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i think. i'm. going to add that i feel on the on the with there chris allman and horace cooper let's get back to it first of all horace you wanted to give me the title of a book yes it's the spirit of democratic capitalism by michael novak a great book about it from the catholics perspective about how capitalism want to work i'll check it out thank you ok earlier today president obama gave a speech right here in washington d.c. and center for american progress talking about income inequality and economic conditions here's a quote. so the basic bargain at the heart of our economy as freight in fact this trend towards growing inequality is not unique to america's market
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economy across the developed world that inequality has increased. so you may have seen just last week the pope himself spoke. about this at eloquent length how going to be he wrote that it's not a news item when an elderly homeless person does but suppose you are but it is news when the stock market loses two points so what do you think. why why should it be news when the stock market drops two points but the fact that you know forty forty thousand people in the united states every year die from lack of health health care for example adam smith a brilliant economist and minister whose book theory of moral sentiments should be read long before explains in the book the senate moral sentiments ups or another what the basis in this book that he wrote on the right of the theory of bill explains that when an earthquake kills ten thousand people in china we don't
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feel it and we're not as impacted the way we are when one of our neighbors has a break a leg or falls it's just every ality of how humans work that's no indictment on any particular economic system but the truth of the matter is we absolutely do not need a government that is concerned if it's purpose in saying that the difference between the high and the low is more important than dealing with the problems that create that therefore it's between the i and the low creates it does not listen let's say let's try to get a person here more towards you and i tend to go off on these things but but this i mean i think this larger question and maybe this goes back to our earlier conversation about christianity is is we have thousands tens of thousands of people in the united states who don't have access to health care who die die as a consequence of it we could argue the numbers but there are some of them there are
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we have thank you barbara the op that problem we have the. we have poverty the united states like we haven't had seen in decades i mean it's you know we have a really serious poverty problem these issues don't make the news regularly and my personal take on this reason reason for this is that these people are not politically powerful but actually i think what it comes down to is the first of all i mean there's a lot of reasons for it but number one is that the media puts on. what they think are the important stories and what they think impacts the most people who are people are not going to buy the advertised products and so it's not what i say as a lot of people well you know it's not about the product and it's out the stock market and and no i mean if i'm a programmer in a commercial television network and. i want to make the most innovative what i'm really i'm not going to be putting out we're going to put a lot of what people want to hear the other thing is as i said before liberals believe that life on earth is perfect all that we can all absolutely believe that
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all that government can help make us a more perfect society and that perfect union was actually abraham lincoln's for not a more perfect union a perfect that me and her effect of ok here on earth i don't know any liberal equalizing encumber is why does way that you think that that is a better society hit everyone is more equal and you don't exist either would be better if everybody paid was more equal of course you do that's what you're talking about i think society would be better if we had somewhat more people. but now i think what i mean but i'm not and i'm not calling for karl marx look at it so you have to call you know you know that i said is that is that in the first two years of the reagan administration when the top tax rate was seventy four percent was a terrible time less inequality in the united states we had a longer middle class in the united states and ever since the reagan tax cuts we've seen an explosion in inequality illegal us has been gutted and we all back the
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reagan tax and the time period from one thousand seventy two to one thousand nine hundred one was terrible for the american as a consequence of the oil embargo i was there a hole in it no not that was you know you want to do both you know we're always signed there wasn't a critical lean in the price of oil which affected everything that had been the case then we could have actually leashed our domestic opportunities here we chose. not to we chose to respond inappropriate but that's you know what the point is the danger isn't the stopping point the danger isn't the inequality the danger is the idea that inequality ought to be the focus if there are poor people sick people or people who are being hungry we all look at what are the solutions to deal with that what the differential is between them and some seem rather than using the state to maintain this dangerous to maintain the wealth of bill gates by extending copyright laws for example or using the state to extend the wealth of the koch brothers by by
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. then you can see that you so you these panadol that they stay is to extract i think what has moved out of his labor and give it to somebody else others interview road and state is to extract people's labor and give it either people think what republicans or conservatives have been promoting in this country for years for three decades roughly businesses since the reagan revolution has been basically what we saw of mitt romney people making tens of millions of dollars a year pay nothing in taxes year after year after year whereas people who are working their butts off are paying most of the load and people and a lot of people are having that who are different return visits and that most of the benefits and you guys and guys aren't ready to lots of homes are going to if we're going to beat up on mitt romney like not having to pay taxes well they want to have been playing that game with no pay no taxes no not that they would have a bit of it that's not true it's the he is he has to buy his own fire supply is no i his own security he has to buy all of the things that the he had even if it is
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the prayer for it system that we are paying for he's benefiting from a public education system that we are paid for from oh you know all that nonsense and he doesn't have to pay the tax did as i think that taxes grow his thirty five cent that he paid in that one year in the y. years before that he paid nothing that is a lie that is everlasting now law and everybody you know refuted it because he didn't use it he was very smart least of all tom hartman please. why i know he never refuted it and you haven't reviewed it yet. wow terrible i mean the truth is he has to pay taxes on the real estate properties that he owns in the owners quite a few the truth is he employs a number of people and he has to pay taxes on all the people that he employs the truth is he is capital gains but he has to pay. a lot now never late at all these guys are being sister about his income taxes but forty seven percent of americans pay or no income taxes now you re going to take as ailes
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tax and everything else add on no i'm saying but i'd say it was forty percent what the seven percent not the highest i'm a green and that's because of thirty two years of reaganomics have thrown the word have thrown the american middle class into the working poor now you're saying that sometimes they say but romney would like that which struck me as a guy who wants to talk about romney well i've romney was an example he's met he's met it's all these other guys you know quarter to three quarters of the most profitable corporations in america pay no taxes most of most wealthy people in america people who are have an entitled over a million dollars a year are paying very wonder if you're considering how to get more people up to that category and try to write on how to not the people down to the plate place where they are having to pay all these things i would like to see a relative i don't i don't i know you don't i know you want to be millionaires and you are the poor people and i think they don't think we have too many billionaires we have too many poor people we don't have enough middle class i think america has a much better we have a lot of folk and when you work done anything about it well washington d.c.
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it's washington d.c. just passed a minimum wage of eleven dollars and fifty cents an hour it's going to start twenty sixteen so it's a couple years down the road it will be tied to inflation right now the minimum wage in the city stands in a twenty five an hour and they're going to say that they that. you have to have a sick leave policy that covers tipped workers so finally we can go to a restaurant and know that the guy working back in the kitchen didn't show up today for work even though he was sick because he. i would have lost all of his pay and he didn't sneeze all over our food i see this is a good thing what's wrong with us i see you as a person who would like to get the benefits of sleeping well at night knowing you've done good and not want to do any personal sacrifice you want the people to be allies in this to me horace ok i'm sad about progress it's generally i see you progressives as people who want to go to night and sleep well and not have to worry about doing any of the things and you know and you don't want to sleep well i want to cry and i know rushing around where i know that if i don't go work at the
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shelter i'm not going to sleep well i don't know if i don't do something to make sure that i'm making a difference in the lives of real people but i won't sleep well and that's part of the christian message it's on me as a person it's not. that you're. trying to use the teachings of jesus to justify their not being a minimum wage dry goods are all they don't know what matter is and what you don't want to admit and you will be shocked shocked shocked when it happens is that after d.c. implements this they will find that a lot of the entry level positions are eliminated of course and that and that once again and do you know what you know who is going to be hurt that they will that are always what happened watch teen agers african-americans we had like a what is it a twenty five percent unemployment rate for african-americans for african-american teenagers it's probably close to seventy five so sad that what happened to you every time washington state you have more a more majority population almost all white population and the economic impacts of
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these choices are a little bit different people going to economics while the city is this is not a good honest seeing why did and why she did it easy and what we're going to see is that more black people are heading to prison more of these young black people is no not really you know this is this and you that i was going to happen even know they going to stay with it sort of in the states that have raised their minimum wages above the federal minimum wage that what has happened is that because people who spend one hundred percent of their income would. all minimum wage employees the economy has been stimulated and those people have done better in fact if you know that they can vary by when or where is. this is the every time there is a me has improved this is the only jurisdiction with the largest percentage of blacks in the country and there are some unique cultural features that are going to cause this minimum wage to be particularly destructive now the nice thing about having no evidence for what you see that we're going to see you have no other disease absolutely i mean and by the way have you been in your series that we may
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be the only state but there are cities that have that have large african-american not large but on this bet have clarity as to their minimum wage not a part of the federal minimum wage and have not seen the kind of disasters you're describing what. is on the margin this is simply not true on the margin we have seen a increase over the last thirty years the band as you call it inequality ban on on black unemployment has been increasing not decreasing that's a fact and where it ups the. way we are in three years we've been experimenting with a disaster and where this population is highly concentrated this is going to be even more difficult economic as one of the worst going to lead to or more white women and men who are young getting great opportunities in washington d.c. at the expense of unskilled untrained blotz let's hope you're wrong oras cooper crystal thank you for being with us. coming up it's no secret that the motor city
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has seen better days but what's the real reason for its decline and why isn't the media talking about it i'll tell you and i think it's a. i think. everybody. should you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open prize is critical to our democracy albus. in
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fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been a hydrogen handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers but once i'm tom are going to get on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem to try and rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america have i ever feel ready to join the movement then walk a little bit. didn't
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screw news we go to detroit michigan or governor rick snyder and his little dictator cabin or obese. sleeping happily tonight that's because a federal court has ok detroit's bankruptcy plan and in all likelihood sent the city down the path toward more economic misery thanks to the course decision the hard earned benefit packages of detroit's twenty thousand retired public sector workers that police firefighters like that are now on the chopping block retirees will have to compete with wealthy bankers and investors over what remains of detroit's finances and let's face it in today's america that's typically the major uphill battle deep cuts to pension cuts are now pretty much inevitable joining us
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for more on this from detroit about today's ruling as well as what it means for the future of the motor city is the pastor d. alexander bullock founder and national spokesperson for the change agent consortium . change c a c or. action see actions that thank you action cac thank you thank you so much so what's the mood like in detroit those are it's a somber mood you know we've been watching this now for many months and a retiree's feel like they have sold out the working class folks. obviously people like myself who can fighting for main street feel like you know wall street got bailed out main street got sold out this is just another example of the system really really attacking the most vulnerable among us now michigan's constitution guarantees public pensions so how is a case for a federal court to say we're at
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a cop. where you know just even wrote said of course federal the federal court system trumps this state constitution and we knew that when kevin or preemptively at that might not work. out to move us to this going that he was moving the issue out of the state of michigan into the federal bankruptcy court system as an attempt to sidestep the strong protection for pensions in the misused a constitution really really is just very disheartening that just feeding rose allow for cannon overs chess move to work and now pensions as well as the portraits speaking of the holdings and the paintings that they are on the chopping block and again this is this is really just devastating news for folks to have been fighting for a level playing field in the state of michigan this is kevin or a picture that we were just seeing curt on the screen just to verify. what message
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do you think the sense of the city struggling with financial problems. the message this is number one that if you want to balance your budget balance your budget on the backs of the most vulnerable about your budget on the backs of of that hard working middle class. has that made america great food get the promises that we may . get that time the investment that folks have gazed in and balanced budgets on the banks over tax everything's that. is that the question about revenue for cities becomes a secondary question and everything becomes about long term in austerity measures as opposed to talking about prosperity now jobs now increased revenue now in building up cash flow now that city of detroit has a cash flow problem maybe a tax collection problem but this long term debt conversation really really changed
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the terms of the debate and i think it i think we're trending in the wrong direction it was speaking of trends would it be reasonable or or fairer to say that from the thirty's until the eighty's roughly the mid reagan revolution that we were in a birth to a cycle america's cities were growing america's middle class was growing and that basically during this era of reaganomics and particularly over the last decade or so that we've got in the other direction our cities are being stripped of their wealth our middle class has been stripped of its wealth are working people are becoming the working poor are poor people are becoming the incredibly poor and that there doesn't seem to be an end in sight for those i think you're right fortunately i believe that we are trending in a very bad direction trade policy sending manufacturing overseas the middle class shrinking too few have too much no room for the rich no floor for the poor and many
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americans have fallen through the cracks in there seems to be no indeed. and now the flip side of this i guess the good news is that people like bernie sanders and elizabeth warren are being taken very very seriously in the national level is there anything like that in detroit are you sensing any kind of. pushback is or not just to to try. my home state is michigan starting to wake up you know one thing which you can start in waco twenty four to me there is an election governor rick snyder is running for reelection and so i know people already organizing to make sure that he does not get reelected there are folks like moratorium now the national action network are changing the consortium in many of the groups that are doing education doing teaching we're going to hold the banks accountable we want to make sure that this kevin or character gets out of town soon this restructuring plan for the city beach where he doesn't disenfranchise anybody else and so you know we're not turning around and we're not going away we're continuing to move forward i think
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twenty fourteen will see a whole lot of activity there will be given the snyder reelection next year from your lips to god's ears pastor d.l. xander bullock it is always great to have you on the program action ca org thanks so much for being with us thank you bad news. crazy alert subway warrior right now in singapore is busy subway system can be a chaotic experience as so many people packed into its trains personal space is often left at the turnstile passengers expect to be bumped pushed or even broke all in the same ride that is until now designer and singapore natives may know chang has just invented the vice that might just might make taking public transportation a little easier in the small asian city state it's called the cycleway best it's
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essentially a modern day version of a knight's armor made from plastic vest his outfit with a long pointy spikes all the spikes aren't really all that dangerous the best designers as they just scary enough to ward away on wanted subway attention and to top it all off the entire device is made materials you could find easily your local hardware. stuart hall just like a wave as it was originally created just as a joke it's become so popular online and it's designers thinking of mass producing it i think is to say it's safe to say that she had a really sharp idea. but i have probably heard the news michigan governor rick snyder is now free to rob detroit workers of their hard earned pensions on tuesday morning judge stephen rhodes ruled that because federal law trumps state law michigan's constitutional protections for public employee pensions don't apply in federal court it's pretty
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much official now detroit is going bankrupt the death of a great american city is one of the biggest if not the biggest news stories of the week but the mainstream media has yet to tell the real story behind the motor city's decline i used to live there i know the city bankruptcy law is a complicated topic so the one thing a major networks avoided all the nitty gritty details of the past few months legal battles but they haven't in fact that's all the mainstream media has focused on they've made it seem like detroit's troubles magically fell out of the sky back in july and the city's emergency manager kevyn orr first filed bankruptcy papers and while those legal battles are interesting in their own right they're really only part of a much larger story the destruction of detroit by america's banks billionaire class the media isn't telling that story and it's a story that needs to be told and to be heard at one point in time detroit was ground zero for the american dream the motor city really was the motor city was the
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fifth biggest metropolitan area in the country and its economy was booming as a result of the success of the big three automakers for general motors and chrysler car industries unionized workforce to call good middle class salaries in turn bolstering the city's tax revenue but over the past thirty plus years he tried has been hit hard by. the three headed monster of the new american fire academy free trade union busting and banks to run ponzi schemes from the washington administration to the reagan revolution of the one nine hundred eighty s. our trade system around the world was based on a system of protectionist tariffs and encourage doing business in america and discouraged moving american jobs overseas toward the end of the twentieth century both republican and democratic lawmakers began to embrace a new form of free market exposure six three ms of what they called free trade free trade opened up the economy to foreign competition and outsourced jobs once done by american workers workers overseas detroit was hit especially hard as foreign car
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companies like toyota took advantage of lax trade policies to sell their products to american consumers this decimated detroit's industrial core motor city's manufacturing workforce to two hundred thousand in one nine hundred fifty today it's twenty thousand but any possibility that those foreign companies would help provide new jobs to detroit's now unemployed auto workers who stopped dead in its tracks by right to work for less states in the south using their anti worker laws to attract foreign manufacturers like volkswagen and toyota and with the jobs gone and poverty rampant detroit like so many other indian does to realize in cities across america then became the target for banks toure's looking to make a quick buck with rip off mortgage schemes as a result the financial crisis hit them or the motor city especially hard but to make matters worse after a victim thousands of detroiters from their homes the big banks didn't bother going
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through the normal foreclosure process instead they left the houses abandoned in an attempt to avoid paying taxes on their scheme worked detroit's army of abandoned houses costs the city millions every year in unpaid taxes the motor city once ground zero. for the american dream is now ground zero for the worst policies of the post reagan economy its industrial heart has been shredded in the name of free trade its workforce has been decimated by glorified union busting schemes and in the final insult to add that final insult to injury its impoverished population has been ripped off by predator banks toure's course you can expect the media focus on those things right i mean with so much money to be made through a bankruptcy it's far easier to focus on the short term and blame the retiring those former workers were the only ones who kept their part of the bargain by
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trading lower pay and longer working hours for a pension it's now being stolen from them by michigan's republican governor if we really want to save the rest of our country from devastation when you take a good hard look at the lessons of detroit because if we continue on the path we've been on for the past thirty years introduced decline won't be just a sad story it will be america's story and that's the way it is tonight wednesday december fourth two thousand and thirteen last night i concluded the first leg of my book tour at politics and prose here in washington d.c. just want to thank everyone for stopping by and a lot to me and i had a great time thank you to paul sanderson it has shut publishing and my dear friend own rattner percent and everything up thanks to the politics and prose folks proposed in the event thanks to their wonderful story and don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active today or.
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whatever and you will draw on. well i should be making news on the face of your life you know. her look. a pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm rollers to shift some. wealthy british scientists on some time to see what's right for.
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the market. come to. find out what's really happening to the global economy with mike stronger for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines two kinds of reports. that was a new alert animation scripts scare me a little bit. there is breaking news tonight and we are continuing to follow the breaking news. a alexander's family cry hears a noise at a great thing that had theatrical red dark and a court of law found alive is a story made for a movie is playing out in real life. please
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. coming up on our t.v. a new week from edward snowden reveals more about the n.s.a. surveillance program you're. the agency is tracking billions of cell phones around the globe a day tell you more just ahead even california police officers face charges over the death of a local homeless man video shows kelly thomas being beaten in tasered by the officers before his death and update on this case and a look at police brutality here in the us ahead and the air force academy in colorado cadets take a pledge to never lie but investigative journalist says he's uncovered information that some recruits are asked to not only lie but also spy on classmates professors and commanders will speak to the journalists coming out.


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