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the a. little little. you know everyone welcome to breaking it this set of surveillance footage using their rest of internet prodigy aaron swartz was just released to the public today shows him entering an mit electrical closet in an attempt to download millions of academic articles for the online service j. store federal prosecutors use this to charge him with computer and wire fraud threatening him with thirty five years in prison sadly aaron committed suicide and what many see as the result of a two tiered justice system that's profit over the freedom of information and that's why today's shuttle is for in. the such a release very hard to take the turtle.
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that had sex with her right there those. are the little. the. little the. little. fellow. the. little. today marks one thousand days since the world's worst nuclear crisis began at daiichi nuclear power plant in japan despite widespread contamination and the inability to stop hundreds of thousands of tons of radioactive water from the pacific apparently japan is doing a great job managing the cleanup this week the international atomic energy agency
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actually gave praise to japan for their excellent cleanup efforts. active approach toward addressing complex challenges posed by the nuclear disaster that cute giving praise to tepco the same company that led to the wires the cooling pumps the nuclear reactors not to mention the company's sordid history of falsifying data sets in the years prior to the meltdown the cover up how faulted the reactors really were as you can see international media like the guardian is painting a slightly different picture of the crisis but it's totally irresponsible but not surprising for the i.a.e.a. to be giving props to tepco after all the entire point of the organization is to promote nuclear energy this nuclear watchdog is really nothing more than a nuclear lapdog and it says so right in their charter now aside from telcos gross mismanagement the fallout check this out that actually hired members of a crime syndicate to help clean up the right tepco hired members of the your kusa
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mafia to help with the fukushima meltdown and folks the irony here is that while tokyo electric was outsourcing their problems to professional gangsters those gangsters were then outsourcing those jobs to homeless japanese people. not only with your kusa forcing homeless people to work on the hazardous waste site but they didn't kick these people to the curb after they began suffering the deadly effects of radiation poisoning but hey i guess that's the kind of proactive approach the i.a.e.a. likes to see from its nuclear partners. this . is an internationally renowned activist who helped overthrow yugoslavia and president slobodan milosevic but earlier this week two reporters for occupy dot com
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uncovered up hope of it was actually recruited by strap for global intelligence company that called. itself the private cia program and one of the reporters who broke the story joins me here they're going to scott's popovich as ties to strap or i first asked him how he discovered the shocking revelation. yet i had first met searches in new york city in april twenty eighth eleven and she and i were actually have a months with one of the yes men right after my group of us teamed up with the yes man to play a prank on general electric and he introduced me to surgery as this revolutionary activist who would ultimately through the milosevic regime in serbia in two thousand and if you you know i google search after i met him i was really impressed all the work that he had done both in serbia and through his organization and it wasn't until i was clued into. his work with stratfor by the group revolution desh news dot com and they had looked into the wiki leaks emails that
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they released from the stratford global intelligence files and my colleague steve hornet actually looked through all of these documents and found out how deep this relationship with stratford don so we decided to go with the story from that point and we we come across all kinds of developments that showed how deep that he was with this organisation and talk about that how deep was that what extent to what extent was he and his wife and involved with the firm. yes surge actually had gotten spliced the job. and structure it was it was a part time job. but the other leading candidate for that stuff but his wife was actually another member of the campus sturges' organisation so surge was he was working with stratfor under the moniker s r five zero one and if you look through the looks of the wiki leaks global intelligence files under that moniker you can see all the correspondence that he had actually talked with several members of us
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to remain confidential in the story and they told me that she had communicated with . regularly forward them e-mails from activists that he had been talking to on the ground one of which is a bahraini human rights activist i talked to her for that story she was amazed that you know and surgeon had introduced them openly said you know this person works at stratfor and then i talked to marty on the bahraini human rights activist who said that when she got the email from stratford he asked a lot of really suspicious questions that senate very intelligence oriented asking about leadership and who did what and she didn't feel comfortable as questions so she never did correspond with them. i guess i guess the question is why hand i mean talk about what what was it about popovich that stratfor wanted and the recruitment . updates was intimately tied with movements and activists on the ground in multitude of countries from iran to the philippines to malaysia to ukraine and
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other countries a lot of a lot of countries that the u.s. is interested in as well. if you read about the use of soft power what they did in these countries through soft power that they weren't able to do with you know air strikes and military invasions guys like surge of puppets you know were so tied into what these organizations were doing to make regime change happen for example you know when he was talking with structure about venezuela there was actually a time i think in two thousand and seven when canvas was training activists in venezuela to overthrew hugo chavez now the course when you look at stratford's clients like the american petroleum institute and in the fact that you know chavez was actively doing things that were costing their clients' money and you could see what stratfor wanted from surgery and because surgeon was such a such a global focal point he had this established credibility as this revolutionary who overthrew
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a regime all these activists myself included trust insurgent with intimate information about what they were doing on the ground which he then used in self as a middle man to to get distracted amazin and as you know the u.s. government as well it's been a thorn in the side of this government for quite a long time it's incredible they was actually working with stratfor to try to undermine that government let's talk about the activist community i mean considering how we had pretty much everyone forward was there ever an inkling from the activists community wasn't all that he seemed to be. i think if i can't recall the name of the movie but there is a documentary available on you tube. you did not have to start a revolution that talks that would surge or did in serbia but there's a no. other documentary that was produced a couple years ago that talked about our canvas which is surgeons organization that's an acronym for sen for plied nonviolent action strategies canvas was featured in this documentary talking about their work with gene sharp their funding
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from the national endowment for democracy the money they got from u.s. aid during the during the upward movement in serbia and it kind of delved into. you know all the funding that they got to implement you know what the u.s. call soft power in these countries surge is also tied to a guy named michael mcfaul who is the u.s. ambassador to russia probably was recently appointed by president obama and that was in his e-mail back to me that was one thing that surgery openly admitted to was his relationship with him i think since two thousand surge has had its relationships with these u.s. agencies with these cia front groups like the national endowment for democracy to implement regime change in countries where the u.s. has a vested interest and if you notice surge it wasn't really trying to challenge power structures in places like you know like in western europe or in the u.s. and i think it was it was clear that you know he was actively working in these particular regions where the u.s. had its had a specific interest write his useful tool and of course jean sharp actually spoke
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of a protege on the program and it's interesting that that institute only does foment kind of these revolutionary movements in the countries that are now anti you know that the u.s. is actually looking to if they have allies as well let's talk about ukraine massive protests happening right now how is popovich involved with propping up the very regime that's now being reported against just a quick correction that regime that's being revolted against was put in power in two thousand and ten the one that certainly helped install that regime took power in two thousand and four but i think it's revealing that in two thousand and ten when you look at those election results in ukraine that regime was actually only got about stylus. just six percent of the vote so it was very unpopular at the time it was floated up. you know and ukraine is just one example of you know this happening in multiple countries where surgeon canvas were involved now if he was successful in say venezuela in two thousand and ten announcing he would south as
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you know be interesting to see the kind of regime that would have been put in place and how long that power would have less to talk to people who were part of the serbian upward movement who asked to remain confidential to the story they were saying that you know even though there was regime change and you know none of them want to side with melissa this dimension that there's still a lot of you know neo liberalism in the economic structure in serbia and a lot of people are still unhappy with the current situation there and really briefly can you talk about moon near assad terror about a minute left and how was he involved in puppet instructor yet mir sits here was a goldman sachs executives and he is also he was a big donor for karl rove's super pac for obama's inauguration sun and he was introduced as jet for by search of public goods and he was that big fan of george friedman of what stratfor was doing sister to help make that happen and really quickly last question about thirty seconds left but what does it say about the state of activism karl that such an inspiring and vocal leader had such strong ties
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to the say hey. i mean you read all these stories about how close are using espionage against nonprofits against activist movements trying to gain intel and i think it's no surprise that they would use a famous activist to achieve this sense so hopefully people you know will you know continue their work but also be mindful of the relationships company that they keep absolutely thank you so much carl gets an investigative journalist really to share time and thank you at. coming up i'll speak with a genocide investigator about what's really going on in central africa. i've got a quote for you. it's pretty tough. they wake up story. if this guy like woodson. you're about guys stead of working for the people both issues the mainstream media are working for each other bridegrooms vision. because . we're a good run. but
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i think. everybody. did you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution should. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy which albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our crafts to mco we've been a hydrogen why a handful of transnational corporations will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once told us my job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try to fix rational debate in a real discussion critical issues facing america if i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit there. for
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the. genocide in a powerful word that invokes powerful emotions mass murder is indeed a heinous which is why it should be looked at the same across the board in matter who the perpetrator may be it's an ideal that my next guest has thoroughly pushed for over the course of his career he permits now as an independent journalist and former genocide investigator for unicef has reported from dozens of countries throughout africa and the middle east in his work tirelessly to change the mainstream narrative about the notion he joined me earlier and i started by asking him how our western powers profit from genocide. but we have to be careful what we mean by the word genocide i mean norman finkelstein has published this book called the holocaust industry would makes it clear that there's an industry that profits from the holocaust first is the real holocaust against the jewish people that
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occurred we have the same thing in rwanda today we have a row on the genocide industry which is an international global industry which benefits from the calling claiming and labeling the genocide in rwanda a specific kind of genocide meaning what we've been told is it was the genocide against the tutsi people committed by the hutu people the standard propaganda line is that eight hundred thousand to one point five million tutsis were killed in one hundred days in one thousand nine hundred four there's nothing of that story if it's true the true story is that the hutu people have been suffering a genocide the united states government the british government and the israeli government backed the invasion of rwanda in one nine hundred ninety the war concluded in august of one thousand nine hundred four when the us side won and then we blamed the other side the losers meaning the former french government who at this point had been decapitated anyway because we assassinated the two presidents of rwanda and burundi on april sixth one thousand nine hundred four so anyway we
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blamed them the losers with genocide and that became this big propaganda. line the truth is the united states britain israel invaded and overthrew the government of rwanda and conclude that war and we've been in power controlling paul kagame since and then you've got for example ethiopia where there's a bonafide genocide against and you act people but no one's talking about it and when i blew the whistle on unicef and the united nations basically after year after year after our report was produced showing that there was definitive attacks genocidal attacks against the anywhere people the unicef had buried the report the united nations bird the report and i made it public because the ongoing genocide was something that people should know about. and then you've got the genocide in the congo against numerous different peoples and what's the definition of genocide . but it's it's a tax or violence in whole against a group in whole or in part meaning against individuals of a group or a group for ethnic religious or other reasons and you've got this going on all over
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the world but they aren't all genocides because it doesn't serve the power structure it doesn't serve the minerals the mining industry it doesn't serve the petroleum industry to be labeling genocide for example in south southern nigeria where there's a clear genocide against the ogoni people. yeah it's of genocide right also that's the perception of the word such a provocative word for americans in the holocaust museum here in d.c. there's a plaque to charge with incitement to genocide because of a mistranslation so it's definitely used politically all the time you've also said that the mainstream media covers war crimes in africa through the lens of white supremacy can you elaborate on that. just as i went to africa you know with the idea that i was going to see the animals that i saw in the pictures in national geographic i didn't care very much about the people they were tribal they were savages i believe everything that edgar rice burroughs instilled in the white
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mind back is there really is nine hundred thirty five with his tarzan movie stars and books tires and jane the the great white hero to it we've got the tarzan phenomena playing out. with all kinds. of individuals in africa all kinds of white people white saviors for example ben affleck for example enjoying a job for example jane goodall but the real truth on the ground in eastern congo is that the jane goodall institute is involved in with the militias that are committing genocide in the congo and these are not congolese militias they are u.s. forces sent in from rwanda and uganda where are we which are two of our major bases of u.s. military operations on the continent. being a third job or to be in another. let's talk with regard to genocide in central africa seems like the last time major western attention was paid to dish it was a documentary about the ugandan warlord joseph coney what is this a legitimate campaign or was it manufactured. the whole kone thing is need to be
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understood you know to understand that you have to go back to eating i mean and israel broady i mean to power but nobody understands that e.d. i mean died lived a happy life in saudi arabia i mean nobody understands that so you go back and study the history of uganda and what really happened then you find out that there was this woman named alice look when a well founded the holy spirit movement in one thousand nine hundred six and then along comes this guy you wearing most of d.n.a. who turns out to be the president again today after some twenty six years and seventy has committed massive atrocities in uganda in rwanda in congo in sudan and now also in kenya somalia and ugandan troops are also being used in iraq so what really happened in uganda is that the ugandan government meaning you very much deveny committed massive atrocities against people in uganda but in order to cover this up they had to find and blame someone for that and what they did was they
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created this bogeyman so the bogeyman in uganda is joseph coney the bogeyman and in libya was of course marco duffy the bogeymen bogeyman and in eastern congo is any one of these guys thomas lubanga for example who have been brought to the international criminal court and when we talk about white supremacy only seven people have been brought forward on charges indictments at the international criminal court and they're all black men one of them being a black man and an arab can we conclude from this that white people never commit any kind of truck crimes in fact what we can do is create a long list of what i call the untouchable white men and mostly white men but some white women behind the atrocities committed in central. africa or behind the atrocities in afghanistan well you just let them all right on the head and you won't see us or you just won't see western leaders being held accountable for their crimes and you guys had it right on the had there you mentioned libby i want to move on really quickly it's now been two years since nato intervention in the
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country and you were one of the last western journalist to hold an audience of them are gadhafi prior to the invasion what do you discuss with him at the time and what do you think the real reasons were behind invasion in order to understand khadafi you've got to put him standing up next to some of these other leaders who are charged with war crimes or who are not charged with war crimes for example there's been far more atrocities committed by the bush government or the clinton government the clinton administration then could be ever committed but we don't ever have that kind of discussion because it could after it was created as this incredible bogeyman like i said and the devil of all devil because he's an arab and it works very well for the anti arab. right narrative onslaught that's going on the global are arab countries for example an arab civilization so what went down in libya was a massive us french backed invasion us troops all over the place committing massive atrocities that were all covered up and did they achieve their aims yes they remove
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gadhafi even though he was our man even though we had business deals with because the feet throughout the two thousand and five six seven years and they destroyed the country destroyed the infrastructure absolutely destroyed the systems that could be had put in place and whether you like the guy or not it created some systems in his own country that some autonomy that were effective and useful and the people of libya many people in libya appreciated the guy and i'm not calling him a hero in a sense of the word i think he was just another one of these guys who should never be given a country to control but line him up next to the real criminals in the world like him henry kissinger or truly do more loops the man who is behind the president of congo today or behind. the president of rwanda today these guys that we never hear about who i again call the untouchables and they're not just government officials they are government officials they are military officials military commanders that we are u.s. commanders british commanders austrian commanders but they're also mining
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executives right and they're company executives and we could name a long list of these guys totally who are saying about their political establishment using genocide as a tool and obviously only holding people accountable that are from these countries that they want to demonize but what about journalists because i want to talk about iraq you mentioned war crimes under bush back in two thousand and eight a report by the polling firm opinion research business stated that roughly one million iraqis have died as a result of the occupation that was over five years ago keith mainstream outlets even independent journalists continue to put out a drastically lower death toll why i mean why are they so afraid to investigate this discrepancy considering the numbers acknowledge that genocide happened there we have about a minute a half left. it's the same with the congo you know you find the numbers cited four million dead in the congo when it's over ten million dead in the congo why does that happen white supremacy journalists that are part of the system new york times journalist if you're reading the new york times you can contribute to your own mental illness these guys get a big salary b.b.c.
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they get big salary everything they need to go into the field if their camera equipment is lost it's been by u.p.s. or. an x. or whatever and everything to replace they've got huge per diem expense accounts these guys want to maintain their relationship to the power structure they don't want to be shut out so they don't tell the truth they self censor as noam chomsky you know worked out very well in manufacturing consent but then and they're also they allow their editors to censor and at some point they stop to say anything about it because they want to keep going if they want to be have an adventure they want to have a romance with a unicef person or a human d.p. person or a save the children person they want to have an adventure in the congo and they want to make a lot of money sending their photos out it's really about. and white supremacy it's this whiteness thing that i continue to allude to. absolutely thank you so much for incredible insight keith harmon snow an apparent war correspondent and genocide investigator appreciate your time. thank you very much. it's.
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it's. one of the last time you looked up at the night sky and pondered life in the universe thanks to the hubble telescope we're now much closer to answering one of the biggest questions of all time is it just yesterday nasa revealed the discovery of five jupiter size worlds that contained water in the atmosphere just a few trillion miles from earth and according to a study in the proceedings of the national academy of sciences we now know that there are possibly billions of planets within our galaxy that have the capacity for life but what about the capacity for intelligent life or man named frank drake came up with a way to quantify able to measure the likelihood of life within our milky way astrophysics as carl sagan explains it best about the process of the elimination rather sagan gets to
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a point of how many technological civilizations are likely to exist. if we were sent to civilization survive technological adolescence but if sebago would be not a hundred million. but only a hundred and then the number of civilizations would be a billion times a hundred and the number of civilization of the galaxy then would be measured in the. sort of technical so. indeed sagan's explanation of alien life is mind blowing you know it's funny all of earth's problems seem so small when you look into the endless space beyond the confines of this planet most of the source of suffering here on earth comes from a false human construct called money and the structures were created oftentimes imprison us from each other and the natural world we came from so easy to forget the bigger picture. so easy to forget that we're one human family living on one
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organism one pale blue dot as carl sagan said think of the analysts cruelties visited by the inhabitants of one corner of this pixel in the scarcely distinguishable inhabitants of some other corner how frequent their misunderstanding is how eager they are to kill each other how for event or hatreds or posturings are imagined self-importance the delusion that we have some privileged position in the universe our challenge by this point of pale white our spec as a lonely speck in the great enveloping cosmic dark in our obscurity in all this vastness there is no hint that help will come from elsewhere to save us from ourselves.
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i've got a quote for you. it's pretty tough to. say wait stop story. let's get this guy like me or that guy stead of working for the people missions the mainstream media works for each other right on stage and. they did rather well. i was a new alert and a patient's gets scared me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow
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the breaking news. alexander's family cry here's a. great thing. that. we ever read or get a court a wall around alive is a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. the
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windswept journey to can be an act of penance sin itself. doesn't know for excitement or adventure yet many come here for months at a time some never leave until they say that the same as them. this is one of the holiest sites of the russian orthodox church home to a throng.


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