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you guys have to the jokes will handle the stuff that i've. larry king. james brolan dinner at the brolin this is a kind of an event because she runs the whole show and james was just there making sure you got one i hadn't been married twice before then you could do some tough dames i couldn't handle that this or that was my training ground plus i fired a guy on a show once right in front of everybody on purpose and boy did that show sing along after that so you almost controlling then we think mr problem that's all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king our special guest james brolan the emmy and two time golden
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globe winner he became a t.v. icon of course with his seminal role as dr stephen reilly in the popular t.v. series marcus welby m.d. and of course he's the father to josh brolin the husband of barbara streisand hollywood is in his blood he grew up here he's back on t.v. with hallmark movie channels first ever original holiday movie christmas with tucker i thought the hallmark channel would have holiday movies every year they do they have all the old favorites all the great ones but they've never shot their own to lead them off yet so i listen don't tell me about christmas with tucker i got a call right out of the blue would i be interested in doing this film about you know you know i used to cry in lassie when i was young i don't know what it was about that but i needed to react to because here it's about the dog and the grandpa and the kid and the kansas farmer and winter's coming on and the next door neighbor is arrested for drunk driving and we have to keep his dog which i do not like you
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go up here or did you always want to be in the business no i was a matter of fact in in high school i couldn't even really get in. grammar school in junior high school i couldn't give my first book report i said down in the middle of it shaking then a year later i tried it again and was very unsuccessful so i joined i had had a darkroom and was making pinhole cameras when i was ten years old and fifteen i bought my first film camera i decided i want to be a cinematographer and the director because there were some film people around me but i certainly didn't want to be in front of a camera either that happened i was eighteen years old and i was walking somewhere in in maybe westwood or something and somebody stopped and said hey would you be interested in being in a commercial and i said you mean like i wouldn't have to talk what i had.
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they said no as a matter of fact cowboy hat cowboy sure drive a dodge truck it was b.b. dno you know one of the biggest companies in the u.s. so i went away to haiti for a year i traveled for a year i came back i was parking cars on lossie omega when this agent called me up knew i was back and said we want to send you over to fox they're they're interested in hiring some young contract people and from then on it was like a back i was thinking where once i get in there then i can change i can become a cinematographer you know wow that was well be a first big thing right it wasn't until one nine hundred sixty eight that i asked i said listen i'm not i'm not in the movies i've been trained to not been i was well trained by then during that those years. and basically i want out unless you're going to use me for something and so they let me go and three weeks later i was i was signed to universal and immediately the following week i tested
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for well beyond six weeks after the pilot aired my which i won the emmy for the pilot. we were number one number one series we'll get back to other things sorry to talk so much no no you know a i love you i've been to your house of course you have how's what's life like with barbara you know what i love about the way you handle it now barbara is not exactly low key with couey meant that the absolutely i hadn't been married twice before then when there's some tough games that i couldn't handle that this was that was my training ground just like fox was my training ground to finally get in front of a camera you know so what's the secret to barbara's fantastic woman and then dad was unbelievable and focused like i am the laziest person you ever met she is so focused and has to finish every job that day the correct but how and how were you able you are definitely opposites how do you handle it well i could be angry
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a lot but i'm too lazy. you doing angry takes work and i don't like to go there. because there's a there's a line with me if you if i go there it just doesn't feel good and the results might not be so good you know i know it's way down in there it's very primitive and so consequently i choose to be pass it on a lot of things and dinner at the brolin is a kind of an event because she runs the whole show and james is just is there making sure you got wine whatever happens let's have a nice night. do you have a you don't fight or anything you have zero know we bicker and everything and every once in a while i would say two times a year we call in a referee we talk it out and it's amazing how by the time this guy drives out of the rival way and it's you know sometimes two hours session one with both of us a number and then i leave and she talks over stuff with him but everything is
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dispelled really yeah yeah so it was deliberate chris we discovered that very early and so we do to everyone sort of really and i know well somebody i was work very close to for years who finally got married she started doing that six months before they were married she was more than a professional counselor yeah. it was your home yeah he's a specific one that i mean we could have called somebody else the didn't give us any results that's really great but i had to remember that this person's six months before they were married her and her husband were counseled before they were married to make sure everything was going to work now that you know people are saying now when most people are saying now live together for six months before you get married try it all out how are you man enough. fifteen years hanako christmas when he's sober both actually you know we've sort of really getting anything that moves will do tell me about the jew encourage josh to be an actor you know as
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a matter of fact he was having some we lived in santa barbara at the time we had moved from the ranch in like one nine hundred eighty or eighty one and and hotel was on and he was getting a lot of crap started in hotels and yeah. he was going a lot of crap from the guys at school about who he was and how tough maybe he was that his old man was so tough i was you know so he said i would never be in your business thing so two years later he comes to me and i always said how much i love wood shop and i's school and metal shop and all the things i learned my dad was an engineer so he comes to me and says listen i got three options for elective metal shop wood shop in this acting thing you know what do you think of acting and i said well i'll tell you what it's a psychology class and it'll put your put you in the shoes of these guys that are picking on you and help you to think from their point of view and help you to deal with the next thing i know he's starring in the high school play of stanley
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kowalski no kill of all things yeah and got his first a ever in school from the beginning and is a natural. i guess in the way he was he was hooked i use and rise as you watch his career develop of how good an actor he is no i mean it's you know he's been at it twenty five years i have to answer that by saying the progression what i was surprised that is how he just attacked it like its mother was a tough gal he attacked that rag rabbit right in the throat he went to new york all the things i said i was going to do and never did he went to the sorbonne and studied french immersion in just when not speaking any french and studied french literature at the sorbonne well he took tours around the world one with his son with a backpack. with hand who is son was three or four hand and foot holds on the backpack
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he carried him around europe on his backpack and then he went to new york and and started studying with. with several coaches and you know the streets of new york teaches you a lot more than the freeways with the stereo in los angeles you know. so and went to the g. of a theater became kind of masterful on stage now he's been into broadway shows and so i think that the difference between him and i you know i mean from what i've said already you'd never get me on a stage and feel half secure why not first of all i don't think i could remember all those lines and second of all i don't know it's just an innate fear of failure i think you know and i got quite a lot of stuff in that department you know but i as i said i was going to be a cinema cinematographer and want to be a writer and to read sure you do you do you directed get it in the d.g.a. thirty years directed to twenty five hours of television and one movie and i've got
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a movie called if you want to google ruby mccollum it's it's an incredible true story that i'm hoping to all start directing and prepping in march and who has since or. we've got a couple of smaller roles can only lead to about directing. you know i'm just i'm just good at what is your game right is that is that your medium the film is the director's we're all i can tell you larry is i never is when i'm directing i never sit down i'm always it's like i've got those spring moon shoes you know that i'm just i'm levitated by it and i can go three months with three hours in a night's sleep i can't i can't do that doing anything else. to write him she's had three very good movies right and she's working on her fourth now she'd like to do one more hour she and josh get along great tara doing is not easy there
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was never there was never a problem right from the beginning i think because. one i'm so passive about my reactions to everything but number two he knows that when i decide on something you know i don't care what is attitude is and it's not going to change that's what i've decided period you know i think we're both like that in a way i don't have to make a lot of noise to let you know that although i have i've had people misread me before so where i'm so nice about something but i've said you know really what i'd like is this and this and this tomorrow morning and when it's not done and i'm hearing a lot of book it answers something something happens where you know i'll go do i have to scream to have you hear what i told you those really even oh yeah. and so i think because of the the contrast of who i am normally and what did things get done
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after i fired a guy on the show once right in front of everybody on purpose and boy did that show sing along after that so you are more controlling len we think mr roland you have been on with my wife. we'll discuss some of his favorite roles next don't go away. please it was a. very hard to take a. look at on here. that are back with that her make her look. closely.
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you'll. see a lot of. the people. i suspect. over like the girls did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open press is critical to our democracy shrek. well. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the club for the takeover of our government and our cracks we've been hijacked like a handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once i'm john mark and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the. rational debate
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real discussion critical issues facing define are you ready to join the movement then welcome to take. back with james brolin the scene first showing november twenty fifth on the hallmark movie channel in christmas with tucker you were you you worked with steven spielberg right. yeah yeah i did yeah as a matter of fact after he directed one of the well bees and wood is yes seat yes he did yeah oh yeah i think it was about the it was in the first part of the second year it was about the twenty seven seventh's show or something like that and he came in and stephen i'm sorry not to tell the story. but he didn't really
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know how to it was obviously very talented and they gave them carte blanche but he had ordered cranes for a couple of you could have a crane maybe for a half a day or maybe a day but he loved the crane shots and he would keep his eye in the camera all the time and he'd go. cut i mean action. you know he was like a kid out of place in a way. and but i loved what he did and could you tell he was going to be really good well you know we got a guy in every week i think i could tell you know we got a lot of good old timers in there and they knew exactly what to do and to see him kind of stumbling i didn't quite know what to think of it except i wish i was him doing that i actually one of the regrets i have is that i didn't walk into the studio and take an empty office myself and and get my way and you know what we've done some digging into your career with some names you tell me what comes to mind
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what did you have to do with batman the television series and i was one of those things that you know once i went on that six and a half years at fox of just one of the things that were dry to your assigned i played a boxer in one and i played i think brinks guard in another gave a little list i loved gable and lumbered you were great i loved doing it and i did too i was so reluctant to do it and was sitting fury that talked me into it the studio universal it was a big film it was going to be a big film for them but it was sidney fury's development. and they wanted steve mcqueen anally mcgraw to play those two and he said absolutely not i'm walking to another studio with this but you have a kid under contract named james brolan who was going to play gable and they went you know we go. and the next thing i knew who looked like gable he you flaws.
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so he came to me and said i want to do this i said i just don't think i could pull this off this is a career killer for me you know and he's put me in a screening room and started showing me films every day and it was about the fourth day he walked in and so so what's going on is that just how interesting twinge inside is interesting actors thing that happened. and he said ok let's go to keep watching films and we're going to start shooting such and such and a great movie and i know what time i've ever had in front of a camera on the great movie you work with a lady i interviewed all of their bette davis writing hotel first choosers that was so she was a hoot she was a she was a hoot i think one of the first things she said is get that little pretty girl was what we were thing and i was like good looking little girl get her off the set i don't want in this scene with me you know yes so that's what that week was like
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what was it like to work with fayed dunaway and she said i prefer professionals oh god. you like playing ronald reagan well i went through the same thing i went through with with. gable i had these guys say you know we want to play ronald reagan i went that is that now much older at that point i said that again is the stupidest thing i've ever heard that's the worst casting who did you go to that has turned you down for the last month and now you're at the bottom of the barrel. and so i wouldn't even read it and and craig zaidan and neil meron forced me literally to read the first half hour of this and i went where this guy is a real character i got so enthused reading the first half hour of that show and there wasn't anything negative about him i think reagan always meant well and although he is worse i think he was a good man here but some of his choices just weren't. maybe educated enough you
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know here in a david o. russell film may hold. that film went bankrupt in the middle of shooting i actually think it's probably quite a film and i wish somebody would come in whenever that is it a shot i don't i don't think so jake gyllenhaal and we need some really good cast and the money. if i can say so i think some of the money was pilfered. you know because when i was making the deal on that they said well we can afford a good dressing room for you and i saw tell you what if you want me down there if you need me down there on thursday i'm going to fly in i'm going to go to an r.v. place and rented dressing room and then i'll drive to the set and see it will you know unions don't like that kind of talk they said nah nah nah nah we'll find yourself will and so i get down there is not only the biggest dressing room i've ever seen but there's thirty seven drivers on this picture and more trucks than i've ever seen and they're just shooting in a church somewhere and so i knew i knew i told somebody else and i was some of the
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money on some something's wrong here. and two weeks later they they went bust you were good richard gere in the hunting party yeah i love that we got to go to syria and. amazing at that time the ski hill so you know surrey able was famous for the olympics there and it was. the hillside was just loaded with landmines and they were turning out groups of sheep up there to trigger the moderates where they were trying to get rid of them. and but it was amazing that everything was still under suspicion and everyone no matter where we went from our hotel to set we had guards with us and i never saw a problem but i'm sure that when you go down the alleys and see bullet holes in the alleys where they'd line people up and kill them in mass and it was scary and gorgeous but a career for we take some social media questions for you you are
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a pilot i am well now it's one nine hundred fifty eight can you imagine life or i have. a skyway and i own my i've owned one sky way again for fifteen years and then this last one for twelve or thirteen years it says no one eighty five. tail dragger that when no single and that's the one that they take hunters and fishermen back into alaska with that so i'm a still pilot sort takeoff and landing i also have a partnership and a helio courier which was made by the cia to get into short fields and i want to fly jets and do i actually love to go to you know i own a little bit of a. of a charter company out of their own eyes and i'd actually like to go to school and try and qualify at least flying right seat you know i fly out of and. great lies the lead port very ok we have some social media questions for you jason did twit on
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twitter wants to know of any roles that you said no to that you regret well this is a dichotomy because after amityville it was a huge hit right and nobody knew what to do with me because i was such a nut case in the film and so i sat quiet and i showed a second well a bit longer but i got offered the hand which was all over stones he was a very valid writer of course at that point but not a director and it was his first directing job and i read this thing and i thought what a junker this ain't going to turn out at all then i hear that michael caine took it instead and i kind of went michael caine will wait a minute ask me again. but then i saw it later and it was everything i thought it was it didn't work out you know jessica limp wristed on instagram is there a downside to becoming an actor. you mean like reg papers or
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any regret about you know i mean i actually enjoyed them i wouldn't my wife and i were remodelling and building i asked her if i could do a bathroom in all this bad news that i didn't you know she don't like me. you know she's that artistic like god so i have a box of things from dating back from one nine hundred seventy of bad news of everything i've done wrong in my life and i wanted to walk into this bathroom and just have a like comic book you know because i've hunted really fun and really the last night we walked into vans market coming from somewhere at night at midnight to get some coffee ice cream and we walked in hand in hand the guys and all them oh it's so good seeing you guys holding hands look at this paper right over here the divorce it's right on the paper there and i said. it was approved this is going on for forty years yeah move on twitter how did you meet barbara how it was
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a blind date somebody fix this somebody called and said you know well what do you think i'm going to go i would barbra streisand what did you think i thought this is sounds like a lot of work i was out of order. but i had seen her sing in the park remember when she sang for one hundred fifty thousand people in the park for free. and i had seen some of that footage and i i would love girl singers but this is yes she's ok she's ok singer but i love what she says between songs this is a real special person as she is she's the one and so that had a lot to do with me saying you know ok i'll meet with her in a click right away. somebody had this party on a porch over the bel-air golf course on a beautiful july first night gorgeous it was the setting was pervan there were three tables of ten of people that we all kind of knew and i didn't know her and she didn't know me and somebody just talked me into cutting off all of my. hair
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which i'd had all through hotel it was this color underneath so anyway i had this white here with this copper tip about this long because i didn't want to too short so i had this stupid little bit of color on there and she set down finally next to me she was kind of reluctant to get near me and she set down next to me and said who who blinked up your hair. and i went we got thirty liars in this for thirty hollywood liars in this room one person telling the truth i'm in love we were together from then on through that really and we've been i had to go to do a picture in in the philippines for two weeks and we were on the phone i spent every nickel that i made on that movie on the phone she always says i got to go i got this to do we would spend three to six hours on the phone like a couple of teenagers spend every five dollars a minute. going seventy nine instagram who was the pants in the marriage pants.
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she knows not to cross my line is that an answer things you ever do a film with. what i actually read a couple of scripts together we haven't found anything that really nails it so far but i would love to. that cone is on twitter would you consider a role in the discussed remake of west world in one nine hundred seventy three michael crighton film with star you'll brunner well i just read the j.j. abrams is trying to mount it as a series do you do it and i suggested i play that you'll bring a role. and i don't know if i'm nasty or weird enough to play that you're a brand a role but i would do it i would do it. and the thing i would worry about is as we worry about with all the series is once you do the first show is the next show
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going to be just a repeat of the first one that's what worries me about series and what i have i love movies you get a plane ticket you're going somewhere you've never been before you're working with people you never saw but you don't know how it's going to work and it does with one click. or if you only knew question remember the first girl you have a case. i think she was four years old and we were riding bicycles down our my little street in beloit in in westwood village and yeah i think we sort of the little experiment with the name i can remember thanks james you know best james wrote i love them christmas with tom going to love a twenty fifth on the hallmark movie channel and they'll be repeating it frequently right through december we can find me on twitter with kings things to see and i just thought.
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well. it's technology innovations all the developments around russia we. covered. live. live. live . live. in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want.
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what's up everyone i'm abby martin and this is breaking this that guy's help and worry about the kind of literature children are we get in this country looks like cat and i have a very hungry caterpillar are so outdated i mean those are so two thousand and eight which is why today i'm very excited about the release of ted cruz's brand new children's book because riches story is not only outlines his rise of the senate but it teaches america's children how to take their country back croons style it's
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called ted cruz to the future but you're probably recalled ted cruz of the past because that's where this book is taking our kids one of the themes is the importance of religion when it comes to politics because it all separation of church and state thing was just a suggestion another of course is obamacare that suggests that it's worse than mass murder for profit because according to ted cruz providing health care to poor people is quote worse than any war but the best part the absolute best part about this is that it's a coloring book which means your children will get a unique chance to interact with cruz's ideology and film the texas senators hall the lifeless outline with color but surprisingly this isn't the first time that propaganda about the government has been made how to bowl for children who can forget the nine eleven commission reports dumbed down comic book version or what about the bin laden raid coloring book titled the kids book of freedom guys this trends go to and don't indoctrinate your kids with pre-established political beliefs before they can even read.


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