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tv   Headline News  RT  December 7, 2013 5:00am-5:30am EST

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never on the table president putin's spokesman says ukraine joining a customer's union with russia was never part of talks with his counterpart vicki on a cold bridge in sochi. a tiny village takes on a u.s. energy giant we travel to remain near where locals are desperate to stop shale gas exploration close to their homes. and as the world mourns mandela the death of the anti-apartheid icon sparks fears and white enclaves that racial tension could return to south africa. welcome you're watching r.t. international with me. now ukraine's president viktor yanukovych has met with
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hootin to discuss strategic ties with russia mr yanik over each made a preplanned detour to sochi for the meeting on his way back from china where he was hoping to secure an aid package for ukraine's economy let's cross live now to artie's paul scott who is in kiev poor what further details to we have about the meeting between the two presidents. well the details of those meetings are that meeting between the two presidents are slowly beginning to emerge now ukraine's under fire president viktor yanukovych stopped off as you say in sochi for a meeting with his russian counterpart on his way back from china now although the exact details of the discussion haven't been divulged it's believed that yana cove it was looking for close economic and trade ties with russia now ukraine's economy is struggling right now the country is heavily in debt and struggling to pay some of its gas bills to russia and it's believed that yanick over it was trying to
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secure some kind of deal on that front now this will be of little consolation to the protesters that you can see behind me who are continuing their demonstrations here in kiev now in defiance of the weather now the organizers are hoping for up to one million people to descend on kiev on sunday now some of the protesters anger has been caused by the forceful dispersal from authorities of protesters last weekend the government has launched an investigation into those events as my colleague arena political reports. now why don't you call the worst moment was when i saw people being beaten on the ground at my feet they were just kids and i couldn't do anything about it and it was terrible it must never happen again. the night of november thirtieth when peaceful protests in the heart of kiev were broken up by ukraine special right police force dozens and it up in hospitals images of police beating defenseless people emerged on the internet
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like the it was the next day it was the police on the receiving end of the violence but at the hands of a mob and not the peaceful protesters who were dispersed just the day before. i got hit by either a brick or a piece of pavement score in the face it's hard to tell because everything was flying but no one could predict it would go like this that there would be rocks bricks molotov cocktails this was sort of all i was scared for my units who were there because it was totally unexpected right in front of all of this there were these boys eighteen nineteen years old who serve in the army and everything was flying at them rocks molotov cocktails. these men are among the officers still in hospital a week after the attack some received injuries severe enough to leave them disabled
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or to convince them to leave the force but both. i determined to return to service and don't have any animosity towards the crowd on independence square i can understand people they want to express their opinion. people have the right to voice their opinion but without breaking the law it would not be an overstatement to say that many people here view is their enemy number one especially after last week's intense clashes what's there is opinion out there that the police force were simply following the instructions they have received and it's those who gave the orders that should be held responsible for the violence so. there are recordings on the internet of the actual orders that received an accident prone to clear we must create a parliamentary commission and find the person who blew it all up and hold them criminally responsible i'm sure the orders came from someone higher than the head of police. as the protests enter their third week the tension is palpable no one
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wants a repeat of last week's nightmare but a resolution requires common efforts from both sides among people whose patience is already wearing. our. economic troubles were the main reason cited by ukraine's leadership for objecting an association agreement with the e.u. a decision that's left the country's population basically divided reporter martin who has written extensively on ukraine says protesters cornflour into gratian would be disappointed if the deal ever came to fruition. i think it would be a nightmare come true in the long term ukraine and the european union have a locks again from increased relationships with each other but the package that the e.u. was proposing and the price you create would pay in severed ties with russia and the east bloc would in the short term cause
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a very we'll drop in the standard of living for the ukrainian people much greater energy price costs and the european union and european commission given their own financial woes would not be in the position to give ukraine the necessary financial support it would need in these situations the european union has major problems within its own area that it really must resort before it can really new it's our first to reach out to nations like ukraine and i think there really needs to be a fundamental reassessment in brussels of what ukraine needs which has not been adequately recognized in brussels. here again and u.s. politicians have been lending their support to the opposition in kiev online we've got more on that and their reaction to course that had seen dot com.
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hundreds of residents of a remote village in northeastern remaining are protesting after u.s. energy heavyweight chevron regime this exploration for shale gas in the area the company earlier suspended trading over environmental concerns raised by local recent matters says it wants to build positive dialogue with nearby communities but as artie's lucy catherine off reports it's an operation that's gone hand in hand with violence and intimidation. it's a case of david versus goliath a tiny romanian village pitted against a massive us energy giant chevron which is trying to drill for shale gas that's believed to be trapped beneath the ground in the rocks here now that the process involves a controversial process called fracking that means pumping water and chemicals that my pressures into the ground in order to unlock the gas that's trapped inside the problem according to environmentalists is that all those chemicals can contaminate the water release dangerous methane gas into the air even earthquakes and that is
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a risk that these villagers imprudent just here in romania simply don't want to take now this has been the scene of peaceful protests for more than a month now the villagers had gathered here to try to prevent chevron from doing this work when our team was here last in october it seemed that the protesters had won chevron had announced that it would temporarily at least suspend its drilling activity as its exploration activities here but earlier this week authorities had taken chevrons side with brute force. when the police came we couldn't do anything to stop them this wrong at the camp and began to turn in the one structure everyone here. we tied ourselves together to form a human chain across the ruled the police officers came out just like grooves they were kicking ass and beating us with their bottoms i was kicked here there was another villager who's in hospital now because of how hard they hit him in the stomach but now as we can see over here chevron has now resumed its activities its
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exploration activities and we're hearing unconfirmed reports of hundreds of police officers just burst in this area we also pray for their loved ones reports of police officers trying to potentially intimidate some of the villagers prevent them from from coming here mourning perhaps of consequences for them if they continue to protest reporting and put in just romania for r t. i'm lucy catherine of. lucy is only one of a handful of journalists following the standoff between chevron and the locals in congest the and you can follow her twitter feed here for the latest on events there and one of her latest tweets she is saying that there is a heavy police presence at the chevron drilling site. well fracking is also causing uproar across the atlantic the u.s. state of texas has been shaken by several earthquakes recently with some scientists saying dozens of nearby drilling wells are to blame environmental activist and
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professor at the university of north texas adam brigalow believe fracking activity should be subjected to more thera regulation. what needs to happen is there needs to be more empowerment for those who are most vulnerable to the harms involved here you know companies talk about conducting this in a safe way but the there is no objective answer to what is safe this is it's it's a system that's vulnerable to what was called normal accidents that can there's going to be something going to happen wrong with it any time now whether that's too frequently occurring or whether the harms of alt or of too great a magnitude i think reasonable people can disagree on that question so the real question isn't whether it's safe it's who gets to determine whether it stays in the us and the lead question the people who are more or most vulnerable to the harms involved have to have the greatest say and so when it needs to be sort of restructuring of the political dialogue around this. not coming up want to live in
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central parish then brace yourself. look the same here do you hear. we find out how people managed to squeeze into the french capital paying over the odds for cramm accommodation. france's leading its second major intervention in africa this year sending troops and helicopters to the central african republic there are reportedly a thousand french troops on the ground already paris began to send reinforcements hours after the u.n. authorized the mission to quell sectarian violence in the country the red cross says at least three hundred people were killed in two days of fighting in the capital bangui and christian militias loyal to the acid present clash with muslim fighters currently in control of the country more dubbed as the policeman of africa france has been active on the continent since the colonial era is
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a map of its former colonies over the past decade france has led interventions in mali chad ivory coast and the democratic republic of congo and that's aside from its involvement in libya as for the current conflict in central african republic earlier this year france refused a request to intervene from former president bush z.z. who was ousted in march by muslim rebels but now it's decided to lawrence freeman from the executive intelligence review magazine believes french domestic problems are behind the decision. recently france has become more active militarily and i think the problem with that france and britain. have not given up their intent on nabbing at the news of some of the resources and wealth of the african countries or so i think france is suffering serious problems at home there is a devastating collapse in living standards throughout all of europe so many of
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these things i think combining to push france forward into somebodies military activities. more of them recently than we've seen before to be k. nine where the government is planning to ban extremist preaches from visiting mosques and islamic senses but as we reported a few minutes prison authorities claim it's largely in the jails that people are being radicalized we've got the full story coming up.
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technology innovation all the developments around russia. the future. well if you're. a pleasure to have you with us here on our t.v. today i roll researcher. welcome back now south africa's first black president nelson mandela will be laid
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to rest next sunday at his family estate but as people around the globe mourn the loss the saying the death of the iconic leader could reaganite racial segregation this time though it's those living in white. africa that are worried. as more. for many years south africans in particular have been asking themselves the question what happens when mandela pastas on and for a long time there was a war we that everything he stood for which was essentially bringing white and black south africans to give it would disappear when he dies this question has become this urgent as the years have passed on and a new generation of south africans has come to the fall but certainly there are pockets of particularly white south africans who are today afraid now i visited the community of cain fun tain which is a white on cave they you find only off the conason all these are white south africans who can trace the roots back to european cities who came in the sixteen
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hundreds you need special permission to enter the area there are security guards everywhere there are statues paying tribute to the founders of a party which was south africa's legal system of discrimination between blacks and whites people there justified the existence of such enclaves as merely a way of preserving their history their culture their language they argue against any kind of claims of racism we feel strongly about our identity and we want to protect that and preserve it this together with the fear that some white of economists feel has caused some to put in place contingency plans now there's a group called the state land as they estimate that the figures are around eighty to one hundred thousand people and they are all linked through mobile phones in such a way that if in any time they believe a genocide happens and they do believe that a genocide is coming against white south africans they can they mobilize him selves
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and move to an area where they will be able to both protect themselves and be completely self-sufficient and i visited this community and this is what they had to tell me right now oh we're the stage or little six. little sort of is really a true can schools these white south africans our. all in the minority the majority really credit mandela with bringing the country back from the brink of civil war regardless of the color of the skin they race the creed they have been made to south africans for god mandela as the hero of the struggle against apartheid and seen him as one of the greatest sons this country has ever given birth to. just a click away for you right right now the moment to present us by revelations weren't enough when you emblem for america's latest intelligence gathering satellite might be concerned take a look at that sinister emblem so you don't call. plus an issue
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of national security or an attempt to mask its failures japan introduces new state secrecy laws we've got the details online. right. first really. and i think. on our reporters. on.
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we are the problem we in the west of the problem especially the united states government so it really is quite ridiculous that we get manipulated into say no we have to take care of this problem over there the problem is in our own backyard and we know that it's. dramas that try to be ignored. stories others refuse to notice. places change the world right. to picture. from around the globe.
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look to. the u.k. government has announced new measures to crack down on islam this and scream extremism drawn up following the brutal murder of a british soldier by two muslim. part of the plan is to block extremist material on the web and ban those encouraging extremism from visiting mosques however as aussies there were smith reports is the jails where converts of becoming increasingly radicalized. wormwood scrubs prison in west london temporary or longer term home to around fourteen hundred male prisoners apart from the inevitable gang activity and drug taking that goes on inside many prison inmates find religion while they're doing their stretch some are genuine others not
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so much any religion you get those who watch on to and use that religion is an excuse for treatment and we're particularly concerned by definition clear evidence that there are youngsters being radicalized. and forced to join the rest of causation of young i phone report prisoners. who then can become a tree machine while evidence from the prison office's union shows prisoners are necessarily so much finding gods as having shoved in their faces muslim gangs have grown in power and influence in jails all over the country and the prison officers association is concerned that they target vulnerable new arrivals for conversion and that those who are muslims already are being forced into more extremist views you speak to some prisoners unable to. food
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or out on it to get more time a show or just to be seen as to be part of a gun culture i've done it for protection i've done it because i was bullied extremists who are ultimately released from behind these walls back into society some international news in brief. thank you thank. you nothing's clashes erupted between police and students who are marking the fifth anniversary of the fatal police shooting of a teenager officers used tear gas pepper spray and stun grenades to quell the crowds of youngsters who hurled bombs and set vehicles alight at least ten people were arrested and dozens more detail and. supporters and opponents of president mohamed morsi have clashed in several cities across egypt policing gazer used to gas to disperse demonstrations dozens of arrests have been made the unrest comes despite the government passing
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a new law banning groups of more than ten people gathering on the streets. we have some breaking news here and we go back to one of our top stories in the anti fracking protests in north eastern remaining let's join our season catherine off who is there now she joins us lucy what can you describe for us the moment. every day brian mentioned right now is your moment. by cracking demonstrators about two hundred of them actually ran across the road and broke into that chevron had one ration drilling right they had knocked down but i believe that changed but the grief not shown restraint in italy they were quite outnumbered by the protester but moments like they are required to barge crowds of riot. helmet.
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and mark into the area they have now. into an area away from the fact on strike and standing shoulder to shoulder with you know going in front of them but. the one. thing that possibly bang grenades no tear gas but it didn't seem like there were it not to react i think some people were forcibly removed from the fight but you know at the moment the fight for the arrival of the right really. outnumbered the police work at the moment so it doesn't look like it's going to escalate like. it was that really agitated. but more than a month now been going again chevron plan to. and potentially conduct an operation in the. area. really environmental activists. who are really worried about the environment. that their way of life could be
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disturbed and that is why they got there who are trying to prevent operator. ok thank you. for the reporting there from northeastern remaining where there are demonstrations of course we'll be keeping across that story throughout the day. paris may be a dream destination but the romance of the french capital comes at a premium for those who want to live there and as a silly a found out even if you're willing to pay the price home may still be a cramped attic or basement. it all looks great on paper but anyone with an aspiration of living in central paris quickly discovers the nightmare and becomes looking for a flat here this picturesque center of the city might as well have a sign that says off limits to anyone with a tight budget but if you must prepare for very tight quarters when you first arrive to the far out i was completely shocked because this was the smallest area
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that i found myself i didn't look it's from here do you hear. danica pay seven hundred seventy euros for this tiny twenty square metres central paris flat in the popular lot in quarter area plus another hundred for bills and internet she chose convenience over price a choice that's not quite there for others like sabina who lives just outside paris with three other people her bedroom in the basement. but it was about five hundred euros when i moved here so. i was looking on internet for place for five hundred euros couldn't find anything really. expensive visited a few places. couldn't find anything so i decided to look for someone to sever close in more extreme cases not only do people end up far from the center but in apartments like this one where there's no kitchen or hot water recordable it's
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a real problem in fronts this lack of housing we need a hundred to nine hundred thousand more housing this is what explains the high prices in july report released by france's national institute of statistics and economic studies found that one hundred forty one thousand five hundred people were without a fixed residency in france a rent control law was recently passed as part of a larger housing reform to address the lack of housing substandard conditions and the trend of people being pushed out of paris and other major cities but changes in living standards won't come overnight a fact many in the city of lights have just come to accept to live in paris. you know. ok listen if it's just our syria r.t. paris i'll be back in about thirty minutes time with more news for you and of course more in our breaking story about the anti fracking demonstrations that are
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taking place and remain yeah coming up next a report on the social programs in africa that are actually fueling poverty and debt and if you're watching in the u.k. prepare to go underground with afshin rattansi. we often see the middle east as a place of constant turmoil and revolution but people in thailand seem to be very fired up as well masses of protesters are force a government ministries to shut down by storming them with human waves one such ministry is the thai equivalent of the american f.b.i. which has been accused of killing around ninety people in a crackdown on those who support ousted prime minister taksin shinawatra who is the brother of the current leader while people are crying out for democracy with accusations of violence against protesters so where is barack obama john kerry the mainstream media i mean whatever some group of rebels protestors are i mean freedom
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fighters rise up for democracy are we supposed to arm them like in syria and or bomb their country back into the stone age like in libya serbia iraq some protests explode across the mainstream media with calls for intervention and others are almost totally silent like thailand and bulgaria where there have also been storming of buildings less than a month ago i might be a conspiracy theorist but the selective coverage and selective concern for some humans rights and off the rights of others well it smells a bit fishy to me but that's just my opinion.


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