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tv   Headline News  RT  December 9, 2013 10:00am-10:30am EST

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storming scare for the ukrainian opposition activists brace themselves for the wildest as riot police around that camp in the capital but the chief of the security forces says an assault isn't part of the plan. the bahraini government steps up its legal crime down on pro-reform activists as the number of those arrested edges close to the three thousand mark. and david cameron takes workers to board launching an inquiry into an oil plants try to have to employees inflated a giant riot outside the home of a senior manager to protest against his shrewdness.
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this is international coming to you live from moscow. hello and welcome to the program and to government protesters in the center of the ukrainian capital are bracing themselves for a long siege or even an assault riot police and security forces have moved in to surround their makeshift camps osses post called is that fires. still are the air of uncertainty hanging over central kiev right now the protests are continuing peacefully behind me just by the absolutely atrocious weather conditions but on the fringes of this square all around us are hundreds of riot police have gathered knowledge of mine which is on cleared for their presence is the reason for their presence is on the. i have said that they have no intention of taking either the square or retaking government buildings by force no one theory for their presence
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is that they had to form their own blockade around the square trying to starve them of their supply chain the supply line of of warm clothes hot food and fireworks in one high profile opposition leader vitaly klitschko of course the heavyweight boxing world champion is urging protesters not to respond to what he calls this provocation now it's also a much on monday president viktor yushchenko which is going to have meetings or i meeting on tuesday with three former ukrainian presidents to discuss the matter while a u.s. foreign policy chief catherine ashton is also arriving in kiev on tuesday to try and find a political solution to the crisis or the moment we are simply waiting to see what the next move is now also today pieces of the learning statue that were that was brought down by protesters on sunday night of emerged on the internet auction sites the protesters the most men took a sledgehammer to the line and start your brought it down despite calls from the opposition for the protests to remain peaceful as my colleague arena galicia
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reports. and then toppled and smashed the statue of one revolutionary has fallen victim to a new generation of our listeners they call him the ultimate evil but somehow take their cue from his methods as lenin did a hundred years before then protesters in kiev have kept to barricade a handful of civic buildings. right now the scene there is a mix of a refugee camp in gypsy village a hippie hangout. into rock concert with a whole lot of political slogans thrown in. this is what ukraine opposition calls a revolution others though have a different name for it we've seen things happening in ukraine we've seen a storm a government building seen by others we see. the ashes of all those being used trash nationally into government buildings if this was happening in happening in.
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germany then of course these people would be denounced as rioters y'all may be given very stiff resistance to the poses difference or getting a financial helping hand from contributors who drop cash into special collection box that has been set up and securities provided by the so-called revolutionary guard youth in masks and helmets whose job is to ward off hostile forces from the gates of the citadel the movement has been blocking the heart of the city and its major thorold there for two weeks now. you're one of those who incite you to blockade the cabinet the ministers are absolutely reckless irresponsible people the ministry of finance is in this building the ministry responsible for paying wages to all of ukraine stop and think see just salaries doctors pay mergence she said this is all depend on the continued functioning of this government. to know was a protest leaders are certain this paralysis is the right way to go in order to
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reach their glorious goal you see a pattern here of of escalation and provocation a very large public provocation a few nights ago and they were using chains and tractors and of course the police as police do everywhere reacted with violence what would happen if someone drove a tractor and tried to drive it into the white house lawn you're going to tell me that there wouldn't be violence against the one hundred thousand people trying to break into the white house this is one of the latest protests organized by the state prosecutor's office here in kiev where people have staged test sit in l.a. and and a tent city so those who came into work today had to literally step over protesters in order to get to their jobs exercising their rights to go to work just as people here are taking up their right to rally but they feel they aren't being seen as equal by the opposition leaders or by westerners. in the college girl r t key of.
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undoes arena was saying that tantrums and central kiev are being stoked on social networks well all sorts of theories are being posted and here are some of the rumors that precede it sunday's mass rally the most widespread messages were by the authorities planning a violent dispersal of protests using special forces pulled into the capital from other regions the speculation that was healed further by reports tongues were also on the way and another claim that's been circulating for the past week is that so sore she is were about to introduce a state of emergency where none of those rumors have so far proven to be true. and poland based political and financial commentator patrick young believes e.u. politicians are using the ukrainian opposition for their own domestic purposes. m.-e. piece members of the european parliament are terrified that they're about to be outflanked by until european forces in elections in four and five months time
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therefore they're doing anything to try and get a tinge of popularity and of course the way they do that in the socialist european superstate of the e.u. is try and be seen around liberal demonstrators at all times because it kind of inflates their ok credentials of looking like hippy liberals the truth is they have no coherent concept of why or what they could do with ukraine and in fact the worst thing that could happen in many senses is that ukraine knowledge signs this economic deal because if it did a live free movement of labor it would be chaos for europe as usual the european union a super state of humbug and hypocrisy. and schools following the developments of the ukrainian capital on and on line and also on our website see dot com you can find a virus from arctic fighters and videos from the outgoing process. bahrain
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has thrown at another group of activists including minors behind bars bringing the total number of those arrested in december alone to twenty eight protests to say in recent months the government's crackdown has become insufferable the bahraini people struggled for reform goes back almost three years to february twenty levon one for demonstrators were killed as police crush a rally there less than a month later the authorities imposed martial law which allowed troops to surprise the dissent by that time the number of those arrested stood at a thousand that's increased threefold by now but the legal and physical pressure on the x. rays has failed to kill the protests momentum the monarchy reacted by further tightening the screws this year toughening the punishments for those speaking out but as pulis clear reports this is still unlikely to silence the opposition there.
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it's the arab spring this forgotten revolution nearly three years have gone by since the people of the rain inspired by the ancient unison and egypt goes up against an oppressive regime and demanded reform but there uprising was brutally crushed within a matter of weeks we have published their name in the picture of all the people who sponsored one of the grave human rights violations in my country. starting from this morning when a police officer and minister of interior reaching to the king of bahrain who is legally responsible of all the human rights violations and syud yusuf elmo hafter has been forced to seek refuge in europe because of death threats against him and his family and i gather bahraini activists he criticizes washington and its allies for being quick to condemn crackdowns in some countries while ignoring others oh it's better than the human rights in bahrain and it was said to us it's better than human rights as a diversion in bahrain so that's where we are
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a victims. of their better standard because we live in oil going to the last week the global manami dialogue forum pointedly ignored the crackdown u.s. secretary of defense chuck hagel made it clear in his speech that he was more concerned about military matters they want to feel that there are still you have a very body of slaves so that's why they don't want anyone to talk about the process of lifting the if they give them crossing are musing oh lord even. so very much thanks so far according to amnesty international more than a hundred people have been killed and almost three thousand imprisoned in the bahraini protests many more have been to change in a crackdown if one means a father moved from the world's attention. policia our teen. bahraini politician. who was arrested this autumn says the government is determined
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to deal with the public discontent in its own way. the problem back then is very basic to understand we have absolute authority that was concentrated in behind all clearly and families and we need dollars or thirty years to be shared. by the people through an inclusive political system that is retaining the power to the people the rule of law is never meant to have an illegal law compared to the international community stand and your own forces biased police and courts that is one party rule so i think is just part of the punishment and part of the threats and fears today acquisition and the activists not to join the movement that calling for simple rights universal rights of their people to be equal to have big need to participate in political system and have the bloc meant that disparate with blue one. imagine watching your house literally crumble in front of your eyes and not
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being able to do anything about it that's how texans are living near fracking science field right now coming up next door for from the tidal traumas that's making life hell for entire computers as a north texas and how locals have found oil friendly politicians are believed to their predicament. the n.s.a. apparently invents a new approach to playing games that as agents lead a double life among send out a find to say creatures in the online gaming world. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. for a factual standard of living.
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dramas that trying to be ignored. in the. stories others to use to notice. faces change the world writes never. filled picture of today's new laws on demand from roads to blow. locally.
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you're watching our international it's great to have you with us let's move on now a year is worth of. taxes in just a month and a large part thanks to the progress of fracking say experts the state is at the forefront of the shale gas revolution and all funds are generating bill isn't taxes but as aussies get their church accounts found out while entire communities crack and crumble the support of politicians for the drilling remains unshaken. the columns have shaken so hard it's actually pulled the tram if you look around here rebecca williams is showing me the cracks in her home after a series of earthquakes shook the area she has lived here for almost a decade and had never experienced an earthquake until fracking begin in her neighborhood i never know when the next one's going to hear it i don't sleep at night because they keep me awake at night it seems like a lot of them happened during the wee hours of the morning or in the middle of the
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night to texas real world commission the local agency that regulates the oil and gas industries trying to calm the residents who use it claims there is no direct link between the recent troubles and fracking injection wells in the area but locals are not convinced it's a lot like living next to a time bomb but there's no timer on it because we aren't being told when the fracking is going to start or what the emergency perps eaters are in place if something does happen and so you're just constantly sitting and waiting and wondering is today the day is today the day so small a juice with the u.s. geological survey say fracking regularly triggers small earthquakes they foresee an even greater danger from wastewater disposal which involves pumping millions of gallons of water contaminated by chemicals deep underground where experts say it puts pressure on seismic fault and causes them to slip but despite seismologist warnings fracking well ski popping up just
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a few steps away from private homes and even community water wells nobody knows about any it is until it's too late and if i already have it. even though the government is not concluded it studies on how fracking can affect the environment well operations are in full swing here in texas there are thousands of them impossible to miss and it seems no study can get in the industry's way if in fact you're asking the question of whether something could happen to halt shale production the united states i think it is high. it is extremely beneficial to the national economy striking is being largely responsible for the booming u.s. energy production but maybe like we're back i fear they could be left to pay the price for her every week there is another tremor and another crack in her house she says she can't even sell it and leave the area we would have never moved here if we would have thought that all this was going to go up and we were going to live in the middle of a wasteland we would have never moved here and now we're stuck while energy
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companies are rubbing their hands in the anticipation of gigantic profits from fracking people who live just steps away from gas wells or increasingly fearful about the water that they drink about the land that their homes are standing on and they don't trust the government assessment of the damage from fracking because they say the oil and gas industry will make sure that no conclusive study comes out even if it does come out that it doesn't become a basis for effective regulations in texas i'm going to check on our team. and let us now break down for you why of people are so worried about fracking many believe that the chemicals used in this process could accumulate in the soil causing water and even air pollution actually has claimed there are more than a thousand documented cases of contamination near drilling finds the health risks occurred in crude sensory and it was fear a tree damage and for more on the dangers of fracking head to our website ask it
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off all. the while taxes differ and direly and walked into a bar tumbling hauser's romanian villagers have taken a more homes on approach on r.t. dot com you can watch our report on a pitched battle between police and locals at a fracking side culminating in global us energy giant sure brought big force to suspend operations at the site. and also online for you trashed trampled as here in the streets of singapore at the fast race riot and fifty gays leave their mark on the city state the most striking photos are now. america's national security agency has apparently been leading an active life in a fantasy world has been sending its high level agents into the halls of all els and walls in online games such as world war craft. brings us more now from
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london to hide a pulley so what has the n.s.a. been up to. well these revelations center around two games as you said world of warcraft and second life and these are alternative online universes where users can create avatars they can be elves trolls and then they can essentially communicate with each other through either a chat messaging service or through voice conversations through a microphone now these leaks reveal that the n.s.a. and q. the u.k. spy agency they've been very worried that these types of online universes alternative universes could be. an easy way for terrorist groups and criminal groups to disguise their shady activities so they could be perhaps trying to recruit members trying to plot terrorist attacks or shift money around which is why
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. and the n.s.a. has been spying on the people playing these games online they have been simply taking on these online avatars these fantasy identities and jumping into the game as a child by the way extremely popular exports lie. somewhere around forty eight million play is on or playing their games and in fact the sheer number of cia f.b.i. and pentagon and spies getting stuck in to these games these fancy games has led to the need to create a de confliction which basically means that there's been so many of them playing that they've had to try and make sure that they're not spying on each other or basically just playing one big washington game of world of warcraft because rather embarrassingly all this lying has led to absolutely nothing so according to the information that we have according to these reports none of this spying has led to
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any successful counterterrorism operations and it's led to suggestions that. and today it's led to suggestions that it could have all just been an elaborate ploy from some very board g c h q an n.s.a. employees who simply wanted to play computer games out but it is important to note that these leaked documents relate to five years ago so we have simply no way of knowing right now whether or not that spy activity in all these online games whether it's increased or decreased in the n.s.a. has refused to comment on the revelations to see if you said that they can't confirm or deny them but for ordinary gamers i think it poses once again a question about their online security we know from the documents that g.c. h.q. were able to listen in to these voice conversations that x. box live players have been having and of course the news comes at a time when microsoft google facebook and other technology giants have written an
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open letter to the u.s. government calling on them to review their security and their surveillance operations so no matter how you spin it it's just not the best day for the n.s.a. n.g.c. h.q. to be found to have been playing world of warcraft just doesn't look good. for of london paula thank you very much indeed about where. the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel has landed in pakistan to try and iron out entrenched differences between washington and islamabad american drone strikes our central sticking point they've killed almost a thousand civilians in the country since two thousand and three and triggered a wave of protests but blocks are made to supply trucks to afghanistan two weeks ago for freelance journalist who is in islamabad for. but this is the first visit
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by the u.s. defense secretary. to pakistan in four years which shows how much the u.s. wants to build a relationship with pakistan and ease tensions which have been occurring over these drone attacks you know recently nationwide protests have been occurring in pakistan america insists that these drone strikes are essential in combat terrorists despite pakistani protests saying it's a threat to national security and i tacked on their sovereignty as well recently a family from buckstone travel to washington and spoke to congress and told them about their story and the impact it all strikes have had on their lives there have been recent meetings by of our sharif and president obama in washington and the drone strikes have still continued many politicians analysts and wonder and journalists wondering what will be the outcome of today's talks and whether there
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is actually any point in with it and i don't think will be result because so far less than half. let's now have a look at some other global headlines this hour in the wrong a large blast in a town sixty kilometers northeast of baghdad has killed eleven people more than twenty were also injured when the car bomb went off near a cafe in a sunni muslim area iraqi security forces are struggling to contain a wave of violence that has pushed the number of casualties this year to its highest level since two thousand and eight. hundred thousand people have marched in the thai capital despite the prime minister agreeing to a key demand that the parliament be dissolved the king ahaz indoors the p.m.'s decision to hold a new elections earlier next here for weeks now thousands of protesters have been calling for the prime minister to step down over suspicion a new amnesty bill could be used to bring her brother back from x. i'll back into the. in indonesia
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a high speed commuter train has rammed into a truck carrying you can buy gas killing at least ten people police say a full scale railway crossing gate was responsible for the collision in the capital . it sparked a fireball that shop twenty metres into the air emergency services are searching through the wreckage will survive this day. a violent a speed between the workers and owners of a scottish oil plant has drawn and the government which has launched an inquiry focusing not on the monitors conduct but the behavior of striking at buoys unions are saying this amounts to political persecution and a tory stunt sarfraz has the details for us. it was the in does feel the speech that almost cost thousands of people jobs and sparks union protests the g. comparisons the aggressive tactics of the nine hundred seventy s. with apache chemical plant grains mountain scotland's process any else has since
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reached an agreement with the unite union involved in that dispute but it doesn't and the prime minister david cameron has launched an independent inquiry into the union's behavior of the scenes that were described as intimidating bully like tactics and mud style behavior when protesters gathered outside managers houses and the now infamous inflatable rats well the inquiry is also going to be looking at the employers behavior but the union unite have dismissed be inquiry as a tool the stunts whilst others have described this is a union bashing well earlier we spoke to one persist trade union leader bob crow to find out what he thinks about it and some of these chief executives and managers. around the place which you know exam of them who go to church on a sunday and sorry that they believe in fairness and equality and i was going around. michael moore's movie for working people then we've got the whites who
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protest and the fact the memories of what's really happened is that the government married. a commission. and. support you know. trying to call to action we would love to think you know where we can sit around and so i will persuade people through commonsense and fortunately you've got vested interests you've got a vested interest the employer concerned is making money mommy mommy expensive. david and so hence the reason why. i've only got one really tall. to strike or to for in this crowd that's the brewer. of the jungle of capital. the training and combat stories of russian special forces and begin in the u.k. it's going underground now.
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just imagine a foreign leaders like alexander lukashenko or vladimir putin just showed up at anti e.u. protests and all garia greece are hungry to urge people to leave the e.u. and join up with the eurasian customs union obviously the big stream media would be on fire screaming that this is part of an attempt to use a democracy and steal the country's away some sort of imperialist agenda and you know what they might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talking about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like speaker of the lithuanian parliament loreto grows in india and e.u. vice president got sick proto c. of h.
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and former polish pm jaroslav kaczynski yeah the european union brassfield is just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protestors to start a pro e.u. revolution but then all their journalist write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to not join the e.u. the obvious hypocrisy of this stinks all the way up to moscow but that's just my opinion. washington so-called peace process to resolve the israel palestine conflict has produced little if any results in fact the palestinians are experiencing excel a way to be legal and seizures is it time to accept a one state solution and or look to global institutions like the un to replace the current negotiating framework.


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