who's already been to the upper garden we bring you that we're. going to go to the opera garden i'm allergic to any more of it can go to the farm and me will go to the farm cows out. but comes with a group of volunteers men and women of all ages who are here to give something back to god and in this case it means hard work this is the middle of the busy tourist season and there's plenty to do down on the farm. but come in come in into the chicken coop like into the lion's den. or if you're careful careful she doesn't know you. know this ok and then you're not on your hand she'll sit on your hand. but it's a bit.


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