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cooler circuses kilogrammes going to leave and will break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. wealthy british soil it's time to get in the front. of the. market find. out what's really happening to the global economy. headlines to the reports of. tens of thousands stage massive protests in ukraine's capital kiev the opposition helps to force the president from power by the government border security services investigate claims of an attempted seizure of power. we stand with the people of ukraine we still hold you know the
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most. important politicians fanned the flames with statements of support demonstrations some even traveled to kiev to spur on the anti-government new. u.s. oil giant chevron resumes drilling there are villages in romania curious locals have engaged in a bitter fight against the fracking sites they say will destroy their livelihoods. to do something to break. the editor of the guardian newspaper offers a robust defense of his papers purporting of the n.s.a. surveillance scandal he was being grilled by a parliamentary committee. you're watching r t live from our moscow studios islands in france thanks for joining me.
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ukraine's security services are looking into an attempted coup by some of the opposition leaders this as tens of thousands of anti-government protesters gathered on sunday in central kiev for a massive rally the opposition calls on its supporters to stage more protests early in the morning and block more public offices paul scott is following developments in kiev. there's a still ambiguity over the exact figures on this also well no one said to take over the key demands of the opposition as well heavyweight boxing champion batali klitschko taking to the stage behind me and urging the protest and the protesters to remain peaceful was similar tainio slate giving the government an ultimatum but i have to say despite klitschko schools we can pull this evening the mosque men carry nationalistic flocks of up pull down a statue a monumental lenin and smashed it with sledgehammers elsewhere today there are a number of key demands big outlined by the opposition as part of that ultimatum
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these include the fact the protesters should be released any protesters who have been arrested throughout the course of these demonstrations on those that come down violently on the protesters last weekend should be punished other key demands include the resignation of president viktor yanukovych and his government and an immediate election now on their part the opposition opposition have called for a nationwide general strike and they continue to surround the blockade keep governmental departmental ministers have buildings here in the center of kiev for their part the ukrainian security services say that investigating what they are calling an attempt to seize power in the country and it's also much on sunday that the e.u. foreign policy representative catherine ashton is set to visit kiev later this week to try and find a political solution to the crisis on the whole movement really has been void why support from european officials as my colleague arena galicia now reports the only
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way in is not the only one neighbor seeing anti government anger on the street but for some reason cleaves independence square has captured the minds of not politicians from europe and the u.s. we have seen a veritable parade of them here in the running out was with the opposition leaders and even sometimes taking them to school they just. for the crowds and yet few seem to have made the past to hear it from both sides from the country's leaders and their supporters. right there from an assistant u.s. secretary of state we stand with the people of ukraine who see their future in europe and want to bring their country back to economic health and unity to former polish president share the supporters of euro integration must remain firm and seize the momentum of the protest this is the only way they can get you know coach to make concessions and current members of the european parliament we support civil
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society and democratic opposition in its claim to have possibility for the nation to express its will and saudis which means every election what began as a pro e.u. push descended into an out and out attack on the leadership the usual buzzwords of democracy justice and with of the people were interspersed with not so subtle calls from the president because going to college to admit has been beaten this is clear where the appearance of the internal affairs arsalan hodge and they're not even hiding it anymore so this is something that should be unacceptable. as a democratic standard widely seen as a clear breach of diplomatic conduct it also raised questions in moscow thelema but i can imagine how our german partners would have felt if russia's foreign minister decided to attend a rally that was being held against german room i don't think they would consider it a friendly step meeting with opposition members is one thing but taking part in rallies
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that's interference and domestic offense the other national early in the week the government survived a no confidence vote in the ukrainian parliament was younger she was defeated by the democratic process opposition m.p.'s went home to block the stage installing parliament. outside protest leaders called on people. takeover as many see because as possible what should have been a public debate on the pros and cons of the friendship has descended into a foreign fueled meddling to boost in opposition to the different axe to grind in the goalies go r t of a journalist neil clark explain to our team why he thinks european politicians come to ukraine to support the protesters something they wouldn't exactly do elsewhere on the continent. they want to bring down the very guy they want to push ukraine away from russia we have the piece going to ukraine saying the government has got
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to change its course there's going to be fresh elections this is not democracy this is going to keep the gershon of democracy because the green people vote when you're actually going to present that there be another rescue and it's a question of observing the democratic process and respecting it but i'm afraid these requests are not respecting democracy here they're trying to incite regime change in ukraine or at least bully the government to change its policies or call early elections it is completely wrong that this was happening in spain this was happening in greece as it has been happening we wouldn't get the mikes of polish m.e.p. germany piece going out and and show their solidarity with the protesters so the double standards are absolutely outrageous really ruling party officials are urging the protesters to go home they say the blockade of administrative buildings is preventing the approval of the twenty fourteen budget which could have an impact on state salaries and pensions across the country so far though there is no sign of the rallies abating thousands of pro-government activists staged rival rallies in kiev and across the east of the country paul suggest ukraine is sharply divided
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along geographic lines and the west more than seventy percent of people favor a trade deal with the european union but in the east less than a third want closer links with the e.u. analysts say that if they were forced to choose they would actually back the government. if there is a pro e.u. neo orange revolution there would be a pro customs union pro russian counter-revolution so it would be the path to the civil war because let's face it in the industrial base in of the east they know that if they join the e.u. package they will of course they will never join the e.u. itself they would lose customs privileges in russia and their industrial goods which are still being exported to russia in increasing quantities would suddenly become thirty five percent more expensive which would price them out of the market in the same time i doubt very much that e.u.
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countries will suddenly express an interest in buying ukraine real goods so even if there is an attempt at the violent overthrow of the government there would be definitely a very sizable counterforce ready to come onto the streets it is no longer two thousand and four when no one was willing to risk their skin for. despite violent clashes between locals and the authorities operations have restarted at a fracking site in northeast romania the shale gas well was being developed by us energy giant chevron with an army of police on site to ensure security the residents were horrified at the prospect of thousands of tons of toxins being pumped into the land which provides them with their livelihood with the captain off as their party. in a remote part of romania
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a day of rage and fury. protesters stormed a work site operated by chevron and police responded with full force those who didn't leave willingly were dragged away so you can see. in what country we are living the police forces are behaving like a private protection company for the so wrong. but what the people here want to know is who will protect them from big business this is one of the poorest corners of the european union but it's believed to sit on top of large reserves of valuable natural gas it's the sort of place that's changed little over the centuries and most of the residents still live off the land land which could soon be pumped full of toxic fluid in order to get the fuel underneath it's a simple everyday action drawing water out of the well for the villagers here and
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put in jest this is really what's at the heart of the matter the environment and the water for them it's not so much about fighting chevron as it is about protecting both their lives and livelihoods but if you've done this all my years i have been working on the land it is the only live the time now. during the day isn't your typical sort of protester a farmer all her life she and her husband were also some of the first villagers to speak out against chevron's plans to drill for natural gas in their community we've heard horror stories of water supplies being polluted forests no longer being green we don't want to risk everything for this company to make a profit chevron says it's committed to working with the local community to drill without damaging the environment it insists that it is abiding by all safety rules but that's not reassuring for farmers like the silly. little they could completely destroy us we just want to protect what's important in our land and that's what
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they've done for more than a month now braving the cold villagers set up makeshift tents across from the company's drilling site chevron did temporarily suspend its operations but last week the camp was raided by the police on the one hand i was punched in the face it was humiliating romanian but the police treated us like criminals i felt like we were found out. we tied ourselves together to form a human chain they were kicking ass and beating us with their bottoms i was kicked here there's another religion who's in hospital now because of how hard they had him in the stomach. and on saturday more violence would began as a peaceful demonstration was broken up by force another arrest the protests are at an end but demonstrators continue to get taken away in this car in some ways it's a case of david versus goliath a tiny romanian village fighting to get an energy giant chevron off of its land but
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despite the arrests despite the protests and despite the clashes the chevron trucks are already here and the work looks set to go on reporting including just romania for r t. many believe the chemicals used in fracking could accumulate in the soil causing water and even air pollution activists claim there are over eight thousand documented cases of contamination near drilling sites the health rests could include sensory and respiratory damage environmental safety campaigner george barda says that even if the fracking victims go to court they'd be unlikely to win . you know. maybe a poison or children but it's going to be to the people in neighboring plots of land the ones that have to suffer the consequences so huge increase rights of services programs thousands of families have been forced to move out of the areas and one of the reasons that we're not hearing more about the specific stories of. this is that in order to get any kind of compensation from these trucking companies
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they have to settle out of court because they can't let me go back to kind of food . on top of chemical pollution and water contamination fracking is also blamed for causing earthquakes on our t. dot com read how texas communities are being rocked by unexplained tremors which locals insist are down to fracking. it emerged this week that sweden's in on the n.s.a. spying game what's more it's accused of picking through the kremlin's keyhole swedish t.v. reported fresh leaks from edward snowden that stockholm fed intelligence from russia's leadership and energy giants to the united states here's what the chief editor of the news program that broke the story told r.t. about their findings. we have revealed that. very close relationship between the swedish defense radio authority f.r.a. and american counterpart n.s.a. and according to the documents. if i may have spied spying
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on the russian leadership and they are passing this information on to n.s.a. we got access to these documents thanks to edward snowden so for we have don't have any details more than the documents are mentioning. that they're talking about unique intelligence they're talking about classic intelligence and they also mentioning cables the spokesman didn't give any comments but. when axed asked about being. seen as a leading partner that's the way that spell it in these documents for a is a leading partner to n.s.a. then he says ok that's flattering he say's so that's the only comment we have received so far meanwhile the editor of britain's guardian newspaper was grilled at
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a terror hearing this week alan rusbridger faced questions after exposing the scale of the global surveillance program in which the u.k. played a major role here are some of the tactics used by in peace if you know about the jury will want to do it from some advance information to the nazis but the editor strongly defended the reporting and he insisted the accusations were veg and national security was not breached and the articles were in the public interest rusbridger also pointed out that parliament had failed to provide proper oversight of the security services. the catastrophic leak that did happen was dealt with by the i.o.c. with the following exchange chairman can we assume you are having discussions with your american colleagues about the hundreds of thousands of people who appear to have existed your information given i thought you all three of us are building this discussions jim chair thank you very much. the hearing sparks concerns both at
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home and abroad over the issue of free speech in the u.k. journalist glen moody believes it's all part of a deliberate campaign to publicly embarrass the guardian. it's theater because it's actually for internal consumption it's really full the united kingdom and david cameron is trying to demonstrate that he's the strong man that he's tough on terrorism that he's not going to let john this you know tell him what to do and therefore he's coming out with these statements which for the rest of the world thinks pretty crazy because everyone is saying from president obama downwards that we should have this debate about what all the limits of surveillance and what kind of oversight should we have and is really only david cameron the u.k. government that's saying that we shouldn't do that. on news on crisis recovery from iceland where the government has decided on a debt write off rather than open a line of international credit that's just after this break.
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for probably the most complex difficult to. all of us are. locked up. in the phenomenon of friendly fire probably extends back to the invention of gunpowder. kill a bunch of people who don't know what the problem is they're really us people. reading. this some of the shoots my brother in the leg not intentional because it because it was night time for the morning even the best even the best soldiers. are going to make mistakes does this whole idea of brotherhood order. and camaraderie in this said it was that in this context it has absolutely no place
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. welcome back you're watching the weekly here on our t.v. live from our moscow studios i'm lindsey friend thanks for joining me iceland's economy shows cautious signs of growth after being thrown into recession back in two thousand and eight that's after the government pursued policies some of europe's financial chiefs condemned as suicidal now instead of trying to save its bankrupt banks the government decided to let them go to the wall the leadership then decided to reject it last deposit repayment scheme swayed on by protesters who said the plan was simply unfair so instead every household in the country will now have twenty four thousand euros written off their mortgage banking executives accused of causing the crisis in the first place are also being pursued by the state fessor binary economics rodney shakespeare believes that iceland is setting
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up remarkable example you must rely on your own national bank for your own uses for your own real economy and for the spreading and if you don't do that you'll retracts into debt in the same way that we got greece you've got iceland which you've got every country in the world is being tracked into increasing debt and all that happens is that they increase the levels of the debt and smash the populations down we need a revolt against this global financial system and in its own way iceland is setting a reasonable example thank you iceland the international monetary fund has criticised c s linda government's policies saying there is little space left for additional debt relief measures the fund also claims that by leaving the insolvent banks to fend for themselves the country's already let down the biggest creditors
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and r t crew went to two of the biggest lenders the u.k. and germany to gauge opinion. it was great yeah it was just to get rid of you perfect because then obviously you could spend that money on some real that certainly was hopeless families just gave code so that sort of chunk of money that could really make a difference which people think would be better for the country women reason the economy. is the public good. thing becomes a can afford it it will be very great to everyone. i think it's a good thing we used to have laws in germany where you could get subsidies as a home owner but that's a good thing about this is ok. i think for individual people it would be good news but not for the country you never know where the money comes from for such booths. if you ever wondered how wiki leaks got one over on the united states' defense and state department head to r.t.
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dot com where you'll get the story from the man behind wiki leaks julian assange has just marked his third year in the ecuadorian embassy in london plus. a record level of radiation has been recorded at the fukushima nuclear plant in japan experts say that such a level could kill a human in twenty minutes the full story online. tens of thousands of people including sixty world leaders are expected to attend the funeral of nelson mandela in a week the world has been grieving over the former absolute african president and legendary anti-apartheid fighter since he died on thursday artist paul slayer shows follows mandela's course from an angry young rebel to a global icon of equality and compassion. he's the man who pulled a troubled and divided land back from the brink of civil war the man who after twenty seven tough years behind bars walked free from prison in his heart was not revenge but i think that his greatest legacy to this country is reconciliation in
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the last three decades the world tirelessly polished the image of nelson mandela and image recognized around the world only coca-cola is based on known better men who struggle for racial equality again south africa's ruling white minority had a dark side the world has conveniently forgotten about now someone that i've been leader of a struggle. a radical. someone. an embrace violence as a as a necessary political instrument at a particular juncture in our history this house was the secret headquarters of the african national congress it was here in the early sixty's that mandela and his comrades launched the armed struggle it was also here that most of them were wasted put on trial and sentencing to life in prison south african journalist chris bishop believes the one nine hundred sixty four trial that saw mandela and his comrades
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sentenced to life helped turn the world in their favor during the trial. these gentlemen who are on trial the rivonia trial as they went from being the accused of being people in the dark as slowly transformed they became the benjamin franklin's of africa they became the freedom fighters they began the man of principle who is standing up merely for the rights of others and it's only to turn world opinion around from a vile terrorist to one of the greatest freedom fighters to have ever walked the earth the story of nelson mandela is remarkable a man who stood up for the rights of people everywhere but also a familiar tale of governments putting a garland of flowers. is around will make one day and devote the next. hour to johannesburg south africa. some world news for you now violent clashes have erupted in brazil between rival football fans during a match one person was reportedly killed and several others seriously injured
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police fired rubber bullets to break up the fight found violence has become common in the country raising security concerns ahead of next year's world cup. main opposition party in thailand has resigned from parliament in a move likely to deepen the country's political crisis hundreds of thousands of taken of the streets in recent weeks demanding the government resign mass rallies began when the prime minister tried to pass an amnesty bill many features that would allow her brother the expedia to return to power. and a series of bombings across the iraqi capital have left at least thirty nine people and more than one hundred injured the deadliest attack took place in the shia district of baghdad where a car exploded near a workshop a peace activist dark injury and sends believes the situation is worse for many than it was ever under the dictator saddam hussein. six months after the bombings
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in ninety one there with electricity there was telephone again there was a fair distribution. russians. angry people died because there was no you know and not enough clean water and so when the local diseases the sanctions imposed by the united states but there were basic services that people have and it's not like the situation now where the. patients eleven years know. that there are no basic services. i'll be back in about thirty minutes with more news up next we have a look at part of our part of our emotional trauma suffered by american families servicemen lost their loved ones.
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just imagine a foreign leaders like alexander lukashenko or vladimir putin just showed up at anti e.u. protests and all garia greece are hungry to urge people to leave the e.u. and join up with the eurasian customs union obviously the media would be on fire screaming that this is part of an attempt to usurp democracy and steal the country's away some sort of imperialist agenda and you know what they might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talking about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like speaker of the lithuanian parliament loreto grows in india and vice president gets a proto c. of h. and former polish pm jaroslav kaczynski you have the european union brassfield is just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protestors to start a pro e.u. revolution but then all their journalist write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to not join the e.u. the obvious hypocrisy of this stinks all the way up the moscow but that's just my
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opinion. the research of dr scott's a retired lieutenant colonel in the harvard business school highlights the difficulties in determining both the cause of and criminal culpability. in friendly fire incidents so friendly fire have a perverse relationship with friendly fire paratrooper and eighty second airborne division i was a victim of friendly fire in operation urgent fury and grenada and so for years this was ninety three i had a perverse sense of curiosity how could sometimes some of the best trained best equipped people in the world sometimes fall short of the mark in his book friendly
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fire dr snoeck investigates an encounter in a no fly zone in which two u.s. f. fifteen fighters shot down to u.s. army black hawk helicopters instantly killing twenty six u.n. peacekeepers this happened in one thousand nine hundred four full three years after the end of the first gulf war as a high shooting war going around there's not a lot of bad guys running around on the ground there aren't a lot of enemy planes flying around near broad daylight unlimited visibility relatively benign conditions and it's on camp lane this one in the fog of war on the call sheet that morning the two f. fifteen pilots were briefed that they would be the first aircraft to enter the no fly zone by regulation no helicopters were allowed to fly into the zone without fighter coverage. unbeknown to the f. fifteen pilots a last minute early morning trip was scheduled to get peacekeepers to or below the town deep in northern iraq when the pilots entered the no fly zone that morning they were alarmed to see two helicopters appear on their.


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