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tv   Headline News  RT  December 5, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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olympic torch relay. m r t r r. live from moscow in a scandal in scandinavia now sweden is revealed to be on the spy game helping the n.s.a. snoop on the russian leadership also. there is a systematic attack. on the christian community in syria religious officials plead for action to protect serious christians were a group of nuns are still being held by rebel forces but. there should be no doubt where the united states stands on america weighs in on ukraine's ongoing crisis supporting the pro e.u. opposition as protesters give president on a code which i'll tomato. i'm ready to pick up any key forty seven and start shooting ukraine's hardline nationalist groups and the claims they're hijacking the country's pro e.u. demonstrations.
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to center at nine pm is kevin i am with you this very good to have you company this is r.t. international our top story than sweden has been helping america's n.s.a. to spy on russian leaders and provided washington with a list of high profile targets swedish state t.v. sites documents leaked by whistleblower edward snowden the program which revealed the claims called mission investigate its chief editor told us what they found. we have revealed. a very close relationship between the swedish defense radio authority f.r.a. and their american counterpart n.s.a. and according to the documents. f.r.a. have spied spying on the russian leadership and they are passing this
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information on to n.s.a. we got access to these documents thanks to edward snowden so for we have don't have any details more than the documents are mentioning. that they're talking about unique intelligence they're talking about classic intelligence and they're also mentioning cables the spokesman of f.r.a. didn't give any comments but. when axed asked about being. seen as a leading partner that's the way they spell it in these documents for a is the leading partner to n.s.a. then he says ok that's flattering he say's so that's the only comment we have received so far. well the swedish foreign minister since commented on the allegations saying they won't affect his country's relationship with russia our
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correspondent in europe peter all over also looked into what else has been emerging . tax both the f.r.a. and president putin's spokesperson both of them saying they don't comment on these type of matters now a separate document that was released was there was to address two n.s.a. personnel that were working with the swedes and i told them that they should thank sweden for the continued work on the russian target know all of this coming out showing this that sweden is just another part of the system of this this widespread global n.s.a. spying program that seems to be to looking into many other countries and has many of the countries working as partners with it and this information of course comes out on the same day as it's been revealed that the n.s.a. tracks the mobile phone records of five billion people per day those mobile phone records of course would allow you to know where somebody was moving around the world so it seems that months after we first heard from the leaks of edward snowden
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revelations continue to come out this time showing that sweden was helping the n.s.a. to spy on russia so why sweden well eighty percent of russia's international internet traffic goes through the country and of course russia is not alone either in being subject to the allegations of high profile snooping by the n.s.a. journalist or spiegel magazine revealed earlier this year that the agency also targeted chancellor angela merkel also reportedly on washington's radar brazil's president dilma rousseff as well as the russian prime minister and former leader to me to medvedev who apparently was spied on at the g twenty summit in london back in two thousand and nine with some help from britain's g c h q let's go live to washington d.c. intelligence analyst train obvious there for us to put a bit more flesh on the bones of this developing story hi there nice to see you tonight how much do you think sweden has been spying on russia end of the day. i think it's always a surprise because one imagines sweden
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a neutral country not engaging with the other protagonist during the cold war well tommy rot in point of fact the swedes have been working first of all with the british government communications headquarter g c h q which of actually joined by an unbiblical court with n.s.a. in fact if we go back to one thousand nine hundred fifty two there was a swedish air force d.c. three dakota that was doing surveillance work on the then soviet states of a stone and lithuania well along came a savior make fifteen and shot it down all eight were killed the interesting thing was that the equipment aboard that dakota at that time was all supplied by the british g c h q mind you back in one nine hundred eighty one when they savior whiskey costs submarine three six three went aground had been
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spying on the swedish naval port there and of course that famously gave the title of the incident whiskey on the rocks but as you said in your introduction . so much of the internet traffic goes from the russian federation to the rest of the world but it goes through cable that passes through sweden and sweden working with jussi h.q. working indeed with the national security agency had been party to it you know little it meant little how legal is it for a country to tap into that kind of information that's running through its country like that it's an information streaming through it as a carrier country illegally is it. i i i i'm not a lawyer. so he said with a spook world all right how easy is it going to talk about that instead. jolly
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yes indeed and in fact the various nodes around the world that's one of the reasons that the n.s.a. working with some of its contractors here in the united states finds it quite so easily there for all to bring the cable in that goes through. is very easy indeed to make clean from and those that we're talking about well now that this is the interesting thing that there is just so much information your previous correspondent mentioned the billions of telephone calls that are monitored the amount of information and i think there's something like twenty two. flops of information that the n.s.a. hold it's impossible to analyze it except the matter of data that you can actually see the movements of people in the case of the internet traffic if you identify the sender and the recipient then automatically some of these
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huge crate computers can identify a link and this is it the linkage but what people what we call you on the line actually good time to mention of course it's also revelations also come out that the n.s.a. is harvesting data from hundreds of millions of cell phones of ordinary people around the world we just talked about the massive amount of information there how do they start to filter it down or what are the again what in the n.s.a.'s case what are they trying to glean from that massive amount of information that's coming in. well you're absolutely right the. the volume of information is extraordinary and remember it has to be stored and they have storage facilities a base outside of the united states and hear what they will do they will discover let's say that someone is using a cell phone a mobile phone and it it's just like the. navigation system you have in your motor
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car that it's linked to satellites you can say we're at any given time that car is well you can also say we're a mobile telephone a cell phone is located you can pick up that if the particular phone is one that you have an interest in and you then know you see the pattern of where it's been in touch with so let's say a terrorist is communicating with one of his colleagues in syria what have you then without knowing initially who the specific person they're in touch with you start to develop a pattern so overall those billions of calls probably ninety five percent of them just go into the hopper they stay there because. you know the analysis goes back and you can see patterns emerging and so it's said that unless you revert to good old fashioned handwriting and live in a cave you can't hide these days you can be tracked anywhere i think they call the
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golden days in the claim of truth thanks ever so much. from washington it was nice to see. thank you. all right we'll be following this developing story of course with more expert analysis on air and online in r.t. dot com. and of course voting for broad international effort to secure the release of twelve nuns reportedly held by radical islamist rebels in syria they were seized from a monastery during an opposition assault on a predominately christine town and as paul asli reports next for us it's the latest in a series of attacks on religious targets in the country. twelve nines and three of the helpers who belong to the orthodox monastery of moola are believed to have been moved to brood now according to syrian opposition activists the women will move for their own safety but earlier religious officials said that the women were abducted by members of the al nusra front which is affiliated to al qaida the syrian
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observatory for human whites says that the women were taken after several days of intensive fighting during which the almost refined find to eventually manage to capture the old quarter of melinda and various reports point to the fact that these are mostly from fighters into the orthodox monastery in the same tone of moon where these women were well there's a lot of concern particularly amongst christians living in syria as the attacks against their communities seemingly escalate we have heard from the pope who has decided to pray for the safety of these women and earlier we at r.t. spoke with the international christian concern who said that they were extremely worried and extremely troubled by this incident in particular they have called on rebel forces to ensure the safety of these women and also make sure that all lines of communication with them remain open there are several muslim clerics who have
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also condemned the abduction in the strongest terms we denounce their deeds confirm that terrorism is a savage monster which wants to do with our all religious and humanitarian values they came to cuba and kidnap a few muslim moms and christian priests in our job to ships and the like they kidnapped priests and priestesses of events in one dangerous conspiracy to do the role of the church in syria which they want to grab to the stone age genius or to run for it were the country many christians have left they're now living as refugees elsewhere and. mascots because they're so fearful of the situation the last time that i was in syria i visited the city of homes where both the syrian army as well as people who are returning to the question quarter sewed me around and found in churches and spoke about the fear that they too have as attacks on the christian community inside syria escalates well here on your screen now is video
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allegedly showing another rebel attack on a christian site in syria this is an ancient orthodox ball a street near damascus the opposition justified the assault with claims that government troops were using it as a firing position so the rebels of least a barrage of the site and several people reportedly wounded of the attack earlier i spoke to an anglican priest from syria who were told me christians are being used as cannon fodder in this ongoing conflict. thousands and thousands hundreds of thousands of christians wear this place from their homes and a lot of christians were killed we still have two bishops missing from from aleppo we don't know anything about them they are being used by both sides. as a political card because the regime wants also to feel to to show that they are protecting the minorities specially the christians and they are begging for for the international community to interfere to release the nuns where
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the the rebels they are turning the blind eyes to the al qaida and the islamists to target specifically christians there is a systematic attack on the christian community in syria and hundreds of thousands of christians were displaced. a senior american diplomat has waded into ukraine is unrest now encouraging the opposition in their ongoing pro e.u. mass protest. this is ukraine's moment to meet the aspirations of its people or to disappoint them and risk descending into chaos and violence there should be no doubt where the united states stands on all of this we stand with the people of ukraine who see their future in europe and want to bring their country back to
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economic health and unity but it's a system secular state victoria nuland there speaking at a preplanned regional security summit in kiev meantime the opposition ukraine's now delivered an ultimatum to the president threatening to set up around the clock blockade of government institutions unless the elections held but is a really good wish to reports the nature of the protests and shifting. oh lorie to green glory to the heroes is deficient slogan of the hardly a nationalist movement known as the ukrainian insurgent army and the chant heard among the crowds and key of these days here is just a couple of these protesters to deface mr bork the founder of the nationalist club or the party and the man inspired by the actions of the u.i. is wartime militias they took up machine guns and followed the russians the germans and the jews those who quote wanted to take away our ukrainian land and this is.
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another far right activist for the radical nationalists but that movement so we needs war that's the main thing an organisation like cars can't exist without war. is one of those suspected of arranging the bulldozer action key of over the weekend then will present the ultra nationalist sentiment that is popular in western ukraine which has traditionally gravitated towards europe rather than moscow many hope we will fight for the european union until the end and even if they bring your tanks we will win. i'm ready to pick up any keep forty seven and start shooting up to us. thousand people go to kiev every day and our motto is together till the end our resistance forces consist of afghanistan war veterans and former security service officials recent polls show the country's as sharply divided on the issue with more than seventy percent of those living in a western ukraine they bring the deal with the european union but that drops to
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less than thirty percent in the east in kiev what began as a campaign over trade ties with europe is now descending into rallying cry for ukrainian nationalism good enough you know but that's when these people are being passed off as innocent kids who suffered during the peaceful protests i'm sorry i've seen others there who clearly were non militant and then there were others would not have in their pockets why would anyone do that when going to a peaceful protest but it is not yet it seems to be escaping some of europe and america's political heavyweights but there's a rowdy right wing driving force taking root you know go scope party key of. course more news ahead for you including details of one of the bloodiest terrorist rays that yemen seen in recent years after the break. crane is being compared to lady hall on the one hand takes money from an old then i'll believe gentlemen but one sister and her time with
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a handsome young man but sometimes you really have to choose i mean you cannot have both if you're using that kind of metaphors i think you should clearly separate the present existing ukrainian authorities we share been negotiated in a very embarrassing way was both the european union russia and ukraine a nation. dramas that can't be ignored. stories others the few still in the. faces changing the world right. to picture. from around the globe.
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hello again to french ministry complex in the heart of the capital's been shaken by a car bomb and more than two hours of intense gunfire to the been reports of at least thirty deaths and dozens more injured the mother of the yemen times gave us details of how the tragic events in sanaa unfolded. one of our reporters the we think that the hospital morgue he personally counted the bodies i mean dead bodies at the place gunfire started following the explosion at the western gate of the ministry of defense and it was like that. the second car we aren't many we get many maybe two uniformed they entered the compound and started shooting and started chasing soldiers
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yemeni soldiers and it was. a total chaotic situation i would say it was. country asli even more than two hours after the first explosion there is a hospital. the hospital or the and they usually he's going to used for for a high ranking military men a yemeni and those people armed men entered the place they started shooting at the . medical staff and by now we have a report about at least two foreign medical staff are among the dead at this point we can't say that the been the they were just targeting high ranking people but the place you ricci's kind of the yemen at the heart of yemen's security and
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defense. ministry i think the just target they just wanted to target anyone at the place maybe call the staff soldiers high ranking military men all together. to guantanamo bay prisoners held for more than a decade have been sent back to the native algeria the news comes amid renewed efforts to close the notorious to tension camp in cuba which seriously tarnished america's reputation abroad and get more from lawyer parties. colleague was involved indeed in the case of one of these now freed she's also a senior staff attorney from the center for constitutional rights part of c.v.t. if those take the time to be with us i mean as someone who is close to these cases then what you feel about these two men's releases today. yes and very simply these transfers are unlawful under international law they were senseless because these and then had to search country options for resettlement and they were cruel and reckless they now face a risk of a credible fear they had
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a credible fear persecution algeria they're facing now a prospect and incommunicado detention for a period weeks. but i know because i'm sorry you do you know you and especially the cole are going to been dealing with these guys more to the release from guantanamo bay you've got to worry but but now there's still a problem well you know these men were cleared or are clients develop as yet was cleared in two thousand and nine section cleared of the bush administration as well is fear of return to out syria was so severe that he wanted to he would want to stay and watch hama rather than be transferred to algeria he was seeking resettlement and a third country and we knew and the u.s. government there were options for his transfer to a safe their country and despite those arsons it forcibly transferred him to a place that he he so you have a huge problem that there was still in guantanamo tonight you know our client would have said that he would rather have stayed at guantanamo and that speech
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transferred to austria where it is now why the american transferred the mere the rather than going to a third country why they've done that if they knew the dangers that you're talking about if that's a good question and i think that's a question to ask the state department and the government this is not the way to close guantanamo as the united states wanted to transfer in and out of the prison there are fifty six yemenis who want to go home many of them want to go there are countries to send people to where they age and not face the fears that these men had so it is senseless and mystifying and confusing and unlawful that this happened how they had waited made a tour and now spoken to perform and all this channel we've covered this so much over the last year or so picking up the ghost plight as we've gone along here in a lot of. one against cases for it but the still so many prisoners in the old men being held against their will but are having a trial are you any closer to you on the colleagues pushing for them to be treated
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better are you any closer to getting sorted or not. you know there has been a trickle of transfers since a major speech that president obama named this year announcing a recommitment closing the prison this came only after a mass hunger strike presence beyond the reason that prompted any action by the u.s. government but it prompts a speech or worse important words and some steps but in terms of actual transfers we have seen a trickle there were two algerians who went voluntarily if for these transfers the rescue sudanese man were just transferred and they're released to ensuring that our client jim allen and other man ok is having saya just simply transferred that isn't enough progress by any stretch is interesting our correspondent where lucia did a series inside a kind of a p.r. thing of course as far as the press is concerned she wanted to talk to at least one of the prisoners there if the authorities as the saying of the police who are between really well she wasn't allowed access to a single prisoner are you surprised that that that's been that's been the way it's
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been a quiet time since the beginning there is never been a direct access to the man going south or at the opportunities for for the press to visit the prison and get more of their press tour and actually be able to meet with his men educationally there hasn't been access for an independent international human rights monitors so no i'm not surprised ok thank you for your time part is coverage from the set of a constitutional rights on the line with us tonight thanks. and thank you for being with us as well as a puppet see cranes on going pro e.u. public turmoil in the spotlight right after the break here on a national. we
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often see the middle east as a place of constant turmoil and revolution but people in thailand seem to be very fired up as well masses of protesters are forcing government ministries to shut down by storming them with human waves one such ministry is the thai equivalent of the american f.b.i. which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support ousted prime minister taksin shinawatra who is the brother of the current leader while people are crying out for democracy with accusations of violence against protesters so where is barack obama john kerry the mainstream media i mean whatever some group of rebels protestors are i mean freedom fighters rise up for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or bomb their country back into the stone age like in libya serbia iraq some protest explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others are almost totally silent like thailand and bulgaria where there have also been storming of buildings less than a month ago i might be a conspiracy theorist but the selective coverage and selective concern for some
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humans rights and not for the rights of others well it smells a bit fishy to me but that's just my opinion. is welcome to all of the part. with every passing day ukraine's choice between closer ties with the european union or russia seems more like a choice between good and evil a democratic future of the authoritarian past but it is the choice really well to discuss that van allen joined by. a member of the ukrainian parliament on a strong supporter of european integration mr shift chunk of thank you very much for your time great to be with you first of all could you update us on what is
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happening in kiev right now. well we are at the my done of independence right back from the parliament to where we had a no confidence vote for the korean government and there's you already know it failed. only one candidate in eighty six m.p.'s voted to put the government down there were two reasons to do to do this no confidence or first is the collapse of the association agreement was the european union and second it's the bloody police attack on peaceful protesters here on them i've done sort of the saturday morning as we can see behind your back people are still gathering in the center of key if i want to what do you protest there's really want right now are they still rallying in favor of the association agreement or they want something else. as you can see the independence square is already full of people and people keep arriving as a consumer left and right this is the first reaction to this to this no confidence
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vote in the in the parliament we should wish failed actually i think after this we lost a good opportunity to start finding our way out of the political process a tsunami of people here and i've done the clearly demand we want the president to step down that's the way to solve the political crisis that's the way to get closer to this decision it was the european union you mentioned earlier the brutal use of force by the police and we've all seen the footage from key of and i think everybody including president you know comment himself recognise that the use of force was excessive and as far as we understand the investigation is underway and before that investigation was event completed the chief of police had to step down so don't you think that in demanding nothing last then the resignation of the president himself the opposition is being a big excessive in its demands.


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