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tv   Headline News  RT  December 4, 2013 3:00pm-3:31pm EST

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on r.t. this morning no resolution protesters in kiev pledged to continue to see the government to the end despite the opposition losing a no confidence vote. with the vast majority of the ukrainians who want to see this future for their country and western diplomats weigh in then urging lawmakers to listen to the euro integration also. i. remain in police quassia villages struggle against an american old company that fracking for shale gas close to their homes. and libya's militias are on the receiving end of public fury over the government's failure to bring security or stability to the oil rich country.
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this is out internationally it's just past midnight here in moscow and starting again this morning with the ongoing unrest in ukraine protesters here in kiev these latest pictures partially blocking the government building opposition m.p.'s were also disrupting parliament's work by blocking a rostrum there earlier on here has not been the only seen a protest thousands also showed up for a rival rally here in the east of ukraine in donetsk they're one of the industrial hubs in support of the government these crowds venting their frustration with the opposition for turning their capital as they see it into a battlefield well of course all this made the increasing interference from abroad and brings us up to speed. we stand with the vast majority of ukrainians who want to see this future for their country and we urge the ukrainian government to listen
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to the voices of its people who want to live in freedom and in opportunity and prosperity and the elected representatives of the ukrainian people made their choice deciding against giving the government a no confidence slap down for the defeated opposition it was back to the streets if the democratic process won't force the government out let the protesters do the dirty work blockading official buildings paralyzing give the protests in the west calls of encouragement the supporters of euro integration must remain firm and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way they can get you know coach to make concessions one neighbor in particular seems to be paying especially close attention to events in ukraine but the european union needs you and you need the european union and if you needed you will be with your opponent has always regarded ukraine as its backyard it has i would say neo imperialist designs on ukraine what some powers may be hoping for is
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a repeat of the events of two thousand and four when the country stood still for months in support of the western backed victory but things have changed over the years the orange revolution worked because people didn't know what it was about at the time. nine years later things are a bit more clear all the promises that were made then. have been repeatedly broken the crowds in key of are clearly disillusioned and a bitterly divided parliament has a tough task in building bridges a job made all the more difficult by western nations fueling what could become another revolution and the demise of a democratically elected government in kiev in a close call r.t. . one as you can see over the shoulder in the latest a string of european politicians to head to ukraine know the german foreign ministers arrived in care for a pre-planned europeans and. meeting on thursday universe developer was even pictured touring independence square alongside opposition leader and reigning heavyweight boxing champion italy klitschko in fact the photos are tweeted by the
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german foreign office meantime russia's top diplomat sergey lavrov commented on foreign leaders getting vocal on ukraine's crisis after meeting nato secretary general. of the putting them with the accusing the we consider the events in ukraine an internal matter i'm counting on ukrainian politicians to bring the situation on to a constitutional path and we're asking that no one interferes with this ongoing crisis. i spoke to jeffrey summers he's an associate professor of political economy and public policy tell me what your integration would bring to both ukraine and the e.u. . it may appear attractive to the protesters but i don't think in the long run it's going to serve the ukrainian people well to become part of an enlarged european union which is by the way on a very kind of strong neo liberal trajectory so in other words the old the social model that people are looking at when they think about the european union is one which is being euthanized as we speak but people don't see that. the full picture.
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being told what a great market would be for you if if ukraine comes closer to it but of course there's also going to be the millions of ukrainians the want to go and work out west is the ready for that the people certainly are not i think that. when you hear about you hear about from. one to the. benefit to us is that cold very very dry right and you'll see a massive number of people of course that will constitute a veritable precariat people who will live a very kind of precarious existence in very low wage service sector jobs and while that may be a job to do these guys get from the east of europe where they grow everything from construction or working in restaurants service type jobs anywhere where the standards are not as strong in terms of labor protections and fortunately labor can be exploited so i mean we've seen this already you know we know about the famed
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polish plumber of course in the united kingdom or people coming from. the u.k. and ireland. i would say that those experiences have been very bad for those people and i would also say that ukraine of course is suffering from a demographic crisis already very low birth rates so what happens when you have all these people of childbearing age. fracking is making more enemies around the world these days the anger stems from the shoot extract techniques potentially enormous environmental dangers did the latest anti fracking rallies have taken place in romania and northern england as polly boy to report snakes is a tough struggle for locals and activists alike. fracking and protests seem to be synonymous certainly in my experience of covering these stories there hasn't been an area where locals haven't been opposed to this technology taking place on their
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doorstep and there's just been a crackdown we've heard reports from romania where police have forcibly removed local villages from where energy giant chevron was supposed to start test drilling well i can tell you i can believe that that crackdown was brutal and i can tell you it would have to be because i was in that village and i was covering that story when those protesters were forming a human chain around that site and they said to me that they would point to the death to avoid this fracking taking place. we hope to stop them even if it means playing with our lives we want to send the army we will die who won't give up until the. rumanian start a big issue in the u.k. as well people here on to new to at the moment we've got protests taking place in greater manchester where a company called i gas is supposed to start exploratory drilling and we know that
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protesters there have been trying to block roads in order to avoid trucks from arriving at the test site and this is just one particular test well but this company is supposed to be. opening a wells and they're supposed to have more. drilling sites because the northwest of england is full of shale gas its reserves could last the u.k. in terms of energy supply for up to six years and i've been covering these fracking stories we've had protests in sussex as well. on the test sites and i personally spoke to a man in lancashire last year who showed me a crack on his wall from earthquakes that had taken place near blackpool. cracking taking place there so there is a sense that if companies are investing money into exploratory drilling it's going
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to lead to fracking. a correspondent polly boyd who will bring jean lambert for the green party spokesman thinks europe's divided over fracking with a great deal of pressure from big business there's certainly a big disagreement there are countries which are a very much in favor of moving ahead with maximum extraction of shale gas they see this as a way of maybe securing more of their own energy supply rather than perhaps relying on whether it's russia or brando or wherever there are others that have a de facto moratorium on this that are not going to go ahead countries such as as france so there is a real difference of opinion but i think you know that across the european union we really need to be deciding what are the criteria that we need here particularly from the environmental perspective there's a lot of big business pressure there's certainly a lot of people that are saying look there are jobs in the us we're saying well look there are jobs in a lot of other things as jobs in renewable energy jobs in energy efficiency there
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are jobs in new technologies so quite you know we don't necessarily have to go down this route fracking is also causing a stir across the atlantic to the u.s. state of texas was shaken by several earthquakes just last week with some scientists pointing a finger at dozens of shale gas drilling wells in the area what is going to change you can want to find out about their concerns. we're in a town called them ten in texas guess wells are everywhere here they're hard to mix there are two hundred and seventy three gas wells just in this town fracking is responsible for the gas boom in the west but people here fear that they're going to be the ones paying for that. i'm very worried that when they start packing i will have to leave because of the diesel fumes more than anything else has already had two heart attacks from it and they tell us it is an environmental basically coming from the actual whales. we do believe it's coming from fracking you know the gas
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industry holds a lot of weight with the government that is frightening but when you see where your friends and family are being polluted you see people getting sick around you you have to keep moving for and you have to keep gathering you have to keep speaking out because you know it's right while energy giants are rubbing their hands you're going to suppression of gigantic profits many here are increasingly fearful about the water that they drink about the air that they breathe about the land that their house is standing on and they don't trust the government assessment of the damage from fracking because they say the oil and gas industry will make sure that no conclusive study comes out and even if it does come out they believe the industry will make sure that it doesn't become a basis for effective regulation. in denton texas i'm going to shut down our team. when you want to find out more about how fracking works why do people want to talk to the website you don't call me
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a christian called in the syrian crossfire there's a group of nuns now remain in rebel custody we hear from a mediator trying to resolve the apparent hostage crisis plus. zero zero zero zero. well sadly down to the choice between e.t.a. or heating the government's advice to brits so too cold to pay the bills when extra pullover as household prices rocketed need rapidly talking temperatures because a couple of stories of what a lot more right after this. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years people came here twenty some years ago to reestablish the last a life on the silence. and people feel the love of
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christ all working. people say you can catch. something happens on this island that makes them return to it again and again they say the below saves them. join me james brown on a journey for the soul. only on o.t. . right. first street. and i would think that your. orders would. be.
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in syria a group of twelve kidnapped christia nuns have reportedly been relocated now by the reason this rebel kept is that women were abducted when opposition fighters stormed the town of my luella that's mostly populated by christians he was seen by the rebels as backers of the syrian government damascus has appealed for international efforts not afraid the captives mother agnes is a nun from syria she's been in contact with rebel officials to try to resolve the situation. now. we've had some contradictory statements the leaders of the free syrian army deny involvement in the incident and have condemned it they say it might have been carried out by extremist groups but others say the autonomy is fighters from homes could have been responsible and that the allegedly took the ones to protect them from government forces this is what the free syrian army told me over the phone they say they will send someone to check up on the nuns and provide video footage to prove they're all right. there's a lot to report next this morning from libya and the militia rage there is
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spreading a mob of protesters in the turn of burden of reportedly driven an armed group of islamists libyans are furious at lack of government control which has allowed militias to run rampant through the country as a lot of the news will not least of all they've got the problems in the east as we've been reporting where they formed a self-proclaimed autonomy is just coming up on the mountain a second read. they control more than half of libya's all supplies the embattled authorities in tripoli now giving them ten days to stand on a deadline this crisis as a ready soon the export of crude from the country plummet to just ten percent of previous levels libya's no longer than able to satisfy even its own domestic needs for all producing just half of what's required and as that's happening meantime corruptions on the pitch booming the country's tumbled to being among the world's worst for not a good record to have an estimated seventeen hundred armed groups meantime have led to a nationwide security crisis the crisis we're seeing right now and authorities been able to take control of the country's arms supplies most of them are heading up or
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ending up in the hands of the militias some analysts say the western countries that help usher in the libyan revolution seem reluctant to help it out. the libyans are buying goods from the from europe from the west they're selling oil from them and the west is interfering with the various groups some of the country some of the western countries france britain and what have you they are actually backing more than one on one group or another so i am not so sure that the west is actually willing or interested in doing that of course they can do that if they so wish but i don't think they are doing that amid tensions across the country libya considers making islamic sharia law the base now for all legislation and state institutions i spoke about that with defense consultant one roof who believes the movie set to divide the country the strong hold over the government of the so-called government in tripoli and they're imposing their version of. our laws on the country
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which libya was a secular state mostly and it was surrounded by secular state if you remember tunisia and egypt who are mostly secular and this has a very dangerous effect in the region if it if it does go forward it won't unite the country this will divide the country the libyans have been used to forty two years of secularists are rule or secularist will manner of living in the country and most of them subscribe to that so these are very few and far between. groups that are trying to impose this only because there aren't had they not been armed they would not have been listened to at all while this place because indigenous tribal groups are largely being left to fend for themselves some of being targeted by militias for having allegedly supported colonel gadhafi and his policy reports next to the plight of one embattled minority. this dirt track was once a building site teeming with foreign construction workers now it's home to
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forgotten victims of the revolution the people of to work two years ago after the revolution rebel groups expelled them from their homes accusing them of supporting president gadhafi two month long siege of misrata to work is now a ghost town the only living things straight animals and the odd militia men the population scattered across the country in telecom at a refugee camp run by the live aid humanitarian organization is home to one thousand five hundred of them that's around three hundred families the to work in say they're constantly under threat the camp is not protected militias make problems for us they killed people here they arrested people here who did nothing malicious come and say to we are go to we're go and take three or four people how miss into him was the victim of such an attack on october twelfth my sons were at home and militia from misrata came they stormed the house and did three people i
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don't know what happened with one of them were not at risk for mental attacks people complained they live little better than animals there's a lack of clean water or sanitation most families as many as eight or nine people are cramped in single rooms. we are building a room because the one we have is not enough for the whole family where seven and as you know we have young and old children and we cannot stay in a single room its allegations from the past that prevent them from attending home. router does not want us to return until there is a law that compensates them they say that there are women who are raped by two we are go they want to investigate us and apply justice they are asking the libyan government not to allow us back until those guilty go to tribunals and are sentenced the refugees at the camp believe they are being collectively punished for the crimes of a few. we are sure some people did bad things we are not all guilty for that
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people from to we are go have met with people from misrata to solve the problem we apologize to the families of misrata the medians were good but there is no answer from their side. for now the displaced to work and can only hope and pray that one day they can return to the former lives police here r.t. . check out some of toughening stories not heard say they'll call reporting about a truck hijacked in mexico it's got nothing to do with drugs or cash though this term is extremely radioactive material has gone missing from one of the radiotherapy machines had online to learn more about that he thought he's hoping they don't break this open hoping to find it first also to find out how the pope fills the long dark winter nights in vatican city by spreading a little light of his own. many british households are wondering how they're going to stay warm this winter after being hit
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with massive energy price rises just as the cold begins to strike that's on top of thousands of u.k. families trapped below the poverty line unable to heat their homes even with the promise of government help tesser a city report. it's that time of year again when temperatures drop and to bill soar as the heating comes on. the. people who are protesting saying that it was i'd like them to the choice between eating or heating they're angry at the price increases of the energy companies and the government's lack of action to helping those who are most vulnerable not to mention the comment from downing street that for those who can't afford to pay the bills they just simply put on an extra job well. this very same engine for as you can let me say in the winter isn't the same evidently only killing of his wife rita keep the heating on for only two hours during the day and five hours at
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night i do worry. particularly to me then obviously. freedom will. meet all the costs on our own it's affecting every family in this country and this is britain two thousand and thirteen terrible depending on the provider the hike said to take effect this winter could be as high as ten percent with excess winter deaths in england and wales rising by a third to thirty one thousand compared with the previous year utility company is controlling the market and not deciding when to put up prices whether that's above the rate of inflation or not is another question the big six blamed a rise in wholesale costs but industry regulator off jam said costs rose by less than two percent profits meanwhile have gone up by seventy five percent in the last year alone i think it is going to see if you any go to those who are trying to seem
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to be to play our part in bringing in. the pressure the fund you bill. and there's a double whammy national grid war that energy reserves are dangerously low the risk of blackouts this winter will be higher than it's been for almost a decade but the more pressing problem for many remains simply getting through this winter how many of the. cabinet really live on the sort of money that the week at does it make any difference to david cameron or anyone else it doesn't tell us or cilia r.t. london the afghan president says none of his ministers will be allowed to sign a security pact with washington unless it fulfills some key demands first top american officials are in kabul brussels right now trying to persuade how mad cause i depend the crucial document which seals the number of u.s. and nato troops after twenty fourteen or to see caffein off in the building capital
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. both time and patience are quickly running out here in brussels the situation has essentially devolved into a high stakes game of poker veiled threats and attempts to try to force and pressure afghan president hamid karzai to sign that deal between the united states and afghanistan that would determine the size and the shape of a u.s. forces after combat troops leave at the end of twenty fourteen now yesterday mr rasmussen decided to play hardball he said that if karzai doesn't sign the deal with the americans all nato forces could be withdrawn from of ghana sent after thirteen years of war and that eight billion dollars in annual aid that afghanistan so badly needs well that could be in jeopardy too but if this is a game of carrots and sticks approach we saw both the nato and the united states somewhat soften their stance today the u.s. secretary of state john kerry came out with a new proposal this morning saying all right if karzai doesn't want to sign the
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deal let's come up with a plan to help him save face who can get the defense minister to sign that anyone as soon as it gets signed quickly and soon for cars i mean while he knows that he needs this money for cars i wanted done on his own terms he doesn't really want to sign the deal until after the april elections and he also wants the u.s. to promise to continue to stop doing certain things for example controversial night raids he's also now asking for afghan detainees at guantanamo bay to first be released before that deal is signed so certainly a lot of politics being played here the fate of ghana stand in the balance as a result. they said caffyn off the next news bulletin here live in thirty four minutes time with me kevin after the break though here on out international we embark on a soul searching journey to one small russian another with a very big history if you're watching a city in britain anything to you we've got going on the ground line of you post afshin rattansi next to me.
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we often see the middle east as a place of constant turmoil and revolution but people in thailand seem to be very fired up as well masses of protesters are force a government ministries to shut down by storming them with human waves one such ministry is the thai equivalent of the american f.b.i. which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support ousted prime minister taksin shinawatra who is the brother of the current leader wow people are crying out for democracy with accusations of violence against protesters so where is barack obama john kerry the mainstream media i mean whatever some group of rebels protestors are i mean freedom fighters rise up for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or bomb their country back into the stone age like in libya serbia iraq some protest explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others are
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almost totally silent like thailand and bulgaria where there have also been strong links of buildings less than a month ago i might be a conspiracy theorist but the selective coverage and selective concern for some humans rights and off the rights of others well it smells a bit fishy to me but that's just my opinion. live. live live.
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live . the windswept journey to villa can be an active pennants in itself. doesn't all for excitement or adventure get many come here for months at a time some never leave it's old they say that the same system.
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this is one of the holiest sites of the russian orthodox church home to a thriving ministry the lay community that would suit it and groups of volunteers that come and go throughout the year for the face full this is a journey for the soul the pilgrimage. this is the place that has been consecrated to god for almost a thousand of years. people came here twenty some years ago it's a double edge the mastic life on this island. they believing that. christ is the only source of true joy and happiness in the life. that
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understanding penetrated into everything that surrounds us in a monastery and people i suppose feel that feel the love of christ working on. girls will divide into groups now so we need about. how many people do you need seven seven people who really choose one two three four five. six seven seven people good the rest will split into two one half will go to the farm the other to the op a girl who's already been to the opera garden you. can go to the opera garden i'm allergic to any most can go to the farm and me go to the far.


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