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tv   Headline News  RT  December 4, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EST

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join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only on r.t. . was. remaining in police squashed villages struggle against an american oil company that is fracking for shale gas close to their homes. low resolution protesters in kiev pledged to continue besieging the government to the end despite the opposition losing a no confidence vote. and libya's are militias are on the receiving end of public fury over the government's failure to bring security or stability to the oil rich country.
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hello welcome it's good to have you company you're watching r.t. international. fracking a technique designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock is making more and more enemies around the world the anger stems from the potentially enormous environmental dangers posed by the extraction method the most recent anti fracking rallies have taken place in romania and northern england reports it is a tough struggle for locals and activists. fracking and protests seem to be synonymous certainly in my experience of covering these stories there hasn't been an area where locals haven't been opposed to this technology taking place on their doorstep and there's just been a crackdown we've heard reports from remaining a web police have forcibly removed local villages from where energy giant chevron was supposed to start test drilling well i can tell you i can believe that that
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crackdown was brutal and i can tell you it would have to be because i was in that village and i was covering that story when those protesters were forming a human chain around that site and they said to me that they would point to the death to avoid this fracking taking place. to stop them even if you means playing with our lives you want to send the army. who won't give up until the. rumanian says that a big issue in the u.k. as well people here on to new to at the moment we've got protests taking place in greater manchester where a company called i gas is supposed to start exploratory drilling and we know that protesters there have been trying to block roads in order to avoid trucks from arriving at the test site and this is just one particular test well but this company is supposed to be. opening a wells and they're supposed to have more.
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drilling sites because the north west of england is full of shale gas its reserves could last the u.k. in terms of energy supply for up to six years and i've been covering these fracking stories we've had protests in sussex as well. on the test sites and i personally spoke to a man in lancashire last year who showed me a crack on his wall from earthquakes but it take. a place near blackpool that would rather fracking taking place there so these are things that are still these protests are still taking place and there is a sense of course the protest at the moment in manchester that is an exploratory drilling that's a test site but there is a sense that if companies are investing money into exploratory drilling it's going to lead to fracking well fracking is also causing
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a stir across the atlantic the u.s. state of texas was shaken by several earthquakes last week some scientists pointing the finger at dozens of shoal gas drilling wells in the area and went to find out about the concerns there. we're in a town called them ten in texas guess wells are everywhere here they're hard to mix there are two hundred and seventy three gas wells just in this town fracking is responsible for the gas boom in the west but people here fear that they're going to be the ones paying for that. i'm very worried when they start fracking will have to leave because of the diesel fumes more than anything was has already had two heart attacks from it and they tell us it is an environmental basically coming from the actual whales. we do believe it's coming from fracking you know their gas industry holds a lot away with the government that is frightening but when you see here your friends
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and family being polluted you see people getting sick around you you have to keep it forever and you have to keep gathering you have to keep speaking out because you know it's right while energy giants are rubbing their hands going to suppression of gigantic profits many here are increasingly fearful about the water that drink about the air that we about the land that their house is standing on and they don't trust the government assessment of the damage from fracking because they say the oil and gas industry will make sure that no conclusive study comes out and even if it does come out they believe the industry will make sure that it doesn't become a basis for effective regulations in denton texas i'm going to shut down or to. run to discover how fracking work some white people don't want it anywhere near their homes do take a look at the dot com. anti
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militia rages engulfed another libyan town or more protesters in a has reportedly driven out an armed group of islam ists libyans are furious at the lack of government control which has allowed militias to run rampant throughout the country meanwhile the embattled authorities in tripoli have given separatists in the country east the country's east a ten day deadline to stand down militias have formed a self-proclaimed autonomy they're seizing more than half of libya's oil supplies the crisis has already seen the export of crude from the country plummet to just ten percent of previous levels and libya is no longer able to satisfy even its own domestic needs for oil producing just half of what is required meanwhile corruption is booming and the country has tumbled to among the world's worst for graft an estimated seventeen hundred armed groups have led to a nationwide security crisis and authorities have been unable to take control of
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the country's arms supplies which are mostly in the hands of militias some analysts say the western countries that helped usher in the libyan revolution and now reluctant to help out. participated in creating this situation the current situation is not too bad as far as the us thing countries because their interest is still there the libyans are buying goods from the from europe from the west they're selling oil from them and the west is interfering with various groups some of the country some of the western countries france britain and what have you they are actually backing more than one not one group or another so i am not so sure that the west is actually willing or interested in doing that of course they can do that if they so wish but i don't think they are doing that. now amid the power struggle in libya tribal groups are largely being left to fend for themselves some are being targeted by militias for allegedly supporting the slain colonel gadhafi clear
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reports on the plight of one embattled minority. this to track was once a building site teeming with foreign construction workers now it's home to forgotten victims of the revolution the people of to work two years ago after the revolution rebel groups expelled them from their homes accusing them of supporting president gadhafi two month long siege of misrata to work there is now a ghost town the only living things straight animals and the odd militia men the population scattered across the country in telecom at a refugee camp run by the live eight humanitarian organization is home to one thousand five hundred of them that's around three hundred families the to work in say they're constantly under threat. the camp is not protected militias make problems for us they killed people here they arrested people here who did nothing malicious come and say to we are go to we're go and take three or four people how
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miss into him was the victim of such an attack on october twelfth my sons were at home and militia from misrata came they stormed the house and to free people i don't know what happened with one of them we're not at risk from mobile attacks people complained they live little better than animals there's a lack of clean water or sanitation most families as many as eight or nine people are cramped in single rooms. we are building a room because the one we have is not enough for the whole family where seven and as you know we have young and old children and we cannot stay in a single room its allegations from the past that prevent them from attending home. misrata does not want us to return until there is a law that compensates them they say that there are women who are raped by two we are go they want to investigate us and apply justice they are asking the libyan government not to allow us back until those guilty go to tribunals and are
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sentenced the refugees at the camp believe they are being collectively punished for the crimes of a few. we are sure some people did bad things we are not all guilty for that people from too we are good have met with people from misrata to solve the problem we apologize to the families of misrata the mediums were good but there is no answer from their side. for now the displaced to work and can only hope and pray that one day they can return to the foreman lives police here r.t. . in other news protesters in kiev and i partially blocking the government building where the cabinet is planning to hold a meeting. in the ukrainian capital for she joins us now is the situation showing any signs of calming down at the moment. well it's kind of a duplicitous issue at this point as you know the crimean parliament has just very
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recently did not pass the the initiative to give the vote of confidence to the cabinet of ministers essentially saying they're fine with the government and they're ready to go and resolve the issues in the democratic constitutional way and that is definitely not something that the opposition leaders who were hoping for they were hoping to see the government dispersed as soon as possible so now they're calling on the people who are protesting out on the streets to go and at least block as many government buildings as possible we're talking about not just the cabinet of ministers but the parliament as well actually there have been calls to storm these buildings but they do enjoy quite a rather heavy police protection so this point the protesters are simply blocking the access to these buildings at the same time the events in ukraine appear to be very carefully watched by the western leaders who is stop short of giving suggestions to the ukrainian government on the way to deal with the situation.
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stand with the vast majority of ukrainians who want to see this future for their country and we urge the ukrainian government to listen to the voices of the people who want to live in freedom and an opportunity and prosperity. and there is also the former president of poland alexander question who in a recent interview has said that the ukrainian protest has forty eight hours to make it or break it he said that while the protests have the momentum the protesters should use it in order to depose of the government otherwise according to the former polish president the current ukrainian president viktor yanukovych will end up a squashing their protest such expressions of the viewpoints on the ukrainian domestic issues i have gathered quite a surprise reaction from some of the russian officials.
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we consider the events in ukraine an internal matter i'm counting on ukrainian politicians to bring the situation to a constitutional and we're asking that no one interferes with this ongoing crisis. so at this point the protests do seem to be stalling somewhat the people are not quite happy with the government but at the same time the representatives of the people the parliament seems to at least come to grips with the cabinet of ministers and yet there seems to be this overwhelming pressure from the european leaders to see the events in the ukraine take a turn for perhaps a what they were hoping to be another orange revolution. keeping across events for us live in ukraine now the executive director of the von
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paul institute for peace and prosperity says kiev has been seeing a pattern of provocation throughout the two weeks of public dissent. the u.s. and the e.u. talk a lot about european values and western value us but is it a western value to allow a foreign country to come in and influence politics on the streets of course it's not you see a pattern here of of escalation in provocation i think really the protesters on the ground they had a very large public provocation a few nights ago they were using chains and tractors the question now i think is will the protesters ratchet up looking for a government overreaction so that they can get some new energy into their protests you know what's funny the u.s. has counseled. non-violence but what would happen if i'm here in washington what would happen if someone drove a tractor and tried to drive it into the white house lawn you're going to tell me
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that there wouldn't be violence against the one hundred thousand people trying to break into the white house. more to come this hour including china's national currency is sweeping to success. you can look at it as the americanization you can look at the summit said as china seeking its own place in the global economy. with the yuan replacing the euro is the world's second most widely used currency to trade we hear expert opinion on what this means for international finance. it's not. well down to the choice between eating or heating the government advice to brits poor to pay their bills where next. is hives whole bill with rockets amid rapidly dropping temperatures we've got more on these stories in
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a couple of minutes. from countries rich in natural resources are the poorest africa is a colony it's a colony of the big corporations it's a calling of someone's home leaders who are under the thumbs of the big corporations so they have to beg from the world bank's development of social programs goes to pay back debts whole country is drowning under the amount of debt that they had and so every year they would borrow money. and they would use that same amount of money to pay back their. money. the wages of debt.
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economic down in the final call. but the the old saying i and the rest is doing me a little bit if we. welcome back now with the euro still trying to find its feet china's un has leaped to become the second most used trading currency its share of world trade is now almost nine percent rising from just over one percent last year the un success marks china's efforts to influence the world's economic arena as financial analysts got a money explains. clearly it's a big victory for china. to get the number two spot this is this the big objective obviously of the of the government in beijing to further
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internationalize the redmen beer that you want they have been working on this for quite some time and will tell it to some extent as china seeking its own place in what it believes to be its own rightful place in the global economy whether it's these or be the united states or whether it's a reserve the japan or the rivalry that it has an asia both in strategic terms but also on economic and financial terms and also of a europe as well so clearly there is a desire for china to to to exert greater influence and to have a larger position in global that just the trade markets but in the global financial markets where the world trade system is still dominated by the u.s. dollar although its position as a global reserve currency has been shaken but china which is the world's second
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largest economy is trying hard to become less dependent on american currency that's what keith boy field from the center for policy studies told us earlier. investors are wanting to diversity we're far away particularly from the u.s. dollar you've got to remember the china is the largest holder of u.s. treasury bills and they got a nasty fright this year when you saw congress not really able until the very last minute to agree a budget package you also have to remember that some of the biggest sovereign wealth based in china and all the time you're seeing they're wanting to diversify their risk and they're also wanting to invest overseas. on r.t. dot com a truck hijack in mexico but it's got nothing to do with drugs or cash this time it's extremely radioactive material that has gone missing the head online to learn more about the story. while you were there discover montreal's face recognizing
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flying machines online we tell you why the canadian cities deploying unmanned drones instead of employing cops to cut crime. right from the scene. first struck. and i think you're. on our reporters'. instrument. at the moment many british banks which are wondering how they will stay warm this winter after being hit with massive energy price rises just as the cold begins to bite and that's on top of thousands of u.k. families trapped below the poverty line and unable to heat their homes even with the promise of government help as tesla's syria reports. it's that time of year
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again when temperatures drop at a bill sore as the heating comes on. i could see here they are protesting saying that it was out of the camp to the choice between eating or heating they're angry at the price increases of the energy companies and the government's lack of action to helping those who are most vulnerable not to mention the comment from downing street that for those account of food to pay the bills they just simply put on an extra job well. there's really so many jumpers you can let me say in the wing itself isn't the. only early killing of his wife frieda keep the heating on for only two hours during the day and five hours at night i do worry running strictly to me. then obviously. frieda will have to meet all the costs
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on our own it's affecting every family in this country and this is britain two thousand and thirteen. it's terrible depending on the provider the hike said to take effect this winter could be as high as ten percent with access which are deaths in england and wales rising by a third to thirty one thousand compared with the previous year six big utility companies are controlling the market and not deciding when to put up prices whether that's above the rate of inflation or not is another question the big six blamed a rise in wholesale costs but industry regulator off jam said costs rose by less than two percent profits meanwhile have gone up by seventy five percent in the last year alone but it is going to send you anything so that's going to seem to play out really. the pressure. and there's
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a double whammy at national grid war that energy reserves are dangerously low the risk of blackouts this winter will be higher than it's been for almost a decade but the more pressing problem for many remains simply getting through this winter how many of the. cabinet truly live. money that we does it make any difference to david cameron or anyone else if those tests are cilia r t london. but have a look at some other world news now in syria a group of twelve christian nuns have reportedly been relocated by their islamic rebel camp to the women were abducted when opposition fighters stormed the predominantly christian town of moderate rebel groups have denied involvement in the kidnapping the syrian government is appealing for international efforts to free even. in lebanon a commander of the sheer militant group hezbollah has been killed outside his house
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in beirut hassan lackies was shot dead near his home when he returned from work around midnight has been blamed for the assassinations. lackies has been targeted before and managed to escape multiple attempts on his life israel denies any involvement. elsewhere there have been more proud to have the more protests in thailand despite preparations to mark the king's birthday on thursday demonstrators a mass that side the national police headquarters vowing to continue their fight against the government five people died last sunday is rallies turned violent and rumors and that the military might step in to restore order protesters the keys prime minister yingluck shinawatra of being a puppet to her brother and tycoon convicted of corruption. up next it's a trip to an orthodox christian retreat in arctic russia here and i see international .
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or ukraine deeply divided kid sovereign decision to walk away from an association agreement with brussels has resulted in an explosion of street protests and violence some western pundits have even called for the overthrow of ukraine's current political order you would see those who alternately watch the orange revolution are bent on giving a second try. i think war is probably the most complex of human activity. still locked up. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. just killed a bunch of people you know donald rumsfeld the treasurer of the u.s.
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people. right reading. this some of the shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because of it because it was night times four in the morning even the best given the mesh shoulders. are going to make mistakes this is this whole idea of brotherhood and author. and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context it has absolutely no place. the windswept journey to follow can be an act of penance in itself. doesn't all for
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excitement or adventure get many come here for months at a time some never leave its old they say that the same system. this is one of the holiest sites of the russian orthodox church home to a thriving ministry the lay community that woods with it and groups of volunteers that come and go throughout the year for the face folk this is a journey for the soul a pilgrimage. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years. people came here twenty some years ago it's.
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the mastic life on this island. that believing that. christ is the only source of true joy and happiness in the life. that understanding penetrated into everything that surrounds us in the monastery and people i suppose feel that fuel the love of christ working. thank you so girls will divide into groups now so we need about. how many people do you need seven seven people who really choose one two three four five. six seven seven people good the rest will split into two one hopeful go to the front of the other to the op a girl who has already been to the upper garden we bring you that we're. going to
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go to the apple garden i'm allergic to any most can go to the farm and me will go to the farm cows. what comes of along with a group of volunteers men and women of all ages who are here to give something back to gold and in this case it means hold work this is the middle of the busy tourist season and there's plenty to do down on the farm. oh it's. i mean coming into the chicken coop like into the lion's den. thank you so much i. like your careful careful she doesn't know you. like this. and they you're not on your hand. on your hand. but it's a bit stressful for them. on the neck like this.


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