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tv   [untitled]    December 10, 2013 9:00am-9:31am EST

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ukraine's president agrees to consider some of the opposition's demands as the country's capital becomes honey pulled for e.u. and u.s. diplomats meeting with both sides of the standoff. that stops a police push beyond antigovernment protests and clears some of the barricades set top allowing parts of the city to return to walk up to days of paralysis also. or to. the right along with thousands of other people may see the charges dropped against them as a massive armisen the project is currently being prepared in russia. the u.k. rules companies again is dealing with israeli partners in the occupied territories
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saying that illegal stages makes business highly risky for british bonds. plus the u.s. is increasing its push for setting up a new trade zone in the asia pacific while critics holding up the full says it says it's not governments but big corporations who will benefit the most. international news and comments live from moscow you're watching all seem to national with me you lash babalola hello and welcome to the program. government offices in ukraine are functioning again after troops and riot police demanded dismantle some of the barricades that paralyzed the safety it's a day of diplomacy in kiev with several key meetings shared yield and
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a pulse contest there for us hi there paul so what's come out of the talks so far there. well after weeks of stalemate and the number of violent clashes finally a breakthrough president viktor yana coverts has agreed to release all protesters who have been arrested throughout the course of these demonstrations are some could even be released as early as today that's according to the president's misty on a covert is also hinted that ukraine could be ready to sign a new association agreement after rule he said he could be ready to sign it is early as march of brussels and kiev can come to an agreement on a deal that won't harm the ukrainian economy a u.s. officials had earlier said that the deal would remain on the table but it was non-negotiable now there have been no official response from the opposition as of yet it will be interesting to see whether these concessions satiate their demands of course they had a number of other key demands including the resignation of the president the
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government and a snap election now this all comes as you say on a day of diplomacy in a covert had met with three former u.k. ukrainian presidents to discuss the situation while high profile diplomats from america and europe are also in kiev with assistant secretary of state victoria nuland and e.u. foreign policy chief catherine ashton on meeting representatives on both sides and the opposition continue to be void by support they're receiving from overseas but as i now report all the information find its way onto the streets of kiev is accurate. he traveled around the world in an instant he gave hope and support to the protesters ensuring freezing conditions on kiev's independence square. it represented unity and solidarity only it was a lie it was even reach we had on the official twitter page of opposition party fatherland as real news with a common that the whole world is supporting the cranium protesters were done
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created a hoax photo showing the united states and brazil had lit up their most famous monuments in the colors of the ukrainian flag as a show of support to kiev opposition movement people camping out are made and don't check this information says are spread to instigate people into more action to prevent protesters from running out of steam and to draw more support for a certain political power this is just one piece of false information that is either helped fuel the protest or given them an injection of support in recent days media reports that ukrainian president viktor yanukovych had agreed to join russia's customs union hard in the resolve of many on may down even though the story was immediately denied by moscow and kiev those who remember those so-called orange revolution in two thousand and four will remember we were told then that the russian suspects not special forces lurking in the woods in a careful way to crack down they were and nothing happened so we're seeing
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a kind of propaganda war psychological war taking place using these rumors of both crackdown domestically and even foreign interference rumors spread quickly on the internet and many a taken as fact one minute it's claimed russia's going to cross the border and help stamp out the protests the next special forces shipped in from all over ukraine and tanks are rumbling their way into central kiev all helping fail and agitation rumbled their way into the minds of the protesters who are right now you can see how tense the situation is where in a sort of no man's land outside the presidential palace and to my right hand side you can see a line of riot police who formed a blockade not allowing any protesters in but if you pan around to my left hand side you can see the protesters have set up their own blockade not allowing anyone in to carry out their official business and we're left with this rather tense standoff it's clear that when the situation is tense is there any misinformation whether deliberate or not has the potential for huge consequences both scots say
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kiev ukraine. the visiting diplomats are promising to defuse the situation but robert oulds from the bridge group think tank believes they'll simply be piling pressure on ukraine's leader. catherine ashton going over there as the high representative of the european union will not be helping the situation it will be adding to the to the conflict which is taking place it will be stirring things up so it's actually quite a provocative move because she's not going in as a neutral observer going into a situation where will only create more trouble and that i think is really ill judged at this time the european union should should back off we should recognize that the democratically elected government of the ukraine which is the whole policy of the you towards ukraine has actually been one of prussia previously been saying we'll only import goods from the ukraine up to various quotas which hasn't been helpful for the ukrainian economy so they should be playing fair really not not
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trying to pressure ukraine economically or politically as he's now trying to do this standoff in kiev is bringing divisions to the surface among ukraine society demonstrations in crimea took to the streets to demand big government as the opposition's protests in the capital political analyst and the voice analogy to explain to us what causes such a clash of opinion when it comes to e.u. integration. this is a cultural clash more than an economic or political one this is a clash between people who believe in the perception of the west such as europe or the united states and the people who are trying to make their future based on actual laws that help people feed their families i think there are serious historical and cultural rifts in the territory of present day ukraine and on one side are the people who are trying to join this globalist transnational union of governments where there will be no nationalism but there will be the supernational
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is bureaucracy regulating everything for the greater good of it all and then there are people who want their national states to run whichever way they decide by do they want to choice to remain theirs. and of course we'll bring you more expert opinion and analysis on events in ukraine as well as live updates on the canvas all through the day alternate of the delegates are also available for you on our website. a day also introducing an amnesty bill that could ponds and turns of thousands of people let him appear to his meeting with russia's top human rights watch dogs they honestly could see some headline grabbing cases dropped in creating the charges against the greenpeace activists detained this year it has more now on who's likely
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to be pardoned and who will have to wait. this may be quite a lot because up to twenty five thousand people could see charges dropped against them as soon as news about these plans came out it reads to a lot of speculation around me benefit from it it could be members of the saw or the architects of the group of greenpeace activists were arrested in the russian arctic also. and some of the opposition activists of protesters were arrested during a large anti-government protests rally which ended in clashes between the protesters and the police now if that's speculation what we do know is that this draft isn't planned to include those who were found guilty of serious crimes so it's very unlikely that for that of course he will be freed from jail but this draft is still set to be approved by the parliament while the president is planning
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to discuss its details with human rights groups all later on today and of course we'll be keeping you updated. and the parliament is still hovering around the fine print but let's consider who might fall under the bill for now no one a violent offenders jailed for five years could see their crimes pardoned some of the countries most vulnerable could also start a new as the bill intends to wired their criminal records and this includes young offenders combat veterans and pregnant women and the bill makes a special case for those charged with taking part in mass disorder hooliganism regardless of their age or gender. when hopes and builds an empty promises start to fall apart coming up later this hour figure shima citizens whose lives were washed away by the disaster say they're giving up on their dreams of returning home despite the government's repeated pledges to rebuild their lives. on the first squeeze by nick cave's entire u.s.
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ultimatum to give up american tax dodgers doing away with centuries of banking secrecy but will the rest follow our report coming. donnish the company's reputation and a whole host of legal and economic risks these are the main threats outlined by the u.k. government to any firms thinking of doing any business with their partners in israeli settlements in the west bank. seal explains now what's behind the reaction. to the explicit expression of its position over israeli settlements in occupied territories which are considered illegal under international law the u.k. government's a trade and investment arm had issued a warning it to british businesses over the risks of involvement in economic and financial activities in the settlements and one of those risks could be a potential damage to the company's reputation though i spoke with the u.k.
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trade and investment or arm and they told me that these are voluntary a guidelines but they did also confirm that the. government does not recognize the occupied territories including the settlements as part of israel and insisted that business and respect for human rights should go have a hand on two thousand and nine the british government issued another voluntary guidelines to retailers and supermarkets to allow them to label settlement produce so that consumers can make an informed choice on their purchases so this isn't the first time that such a warning has been issued here in europe earlier this year in july you had also said that it would stop granting funds to bodies that include academic or research institutions and also anyone with links to israeli settlements and also said that any future contracts between the e.u. and israel must explicitly exclude the settlements now reaction to that warning. had drawn a lot of criticism from israel an official calling it an earthquake and the israeli
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prime minister benjamin netanyahu angry over what he called external dicked us i was for is reaction to this u.s. u.k. warning is concerned it has been more subdued the israeli embassy here in london had told the guardian newspaper that was troubled and concerned however it did welcome the confirmation of the guideline that the british government is also opposed to any outright boycott. the exchange rate of the cryptocurrency bitcoin has been looking more like a roller coaster of late driven up by moods of support and plummeting down by a fair share of bind news kaiser report looked through the most momentous headlines and weighed in on the huge child debate crying. oh my god no longer exist. all that well in china. how will we survive china bans financial companies from bitcoin transactions so the central banks of the public however was free to transact in them they just wouldn't allow the banks there to transact and this got
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a lot of attention but at the same time which went completely unnoticed other than by c m b c in this article here because being recognised by germany is private money because it is not classified as imani or foreign currency the finance ministry said in a statement but is rather a financial instrument under german banking rules it is more akin to private money that can be used in multilateral clearing circles the ministry said. finance is from twelve countries surrounding the pacific group are in singapore struggling to meet a us said deadline to hammer out of three trade deal the plan is aggressively lobbied while washington which believe are they cannot make partnership groups in the area don't do enough to promote america's interests in the region these should make products cheaper by cutting the costs of foreign supply chains and getting rid
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of cross border tyrants but if signed as it is now the treaty would reportedly allow corporations to challenge a wide range of national rules similar powers endorsed in america's previous trade deals allowed us energy giant exxon mobil to seek changes in canada's oil drilling regulations another concern is for the pharmaceutical industry in countries which can currently only of cheap but copies of branded drugs called for conglomerates could ban the use of and patented medicine leaving the poor without access to vital treatment. has the details. the trans-pacific partnership treaty if and when agreed upon would establish a free trade zone stretching from vietnam to truly in composting eight hundred million people producing about forty percent of global g.d.p. negotiations are happening behind closed doors in secrecy the treaty will be designed to remove all so-called barriers to trade including regulations such as
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those protecting agriculture food safety and be their privacy i'm joined by lori wallach public citizens global trade watch thank you so much for coming my pleasure why this secrecy as i understand there are six hundred corporate advisors having access to these negotiations but for some reason not the public why well unfortunately we've actually heard directly from the u.s. trade representative he notes that the last time the u.s. public actually got to see one of this agreements they couldn't sign it now it's new green with it so bad that they can't sign it if we see it and we're the ones are going to live with that they shouldn't sign it as i understand the treaty will establish a secret accord where corporations can bring their cases against governments when they don't get their way where does this leave leave the public what is the danger for the public basically two big sense laws that we rely on would be attacked in foreign tribunals in secret undone if you want any of those basic rights that
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democracy normally would ensure that you can pass your laws then this is a direct threat for instance on your nafta the north american free trade where it's three countries and largely and fortunately the u.s. has been the one who's companies are suing everyone else. so we can leagues we also know that t.p. pates plan to extend cocoa rights protection and indoors hardship penalties to internet providers they may face court cases if any pirated content ever appears on the networks this could all and with this trick chance to internet axes and sutton who works for a foundation which aims to defend internet freedom explains why she's against the potential trade. remains to be secret because really if it was shown in the sunlight and people were able to know what was in it then it really wouldn't be what sol arming is that several groups in washington d.c.
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have been talking about the copyright provisions that we've seen from a leak from february two thousand and eleven and we've been warning about provisions and how we would impact people's freedom of speech and privacy rights online and the u.s. continues to be pushing for those provisions despite the fact that we've been talking to negotiators and talking and trying to communicate with our government about our concern the big problem with copyright is that technology has changed and they and a lot of these companies are just refusing to sort of adapt to existing reality of you know the internet how we all just want to interact and share and contribute to the content that's out there. american scurries time. photos unveiled as amazing between allies turned into a role model threat says the u.s. defense secretary at least eight to keeping nato as afghanistan's supply routes are open that's after the break.
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the interview. choose your language. we can with knowing if you're going to kill some of. us choose the consensus. choose the opinions that immigrate to.
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choose the stories that imply to. choose access to. your washing all seem to national welcome back. a u.s. mason to squeeze has yielded results with the first pint hideaway giving up on centuries of total confidentiality washington is threatening fines and even jail time for any bank the doesn't share information on american citizens but is. thought that some time some of them will nevertheless stay to find business present a case of people being spoke with my colleague the sushi about the possible ramifications of it all. appears to be a sense of almost concern and anger am response this we know it's very much fundamental to the swiss economy or to the heritage of switzerland i can tell you
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i've worked in the banking industry in switzerland and people there don't see as helping people of aid paying taxes they see as privacy the protection of assets and that's why there's been this reaction of why does washington feel the need to. sort of a peaceful coexistence between people and banks as opposed to nowadays when the banks are just taking advantage of well indeed in switzerland it's very much like the relationship you would have with your doctor the confidentiality and that's what they hold paramount to who they are and it's not just about the privacy as well we know they have highly skilled bankers as well as a swiss franc being such a strong a safe haven there's lots of reasons to banking this was you know this is all pretty heavy stuff i should say but what gives washington the right to go off to citizens bank notes which it is there is pretty far as i did yet we're not the only person questioning that because that's what the swiss politicians or ask each other there's been real tension over the last week to come to this decision and it's to
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do with u.s. lawmakers having a almost agreement with swiss lawmakers and then they are then pressurizing the banks and that's why the word bullying has come into play in all of this so it's most bizarre and it's been ongoing for five years and it's because washington need to fill up those coffers it's not just washington it's germany the u.k. and to give you an example u.b.s. the biggest bank in switzerland has already been fined in order of this nearly eight hundred million dollars signed by america yes in conjunction with the swiss authorities that. around the fukushima nuclear plants there are areas where they radiation can kill you in just twenty minutes yet for the hundreds of thousands of locals displaced and twenty eleven many still live in hope of returning home as the government faces them with assurances it's just a matter of time but as our season exceed a shaft care appalled as they get by such claims look more like empty promises
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this woman can only fit me and my cameraman into her new home she apologizes but there's simply no room for the whole crew inside she's one of recent lawyers from the fukushima area forced to leave their homes amid the twenty level nuclear disaster. when the tsunami hit we were told to pack only necessary things and run away they said it would be only for two three days now living in this cage of a house returning to our old house is a dream which we know won't come true well being fed with promises of a bigger house but that's as far as it gets promises this is just one of the quickly erected residential areas where fukushima exiles have relocated to there are hundreds of makeshift camps scattered across the region accommodating more than three hundred thousand people all of the four hundred three settlers living in this particular area used to have a large houses before the focus human accident now they're forced to live in this thirty square meter dwellings they were told that this would be just
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a short term measure but it seems in their case the old saying there's nothing more permanent than temporary suits very well. the majority of these people are pensioners suffering from different ailments they are jobless just as surprisingly many of their younger neighbors this man used to run a profitable venture now he barely makes ann's meat. fruit will he die i had a one hundred thousand dollar a year business producing honey now it's destroyed forever just like my life on top of all that i'm offered neither financial compensation nor any job that's why i'm taking tepco to court. the government says it's working on improving conditions for reset but with the fukushima clear up draining billions of dollars out of the state budget it could take years maybe even a decade to do that even local officials are being kept in the dark. the government says it's building bigger houses but will finish it in no sooner than
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two years and not all of these people will be able to live in those that's as little as we officials on the ground are told by the central government. fukushima means a happy island in japanese but that's the last word these people would describe to their lives which are unlikely to ever return to normal especially with a government that meeting the area around the nuclear site might never again be suitable to live in let's you rush of ski r.t. reporting from japan. now for some more global headlines this hour in south africa driving rain hasn't drowned out the voices of tens of thousands of people who have gathered to celebrate the life of peace i can nelson mandela almost one hundred heads of state are in the stadium in johannesburg where the memorial ceremony is taking place much of the uncovered seating has been left empty to cover terrorism failed. couples have broken out between riot police and protesters who are angry at their
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quality of life in the italian city of tearin it was part of a day of national clash that is by the so-called pitchfork movement which fights against taxes unemployment on the you are italy has been hard hit by the economic crisis with budget cuts biting hard and use unemployment at forty percent. the u.s. defense secretary chuck hagel has visited pakistan warning leaders to keep nato supply routes open to neighboring afghanistan or risk vast amounts of aid being caught on gray crowns and blow the main road two weeks ago in the northwest of the country in protest at american drone strikes that have killed several hundred civilians defense analyst i've been ill and says the use of unmanned planes to target terrorists has been one big failure. i don't think anybody in the united states including the people members of congress really want to face up to the fact that the drone wars may be really unsuccessful one of the problems with the drone
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strikes are they do kill people but they also kill. innocent pakistanis and this is a problem that you may be creating more terrorists then you're creating then you're killing their tactically successful in killing some militants but they're strategically a disaster because they create more animosity and therefore generate more islamic terrorism not only for the united states but i think for other other parties involved as well and now into there were rigorous training regime of their worship special forces that's next. i play this street cleaner who's in love with a waitress i go on stage managing that there's an audience i used to take drugs and drink like a fish the police told me about the circus but i was such
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a punk i was like what circus. circus is clearly comes down and we break down stereotypes about kids from disadvantaged backgrounds. they look like bounty garlands where the local can enjoy the sun and the ocean. but what was buried here years ago. means these people are suffering the consequences. how much more poison lies on the ground. behind this zone there is what we call the callet bank on which there is a deposit of plutonium left by security test which caused the dispersion already
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and you clyde's despite previous cleaning efforts there remains a deposit of a little less than two kilos of plutonium stuck in the rock the coral reef about ten meters down. tests a never ending legacy. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to structure. one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred time two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand killing. in a record setting trip by land air sea and others face. a limp a torch relay. on r t r g dot com. i
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am jamie yep a gunner with the assault section of a second platoon third special forces unit. and we're always on the alert for an armed conflict because if we get intelligence about militants in the neighborhood it's usually reliable but it was the squadron has played a part in conflicts before but this was the first attack of its kind on terrain like this. when we were expecting them we were ready for them at any moment but it was a very difficult area and they were able to open fire first who was not. in his movement to the. armored one for a special forces soldier thinking is paramount but was that's how he makes the right decisions. during that five minutes in stride to outflank the three.


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