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tv   Cross Talk  RT  December 9, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm EST

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hello welcome to the r t sports show half an hour of top action from russia and around the globe with me kate partridge and here's what's coming up. the road to rio fabio capello is a happy coach as russia draw belgium algeria and south korea in their group for next summer's world cup finals. plus a big battle scarred defeated by test scott adams the moscow traffic while champions to number over come even for act passed in the k h l. and in the cage we have a double helping a pair maggie with a masterclass from probably see over though and frankly up and the latest action from moscow's fight night. but first
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a world cup football and russia coach fabio capello was pleased with his side's opponents and much venue's after russia avoided the big guns at the draw for the twenty fourteen finals in brazil. reports the draw for nixon was world cup finals couldn't have got much better but the russian. can be a capello's side of the lines of defending champions spain free time winners germany and brazil they were drawn in the last group age and with belgium signs career and i would you and we play their matches in a much cooler climate of the. we are happy about the draw we're also happy about the fact that we're not playing in the northern part of the country that's very important to us. russia were drawn in the same group as belgium the last time they qualified for war camp in two thousand and two on but occasionally lost forty two before crashing out at the group stage for midfielder alexander must avoid played
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in the tournament for the russians and says despite drawing the inform belgians their opponents could have been much tougher language a lot of people say belgium are really top side but then again if you ask the majority of people who they want in a group belgium or argentina belgium or germany belgium or spain everyone would say belgium and this sums it all up because. russia have never played out cheerio of face time career in a friendly only an event which they won two one things to goals from field a small oven to be to turn out so that result will have little bearing when world cup gets underway with capello's men opening against a career ends in cuiaba on june seventeenth and most of all expects the russians to be in with a chance of reaching the knockout stages view i think russia and belgium of the two favorites to qualify from the group but we shouldn't forget about the south koreans who we recently beat in a friendly is there a fast and very mobile side however if everything goes to plan and i think we
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should be able to make it out of the group capello is a ready said the squad will be based in the city of campion us which is around one hundred kilometers northwest of south paolo the city is within easy reach of russia's free playing venue's rio de janeiro. on critics and has great training facilities while it's also relatively quiet with a relaxed atmosphere so with a favorable draw or uncomfortable conditions russia's first world cup finals in twelve years could just see the country make an impact on the global stage richard wolffe lead to r.t. moscow. and while fabio capello was happy with russia let's look at the rest of the draw and where the first group matches where we play. host brazil are in group a and open against croatia in sao paolo on june the twelfth with mexico taking on cameroon in it all the next day while in group b.
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the defending champion spain face a rematch of last year's final against the netherlands in salvador before chile play australia in. group c. is arguably the most open with colombia going up against greece in belo horizonte and ivory coast of facing japan in receive any late kick off and in the tricky group day a year ago i made costa rica in forth a laser on june the fourteenth before england face a tough battle against four time winners italy in the northern amazon city of my maps i think with italy coming into that group we've really got to number one seeds with you in italy and in costa rica we see maybe that we don't know quite so we're going claims mentos with a very good so it's going to be a tough group but it's up to us to make yourself prove as well meanwhile in group b. on june the fifteenth switzerland meet ecuador in the capital before nine hundred ninety eight when his friends open against honduras importer legrange aiming to prove
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a point on to their disappointing group stage exit at the twenty ten tournament. but i. said good you know so we go to this world cup with a lot of ambition obviously the first objective for us is to get out of the group and qualify for the last sixteen some other countries start the tournament with the objective to win but for us our objective is to qualify for the last sixteen. and in group f. bosnia-herzegovina make a world cup debut and hope to make america all of the magic are now in rio against little messes argentina then the following day iran face nigeria included. and finally group g. cs go on a plane get intense mins usa in a towel after your game loves much fun singerman and face a testing opener against cristiana are now there and portugal in the hot northern temperatures of salvador. and my opinion is that the group is difficult to know in eight years ago or twelve years ago with was easy. and now all the teams on
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this world cup has a good quality day all the teams are growing growing growing and yeah and we have a special situation we are playing in morse in this i was in you know in the north as temperatures are very warm and such a degree so to five degrees it's very wet so special for all the teams them. and let's stay with german football after blunders legal leaders by and munich triumph seven vertebrae meant to extend their record unbeaten league run to forty games by opened after twenty one minutes when a sunny looking me up put through his own net and in strikes from daniel and the first of two efforts from informed frank rebury made it three nil by half time. added a fourth on the hour thomas realist soon put his name on the scoresheet and then in the last ten minutes rebury wrapped up his brace and mario gets it made it seven
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mil to complete coach but guardiola thirteenth bundesliga win from fifteen games in charge as biased a four points clear. while by a labor queues and tighten their grip on second place with a crunch one nil victory at third place first here dormant or now ten points of top spot sunk young men netted the winner after twenty minutes both sides had a man sent up in the last ten minutes but sammy who pre-assigned hong kong to win. now moving on to ice hockey work a h l e discuss saw their six game winning run come to an end after being defeated not just by bitter rivals but also the moscow traffic heavy congestion on the capital's roads forced the powerhouse some pieces big side to abandon their luxury coach for the public metro and after the visitors had to go underground the hosts seize the initiative above it on the ice we drove
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through the first period alex a models of finished off some nice passing moves with a pinpoint rich shot one will. just go if that's good because his brilliance between the pipes denying all twenty eight shots for his third shutout of the campaign and alexander the love wrapped away to nothing when with an empty netter. with local stone minds on three single league leaders and it was a serious dearth for us we'll move them. again during the playoffs on our way to the going cup finals and we have to send the message that we're to play against a problem that's about i haven't scored any goals for a while i don't have any fitness problems i just need to look for the reasons within myself that happen sometimes create little chances and fail to capitalize on them i just need to keep working and that's what we're doing now let's look at the first part of our m.m.a. doubleheader as a group of fans were given a masterclass here in moscow by two of the world's most successful heavyweights
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each with different styles and at different stages of their careers but plenty in common with robert funny and explains. june the twenty sixth two thousand. that day the world of mixed martial arts was rocked to its core. widely considered to be the baddest plant suffered his first legitimate defeat at the hands of brazilian jiu-jitsu expert brisebois doom and his historic triangle submission for me is now this moment the best fight in my life the best moment my life i have achieved moments of my life is good moment one of my my daughter barr who want to beat fellow. frank mears most glorious moment was arguably on the second of february two thousand and eight. you know really taste of victory in the sea hey week championship four years before and then recovered from a motorbike accident on the way to the second you see david gray's goliath the
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much more heralded up and comer brock lesnar after being under glory conscious mere still force the giant step out in the first round eventually earning the submission of the year award i just clear my mind and just try to you know. but i think sometimes when you're thinking it's you slow your brain down side to try to keep my brain as empty as possible so that i let it all the techniques and training that i have can flow properly and recently group of russian fans will preview to some of the best teams from former two time. as was a very doom who is now are in a long expected to see a title shot against the champ again last just next year. to have a good conditional he trailed resting all life. he did the one he like to keep he had
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a good game but he like the game rest me. i like to i would just write. this is my game i mean of the he gets the fight to the ground jitsu isenberg do is one of the best use of guys in the world i think he has an excellent chance. i personally don't see how he's going to get came down i think campbell auspice is going to avoid going to the ground with him he's the better wrestler soul to keep the fight on his feet and he's the better stand a fighter thirty four year old near his himself set to face a tough test next february the elimination make jump with the right to stay in the enemy's elite competition see against keep boxing specialist alistair overeem but if i could be a last fight here cecil the way i look at it is just more time than to perform you know if you go out there and you start putting something you know the fights are to happen regardless of what pressure i put on it so any kind of thoughts that i put upon that fight is external or internal pressure that i'm adding to something that
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doesn't exist i enjoy martial arts i enjoy being a fighter i enjoy the my job is to go in the gym and train. you know as long as i continually pull a paycheck and i can keep my wife happy about the fact i'm gone all day i think continue to live the lifestyle so that's what. frank near and progressive are doomed one as triumph for many absent downs being in glory the other right at the pinnacle of his illustrious career both have already added their pages in a historic move and i'm a. home and keep it going nobody but a party. and that's the end of part one but we'll be back with more top m.m.a. action don't go away.
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i play is street cleaner who's in love with a waitress i go on stage managing that there's an audience i used to take drugs and drink like a fish called the police told me about the circus but i was such a punk i was like well what circus. or a circus is clearly comes down and we break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds.
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welcome back to the sport show and let's raise you with more mixed martial arts as three of russia's biggest up and comers triumphed at the latest white night showdown here in moscow my thought on yan has more the man you see is still a long way from worldwide fame but age thirty one he's easily mongrel she's biggest enemy heavyweight hopefuls constantin you know him just minutes before his six professional belts and probably the toughest test in his fledgling career. and here comes the rival the u.s.a.'s remote you research the jews the men who
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really been through battles in the world's best m.m.a. promotions like bride strikeforce and dream. over the russian was quick to prove his device stating punching power you know him so that boxing background providing him with a first round knockout victory however even a win like this has his flip side. he's got plenty of experience and i plan to gain something from him during the fight unfortunately it was a bit too quickly. the fight night showdown so another strike force and pride veteran buntline overeem who failed to make it through the first round against a russian up and comer. clue three year old heavyweight me hail mom living the dutchman on the ground with hard labor shots. moving down to light weights with quite a similar outcome though there were grease of verses brazil's the silver flies so
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one more first round knockout win for the russian we improved his pro record level wins with just a single defeat. i always try to make the opponent play on my field and my game i don't care what he's strong at do my job or move around look for counter charts but always ready for a tough dog fight. the fight night it was truly a reach out and a success for the russian fires on a similarly unstoppable writes. i don't want to fight any of the russian forces that's for sure that doesn't motivate me i would like to test myself over seem it's in a u.f.c. or ballots where i really like cain velasquez maybe i will face him one day that would be a great challenge for me to do it. well the more you aim for the higher your likely to reach. r.t. moscow. now the tributes from the sporting world have been pouring in for now so
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mandela the first black president of south africa who died last thursday at the age of ninety five the former premier one said that sport has the power to change the world and unite people in a way little else does and mr mandela met many sports stars including the south africa rugby and football teams plus david beckham on the england side he was also a big supporter of south africa hosting the twenty ten football world cup as well as a big fan of a local hospital. he's done so much. not only for south africa not only for africa but the whole world. you know i remember as a kid. my parents he's the one person. you know when you hear his name everything stops. meanwhile while doing she called her bows trying to one hundred seven point two eighty seven at home to two time reigning champions the miami heat both teams
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were missing superstars miami's dwyane wade was ill while chicago's derrick rose is out for the season after least surgery and in his absence carlos boozer led the bulls with twenty seven points and nine rebounds the heat try to play catch up in the fourth quarter but with four minutes to go they signed a three pointer but the contest out of reach. and in the euro league front of our chain tighten their grip at the top of group a after coming from behind to win seventy eight seventy four it says got moscow this spectacular three pointer from itself at the end of the third quarter but the army men fifty nine fifty six ahead but in the fourth the turkish giants replied in kind with big shots from linus closer and bowyer but danovitch to give the visitors victory and a seven zero one record slip to third but both sides are already in the top sixteen . while also qualified lokomotiv cabana
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lost seventy five seventy three at maccabi tel aviv who joins their parents in the top sixteen mccabe led sixty five fifty three at the beginning of the fourth quarter. responded scoring twenty points to the host to over the next four minutes though the israeli side held on for victory both teams have a six and two record but now could be now a lead group they haven't beaten luck motive twice. golf and zach johnson beat world number one tiger woods in a playoff to win the world challenge johnson signed for bird is in his last eight holes and then found the water at the eighteenth but responded in style by holing this shot from the drop zone and in a thrilling finale woods then hit the bunker at the last of the skate to make a par around at the first extra hole woods landed in the sand again. mist has popped out to hunt johnson the victory. tiger played great i mean you know
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called what's your cup was there one that i made you know you seem to miss so. you had to pick up your host had a teacher early start today. got up to thank three and zach i don't know how old the last three irish are sitting on the whole it was phil's pretty impressive what he did on sixteen seventeen eighteen and you know i got a. while as a golfer events in paris but we know one champion sebastian vettel and his red bull team receive their respective top drivers and constructor awards for the fourth consecutive season the twenty six year old german is not part of an illustrious group which is one for titles including one manuel fangio alex ross and michael schumacher and vettel admitted he was surprised at his team's ongoing improvement. just like the other years the team has proven that you know we are very very strong developing the car improving the car throughout the season and towards the end i think we were all all all inside the team was surprised by the you know put by the
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performance we had the last couple races sometimes lapping you know half a second to a second faster than everyone else was a big surprise for us now let's return to winter sport and ice hockey where inform side act boss had been tipped to win the third guarin cup this season despite losing at old closed in on my moscow which abound portland has more. the start of any cage campaign and bars are always one of the teams to account for the stone that has won the first two editions of a good car encounter in two thousand and nine in two thousand and ten and the based in the sports man city of concern which is also home to football side routine and host of a summer's university games the past two seasons have been a time of transition for the hockey club a successful head coaches in your tool a billionaire dean of left to lead the russian national team yet under violated by law of and bars and i'm confident they can return to form a glories it's been three years in zion boswell's one cage els car in car however
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to try an inbound dryads because onside have made big changes to their roster bring in a number of new players to their side go on the right bars legends i would say models have been done he said leap of the between the accumulated five hundred ninety nine points in six hundred twenty nine games brought in to replace them a same distance stapleton briefly of denominated sc another example in east of who had an unhappy spell with the n.h.l. side the when he paid jets as well as defenseman sean hayes who played eight games with phoenix coyotes and he's delighted to join such an ambitious club but it helps improve his game just really. being coughing yourself in and moving the park the players and yeah yeah i think just for me that be able to adapt to their fast pace of the game and the speed here is is that challenge for me so i think thanks one
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thing i need to learn on is moving the park quickly and move my feet because all the time bombs whose main literally mean snow leopards in the local charts are language of one of the best defensive records in the league while the also school the finnish share of goals earlier in the campaign they won twelve out of thirteen games recently their form is did. the same to. he's been with basons two thousand and nine but he's distrust the potential to go deep into the playoffs because if you're as david will we have strength in every line and every player has the ability to change the course of the game and almost everyone gets an equal amount of time on the ice it really helps to have such a balanced roster everyone knows their role when their plane is great motivation amongst us and we all know that we want to win this season's good garnett card among them despite leading the eastern conference for most of the campaign and parts win today clash of reigning champions don't know must go but just one win in
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the last three games it was going to be a chance to focus on size title ambitions a test unfortunately they would fail if they lost three to nothing in moscow and weren't shot forty one to twenty four and finish forward yummy penson on his his team needs to find a way to end this slum if i knew the serve we would have obviously attended but sometimes there is tough times and we got to work for a coil bit harder to get back in the wrong there's no need for the side from tatarstan to panic just yet barring a disaster they're almost certain to make the playoffs and there are very few teams that would look forward to playing out pas as a target on unprecedented third get our income in six seasons richardson boldly darty moscow. and finally with russia's first winter paralympics just three months away a group of disabled children were given sports lessons by some of the country's
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paralympic champions while the right to such a continued literally as a bunch of enthusiast tested the route from moscow michael explains all. since one thousand nine hundred two the united nations has sanctioned the third of december as the day on which the world tries to raise awareness of people living with disabilities and organizations in russia have been using the date to gain further support for the cause that has been lacking in the past with events such as this one in moscow but here is the of see. i am i see the interest to day has been big sam gets registered to come but many others have come at the last minute just out of curiosity which is great and with the news that the car lympics is just around the corner it's now became tangible even for the kids with hope they go to tendence here will continue. the outreach from having an officially recognized day is intended to be global as over one billion of the world's seven billion population have some form of disability while it's the local communities that make it happen
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and together with moscow's department of physical culture the russian paralympic committee used the day to bring the country's champions together with its younger generations do you feel this way they get it that it. is great to be here in this gym today i'm so pleased that so many kids have come their eyes just light up kids love sport i know they can all achieve their goals if they were really want to and now we have everything we need to be able to do sport in this country so no metal is out of reach for the young or old the children could take part in various master classes throughout the day from botching to table tennis to arm wrestling it's always a truly humbling experience being seventy six miles. just like this if they have. to sit down for a master class with an obvious chance a month ago i realized that far stronger than i've ever had to. break.
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and while i was losing miserably at arm wrestling a bunch of athletes and supporters have decided to travel the one thousand four hundred kilometer journey from moscow to. not by plane but by road and you think it is but on this day that i thought it would be a great idea to check out how some fans will be getting to switching but also because i've only flown to sochi before so i want to see the countryside and of course there's the roads all ten cars that set out arrived at the black sea resort just over forty eight hours later with big smiles and lasting impressions get us moving the last time i did a road trip to sochi was in two thousand and eight and i must say a lot has changed for the better it's quite amazing what's been achieved in the run up to the olympics with the route now officially tested the tickets on sale and time ticking down fans will no doubt begin planning their own path to russia's first ever winter olympic and paralympic games market r.t.
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. and that's all the sport. we are the problem we in the west of the problem especially the united states government so it really is quite ridiculous that we get manipulated into saying oh we have to take care of this problem over there the problem is in our own backyard and we know that. oh my god baidu no longer it says big clearly holy moley china bandspread cooling how will we survive treat the mainstream media well in fact by due the e bay of china no longer exists because it was only ever one of by these many subsidiaries which is the big oil and that was for one samsung product for several weeks and those weeks only one point three seven bit cleaner ever sent to buy do look here this is their wallets.
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we are the problem we in the west of the problem especially the united states government so it really is quite ridiculous that we get manipulated into saying oh we have to take care of this problem over there the problem is in our own backyard and we know that is. what defines a country's success. faceless figures of economic growth. or a factual standard of living.
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coming up on r t the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms is the target of an investigation this month news reports reveal agents took advantage of mentally disabled bed for sting operations only to have them face jail time after work we'll tell you more about this abusive practice. and major tech companies like google and facebook are demanding restrictions on u.s. government surveillance but while tech titans take on government giants it looks like the n.s.a. is dabbling in fantasy spying on world of warcraft players details coming up and u.s. soldiers return from war to enter another field of battle as the veterans administration continues to.


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