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tv   Venture Capital  RT  December 9, 2013 4:29am-4:45am EST

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his view of the world. ever since he has been fighting a war against more facing american bombs is the human shields the gas a blockade he is never afraid to speak truth to power what makes him take action for others so i'm here with activist candace o'keefe it's really great to have you on our show ken as i know that you've led a human shield action in iraq right before the war started and then you were deported do you follow what's going on in iraq now for example the november death toll was almost a thousand and two thousand and thirteen is the deadliest year since two thousand and eight why do you think the removal of saddam hasn't improved the lives of iraqis or has it i don't know. well i think they really want to know the truth about the invasion of iraq there's clearly some some incentives for the invasion the oil securing oil was was one of them establishing permanent military bases in
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the region was another one for less talked about reality is. it's really plans which made clear the balkanization of surrounding countries in particular in iraq if we go to zero did you know plan for israel in the one nine hundred eighty s. it lays out very clearly a strategy of destabilizing all of the surrounding areas of israel this includes syria lebanon jordan iraq and even egypt and saudi arabia and this long term goal is part of the greater israel project so in terms of the sectarian divide you see happening in iraq today it's actually all part of a very well designed plan to try and secure the goal this fantasy goal of the greater israel project ok why would israel benefits from an unstable middle east and stable arab nations because what we see that this instability actually is followed by a fundamental islam. and people who are lonely or if there are either
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they're replaced by fundamentalist powers or there's just more sectarian violence that grows yes and it would seem on the surface from a sane point of view that everything is going wrong but in fact when you fracture a country along sectarian divide divide ultimately we can the country the last thing that israel or the united states wants is a strong master type leader an arab nationalist who will seriously ensure that the resources of that country or are taken and protected and used for the benefit of the people that's the last thing that the empire wants and that israel wants so while you have these religious fundamentalists nutcases who are running around bombing and doing all sorts of stuff like that you have a weakened fractured country in iraq and that is the prerequisite for ultimately expanding israel into the fantasy of the greater israel project it doesn't seem sane and it's not saying because those who are trying to carry out these agendas are pure and simple psychopaths and so you think that american administrations one
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after another have been following this plan for thirty years. if you ask me how the world functions then you have to understand one thing plain and simple the head of the snake the system of power is headed by the financial system the bankers rule the earth through the private control of the issuance of money debt based money which we're all supposed to pay alternately with all of these things that they call of austerity and whatnot the bankers basically through the control of the issuance of money which allows them to provide themselves with an infinite supply of money means they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought so when we look at the vast majority of governments around the world they're nothing more than puppets who are carrying out an agenda for the bankers and the bankers at the top of this pyramid are and as i've said plain and simple psychopaths they're drunk on their own power they're used to getting everything they want they can buy anything and anyone that can be bought in this explains the corruption of virtually every government we can look at and the policies do not reflect the interest of the people they reflect pure and simple the interest of the bankers but can if what
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you're saying is true is that governments obey the big banks and the big money it would really take the people and revolution in each country that you have names to actually change things around do you really see revolution taking place in america . for example it's already happening also i'll give you a great example of why i'm optimistic about things in america you know the president of the united states traitor that he is is actually a constitutional lawyer he's actually of trade at the highest levels of university in constitutional law do you know how obscene it is that somebody who is trained in constitutional law giving himself the authority to execute anyone anywhere any part of the planet with no jury no trial no conviction no nothing this man is a dictator was assigned himself the right to execute anyone including u.s. citizens i am confident that it's some point the american patriots who seem to be in a bit of a coma and have been sleeping for a long time are going to wake up soon and realize that while they took an oath to
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uphold the constitution of the united states the president of the united states also took that oath and has breached it so badly that he but he arrested and charged with treason right now and ultimately all of the sycophants of the u.s. congress who passed things like the patriot act and the national defense authorization act again completely contrary to the u.s. constitution which is supposed to be the suturing call law of the land these people need to be arrested and a government needs to be put in place that actually honors the us constitution and our i honestly believe that's going to happen one way or the other it's going to happen but you just started your answer by saying that the revolution is already happening and then you won by citing everything that's going wrong in america like for example the n.s.a. leaks right you kind of touched upon that nothing's really changing within american society i don't see people coming out in a straight and protesting even though they know that they've being listened to even do you give up yeah there they express their outrage at the fact that they have been listened to including the president but nothing is really happening it's not
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like america is cutting down on their n.s.a. programs and it's not like people aren't listened to any more so where's the revolution that you're talking about let me let me give you. this is another thing that really excites me sophie because while you're not seeing it apparently and many other people may not be saying it let me give you a perfect example where the revolution is already occurred in the first step of that revolution is awareness no one is more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free the people of the world are starting to realize that they have been enslaved and slave to the financial system which is effectively selling the future of their children down the river and more and more people are becoming aware of that they're also sick and tired of being lied to about one a bogeyman after another and ultimately what happened in syria this is a key point and i really want to make this point before we move on to the next one because it's talking about the revolution that you're referring to the reason why we did not hit syria the reason why we did not start bombing syria is one simple
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thing and that is that the people of the west in the world simply did not buy it they didn't have to go on the street protests keep in mind back in two thousand and three we had the largest protest in history the world did not stop the invasion of iraq but i'm telling you the invasion and the occupation and ultimately the bombardment of syria has been planned long ago and it's a stepping stone towards iran which is the ultimate goal for these psychopaths and they could not bombard syria and the reason why they couldn't even vote to secure the vote to favor that here in britain is because the people overwhelmingly did not buy it in the united states the approval for bombardment of syria was about nine percent that's why the u.s. congress which is a treasonous body of government couldn't even go to a vote on it because if they went to a vote on it and actually voted for another war and this farcical war on terror where the fantastic american servicemen took pictures of themselves saying i did not join the u.s. military to fight was with al-qaeda in syria says it all if they had made that move that would have been an open revolution the powers that be know that the people are
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primed and ready to take major steps to stop this and again american patriots are going to go into the congress and the white house eventually and arrest these cowards and treason traitors but it's under the surface right now it's getting ready. it's getting ready to show the power of the people ultimately we did not go into syria this is because the people did not provide the one key element for the powers that be and that is their consent if they don't have our consent they can't do a damn thing. so you actually bring me to my next point which is syria and you're saying the allegation in the western press that it wasn't syria but that was the actual goal the final goal is true what happens now is i said starts to look like he is finally achieving a decisive victory how will the united states respond you think. well again keep in mind that the real the real problem that assad faces is that while yes there are major human rights violations that happen in syria in every other arab country and the united states in the western world ultimately there are human rights violations
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of obscene levels especially united states so there are no position to talk about other leaders are leaders of the united states president can execute anyone anywhere any time and does so how can we talk about bashar al assad seriously and say that this man is a problem and that and they will talk about it and that's the right listens to the american president that's that's the difference they will talk about if they keep talking about it that's that was still a purpose of why they why until i started out because they were supposedly human rights violations in syria but we can talk about what the point that i'm making is that the u.s. president has given himself the authority to execute anyone anywhere any time for any pretext any bogus reason is that more of a problem to the world than bashar al assad of course it is it's much more of a problem that the president of the united states says he can execute anyone anywhere any time and yet we're sitting here talking about bashar al assad which granted this man has committed crimes in syria there's no question of that but when we look at the u.s. president when we look at israel we look at the britain this alliance this true
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axis of evil between these three countries the amount of devastation that has occurred in iraq and afghanistan in other parts of world yemen pakistan it's so devastating i think it's beggars belief that we as people can be conned into thinking that bashar al assad is the problem or that occidental job is the problem we are the problem we in the west of the problem especially the united states government so it really is quite ridiculous that we get manipulated into saying oh we have to take care of this problem over there the problem is in our own backyard and we know this we've got to take care of our dirty filthy house of corruption united states congress is nothing but a den of traitors the most sycophantic discussing traitors you can imagine and the white house has got a dictator this is a problem this is a major problem much bigger problem what's happening in syria or bashar al assad and we'll be back after a show of the. to talk about said iran able to develop its nuclear program and also why is it so rad had an american passport stay with us.
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i was thinking somehow i had to come back because mom was waiting for me. and i just knew that everything would be fine for some reason they were so confident because we were going to get married officially after he came back how could he not come back because the mere thought of it never crossed her mind. when the militants decided to try and break through to her new guinea epic screaming grenade. go go forward a explosion blow them all run his back you will. lose it all and it was all over all she we know that our comrades on our commander won't leave us no matter how
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tough it gets we're a team. they're going to move getting was a senior in his military trio. you know he knew that if he didn't smother that grenade with his body more of just comrades would die he gave his own life to save his friends. but. if you do that you know the price is the only industry specifically mention in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy but albus. well. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and our. we've been hijacked by handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers. are and on
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this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going. to go beyond identifying. rational debate real discussion critical issues things. ready to join the movement then welcome to it. and we're back with the activist candace kids live from london thank you very much for being with us today now you have a great knowledge and strong opinions about events in the middle east even on as recently softened sasa towards its opponent after decades of deadlock israel is
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annoyed and how do you see that developing well i think it's a reflection of the sanity of the people around the world who realize that any kind of attack on iraq is tantamount to initiating a full scale third world war which of course could very well and almost alternately you know evidently would lead to a war with china and russia this is pure madness and those of us who have lost loved ones or who have served in combat like myself and others who know the devastating cost of war not just for the so-called victor because the only victor really is the bankers quite frankly but even those who supposedly on the side suffer greatly and testimony to that fact aside from the million to two million dead in iraq it is the twenty two american servicemen a day who are committing suicide. because of the horrendous things that they were called to do in places like afghanistan and iraq so the this this policy now this shift in policy to actually resolve this conflict with the brand this false conflict in truth is is
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a reflection of the will of the people if you ask me so you think that's any allergies starting to achieve the goal so you think that's any al is bluffing because netanyahu because i've spoken to a couple of the problem terry and some spoken to to the israelis and they're all for a strike yes yes no i don't think that he's bluffing is an absolute psychopath and he reflects he reflects the agenda for the powers that be in israel each one of these players netanyahu george bush obama you know cameron they're all puppets and they're all supposed to read a different script at different times depending on what the agenda is the agenda is shifting slightly and it looks like israel and the people of israel the jewish state of israel are like sheep being led to slaughter because ultimately the policies of israel are completely and totally unsustainable even the cia said in two thousand and nine that israel would not be any would not even exist within twenty years henry kissinger said it wouldn't exist within ten years in the.


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