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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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live. police in ukraine's capital pushed protesters back from government offices dismantling barricades that have paralyzed work however the opposition is still saying it is pledging to stand its ground also. the arctic. rides along with thousands of other people charges dropped against them as a massive amnesty project is truly being prepared in russia. and plans for a multi-trillion dollar free trade zone across the asia pacific struggles to overcome fears that some countries could fall prey to ripen as corporations looking to take advantage.
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of this hour's top world headlines live on r.t. international rule received show in moscow thanks for joining us government offices in ukraine have restored their work following days of blockade by protesters in the capital kiev hundreds of troops and riot police were deployed around demonstration sites to dismantle barricades and push protesters back to the infamous independence square but fears that the earth or he could move in any time is certainly keeping the situation tense as artie's arena reports well people were on the edge all throughout monday expecting the worst after reports of a numerous reinforcements. frightfully senator no military forces coming into the city that indeed was the case however the police were brought in not to dismantle the protest as was feared but rather to push them back from the main scope of the main streets in the city's administrative districts which for paralyzed by
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barricades and tent cities erected by the protesters all throughout last week they were sometimes just. between the police and the protesters when the police were just not in very case in pushing the protesters onto the sidewalks some of the protesters had mediately upon hearing the reports that reinforcement was coming in have armed themselves with iron rods and heavy wooden sticks in order to protect the independence square and the barricade places the mood continues to be held up in this upper henschel that we have been seeing over the past twenty four hours largely because of a multitude of reports coming in from the internet as a ballots. some sort of dire situation ready to happen in kiev right now and more often than not as my colleague paul scott reports those rumors have no basis in reality he traveled around the world in an instant he gave hope and support to the protesters ensuring freezing conditions on kiev's independence square he
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represented unity and solidarity only he was in law i was even reach we had on the official twitter page of opposition party fatherland as real news with a common bend the whole world is supporting the cranium protesters done created a hoax by showing the united states and brazil had lit up their most famous monuments in the colors of the ukrainian flag as a show of support to kiev opposition movement people camping out a maid and don't check this information this are spreading to instigate people into more action to prevent protesters from running out of steam and to draw more support for a certain political power this is just one piece of false information that is either helped fuel the protest or given them an injection of support in recent days media reports that ukrainian president viktor yanukovych had agreed to join russia's customs union in the resolve of many on my done even though the story was immediately denied by. those who remember those so-called orange revolution in two
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thousand and four will remember we were told by the russian spetznaz special forces . in the woods in a careful way to correct they were and nothing happened so we're seeing a kind of propaganda war psychological war taking place using these rumors of both crackdown domestically and even foreign interference rumors spread quickly on the internet and many a taken as fact one minute it's claimed russia is going to cross the border and help stand out the protests the next special forces shipped in from all over ukraine and tanks are rumbling their way into central kiev all helping fear and agitation rumble their way into the minds of the protesters who right now you can see how tense the situation is we're in a sort of no man's land outside the presidential palace and to my right hand side you can see a line of riot police who formed a blockade not allowing any protesters in but if you pan around to my left hand side you can see the protesters have set up their own blockade not allowing anyone in to carry out their official business and we're left with this rather tense
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standoff it's clear that when the situation is tense is there any misinformation whether deliberate or not has the potential for huge consequences both scots kiev ukraine well the visions are growing beyond kiev demonstrators in crimea took to the streets to demand the government ends opposition protests in the capital a political analyst on the border mileage explain what causes such a clash of opinion when it comes to the issue of e.u. integration. this is a cultural clash more than an economic or political one this is a clash between people who believe in the perception of the west such as europe or the united states and the people who are trying to make their future based on actual numbers based on actual work based on actual laws that help people feed their families and live their lives every day i think there are serious historical and cultural and even religious rifts in the territory of present day ukraine and
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on one side are the people who are trying to join this globalist transnational union of governments where there will be no nationalism but there will be the super nationalists bureaucracy regulating everything for the greater good of it all and then there are people who want their national states to run whichever way they decide by do they want the choice to remain there's. rule be bringing you a much more expert opinion and analysis of the events in ukraine as well as live updates from the capital throughout the day of course the latest developments also available for you on our website dot com. it's aussie international tens of thousands of prisoners could soon walk free in russia after and you're going to see bill was sent to parliament on monday now some headline making cases may be dropped including the one against thirty members of
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greenpeace arrested in the arctic go to prison off has more on who's likely to be pardoned and who's likely to continue sitting behind bars. this may be quite able watch amnesty because up to twenty five thousand people could see charges dropped against them as soon as news about these plans came out it reads to a lot of speculation around me benefit from it it could be members of the saw or the arctic thirty the group of greenpeace activists who were arrested in the russian arctic also. and some of the opposition activists of protesters were arrested during a large anti-government protests rally which ended in clashes between the protesters and the police now if that's what we do know is that this draft isn't planned to include those who were found guilty of serious crimes so it's very unlikely that for that of course he will be freed from jail but this draft is still
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set to be approved by the parliament while the president is planning to discuss its details with human rights groups all later on today and of course we'll be keeping you updated. that's a have a closer look now at who falls under the new amnesty bill included of people who alternately committed nonviolent crimes and were given a sentence of up to five years now some of the most vulnerable categories of people will be pardoned and that includes pregnant women pensioners and the disabled military personnel and young offenders will also walk free and the bill makes a special case for those charged with taking part in mass disorder or hooliganism regardless of their age or of their gender. well you watching our international thank you for joining us today officials from twelve countries surrounding the pacific rim and now in singapore the aim of striking a free trade a mega deal that could form a twenty trillion dollar market essentially the shared zone would make products cheaper by cutting the costs of international supply chains and getting rid of
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cross border tariffs however if signed as it is now the treaty would also give corporations the ability to get around local laws in order to boost their profits potentially leaving weaker economies at the mercy of the foreign giants are less the tape is a bit further with an investigation and artie's guy nature can. the transpacific partnership treaty if and when agreed upon would establish a free trade zone stretching from vietnam to truly in composting eight hundred million people producing about forty percent of global g.d.p. negotiations are happening behind closed doors in secrecy a treaty will be designed to remove all so-called barriers to trade including regulations such as those protecting agriculture safety and data privacy i'm joined by lori wallach public citizens global trade watch thank you so much for coming my pleasure why this secrecy as i understand there are six hundred corporate advisors
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having access to these negotiations but for some reason not the public why well unfortunately we've actually heard directly from the u.s. trade representative he notes that the last time the u.s. public actually got to see one of disagreements they couldn't sign it now it's new green with it so bad that they can't sign it if we see it and we're the ones agreeing to live with that they shouldn't sign it as i understand the treaty will establish a secret accord where corporations can bring their cases against governments when they don't get their way where does this to leave the public what is the danger for the public basically to big say its laws that we rely on would be attacked in foreign tribunals in secret in undone if you want to any of those basic rights that democracy normally would ensure that you can pass your laws in this is a direct threat to you now t p p is a much more expansive threat for instance that you're now after the north american free trade agreements three countries and largely have fortunately the u.s.
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has been the one who's companies are suing everyone else apart from the transpacific partnership agreement another giant agreement is now being negotiated between the e.u. and the q west and the u.s. congress has already made it clear that any agreement must reduce e.u. restrictions on genetically modified crops for example chlorinated chicken and hormone treaty. what does this mean for your. this would be a race to the bottom in their standards so there has been since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight an attempt by the biggest u.s. and european corporations to use that sort of negotiations to roll back the strongest food safety environmental financial regulations things they could not get undone at home and so now i disagree and being launched they are just. thinking finally will get rid of those darn g.m.o. rules while many say these agreements will be. the for agreed upon leave people
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completely to the mercy of corporations lori wallach with me today and i'm going to check out our team. on the whistle blowing web site wiki leaks has now published a chapter from the agreement outlining how cool for a sions could simply abuse the treaty and the director of an organization which will be used for medicine to be freely available to wall he told us that he fears destructive monopolies will take control of the new market. it's called trade agreement but really this is a secretive rule making against public health and it would lead to preventable suffering and death in asia and latin america while binding us consumers to high drug prices bad rules here at home there are a number of bad proposals that have been advanced by big pharma and as a clue it's incredibly patents on surgical methods only methods that doctors are actually using on patients or their treatment practices anything that's not what the doctors bare hands potentially patentable monopolised there are only two
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countries in the world that did that recognize that recognize these patents one is the united states the other is australia which actually opposes the u.s. proposal in the text eighty countries have banned these procedures outright is an outrageous violation of medical ethics. all right still ahead for you this hour here on all of the international u.s. trying to smooth relations with pakistan but the deadly drone strikes remain a key sticking point washington setting a very tough ultimatum. now leaving in this cage of a house returning to our old house is a dream which we know won't have a come true trapped in tiny makeshift camps fukushima refugee lose hope of returning to a life they saw washed away. technology
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innovations all the latest developments from around russia. the future covered. there's a low so we leave that maybe. the scene push to secure a. place you call the musical. pushes that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politics only on our t.v. . dramas that can't be ignored. stories others refused to know truth from. food since changed the world light snack. food picture of today's events. from around the globe. up to. fifty.
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did you know the price is the only industry specifically mentioned in the constitution and. that's because a free and open process is critical to our democracy albus. in fact the single biggest threat facing our nation today is the corporate takeover of our government and across several we've been hijacked trying handful of transnational corporations that will profit by destroying what our founding fathers once i'm job market and on this show we reveal the big picture of what's actually going on in the world we go beyond identifying the problem. rational debate and a real discussion critical issues facing america. ready to join the movement then walk in the big picture.
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my plate is dream cleaner who's in love with the waitress i go on stage and imagine that there's an audience i used to take drugs and drink like a fish the police told me about the circus but i was such a punk i was like one of what circus. circus of clearly gets done and we break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. and headlines live on all of the international thanks for joining us the first swiss bank has caved in and handed over a confidential client information to washington u.s.
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authorities are demanding they were now unveil. of secrecy on institutions in switzerland is lifted in the search for americans who may be trying to avoid paying tax. refuses to exchange information could face prosecution or let's get our people been here the host of venture capital here we go the arm of america continuing to reach around the world no surprise there i guess i would ask you any reaction from officials in switzerland very much survey here a sense of almost concern and anger name response this we know it's very much fundamental to the swiss economy to the heritage of switzerland i can tell you i've worked in the banking industry in switzerland and people that don't see it as helping people of aid paying taxes they see as privacy the protection of assets and that's why there's been this reaction of why does washington feel the need to it is that it's always sort of a peaceful coexistence between people and their banks as opposed to now is when the banks are just taking advantage well indeed in switzerland it's very much like the
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relationship you have with your doctor the confidentiality and that's what they hold are paramount to who they are and it's not just about the privacy as well we know they have highly skilled bankers as well as a swiss franc being such a strong a safe haven there's lots of reasons to bank in space you know there are lots of reasons would have any impact we're expecting here on this was a column a while absolutely i actually spoke to hans kauffman on my show a few weeks ago and he was saying that immediately there could be two billion ejected from the economy two hundred thousand foreign foreigners leaving their bank accounts that is no small thing and as you were saying with the fines what would happen is fifty percent of their assets would get fined if you're a billionaire and you've got a bank account in switzerland you're talking about a lot of money you know you certainly i mean. i mean look this is all pretty heavy stuff i should say but what gives washington the right to go off of citizens by because that is pretty far outside their borders yet we're not the only person
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questioning that because that's what the swiss politicians who ask each other. it's been real tension over the last week to come to this decision and it's to do with u.s. lawmakers having a almost agreement with lawmakers and then day of them pressurizing the banks and that's why the word bullying has come into play in all of this so it's most bizarre and it's been ongoing for five years and it's because washington need to fill out those conflicts it's not just washington it's germany the u.k. all of these countries need to get that these but i wonder i mean i don't know if you can answer this but i want to are they going off to people who american citizens who bank in switzerland or are they going off of the corporations who are notorious for having their banks off shore and avoiding paying that's why is this instance seems to be the u.s. this isn't a place or let's say u.s. citizens they should be paying us go off to be american citizen but don't touch the big corporations who finance the white house in every step of the presidential campaigns where we are and to give you an example u.b.s. the biggest bank in switzerland has already been fined in order of this nearly
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eight hundred million dollars fine by america yes in conjunction with the swiss authorities for i know as far as i can see there's no hiding if you got it just gets better and better the host of venture capital critical thing thanks for putting a bit of sunshine in my day more cheers for that see you soon. thanks for joining us here on the program more stories for you on line as always just a click away that will be next unexpected discovery way above your head u.s. astronomers are left more than a little puzzled over the appearance of a recently discovered planet that is in the entirely wrong part of space. the n.s.a. spy scandal now reaching russian officials as the country's lawmakers consider a ban on the use of foreign smartphones on r.t. dot com we'll tell you what could replace. android devices.
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first. and i think you're. all right thanks for joining us here on the program when japan was hit by a giant tsunami in twenty eleven the hundreds of thousands forced to flee literally saw their lives washed away now promises were quickly made it would only be a short matter of time before their homes were rebuilt but artie's alexy got a shock you found out those people are still waiting this woman can only fit me and my camera man into her new home she apologizes but there's simply no room for the whole crew inside she's one of recyclers from the fukushima area forced to leave their homes amid the twenty level nuclear disaster. when the tsunami hit we were
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told to pack only necessary things and run away they said it would be only for two three days now living in this cage of a house returning to our old house is a dream which we know won't ever come true well being fed with promises of a big house but that's as far as it gets promises. this is just one of the quickly erected residential areas where fukushima exiles have relocated to there are hundreds of makeshift camps scattered across the region accommodating more than three hundred thousand people all of the four hundred three settlers living in this particular area used to have a large house as before the focus shima accident now they are forced to live in this thirty square meter dwellings they were told that this would be just a short term measure but it seems in their case the old saying there's nothing more permanent than temporary suits very well the majority of these people are pensioners suffering from different ailments they are jobless just as surprisingly
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many of their younger neighbors this man used to run a profitable venture now he barely makes and meet. for. i had a one hundred thousand dollar a year business producing honey now it's destroyed forever just like my life on top of all that i'm offered neither financial compensation nor any job that's why i'm taking tepco to court. the government says it's working on proven conditions for reset but with the fukushima clear up draining billions of dollars out of the state budget it could take years maybe even a decade to do that even local officials are being kept in the dark. the government says is building bigger houses but will finish it in no sooner than two years and not all of these people will be able to live in those that's as little as we officials on the ground are told by the central government fukushima means a happy island in japanese but that's the last word these people will describe to
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their lives which are unlikely to ever return to normal especially with the government meeting the area around the nuclear site might never again be suitable to live in. ski r.t. reporting from japan. now fukushima of course is dealing with the aftermath of a nuclear disaster but won't do what to do i should say with this radioactive waste a bit later on r.t. break in the set will be looking at whether the element three m. . what if there was a nuclear alternative that could safely and effectively generate clean energy this nuclear option might exist with an element three to four times more abundant than uranium why wasn't three in the primary element in use when developing nuclear energy the primary focus was on producing plutonium. for nuclear bombs this is the heyday of the cold war the one nine hundred fifty s. one nine hundred sixty seventy's. doesn't produce any readily weaponize it will waste. to be the ways to come out of. pretty difficult to handle frankly and
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and would actually really inhibit so do you want to build a bomb. of. the modern throughout the day here on r.t. international for now the u.s. defense chief is in pakistan trying to smooth over the cracks between the two countries but despite a very warm handshake done perfectly for the cameras chuck hagel is taking a tough stance on the key area of division that of the deadly drone strikes he's warned that aid could be cut off if anti drone protests continue to stall military shipments to afghanistan unmanned attacks have killed nearly a thousand people in the last ten years and experts say washington is unwilling to admit what's really going on. i don't think anybody in the united states including the people members of congress really want to face up to the fact that the drone wars may be really unsuccessful one of the problems with the drone strikes are they
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do kill people but they also kill innocent pakistanis and this is a problem that you may be creating more terrorists then you're creating then you're killing their tactically successful in killing some militants but they're strategically a disaster because they create more animosity and therefore generate more islamic terrorism not only for the united states but i think for other other parties involved as well. let's get some other global headlines for you in brief into the we go starting with italy for a rally to demand tax cuts for small businesses why haven't hundreds of protesters blocked the main train station in turun and hold stones at the regional government headquarters the police had no choice they ended up using tear gas to disperse the demonstrators. and the leader of egypt's muslim brotherhood mohamed badie remained defiant against charges of inciting violence as he appeared in court on monday and
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that's a bit fresh clashes between police and brotherhood supporters of the university a body is on trial alongside the ousted president mohamed morsy accused of inciting the motor of protesters during the june uprising. the u.s. is sending transport planes to aid french and african union troops in the central african republic on monday the peacekeepers started to disarm rival militias that were engaged in firefights with some still refusing to give up their weapons france and the african union sent their troops off of the country's president was ousted in one. wide well that's all the news of for now but does top the mad max i'll step aside for max kaiser the kaiser report taking on the dockside of world finance live from moscow it's on c international.
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just imagine if foreign leaders like alexander lukashenko or vladimir putin just showed up an anti e.u. protest and all garia greece are hungry to urge people to leave the e.u. and join up with the eurasian customs union obviously the media would be on fire screaming that this is part of an attempt to use democracy and steal the country's away some sort of imperialist agenda and you know what they might be right about that but the weird thing is that for some reason the mainstream media isn't talking about foreign politicians speaking to and or possibly agitating protesters in ukraine like speaker of the lithuanian parliament loreto grows in india and vice president got sick put to sea of each and former polish pm jaroslav kaczynski he had the european union brassfield is just fine for their politicians to go to foreign countries and fire up protestors to start a pro e.u. revolution but then all their journalists write about is how russia is trying to put pressure on ukraine to not join the e.u.
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the obvious hypocrisy of this stinks all the way up to moscow but that's just by painting. welcome to the kaiser report i'm max kaiser oh my god but i do no longer excess bed clearly only a lowly china bandspread could how will we survive treat the mainstream media well in fact baidu the e bay of china and the longer it was because on but it was only ever one of by
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these many subsidiaries which is the bitcoin and that was just for one samsung product for several weeks as those weeks only one point three seven bit cleaner ever sent to buy do look here this is their wallet see that six hundred twenty seven point eight three pounds china also announced a ban on financial firms transacting and bitcoin the government will treat but coined not as a currency but as a commodity. and as such individuals and companies are free to set up and going exchanges and transact any bitcoin the government wants however that they are on their own to try to move as much of that worthless you want out of the country as they possibly can imagine that the government will not take on the risks of individuals and corporations how indeed will we survive stay see yes max well when this announcement came from china of course the price of between did plummet quite a bit on the exchanges and but it's now back up again but i want to look at that headline.


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