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who's already being up a garden we bring you that we're. going to go to the upper garden i'm allergic to animals can go to the farm and me will go to the farm cows out of. what comes of along with a group of volunteers men and women of all ages who are here to give something back to god and in this case it means hard work this is the middle of the busy tourist season and there's plenty to do down on the farm. but come in come in into the chicken coop like into the lion's den. thank you so much i. like your careful careful household she doesn't know you are careful but know this. that and the you're not on your hand she'll sit on your hand. of stress it's a bit stressful for them. but i'm sure in the next week like this ok so with.
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finally they like having their what'll start this one has gone. far away from here try this. so. what's that like there's no well i'm the sanctified on vellum and they're very current you do see ok and they are real that would be good good good good good go good god through. a long special eggs. see what the fuss is all about. almost one to three. whether it's the saintly atmosphere or something in their feed that's certainly fantastic layers to to gigantic. thank you very much wanting to.
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know that's if one two three four four two. one said. honey another seven hundred seventy five to go. the volunteers come from a huge variety of different backgrounds svetlana is a model for moscow but she's not afraid of getting a hamster well it's probably not normal that a girl like me came here instead of going to turkey or enjoying summer in a beach town where but here i am living with mom and waiting someone else's garden there is the bit there are other people that look at themselves and live in a completely different way and they're not held back really we're all here. for once or very shallow for me is a place of strong spiritual power i've wanted to come here for a long time now there is a possibility i can become a volunteer. here who works for the glory of god and how priests or this place. there are common threads that bind many of the people here together and the
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group often becomes like a surrogate family mostly these outward next people who came here to find. brotherhood but of course there is some percentage that come here looking for their way in life and. family i take them for a walk in the woods. tried to know what they were i can't help them find their answer. many people simply come for the island's outstanding natural beauty. edged by rugged shorelines and covered with lush greenery this is truly a tranquil get away but there are some visitors to the law who have no families to return to his trip to the island is a welcome break from a difficult life. leaker's ill as new york runs a camp for children from local orphanages who also have learning difficulties for
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many it's the first time they've spent nights away from the city. because it's the first time we came here with disabled children for many years before we used to take the kids on trips or would you get because we understood that nature does children a world of good and that you were decided to try working with children with the help of allah is the nature of this place turned out to be totally unique and it's not just the nature here that works. him you should bear in mind that these children are from a correctional orphanage they are believed to be unable to go to an ordinary school because of some mental disability in fact this isn't true they are not mentally retarded whatsoever. that these are the first kids they just sit on the shore of lot agoglia and watch the storms the splashing water and they say thank you for choosing such a beautiful place. it was simply amazing. they feel
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that they can feel the beauty of the apparently they don't have good feelings in their lives. hardly any. fifteen year old denise is just one of the youngsters reaping the benefits this is his second time on the island and he says it's changed his life but it's. rocky road that's brought him here. i can't say that i had a good childhood. my dad was an alcoholic my mom was too mom ended up in prison that's how i ended up in an orphanage. everything changes as time goes by. at the moment i have no grudge against anyone my life has become so much better. but i've forgotten my past it's no good remembering it. and he's a humvee meant to have
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a room when you catch something to. pull it into the sure. through. the. docs. yeah. oh it is. this eerie city. yes it loves. the model. but did you did you.
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know i was staying in the volunteers dormitory normally men and women a kept segregates it's the old get together is allowed especially for a meet and greet session. everyone says where they're from where they've come to belong and then name. then all you've got to do is remember seeing here year. you. did you. want to vomit up ok let's have a good. amount of owing to no. cynics saying you know. alexander let the mess of the game out here oh do you know. that on his finest little. sin.
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i'm going you said he wouldn't be able to do it you know and sometimes sometimes it works. sometimes. work at the moment st takes us all around the island along roads that people have travelled here for more than one hundred fifty years. although most of the brothers live in the center of the ministry a small selection choose to isolate themselves from the rest of the community retiring to hermitage is where only men are allowed to enter the grounds. the russians call these places. and they're among the holiest centers of the law. each one is way off the beaten track and for some of the volunteers. the journey to gold has been anything but straightforward to. use to be an atheist and believe in
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nothing but science logic and facts i was looking for truth everywhere i followed all the popular fashions that people write books about make films about. only after twenty years of searching did i become an orthodox christian after printing of the coffin of a famous russian saint i discovered that many things have changed first of all the pain in my leg that i'd suffered for ages had disappeared and last but not least i discovered the ability to read an old church slavonic even though i'd never learned how to do that. those who've been here more than once say you have to put the time and to understand it fully that living and working here is the only way to really tap into its energy the job is to live but none of the volunteers complain everyone is confident of a spiritual rewards and happy that they're working to reestablish a face that was so persecuted joining the soviet union. is the only branch that has managed to keep the tradition alive but that's not changed since the time of the
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apostles maybe that's why it was preserved the bread of life the jesus christ spoke of the living word that's what russia is experiencing a spiritual rise now. for . i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back not have it never crossed my mind. when the militants decided to try and break. through i heard you again yap of screaming grenade.
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go go forward base blows and blow him or run his back toward us a little and it was all over all of us. we know that our comrades on our commander won't leave us no matter how tough it gets we're a team. there who are getting was a senior in his military trio. you know he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body or if it's comrades would die he gave his own life to save us friends. quite often countries rich in natural resources are the poorest africa is a colony it's a colony of the big corporations it's a colony of someone's home leaders who are under the thumbs of the big corporations so they have to beg from the world bank's development of social programs goes to
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pay back debts coal country is we're drowning under the amount of debt that they did and so every year they would borrow money. and they would use that same amount of money to pay back odets can all that money really help. the wages of debts. i think it's. over. that you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy but there's. rule. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across a cynical we've been hijacked lying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us about my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we
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go beyond identifying the problem or trying to fix a rational debate and a real discussion on the critical issues facing america have on the front row ready to join the movement then walk a little bit of. the interview. a feel. good film from.
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the future with economic ups downs in the final months days to london new york sang on. and the breath of life. if we. try and enjoy is its transfiguration of the savior cathedral and the sound of its bells st tourists pilgrims and volunteers to worship to work. ok let's work for the glory of god. all the skilled workers kuks hammer and replace the volunteers keep supplies coming and clean up
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the mess it's a massive job the cathedral is seventy six meters high and in some areas they're having to remove more than one hundred twenty years. but when i came here last year it was seen approximately the same condition. here it's a long process this is serious work it's very expensive and requires a high degree of professionalism. but i was surprised when they invited volunteers to work here at best their trusted with work like this. but is it enough or do we need more you know what if i think it's enough. you have to carry it let's go. to is a heavy. i'll take it. waste
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has to go somewhere and. are responsible for getting it off the scaffolding as quickly as possible we need to take the direct route. the bucket it's probably a transport system but it would. for a career for forty years it had no proper roof it wasn't looked after properly and still it enjoyed all these conditions that any means that the cathedral was made really very well it was built with a huge margin for safety it was a by cathedral will stand like this for many years to come what right now we're trying to save what's been preserved this work should be done and it should be preserved this is truly part of the national heritage.
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so. we can then. form. the board. or. board. the leaker into a team of volunteers want their children to leave alone with a new perspective also the work they do here fosters a spirit of cooperation and they can see the efforts developing before their eyes. so are you here it's hard to explain everything is so natural this is the way
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people should live i guess. you know what it was because i wanted to show these children that there is a place where they can ask for help in case something really bad happens to them i mean they have to stand completely that bad things will happen to them in the future. they're perfectly aware of what life has in store for them and they know that there will be a lot of drug dealers and alcohol and then the stand how hard it is to resist those things so it's very important for them to know that there is a place where they're always welcome that they should know how to find the way to this place where. walking around the lawn is like stepping back into a different age and it's easy to see why so many regard it as
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a sanctuary away from the real world. it seems to have a physical and emotional energy which the monks say is a manifestation of god's grace. it's had such a profound effect on so many that there's even a syndrome named after it. the compulsion trip turned to the island again and again it's not just adults who experience it. my mom first brought me here started going to school i liked it very much and it's become my third place now is it your favorite place i like it because of it's weather because of the monastery it feels so good in here they've got a farm it's nice to leave people are very kind there's not you know what you want to do when you grow up to be a monk you want to be a monk that's why it's just what's in my heart i can't explain why i feel this way . live hit yes i want to live on balaam what he
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actually wants at this point is not to be a monk but he once he wants a purpose he once something pure something which dignifies him. something which speaks of him as a man as a human being people became knights and soldiers for the same reason. i would certainly encourage him to. use its journey to the brotherhood here was more unusual than most altar tending university in st petersburg he spent fifteen years living in ministering in the us before retiring to villa he says each monk must end his place in the monastery. spiritual pastors of the monastery role just say the word or you're prepared to become a novice and you'll become officially
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a novice on the part of the brotherhood and spend some time that way and the few years or maybe months later if you still decide to embrace this kind of wife and people or see your. as a benefit to the community you'll be transferred and perhaps one hundred things to the priest with. the monastic community has been rebuilt in the last twenty years period during the soviet union when the area served as a mental asylum now there are around a hundred brothers living here permanently but before the russian revolution of nine hundred seventeen there were more than a thousand some of them left a legacy down the ages. this quiet scene is called the smell of skeet and it's famous in particular because of one monk efraim he took it upon himself to pray for the souls of dead soldiers and he took his work so seriously that he dug his own
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grave and every night he would lie in his own coffin. and since then the chapel has been dedicated for the souls of the diet for the faith and for the mother. even if a life of extreme self-sacrifice doesn't appeal it is at least possible to follow in the footsteps of some of these old saints and one of the most popular pilgrimages is to the lomas most famous. for this is the cave where saint alexander of spear lived. this is the place where alexander of spirit spent hours praying in solitude here he would make a fire his real stones got warm and gave heed back so he could spend winters here
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can he lead such a righteous life that he was granted a vision of the holy trinity came to him in the form of three angels. and ordered him to go to the river speared and found a monastery there it is still functional. excursions like these opponents of the joy of a prison archipelago of small islands just waiting to be explored and the landscape always provides some great photos. but many of them secrets are only revealed in the churches themselves. bell ringing here is a real and the company ologists trained for years to master the difficult rhythms they need to control up to a dozen bells at once and make it look effortless. it's part of the lambs proud
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musical tradition displayed in its full glory during the solemn services. gemzar isn't the best aboard a bus i think we should fill our lives with as many rich and diverse impressions as possible today i'm a developer in two months i'll be working somewhere else in such a way your worldview builds up on different things or you can develop yourself and create your personality. that plays syria this earth is like a hotel that we're only here temporarily. to hell to have on god
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tests us on the earth if you know me and phone my laws then you'll go to heaven what if if you don't then you'll go to how the. week. we have to move on and there's life here and you get some kind of luggage that you will later you take with here into the city that we have to move on and make plans both families and realizing your family what you've learned here there will. the wool over. the moving back to real life is easy if a some and for others the children from lekas all finished camp have reached the end of their stay and it was time to see them off for the docks.
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but. it's clear to leak air that these are the same kids that arrived on the island just a few weeks ago that at least for a while belong has worked its magic and brought a little joy into their lives. but it coming this moment any less painful. perhaps the monks of old settled here because they felt there was something otherworldly about. it it was always a place with special energy and the from nature or from something more divine. for
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the pilgrims and volunteers who journey here one visit is rarely enough and many will return to the. place with the power to heal the spirits. a ukraine deeply divided kid sovereign decision to walk away from an association agreement with brussels has resulted in an explosion of street protests and
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violence some western pundits have even called for the overthrow of ukraine's current political order it would seem those who ultimately lost the orange revolution are bent on giving a second shot. at . war is probably the most complex of all human activity. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. kill a bunch of people you don't know until they're on the premises there are of us people. right reading. this summer shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because of it because it was night
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time four in the morning even the best given the mesh shoulders. are going to make mistakes does this whole idea of brotherhood an author and camaraderie in this sense it was in this context it has absolutely no place. you know councils here in the u.k. are calling. for tougher laws to police aggressive bankers finally no longer will the banker beggars be shaking us down for yet more handouts and bailouts every time we passed the city no longer listening to them plead for more money printing and free credit facilities we're sick and tired of all the banker beggars harassing us every time we pass one of their toll booth guns like this famous one hey i'm jimmy done oh look i found your banking system going to found trash on the ground before me give it me it's truly an dollars it'll give a brick give me
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a trillion i want another trillion more trillions do they give me give me. no c.n.n. the m.s.m. b. c. fox news have taken some slight risk but the fact is i admire their commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's close enough for the truth from i think. it's because when full attention and the mainstream media works side by side with joe actually i'm. good. at our teen years we have to put it right. because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not high. but. if.
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you guys stick to the jokes i will handle them. no resolution protesters in kiev pledged to continue besieging the government to the un despite the opposition losing a no confidence. we stand with the vast majority of the ukrainians who want to see this future for their country. western diplomats weigh in. to listen to demands for euro integration. remaining. religious struggle against an american oil company. gas close to their homes. are on the receiving end of.


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