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unusual monument in oklahoma more on that and it's everything you know is wrong and last month the state of washington offered boeing eight point seven billion dollars in taxpayer funds to keep its operations in jobs in the evergreen state and while that may seem certain it's actually common practice all across the united states so what can we do to stop this blatant form of corporate welfare i'll tell you it's united states. in the best of the rest of the news america is the richest country on planet earth but every morning millions of americans wake up to a life of poverty and despair according to u.s. census data in two thousand and twelve forty six point five million americans are living in poverty including sixteen point one million children and with a life of poverty comes other struggles like hunger in two thousand and twelve
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seventeen point six million households didn't have enough access to the food and nutrition needed to survive while millions of americans are struggling to survive lawmakers in washington are out concerned are more concerned about preserving corporate tax breaks and helping those who need it the most so more and more americans are taking it upon themselves to highlight just how devastating poverty as become in america includes filmmakers harry and joe gantz directors and producers of the new h.b.o. documentary american winter which talks about the struggles of family of families who are facing poverty in portland oregon take a look. at the next door house in our house the house across the street the house three doors down in the house around the corner we're all in foreclosure all of them tomorrow they're going to auction off my house my five acres here i'm scared about this situation right now but it will. i'm scared about the general situation
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as he gets older he might be here to protect. or. make his life has come to the lips. of. joining me now to talk more about this film from our los angeles studios ferry and joe gantz welcome to both of you thanks for having us thank you what made you guys want to document poverty in america and why choose portland as a case study i used to live there and it didn't seem that poverty was as visible and prominent as in many parts of the united states. well as during the economic downturn there was so many people that were losing their jobs and as a country it seemed like you know instead of helping them we were cutting budgets and cutting services all across the country and so we wanted to show what that was like for families who were in need and we chose portland because we wanted a city that felt like middle america i think if we chose l.a.
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or new york people would say well that's not us so we kind of just chose portland yeah that's it's a middle sized i mean seven hundred thousand people i think of that in the downtown urban area so it's a neighborhood of a million or more and so what did you find there. well first of all to find the families we worked with the local two one one organization two one one is the number you call in most cities if you need some type of social services so we listened in on thousands of calls to find the families that were in some type of economic crisis there's people in the film who've lost their job and need help there's people who have gone through health care issues there's people who are over fifty and looking for new work so there's several reasons why people are in the situation that they call two one one and the results or stories of the families in the film when people call to one on one or other resources. as for the. well
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certainly over the last several years a lot of those resources have been cut so in two thousand and eleven was one of the biggest federal cuts ever to all types of social services including energy assistance the problem is the social service agencies are between a rock and a hard place with this whole new population of formerly middle class families who suddenly need help over the last several years in addition to the chronically poor and they have less budget and to help these folks want to play another clip from the film take a look. i never thought of getting help from the state i never thought i would never. never do that never put that in my head i walked into the house in the kitchen in a dark. place she was crying because she didn't know what she was going to do. for the next couple weeks i don't need different. school tomorrow i don't want you to go to sleep with an empty belly these are people who never thought they'd need
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help from the government to survive do you think the conservative americans are fat and lazy or willing to live living off the government benefits and aid is blinding people to the actual poverty problems country. well i think that americans are really allowed more empathetic than then you would think from listening to that gentleman i think that there's kind of two americas in one america forty six percent of people cannot come up with the money to pay their necessities their monthly bills their rent their food their electricity their heat and those people are struggling day to day and as we live with them to make this documentary they're under so much stress and that stress traumatizes everybody in the family and especially the kids who can't really do well in school or can't do their best because they feel this stress the parents are trying to create a bubble around the kids. but the kids know what's going on and i think that the
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other america there's so many destructed myths and stereotypes about these folks that many americans believe that to be true but when you see these folks that we filmed in this documentary you see these these are hardworking americans out of work since they were teenagers and they want nothing more than to be able to have you know the self-esteem and confidence that goes from supporting their family like they've had for most of their life and suddenly they found themselves in this desperate situation and they need help to get back on their feet right now for the most part we're giving them enough money to keep from starving but that's not really helping them to get back into a situation where they can be supporting their family again and they want nothing more than that does your film documents the crisis that we've been discussing for the last couple minutes and then stop at that point or do you have specific
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suggestions whether they're in the film or not in this last minute we have for how to you know what to do something about this. well for the most part we wanted a film that would allow people to meet the folks who are really in need in this country there's so many stereotypes about that and these folks are very relatable they seem like someone from your family or from your street and they're not like the way folks are pre-trained as being fat and lazy they're nothing like that they work their whole life we felt that if we were too prescriptive that you know people from the right or the left might want not want to be a part of watching this film so we wanted it to be something that people could just so this is just and i would wake up. wake up call yeah that the destruction of the middle class in this family will be the destruction of our entire society and that like you said it's a wake up call for all of us. no matter what side of the aisle you're on to make
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this a priority very very well said i shouldn't say just because we need a wake up call area joe ganz you don't grow that work thank you so much for being with us this is our film if anyone's interested you go to american winter film dot com to get the d.v.d. to add to the size of my teleprompter for more information on the film go to american winter film dot com. just. it's the good the bad of the very very ugly the good the f.i.a. formula eat championship racing series opens next year it'll introduce something new to the world of professional race car driving sustainable vehicles that's right the even formulate a stance for electric every single car used in the formula the championship series will run on electricity and gasoline it's still too early to tell
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a formula he will become the next big thing in racing but one thing is for sure it certainly has some big name supporters in our very caprio just announced a partnership with contrary automobiles and all goes according to plan of his own team in next year's inaugural formula series switching over to a completely sustainable economy will mean big changes and will force us to use clean energy for things we currently use fossil fuel creative energy for if i may formulate the championship series as an example of what the world will look like if we continue on a path toward a sustainable future good on leonardo for showing support the bad larry klayman some republicans are avoiding talking about the death of nelson mandela because they don't want to have to answer questions about ronald reagan calling the anti-apartheid leader a terrorist others like freedom watch as larry klayman are more than willing to talk about nelson mandela because they see it because as they see it his death gives them another. chance to bash president obama in his new column for world net
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daily klayman said that conservatives should take mandela's achievement and liberating so that africa for bondage is a further example of what we can accomplish and free in our own nation in the choking this governmental slavery of obama you know because trying to expand health care access is totally the same thing as preventing eighty percent of the country's population voting which is what south africans and white rulers did during apartheid the links some conservatives will go to bash the president or stand. and a very very ugly the a.t.f. . into a new report the bureau of alcohol tobacco and firearms has been using mentally disabled people as bait in a number of different operations across the country you want to operation wichita a.t.f. agents referred to a man with a low i.q. as slow headed before deciding to search the site in the secretly used him as a key cogged in their sting another operation agents in albuquerque new mexico gave
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a brain damaged drug addict with little knowledge of weapons a tutorial on machine guns but we need to help them find could find them one as if the nipple late in the disabled wasn't bad enough a.t.f. agents also reportedly used to track to female officer to trick teenaged boys into buying guns and drugs it's really no excuse for these tendencies they're just fear fear. coming up each year state governments hand out billions of dollars in taxpayer funds to corporations so that those corporations will do business within those state lines while the corporations are getting favorable treatment you and i are getting screwed so how do we stop these taxpayer funded corporate mega deals once and for all tell you that i'd still take.
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i would rather as questions to people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on our t.v. question more. fully on your comment like these. they face you know.
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pleasure to have you with us here on t.v. today i'm researcher. so sometimes you know as you know and sometimes you know if you don't know and sometimes it's the firesign theater says and everything you know is wrong and i don't think you're wrong but if you want to hear your right. to say things that sure of your mother i mean you know it's wrong. religion has been in the news a lot lately especially when it comes to politics and our government and the debate over a woman's right to choose to hobby lobby's refusal to provide contraception and once obamacare rolled out because of their religious views the separation between church and state seems smaller than ever before but while religious conservatives are
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making their voices heard across america other religious groups are also trying to have their voices heard and that includes satanists so if you think that religious conservatives are the only ones expressing their views in public in everything you know is wrong joining me now via skype from boston is lucian griefs overlord of the satanic temple of new york lucian welcome. so thanks for joining us so let's start simple what are statements. well statements in our case i'm an atheist so satanism for me is a narrative construct by which i symbolize my rejection of supernaturalism and indorse for personal sovereignty and individual freedom as well as the pursuit of knowledge however uncomfortable that knowledge might be that's interesting are there actually people who would call themselves satanists who are you know worship a deity that christians would call the devil. there are some of those but if you go
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back to through biblical history there is no broken tradition of satanism from then till now it's always been this kind of mythological construct of an outgroup and it's usually in our group. is a label is usually put jord of and it's usually the predecessor to some type of witch hunter purging and that's one of those impulses that we have. that we should be very skeptical of and we should work to avoid and work against and judge people for their concrete actions in try to allay the fears of the mob as it were so there's this statue of the ten commandments outside the oklahoma state house and now your group is proposing a to donate a monument for the oklahoma state house what are you proposing to give them and what. well. i wanted to own the ten commandments
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monument. does seem exclusionary it does seem to be a message that there is a uniform voice of a religious agenda. but with ours complimenting and contrasting that monument it sends an entirely different message a new message and we think it's more in tune with the american way. constitutional values then we have a message everyone just we're out of and we have a message that says that every voice deserves to be heard so it's sort of a variation on the if the state is going to allow the christians to have you know if we're going to bust the the wall of separation between church and state then let's let multiple religions including the folks who are the satanists that's exactly where we stand up for the unjustly accused them of lying to inquire. we were promoting religious diversity the way we see it and the this
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we truly feel it is our american values lucian the monument the you're proposing i understand it's a pentagram that would be the five pointed star with the with the point pointing down is that right. well that might be on it so we have several designs in mind and we're kind of hashing those are right now i've been really begging what those those designs are mine my preferred monument design is also an object to play for children and we want. what we're working with right now is perhaps revealing this monument design as an exclusive on another television show so i'm kind of. stifled on what i can say about that's ok so. but one of the things that i find interesting about this is that you know traditionally according to. whatever tradition the
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satanic star is the upside down five pointed star and they're public and party in two thousand and flip the star upside down the normal american flag star the right side of star they the leonardo da vinci's star flip that star upside down so there's a satan worshipping star satan star already or three of them on the g.o.p. elephant so haven't you guys kind of already won. well that's up for the republicans to say i mean if they truly embrace religious diversity and they wall come our monument. then perhaps we have but so far that's not the message we're getting in also we plan on putting through also in the spirit demonstrating that there is no one uniform religious agenda and that
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there is a pluralistic voice in america we plan on putting through exemptions and privileges for our own membership in the years nineteen states that still allow corporal punishment in schools they allow children to be beaten without their parents' permission and we want to draw up waivers in exemptions based on the fact that we have a tenant that says the body is inviolable subject one's own will alone and we would like people who subscribe to this religious belief even if not see them in general can have this waiver signed on behalf of a religious we that that child is exempt from being that's fair that's actually good and that's a good and productive thing. thanks so much ok thank you now everything you know about satanism and the separation of church and state is right. thanks. thanks thanks
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thanks. crazy alert caller made crude it's just when you thought tea partiers couldn't get any weirder they go out and make a ted cruz coloring book now this is not a story from the onion or actually is a ted cruz coloring book ted cruz to the future coloring book is now available for purchase on line and really is a must have stocking stuffer for young wacko birds this holiday season two owners of the cruise to the future book yet to hone their art skills they. get to eat as well that whose family had to learn about the second amendment and read all about ted cruz's epically self-indulgent obamacare fake filibuster i mean come on what could be more fun than learning about how to sell america out to the billionaire class again i repeat this is not a story from the onion ted cruz coloring book really does exist but despite its impressive collection of educational material there's apparently one glaring
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omission owners of the cruise to the future comic coloring activity book unfortunately do not get a chance to color in ted cruz's canadian birth certificate. last month a washington state legislature agreed to give an airplane manufacturer boeing a staggering eight point seven billion dollars in tax breaks in the attempt to keep that company from relocating elsewhere and taking thousands of jobs away from the evergreen state on those tax breaks were approved boeing turned around and told members of its machinists union to sign a new contract which meant giving up their hard earned pensions for a risky for a one k. plan union overwhelmingly said no to boeing's plan and now the airplane giant is
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threatening to move out of washington state or at least part of their operations and is looking for potential suitors elsewhere in the u.s. that's where missouri comes in after word of the union's no vote spread missouri governor jay nixon called a special legislative session in that state where lawmakers then approved a giveaway of more than one point seven billion dollars in taxpayer funds over the next two decades to try to talk boeing into moving to missouri but that move came just months after nixon the governor slashed a whopping four hundred million dollars out of missouri's budget for two thousand and fourteen. several other states including north carolina and south carolina are similarly planning to take x. offers to boeing and states offer a billion dollar tax breaks incentive packages to giant transnational corporations you and i are the ones who foot the bill that's billions of dollars that are not being spent on the central government programs and services like education transportation health care and the boeing mega deals that washington state and
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missouri have offered up are not the exception or the norm back in two thousand and seven new york gave five point six billion dollars in taxpayer funds to alcoa the giant aluminum corporation in two thousand and four new mexico handed out two billion dollars in corporate tax breaks and subsidies to software giant intel just last year oregon lawmakers forked over just over two billion dollars to nike to keep or create only five hundred jobs in that state all across america states are handing over billions and billions in taxpayer dollars to giant corporations to try to attract new business or keep existing business and these so-called mega deals are on the rise according to the organization good jobs first one thousand nine hundred ninety one the total annual value of corporation luring mega deals was around one billion dollars in two thousand and seven the annual value stood it eight point three billion dollars there's a bigger picture to all of this these mega deals are pitting one state against the
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other in a competition over who can hand over the most money to corporations and the corporations seeking these mega deals are driving a national race to the bottom in poverty in states and taking money away from vital programs like education transportation and social services fortunately there is a way to put it and all of this corporate welfare all the federal government arguably does have the power to stop states from luring corporations with billion dollar tax breaks out of the interstate commerce clause a less direct conan and perhaps more effective way to achieve the same goal is to threaten to block federal highway funds for those states an idea championed by senator bernie sanders. federal highway funds are handed out to the states every year with the money being used to maintain and build roads every year nearly forty billion dollars is divided up among the states and most states rely heavily on those funds in fact ten states rely on federal funds for more than seventy percent of their transportation funding california alone gets three and
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a half billion in federal highway funds every year in south carolina one of the state's planning to offer boeing a giant tax break that will highway funds account for seventy nine percent of state road and bridge spending that money were to suddenly disappear states to be facing a financial nightmare which is why threatening to withhold it if they offer tax breaks to corporations to move from another state is a powerful threat. what good is bringing a corporation to your state if you don't even have the money to fund your state's infrastructure every time a state strikes a corporate welfare mega deal like the one washington did with boeing the american taxpayers left to pay the price let's put the united back into the united states and stop this insanity of states competing over how much of their taxpayer money they're willing to give to giant corporations in an endless race to the bottom. and that's the way it is tonight monday december ninth twenty thirteen don't forget democracy begins when you get out there get active to your.
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old. science technology innovation all the list of elements from around russia we've got the future covered.
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it was a. very hard to take a. look at that had sex with that big hair. the thing. i know is c.n.n. the m s n b c news have taken some not slightly but the fact is i admire their
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commitment to cover all sides of the story just in case one of them happens to be accurate. that was funny but it's closer to the truth and might think. it's because one whole attention and the mainstream media works side by side the joke is actually on here. to be coming back . at our teen years we have a different approach to the good because the news of the world just is not this funny i'm not laughing dammit i'm not ok. i've. got to stick to the jokes while handling the stuff that i've got to. wealthy british scientists not. time to.
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market. find out what's really happening to the global economy with max concert for a no holds barred look at the global financial headlines tune in to kaiser report. today on larry king. james brolan dinner at the bowl is
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a kind of an event because she runs the whole show and james was just as there making sure you got one i hadn't been married twice before then there's some tough dames i couldn't handle that this was that was my training ground plus i fired a guy on the show once right in front of everybody on purpose and boy did that show sing along so you almost controlling len we think mr brolin that's all next on larry king now. welcome to larry king our special guest james brolan the emmy and two time golden globe when he became a t.v. icon of course with his seminal role as dr steven reilly in the popular t.v. series marcus welby m.d. and of course he's the father to josh brolin the husband.


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